Explore {a tour of our trailer}

It was around 10:30 am, I was working on my computer and Chris walked in. He said he found a trailer out of state that was just listed that morning and he knew it was perfect for us. He had been a bit addicted to Craigslist and online RV forums, so it was easy to trust he knew what he was talking about. I asked him when he wanted to go look at it.

Him – “Now.”

Me – “Now? As in load up kids right NOW? Are you serious?”

Then he said something along the lines of potentially bad weather was headed our way and we had a little over 48 hours to get there and back. 30 minutes later we were loaded and headed out of state. It was a whirlwind trip and thankfully he was right – the trailer was a perfect fit our our family and budget. We arrived home long before any bad weather.

The trailer pretty much just sat since last fall while we worked on house projects. Then about 2 weeks ago, we started giving it some updates to make it feel more like home. My mom and dad helped. Our friend Nick so kindly and generously helped Chris (more like Chris helped Nick) put in laminate floors. We owe him big time for knocking that project out so quickly for us. Other than replacing the floors, we mainly did cosmetic work – painting everything white (of course) and adding fabric.


Come on in and have a peek.

Before ~ After6.14aviontour-005

Before ~ After6.14aviontour-0076.14aviontour-0096.14aviontour-010

The trailer has a lot of built in storage under and above the beds, which is so essential for our family. We considered removing the top storage compartments to build bunk beds, but we are waiting to make sure that is what we want. Currently, we slide a board out between the beds and put a mattress on the board and a mattress under it on the ground (kind of like a bunk bed). Four kids sleep on the top part and one sleeps under it. It is working while the kids are little, but we’ll have to change it up before the girls get much bigger. On the other side of that curtain is a bathroom.6.14aviontour-0136.14aviontour-014

The dining area folds down into a bed for Chris and me. As long as we have good weather and a table outside, we’ll leave the bed down instead of folding it all up each day. Plus, it is super inviting and cozy! We have a curtain between the two areas so we can have light on in our area at night while the kids are sleeping. There is also a full-size fridge in the middle of the trailer!6.14aviontour-0166.14aviontour-017

I’ll share some more posts on how I made different things, if you have any questions about it let me know.  Pretty much everything I used was stuff I had on hand (good thing I’ve collected stained vintage tablecloths for so long!). I had a couple of Anthropologie gift cards I used to splurge on some napkins (for curtains) and all the cute knobs.

Here are the ‘sources’ I used:

Pillows: IKEA inserts, I used random sheets, fabrics and tablecloths to make the pillow covers

Yellow pillow: Passive Juice Motel

Quilts: my aunt made most of them;  the white on the bed was handmade gift from Rachel Denbow

Small curtains: tablecloths I cut up; napkins from Anthropologie

Light teal curtain: another one of my old tablecloths, I added lace tabs to allow air to reach the back of the trailer

Teal ruffled curtain: tea towel from Anthropologie, my mom added ruffles made from an old table cloth and my old duvet cover

Wire basket: a gift from a friend, I spray painted it green

Hanging USA hankie: a vintage one I picked up a couple years ago

Knobs: Anthropologie

Laminate flooring: a freebie from a friend

Paint: glossy white – for easy cleaning

Let’s Sleep Under the Stars print: Katie Daisy

Cloud pillow: Gathering Wishes

I still have little things to add – a few other prints and little details. I’ll probably update this post as I work on the trailer. I’ll also add a better exterior shot soon. I asked Chris if it bothered him that the trailer was so ‘girly’. He said, “Nope, it feels like home.” Indeed it does….


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  • Amanda - LOVE!!!!! This is such a dream of mine to do! Yours is just perfection! Have fun making memories in your dreamy camper! 🙂

  • Amy Espinosa - I’m swooning. Just swooning. WOW!

  • amy jupin - i just don’t think this could get any cuter or any more “ashley”. i love it. happy trails!!

  • Jenni - Seriously?!! This looks amazing! It makes me want to go camping:). How much fun!

  • danielle - That is so cute! Great job!

  • Lisa W. - Beautiful! All your hard work paid off! (Where did you get that adorable fly swatter, by the way?)

  • Dana - the fact that the camper is so adorable…is second only to the wonderful family memories that you will create in it!! growing up, my family had a similar camper. We took many trips in it. And even though part of the time I was a grumpy teenager (I am the oldest child) I still consider those days some of my FAVORITE memories!

  • Haley - I love this! It makes me want to go out and get a trailer.

  • Kari - My husband has been looking for the “perfect” trailer for nine years now. Every summer he promises me that this is the year. You think your husband could write him a letter and be like “dude, pull the trigger already.”

