Mud Run birthday party

Just a few days after FireCracker landed herself in the hospital my second son turned 5. He wasn’t able to have a birthday party with his friends, but my friends went all out to make sure he had a great day. Well fast forward 6 weeks and he finally had his birthday….thanks again to one of my sweet friends. He has a couple buddies very close in age to him. When my friend was planning a small party for her son she offered to make it a joint party for both of the boys. I, of course, took her up on the offer. My little guy ended up with a dream party for a 5 year old boy (or any age boy for that matter).

Inspired by the Warrior Dash, we created an obstacle course for the boys. It was awesome. I was jealous. We planned it for boys…no coordinating decorations, no handmade bunting…just dirt, mud and competition. The party favors were plastic insects the boys had to dig out of a pool of mud. I wouldn’t mind doing this for my birthday this year….oh wait I kind of am! The real Warrior Dash will be in town close to my bday….


The birthday boys…mine is the one with the snake.


I just like this picture of the two of them eating birthday hot dogs…my girl and her daddy.

My older son agreed that his brother got the best birthday ever. It was a great day. I have great friends!


On a different note….we were told it would be a couple of weeks before she could walk again.

Day 3 without the cast…she’s walking. It is slow and with a big limp, but she is walking!


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  • Sarah M - This is SUCh a fun idea for a little boy’s party…I love it…and I may be stealing it for my son’s 5th!!!!

    Sarah M

  • Kimberly - What a GREAT idea for a boys party!! Congrats to FireCracker on walking already!!!

  • Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails - Oh my, what a great party! I can see my husband setting this up for our youth group. I’ll have to share the idea with him:)
    LOVE that Firecracker is walking. What a little trooper!

  • Mel - SO FUN! Like Sarah said… we so need to do this for our Youth Group we run! and when I have kids.. defiantly will have a mud run party!

  • Jennifer - Wow, a mud run birthday party! Every boys wish, Ha!:) Looked like lot’s of fun. AND way to go Firecracker! So excited she is already walking!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Awesome party! We had a mud birthday party for our son when he turned 2. Our backyard didn’t have any grass in it, we turned the sprinkler on and made it a huge mud pit. But this- with the obstacle course- super fun! It’s an upgrade on ours for sure. Might have to think about doing a mud re-do this time around… : )

  • Angie - Ok, best party idea EVER! My five year old DAUGHTER would even love this! And way to go Firecracker – so awesome!

  • Laura Kelley - This is awesome. I signed up for my first Warrior Dash a few weeks ago…so fun!

  • amy jupin - i could see a certain nine year old loving this idea too! filing it away right now for next year’s party!!

  • Sarah - oh man!!! that looks like soooo much fun!! i’m a few years away from my son being old enough to really enjoy this, but i know he would, if he didn’t i would! looks like everyone had a great time!

  • Sarah - Mud, bugs and snakes! What more could a boy want?! She is definietly Wonder Woman!

  • allison - Fantastic party idea! Thanks for sharing some glimpses of the obstacle course. And I’m glad to see that little one running around already :)

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - I LOVE this idea for a birthday. What a lucky bunch of 5 year olds. Ashley – are you running the warrior dash in October? I’m doing that one! :)

  • Phyllis - I want a party like that too! That was AWESOME! So glad to see your little one up and walking.

  • chantelle - ahh so fun! I’d love a warrior party too! Rambo headbands, snakes, bugs a must!

  • Carissa Miller - Coolest idea ever. Easton loved looking at the pics with me. He’ll be asking for a mud run party next year I’m sure! :)

  • heather - This is so fabulous that i’m wondering how to copy it and have it still be as cool! :-)

    and great job to your little girl! that is determination!!!!

  • Herta - Ashley, yours is one of my first go-to blogs when I’m on the internet; you never fail to make me smile/cry/laugh/inspire and generally delight. Boys having such fun and a little girl’s joy as she pushes herself to walk. Thank you!

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - Really, what a great idea for a boy bday party! I am totally archiving this in the party ideas for my little guy. He’s going to turn two next month (yikes), but I’m thinking a few more years and this will be perfect. So glad your little girls is walking around! She’s got some spunk in her, and can’t contain it:)

  • Jen - My boys would have SO much fun with all that mud. What a great idea. Amazed by Firecracker. She’s one tough cookie, but we already knew that!

  • Lori - What an awesome fun idea. Baby warrior dash! Now, that one I could do – look at firecacker. Of course, she would walk…I had no doubt that it would be a week. She has fun brothers to keep up with of course. :0) I love those pics…especially the one with the medal. hilarious. beautiful and muddy. ewwww. I am going to have to learn to like mud…I guess.

  • Nicole - Cool party idea! Ohdeedoh-worthy for sure :) Congrats to the little miss on her determination‚Ķlooks like she‚Äôll be running again in no time!

  • cailan - How very cool – will definitely keep this idea in the files for my boys. Bless her heart, she’s an adorable doer.

  • Cassie - This. Is. Awesome.

  • Emily - I’m going to steal this idea in a few years. So much fun! And hooray for walking!

