They wanted a picture with our feet too. Can I tell you how hard it is to hold a camera in one hand and use your other hand to try to get your foot in the frame? Awkwardly hard.

She thinks she can do everything they do. And she endures all they do.

I have waited 11 months for this. I am so proud of her. Beaming with pride. She took to the mud and didn’t look back. Yep, she can hang with the boys.

Prune-y baby feet. Kills me. I am in love with those toes.

This is so much better than snow, jeans and layers.

In other news, I am on a little vacation until mid next week. There are scheduled posts until then. If you need to reach me I won’t be answering emails until later next week.

The boys are having “man weekend” and Baby Sister is going on her first plane trip!

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  • amanda torres - She and Addie can be two peas in a pod. If it’s messy, she’s attracted to it, but she’s also super girly. I love that about my girl.

    Have a great trip & GIRL TIME! Another bonus of having a girl.

  • Jodi - I love those toes too!!! The underwater shot is so great. I have 2 girls, one girly girl and one like your baby girl. A go getter!!! Have a great vacation!

  • Sarah - Do you have an underwater camera?! What kind?

  • Sara - Ok, this is extremely random…I love Baby Sister’s swimsuit! I only have boys and remember seeing it in Gap a few months ago I think?? Anyway, I also noticed it on a recall list and remembered it because it’s so cute. If it were my daughter I would probably let her keep wearing it because the recall seems a little over-the-top but just fyi…you can get a new suit at Gap if you choose.

  • Sarah - oh i dream of the pool…i can’t wait! love the prunny baby feet!!

  • Yolanda - Oh that muddy baby butt is just precious. It’s the essence of childhood and the freedom that comes from being mobile. I don’t know if i love that or the underwater wrinkly toes the most.

  • Elizabeth - I’m so happy that I found you. So much joy here! You must be a total firecracker you bring out the best in everyone you photograph!

  • kristiina - First of all–GO BABYSISTER!! she is awesome hanging w/the boys…also, you continue to inspire me to let my kids get dirty…the fun your kids have in the mud, etc reminds me to just let them be kids and go with it. In fact, I just told their grandma that I need to get them some rubber boots so we can play out in the mud puddles the next time it rains πŸ˜‰

    Have a blast on your girl’s trip!

  • Lesley - LOVE the muddy booty and the super cute pruny toes!

  • robyn - love these! maybe my favorite yet :)
    how on earth did you get the underwater pics? assuming an underwater camera but the quality seems too good for that???

  • Seamingly Sarah - Ah Man – I have to disagree. I am a winter girl. And sometimes I feel like the only snow and cold advocate – but I love it. Does it have something to do with growing up in Vermont?

  • susie whyte - my 3 yr old boy saw the muddy pictures and said, “when we get bigger and bigger, my going to go there!” haha.

    love all the fun shots. they’ll look great in your next mypublisher book. :)

  • Open house - hi
    great to stumble onto your blog
    I love it
    great pics, good texts and lovely feel to it all
    your family looks just great! :)

    Best wishes, Open house blog – Norway

  • Jessica Kopp - I LOVE these photos…..actually I LOVE all your photos. Please tell me how you captured the underwater shots. Do you have a special case for your camera?

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Every photographer has ‘their thing’….the one tip they usually land on. For some it is related to manual settings, for some it is avoiding posed shots, for some it is how to get great posed shots. More and more I am discovering my ‘thing’ for capturing the everyday in a unique way is all about the angles. Every angle tells a story. Three of the kids and I went on a little trip to the zoo. I took my point & shoot because let’s face it a 10 month old, 2 year old and 4 year old is enough work by myself nonetheless trying to get shots with my dslr. However, it did cross my mind while wrangling my 3 little ones that I could take some pictures for a little blog post too….

All the photos below are taken with my Canon Powershot SD870 IS on automatic mode with the flash off. I have edited all the pictures using Totally Rad Actions – the ‘blah’ pictures are edited exactly the same as the rest. The only difference in these pictures is the changing of angles.

…….and a lot more interesting

The boys are passionate that we take pictures with the gorilla thing EVERY TIME we visit the zoo.

…….and a lot more interesting

This is how we rolled at the zoo….gotta capture the triple loaded double stroller.

…….and a lot more interesting

After a long morning at the zoo she couldn’t decide if she wanted a bottle or her pacifier.

