The next SnapShop will be June 19th…Father’s Day weekend.

This round is going to be just for the guys and there are only a couple of spots left. Chris will be co-teaching with me and we are changing things up just a little bit. If you are interested in a spot, email me soon. You can find out more about SnapShops under the info tab (or click here).

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  • Ryan - Yay! :)

  • Dana Howell - Would love to take one of your Snap shots classes but will only be in OK June 4th-July9th any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

  • Nikki - Gleeful Peacock - I meet Lori W and was told about this project. I am so impressed and it makes me so happy to know that people are so kind. Great blog and you did a wonderful job capturing it!

I’m not a cat fan…my sister has had cats and I’ll pet them, but when I am around them for a longer length of time my nose gets itchy, my mouth gets itchy, I sneeze. Cats and I just don’t do well together. We have great neighbors and they have a long haired cat. The cat is okay at a distance, but it is one of those people cats. You know, the kind that rub and rub and rub against you. It is very cuddly and loving. Too bad I don’t like to cuddle or love on cats. Sorry neighbor cat.

Well I was trying to get some pictures of Littlest Brother enjoying his daily strawberries and neighbor cat saw us outside. I think my boy is not going to be a big cat fan. Notice how protective he is of his strawberry basket.

Yea, he’s giving the cat stinkeye….I’m proud of you son, so proud.

The Bits and Bobbins giveaway is still going on…see yesterday’s post.

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  • amanda torres - I knew I liked you for a reason! Cats are of the devil!

  • Shannon - Wow! That is one big cat! I am surprised he let the cat get so close, my kids would have screamed in horror and ran away as fast as they could. That cat sure is all up in his business!

  • Sarah - That is one BIG cat! on a side note~ Lost will be on Saturday night at 8pm. Obviously a re-run but i’ll still watch it. i’ll take anything i can get right now!

  • Anna Marie - Cats don’t bother me all that much but that cat is big, hairy and doesn’t look very clean. I wouldn’t have liked it rubbing up on me either.

  • ashlee - hilarious!!

  • Jesse - Too funny! I have similar feelings about cats!

  • Anna Joy - Hilarious! Usually cats run away from kids!

  • bopha - i am with you on cats and we also have a very “friendly” neighbor cat who i will often times find in my car if i leave a door open.

  • Erin - Now that’s what I call “Training up a child” πŸ˜‰ It looks like he has a skunk on him in the 3rd picture…yikes

  • Tracie - I’m not a fan either. We are all dog people at our house! Dogs don’t climb on the countertops in the kitchen. I’ve seen too many cats in places that make me cringe.

  • robyn - that cat is insane. im not a cat person either. who would want something that big and fluffy rubbing up against it. i swear cats know i don’t like them and they do that arched back rub on my legs when im sitting. and i politely try to “pet” it so it will go away and i don’t offend the cats owner!

  • bethany - Ha ha ha ha! We’re not cat people either. My husband is allergic (Thank the Lord) so there’s not really any danger of us gettin gone. My dad has a great story about a cat that got into our chicken house and ran into his shovel. Please don’t tell PETA.

  • Jane - Ha! Ha! I’m with you and Littlest Brother. Not a cat fan either.

  • Jaime - Yeah, cats make me all itchy, snuffly and sneezy too! No likey.

  • Andrea - That cat is huge! I am allergic and do not like to be around cats either.

    Also, I am glad that someone else is equally sad about the series finale of Lost. sigh. It is my favorite show. John Locke is my favorite character. I miss the “we’re here for a reason” Locke. I hope it ends semi-happy.

  • Evie - oh, definitely dogs over cats every time!! and I say the bigger dog, the better! As long as it stays outside. great pos :)

  • chantelle - you MUST print off a few of those for the cat’s owner-I am a cat person (dogs drool, cats rule!) and the owener will laugh and display the pics proudly! My 2 year old (2 years and 2 days!) recently ran into a cat on a walk home from the park, when the cat rolled on the ground so did my son-the cat looked very confused, the cat must not know the game simon says!
    as always-great laugh of the day-you are so inpriring!

  • Serena - I am so not a cat fan either! At first it looked like a skunk…

  • Lynette - Ok, soooooo weird, that looks just like my cat! She is cuddly like that but only with us! She is afraid of anyone else. I love cats! Those are fun pictures!

  • emily anderson - i have no words for cats.

  • Jaimie - I dislike cats as well. They drive me bonkers!

  • Liene - See comment by Amanda Torres!

  • the inadvertent farmer - I only like cats because they catch mice…which I have in my garden by truckloads!

