We refinished our living room floors and it got me changing up stuff in the living room/kitchen again. I do like change, but I also have a bunch of kids that are hard of things so change is inevitable anyway. I am terrible at gardening, but I do okay with indoor plants. It is probably related to the fact that I see them more. The garden is not ever in my mind. I have been slowly adding more indoor plants by keeping an eye out when I see them on sale. I don’t need to spend a bunch of money on a plant that quite possibly won’t survive my house long.

A few weeks ago Aldi had tropical plants on sale and I picked up a couple. Sidenote: Raise your hand if you love Aldi. I do almost all my grocery shopping there. Now my plant shopping too. Aldi for the win.


Anyway, I snagged two plants and then picked up a couple of pots for 50% off from Hobby Lobby. I used glossy white spray paint and then black Chalky Finish paint on top.




The textile hanging on the chalkboard is from Kazakhstan. Chris and I spent a summer there back in college. I picked it up at the local market. It once hung in a yurt. I’ve had it for over 15 years and could never figure out where to hang it. It only a half piece. The side you don’t see is a rough edge where it was cut from the wall of the yurt. I hung it over the chalkboard to see if I wanted to take down the chalkboard and hang the textile there. I kind of like it over the chalkboard now. It is all hand stitched – I need to post a close up later!

I’ve been pinning different planter ideas and plants that do well indoors. You can see more of those on my Indoor Plants pinterest board. So far everything is staying alive – dusty, but alive! Any tips on the best way to dust the leaves of plants?!


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  • Diana - Totally agree on the Aldi love! I do most of our grocery shopping there but haven’t had much luck with the plants I’ve bought from them…maybe I need to try their house plants!

  • Maureen - In my Montessori classroom leaf polishing is a work on the shelf. You need a tray with a small pitcher for water, a bowl to pour the water in and cotton balls. The child dips the cotton ball in the water and wipes each leaf. It sounds tedious but it is calming and builds concentration, sense of order and independence. Also the two fingers they hold the cotton ball with are the same two they use to hold a pencil so refinement of fine motor skills. Using a sppritzer on each leaf is fun too, then wipe with the cotton ball. That being said, at home I take them outside and house them down. ?

  • Michele - Something about indoor plants makes a home feel cozier, right?! My mother-in-law told me once that she waters down mayonnaise and rubs it on her plant leaves with a paper towel to keep them shiny and healthy looking. It’s a tedious process, but it works!

  • sarah morgan - YES! Aldi is amazing! we recently got one in my town and I love it! I do most of my shopping there and have picked up several plants over the last few weeks. so far so good…

  • Megan - put the plants in the shower. they will thrive on the humidity – they take in moisture through the leaves as well as the roots – and it will wash the dust off at the same time.

  • Kimberly Oyler - i totally forgot you went to kazhakstan! my YWAM outreach was in kyrgyzstan and we saw many, many, many yurts. such interesting countries!

  • Mandi@herbanhomestead - I typically use one of those Swiffer dusters on the plants. Or take them out back and hose them down. One of my favorite things to keep them healthy is any time it is raining I try to run as many outside as I can to get a good soaking of rain. I let them sit out to dry out a bit, and they love it!

  • Jo - For dusting indoor plants, I simply use a damp cloth. Also, if you can be bothered putting them all outside when it’s raining, they get a good wash while they are being watered. Alternatively, put them in the shower?

  • Shannan Martin - Aldi FOREVER!!!!!

    And I’m basically the same about house plants. Only worse. But I keep trying!

  • Laura Piersall - You’re officially my way cooler twin. Aldi is the best!! For groceries and plants!

  • Rose - Love the Corbett box, i bet that was a happy find

  • beth p - Yes, love Aldi! And everytime I see a picture of your mug holder, I wish I could find one just like it. Is that something you made? Found at an antique store? Ordered somewhere? Would love to know. Thanks!

  • sue - Oh how I wish my small town had an Aldi! The closest one is 50 minutes away. :-(
    I’d buy a can of leaf shine (comes in a big aerosol can)! It’s not super cheap, but will shine up your leaves and keep dust from settling on them.

  • Seamingly Sarah - (raises hand) I love Aldi!

  • Byron - You have an incredible knack for decorating! I stand in awe….

  • Haley - I need to check out Aldi! I have a tapestry from a trip to Africa and plan to mount it between two acrylic pieces like a floating frame. I’ve seen some tutorials around the web and it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to framing, but still protects the piece.


