Lemon Poppy Shoppe winner is:

Janine – I’d do one for my days as in Girl Guides! I still have my cute old badges!

Expressions Vinyl winner is:

Taylor – β€œsweet nothings” It’s corny but my husband and I like to whisper it to each other. It makes us laugh!

Remember you can use the code “SYCAMORE” at both shops when you check out to get a 10% discount.

If you missed last week’s post, scroll down for ideas on how you can use products from both shops.

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As I write this I have slept 3 of the last 36 hours….my sister has slept less. My niece is here. She is scrumptious. She is amazing. She is beauty. She will make her blog appearance tomorrow because I can’t keep my eyes open long enough to go through pictures. Until then here’s a few things to keep you busy (like you are all sitting around bored or something):

1. The bright square cards you all asked about yesterday are a Charley Harper Memory game. They were a gift and I have debated long and hard what to do with them…I am pretty stoked with the end result, but you have to wait for it. Yeah, I am making you wait a lot today! You can buy the game here.

2. Have you visited the Sweetest Occasion? If you are a bride to be or planning any type of party, consider this your warning INSPIRATION OVERLOAD. I could spend all day looking through posts and dreaming of parties to host. Yesterday my sister’s shower was featured, which was fun since we had a big baby day.

3. And this worked out nicely…since I have no brain cells left to share a normal post you can visit CafeMom for a little tour of my home today. I’ve heard it said that the spoken word has power, so I tried that out in the question about my personal creative space.

And by the way, I do read every comment. I don’t always have time to respond to each question and comment, but know that I read them all. Sometimes 4 little people just come before answering blog questions…which is the way it should be. Thanks for understanding that. Thank you to all of you that leave comments….they make me very happy and a play a big motivator for me to blog.Β  Thank you. A more rested me will be back tomorrow….with a little of this action:

I told her I have given birth 4 times, that totally gives me enough street credit to deliver her baby. Lesley opted to wait for her doctor. I totally could have done it. I have used ‘totally’ way too many times in this post, I guess I like revert to like the 80s when I am sleep deprived. Like totally.

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  • karen davis - Yeah! Congrats to you and especially to your sister! How exciting, and I absolutely cracked up over that last picture!

  • Kirsten - yay!!! Congratulations, Aunt Ashley!! I agree, you could have totally delivered that baby. :)

  • Sarah - Yeah! Congrats to all on the new edition to your family! now, get some sleep!

  • Emily Lusk - There is nothing like being there for your sister as she gives birth and having your sister be there for you! Congratulations Lesley and to you Ashley on becoming an Aunt again!

  • Christine - Congratulations! You all are lucky to have each other! Sisters are a beautiful thing!

  • Jaime - It is one thing to deliver your own babies, but the experience to see a baby enter the world without out being in any pain is such an AMAZINGLY Awesome experience!

  • Jill R - Congratulations!! Anxiously awaiting pictures!

  • amanda torres - Dr. Ashley, you can totally deliver my next baby. For a matter of fact, you can be their pediatrician too. Whew! I’m glad that’s settled.

  • Anna Joy - Congrats to Lesley and her hubby! I can’t wait to see pictures of the sweet little one. And I agree. You could TOTALLY deliver her baby!!!!

  • jenny - Congratulations! There is nothing like that moment when another sweet, wrinkled up, soft baby enters the world. :)
    I am seriously so curious about what you did with those cute little cards…..did you use them as wall decor/tiles because those bright images would be SO fun on the wall like tiles! Ok, gonna go tour your home now. πŸ˜‰
    By the way- I have loved reading your blog- you inspire me, make me laugh and on those crazy days where all 3 of my little ones have awaken cranky and the house is chaotic, your stories and photos of life make me go…..”okay, we can do this.”
    (I’m expecting #4) :)
    Keep it up girl!

