It is borderline impossible to get uninterrupted time to do ‘posed’ pictures of any of my kids. I attempted a few of FireCracker in the front yard…because we couldn’t make it to some cool location.

Here she is with her daddy in the front yard…a couple of weeks old.

The front yard session wasn’t working so well, so I thought I’d sneak away one evening to go to a park…alone with my girl.

Those pictures might seem like going to the park made things easier in regards to posed pictures, but here is the real story:

“Sweet girl. Hey baby, look this way. Moo. Ruff ruff. Achoo. B where’s mommy?”

“No, no. Those ducks will bite your little finger off. Trust me baby girl. Quack Quack. Where’s mommy? Quack Quack…look this way.”

“What does Mommy have? Do you see your brothers? Where’s daddy? Moooooooo Moooooooooo Mooooooooo. Okay lets find somewhere without ducks.”

(brothers & daddy were not there…and my animal noises weren’t working.)

“Baby girl, I promise you do not want to chase those ducks. They are not friendly. Look! AAAAA CHOOOO. Do you want mommy’s sunglasses? “

Fake sneezing not working. It always works with toddlers that don’t belong to me. Bummer…she doesn’t go for my photo tricks, but she did start coming for my sunglasses. Sorry for the fake out little girl.

“Baby girl those ducks are not your friends. Yes, they are loud and act like they want you to come play. Yes, you and the ducks have the same waddle walk, but they will just mistake your cute fingers for bread crumbs.”

“I know you don’t understand what those are, but most kids your age actually wear shoes. Crazy. I know.

Let’s put them on and pretend I am a mom doesn’t let her daughter walk around a public park barefoot.”

“Can you look at mommy’s camera one time and smile perfectly instead of trying to climb into the pond to be with the ducks? Please. I’ll make more animal noises if you want.”

“Sorry didn’t know that request would offend you. The Oklahoma humidity sure makes your curls cute. Good thing I have 100 pictures of the back of your head now.”

“Can you show me your STOMP routine? Nice.”

“It may be annoyingly hard to take pictures of you now, but I guess this is a pretty good documentation of you at one year. Maybe one day you will sit still and pose for a picture, but right now you are too excited about the freedom that comes with walking…and those crazy ducks. Let’s go home…it’s hot.”

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  • Shauna - She is so cute! My little one is very strong willed, but I wouldnt trade him for the world!

  • Sophie - So beautiful, posed or not! (:

  • Lori Danelle - Ha! too funny! And I really do think that up to this point, though you talked about the lovely curls on the back of her head, that really was a segment of pictures that was lacking from the blog. I can know fully appreciate said curls as I could not before!! :)

    Shoes!! β€” My youngest was born at the end of August, so she spent all winter in those sleeper things with feet on them. Thus, no shoes. Then summer came and it was so hot and my husband was staying home with the girls at the time and we just wanted her to be comfortable, so since she couldn’t walk, no shoes.

    I took her everywhere without shoes. I’m not even sure she owned a pair until after she started walking!!! (and then they were a size 6.5!!!!! BIG feet!) We even took her to an amusement park sans shoes and was told on the merry-go-round that she couldn’t get on without shoes! She was only 9 or 10 months, it never even crossed my mind that there might be rules against bare feet at this place!!!

  • Erin - She totally looks like she’s gettin ready to break it down in the “stomp” pic, love that!

  • Mandi Smith - What’s with kids these days? They never perform when you want them to anymore :) Either way, she is an absolute little cutie and I love her little curls. Absolutely adorable.

  • karen brown - adorable!

    i don’t know what it is about the fake sneeze, but it does always seem to work!

  • laura - candid and beautiful. i love that she doesn’t wear shoes in public. its awesome.

  • amanda torres - So cute! Those curls are to die for. Don’t worry about the shoes. My Little Miss never ever wore shoes until she was walking. Steven would get so mad. I just didn’t see the point in wasting my time to put something on, that was going to come right off.

  • christina larsen - Love the commentary. Cracked me up. Cutie patootie!!

  • Rachel - she is sooo cute!!

  • Ashley SP - My two year old girl just came up and said “ooh, she’s dancing! Can I have her shoes?”

  • maria - hysterical and so realistic!!!! i adore the one with her lil mouth in open and her curls are darling!

  • Sarah - I have the EXACT same problem at my house.

  • Jill R - I think you only have one girl because anymore like her would be too much sweetness for one household. Oh my goodness she is beyond adorable!

  • Margie - oh my…she is so cute!

  • Jaimie - Hahaha funny commentary! I totally get that.

  • Amy - I love them all! This is so my little girl. Her pictures are on Sunday, there’s a good chance they’ll all be of her back too!

  • Kristi - She is such a cutie!! My two year old is still like that!! Her hair is all the way down her back and curly and I have lots of pictures of that beautiful hair! I mean thats what I was going for anyways! RIGHT?

  • Haylee - HA HA HA… sounds like my life story!!! My little boy was like that as are lots of my little clients. Here’s another trick you may or may not have tried. Put a big leaf, flower or something funny on your head and let it roll off a couple of times… they think it’s hilarious, then do it when your camera is up and they will watch for it to fall… probably only one or two more times with that big black block up to your face so be quick! It usually works for me though. Miss firecracker is adorable though :)

  • the inadvertent farmer - Oh the joys of photographing a 1 year old! She is just so full of fun…that hair cracks me up! Have fun being one little girlie. Kim

  • bopha - those are still adorable, i feel your pain. i gave up on taking madden’s pictures and now all lincoln wants to do is this awful cheese smile, oh well, like you said it captures their age.

  • Kellie Ann - Hi Ashley: I love your blog. Your little girl is so beautiful and looks just like you! I love that you have such a special bond with her- it radiates from your pictures.

  • Heather - her hair is so sweet!! and the photo of her standing where she looks like her hand is in her pocket is soooo cute! i love the commentary you added. so funny to know the real deal. have a happy weekend!

  • crystal - Love them all!!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh Ashley, she is so beautiful. The 2nd picture is my favorite but they are all amazing!

  • shelly@familyblt - I am totally loling at your subtitles. Great shots as always!

  • jo - even without cooperation you got some awesome shots of her!

  • patti - still some great pics in there! i’m glad i’m not the only one who has a hard time taking pics of my baby girl. by the way, that dress is way too cute! and the shoes…the shoes! i feel your pain about keeping the shoes on. my baby girl won’t keep shoes on. ever. even on the wood chips at the park. nope. not having any of it! it’s probably because most of the time, i really don’t care. :)

  • Monica - so adorable!! where did you get her dress? I love it!