    LOVE the little faces he is making, can’t blame the kid, that is one big cat! I’m not a fan of how they rub all over a person’s legs. Go catch some mice and leave me alone…Kim

  • kimberlydawn - this makes me laugh out loud

  • Emily - I love cats….and I was a little nervous to read on. That cat is a beautiful cat. I’m sorry you aren’t a fan, but she looks to be like a very nice and friendly cat. She just likes to be around friends, that’s all…. I love it. I, too, agree with sending some copies of the photo’s to the cat’s owner because she would love them as well!

  • Carissa Miller - This post is cracking me up. The look on his face when that cats big, bushy tale is in his face…pure disgust! So funny that you just posted this because last night I was working on a post with Emmy Grace and a cat she met when she went on a photo session with me on location. Let’s just say she IS a cat person and it is stressing me out…I, like you, HATE CATS.

  • a pocket full of posies - Too funny!!! the “looks” are the best!- I feel the same way, sadly our sweet baby girl has been praying for a cat for two years now…Oh how I hope we can refrain from giving in! :)

  • Andrea - What a precious little boy and a beautiful cat! And amazing pictures…priceless. I love all animals and have had both dogs and cats – I’ll take a cat any day over a dog. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your blog – thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

  • MelissaM - After a really long, hard, emotional day being 38 weeks pregnant, this post totally made me smile and laugh. Thank you for sharing. My thoughts about cats exactly! And of course, littlest brother’s expressions are priceless! It makes me so excited to have a baby boy!

  • Melissa - I love you! I am a mommy of three boys!I have a baby I think right around your daughter’s age! I am buying my white bucket at target..can I crazy glue him in it? I love your photographs!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. The last counting comment is MelissaM.

I have this baby girl who finds great enjoyment in dropping Cheerios from her highchair.

She would much prefer to eat them off the floor than from a contained high chair enviroment. I think she drops them just so she can eat them off the floor.

So what is a mom to do? How about a little contraption to hold both baby and Cheerios?

Step 1: Place baby in bucket.

Step 2: Pour Cheerios into bucket.

Look at how nicely contained everything is…and no Cheerios on the floor to sweep up later.

If you want to be outside while the baby wants to eat, simply carry the bucket outdoors. It is quite portable.

Best of all, if you use messier food when it is time to clean up you can carry baby & bucket to the tub and wash them together. I know I’m a genius.

Parental Warning: Once the food is gone, the baby will probably tip over the bucket and crawl to eat anything else she can find on the floor.

I know right now you are thinking 3 things:

1. Ashley should market this concept and make millions.

2. Is she being serious? (no)

3. Hello cute bib! Where is it from?

The crazy cute bib is from one of my reader’s etsy stores, Bits or Bobbins. And she is offering a giveaway today!

Giveaway Details

Contest ends Monday, May 24th 9:00pm US central

One entry per person, winner chosen at random

Prize is a $25.00 shop credit from Bits or Bobbins

To enter: Leave a comment on this post…tell me anything, your favorite contraption, favorite cereal, favorite tv show…whatever!

She is also offering a 15% discount to my readers. Just mention this blog in the ‘Notes to Seller’ when you checkout.

The discount will be refunded via PayPal.

Be sure to visit her blog and etsy store!



Shannon of Bits and Bobbins is so thoughtful, she sent me a sweet email on Monday concerned for me about my friends leaving. Yep, I am going to miss them.

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  • Kristin Eldridge - Favorite color: red.

  • Sophie - I have the *exact* same baby problem! Ive resorted to feeding her food I don’t want on the floor in the bath, but the bucket idea sounds more practical! Thanks! And I LOVE your blog, thanks for sharing with us! x

  • haley - Favorite smell-lillies of the valley!

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - Great idea! That would have worked with my son a couple of months ago, but he would not stay in that bucket for more than a couple of seconds now. Favourite TV show: Modern Family

  • Elissa - i am laughing SO hard about LOST. too funny.

    favorite line from Scooby Doo (with celebrity guests) : (Cher to Sonny): “You’re so uptight, if you stood in a draft you’d twang.”

  • karen davis - I LOVE granola.. so any cereal that’s a granola mixture, is my kind of cereal. Also, maybe they should make buckets big enough for me to sit in them while I eat… I always get things ALL over the place!

  • Jodi - Haha! I so didn’t pick up on the Lost thing. I was really getting sad for you. My husband is having the same sad issues. I have never seen him more addicted to a tv show, ever! My night is tonight, Gray’s anataomy 2 hour finale. I can hardly wait.

    Ashley as my “morning wake up reading routine”, you have done it again! Inspired me. I am helping out some friends and doing a photo shoot for their triplets. I LOVE the bucket in the field. I am totally going to try and get them to do that! You should make money off of selling it as a photography prop. Kids plus bucket plus cheerios=amazing picture!

    Love the bibs! Thanks for another great morning read. :)

  • Alba - 1. Ashley should market this concept and make millions (go for it πŸ˜‰
    I like Lost, even right now I’m a little bit lost with all the messages and different lines of the script. But my favourite tv series is “Ab Fab”, it’s hilarius, really.

