what I want to give: time

This season of the year can quickly become a mad dash from one event to the next. If I am not careful I know it will be about surviving instead of enjoying. When my kids look back at the month of December from their childhood I don’t want them to remember it as rushed and fast paced. Right now I don’t want them to see me harried and in a frenzy….which when that happens it also means my patience with them is basically non-existent. So, I am learning to say “No.” We don’t have to be at every party or participate in every event. I want to protect my family from the crazy stressed out version of me that can come when I say “Yes” to too many things.

We still have a full calendar, but on that calendar are also days that are scheduled for absolutely nothing. Without reserving time for nothing on my calendar, I’d probably fill it in with busyness. In those reserved slots for nothing my kids have discovered a new game this Christmas season….it involves a doll stroller, a wall to crash into, 1 sister and 3 brothers that will be highly dramatic when crashing to provoke their baby sister to produce the deep belly laughs that only they can get out of her.

This Christmas I want to give my kids enough down time to be together and and crash into walls

….because sibling induced belly laughs are the best.

FireCracker loves to wear this hat. She will pass by a mirror just to admire herself. It makes me laugh everytime. I think it has something to do with how her brothers go overboard telling her how cute she is when she wears it. They are such great brothers to her. It really makes me wish I had a big brother….or 3.

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