  • Stefanie - That is awesome. I have a 2 year old boy and was wondering how you got all those cute toddler pics. Apparently the strange noises I have to make to get his attention are the norm! :-)

  • jessica - Toooo adorable :]

  • Elisabeth - I love these! Especially the one with the wide open eyes and mouth. What a beauty! I never put shoes on my son (who was born the same week as Firecracker!)–he just pulls them off and sticks them in his mouth, and to my mind, that’s grosser than just going barefoot:).

  • Allison - I really LOVE the close up of her pretty little ‘surprise’ face!
    she is SOOOO pretty.

  • Brooke - You might have seen on the side of Meg’s page, a post about how people are disouraged by other blogs (feeling not perfect enough, etc). Thanks for being transparent. Lets be real…getting pictures of a toddler is not easy. I was trying to do this yesterday with a friend and it was near impossible. YOu have an adorable cutie who is getting some CUTIE cute curls in the back! I love it! I also love her sweet dark hair compared to all those boys….

    Oh Firecracker :) Such a cutie.

  • Shannon - I. Die.

    this is the perfect post. Love the “O” mouth pic, and the close up of her piggies. Seriously snackable. She is just so beautiful Ashley! It makes my heart ache a little bit!

  • Betsy - I love when you make me laugh out loud! Great post as always!

  • mel - what an unbelieveably adorable child she is….just plain gorgeous.

  • Whitney - try to stay off head bands or put them right above her fringe where it doesn’t pull her hair back:) my friend used to pull her daughter’s hair back into a pony tail everyday and her daughter has her front hair grown backwards since. Brush them forward regularly, too!

  • kassondra - lol i make all the same noises at my job at sears and i do the whole fake sneezing too. lol i just wanted to comment about the close up picture of her with her mouth open… she looks just like Shirley Temple there too cute

  • Ingrid - so beautiful! love them all but especially love those last two shots :)

  • Amy - So cute! Thank you for sharing so much of you and your family on your blog. I love seeing all the creative things you do with your kids.

  • Dick - Beautiful!!

  • Jane - Awwww….she is beyond cute. It’s reassuring to read that even a pro like you can have a hard time getting a toddler to cooperate. I too have many pics of the back of heads. Would bringing at least one brother be helpful for next time?

  • emily anderson - somehow, her expressions remind me so much of kohen (my youngest). funny. sweet photos!

  • giozi - Children are so cute, bur really girls are adorables. I love the pic where your baby is sitting on the grass.
    Dresses are gorgeous.
    When I go to a store alwaysssssssssss buy more to my girl thanto my boy, poor my little skinny :(

  • Melissa - Ha ha ha… made me smile!!! She’s gotten so big! Just thought I’d drop in to see what you were up to. I’m due to have a baby girl (finally) at the end of August!

  • Lacey McKay - By far my all-time favorite post from you! You sound exactly like I do when trying to photograph my 18 month old. I’ll keep this in mind when I take her out to do photos next week and I want to pull my hair out. Ha! I too have a lot of photos of the back of Madison’s head, but she has the same curls, so I love them anyway.

  • Jen - She looks like a perfect blend of you and your husband’s physical attributes…

  • anne c - she is the cutest little girl!

  • Kendall - Oh my goodness, she is so adorable! And those curls! Thanks for all of the “behind the scenes” tricks. I might have to borrow a few of those.

  • Rachel - Adorable!!!

  • robyn - how do you get her to keep her headband on!? my daughter refuses to leave them on her head!

  • Mandy - Oh my goodness… she is SUCH a doll! I just want to give her squeezes!

  • Esther Nelson - With my two year old boy I yell “dinosaur” or “cookie” works every time. The logic is he always wants a cookie and well…he would never pass up an opportunity to see a dinosaur!

  • meg duerksen - every picture of annie from the moment she could walk….is of her back.
    so frustrating.

    but she is still adorable.
    even her back.

  • Katie - Ohmigosh, that is *so* what shooting is like with a little one!

  • mica may - hey there! i’m CRAZY about all your little firecracker’s headband bows! i’m assuming you made them (of course!) . . . do you have a DIY post on them!? i’d love to know how you did it . . . i just had a baby girl (!) 2 weeks ago and she has a different bow on every day, but i’d love some more “edgy” ones. thanks! love your site and your life!

  • Janica - Oooh, I’m just drooling over those pretty curls:) She’s such a cutie-pie 1-yr-old!!! My lil’ Darby turned 1 in April and I love to see how firecracker’s personality & movements mimic my own darling girls’. As always, fun & beautiful photos!!!

  • Emily - darling pictures of your daughter!! I just bought this dress this week for my caters!! I wish cate would keep head bands on!

  • Macy Dawn - Spotted this onesie featured on Etsy today and automatically thought of your babe!

  • Simply Create - freakin’ hillarious!!! and SO cute :-)

  • Jolie - Ashley, one day when you look back at these, it will make your heart sing to have such a true representation of your sweet girl at 1…much easier to open the floodgates to all those other memories of what she used to do, than a perfectly posed pic would. She is utterly divine, by the way!

  • Carissa Miller - Sounds alot like the one year session I attempted with Cohen. Unfortunately, I don’t think 18 months is going to be any better either!

  • Erin Low - i love the picture of her and she has big eyes as she is looking at something! so pretty!!!!

  • tamara - Loved all of these. Brought a smile to my face and memories of my own when they were that little. Treasures!

  • Sally - So much better not posed, they are adorable, beautifully done…these will be memories that won’t fade;)

  • simone - Your photos are beautiful … Wonderful!! I’m from Brazil

  • Simone - But I do not remember how I met the first time since I loved !!!!! Your family is beautiful, you look like a wonderful mother

  • Simone - Excuse and a great photographer

  • joanna - beautiful pictures. really captures your daughter’s joy. i also love your daughter’s headbands! may i ask where you got it?

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Sarah D. had the last counting comment.

Last week Marci left the comment, “I bet your kids love their lives!! I would if I were them!!” I would now like to tell them daily…”if you were Marci you would love your life not grumble and complain.” I don’t think they care though. Maybe I will frame that comment for them to read. I could hang it in their room to look at when they are in time out…but only one of them can read. Oh well.

It has been too hot to be outside during the afternoon so I’ve been working on random things to entertain the kids. This week we did a Photo Hunt for the ABC’s. My youngest son was asleep, but he would have liked it too. The 6 year old had to look for words that started with the different letters. The four year old had to find words that started with the letter or just find the letter. They both had cameras and I followed them around – yes, we have a lot of cameras in this house.

They started in the ‘work in progress’ playroom with their sister. I don’t think I have to point out how much she enjoyed their complete attention on her.

We went from room to room searching for our letters. I was impressed with what all the boys came up with.