  • amber - Yay for baby day! We’re anxiously awaiting a baby nephew over here. I TOTALLY get the jumping at every phone call. Its my sister’s first baby, too. Never thought I’d be this excited for her:). Feels good. Can’t wait too see that sweet girl…

  • Stacey - That last picture is amazing… I love it.

    Can’t wait to see the little lady!

  • giozi - Congratulations to your sister, and to you.
    The worst for me is to be sleepy all the time. Both of my children came by caesarean, this was hard too, I don’t have family here and I was alone.

    Pictures pictures soooonnnn.
    I’m waiting for tour too.

    Go to sleep a bit.

  • Jennie Frake - Congrats on the your little niece! Can’t wait to see pics!

  • Trinity - I totally like the sleep-deprived you….very entertaining. I guess it reminds me of the normal, adequate sleep me! I can’t wait to see the baby pictures. Enjoy being an aunt……best thing in the world, that and being a mom that is!

  • Mariah - Congratulations Auntie!

  • Ryan - ROFL. Sleep deprived Ashley cracks me up! As long as the drugs were rolling, I say she should have let you deliver baby P. :)

  • ashlee - congrats to Leslie!!!! you totally could have delivered her baby…street credit is totally legit:)

  • susie whyte - dr. campbell, eh? hahaha. awesome. that’s a photo for baby p’s room, right there. :) congrats to you, the new aunt, and to lesley. she’s already enjoying the “no-sleep” that we’ve all had the pleasure of enjoying. soon will come adults asking if the pink dressed baby is a boy or a girl. HAHAHAHA. enjoy!!! :)

  • Carol V. - Ashley, I love reading your blog! You are my introduction to the world of blogging (my oldest daughter used your daughters room as inspiration for her daughters room) and I must say I love it. Every morning I wake up, grab my cup of coffee and head to my computer to see what you have posted. I joke to my family that I feel like a stalker. As I was reading your post today, I was laughing out loud and my husband walks by and shakes his head at me. I said, “she is so funny!” He said, “No, YOU’RE funny!” Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to continue blogging. You never know who’s life you will touch.
    PS. I’ve been inspired, crafting and sewing away! I haven’t done this in a few years and it feels so good. I also asked for a new camera for my bday!

  • the inadvertent farmer - LOL…funny how we revert back when we’re tired.

    Congrats on your nice, she is very lucky to have such a wonderful aunty!

    Now go get some sleep, Kim

  • Angela - Congratulations on your new niece! Being an auntie is awesome!

  • grace - WOW! that. is. scary. Most hilarious picture EVER! HAHAHA!

  • Lisa Johnson - Congratulations to Firecracker on the arrival of her new cousin :) I can only imagine the fun those 2 are going to have together in the coming years! Hopefully you’ll continue to capture some of those moments and share them with us here. Truly your blog is a gift to many of us (I was reading Carol V.’s comment above and I can totally relate!) So often over the years, I have used the constancy of life with kids to make excuses over my lack of time to do the creative things that truly feed me, but you continue to demonstrate that busy moms can be deliberate about making creativity a part of life. For themselves -and- their kids. I think that it is a wonderful, stimulating, creative, and fulfilling way to live for both moms and their kids. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Kristi - Congrats on the neice!! You crack me up…I love that last picture! I would still read your blog if you were always sleep deprived!! Cant wait to see pictures!

  • anne c - yay! so exciting! hope you are getting some much deserved rest! can’t wait to see her :)

  • Heather - you are like, so totally rad and i totally can’t wait to see more tubular pictures. now, go get like some rest or something. totally.

    was that too much 80’s?

    yeah, probably so.

  • Robyn Lee - i LOVE reading your blog. It’s part of my morning routine during the week! LOL!!! :)

  • Amber - Yay for the new baby! I can’t wait to see pictures :)

  • georgia davis - So excited and proud of Lesley. Please tell her I said congrats. Can’t wait to see her little baby.

  • Beth I - Yeah!! Congrats to all. I was present at my younger sister’s birth of her 1st (if that makes sence). Her name is Penelope and she was 6 lbs. So fun being an aunt.

