My Great Grandma’s Buttermilk Pancakes {recipes}

I shared the following story on Instagram this weekend and was asked about the recipe…below is both.

Last week my 8 yr old challenged me to a pancake eating contest. There was a bit of smack talking all week between the two of us. I’ve spent my life downing pancakes (my Great Grandma’s buttermilk pancake recipe). I didn’t train this week. Didn’t prepare. I was a shoe in for the victory. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetPride comes before the fall my friends. HE WON by 3 pancakes. The contest was just for quantity, but he was going for speed and quantity. He would take 2 pancakes, put a slice of butter in the middle, fold them together and stuff them in. Moms – let my defeat serve as a warning. If you continue flipping those pancakes and letting your kids eat them first, only leaving you a couple – you will one day know the bitter taste of defeat too. Save some batter for yourselves, keep those eating competition muscles strong.

If you need a delicious pancake recipe – I highly recommend my Great Grandma’s. It is a simple traditional buttermilk recipe and is my very favorite. I like my pancakes thin but you can easily make these thicker if you like them that way. We pour the batter into a Wilton cake decorating bottle and create various designs on the griddle.
buttermilkpancakes-03As a little girl my dad taught me the value of stacking round pancakes and cutting out the center to fill with syrup. It is still my favorite way to eat them.


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