Once we made it downstairs and found a box of Legos the remaining R-Z became creations out of Legos. The whole point was to stay busy, so I didn’t really care. I was surprised with the deep thinking that went into Biggest Brother’s items. I can’t find the cord to download his pictures onto my computer, which is a bummer. He had some really creative stuff.

The boys had a lot of fun with this and it reinforced learning – which I am a bit partial to. Their favorite was photographing their sister. I can’t blame them. If you noticed the “B is for Beautiful” onesie she is wearing…yes that was intentional. I am doing a Reader Etsy Store giveaway today! The onesie is from the store Jig. The only drawback to this store is that there are WAY too many options to choose from (check out this one for twins…hilarious). I especially appreciate some of the boy designs. It is hard to find boy stuff that isn’t corny, Jig has some GREAT options. I am pretty sure I am going to have to order a certain one I keep thinking about for my 4 year old. Here is FireCracker in her jig duds. When you look at the store…ask to see ALL the design options…they aren’t all shown in the store.

Giveaway Details:

Contest ends Monday, July 19th 9:30pm US Central

One winner chosen at random

One entry per person

Prize is: Winner’s choice of 2 onesies or 2 tshirts or 1 onesie & 1 tshirt

To enter: Leave a comment on this post with 3 letters and how they describe you (for example: A is for Ashley, C is for crazy, F is for fried brain)

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  • Nicole - B is for Blessed, M is for Mom, V is for Very, very pregnant!

  • Kristin eldridge - G is for girl.
    H is for homonal.
    M is for mommy.

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - S is for Shannon, T is for Tired and W is for Wishful!

  • Haley - F if for Faithful
    E is for Excited (for an upcoming vacation)
    H is for Happy (a secret possiblity)

  • Shannon - I is for impressed with that shop! How do you choose a design??
    L is for loving the idea of setting my kids loose with the camera and a “treasure hunt” of words! Smart Ashley!!
    H is for hoping I win this giveaway because, seriously…in LOVE with those designs!

  • Esther Nelson - M=mom
    E= exhausted!

  • Michelle Z. - W for Wife.

    M for Momma.

    T for Thankful (everyday).

  • keely - M is for Mama.
    P is for pregnant.
    C is for caffeine-deprived.

  • Donna - M is for Mom
    T is for Tired
    I is for Inspired

  • Susan - M is for Mommy
    M is for Maid
    M is for Madness :-)

  • Jodi - I is for inspired
    A is for appreciative (of all of your giveaways)
    G is for Gotta (go now), I hear babies crying!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • KerriHD - F is for fearless
    H is for happy and honest
    T is for thoughful

  • Jenn - G is for gift giver (these would so be for my sister who is expecting her first)

    M is for matching- everything has to match – my house- my kids- presents, etc.

    H is for hopeful- we have been trying to adopt for 6 years now and hopeful that things will work out soon!

  • Rebecca - B is for blessed
    T is for thankful
    L is for loved

  • Sarah - S is for Sarah
    M is for Mama
    T is for Thankful, I have a wonderful life, that I thank God for everyday!

    love these shirts! very cute and original!

  • laura - my initials…
    M-madly in love with this blog:).

  • Mary Claire - H- Happy
    C- Crafty
    T- Thankful

  • Kelly Clarke - Hello Ashley! I found your blog through Abbie Morrison’s site that was linked up through Matt Logelin’s blog. I check your blog religiously now every morning. I’m not a ‘blogger’ so yours is the only one that I take the time to read daily and I look forward to my morning dose of your timeless pics. I have a 6 month old daughter, Ella Maine, and I love looking at pics of your growing family and how amazing being a mommy is. You’re inspiring me to take the time to capture the moments that pass by so quickly… Thanks for sharing your life through words and photography!

    M – Mommy to Ella – never knew what I was missing before she came into my life…
    F – Fulfilled…
    G – Grateful that God blessed me with my beautiful daughter and a good husband to boot…


  • amanda torres - I is for issues
    L is for lots of issues

  • Sarah - C is for Camp
    S is for Smores
    F is for Fun!

  • Faith - A is for Awake.
    B is for Barely.
    C is for Can-i-go-back-to-sleep?

  • ang - L-Love your website

  • Megan - M is for me.
    S is for smiling.
    E is for excited to spend the day with my kids outside in our finally warm weather (high-78).

  • jody - GSC
    goofy silly chocoholic
    Love your blog.

  • lizibeth - S – is for sunburned
    N – is for nursing
    E – is for exhausted!!!

  • Shauna - S is for Shauna
    M is for mommy
    W is for wife

  • Jaclyn - M is for Mommy
    T is for Teacher and
    S is for Student

  • Mandy - M is for mom
    F is for fun
    W is for winner (right?!)

  • Heidi - h- happy
    h- hot (supposed to be 109 here today)
    h- halarious (probably more towards looks than personality, oh well)

  • Brooke - S is for Sisters – (my little girl will be getting a sister in Novemeber and I can’t wait to watch them grow together!
    B is for Blessed – which I am beyond belief. What a mighty God we serve!
    E is for Excited – to see all my neices and nephews this weekend as well as the rest of my family! I LOVE my family soooooo much!

  • Misty - M is for Mommy
    F is for furbabies in which we have 4
    W is for wife

  • Sara - A is for Adventurous
    C is for Crazy
    L is for Loving

  • Jeannette Swan - A is for Adorable t-shirts, J is for Just bought one, Q is for quit posting such cute links because I have to buy just about everything. Just kidding I love the links, it just gets expensive.

  • Jaimie - I is for impatient.
    K is for kind.
    B is for busy.

  • Jill R - B is for boys, C is for coffee & L is for LOUD!

  • nikki - I LOVE your letter-finding idea. It’s been super hot here too (in Colorado) so maybe we’ll try that today. Love the Etsy shop too, the twins ones are too funny :)

  • Jane - J is for Jane
    P is for Pediatrician
    R is for Runner

  • Brooke - L is for loved!
    H is for happy!
    N is for nurse!

  • Christy - M- Mama to Maddie Mae
    P-Pepsi my savior this a.m.
    F-is for huge Fan!! of your awesome blog

  • Katie @ explanation required - C is for colorful
    M is for momma
    T is for tired :)

  • Jenn W - M is for mama
    S is for shy
    C is for caring

  • Julia Crigler - B is for busy…between my one year old’s bday party this weekend and insanity at work I am

    C for crazy


    T for TIRED!!!!

  • lacey - C is for caffeinated
    B is for blessed
    J is for joyful!

  • Ashleigh Rose - M- is for me, “you have to love yourself to get anything done in this world” ~Lucille Ball.
    L- is for learning. I remind myself that I am eager to learn and that I need to find joy in the journey!
    Q- is for quiet which I cherish, but not more than my little superheros, so I’ll even take them fighting over nothing at all… but I do relish the quiet!