Yesterday I wrote on Instagram, “Since I often have to say “no” for their own protection, I try looking for lots of daily opportunities to say “yes” to my kids. I’m pretty sure when she asked, she thought the answer would be “no.” The smile that follows a surprise “yes” is my favorite. Who could you surprise with a “yes” today? Seeing the smile that follows might just make your day.”

My eldest daughter asked if she could color part of her hair blue. I had a bad experience in college with red hair dye that resulted in a terrible shade of purple in my very short hair. It was not a good look! I figure nothing could be worse than that hair fiasco.

I’ve seen Koolaid hair dye posts floating around the internet for a while and figured, “why not?!”

I did my research online first and this is what my conclusions were:

  • Mix Koolaid with about 1 cup of boiling water (lots of different opinions on this)
  • Soak hair for 6-20 minutes (lots of different opinions out there on this too)
  • It works differently on everyone. Some people it lasts for days. Others for months. Some it is bright. Some it doesn’t show up.
  • It is not a fail safe plan, you just gotta go for it and not expect perfect results or results like someone else had.
  • Light hair shows the color the best and it typically lasts longer in light hair…at least that is what I concluded based on all the opinions I read.

With all that non-perfection in mind, I told the girls I had no idea how it would come out or how long it would last. I did tell my younger daughter that it probably would not be very bright in her hair, while it would show up more in her big sister’s hair. The girls knew it may or may not work. It may or may not last. In the end it is just hair and you can always cut it!

I ended up boiling about 2 cups of water. I added 2 packs of blue Koolaid to one cup. I added 1 pack purple (but it looked red) and 1 pack blue to the other cup. I pulled the girls’ hair back in ponytails and let it soak for about 10 minutes. For both girls I dipped a good amount of their ponytail in the color at first and then they sat up straighter and not all the hair was soaking. After a few minutes, I had them sit up a little higher and then a little higher once more. I was hoping the gradual progression would give it more of an ombre look than a straight line of color.


I have no idea how long the color will last and according to what I read online neither does anyone else! The girls are thrilled with the color, which is the whole point anyway. I was pretty happy with how it came out, other than they look like teenagers from the back.

hair5This girl just keeps giggling every time she looks in a mirror. It is the best sound filling our house right now. The smile that comes after a surprise “yes”….I need lots more of these my house and life.hair6

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  • Christi {Jealous Hands} - Girls, it looks great! What a fun thing to say YES to!

  • Nancy Farmer - I love this! So thankful you said yes and you are right, it’s only hair. Those two are making such fun memories.

  • Southern Gal - When I saw your posts on instagram yesterday, my daughter was here with her two girls. She had just mentioned how she hated to always say no to things they asked for. Your first post on instagram addressed that to perfection. I love how their hair turned out! They do look so excited! I’ll bet they aren’t that still ever!

  • Tiffany - A surprise yes, I will have to keep that in mind. The joyful smirk on the little one and the sassy smile on the big one, are pretty rich for a few packs of kool aid and a little bit of time. Fun Fun Fun.

  • Ashley - This is just the best!!!! It turned out so pretty!

  • ashley jensen - I’m so glad to see it showed up on little one’s hair! My daughter has brunette hair and has asked to do this a couple times and I told her I didn’t know if it would show up. I’m definitely going to try the kool aid now!

  • Emily Bartnikowski - That turned out so well!

    (An acquaintance of mine lost her daughter to cancer a few years ago, and shortly after she started a charity to raise awareness and funds for research – unravelcancer.org – and one of their campaigns is to turn a no into a yes — because they can’t say yes to their daughter anymore, and because life is so very short. When I feel like life is getting a little sloggy, I try to look for more places to say yes. They have two hashtags, if you’re curious: #nointoayes and #forthembecauseofher. )

    Cheers to saying yes more!

  • Denise L. - Love those “yes” produced giggles myself. And I, too, want more of that kind of giggle in the days to come! Well, done Mamma!

  • Christina - cuuuuute! Love the idea of saying yes more

  • Deb - We did this in early June and it did fade some, but has not come out. Very cute!

  • Heather Shoberg - LOVE IT!!! My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair when I was younger so at the age of 12, I grabbed all of the red kool-aid in the house and stuck my head in a bowl for half an hour. My hair was red for months and my mom was not happy, but I’ve dyed my hair ever since. πŸ˜‰

  • Cathy S. - OMGosh! Just love the looks on their faces as they are waiting so patiently for the end result. I too bet they never sit that still ever. How fun.

  • CCS - This post made me smile, and also want to try this with my six year old daughter! Love the photo you caught of them through the banisters.

