I am always searching for ideas on how to teach all kinds of things to my kids. I especially hang on every word when others begin sharing with me how their parents taught them matters beyond ABC’s and etiquette….the deeper stuff. For Christians around the world the coming days are the foundation of our faith. Easter is when we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus. Heavy stuff to teach little ones. Last year we did Easter Bread/Resurrection Rolls. We did it again this year, but this time with crescent rolls. They tasted awesome and were fun for the boys to make…and faster. You can read more about it on my post from last year. Littlest Brother was especially fond of the marshmallows.

We also are trying something new: The Easter Hill. I got this idea from the book Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper (highly recommend the book). One of the ideas she shares for Easter is to basically make a hill out of salt dough. The hill includes a spot for the cross, the tomb, and places to place other people. The idea is to let the kids make the hill and the people (out of pipe cleaners). On Friday morning we will talk about when Jesus died on the cross and then the boys will place ‘Jesus’ in the tomb with the rock covering the opening. We will make some kind of tape thing covering the rock to symbolize the seal of the King. The boys will then check each day to see if the seal is broken…if Jesus is in the tomb. On Sunday morning (Easter Sunday) before they wake up I will roll away the stone and place Jesus on top of the hill (red ‘blood’ tinsel removed) to show He is alive.


This is by far a preschool activity, as Noel notes older kids could get too silly with it. I love this idea because it helps the kids understand the waiting between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I hope it helps them better understand why Easter is such a big celebration.

Here’s my notes on how we did it. We aren’t done yet. The boys will still be making pipe cleaner people, but I wanted to get this part posted so those of you that want to try it today can.


4 cups flour
1 1/2 cups salt
1 1/2 cups water
1 tablespoon oil

Shape dough into a hill. Form a small hole/cave at the base. Press a rock into the cave opening to make a more exact fit between the two. Create a cross using small sticks and twine. Stick the cross into the top of the hill to make a hole. The dough will shrink a bit when baking so make sure the hole is just a bit bigger and deep enough to hold the cross. Use toothpicks to make small holes all over the hill. These will hold the ‘people’ made out of tinsel.

Cook at 250 for 4-5 hours. It is okay if the dough get a bit brown. Once fully cooked let cool completely. Once cool you can paint it.

1. Forming everything. Ummmmm….yes….my initial pic looks like a porcupine!

2. Removing everything before cooking.

3. After it is cooked, prior to painting.

Her dress matched our Easter Hill.

Don’t laugh at our creation (well you can laugh I am laughing at it)….remember it is for preschoolers and a 6 year old! The brown on ‘Jesus’ head is his crown of thorns. The red is blood….the older boys insisted that Jesus have blood on him on the cross. I only put Jesus on the cross for this picture, we won’t actually do it until Friday. After we talk through what happened on the cross then we will put ‘Jesus’ in the tomb and cover it with the rock….until Easter. The boys are going to make more people and my oldest wants two more crosses on the hill….

Have a great Thursday!

Remember: Google Reader doesn’t work. Kove giveaway still going on!

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  • Kelly - What a great idea! We’re going to do these cookies tonight I think.


  • ashlee - this is a wonderful visual reminder for the kids. i am still working on details for my older kids, i want to do something similar though. your oldest sounds like mine…of course there need to be three crosses, right:)

  • amanda torres - I was searching for this post last night! Thank you for posting again. I love the salt mound. Definitely doing that too!

  • Anna Joy - I love the salt dough idea! I will definitely try it next year :)

  • kate o. - i love noel piper’s book. i am glad you posted this. i’d forgotten about it and my boys are at the perfect age for it! we started doing “easter” baskets and egg dying and little gifts on the first day of spring but i’d forgotten about the great activities we could do with them during holy week. i’ve always wanted to see someone’s pics of noel’s ideas. thanks!

  • Kate - Great idea! Thank you, Ashley

  • diane - I love Noel Piper’s book. One of our traditions, is reading a children’s book that we read leading up to Palm Sunday. It is called Easter, Easter Almost Here. The book is really cute and great for little ones. We cut palm leaves out of green foam and the kids wave them around while we read the story. It’s fun for them and super easy.