  • Heidi - H is for Heidi
    D is for daughter of my King
    I is for In love with the twin onesies!

  • Kimberly - E- Eternally
    G- Grateful
    M- Mama

  • Gillian - G is for Gillian
    P is for Producer (of both babies and television)
    W is for Wifey

  • Dawn Nikol - D is for daughter
    M is for Mama
    A is for Atlanta trip in a week~!

  • Maike - H is for Hope
    I is for I
    W is for Win


  • Meryl - P is for pregnant
    I is for in love with these onesies
    B is for brain fart πŸ˜‰

  • susie whyte - s- sarcastic
    l- laughing at sesame street(anderson cooper’s on today-haha)
    f- fan of andes mints

    the twins onesies would be great for my friends babies! so cute!

  • Karla - E – Exhausted
    S – Sweaty
    H – Hungry

  • Allison Waken - A is for Allison
    T is for tired
    L is for loved

  • Kelly - T is for thankful for my life and my family

    E is for excited for my father-in-law to get to meet my son for the first time today

    S is for sticky from spit up. :)


  • Mariah - M is for Mariah, B is for blessed beyond what I deserve, and R is for ready to have this baby!!!

  • em - How fun!

    E is for Emily
    Q is for Quirky
    N is for needs to shower still! :)

  • Anna Marie - COF-Crafty, Organizer, Friendly

  • Anna Joy - A is for Anna, B is for Busy, and C is for chocolate hungry.

  • kassondra - L is for loved
    e is for excited
    and b is for blessed

  • bopha - V-Very pregnant

  • Molly - M is for molly
    P is for preggo
    H is for hoping for 5 girls

  • Heather - You are awesome! So creative.

    V is for vulnerable
    L is for learning
    I is for Imagination

  • Amanda - C is for Cooper & Corbin, my sweet boys.
    S is for Summertime, the season I love most.
    R is for rest, relax, recharge… my motto for my upcoming girl’s weekend away from the fam!

  • Katherine - S is for sleepy
    U is for up-all-night with the
    B is for baby (oh so sweet and lovely)
    (hmm, that leaves me with “sub”… I’d like one of those for lunch!)

  • Monica McMinimy - S- is for Summer
    W- with (and) wild
    B- Boys (since I have three- oh how I love the crazy)

    I pray for my sweet little girl to come next like firecracker. But I think I am destined for all the love that comes with just boys. I know you know what I mean.

  • Shannon - S is for Shannon. M is for mother of 2. And another S for student (one more year in nursing school!).

  • Amy - M is for Mommy
    C is for Content
    T is for Thankful

  • Savannah - P is for Pregnant(only 6 weeks left!)
    A is for Anxious
    L is for Loving (2nd Year wedding Anniversary on Monday!)

  • Lisa P. - P is for Pregnant!
    B is for Bored at Work…
    O is for Onesies that I MUST have for future baby!!

  • Alyssa Coberly - Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my little adventure!!!! email me for design options – – I even do custom stuff for free – –


  • Rena Frey - V is for Very Pregnant
    L is for Loving Summer and…
    Y is for Young at Heart :)

  • Brandi - T-Teacher
    G- Gardener

  • Hollie - M is for mama
    C is for Crafty
    E is for excited to go camping this weekend!

  • Christina - L is for loved.
    P is for pregnant.
    H is for hopefilled :)

  • Rachel - R is for Rachel, M for mommy, and T is for tired! :)

  • Robyn Lee - P is for Painter
    W is for Wife
    Z is for Zumba

  • robyn - m is for mommy
    f is for flower shop owner
    w is for wife to an amazing man!!!

  • Alina - L-love the idea.
    F-FireCracker is adorable (as always)
    Y-your awesome-love reading your blog!

  • Brittany - J is for joyful, T is for tired (newborn and 21 month old), B is for blessed

  • Molly - M is for Molly.
    A is for adopting.
    E is for excited!

  • Becky - J is for Jesus!
    C is for California!
    L is for Love! Love for my husband, daughter, and my Savior!

  • Martina - D is for daughter, W is for wife, A is for artist

  • Raechel - J is for the Jig
    I will dance
    around the r-r-Room
    if I

  • Madaline Meatte - M is for motivation, A is for awesome, W is for wife!

  • Sherry - S is for Sherry
    W is for wife
    C is for calm

  • Brittany - P is for passionate, L is for lighthearted, and B is for Baker!

  • natalie - N is for Natalie
    A is for Artsy
    T is for Thankful

  • Beth - W is for wife, C is for content, H is for happy.

  • Mary Lou - M is for Maga
    G is for Grand
    J is for Jesus

  • Julie - P- pre-pregnancy jeans :)
    F- fast diaper changer
    S- super cool mom (most of the time, lol)
    Thanks for the great hot day activity. They will love it. Unfortunately they will have to share the camera or do this activity separately!

  • ashlee - b is for busy, g is for geateful a is for artist:)
    this store is fanTAStic!!

  • tysha - T is for Totally Tired
    S is for Smile on my Face
    B is for head to the Beach today!

    (and F is for Fingers Crossed!)

  • the inadvertent farmer - M for Mama
    C for Christ Lover
    F for Frazzled Farmer

    wonderful post…I let my 7 year old take my camera for a hour yesterday and she came back with all kinds of photos of things that I would never consider photographing…like our lawn mower and the underside of our play set! Kim

  • amy - P is for pregnant . . .
    B is for breech . . .
    E is for excited to have another baby!

  • Sara - I was actually motivated to leave a comment for other reasons, but the giveaway is good incentive too! I have lots of wonderful friends having babies soon! Ashley, I love your site! You take gorgeous photos and you are such an inspiration as a godly woman!

    I have been wanting to do photography professionally for a few years but got scared out of it by people who told me it was too competitive. Your blog has inspired me though, and although I am definitely always learning and growing in the art, I have started my own photo blog and am currently doing sessions for free with family and friends to gain experience. Thanks for your inspiration! Secondly, I am also an elementary teacher and I can’t help but LOVE the fact that you incorporate so much learning into the activities you do with your kids! Parents are the primary educators and you really know that and live that!

    Okay, so for words that would describe me, I would say “S” for “silly”, “P” for “passionate” and “A” for “artsy”!

  • Melanie - H is for hopeful
    T is for teacher
    F is for funny

  • Andrea Jett - S is for SO
    V is for VERY
    B is for BLESSED

  • Devon - P is for being a Procrastinator Queen, B is for Bonkers, & K is for Knowing it will all come together!

  • Ashley - N is for newlywed.
    B is for baby fever. already.
    G is for grateful!