  • patti - awww…congrats to your sister! that’s so totally cool (hehehe) that your little Firecracker is going to have a little playmate (not that she doesn’t already) – i remember having so much fun with cousins when i was little.

  • Sara - AW! Congrats! You totally could have delivered her baby! πŸ˜€

  • Tira J - Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. I just found your blog today via Design Aglow which I LOVE and am in so much debt because of them. JK and LOL! Anyways, I am totally impressed and have so much respect for you in that you have chosen to take a pause from your photography business to be a Mom. Kudos to you. And thank you for sharing all of the fantastic things you and your kiddos work on. Blessings to you.

  • Cath - Congratulations =)
    Love the photo by the way xD

  • renata Moore - Congrats to your sister! I can’t wait to see what you came up with for the memory cards. I am a big fan of “Mr. Harper” and have wondered what I could do with those pretty cards… One of our baby boys first books where the ABC and the 123s illustrated by Harper, lovely books!

  • Laura - Congrats on the new little niece! When do we get to know who won the two giveaways from last week?

  • lifeologia - Big Congrats to the new mommy and daddy.
    Can’t wait to see the pictures πŸ˜‰

  • Brianne Pitts - I just read through your whole interview. I love your style. Your house is gorg. And I do read your “crazy” blog almost daily. Love love all the pictures, keep up the good work!!

  • Desiree - Congratulations on your new niece! I read the article about your home and really enjoyed it. I wish I was half as creative as you. I’ll just have to steal your ideas!

  • Mandy B - FINALLY!! I saw your mom at WalMart on Sunday and I think she was on the verge of going crazy waiting for that sweet girl to make her debut. I’m glad she is here and healthy; I can’t wait to see the pictures!! She is lucky to have one of the like totally coolest people I know for an aunt.

  • Jodi - Congratulations!!!!! I love the coaching picture. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  • Dick - Congratulations to the whole family !! Love the picture.
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your niece.

  • Jill - I am in stitches over that last picture! I’ve been a stalkin’ your blog for a few months now, and I am so hooked on your creativity, whit, style and faith. Keep the fun stuff a rollin’ and I can’t wait to see pictures of your niece :)

  • laura - i loved the home tour!! that was so fun. and we got a peak at your playroom that we hadn’t seen yet! (okay…i feel weird for knowing so much about your life/house all of the sudden….maybe we can be real-life friends in heaven one day:).

  • Kristine - your home is stunning! i can’t wait to have a home of our own and borrow and mesh ideas from yours to ours. :)

  • abby - Congrats to your sister on her new little one! I loved your home tour. It’s always fun to get a peek into someone else’s home. I LOVED the cork you have in your stairway where you put little things your kids say. That’s such a fun idea!

  • maria - Thank you so much for posting your home, loved every image, especially the kids play room, how fun!!! Your blog is my eye candy for the day, truly inspirational and one of my absolute must reads!!! can’t wait to meet your lil niece!

  • Jeannette Swan - Congratulations to you and the new Mommy and Daddy – can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  • tammy Kay - congrats on becoming an aunt.
    Can’t wait to see all the photos!
    Loved, loved walking through your home today.
    It’s awesome!

  • Jane - Huge congratulations to your sister! That’s wonderful.

  • nori - congratulations on your brand new niece! :o) can’t wait to see her!

    i loved your show and tell and reading more about the details of your home.

    your blog and your family are such a joy! i hold off looking at your blog until the end of the day… it gives me another thing to look forward to and if i’ve had a bad day, it cheers me up.

    thanks for sharing your life, your little ones, and your creativity with all of us! :o)

  • diane - Congrats on your new niece! Love your home tour. The doily runner on the concrete table is a great combination. We have the Charley Harper game-I can’t wait to see what you made with it!