  • Laura Putnam - I only recently found your blog, around the end of your hospital stay with your amazing daughter. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your mix of home decor (your bedroom is amazing) and letting us in your life while still keeping necessary boundaries. Thanks for the inspiration and although I am sure all of your children are amazing, as a mother of two daughter I truly enjoy seeing the amazing progress of your daughter. She certainly chose well to wear her Wonder Woman shirt and you certainly nicknamed her well as “Firecracker”.

    Take care,

  • Kristin - Oh my gosh this looks like so much fun for little boys… Or anyone, :)

  • Georgia - AWESOME mud run! AWESOME grass walking!

  • Shawna Rae - Fun post!! Great to see too!

  • Janice - yup, will probably be taking this idea! Love it! :)
    My daughter has gotten the tea parties and the ice cream social birthdays … now this is something great for my boy!

  • natalie - Real or plastic snake?

  • Anna - awesome party! That is the ultimate boys party right there. I will have to file it away for Gavin one year!

  • AshleyAnn - rubber!

  • Melissa Davis - So excited for your sweet girl’s quick return to walking!

  • Nori R - Good things come to those who wait!

    Go, FireCracker, go! So wonderful to see her up and motoring again.

  • Abigail - Oh wow! That is the perfect boy party!

  • Rebecca - My birthday is in February, could you guys come up to WI and put on something like this for me? It’ll be cold and snowy….oh and I’ll be 34, but I just don’t see these as obstacles. J/K. Great party, looking good on the walking.

  • Chelsea in MO - Go FireCracker, go! SO HAPPY to see you walking, just in time for summer too! Just be careful out there. I don’t think your momma wants a repeat anytime soon. Have a good day : )

  • angie - hands down…coolest little boy birthday EVER!

  • Jenna - My boys would LOVE a party like that! Great idea! And hurray for the walking!

  • Ruth - Oh this just cracks me up! I live in a very pink world with two girls who freak out any time their hands get dirty. In fact, I just posted my little one’s sweet soda shop party today ( and it couldn’t be a bigger contrast! It looks like SO much fun….can I borrow your boys for a few days? :-)

  • Ruth - And I almost forgot, go Firecracker, go!

  • Melissa - what a fun idea! love it!

  • Mirys from Brazil - Perfect! What great news, Ashley!!!

    Today, here, we are kind of celebrating Fernando¬īs birthday too. Because the kids are too small and can not understand why I¬īm not going to celebrate their father bday “just because” he lives in heaven, now?…

    So, we create a “family day” and a campaign. SPEND TIME WITH SOMEONE THAT YOU LOVE. We do it and encourage people to do this: spend 5 minutos, special ones, with someone precious for you. With intent!

    If, by any chance, you decide to embrace the cause and spend special moments today with someone you love (sending letters, text messages, making a romantic dinner, whatever), could you please let us know? Each one of my friend that does that make my day a little less sad… and my life with a little more purpose…

    Kisses and blessings.
    from Brazil

  • Peggy Annan - Ashley, I am so happy to see your little gal standing and wow… walking on her own two legs. You have had a challenging few months, but as always God’s Grace remains abundant.

  • Sofia - What a lovely blog! I rarely follow blogs but yours will be a favorite!

  • Sheree - Brilliant birthday! Love it! Must remember it for future… my Son turns 2 in a couple of weeks but we’re sticking with Rocket party but for when he’s a little older I LOVE this idea!

    Wonderful that your daughter is up and walking! She’s a feisty girl that one! ūüėČ My eldest daughter (3 1/2) is very similar and so far we’ve had a broken leg at 2 and a bad sprain on the same leg this year… :( Little warrior princesses I think. Hope she continues to get better is leaps and bounds!

  • Margaret - What a fun party–I always seem to want to overdo things for my boys (the big one and the little one) with coordinating food, favors and decorations. But this is just perfect!

  • 1 Funky Woman - What a wonderful party for boys, well anyone really! My kids would love running around like that! I just found your blog and I am now crushing on you!

    No I’m not a stalker but I would love to follow you and all the amazing things you do! How do I do that? I don’t see a follow button!

    You can look at my blog to know I’m really not some crazy chic, well thats still in question, lol!


  • jill - Love the party idea, where did you all do it at?

  • - What a dream little boy’s birthday party!!! That must’ve been so much fun for them! Such adorable pictures too!
    XO Star
    Star Hughes Living

  • Amy - Awesome. All around. Awesome party. And awesome girl. Rock on!

  • Kristin S - Yes, that is the best boy birthday party ever! Great idea.

    Look at that girl go!

  • Celia - Oh my goodness….. that had to have been a great birthday party!!!

  • Joan M - That will go down as a birthday to remember forever and ever. And you’re sweet darling daughter – getting along! Congrats!

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - Just checked out Warrior Dash and I came to the following conclusion. You decorate like a girl, but you play like a boy! LOL!

    Happy Birthday to your 5-year old!

  • karen - what a fun birthday! your kids are so lucky!
    can i just scoop up firecracker and eat her face?!?!?

  • Randi - What an amazing party! This is perfect!!! So fun :) And yay for Firecracker!