  • Alicia - This was the perfect post for me today! Josiah and I went to Mardel this morning in search of hands-on things we could do together to prepare for Easter. He’s only 21 months, so we’re a little limited, but I’m excited about being intentional about it. (Thankfully, a change from the just-trying-to-survive mentality.) Did you do your crescent rolls according to the package instructions for temp and time and then just use the ingredients from the rolls recipe?

  • Robyn Lee - I love this post. I’m definitely going to read that book. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m always thinking of ideas that I would like to pass to my kids…. things that my parents didn’t do.

  • Kae - Awww I love this!! I love that your kids happily participate. And I totally love your Jesus (I’m not laughing!)…Thanks for the idea. Will definitely keep this in mind for the future!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I need more pragmatic ideas to add to the “deep stuff” we teach our kiddos. I really gave thought to it this year, and came up with 5 ways we would try and understand Easter Biblically and through the significance of the Passover lamb: http://www.gracelaced.com/2010/03/29/5-ways-to-make-passion-week-count-with-your-kids/

    Blessings this Resurrection Sunday!

  • Seamingly Sarah - thank you for posting this. I have a 2 year old and want to start traditions that bring christ into our house, but don’t know how (wasn’t raised christian) and don’t know what my daughter’s age/capability will allow.

  • Moriah - Thank you so much for posting this. I cannot wait to teach my kids the importance of Easter someday, and do this kind of stuff with them. What an awesome tradition to start every year – they are going to remember doing that for the rest of their lives. :)

  • jessica h - GREAT IDEA!! thanks!! I was just wondering yesterday how I could possibly communicate the deep message of Easter to my 2 year old…the tomb is awesome, and I am so excited to check out Noel’s book–I didn’t know it existed but love Piper’s theological books. Happy Easter to you, C, & the kiddos!

  • Melissa - Thank you for mentioning that book! I read a portion of it and had to pass it along to all my friends as well.

  • Christi - I would love to share your post along with the pictures in our church’s MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) newsletter. Would that be ok with you?

  • preparing our hearts for Easter » The Macs - […] you already saw a little peek of our newest Easter project this year. Last year me made an Easter mountain out of salt dough. The boys loved that but I wanted to try something new this year. I had seen the idea to make an […]

UPDATE: Contest is now over. The last counting comment is Dawn Maries, “Loving her hair. So pretty. I love the photo shoot.”

my little sister

Well it is her semi-debut. While at my house the other day my sis and I snuck outside and grabbed a few maternity shots. Isn’t she a cute, tiny little pregnant thing?!

I never understood why people wanted to rub my belly when I was pregnant, but I get it now. I just want to rub her little bump…my niece!

(FYI:I don’t rub it…don’t ever touch a pregnant woman’s tummy unless she asks you to….just don’t do it)

Are you loving the wrap she is wearing? It is mine and it is lovely. It is from one of my reader’s etsy store, kove. And…you guessed it…there is a giveaway today. Here’s a glimpse at some of her other items. I am amazed by those that can knit and crochet…it just looks so hard to me! Visit the kove store, blog, facebook or twitter.

Contest Details:

Prize is one $50.00 store credit to kove

One entry per person

Contest ends Saturday, April 3rd 9:00pm US central time

1 winner chosen at random

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post (a message to my sister, what kove item you love, where in the world is Carmen San Diego, or whatever else!)

kove is also offering a 10% discount to my readers. Just leave a message in the “notes to seller” mentioning this blog when you check out. The 10% will be refunded via PayPal after your purchase. Have fun shopping.



UPDATE: Lesley & I look more alike when our hair is the same length. We go to the same wonderful woman to cut our hair…Leslie Gosslin (918-742-5223). If you live in the Tulsa area you should go to her. She’s fun. She does a good job. When I cut all my hair off last summer I walked in and just said, “cut it all off”…no picture, nothing. She’s good like that. Tell her I sent you and maybe I can convince her to read my blog sometime:)

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  • Emily - What a cute sister, cute bump, and cute wrap!!

  • Jenny - What a beautiful wrap! And a beautiful model! Best wishes to your sister and her precious baby.