  • Melissa Davis - The pictures you post on your blog make me smile, whether a photo of one of your children and a silly expression, or the last photo of you at the hospital. I am glad that you post the outtakes too. :)

  • shelby - I loved seeing your home tour! I have a feeling that your home is very welcoming and comfy to anyone that visits!

  • Tess S. - great cafemom post! GREAT! i need to know where the swing in the playroom came from. my playroom is jealous of your playroom.

  • Lori K - ashley – I reade the Stir. I can’t believe you were on it. Awesome. You deserve it. Your home is so fresh! I love it. I am in a rental now and it just makes me want to own a home so I can really make it my own. Love the rooms. The best compliment I could give you is that I could come over and hang out all day because every room makes me want to sit down and relax! Not everyone can say that about a house. every single room. legos and all. well, maybe put up legos.
    Your pic on the cafe Stir was beautiful. Love the flower band.

  • denise - Love it…totally!!

  • Cindy - LOVE THIS POST! What a great picture… I totally feel your emotion!

  • danielle - I recently found your site and wow, love it… need more time so I can try and read more. As a fellow Mom (and 80s girl) that has also given birth four times I feel that yes, you totally could have delivered your neice… TOTALLY. Great great image… and the bare bones bathroom in the background totally brought me back to L&D. Congratulations to you and your family.

We’ve enjoyed seeing out of town family over the last week and we have not enjoyed the anxious wait for my neice to be born. This weekend involved a lot of fun and a lot of racing to the telephone hoping it was “the call”. It also involved a lot of other stuff.

I believe there is such a thing as too many Legos. 4 out of 4 boys in this house disagree.

My dad built the boys an amazing model airplane for their room. It is so light it can hang from the ceiling with two push pins. I told him my boys are perfectly mild mannered all the time and such a delicate model would be fine in the room of 2, 4 & 6 year old boys. So he hung it in the corner.

My boys NEVER wrestle. They NEVER throw balls or hard objects inside. They NEVER have pillow fights in their room. They are NEVER rowdy inside. They are NEVER anything but still and calm. However, since they do have friends that aren’t of the same behavior my dad built a plexi-glass shield to protect the model. He is smart like that:)

“Little girl what are you doing on mommy’s ladder?”

“You need to climb back down.”

Why do kids like to pull down folded laundry? Why does my daughter like to pull it all down, find some boy underwear then hide it on the bookcases in the house? If you come to my house and you see boy underwear in a random, sneaky location…it’s her fault.

Enjoying her aunt & uncle’s carrots…which are planted in their flowerbed. Great idea.

A few projects to feed my project addiction. I’ll post pics when the projects are done…which will take me a few weeks, the average person a few minutes.

Her 2 year old brother decided she needed a snack, so he fixed it for her himself. He is a becoming such a thoughtful, protective little guy.

She is a huge fan of the vacuum. She tries to ride it while I am sweeping. Weird child.

Happy Monday. How was your weekend?

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  • Shannon - what a lovely way to start a week! cute, cute, cute!

  • Tess S. - i was just entering “ashley” into my search engine and thinking… “i bet her sister had the baby this weekend”. maybe sometime this week.

    AND it looks like you’re making a memory match game… FUN! i should make one for my kids.

  • Leanne - Hi Ashley, I have a child (my littlest boy – 2) who loves the vacuum. To the point he screams in joy when I bring it out! My husband thinks I should do it more often, ‘Just for Sam’, he tells me πŸ˜‰

  • Jill R - Where can I find those little cards? I am in love with them!

  • RachelC - What an awesome airplane! Bob — you are so talented!

  • Lori K - Love the plane. way cool. Love the paint color – creamy and really love those little match cards. funky. Sterling loves to throw newly folded clothes in the air like confetti. So, I told Scott, “sorry, your drawer is full of confetti now…not folded clothes.”

  • Ashley - Wow! My 1 year old (as of Saturday!!!) is terrified of the vacuum. A fear she has developed in the last couple of months. Makes it very difficult to vacuum up the dog hair. My husband, who claims the vacuum hurts his ears is excited she hates it.
    Love all the pics!