  • hearttypat - This is AWESOME!!!! EVerything about this post!

  • Brooke Whitis - Oh sweet Ashley, I am so fearful, bringing to boys into my Amy Butler, Heather Bailey family life :) My husband is thrilled and so am I. But all this talk of dirt, mud, bugs….it sometimes makes me forget how much I LOVE ADVENTURE too!!!!!! I also want to do the warrior dash (if I can ever go a year without being pregnant)…and this obstacle course just makes me smile. Thanks for always inspiring…for being a mom to boys that i want to be!!

  • pattilouwho - yay! walking! such happy news.

  • Dave - This is a great idea!!

  • tanya - she’s sooo cute! such a joy and blessing to see her up and going! =)

  • Laura Gaskill - This looks like such fun! My little guy is turning one later this month…a bit young still for a Warrior Dash party, ha ha! But I love this idea so much I am bookmarking it to use in the future for sure – heaven on Earth for little boys (or adventurous girls!)

    p.s. – Lovely site! So, so pretty! Really glad I found my way here via Ohdeedoh :) xo Laura

  • Emily - I jumped over from the post I saw on Ohdeedoh. I think the event is brilliant and the kids in the photos seemed to be having a blast. Sadly, I only saw photos of boys and only read comments about how much boys would enjoy this. Why is this viewed as a “boys only” party? We are trying to raise healthy, happy, confident, well adjusted people right? Let’s provide all kids with opportunities to develop their likes and dislikes, rather than make assumptions based on gender. Have you ever noticed when a boy cries he is tired and when a girl cries she is a girl? Have you ever noticed that “boy” toys generally include weapons and destruction, sports or trucks and girls toys include babies and princesses and baked goods? Some boys do not like mud and dirt and some girls love playing with bugs and crawling through mud. Please, just think about it. Gender roles are socialized and the methods are so subtle, but have an incredibly limiting and constricting impact.

  • Warnner - i really like your birthday party idea..I respect your ideas and I also have a unique idea for birthday party. What if you play a themed treasure hunt with your friends on birthday? It will be huge fun for all of you. Change the setting of your home like space or Moon and play a treasure hunt related to that theme. They will be amused a lot.

  • Kristina - Love, love, love the obstacle course! It makes me want to have some little boys of my own. Actually, I’m pretty sure my sisters and I would have had a blast with it as little girls, so if I ever have daughters with my genes, I’ll probably be in luck.

  • Randi - Visiting from Tip Junkie … amazing birthday party! I absolutely love the idea!

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  • Nell Valdez - Thank you for sharing this fun idea!!! We just celebrated my 4 year old son’s birthday, warrior dash style. All inspired by your party here. “Ezra Dash 2011, Obstacle Challenge & Run.” The kids had a blast! Thank you again for sharing your great ideas!

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  • lisa - Oh my goodness!! I just LOVE this idea. This is absolutely unique and amazing for little boys. Beautiful photography too.

  • Janelle - I love the Warrior Dash! I told my 4 year old that I would build a mini obstacle course in our backyard and now I am extra inspired! Great job, this is too cute!

  • Anna - This is so awesome, I love it! I totally want to throw a grown up boys version of this for my hubby and his friends. :)


  • Marisa - What a super awesome party! I love the box tunnel and the criss-crossed ropes. My kids will love this! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  • David - awesome idea. a birthday party for the kids not the adults. simply perfect.

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  • Jen Betterley - Hi, Ashley!

    I couldn’t find your email address, but I wanted to let you know that we’ve featured your mud run birthday idea in a summer birthday activity feature! Here’s the link:

    Best, Jen Betterley (ParentMap)

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  • Kim - what a fun, unique idea! I love offbeat party themes!

    hugs! Kim

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  • Heidi - Since Wipeout! is my kids’ favorite show, they would love this! I’m hosting a linky party, “One Creative Weekend,” tomorrow at I’d love for you to visit and link up this idea and/or anything else you’d like to share.

  • Christine - I found this post while browsing the Six Sisters’ Stuff website. My husband does these types of obstacle races, and my older boy loves reenacting them! We wanted to do something like this for his 3rd birthday in a couple months, and I love your ideas! Thank you!

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  • becky in burma - I wanted to really thank you for this blog post! I found your idea of a mud run via Pinterest and this site here:

    I live in Burma/Myanmar (which is near Thailand) and we have a massive garden. I wanted to do some fun activities for my daughter’s sixth birthday party, which we had just Saturday. We managed to make an obstacle course similar to yours and all the kids adored it. I posted picture on my blog site here and credited the idea to you. :)

    THANK YOU! You made me a very happy mom – and made a lot of kids really happy – allll the way in Burma!

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  • Lindsey - There isn’t a cuter idea out there for a little boys birthday party! Mad props to you and your friend and y’alls creative-ness!!

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  • Hannah - Yay! Have had this post pinned for ages, just yesterday played what we call the “laser game” with yarn down our front path. Boys loved it! thanks xx

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  • Kate - Where are you based. Please mud run boys party.

  • Aya :))) - Excellent idea ????.. I love it :)))..

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