  • Andrea - My favorite TV show is Army Wives :) As an Army wify myself, I can totally relate to those women.

  • amanda torres - I had to scroll back up to see the bib, because I was only looking at your girl with her hand in her mouth in every picture. She’ll love this post in her teenage years. “Moooommm, why did you let me eat in a bucket?” I absolutely love it. LOVE IT!

  • Tessa - I am actually eating Cheerios with bananas right now as I am reading this post – too funny! That bucket could come in handy right about now. I love your sense of humor … now your “friends leaving” completely makes sense! I kept waiting to hear more about them. :)

  • Shannon - What a sweet post! B looks adorable in that bucket and with that headband! Thanks so much for showcasing those bibs so durn adorably!

  • Jamie - That is a great idea… unless your baby likes climbing out of things more than eating Cheerios. :)

  • evalina miller - your baby is just darling! so is the bucket.

  • Julie - I have to admit…I will probably use this idea. Thank goodness for our dog Alex, she cleans the floor of all those leftovers that the kids drop. Sometimes they drop them just for her. Our dog is quite spoiled!

  • Evie - So I’m newly married and your blog makes me want to have kids… like tomorrow! Very cute ideas! And Cheerios is probably my favorite cereal too!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Good morning! I love blue… All shades!

  • Katherine - My favorite contraption is the Moby Wrap! It’s a lifesaver for me now that I have a newborn and a potty training toddler boy!

  • Esther Nelson - Love the “Lost” photo. coincidentally that is my favorite TV show of all time!

  • Anna Joy - Favorite season: SUMMER.

  • Sara - Oh how I love the Big Bang. Bazinga!

  • Christen - Super Cute!! I guess my favorite t.v. show would have to be Will and Grace. I know how it feels to lose a great group of friends!! :)

  • LaurenS - hahaha Lost, that is hilarious! on the subject of TV, one of my favorite things about TV is reality TV shows. I love them!

  • Tess S. - argh. i have a problem with Locke being in the center!!!
    and you are a genius. although… we have a dog that takes care of our cheerio problem. her name is holly but we’re since re-named her. she lovingly goes by “ROOMBA”.

  • Kate - I love, love hydrangeas and have gone kind of crazy planting them in my yard. I must stop the madness but the are absolutely wonderful.

  • Sherry - What a great idea! My favorite cereal is golden grams. My favorite TV show is I Love Lucy.

  • Jill R - My favorite tv show right now is Modern Family. So hilarious! I am so sorry for your Lost loss. It is hard to say goodbye. On a different note, I love baby sister in those cute little jean shorts. What a doll!

  • Gevay - My favorite things are chocolate, the color green, coffee and completed lists. By the way you are so cracking me up with your Lost shenanigans. I am so sorry for the loss of your favorite tv show. Hopefully you’ll find another!

  • ae - Secretly my favorite cereal is Lucky Charms (mmm marshmallows)… But I never, ever buy it

  • rachel denbow - This reminds me of the Babies movie trailer at the end where the Mongolian baby is in the bucket of water for his bath (I’m assuming) and the goat comes up and drinks out of it.

    Moral of the story: keep an eye out for goats because I’m sure cheerios are on their list of favorites, too.

    She. Is. Adorable.

  • Niki - Favorite Blog: This one.

  • Susan - Oh My! LOST?!?!? Hilarious! Favorite contraption of all time has to be infant feeders! So much neater than spoons, especially when you are on the go!!

  • Ellen - Hilarious!! My baby girl love cheerios, loves dropping cheerios from her chair, our dog loves to eat these cheerios thus loves the baby. Circle of Life. You are so funny, your Lost grieving has been cracking me up also, I am with you.

  • Shanalea Atchison - I enjoyed seeing you yesterday. Hopefully next time I will have all my boys with me.

  • Beth - Favorite cereal- Frosted Mini Wheats
    Favorite candy- Smarties
    I love Lost too! My husbend and I are rewatching all the seasons on Netflix to get the story fresh in our minds.

  • Marlee Johnson - I can’t wait for all those baby messes soon! *sarcasm* I have a 3 month old!

  • stacey B - Well my favorite new bib is the one your daughter is wearing! SO adorable:)

  • lacey - baby in bucket technique gave me the giggles – just put my 11-month-old in a large laundry basket with toys the other day to contain her for a (little) while while I folded the laundry previously in basket!

  • Katie - I’m so glad my little one is past the throwing food everywhere stage. Not she’s at the throw herself everywhere in a fit of rage stage. That’s much easier to clean up after though.

    So sorry to hear you favorite show is finishing up. I never got into Lost. I do love So You Think You Can Dance though, and am excited that it’ll be starting again soon!