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  • Jackie - I tried to knit such a wrap this winter…I failed miserably! Maybe one day I’ll be able to knit more than a blanket.

  • chrissy - the b&w picture of her looking down looks so much like you! i think it’s weird of me to say that b/c i don’t know either of you but, whatever! congrats to ur sis and to you… i wish i could photograph my nieces and nephews the way you are able to!!! enjoy!

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    my fave kove is the the granny fringe. love the colors too

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    I love all the pictures, it looks like she had fun with them.

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    Beautiful pregnancy pictures of your sister. Your daughter and your sister’s baby girl are going to have so much fun growing up together!

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  • Tess S. - such a cute belly and what a great sweater wrap!!

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    They are a reward from Him.
    Psalms 127: 3

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    I love the Mainland Warmer in Cilantro, what a wonderful color!

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    This will be an exciting year for the whole family!

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    beautiful pictures,
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    p.s. the pictures of your cute little house make me giddy giddy giddy.

    p.p.s. boo google reader for not working with your blog right now

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    Cute pictures too! She’s an adorable pregnant lady! And thanks for sharing that about rubbing pregnant bellies – it drove me CRAZY when people touched mine!

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  • Elisa B. - I have just started following your blog and love all the lovely DIY projects, the posts about your family, and beautiful photographs. How inspiring! Best wishes from a new momma (my little boy is 4 months old) to your soon-to-be momma!

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  • Pamela - Your sister is a beautiful girl… and that sweater wrap is awesome!

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  • Mary A - She is adorable! I am 7 months along and I think I was her size when I was about 2 months preggo! :)

  • stephanie - what a priceless gift you gave your sister with the maternity photos. something she will treasure, no doubt, but also for your soon to be neice.

  • Elizabeth - Makes me wish I had more pictures of my pregnancies! Love the Kove wrap.

  • Victoria Miller - I like that there’s a strong family resemblance! I don’t really look like my nearest girl cousin–but maybe your daughter and your niece will share some of the resemblance and be able to confuse teachers and the like πŸ˜‰

  • Lindsay - I love how you just quickly took a jaunt out to your backyard and captured these LOVELY photos. I wish…:) Kove makes such cute scarves. I’m especially enjoying the colours..

  • Brittany - You’ve captured her special moment beautifully! Being an aunt is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, congrats!

  • Lila - Beautiful sisters….how lucky you two are.

  • Erin B - Amazing photos! She really does look like you!

  • Savannah - Can’t wait til my belly gets bigger!

  • bridget - wow! I just recently discovered both this (fantastic) blog and Kove and now you’re teaming up! I love it!!! Gorgeous ‘bump’ pictures! Thanks for making my day a little prettier every day!

  • Carrie Sowell - You and your sis are the two of the most itty bitty preggo’s I know! Get ready for having a niece! Being an aunt is the funnest thing ever! Lesley, you are beautiful!!!

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  • Kerli - Enjoy your pregnancy, it’s so god damn good! I’m so jealous!

  • Stacey - That wrap is adorable and so is that little baby bump. it makes me miss mine… kind of πŸ˜‰

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  • Amber - Very cute! I wish you lived close enough to me to take pictures of my baby bump…

  • Ashley - Congratulations Lesly! I was just thinking that her wrap was adorable!

  • paige rodriguez - the first picture is incredible and my favorite! would love a new wrap!! Thanks!

  • emily - what fantastic pictures! wish you were my sister cousin, so i could stop by and have you take pictures of me on a whim! and i LOVE the wrap! everything on kove’s site looks amazing!

  • Dick in Ohio - Great pictures! My daughter who lives in Collinsville is pregnant and I wish I was there to rub her bump, but only if she asked me to.

  • Jill J - I may be in the minority, but if I know the person really well, they will get a belly rub. (I would never rub a stranger’s belly.) I loved it when my friends rubbed mine too. I think it shows how exciting a new little person is! But, to each her own. :)
    I LOVE the wraps! And your sis looks so cute in it!

  • Stacey - I am in love with this wrap…what a cute idea!!

  • Dina - I lv the pacific cowl! if only I could knit!

  • Kat - Wow! Love all the knits!