    <3 love your site, Ashley!

  • Jamie - M=mama
    Jig made Cal’s coming-home-from-hospital outfit when he was born (and his newborn pics that you took)! She was so friendly and fun to work with. Love it!

  • anh truong - Since I only have 3 letters in my first name:
    A is for Anxious
    N is for Nail-biting
    H is for Hungry

  • Sara M - C is for chocoholic
    S is for soon-to-be aunt (Would love to give the gift to my sister’s new baby!)
    T is for teacher

  • Ali Richardson - M is for mommy of 2
    T is for tired (but not as tired as you chasing after 4)
    H is for happy

  • jaime scott - M for Mommy
    C for Creative
    A for Athletic

  • meg duerksen - i love this shop!
    t….is for tired
    o….is for overstimulated
    s….is for stir crazy
    we re on vacation stuck in the house with 7 children.

  • Lindsay - C is for Creative!
    L is for Loved!
    F is for Friendship!

  • Taylor - P is for Pregnant
    B is for Blessed
    D is for Daydream

  • Ashley Joy - A is for Ashley
    C is for Crazy
    G is for God is faithful in my life

  • Summer - J is for justify (spending an obscene amount of time on your site!)
    I is for I have found my happiness in little things and big brown eyes <3
    G is for Gaw… I hope I win!!

  • andy - g is for girl (i have a 6 week old baby girl)
    b is for boy and birthday (today is by little boys 3rd birthday)
    m is for mamma (what my son calls me and what i am :))

  • Heather - A is for antsy to get into my craft room
    H is for hungry. i need to eat some breakfast!
    S is for smiling cause i hear my kiddos playing together.

  • Becca - Love this shop!

    This is me in a nutshell:

    S for Sinner.
    G for saved by Grace.
    D for Disciple of Christ.

  • Mara - N is for nursing (because I always am)
    A is for Audrey, my first born, whom I admire
    B is for Benjamin, my son, my heart and soul

  • Jessica - I is for in love with my husband and puppy
    C is for creative
    E is for excited to celebrate my birthday on Saturday with a great group of friends

  • Lydia - N – new mommy
    K – knitter
    E – eating blueberries (yum!)

    Love your blog! My husband loves it for your photography and got me hooked on it for that and everything else.

  • Ruthie Crawford - C is for Crafty
    M is for Mama
    S is for SLEEPY!

  • heather j - H is for hungry (right now), E is for excited (to play with my little one) and G is for grateful.

  • Michele V. - B if for Blessed
    D is for Dreamer
    P is for Positive thinker

  • Lindsey - W is for Why oh why does my daughter refuse to nap?!

  • Christie - C is for Candy Land
    P is for Pictionary
    L is for Life

    When it was summer and hot, my gram would take us to the library or we’d play boardgames. I loved SORRY and UNO the most.

  • Jenny - L for loving life
    M for Military spouse
    P for pregnant

  • Kat - C is for creative, H is for hopeful, W is for wishing.

  • Urska - W – Wishing
    D – Daily
    S – Starbucks

  • Casie B. - hmm…
    B is for Busy mom,
    C is for Craft-a-holic,
    P is for Photographer…

    That was easier than I thought it would be!

  • Pam - B is for Blog crazy!
    M is for mommy to two M & M s
    K is for King’s kid!

  • Kimber - K is for Kimber
    F is for family
    L is for lots and lots of sister in-laws who are preggo or have lots of little ones :)

    ps- is swear you always find theeeeee cutest etsy shops

  • Crystal F. - C is for Caring
    G is for Giving
    A is for Awesome =]

  • margaret - H is for Happy
    B is for Busy
    M is for Mom
    A happily, busy Mom :-)

  • amber - j-jumping, all the time
    c- crawling, almost
    b-blessed, so much

  • crystal - C is for Crystal
    B is for Busy
    M is for Mama

  • Allison - B – Blessed
    H – Happy
    M – Mom

  • Michele Morgan - M is for Michele, T is for Thankful, F is for Friendly

  • Callie B - M is for Mama
    E is for exhausted
    V is for vacation (needed) :)

  • Sarah M - ha!~ WHAT a cool idea!
    P is for pajamas.
    O is for organizationally minded.
    F is for food!

    Sarah M

  • Karen - K is for Karen
    A is for Aunt–soon to be to a brand new girl
    B is for Blessed

  • Jenn - M is for mommy
    P is for Parker
    F is for Finn

  • shelly@familyblt - Love this project!
    S is for Shelly
    G is for goofy
    T is for tired today

  • jo - great idea!
    P is for fresh peach loving
    S is for shower (which i really need and should be doing instead of reading blogs)
    M is Mama, the best part of me!

  • angie - H is for happy
    B is for blessed
    L is for loved

  • Samantha - E-is for excited for the weekend.
    D-is for dreading work.
    H- is for happy the sun is shinning.

  • Amanda S. - A is for Amanda


    Auntie x 5!
    My sister just went into labor with her fifth today and I would LOVE to have a cut onesie for the new little one when he gets home!

  • amanda gibson - A is for Amanda, S is for Strange, which to some might equal U for unique. I prefer unique to strange – but, hey, if the shoe fits!

  • jenny - “C” is for child of God
    “B” is for blessed
    “M” is for most scatter-brained mommy I know right now! πŸ˜‰

  • Chelsea - B is for busy
    L is for loved
    T is for thankful

  • Sara - K is for knit. I want to knit while at work.
    G is for garden. Gotta get in my garden.
    B is for babies. Love my babies. :)

  • Dana - H is for happy— I’m on vacation!
    R is for relieved— baby was sick with first illness and is better now.
    I is for inspired!—love this blog x1000000000000000000

  • Jami Schoettler - “J” is for Jami
    “M” is for mommy
    “x” is for x2!

  • Lauren - M is for Mom.
    B is for blessed.
    T is for trying to be crafty!

  • Holly T - I is for I
    W is for Will
    W is for Win
    Maybe putting out in the universe will make it happen.

  • Kaley - M is for mom
    W is for wife
    D is for daughter

  • Gevay - H-is for Hot I live in Florida and it’s July
    B-is for Busy I never have enough time
    J-is for the Joy that my husband and boys give me

  • Liz - I’ll just do my name πŸ˜‰
    L: is for late {which I am almost always}
    I: is for inspired {as I am by your blog!}
    Z: is for… zapped {from the 100+ degree heat out here!}

  • Alisa - B is for blessed
    M is for mommy
    H is for happy
    Love the products!!