  • Jen - the pics of her in the field in the bucket are ADORABLE! that needs to be in a frame somewhere.

    speaking of cereal…I’m an addict. I’ll eat any and all of it. Probably not off the floor but close. Right now I’m on a cinnamon toast crunch kick. yes, I’m 24.

    I’d love to win the giveaway…all my besties are having babes!!


  • Jackie - My husband is as happy that Lost will be over soon as I am sad!!

  • Jamie - My favorite TV show is “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC. I am constantly picked on for loving the Duggars as much as I do. I think they’re just great.

  • laura - you are hilarious. i’ve been reading this blog EVERYDAY for some time now…it never disappoints:). hopefully, LOST won’t either!

  • Tammy - My daughter considers Cheerios a food group. She absolutely can’t get enough of them, and she too, doesn’t discriminate when they are on the floor. Love your Cheerio bucket! Fave cereal, ummm.. Cheerios!

  • Natasha - Hi – absolutely love your blog, your photography and your uber-adorable kids. I have a little girl around the same age as little sister and I love all her headbands. Where do you get those? Would love to pick some up for my baby girl.

  • amy - wondering if this would work with a 2.5 hear old who still throws food on the

  • Dana - Cute pictures, as always. I read your newsletter yesterday and I can’t wait to get the next one! Hopefully you will announce more SnapShop dates because I’m ordering my DSLR camera tomorrow! Finally. I’ve been saving for a while now and I’m SO excited!

  • Sarah C - I love Cheerios! And, I currently have 2 babies that love to eat dog hair covered Cheerios off the floor. Clean Cheerios just aren’t good enough apparently. Going to get me some buckets today πŸ˜‰

  • Heather King - I like me some Lost… and Parenthood, Lauren Graham is so fantastic!

  • robyn - see… my baby would have thrown the cheerios OUT of the bucket! crazy cute pics though……… i hate when they cancel shows. i can’t say im into lost, but i really miss 90210 and lipstick jungle!

  • Brandi - My favorite time of the day is when I work in my Garden with my kids playing in the dirt!!

  • allison - hilarious. i’m going to have to try this one. favorite tv show: survivor.

  • danielle - lovin the color orange lately. i was so confused by you having friends leave and thought i missed a post about some close friends moving away…now i get it…

  • Amy W - Loving the bucket idea! Favorite tv show: Biggest Loser…especially when I am on the treadmill.

  • Rachel C - My favorite TV Show is GLEE!! I Love, Love, Love it. I think I was made to be on Broadway….too bad I can’t sing. :)

  • Dena - Favorite flower – iris

    love the baby bucket pictures!

  • Lea - my favorite cereal is by far co-co pebbles. that chocolatey goodness can’t be denied!!

  • Chelsea - Green is my all time favorite color, and I’ve never really seen lost so I guess I won’t be missing your friends as much as you will be…

  • Mrs. Dunbar - Do you think the bucket concept would work for the world’s messiest two year who just figured out how to climb out of his crib?

    My favorite contraption was the Baby Bjorn. Let me do anything with an infant.

  • Shelly - 3 things i love today:

    1. the sun is shining and the sky is blue
    2. reading the book of awesome while sitting in the sun
    3. feeling a cool breeze sweep across my face which makes reading in the sun PERFECT!

  • Erin - Love the TV show Modern Family…hilarious!! And too cute is that girl of yours in her bucket o’ cheerios!

  • Anna Marie - Favorite TV show right now is Prison Break. My husband and I started watching from the beginning (on Netflix) about 2 weeks ago. I am addicted! I just got to season 2 the other day. I am glad that I didn’t watch this show when it was on cable (we don’t have it anyway) because I wouldn’t have been able to take the suspense of waiting for the next episode.

  • Erin Kirby - i have that exact same bucket!! and i’m having twins….maybe i should get another!

    you ARE a genius! :)

  • Patricia Teo - What an excellent idea! I hope you don’t copyright the idea coz I’m gonna use when I have a baby!

  • Laura - fav food…fried zucchini. fav cereal…rice crispies. fav tv show…veronica mars

  • ashlee - oh my you are GENIUS!!! i am loving this shop and that bib!

  • Jenny - My favorite summer ice cream is strawberry! For some reason I only eat it in the summer time and it just seems like the perfect ending to a beautiful summer day.

  • Mindi - Love the bib, so cute. And what’s cuter than a baby in bucket? My favorite color is blue.

  • lifeologia - I think this is my favourite DIY project – bucket & cheerios – I am still smiling – you Ms Ashley make me so HAPPY. (with the extra time for diy’s these days I think that’s all I could pull off πŸ˜‰ – well there is a DIY onsie I just pulled off for my little nephew, it’s up on my blog)
    Favourite thing is sitting in my backyard listening to birds – that’s so corny I know – I feel like I’m 90 just thinking that πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  • Kristen - Cute post! My little man will be eating Cheerios very soon and I feel that we’ll be having the same issues in our house, except he’ll be feeding the dogs from his highchair. My favorite cereal is warm oatmeal with a little butter, salt, and brown sugar added. Maybe even some bananas and walnuts if I’m feeling fancy.