  • Suzanne - Love the wrap. It is gorgeous! I agree – don’t touch the belly!

  • Lise - I’ve been following you for months and want to thank you for giving me the little inspirations to remodel my house with happiness!! Your sister carries that baby so beautifully, shes lucky to have you around to capture moments like this :) I LOVE the KOVE store and have been eyeballing the ‘Captain Fringe’ since you posted it a few weeks ago! Im in Texas so its not cold enough for others but that one is beautiful for any weather!! Love all that you do!! Excited to check every morning <3

  • holly - I love to rub baby bumps!! When I am with my best friend, I constantly rub her baby bump.

  • lauren b. - ooh i just love little baby bellies. thanks for sharing, and congratulations on being an auntie. :)

  • Jessica - Amen on the part about rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly! The Fairview wrap looks so cozy!

  • Meredith - That wrap is LOVELY! Best wishes on the little one.

  • Debbie - Your sister is adorable, and so is the wrap.

  • Amber - What a lucky little baby girl to already have 4 cousins to play with when she makes her arrival! So fun!

  • Kizmo - Such beautiful pictures :)

  • Rachel - Pregnant bellies are just delicious! My favorite moment is when others start to take note of my growing bump without reservation. Smiling strangers who no longer hold back thinking it may be too much yummy cooking and feel free to congratulate me!

  • Melanie Schall - I absolutely LOVE the very first pic of her! Congrats to both of you. Hope everything goes well for her. And I love the wrap. Definitely need to check out her store.

  • Erin Fager - Lovely pictures Ashley! It will be so great to be an aunt, you will enjoy your neice in the most tremendous way, I know I enjoy mine! Love, love, love the wrap, I was hoping you would say where it was from!

  • Gillian - The fairview wrap is gorgeous! I stumbled upon your blog and am enamored by your mothering heart and decorating style! I have one + one on the way and am grateful for your example.

  • Erika - I love the britannia cowl and the granny fringe cowls.

  • Kristen - The pictures are beautiful- I love cute pregnant ladies, why could I never look that good?

  • Julie - the pacific cowl is too cute.

  • Julie J - love the pacific cowl

  • evie - No way!!! Leslie Gosslin was a good friend of mine when I was in 3rd grade…that was about 20 years ago! Ha! Small world. :)

  • Beth - everything in the kove store is AWESOME! i want it all! πŸ˜‰

  • Heidi - Your sister is beautiful! Those are great shots!

  • barbara - Congratulations to your sister!!!!Lovely wrap…

  • Rachael - Your sister is so cute with her little baby bump!! Babies are so much fun!!

    I love the wrap! Is it the fairview wrap?! That is what I love at this etsy shop!!


  • peta - how cute is your sister? How exciting for you.
    I am loving that wrap. We have just hit the cooler weather here in Australia and this would be perfect heading in to winter.
    what talented blog readers you have. thanks for the chance to win!

  • Rachel - I love the pacific cowl! And I love your sister’s baby bump! Congrats on the niece on the way!

  • Alison R - Your sister is such a cute little pregnant thing! Why couldn’t I look so cute and tiny while pregnant? Love the wrap! Congrats on your up and coming niece!

  • Amber - I’m just thankful that we’re moving beyond “wrap” season around here. But perhaps it’s always wrap season and my fashion deprived self just doesn’t know it.

  • Amanda Fuentes - Great photos! I could use something warm and fuzzy.. we are moving to Germany next year!

  • Erin Kirby - such a pretty sister you have! :)

  • Christina G - Those wraps are awesome. And congrats on the baby!


  • michelle - love the wrap. such a good idea. i can never get my scarves to stay in place.

  • Julia - These are so great!

  • Kendall - Oh my goodness. The wrap (and the baby bump) are lovely!

  • Heather King - Your sister is just as cute as you are when she’s pregnant… Hope you’re sharing all your motherly wisdoms with her so she’s all set for baby :)

  • Ang - Being an aunt is super fun!

  • Rebekah Jean - Your sister is beautiful! and the pictures are awesome…as usual!

  • sherry - Cute cute sister! Loving the wraps!

  • Kristina H. - Beautiful pictures!!!

  • Ingrid - ohh these pics are gorgeous!!!