…….and a lot more interesting

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  • Lindsay - Thank you! I LOVE your tips.

  • Alba - thanks for the tip. I’ll keep in mind for the next roll (I still do not have a digital one, romantic??)

  • Candy Foster - Cool! We just visited the zoo there last week.

  • amanda torres - The angles are much better your way! Now, I noticed you weren’t wearing a baby, so that leaves room for one more…

  • emily anderson - dude. we so rock the triple loaded sit-n-stand. no other way to do it :)

  • Sarah - I love all the different angles! I’ve been trying different angles as well and i’ve gotten some great shots too; of course it helps when you have a cute little guy to work with:)

  • Katie - I have such a hard time figuring out what angles to use to get interesting shots. Thanks so much for pairs of photos. They really make it easier to see how to change things up!!

  • Kristi - I love the different angles. I love when you give tips on photography. I am trying to learn as much as possible and have been practicing for almost a year. I would love to start doing it professionally one day but feel I still have more to learn! Thanks for helping and being an inspiration along the way.

  • robyn - this is the PERFECT example of the “where did you get your camera, it takes great pictures?” annoying question.
    its not the camera… its how you use it! im totally with you. although have not quite perfected it like you have!

  • Anna Joy - great tips, ashley! you have such great talent!!

  • karen brown - you’re briliant! keep the photo tips coming!

  • robyn - Thanks for the blah and better shots. It really helps to see an example of different angles. I tried to take more interesting shots on our recent vacation to the beach… Now I want overs!

  • Tammy - Thank you so much for this post. We have been thinking that to get better photos we need to upgrade our camera, but that’s just not budgetable. I needed reminded of this simple tip! :)

  • casey - Love the tulsa zoo!
    Come check out my blog I’m going to have a giveaway this month for my vintage baby… love their stuff! Can I send you a gorgeous bow Ashley? Id love to!

  • Sophie - I need to try and make use of these angles you’ve used. I often attempt to shake things up with different angles, but most of the time I end up looking like I’ve tripped over and accidentally pressed the shutter on the way down! πŸ˜›

  • Arielle - Wow! What a crazy, amazing illustration of such a useful tip! It’s incredible what a difference it makes. Thanks for sharing!

  • bambooska - You have such beautiful children!

  • kristiina - I love how you SHOW us how much better the angles are–many thanks :)

  • Monica - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

  • Melissa - I love your shots! Very inspiring! Way to work the angles! Kids are beautiful and thanks for the tips!

  • Rob - “The Earth is Our Mother” Really???

  • jessica h - GREAT post! thanks!!

  • Jesse - I do love the angles you get! I need to practice that!

  • Libby - love all the angles. It’s amazing how much an angle can make a picture look so much better. wow I need to work on that. thanks!

  • Mandy - You are awesome! Thank you! Oh and your kids are too cute for words!

  • Emily - Learning these angles from you has changed the way I do photography completely! THANK YOU!

  • mali - i LOVE when you give out tips for those of us who don’t have dslr’s !
    your blog is absolutely a treat, even without the tips!

  • Kelly - Thanks so much for sharing great tips like these. I am really enjoying your blog. I am linking to you in the post I’m scheduling for tomorrow because I practiced some angles when taking my photos. Kelly

  • Tweets that mention angles, angles, angles…on my point & shoot Β» -- - […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by gluestickgirl. gluestickgirl said: love this, on photo angles : […]

  • jessica k - this is great! i LOVE this tip, you are so right! Thank you!

  • Point & Shoot Tips with Under the Sycamore | Lil Blue Boo - […] This is probably my favorite tip. Every angle you shoot from tells a different story. Lay on the ground, stand on chairs, get eye level with your kids…just keep moving. I wrote a post on my blog on this topic in regards to using a p&s camera, if you want to see more examples go HERE. […]

  • Chelsea - I love this! Thanks so much for sharing! And, yes, I love the triple-loaded stroller! Even with only having 2 kids myself, ours often had 3 kids on it.

  • Eva - Yes, this!

    I have been trying to do a better job at capturing daily life….and finding that THIS makes all the difference in the world. Great tip and awesome job of capturing a simple outing to the zoo with a point and shoot!

  • Madeleine JL Photography - Found your blog on pinterest when looking for DIY headboards. Ive now spent over an hour.. first reading about your amazing adoption story.. and now reading all your photography posts. Thank You for a great blog!