  • BriBedell - My favorite saying (gets me through the hard days with 2 under 2) This isn’t going to last forever, they wont be this little forever!!

  • Holly - Hey I have those same friends!! Why must all good things come to an end?

  • Noelle - I need to go get a bucket now! Favorite tv show is Modern Family. The season finale is waiting for me on tivo.

  • kassondra - i always loved fruity pebbles!!! but like most things there is a down fall and that is the hardest cereal to clean off when it gets stuck on your dishes!!

  • Sarah - Fave TV show is LOST, which is why I’m uber-sad! And of course, fave Etsy shop is Bits or Bobbins!!

  • bopha - that is too funny! i was wondering who “the friends” were. love the bib.

  • Kelly - Oh my lord I’m slow! I just figured out who these friends were HA!

  • anne c - I WAS wondering where that cute bib came from! :) This post is so funny…once again baby sister reminds me SO MUCH of Kate. She does the same thing except we have a little peek-a-poo that she throws them on the floor for to eat! and then she gets down and they eat them together! lol. Kate also has those exact shorts..sometime I think they are twins split at birth haha. As for my favorite TV show…it is FRINGE! If you have never seen it..I may just have to send you the first season to watch!

  • susie whyte - okay…that was hysterical. the last supper photo cracks me up.

    a favorite of mine–dark, dreary days. i know, i’m morbid. however, my 3 and 4 yr old take like 3 hour naps on those days, as opposed to 1 hr. enough said.

  • Joy - I want 1 of those buckets!

  • Savannah - I just sweep and mop right around the table before breakfast because I know it’s inevitable that they will find little “treats” after the meal is over that they have dropped…i just let them eat them. Haha.

  • Christian T - LOST is my favorite show. Tear. :(

  • robyn - favorite people: Ava + Ryan. always + forever.

  • Margie - Love this idea….I have to try it with my baby since having him contained in a bucket will make taking his picture MUCH easier!!! I have too many favorites to narrow down to one!

  • ASH - Favorite Blog: YOURS!

    I look at your kid and they look so cute and perfect .. that I want my own soon lol. Your baby AND idea are cute :)

  • Jennie - I have this problem too! Baby in a bucket sounds like an excellent solution.

  • Stacey - My favorite baby is my 7 month old, she is almost ready for Cheerios! Must try Baby in a Bucket!

  • Amanda - This is pretty much pure genius…I’m definitely going to have to put this into practice. I’ll give you a few of my favorites: favorite color: red, favorite cereal: (non sugary) Honey Bunches of Oats (extremely sugary) Reeses Puffs, favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip, favorite thing that my baby does: her fake laugh…good stuff!

  • Stephanie - My favorite word is TENDER. Agh, so descriptive!

  • Kristen - very sweet post! thanks for sharing. :)

  • Katie - What a super cute etsy store. I love the swaddling blankets and cute bibs. My husband and I love Lost, too.

  • Amanda Castillo - I love all the things in bits or bobbins I would really love to have one of the blankies for my baby.Your pics are so cute and I also have that problem my son throws everything he eats in the floor

  • Martina - You’re so clever! Love the bucket idea. Lucky Charms has always been my favorite cereal.

  • Christie - One of my favorite TV shows is UGLY BETTY, but they ended the show this year. ::pout:: So now I have to devote all my time to GLEE!

  • Yanet - I’m laughing so hard and that’s dangerous after having 3 kids!

  • Liz - My fave cereal is Raisin Bran Crunch, I love it so much I actually wont buy it anymore because I lack the self control. I also LOVE ketchup chips, they dont have them here so that addiction takes care of itself. But when I go home to Canada, its kecthup chip time baby!

  • Danielle - My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran Crunch! I wish I was a bigger cereal eater because it is so fast, easy, and (can be) nutritious!

  • mandi - hahaha! brilliant idea, lady!
    my favorite contraption is my pizza cutter. it’s a quick way to cut waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, and umm…pizza.

  • celine - favorite cereal….lucky charms. i hide it from my kids b/c i want it to myself:)

  • Ashley - I have a baby girl, just about the same age as Baby Sister.
    We have the same problem with the high chair, but we have a 8 year old lab mix, who lays at baby’s feet waiting for things to be dropped.
    Love the blog & all the pics!

  • Katie of Pickled P's - Stinkin’ cute baby in a bucket! I want another baby! Mine is two so when he throws cheerios, it’s not so cute anymore. And then he stomps them to powder instead of eating them. But I bet he would love to be put in a bucket!