  • Liene - you can tell, you are related!

  • karen davis - I’m in love with “kove”… the mainland warmer – cilantro is beautiful! Also, amazing pictures of your sister and your niece!

  • Yanet - Your sister is so pretty! Yall are blessed to have one another.

  • Jolie - Very cute wrap, very very cute sister, and ridiculously cute niece to be, if she takes after her mama and auntie – I can definitely see a family resemblance!

  • Rachel - She is so stinkin’ cute and I just love that wrap!

  • Tia - congratulations to your sister! the photos are beautiful

  • JanJan - Love the pictures – and thank you for the giveaway! I love that wrap, and her choice of texture, buttons, and color are lovely.

  • Jodi - She looks just like you! And she has the most beautiful pregnancy profile, look at the bump! I love the wrap and the photos are amazing. Congrats to all of you! Happy Spring.

  • kristen - oh i love that! what a cute pregnant sister!

  • raychel - Love the pictures! Love the wrap! Congrats to your sister – how much fun to have a little girl!!! All the best in the final weeks/months (???)!

  • Ashley Cangelosi - That just makes me want to have #6!!!!

  • danielle - super cute baby belly! great pics!

  • Amber McIntyre - Just discovered your blog while on maternity leave with my daughter. I am hooked! I check it every morning. Love the Kove wrap.


  • urska - your sister is adorable. i am just sitting at home with my 6 week old daughter and wishing to experience pregnancy again. thank you for a give away.

  • Angela - lovin’ the granny fringe. so cute!

  • Sophie S. - Your sister is such a cute pregnant girl and you take such wonderful pictures. A happy and calm Easter weekend to both of your families.

  • Jen - pick me!!

    and I love the second to last pic of her with the tall grass! beautiful!


  • Tim - I like the Captain Fringe.

  • Nicole W. - I love the wrap! Learning to knit is on my to do list. Now, I just need to find the time.

  • Kirra Sue - I love your blog! Just got shown it from a friend a week ago and it has been such a treat to read! Love that wrap your sis is wearing too! So yummy.

  • Kim - That wrap is gorgeous!!! …and your sister is too cute!

  • naomi - beautiful pictures, as usual!

  • Michelle - I LOVE this wrap! Your sister looks so cute in it :)

  • Ailie - Gorgeous sister. Beautiful wrap.

  • Shauna - Got to love pregnant bellies!

  • Stephanie H - It is so hard to choose what I would purchase at Kove, but I think my favorite is the Mainland Warmer. I would get it in denim or raspberry.

  • Amy - Beautiful pictures, as always. I agree with the “Don’t touch the belly” statement. People would talk to me with their hand on my belly. Ya, it was creepy..

  • MayDae - I LOVE the captain fringe!! And the photos of your baby sis are beautiful! Congrats to her:)

    I also love Etsy – my younger sister and I are getting ready to open up our shop next week! :)

  • Delecta Rollins - LOVE KOVE!!! Your sister is adorable!

  • ae - I like the fairview wrap the best… It seems like it could be worn in tons of different ways!

  • Alison - That is one cute baby bump! Many congrats to your sister!

  • Emily - Those are fantastic pregnancy photos, and a gorgeous wrap.

    Emily @ http://456eleven.com

  • Danielle Townsend - So fun!!! I’m assuming it’s her first?? Anyway, congrats to her! (And the first thing I thought when I saw the first picture was: I LOVE that wrap!) Glad there’s a giveaway.

  • Brooke - Well I think you look a lot alike anyway!! :) I love the wrap, I might just go buy one myself :)
    Have a great weekend!

  • Holly - those pictures are amazing! Your sister is adorable!

  • Sara W - Oh, I love that wrap your sis is wearing. Or the cowl would be so warm and cozy in the winter.

  • Erica - Oooh! Love the wrap & your sis is adorable!

  • Cindy - Lesley you look awesome pregnant! You are going to be a great mom… cain’t wait!

  • Nicole - Best wishes to your sister and her baby girl! I can’t wait to see the newborn photos that I am sure you will be taking. These photos are gorgeous!