  • Jessica P - Heehee! That Firecracker makes me smile.

  • anne c - well up until now i thought kate and firecracker were long lost twins….you have now pointed out one major difference between the two :) if kate even sees the vacuum across the room she points to it and cries. too funny!

  • Kristine - I think it’s so funny how the underwear ends up in surprising places. Maybe a scavenger hunt for the boys? :)

  • Sophie - My daughter does the same with the vacuum! But she is now at the age where I can give her the attachment and she pretends to hoover too. Give it a few more months and I’ll give her the real thing and put my feet up πŸ˜€

  • meg duerksen - i hope that is memory…..i LOVE it!!!

  • Rena Frey - That is so funny what Firecracker does with the undies. My 17-month-old takes all the folded laundry, pushes it to the floor and jumps in it like a pile of leaves. Annoying and funny at the same time. I think my family feels your “pain” as they anxiously await our second to be born. I think today’s the day!!! :)

  • Maggie - I loved the hand in the paint~ …happy Monday to you too! Checking in soon to see about your sis :) look forward to your photos! xo

  • the inadvertent farmer - Crazy busy with home projects…retaining walls, hauling gravel for the raspberry patch. But we also went to the beach and played in the mighty Columbia River…fun was had by all!

    I had a kid that like to ride the vacuum too! Kim

  • Shanalea - So fun…we ourselves just has the anxious wait for a call…my nephew was born a week ago…my baby also loves the vacumn cleaner. I can’t really use it when he is awake because he gets in the way…and doing laundry well, let’s just say it is becoming a cuss word around here. :)

  • Jamie - Can’t wait to see what that project is! It looks cute whatever those little squares are.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh wow-what an amazing daddy!

  • Sarah - What’s with babies and vacuums? Mine LOVES it too! he actually cries when it’s time to put it away! too funny… ok…you’ve got to tell us what that game is! i want one!

  • Lea - Wow! I just found your blog and I’m in love. I’m already inspired, and frankly, somewhat deflated! I’m just not that creative! My poor, poor children. :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Amanda Weber - I completely understand waiting on “the call”… been doing that all week. Maybe those little girls will decide to join us sometime this week. Here’s to hoping those neices arrive this week. I cannot handle the anticipation much longer.

  • Bridget - I too have that fabulous Charlie Harper memory game, but we have no kids (yet). I was thinking of turning the squares into a mobile…can’t wait to see what you’re making!! I love your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration :)

  • The Lady of the House - I love that fingers in the paint picture!

    Come on over to herhousehold.blogspot.com – I’m having a giveaway and I’d love to invite everyone I can to come over and try and win!

    Happy Week!
    The Lady of the House

  • Em @ Bunch of Scrap - Projects all weekend over here too. I was down to one child (out of three) and it will still take me weeks. That airplane is awesome good job grandpa!

  • kate o. - our sixth anniversary was this weekend and it’s amazing how with three kiddos, a quiet dinner at home after bedtime seemed like the best and most relaxing gift we could give each other. and the ny strips didn’t hurt, either.

  • Katie - Want to know an awesome way to pick up small legos? Stretch some old nylons (who wears those anymore, anyway?) between two connecting pieces in a vacuum hose and suck away. Turn off the vacuum to deposit the legos stuck in the hose in the appropriate container and then start all over again. The kids will love it too.

  • Lisa Johnson - Love the look of pure joy on Firecracker’s face over the vacuum!

  • signe - First off, I want to say I love your blog and it makes me smile every time I read it. This weekend I started vacuuming and he had a look of terror on his face and starting crying hysterically. I guess he no longer like the vacuum. Also where did you get your rug (the one in the last photo)? I love it!

  • chantelle - vacuum ride sounds like fun to me! can’t wait to see new baby pics!

  • Amanda Schultz - :) I’m so glad I happened across your website… It just makes me smile!