  • Jenn - it is perfect. I love it

  • jamie - Your trailer is beautiful and awesome!!! I hope you and your family enjoy many soaring smiles together!

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  • Jackie - Absolutely love it!!!

  • Tessa - Beautiful! My husband and I are looking to buy a trailer for our family, but keep running into the issue of the weight being pulled by a mini van. What’s the weight of your trailer and what car do you pull it with that holds your whole family? Thank you so much!

  • Amy - It’s fantastic! Do you think Chris could share his tips on finding a vintage trailer and maybe websites that helped the process? Hope you have a lovely trip.

  • Melissa - For the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE I would be interested in camping, so long as I was in this (I am a city girl, through and through!). Great job!

  • Erica - Looks like a good time to be had by all! Can you take a pic of the sleeping arrangement for the kiddos? I would love to see your creative solution. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, your honesty and joy is so inspiring!

  • Rachel Kaylynn - It turned out lovely. It’s great how your kids got involved in the process too – such a fun place to have an adventure.

  • carrie - Fabulous! Never seen a trailer quite like this, what kind is it?

    Have fun!

  • erin m - It’s so cute!! I can’t wait to hear about your travels in this fun trailer!!

  • jules - seriously the cutest makeover… such a warm & inviting space! jealous. this could make me want to camp again!

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  • kimberly oyler - when did little one get so big?? this trailer is beautiful. i bet this will also be a nice place to escape little people once you’re home again. 🙂

  • Taylor - Love love love it!


  • Betsy - So so so cute and cozy!!! Happy trails to you!!!

  • sarah - this is just awesome!! I have been looking at Craigslist myself for a little vintage trailer! 🙂

  • Angie K - How amazing and fun! I quit my job about 8 months ago and really wanted to do something like this with my family. We live on the outskirts of Washington DC and I am itching to get away. I was born in California and lived until 20 in the midwest. Politics Central? Not quite for me! But I got a little stuck after I joined the military and got stationed here. They gave me a great job, I had a few kids, and 15 YEARS later I’m trying my hardest to get away!!!

    My biggest hurdle is school. I think I’d be a terrible homeschool mom. I’m too distractible and think I’d forget the kids need to learn!

    I love love love your little home though. Inspires me to continue dreaming for my family!!!

  • Leila - I have been waiting for this! I LOVE IT! I’m going to put it on our link round-up on Saturday, and somehow I need my husband to decide that getting something like this is his idea, which is not really in the realm of possibilities, but hey! A girl can wish 🙂

    It looks amazing!

  • mel - Beautiful…just like your family!

  • Pamela - I love your Avion!!! I have been the proud owner of an old Argosy and I just swooned over your post. Lovely work at updating it.

    Welcome to the Tin Can Club!

  • Debbie C - So pretty and so Ashley! 🙂 Love it.

  • laura - I love everything!

  • Izzy - Wow, I’m so impressed with how beautiful and spacious it looks inside your trailer! Everything seems so well worked out. Hope your enjoying your trip : )

  • elizabeth H - {{LOVE}} everything.little.thing!!
    EVERYTHING!!! the end.

  • Jenny B. - It’s very awesome — as is everything you touch. Two weeks?? You guys are amazing (as are all your amazing helpers). 🙂

  • Jenn - How do you faux the board for the bunk so it won’t slide around and fall?
    Does the trailer have heat and air?
    Very cute updating!

  • donna - Just found a site you might like backyardchickens.com has some great ideas.

  • Nancy Jennings - great job, we have owned a 1957 Avion and 1975. the 57 was bought by my grandfather in 1957 and has been in regular use since then. Our 75 we found on craiglist and we use that one also… families grow and camping has been a part of our love and my kids with their family continue to enjoy it with us. have fun with yours, it will last forever.

  • Nori - That is absolutely gorgeous!! So happy, cheery, and cozy! You are so gifted! I’m so excited to see all the adventures your family will have in this fun trailer!!

  • Jenny - I love what you did to the inside of the trailer. Looks very homey.

  • Rach - Gorgeous. I cannot wait to do the same. Such a fun way to travel.

  • Julie - You have that magic touch that turns everything into something beautiful and inspiring!…..God has gifted you, and you in turn, gift us through your blog! Thank you for the tour!

  • Joy Fisher - Hi Ashley, did you by chance follow along with Joy Prouty’s blog last year when she and her family of 4 small ones downsized and traveled/lived out of their trailer similar to yours. You might find lots of ideas/inspiration for the trailer and use of space by checking out that section of her blog. Here’s the link: http://wildflowersphotos.com/category/our-trailer-renovations/

    And, I second what one of the earlier commentors said about doing a write up with Chris’ tips and tricks on finding a trailer via craigslist/on a budget.