  • Kristi - I am in LOVE with this wrap!! It is adorable!! I’m sure it wouldn’t look near as cute on me though as it does on your sister! :)

  • penelope - beautiful photos! and congrats to your beautiful sister. finally, thanks for showing us a little kove love. one of my favorite stores.

  • Kelly W. - I LOVE the wrap…it would be great for my move from sunny Cali to cold NY!

  • colleen - Striking, you two favor so much! so precious – love that belly… especially when it is someone else! I’m really sick when pregnant(:

  • yolanda - The wrap is stunning. So chunky and natural. (kind of like me!)

  • linda geertsen - Hi! Sending love your way. :)

  • Jacqui O - I am photographer who has long been out of practice…your blog has helped me remember my love for photographing life, and the precious moments the compose it! I love the photos of your sister, they make me wish I had been in the same city as my sister while she was pregnant! The fairview wrap, in fig, is my fave!

  • Jodi - Just discovered your blog! Love the capelet and love your blog! Ps-can I have the print you use in a fabric, please? :-)

  • Valerie - I love the granny fringe and the cowls! Too fun!

  • nori - wow! i love that wrap!! just the thing i need for work for those chilly moments.

  • Mandy W - Great pictures of your sister. It’s going to be so much fun for your girls to be so close in age. πŸ˜‰ ps…excited about kove!

  • Deb - Congratulations to your beautiful sister. This baby will turn her world upside down.

  • Dawn Marie - Loving her hair. So pretty. I love the photo shoot.

  • Christy - very awesome photo shoot. I’m sure she will appreciate it.

What makes a day good? I think it is the hundred little things that we stop to appreciate and recognize. Daily life is busy.

It’s nice for me to stop, grab my camera and capture the little things that make my days good.

What are the little things that make your days good?

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  • Anna Joy - what beautiful pictures! I especially like the first one of the eggs and then the last one when they are all colored. :)

  • jay - would you mind sharing how you make your photo collage… in this case do you cut every single photo square? i also love your polka dot collage. is there a program you use?

    happy day!! :)

  • Alba - funny your little “monkey” with your grandpa (i assume). What makes me smile? Spring time, the longer days, to play with my kids, to sit in front of the oven watching how my brioche or my bread grows, to have time to chat with my friends (with one little girl on my lap, I only have boys!!!),…

  • Seamingly Sarah - What makes my day good: the idea of starting our garden soon, ripe mangoes, making progress on quilts everyday, my husband taking steps toward his dream job, and there is always hope.

  • ashlee - what makes my day happy is a great cup of coffee, my francis chan book, 6 happy kids (this is a major one!), my sewing machine and a sunny warm day:)

  • Katie - I love all the fabric and pattern you decorate with. Where do you find some of that stuff? It’s all so gorgeous!

  • Holly Todd - Your blog would be one of my “happy things.” Thanks for reminding me we need to decorate Easter Eggs!!

  • Lanny Stanard - I’m new to your blog… And boy I’m smiling Thank You so much for sharing… I LOVE YOUR BLOG…

  • jessica h - thanks for sharing snaps of the happy things in your day~truly, those are the spontaneous joys in the “everyday” of life that make each day unique and make the busyness “worth it!” I find that my kids and the beauty of the Lord’s creation make it to my happy list every single day :) yay for spring, new life, and coloring eggs!!

  • Jill E. - the weekends are my times to stop and breath. lately i have been enjoying long bike rides with my boyfriend you really see so much when you are not whizzing by in a car.

  • ElleBows - you got the village frock pattern! My friend made one for Elle and it is so beautiful! can’t wait to see what you do with it :-)

  • Lisa Johnson - =) you make me smile!

  • Kate - Oh! I love the eggs!

  • Jodi - Spring makes me smile! Your pictures are beautiful, the egg transition is stunning, love the basket.

  • Elle - Your blog makes me smile!!!

  • Holly Lesue - I love this. I need to make a collage of the things around me that make me happy so I can see the good through the clutter!

  • katherinemarie - ohhh your SMILE round-up is WONDERFUL!!! Isn’t it the little things that make our hearts sing with joy? All of your “little things” are beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Emily - The little things are always the best.

    Emily @ http://456eleven.com