Explore {a tour of our trailer}

It was around 10:30 am, I was working on my computer and Chris walked in. He said he found a trailer out of state that was just listed that morning and he knew it was perfect for us. He had been a bit addicted to Craigslist and online RV forums, so it was easy to trust he knew what he was talking about. I asked him when he wanted to go look at it.

Him – “Now.”

Me – “Now? As in load up kids right NOW? Are you serious?”

Then he said something along the lines of potentially bad weather was headed our way and we had a little over 48 hours to get there and back. 30 minutes later we were loaded and headed out of state. It was a whirlwind trip and thankfully he was right – the trailer was a perfect fit our our family and budget. We arrived home long before any bad weather.

The trailer pretty much just sat since last fall while we worked on house projects. Then about 2 weeks ago, we started giving it some updates to make it feel more like home. My mom and dad helped. Our friend Nick so kindly and generously helped Chris (more like Chris helped Nick) put in laminate floors. We owe him big time for knocking that project out so quickly for us. Other than replacing the floors, we mainly did cosmetic work – painting everything white (of course) and adding fabric.


Come on in and have a peek.

Before ~ After6.14aviontour-005

Before ~ After6.14aviontour-0076.14aviontour-0096.14aviontour-010

The trailer has a lot of built in storage under and above the beds, which is so essential for our family. We considered removing the top storage compartments to build bunk beds, but we are waiting to make sure that is what we want. Currently, we slide a board out between the beds and put a mattress on the board and a mattress under it on the ground (kind of like a bunk bed). Four kids sleep on the top part and one sleeps under it. It is working while the kids are little, but we’ll have to change it up before the girls get much bigger. On the other side of that curtain is a bathroom.6.14aviontour-0136.14aviontour-014

The dining area folds down into a bed for Chris and me. As long as we have good weather and a table outside, we’ll leave the bed down instead of folding it all up each day. Plus, it is super inviting and cozy! We have a curtain between the two areas so we can have light on in our area at night while the kids are sleeping. There is also a full-size fridge in the middle of the trailer!6.14aviontour-0166.14aviontour-017

I’ll share some more posts on how I made different things, if you have any questions about it let me know.  Pretty much everything I used was stuff I had on hand (good thing I’ve collected stained vintage tablecloths for so long!). I had a couple of Anthropologie gift cards I used to splurge on some napkins (for curtains) and all the cute knobs.

Here are the ‘sources’ I used:

Pillows: IKEA inserts, I used random sheets, fabrics and tablecloths to make the pillow covers

Yellow pillow: Passive Juice Motel

Quilts: my aunt made most of them;  the white on the bed was handmade gift from Rachel Denbow

Small curtains: tablecloths I cut up; napkins from Anthropologie

Light teal curtain: another one of my old tablecloths, I added lace tabs to allow air to reach the back of the trailer

Teal ruffled curtain: tea towel from Anthropologie, my mom added ruffles made from an old table cloth and my old duvet cover

Wire basket: a gift from a friend, I spray painted it green

Hanging USA hankie: a vintage one I picked up a couple years ago

Knobs: Anthropologie

Laminate flooring: a freebie from a friend

Paint: glossy white – for easy cleaning

Let’s Sleep Under the Stars print: Katie Daisy

Cloud pillow: Gathering Wishes

I still have little things to add – a few other prints and little details. I’ll probably update this post as I work on the trailer. I’ll also add a better exterior shot soon. I asked Chris if it bothered him that the trailer was so ‘girly’. He said, “Nope, it feels like home.” Indeed it does….


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