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Photography Gift Guide {2016}

Okay…this is going to be a long post with a lot of information! This week many people will be scouring ads forView full post »

SnapShop {finding your voice}

The past week I’ve hosted a Be Crafty Workshop and spent a few days away camping with my family. I have severalView full post »

catching falling rain {SnapShop}

One of my favorite times to pull out my camera is when rain falls on a sunny day. It makes me all giddy inside. LastView full post »

SnapShop: 50% of registration

For most families, school is back in session and it is a perfect time for many adults to begin learning something newView full post »

my little barista

She always wants to help. Cooking. Cleaning. Organizing. Party planning. Hosting. My little sidekick. Chris recentlyView full post »

a pick-up game {summer nights}

Summer is here!!! I’m a summer girl. Spring comes in second place. Fall in third. Winter I could do withoutView full post »

SnapShop {in front of the lens with Casey Wiegand}

Whether you are trying to capture yourself with your loved ones or you are aspiring to jump into fashion photography,View full post »

just as cute and just as goofy

I sat down to my computer to write a post, but got caught up reading old ones. I really need to make it more of a habitView full post »

Double Digit Getaway {v.1}

All of the sudden I have two kids in the double digits! Two. Double digits. Goodness, it happens fast. When our oldestView full post »