  • Bonnie - Wow, these worked so much better than I expected! I dyed part of my blonde hair with red koolaid in high school, and it dulled to pink and stayed that way for soooo long. I love the idea of just doing the ends, so you can cut it off once it’s faded too much!

  • Karen - We did my daughters hair like this. She has dark brown hair and she wanted green highlights. Her hair is very thick so we let hers soak for about 20 minutes and it came out great. The only problem with hers was that after several weeks it started to look like her hair was molded so we had to get it out. If theirs ever gets to that point, soak their hair in boiling water and baking soda and it will take it out but you might have to do it a couple of times. The girls hair looks awesome

  • Laura In Sacto - Wow! Both came out amazing!

  • Debbie H - Kool aid does that!!! Wow! Who knew! I feel like I’ve been under a rock. My girls would have loved this when they were younger. Great summertime stuff. They are both so pretty. I love their ages! Stay cool!

  • AshleyAnn - Thanks for the tip Karen!

  • AshleyAnn - Cathy – the stillest they’ve ever sat!!

  • AshleyAnn - Oh my goodness Heather! I bet that was so red!! Sure makes a fun story though :)

  • AshleyAnn - Emily – thank you for sharing her story with us. Thank you for also posting those hashtags. I hope to use them soon!

  • AshleyAnn - Southern Gal – thank you for sharing that with me :)

  • Renee Johnson - I dyed my hair blue in high school- it was the best look i’ve had to date! You are a rock star momma! Your girls are so spunky and gorgeous!

  • June P - love it! such a simple thing but brings so much joy! as my daughter has black hair, please give us an update how long the colour lasts!

    thank you! ?

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - AAGH! How fun! Um, it totally matches firecracker’s eyes. And it just looks amazing! Way to go on the yes! High five!

  • ari - Lovely!!
    This will be added to my daily mantras: Who could you surprise with a “yes” today?
    Thank you

  • Hailey - Awww! They are so beautiful!

  • Caoimhe - This inspired me to say a yes to a 6 year old asking me to let him wage all out water war by setting up booby traps for his dad. That sound of glee will ring through my ears for years to come. I have to remember to let my control freak and mess aversion side go and help him to trip up his dad, so he falls in a pile of muddy water, a little more often!
    Thank you!

    P.S. No dad’s were injured during this episode of “Yes we can”!

  • Sarah - I love following your blog. You are such a wonderful Mama to your wonderful kids and such an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ethel White - Yes days are soooo much fun and those girls are beautiful whatever their hair color happens to be.

  • Nancy - Tried it out last night with hopes of getting the same results for my daughter (dark asian hair too) but it didn’t work out. I noticed that our grape kool aid was definitely purple in the water, not red (like you observed), so maybe I will try a cherry packet next time!

The last time I visited the Science Museum Oklahoma it had a different name and I was younger than my oldest son! I don’t remember ever going with my parents (sorry Mom & Dad if you took me). I remember going with classmates on field trips. It was a 2 hour drive in a bus from Tulsa. My favorite spot was an electrical ball you could touch and your hair would stand on its’ ends. There was also a big play item that looked like a plastic atom.

In recent years, I’ve heard many other parents talk about the Science Museum and have thought often about visiting. Since it is an Adventure Road partner, it was perfect for this trip. We planned half a day and quickly realized we should have blocked an entire day. Oh my goodness did we have fun…and we didn’t even see everything! Chris tends to travel to OKC weekly, so I think we are going to need to get an annual pass.

smokc-01Near the entrance is a large display of things that were once in museums. In the early days of museums, science and art were combined. This led to a bit of confusion…think artists that depict an animal with several heads! I loved getting to talk to the kids about why it is important to see beauty in science, but how it is also important to separate art from science!

smokc-03We headed into the first area of the museum, “Curiocity.” We could have spent HOURS in this one area. The kids were completely enthralled in every display. I had to keep them moving so we could see more of the museum. They would play and I would randomly shout science facts…next time we go I will move slow and make them pay a little more attention to the science behind what we are doing. I am totally jealous of all homeschooling moms in OKC. I’d skip the science books and go at a snail’s pace through all the content and hands-on learning at the museum.smokc-05Okay…I took the picture below on the right for you moms of teeny ones. There was one room with water activities. The whole museum is set up for kids of all ages. Those little chairs are for babies to sit in. There are little fountains in front of each chair, so they can play in the water. If my friends and I were back in the baby stage, I would totally meet up with them there. The babies could play and we could talk.smokc-07smokc-09Vintage Science Museum happening here…I once sat in that ‘plane’ when I was in elementary school!smokc-10She rode her first segway…and asked me to buy her one.smokc-11smokc-12smokc-13smokc-17smokc-15smokc-02One area focused on physical fitness. Corbett challenged Chris and I to several races…we won. For now. I had to work hard for my 3:1 Tug of War victories!smokc-16IMG_9906smokc-18