  • Kate - D is for daughter
    M is for mother
    F is for friend

  • Jeni - O is for on a budget (can I buy a onesie anyway?)
    L is for lazy (reading blogs about making things instead of actually making things!)
    T is for thrilled (with my decision to become a teacher and thus get the summers off; however… see #1)

  • stacey - s – sometimes silly
    l – loves to laugh
    l – listener

  • efrat - F is for always having Fun
    C is for blessed Creation
    B is for my baby love who turned 18 months today..

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - K = Kind
    A = Appreciative
    T = Tired

  • Amanda - G – Gratefully
    S – Seeking Peace
    K – Knowing love

  • Savannah - S is for spunky
    F is for follower of Jesus
    L is for loyal

  • Karen - I is for Intense
    P is for Passionate
    R is for Redeemed

  • Whitney - W is for Whitney, E is for envious (of your blog!), and H is for hot (as is hot weather!!)

  • Jennie Frake - M is for Molly’s mom
    M is for messy
    I is for I seriously just sat here for 20 minutes thinking up words and saying them to Molly in weird voices (she thinks Im funny) ……what is wrong with me? I need coffee….and did I use M twice?

    L is for losing my mind.

  • Katie M. - Have long admired these….just adorable!! Have a new niece in my family that I would love to gift one of these to.

  • Sarah - S is for Sarah
    T is for Teacher
    M is for Mother of Two :)

  • Hannah Bunker - H is for Hannah
    F is for funny
    A is for adventurous

  • Devin - A is for Adventurous
    C is for Curious
    D is for Dork

  • Jen - J is for Jen
    L is for lover of cute onesies & tees
    B is for blog…your blog..i love it!

  • Cath - I for Inspired
    O for Overwhelmed
    S for Smiles which are the best thing ever =)

  • Stefanie - Stubborn

  • stephanie - B is for birthmom
    E is for elated to meet birthson for first time next week
    P is for patient

  • Shanalea Atchison - M is for mommy because I am that 24/7
    T is for tired…I have four boys do I need to explain
    H is for hope something I am currently in the process of understanding

  • michelle - P is for pregnant
    J is for joyful
    B is for busy

  • Lesley - A = anxious about a less than 2 week away due date
    E = exhausted from not sleeping
    R = ready to meet my daughter!

  • Becca - P is for pregnant
    E is for exhausted
    M is for morning sickness πŸ˜‰

  • Katie - K is for Katie, P is for preggers, S is for sick

  • pamela - P is for Pregnant
    A is for Adventurous
    M is for Motivated

    i notice there are a lot of pregnant women reading your blog : )

  • Crystal - Q is for quirky
    B is for Blessed
    C is for Caffeinated

  • BriBedell - B-Beautiful

    Bri – short for Brianna (sounds like bree cheese not Brian) LOL

  • Kristine - S is for simple
    T is for Timothy, our 5mo old :)
    I is for intrigued

  • Jen - E-Empty

  • Jasie - I = If it’s not too hot
    H = Harper and I
    A = are totally going to do the ABC photo hunt this weekend!

  • Georgia - I’ll leave the contest open for someone who can use the onesies. But I just want to tell you that someday I promise your children will realize what a wonderful life they have.

  • Stacy - M is for Monkeys cause my boys are really just monkeys
    S is for their new swingset that they love!
    V is for very blessed!

  • Danielle - T is for tired, M is for Mom and S is for scatterbrained :)

  • Megan - F is for my FRIEND who has
    T as in TWINS and whose
    H as in HUBBY is deployed in Iraq :(

  • Shea - S is for Shea. P is for pregnant. F is for full!

  • Suzanne D - M is for Mommy
    T is for Tired
    B is for Blessed

  • Cara - E is for super Envious of those cute shirts
    W is for wanting to win
    N is for i NEED some chocolate right about now.

  • Donna - F is for 4 kids;
    R is for road trip;
    T is thankful to be home.

    Love your blog!!!

  • tessa - C is for child of God
    W is for wife to my other half
    M is for mommy to my favorite little person who just happened to turn 1 today. I hope I win her some adorable onesies!

  • jessica - “V” is for very
    “E” is for excited
    “M” is for Montana, which is where I’ll be traveling to in 2 short days! Yeah! :)

  • Erin - s is for sleepy
    h is for happy
    b is for blessed

  • Susan Holmberg - T is for tired
    W is for winner (O is for optimistic!!)

  • renata - I is for Inspired, B is for Blessed and E is for Excited

  • Kristen - M is for Mommy to Griffin
    C is for Crafty
    S is for Sleepy.

  • Ashley - D is for dresses, V is for vintage, C is for cupcakes!!!

  • Carolyn - C is for Curious – can I play too, I live in Australia :)
    H is for Hungry – running around after my 17 month old daughter makes me very hungry (and tired!)
    T is for Thankful – thankful to God for…everything really.
    As a sidenote, just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Your beautiful photography inspire me to try and take lovely photos of my own family. Plus I love the stories you tell. The one about how you made your daughters onesie with the glasses on it made me smile (actually I cracked up, it was really funny!) :)

  • Natalie - P is for paint-covered
    T is for tired
    C is for content

  • Betsy - S is for scattered
    T is for thankful
    C is for caffeinated

  • Betsy - S = Scattered
    T = Thankful
    C = Caffeinated

  • Karen DeMamiel - B is for blessed
    S is scattered brained
    K is for kindred spirit

  • Lindsay - Whoa Momma, those are c.u.t.e!! I pink-puffy-heart your blog! :) L is for Loving
    M is for Moved (by the world i get to see with my 2 year old each day)
    S is for Sassy (because you need a lil sas in your life)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  • Callie - G is for Grant’s
    M is for Mommy
    N is for Nurse

  • Sarah - T is for Two Hundy and One comments! ohmygosh what are my chances
    S is for silly and seattle and sundays (all things i like)
    A is for air, really, what else could we live without.

  • Sarah K - G is for grateful
    M is for mommy
    T is for tired

  • Sarah Marie Long - R- recent college grad
    S-Silly lil Sarah Marie

  • karen davis - S-is for scatterbrained
    W-is for whimsy
    C-is for crafty

  • julie - M is for mama
    S is for sleep deprived
    F is for full of love

  • julie - M is for mama
    S is for sleep deprived
    L is for loving every minute of it!!

  • isabel - B for BOYS
    S for SLEEP

  • Guillauma - A for ALPHABET
    B for BBQ

  • Kristin - K = Kristin
    M = mom (of Twins)
    T = tired

  • Vitoria B - A for ALEXANDRE
    B for BOYS

  • PAULO - Thanks for the chance

  • Alexandra - M for Mama
    S for Silence
    F for Family !!!