    Love it all! Thanks, Joy 🙂

  • Melissa - Oh my gosh how perfect and cute. I LOVE It!!! Motivates me to get working on our camper again.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Did you know that Gathering Wishes is here in Phoenix?! They are always at Junk in the Trunk and it is so fun!

  • Eva - This trailer is soooo YOU! I love it! And I can’t wait to see all the fun and adventures you have as a family in your Rosie/Soda Can. We have had Miss Peggy for almost a year now. And as much as we love her, our needs are too much for her. Sniff sniff. We are looking to “upgrade” her to a motor coach some time this year. If you know of anybody who’s interested in a gently used (practically new) 35′ bunkhouse travel trailer, let me know. 😉

  • Siew - We have a 1975 Airstream Safari and I love it to bits. Whenever we go anywhere in it, it attracts attention from some old timers who inevitably had one 25 or so years ago. They come along with wonderful tips and things we never knew about our trailer. Our daughter is 9 and has almost 30,000 road trip kilometers under her bottom. She will have amazing memories of travelling in the trailer as I’m sure your family will build. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  • Belindq - This is so beautiful! I would really love to travel in this trailer.

  • Angie - Ashley, you make me long for simplicity, family, and long lazy summer days. Thank you for sharing all those things with me. Right now our lives are constant ballgames (my daughter pitches for a traveling team), photo shoots, two full time jobs between the hubs and I, and he is in a play that requires almost daily practices. My hope and wish is that next summer we can create a summer bucket list and live it up with our kiddo’s! Enjoy your vacation and keep the posts coming!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Oh girl- you know I LOVED this post! I’ve been waiting for a little tour! Chris and my husband should be besties. We have TWO vintage trailers sitting in our driveway, yet John still peruses ads for another. Your trailer turned out great! I can’t wait to start making ours more “us”. Do you have a working stove/oven in yours?

  • Jessica Thornton - IN LOVE.

  • Katie - Oh it’s so cozy!! I bet one of your kids will be an author (or blogger!) when they get older and they’ll have so many great experiences to share!

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  • Paige - This is seriously SO COOL!

  • Wendy - I LOVE your trailer!

  • Rachel - Here’s a link to watch the movie “The Long Long Trailer” for free! Saved my life during a very very long plane ride last week and it made me think of this amazing adventure you’re on! http://touch.dailymotion.com/video/xmtjo3_the-long-long-trailer_shortfilms

    It’s always fun to see Lucy and Ricky in the movies!

  • Tracy A - Ashley, I’m having a hard time picturing where all the kiddos sleep…they must share the two beds and one goes on the floor? It is such a dreamy trailer!

  • Melissa - Amazing! Your home will feel huge after this month! :). I’ll have to send you pics of our trailer sometime.
    Where is your “summer” dishtowel(?) from? I believe your notes said Anthro, but I just looked and didn’t see available. If it is from there, was that some time ago?
    Thanks! Beautiful tour. Feels like summer. 🙂

  • emily - So fun! Our camper has been begging for a make-over but we can’t stop playing!

  • Charity G. - This is so awesome. My husband and I crashed with my siter’s family (of four) while I was pregnant a few years back (we still brought us and three little ones) in their trailer. It was interesting fitting everyone together, but I loved that trip. It still stands out as one of our most favorite vacations. Since then I’ve thought about getting a trailer for our crew. I don’t know that I could convince my husband to let me fix a trailer up, but your’s is awesome!

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  • Elizabeth - OMG! Everything about this is so cute including your children. Ah, to be young again! I definitely would do this.

  • Jenn - Are u guys taking two vehicles or did u find a van that all of the kids fit in and has towing power? With only three kids I’m having a hard time finding an affordable , large enough truck able to pull a camper.
    Thanks for any input u are willing to share.

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  • JulieB - I have a 1978 airstream that we are gutting! My dad gave it to me (free is a good thing!) and we picked it up in OR! It wasn’t sleepable,but it did serve as our giant porta-potty on the drive back!! Since it was kept by the ocean there was lots of mold and not much to salvage…but I’ve almost got all of the stuff out and then I will be pulling out the floors and replacing them and the walls!! I have four kids and I’m definitely doing the bunk beds. There are some really neat ones out there and I’ll be building them from scratch. Love your curtain for the bathroom! So much prettier than those old sliding doors!! Happy Trailer Travels!!

  • elizabeth H - have i said how i love all this?!
    {love it. every bit.}

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