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my budding author

At eight years old, he can tell you thousands of random facts about animals and nature.

He’ll draw for hours and sit contentedly on a blanket watching birds flutter around his feeders.

Writing – well, despite how good he is at it, he just doesn’t see it as his thing.

And then we figured out a way to make it his thing…or at least something that makes him excited. He made a book. A real printed book.

He typically illustrates all over his writings, but this time I asked him to illustrate every sentence or main point. Once his illustrations were complete, I photographed each illustration and then uploaded them to Mpix and added his text. We ordered a softcover book from Mpix. He checked the mail everyday waiting for it to arrive. After some frustration and worrying on my part as his mom/teacher regarding teaching him to write, what a joy it was to see him so excited about his book. I remember making my own book in 6th grade. It wasn’t printed by a company, but my teacher bound it for me. I need to search my parents’ house for that book. It was about a gymnast and had a joke about a cow with no feet. Random. Like my blog. I’ve been doing random all my life. By the way, a cow with no feet is called “ground beef”. You’re welcome.

His book is about a Japanese adventurer. He searched online for popular Japanese names and picked “Kenji Hamada”.  Turns out there is a voice actor by the same name, which is kind of appropriate because this kid can make a whole range of great voices.


He wanted to use colored pencils for his illustrations. I had him take a gel pen to outline the main parts so they would stand out more when printed in the book.khbook-3

The guy falling off the pirate ship was yelling, “there goes my breakfast”. It is my favorite part of the book.khbook-4khbook-6

He wrote an “About the Author” page and picked the picture he wanted included. You can’t put a price on the value of literature like this.khbook-7khbook-8khbook-9khbook-11khbook-12

He wants me to print more so he can sell them. I’ve got a budding author and salesman on my hands. I couldn’t be more proud.

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