The Incubator Project


In April 2012, we were in the middle of waiting to bring our youngest daughter home via international adoption. The wait for our daughter was grueling, and yet I didn’t want to waste the wait. I came across the organization Love Without Boundaries (LWB), who had provided some assistance to my daughter’s orphanage in the past.

LWB had an established relationship with the orphanage and in the country and discovered a need for an incubator at the orphanage. I asked if they would partner with me on a project to raise the funds for the incubator. Thankfully, they were more than willing to help me. The plan was for LWB to handle all the money, ordering the incubator and delivering it. They would also send me pictures and updates so I could share those here with my readers! And, I could share this story and the photos with my daughter one day.

So, in honor of my daughter, I wanted do a little project here – provide the gift of new incubator to other newborns in her orphanage. I knew many came to this blog just for crafts and photography, this type of project would be so far from anything that interests many. I got that. But, I also knew so many would be just as giddy as I was to get to do this for vulnerable children. I looked forward to the day when Love Without Boundaries would send me the pictures of the incubator at the orphanage and we could celebrate together! I had no idea all the other pictures that would land in my inbox.

The goal was $1,400.oo for one incubator.

I asked my friends Heather, Julie, Lesley, Megan and Sarah Jane to create prints that I could give as gifts to those that donated. I will forever be grateful for the willing and generous spirits of those women.

In about a week’s time a little more than $25,000 was raised! The incubator was purchased, as well as, towels and cloth diapers for the orphanage. 17 children received support: funding for surgeries, healing homes for recovery and foster care. $1,000 went towards nutrition programs at various orphanages. Incredible.

On this page you will find all the posts related to The Incubator Project. Each month, I receive updates from LWB regarding the children we sponsor. I will share those updates on the main part of my blog, but they are also found here. It is beautiful to see how the children are thriving.

Thank you to all of you that changed the lives of these kids. Thank you from the deepest parts of me. Thank you.

Now, I do feel the need to point out that LWB does work with children with all kinds of medical needs. I know based on these posts it might look like there is a huge majority of cleft affected kids, but please know our sponsored kids are not a reflection of all the needs that LWB assists. Early on when the project began I mentioned to LWB if we had funds above and beyond what was needed for the incubator, I’d love to see those go towards helping a cleft affected child. Well….needless to say when I thought we might be able to help one, we actually got to help so many. So, that was a personal request on my part.

Special thanks to my sweet friends for providing the prints that helped make this whole project possible!


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