  • Melissa W - My old boss’ mother used to tell me about her idea to feed her kids watermelon in the summertime – in the tub! That way when they’re done you take the rind, fill the tub, and wash the kiddos! We use this idea for popsicles too! :)

  • Ashley - My all time favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version. Love it!!!

  • Stacy - Baby sister is so darn cute!! I love your blog!

  • Crystal - My Fave TV Shows {all watched on Hulu!}
    Burn Notice/ White Collar/ Royal Pains/ Glee/ Justified/ Human Target/ House

  • Leah - Oh I love the closeup of her in the bucket with the alpha flowers. If Only I could still keep my kids in a giant bucket.

  • Liene - Same problem here! Love your solution!

  • chantelle - I am STILL laughing! you are hilarious!
    Love the pics too!

  • Al Richardson - Favorite Contraption: Snap n Go Stroller base for infant seat
    Favorite cereal: Kix
    Favorite show: LOST
    Favorite store: Target
    Favorite ice cream: Coffee
    Favotite outfit: Jeans, tank, flip flops

  • Jackie - I just love that bib!

  • hillary - my favorite thing is to come to your blog! such great ideas and beautiful babies!

  • denise. - i just started laughing so hard, a tear rolled down my cheek! baby sister is just wayyyyy too cute in that little bucket! adorable!

  • meg duerksen - even the picture is religious?!!! tell me that is not supposed to be the last supper?!

    i said on tuesday “WHY? WHY does it have to end?! why can’t it just go on? i don’t understand”
    and i don’t.

    it is the best thing on tv no doubt.
    and i have no idea what the heck is going on?!

  • Ashley - Oh, the bib is darling & what a hilarious post! My favorite cereal is Fruit Loops….I know…I feel like a big kid for saying that out loud! :)

  • Michelle - fav tv show. . . Grey’s Anatomy. . .but I am sad Lost is ending too. . .my husband and i started watching the first season when we were engaged.. . now married 4 years. . it’s the end of an era!

  • stephanie - oh, i have to say right now, my favorite thing is watching my 2yearold twins play with the 10monthold baby. so sweet!

  • Lynette - Cute picturs and cute baby, I have that very same bucket, I shoould try that with my 15 month old. My favorite thing right now is my Baby Hawk baby carrier. My sweet baby refuses to stay seated in a grocery cart so we do all of our errands with her safely secured to my back! She loves it!

  • Jessica - oh this post is crazy cute. What a doll! My favorite sound is my sound Elliott’s laugh. especially the one he makes when being tickled.

  • Suzanne D - We have the same friends!!! I am confused by the picture though, because it would lead you to believe that John (Man in Black-Whoever) is the Jesus-type character… If that is true, man I have been waaaaay off this whole time! ahhhhh!

    and my favorite cereal is Grape Nuts – with just enough milk to make them wet, topped with honey, and nuked for 15 seconds…yummy!

  • Amber Grover - I love jumping on the couch with my three year old, singing at the top of our lungs and making music videos for daddy to watch when he gets home from work. I hope that baby brother thinks we are cool and wants to join in on the fun when he is old enough to move around on his own. For now he just smiles and coos at us….it is quite cute:)

  • Tanya - You ARE a genius. Just don’t put her in that bucket too often or she’ll grow up craving sitting in small spaces like that. Just kidding. My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I’m a kid at heart, I guess.

  • Vicki - baby+bucket=love

  • Kat - I, too, love cheerios. Unlike cute baby, I eat them out of a bowl.

  • jo - brilliant! my fave show right now is definitely modern family :)

  • bambooska - Your baby is adorable. And the bucket + cheerios idea is even more adorable. Loved finding your website. :)

  • kate - one can always count on simplicity…

  • Kim B. - My favorite color is navy blue :)

  • Amy - I STILL love cherios! They are always my pick :)

  • Rebecca - Favorite place-my little girl’s nursery, she is due June 6th, I just sit in her room and think about what an amazing miracle she is in my life.

  • Meredith - You are HILARIOUS. I had no idea you were talking about Lost…I will miss them too. :)

  • marie - My favorite cereal lately is Honey Nut Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios with fresh strawberries, blueberries and bananas on top! Great summer mix. Love these bibs!

  • shelby - I love this idea! lol!I have the same problem in that everything my baby eats by herself gets thrown on the floor and she gets huge enjoyment out of it!

  • Heather - my fave cereal is frosted mini wheats – YUM!
    and seriously cute bib
    and so sad about Lost.. so sad.

  • jessibee08 - my fave tv show is lost! i am in mourning tooooooo!

  • Elisa - favorite dessert: molten chocolate lava cake!

  • Heather Vo - I love it! I’ve designated our family dog as the cereal cleaner upper in our house!

  • Heather - i love your sense of humor! this could be just the solution i need for spaghetti and meatball night.