  • Stephanie - M is for Momma
    P is for packing
    T is for Tired

  • Charity - W for Waiting
    C for Children
    U for Uganda

  • Candy Foster - C is for Candy loves Chocolate
    M is for Mother to sweet little Monsters :)
    S is for Sick of being Sick

  • Kate - A is amazed at God’s plan
    L is for loved (my Dad dropped everything to come me finish the nursery)
    P is for packing (leaving to get our baby girl in 2 weeks!!)

  • christina larsen - T is for Tired.
    B is for Blessed.
    E is for Excited to see what God does next.

  • Grace - G is for Grace
    B is for boys
    P is for party

  • Sara - B-Blessed


    S-silly songs with sara

  • Samantha - Fun!
    A is for Anxiously awaiting arrival of Hubby {he’s been away for the week}
    B is for Bleary Eyes {from staying up way too late while he’s been gone}
    C is for Caffeine Addict… as in I need some more already!

  • Evie - E is for Evie Evans… my new married name
    G is for Girls… my mom had 4 girls and 1 boy, i love my siblings!
    B is for Blogs… i love your sweet blog!

  • Christian T - C – Christian (my name and my faith)
    M – Mom
    P – Pregnant

  • Heather Bowser - H is for Heather
    v is for very pregnant
    t is for tired!

  • Dasha - “D” is for daughter to the most wonderful parents;
    “W” is for wife to the best husband in the world;
    “M” is for mommy to two most precious babies in the world.

  • Juice - J is for joyful
    B is for busy and blessed
    L is for library girl

  • Bethany - V is for Very Pregnant
    T is for Tired Mommy
    H is for Hungry Hippo

  • Heather - H is for happy…although life is hectic I’m feeling very fulfilled.
    T is for tired…moving/2 babies/a husband that travels/working makes me one tired girl.
    S is for sweaty….between the gym and the 100 degree heat (and humidity) here in PA…I’m definitely sweaty! :o)

  • Jamie - T is for tired of being tired

    I is for how insane I sometimes feel all cooped up in the house

    R is for ready ~ that’s the name of ‘our’ game of life ~ “Ready, Set, Go!!!”

    E is for the energy I WISH I had, and

    D is for the daddy we can’t wait to see around 5 o’clock everyday! :)

    T-I-R-E-D…that pretty much sums me up!
    {and I actually just copied and pasted this… I may use it again; it’s amazing what just might come out sometimes!…thanks.}

  • Jill - M is for Momma.
    H is for Happy.
    T is for Tired. :)

  • Keri - T is for Texan, P is for pregnant, H is for hungry…..and hot πŸ˜‰

  • Becca G - S is for super
    H is for hot
    M is for momma

  • Channing - J is for jolly
    O is for optimistic
    Y is for youthful

  • Becky - F is for Florist
    C is for Creative
    M is for Mom of 2 cutie girls!

  • Elisa B. - M is for Mama
    G is for Grateful
    F is for Firey

  • Leah Zion - L is for Leah and LOVE these onesies
    O is for one more
    W is for weekend

  • Beth - T tired, so tired.
    E expecting a little boy soon
    N needing those little weenie dog shirts for my little boy and his faux twin my BFF’s baby due a week or two before him.

  • Ambrosia - A is for Ambrosia
    M is for moving (to TX in 10 days!)
    B is for boys – I have 3 of them!

  • Jodi - LOL-Lover of life! Seriously, why is everyone so tired?!

  • Ang - A is for admiring my hard-working husband
    N is for needing more sleep
    G is for on the GO!

  • Kezlee Lawn - T- is for tired. (it’s past my bedtime)
    E- is for excited! (my sister is ashlee ann too! i’m sending her a link to your blog next!)
    B- braindead. it took me 2 full minutes to try to think of a third.

  • Joy Fisher - 1) A is for “in Awe of all you manage to accomplish on this blog”

    2) T is for how Tired I am after traveling cross country by air with my 4 year old and 8 month old yesterday.

    3) J is for Jet-lagged (see #2)!

  • Jordan Formby - r is for roles… wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter
    w is for worshipper… of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    l is for living… failing forward, enjoying each day… in light of eternity

  • Melanie LaDue - N- new mom
    L – loving life with my new daughter
    J – jumbled is how my mind feels every day!

  • Cindy - What fun with the boys! My kids would love this!
    M is for morning coffee…. mmm …good

  • Allison - A is for Allison…that’s me!
    T is for teacher, counting down the days left in the summer before school starts!
    W is for wedding which I’m in the process of planning!

  • Stacey - S-for Sam and Stacey
    L-for Luke

  • Rachel - R is for Random
    W is for wife
    B is for blessed

  • Kelsey - Z-zealous
    B-burnt (ouch!)
    I love the onesies and they look so cute on your little girl! So fun!

  • robyn - m is for mother
    s is for short (and sweet!)
    h is for happy

  • jessica h - W is for weekend (yay!), L is for lovin’ some free time to read Ashley’s blog, E is for eating string cheese…mmmm!

  • Kristina - K is for Kristina
    S is for simple
    C is for content

  • mary - M is for Me
    W is for Wife
    T is for Tired with a newborn :)

  • Natalie - E = Enjoying some quiet time while baby and husband are asleep
    D = Don’t want to start cleaning the inside of my fridge (my weekend project)
    L = Love your blog (thanks for sharing)

  • Nikki - S is for “sleepy”
    C is for “I need some caffeine!”
    N is for “need to get back to work!”

  • Holly - C is for curly-haired
    A is for accountant
    S is for single

  • Mary - a is for aunt, n is for nephew, h is for hair lots of hair!

  • Brenda - L.M.S. stands for Love My Saffie!

  • Sarah - Fun!
    M is for Mommy
    B is for blessed
    W is for wife!

  • Heather Young - H-is for happy-to have gotten to see my very pregnant best friend today!
    P-is for Proud-my baby is growing up into such an amazing little girl.
    E-Excited to get to spend the day at the river with lots of lovely friends and famiy!

  • Brittany - j is for Jesus- because He’s the reason, DUh!!

    b is for bangs- i love my new bangs!

    h is for husband- he rocks my socks off!


  • Ana - A is for Amazed, G is for Grateful, L is for Learning. :)

  • Erica Ginham - A- is for About to be a Mommy to identical twin girls
    B- is for Brain dead. See above πŸ˜‰
    H-is for huge. See above πŸ˜‰

  • erin fay - S is for sleepy
    E is for Eli (1 year bday July 24th!)
    L is for love (as in this etsy shop)

  • Natalie - Oooh… pick me!!
    N is for New mom!
    A is for Around the clock feedings!
    T is for Tired!

  • Brandy - W is for wife to Ethan
    M is for mommy to my sweet Ryleigh
    B is for blessed to have those two in my life

  • Kim - K is for Kim
    F is for Fun
    C is for Creative

    Ha! I spelled KFC…that’s not good! :)

  • Kristi - T is for tired
    C is for clean
    I is for inspired!

