Mud Run birthday party

Just a few days after FireCracker landed herself in the hospital my second son turned 5. He wasn’t able to have a birthday party with his friends, but my friends went all out to make sure he had a great day. Well fast forward 6 weeks and he finally had his birthday….thanks again to one of my sweet friends. He has a couple buddies very close in age to him. When my friend was planning a small party for her son she offered to make it a joint party for both of the boys. I, of course, took her up on the offer. My little guy ended up with a dream party for a 5 year old boy (or any age boy for that matter).

Inspired by the Warrior Dash, we created an obstacle course for the boys. It was awesome. I was jealous. We planned it for boys…no coordinating decorations, no handmade bunting…just dirt, mud and competition. The party favors were plastic insects the boys had to dig out of a pool of mud. I wouldn’t mind doing this for my birthday this year….oh wait I kind of am! The real Warrior Dash will be in town close to my bday….


The birthday boys…mine is the one with the snake.


I just like this picture of the two of them eating birthday hot dogs…my girl and her daddy.

My older son agreed that his brother got the best birthday ever. It was a great day. I have great friends!




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