  • Alisa - Love the color pink, the smell of babies, and the giggles of children playing.

  • whitney freeman - right now I love any kind of sugar cereal, well….really any kind of sweet stuff!! I just bookmarked her etsy shop….if this baby is a girl i am going to NEED one of these bibs!!

  • Heather - I love Cheerios!

  • Jenn W - My 14 month old also loves to drop his Cheerios from the high chair. His siblings tell me he is feeding the dogs, because they are hungry. Only problem, he continues to drop food over the high chair in restaurants. No dogs to clean up his mess at the restaurant!

  • krystal k. - i love the bib and my favorite cereal is honey bunches of oats with almonds. please pick me, i love your blog and photos. beautiful work, both you and bits and bobbins.

  • Angela - I haven’t missed an episode of Lost since the beginning but I am kind of glad that it is ending, I feel like I will feel freedom again, I am so attached :)! I love Chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic, has to be from sonic!

  • Amber - Favorite spring flower – lilacs, especially the big pitcher of “stolen” ones that are sitting on my table right now.

  • jessica - She is absolutely too cute! Babies are so entertaining, aren’t they!?

    Favorite type of shoes: wedges

  • Natalie Anthony - I have two babies under 19months and never have enough clean bibs. My (older) daughter gets really upset if she knows I am putting one of her baby brother’s bibs on her.

  • Michelle - My favorite baby item is a pacifier clip…it is so nice to keep it from dropping on the floor when my little one wants to throw it!

  • Tysha - I so need a bucket like that!

    3 of my favorite scents (no particular order): sunscreen, baby lotion, and fresh cut lawn.


  • Amanda - Seriously cute! I love the pictures capturing the moment as much as your cute idea! My only question is… did she think of throwing cheerios out of the bucket? (ha ha) Mine would have done that! Still.. I love it! I love your creativity. Thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us!

  • Jocelyn - My favorite thing is the swoosh of hair on my baby’s forehead. So adorable!

  • Candy Foster - Favorite cereal= OHS!

  • Christy - Love the bucket pics! She’s adorable!
    What a cute shop! I love everything in there.

  • Rebecca - My little man is a cheerio dropper too. Our solution is our puppy. He makes sure every last crumb is off the floor.

  • alamama - what a wonderful idea!

  • Erica - Oh my goodness!! I have the same bucket! My daughter loves to play in that thing and I took some cute pictures of her in it also! Too funny. Good idea to put the cheerios in it, because Riley loves to do the same thing..dump cheerios on the floor and eat them before I can get them swept up!

  • Sharee - I don’t like breakfast cereal so if I’m too lazy to make eggs I eat supper leftovers for breakfast:)… very cute etsy shop!

  • megan c. - colorful ribbon is one of my most favorite things!! thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • angie - i LOVE lost. and i think i may go into mourning when it is done.

  • Stacey - I would have to say my favorite tv show right now is modern family. it is so hilarious. it makes me laugh and feel in a good mood every week!

  • Heidi - .
    My current favorite thing is the weekend.
    Six hours, and counting….

  • Teresa - Oh, cereal. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I love, love, love to eat granola and milk in the morning. Preferably granola I have made :)

    Thanks for the give-away Bits or Bobbins!


  • joeyhoffman - Great store! Good for gifts! My favorite contraption would have to be my one year old’s SNACK can buy them at Wal-Mart…it is a little snack holder with a reach in lid. I use it in the car, resturants, everywhere! iloveit!!

  • Raechel - adorable bib and even more adorable baby!!

  • andy - that is to funny. i was going to leave a comment about my favorite tv show “LOST” and then i scrolled down to do so and there was a pic of them. i too will miss my friends. my husband and i have been faithful watchers through the frustrations with questions not being answered and all. we are escited for the finale but sad too. love the cherrios bucket for baby girl. the pics are great. cool give away too. excited to go and check out her shop

  • Jaclyn - I wish I still had a baby young enough to try the bucket trick on!! Love it!

  • Jenna - love this post – love baby girls – i have two of them although one is no longer a baby – love your blog!

  • Roxane - Favorite smell – freshly cut grass

  • Jill - OK, my favorite cereal of the moment is Banana Nut Cherrios. Yum!

  • Sarah - I love Glee. I am a Gleek:)

  • Ailie - Your little girl is just about the cutest thing ever! I haven’t been a faithful LOST follower, but I do get a good laugh out of 30 Rock!

  • Jill B. - My 2 year old loves coco crispies, those things are hard to see on our stain concrete floor and a pain when you step on them to clean them up!! I don’t think she’ll stay in the bucket though :)

  • Renee - Favorite new show..Parenthood. It’s so funny and so real.

  • Kim Inge - What a cute post! My little one loves cheerios too! Although onc she got a taste of Apple Jacks and you can tell she *knows* cheerios just aren’t the same! :)

  • Jane - this is hilarious! I love a lateral thinking parent!