  • Hayley - M is for Mommy
    W is for Wife
    D is for Daughter

  • Karen - P is for PREGNANT
    H is for HUNGRY
    T is for TIRED

  • Christen - M is for Mom
    J is for Jealous of your crafty-ness
    H is Happy when I visit your site

  • Cory - C is for Cory
    B is for believer
    W is winner (I HOPE! My little boy NEEDS one of those precious onesies!!)

  • RachelC - R is for relational
    D is for dramatic
    C is for chef-wannabe

  • Laura - L is for Looney
    C is for Crafty
    W is for Wedding Obsessed

  • vina sanchez - S = Sanchez
    P = Praying
    W = Warrior

  • Camille - W is for Wife — Our one year anniversary is this week!
    B is for Blessed
    E is for Excited — I cannot wait to see my family in a few weeks whom I haven’t seen since Christmas!!

  • Lindsay McDaniel - O is for overwhelmed
    M is for mommy of two toddler boys
    A is for antsy to start new home project

  • Alison - F is for frazzled.
    U is for unorganized.
    N is for never mind–I’m okay with it!

  • Teresa - What cute stuff. We have two boys on the way and I agree, cute boys stuff is much more difficult to find.

    S – Soon-to-be momma
    T – Two kiddos coming
    A – Advice, because I am getting a lot of it

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Melissa - E is for Exhausted! (2 y/o girl & 5 week old boy!)
    B is for Blessed!
    L is for Loved!

  • jessica - W is for WHIMSY!
    Q is for slightly QUIRKY…
    H is for HOPE. as in, i hope i win because i know some cute little friends who will rock these duds!

  • Verlan Day - M is for Mom
    W is for Wife
    H is for Happy!

  • Ranee - M is for Mommy
    T is for Teacher
    W is for Wife
    Love these clothes!!

  • Tracy - T is for Tracy, D is for Dreamer, C is for crafty

  • Joy Andrews - C is for complicated
    L is for love my husband, family, kiddos
    M is for managing-lots of stuff!

  • Casey - C is for crafty
    I is for inspired
    H is for hopeful

  • lifeologia - M is for mama
    W is for wants
    K is for new kitchen πŸ˜‰

  • shelby - way cute!
    t is for tired
    m is for mama
    l is for loved

  • Sarah D. - S is for Sarah
    H is for Hope I win
    B is for Because I love this giveaway

  • meghan - L is for love, as in for my family and for you blog!
    M is for megs
    Y is for yellow. did you spray paint the yellow clock in the first picture? if so, what is the shade/brand, if you remember? it’s the exact color i’ve been looking for and can’t find anywhere!

    thanks for sharing your blog. i love the inspiration!





In an attempt to win the battle against my email inbox, I am going to try to share more ‘behind’ the pictures every now and then.

Top Picture: 1/250, f/4.0, ISO 100, 50mm lens, edited with Totally Rad Actions

font (get it free here); flowers on picture (Design Aglow); rounded corners tutorial (Happy Web Diva); tutu was a gift

Bottom Pictures: 1/200, f/4.0, ISO 100, 50mm lens, edited with Totally Rad Actions, hat (HeartSmiles)


Thanks for the sweet comments on yesterday’s post, I had fun taking them…not so much fun trying to remember to take them! I also got a lot of comments and emails recently about how I take photos of myself on the self timer and get things in focus. I will try to answer that in a post soon. I have been updating the My Lovelies tab on the far left of the blog. You should check it out. I especially want to call attention to the River to Well photo competition. All proceeds from the contest go towards building a well in South Africa. Check out the blog and send in a picture. You don’t have to be a pro photog to enter…and you get to help build a water well. Go check it out!


and just to keep it real….she can swing a sword as good as the big boys

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  • Christy - So cute! She’s adorable!

  • Christine - She is adorable….it is a good thing she has 3 brothers to look out for her :)

  • Shannon - At the risk of sounding like a broken record….A-dor-a-ble! She is just too precious and those are great “frame worthy” pics of her! she will treasure them, as I am sure you will too!

  • Gevay - So cute! Love that belly-just want to blow some raspberries on it!

  • Tonia - Thanks for sharing your camera settings! That is always so helpful!!!

  • Liene - Very cute pictures! I love picnik (you probably know it) which is free online photo editing tool. Great to experiment with. I am going to check out the URLs you mentioned.

  • Raquel - which TRA actions did you use? I love the effect!

  • amanda gibson - Oh, what a cutie! Love the hat and the tutu. And that sweet little belly!

    Quick “behind the camera” question – I have the Totally Rad Actions and I love them – I’m wondering, which did you use on your photos?

  • Dinah - I recently came across your blog and am totally hooked! I just LOVE your photography, your cute commentaries, and interesting stories about your family. Your little girl is just adorable in her little tutu! (And your boys are just precious — I’m partial to rough and tumble boys, since I have two of my own (3 & 6)!

    As someone who has just recently attempted to try manual mode on my SLR (and am very GREEN at it right now), I LOVE that you post your camera settings for your photos — that’s so helpful to us newbies. I must ask though (and this is probably a really dumb question), but what is the first number in your camera settings referencing? I get the f-stop, the ISO and the lens size, but didn’t know what the first number was? Thank you!

  • Mara - Love them and your blog! Thanks in advance for letting know the secret to getting self-timer pictures in focus! Also, similar question to others, which TRA actions do you like?

  • emmylou - It’s amazing how you somehow end up a little more girly when you have a daughter. My boys love seeing their little sister all pretty, even if they like to behead her dolls! Your family is adorable!

  • shelly@familyblt - I think you need a pic with the tutu AND the sword–beware pirate firecracker–arrrgghhhh!

  • Kristy - You’re fantastic! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and am too far away to enroll in a SnapShop. Woo-hoo, so excited to hear that you may be doing online SnapShops in 2011! If I had your address, I’d send you an Etsy gift card for advice. I’ve been shooting manual on a Canon XTi for over a year, and it’s time to upgrade. 50D or 7D…or something else? I have a 3-year old that is the subject of most of my snaps, and my passion for both her and photography grows every single day. Thanks in advance if you have time and energy to give free and specific advice. If not, I understand and look forward to every new post and an online course. Take good care!

  • Megan - She is absolutely precious!

  • emily anderson - she’s so sweet :)

  • Brooke - I love it! You turned me into a total baby shower star…giving the gift of the adorable hat with flower :) I fell in love with baby sister’s hat when she was a couple months old. My friend and I made your cateye onesie…I mean really…that is exciting.

    I won’t lie. I am also excited for an online snapshop. but maybe if I’m super lucky I’ll make it to a real one :)