We arrived in the morning and stayed until a bit after lunch. I was not prepared for how big the museum was or how each thing would hold the attention of my kids for so long. There were a few exhibits we missed and we didn’t get to attend any of the shows. Obviously, we are going to have to go back! If you live remotely near OKC, I highly recommend planning a day at the museum. If you are traveling through Oklahoma, I would encourage you to schedule a day to stop and explore. We will absolutely be going back.

My tips for your visit:

  • Plan to spend a whole day
  • Pack your lunch or dining is available
  • If you have a big family, it would be a good idea to have at least 2 adults. It is big with lots of rooms. This could be stressful if you are trying to keep your eyes on a handful of kids.
  • Pack a change of clothes. The water room is so much fun, but my kids were a little conscience of getting too wet. If I had younger ones, I am sure they would have either had to avoid the water room or ended up soaked. I would not choose to avoid the room, just pack some extra clothes if they get too wet. It might be a good idea to pack a small towel too.
  • Play with your kids. I had just as much fun in each area as my kids. Climb on the playgrounds. Build. Interact. Play. Go outside. This is such a perfect place to really connect and have fun with your kids!


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  • Jennifer - This is the best children’s museum I’ve been to – and we’ve been to a lot. My family went there last spring break and spent hours there. A terrific place for kids and adults!

  • JenW - I am loving this explore OK series you have going on. As an Indiana gal myself I would not have put OK on our destination list…it is now! We’re putting our camper to more use on vacations and OK is certainly close enough for us to head your way!

  • Lisa britten - I live in Canada and would never consider a trip to Oklahoma, but all your travel posts make me want to visit!

    If you ever come to Vancouver BC, let me know!

  • Dawn - You always do an outstanding job on your travel essays! My gosh, you provide such wonderful details, helpful hints and photographs. Thank you for sharing and intriguing us all with your travels! Sending love from Texas!

  • Diana - I love this! We visited a lot of science museums when I was growing up and I have fond memories of those. You’re making me want to visit OK!

  • Shannon - I love these posts! I live in Canada but these posts really encourage me to look around at what my area has to offer and have me taking notes for future vacations:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kelly - Wow! I live nowhere near Oklahoma City or even Oklahoma but should I ever find myself there, I’ll be sure to remember this! My kids would LOVE it!

  • Angela - On the last visit I made with my kids (7 and 13) at the end of Christmas break, they spent an hour just in the section of Curiocity where they make cars and try them out on that curved wooden area. I just let them go with it. But next time will take a book! I also went with my daughter there on the class field trip (we live in Norman) and loved that they had little weaving looms there to try. Thanks for the reminder to get my kids back there before school begins–after OKC schools start back up!

  • Denise L. - Kudos to the photographer who caught you and Corbet playing tug of war! Great movement caught there. It’s great seeing you in action, too!

  • AshleyAnn - Thank you Dawn. It might be odd how much I LOVE writing travel posts…it is so much fun to share and think someone might visit one of the places we go!

  • AshleyAnn - Lisa – Vancouver BC is definitely on my list of places to visit one day!

  • AshleyAnn - Thank you Jen!

  • Anne Marie - Oh how I wish I would have read this post a week or 2 earlier! We went here with my sis & her family a little over a week ago… her kids are ages 13-18 & mine are 2-14. They all had a blast and like you said, 1/2 day isn’t long enough! My 2 year old could have spent the whole time in curio-city but we only got to that part 30 minutes or so before we needed to leave! :/ (I didn’t realize it was there) And I SO wished I had dry clothes for him because I had to keep him corralled by the “river” and even then he got pretty wet! Clothes dry pretty quickly once you get outside in the convection oven though! πŸ˜‰ I wish we had this cool of a science museum closer to Pensacola,FL!

  • Anne Marie - There were so many cool things… The huge table & chairs in optical illusions made me see things from my toddler’s perspective (and he even managed to climb those chairs!)… Another thing that intrigued us was the water droplets that you could make “stand still” or “go up”… Who would guess that lying on a bed of nails actually doesn’t hurt very much!?! Oh and you definitely need to take your kids to see the explosion show if you go again. My boys were super impressed! (Who would guess? Boys+explosions??? ?) I think I had about as much fun as my kids at the museum! πŸ˜‰