  • Mandy - love it all!! mandybeez at gmail

  • Katy - This may be my favorite post because of the reveal of who your friends are. First of all, I can totally empathize! Second, my friends read your blog as well (we like to discuss it) and we’ve been trying to figure out if you mentioned who these special friends were–it all make sense now!

  • inti - favorite snack: roasted almonds with big juicy golden raisins. By the bucket.
    PS, you’re photo skills are MAD!

  • Shauna - I love little kids. They can be so paticular when they are sitting in their high chair, and when they are on the ground they will eat anything.

  • Jessica - I just had a baby girl after two boys and I LOOOOOVE ruffles. Anything with ruffles is my friend. That bib is begging to come to my home to be worn on my sweet little ruffly baby! Here’s to winning!

  • nori - you are hilarious!!! your daughter is way too cute in that bucket. she looks pretty dang happy in that contraption. :)

    i’m so so sad about lost too… i actually tear up when i see those commercials for the last episode. i know… pathetic. :)

  • Kayla - I love stale gummy bears and I love your blog it makes me smile :)

  • Kelly - I found your blog when I was looking for nursery inspiration. I really enjoy your posts.

    I have a bucket like that but mine is from Wal-mart and is aqua. My son is only a month old so I may have to wait *just* a bit before trying the cheerio bucket idea. :)

    I am excited to be introduced to bits or bobbins because she has boy stuff too and boy mamas need cute stuff too. :) Thanks! Kelly

    p.s. I don’t like cats either. :) That post cracked me up. We have a neighbor cat that gives *me* stink eye! Not cool. Not cool at all. Kelly

  • Nhu Tran - My 2 year old niece would love one of those bibs. They are adorable!

  • Janica - Favorite T.V. show= American Idaol. How pathetic is that?! Oh well, at least it’s one I feel I can watch w/my kids;)

  • Susan - I want a big bucket like that for my messy baby! Favourite TV show = ER

  • Anna - I have alot of favourite things but at the moment I am especially fond of Babushka dolls, postcards and I totally fell in love with some funky, bright & colourful owl fabric that Shannon from Bits and Bobbins made a baby blankie out of. It looks sooooo gorgeous. I guess I’m abit gaga for owls at the moment too :-)

  • Libby - Oh i would love one of those bibs! so cute. Not sure if my first comment went through or not.

  • Kirra Sue - This is hilarious. I’m tucking the idea away for when I one day have kids!

  • jessica h - favorite baby noise: belly laughs…
    ok, I’m glad to know, finally, who you were going to miss so much!

  • Kellie Ann - Ashley Ann:
    You are truly an inspiration. I love your design sense, your ideas, and your pictures. I don’t have a baby yet, but I’d love to win anyway :)

  • hillary harmon - my favorite thing to do is go to your blog and see all the beauiful ideas and see your beautiful childern and hope someday i can capture as many memories as you do!

  • Angela - I’ve been watching old episodes of Murder She Wrote on Netflix.

  • Katie - Well, my favorite food for this current pregnancy (3rd)… salad! Much different from my last pregnancy (donuts).
    And of course, as I mentioned before, my new favorite blog… yours! :)

  • Ang - (current) favorite dessert: salted chocolate caramel cookies

  • Ruthy T. - Wonderful giveaway…….favorite color is lilac since I can remember colors like 3 yrs old!! Hee, hee, hee.

  • Sara - Expecting our first baby this August and excited for all the accessories she’ll need!

  • Kassie - My favorite cereal is Kashi’s Island Vanilla, it is delicious.

  • Lori K - My favorite thing is anything with a story- old shabby things. Junk. Vintage, vintage, vintage. If it has a dent, scrath, or paint peeling, then it’s for me. – it doesn’t have to be a huge story – just a story.Things always have story. And speaking of stories – I like stories. I tell them a lot. And loud. I don’t mean to talk loud. I really don’t.

  • joy - my current favorite thing is feeling my son “break dance” in my womb. utterly wonderful.

  • kim - Love Bits and Bobbins and am enjoying reading your blog very much!

  • Ashley Joy - Favorite show is definately LOST! and i’m so sad it’s over. However, it was time to answer the 3000 questions introduced every episode!

    p.s. Ashley, you are a genious. πŸ˜‰

  • MelissaM - Right now, my favorite food is this fancy grilled cheese sandwich from an organic local restaurant/cafe in Tulsa called Sprouts. It’s at 26 & Harvard and been open only about a month. We’ve eaten there at least once a week for the past month. Yummmy! Plus they serve gluten free menu items!! Yeah!!! Gotta go try it!

  • amy - i don’t have babies (yet) and your picture of the cheerios bucket makes me want to have one! so cute! =)

  • allison - Love the baby, and love LOST!

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