  • Desiree - It’s funny that your daughter loves the vacuum. Mine does, too! She stands as close to it as possible and laughs at it.

  • Amber Nicole - Can I just say that I LOVE your blog! I spent much of my extra time this weekend (aka naptime and after bedtime) reading thru the archives. I laughed, I cried, I found a multitude of DIY projects to do!! I am hooked! You are so talented and you have a beautiful family!

  • Katie M - My little girl also climbs ladders and pulls out laundry. :) But instead of hiding brothers underwear…she puts it on. Would love to hear about that memory game…looks enticing!

  • Ashleigh Williams - my 2 year old loves using the vacum cleaner! Bit of a hassle wen I need to finish the floor! I usually end up distracting him by giving him a balloon to put in the “slip stream” of the vacum and he follows me round trying to get the balloon to hover in in the air!

  • bopha - the vacuum thing is hilarious, we thought madden was the only strange child who follows the vacuum around and tries to sit on it. ryan thought about adding a seat on it for his amusement and so we could actually vacuum without running him over.

  • Colleen - I just found you last week and I love your blog!! Too funny about the vacuum. My daughter tries to ride it too!! I always thought it was weird… Glad to know she’s not the only reative child our there. :)

  • Natalie - I think landofnod.com should have the game. 1st kid- daughter- hated vacuum and would cry every time I turned it on for well over a year- 2nd kid- son- loves it, cracks up laughing every time its on and, if her could do more than roll over would definitely try to ride it. We’re packing to move, and I am finding random objects in boxes all over the house. Just yesterday I found 2 remote controls in a box labeled “garage- clothes for 3years +” hand-me-downs I probably wouldn’t have taken out for over a year- that would’ve been a long time of going with no remote. P.S. I don’t even attempt to fold laundry if the kids are awake.

  • Jeannette Swan - The airplane is super cool! And on the Legos…all the boys in my house (4 including Daddy) would agree with your boys! They are constantly buying more and I can’t imagine how they could possibly need more! All cute pics too!

  • susie whyte - i received my own “call” this weekend…i have a new great nephew! he came on the 24th. let me just say i receive some odd looks when i tell people i’m not 30 yet and have great nieces and nephews. haha.
    my hubby FINALLY came home last night from washington. the only shots he took(he was on a base most of the 2 wks that he was gone)are from seattle! however, they are from a bit of a different angle than yours(no fun airport shots :(). feel free to check them out…after all the legos are picked up, of course. :)

  • Heather - i love that crinkly nose smile!! my daughter has a scrunch up your face and close your eyes smile that melts my heart.

    i can’t wait to see what you’re up to with that memory game. i have the same one. it is so pretty.

  • Michelle Z. - I can’t wait to see what you do with the memory game pieces. I have that game set and I love it.

  • Alison - I’m amazed at the baby hand in paint photo. Mostly because that’s YOUR hand holding hers, and yet you are somehow able to use your other hand to take the picture? I have a boy about her size (I think his name is the same as your littlest boy’s) and I would not be able to do that without us both being covered in paint. I guess that’s why you’re the pro! But tell me: Have you ever clunked a child in the head with your camera as it hangs from your shoulder and you are trying to bend over to help the child avoid some other head-clunky or eye-pokey situation? No? Yup, me neither–I totally don’t do that frequently.

  • Leah - Lol, I have four kiddo’s too but 3 girls and a boy, and my girls always destroy the folded washing! and yes undies to go amiss. I couldnt help but laugh when I read your post. Love the paint fingers too!

  • tammy Kay - Super excited to see the projects that you are working on. Your little Breeze is so beautiful!

  • Abby - Hi Ashley,

    I’ve been lurking around here for far too long without saying hello! Your blog is beautiful, a constant source of inspiration.

    Love these, can definitely relate to the underwear, ladder, and the vacuum. Maybe it’s a universal little person thing?!

    Have a great week, and congrats on the birth of your niece, what a lovely way to document a special time :)


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