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a pick-up game {summer nights}

Summer is here!!! I’m a summer girl. Spring comes in second place. Fall in third. Winter I could do withoutView full post »

SnapShop {in front of the lens with Casey Wiegand}

Whether you are trying to capture yourself with your loved ones or you are aspiring to jump into fashion photography,View full post »

just as cute and just as goofy

I sat down to my computer to write a post, but got caught up reading old ones. I really need to make it more of a habitView full post »

Double Digit Getaway {v.1}

All of the sudden I have two kids in the double digits! Two. Double digits. Goodness, it happens fast. When our oldestView full post »

Sparkling eyes {a SnapShop lesson}

Capturing the sparkle in their eyes…a few of my favorites:SnapShop Students: The newest SnapShop lesson is liveView full post »

better than being sisters….sometimes

There are four little girls that just can’t seem to get enough of each other. In their heads, they wish theyView full post »

ISO 1000 & above {new SnapShop lesson}

This weekend I published a new lesson in the SnapShop site: ISO 1000 & Above {examples of the process} IView full post »

Chatbooks {my thoughts}

Over the last year several people have asked me if I had tried Chatbooks. As a fan of printing pictures and photobooks,View full post »

Valentines & her posed smile

My mom always made every holiday special growing up. It was never anything extravagant, stuffy or over the top –View full post »