Pretty sure that is the first and last time I will do a giveaway and not use the random number generator! There were so many great comments and a surplus of ideas for me to try on our trip, it was too hard to just pick 5. You’ll be seeing pictures of some of your comments in action. Thank you. I hope you all enjoy the Match-a-Roo Zoo app!

I am on a search to find an individual, organization, group that creates something using craft paint that benefits others. For instance, there are tons of great ways to use fabric for others (pillowcase dresses for orphans, stuffed animals, etc.)….but paint….who uses paint to create something that benefits others? If you do or you know someone that does, please leave a comment on this post. I might just be able to connect you and your group to quite the supply of craft paint!

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  • Kristin - Thanks so much for the free app! My daughter will love it.

  • Olivia Stewart - I am a first grade teacher at a Visual & Performing Arts School trying to inspire my students to create and explore through a variety of mediums. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, I must come up with all of my own supplies which can get expensive. Thankfully this year I found watercolor paints on sale so I have those but I would love another kind of paint for the students to use. I don’t have my own kids but I have 21 during the school year! If you can’t find another organization to share these with I know that the students in my classroom and school would love to use them, and the teachers would appreciate the shared resources!

  • Leah - Totally awesome! We could use that paint! I help run a homework club on Wednesday nights in a bad neighborhood in Everett, Washington. The name of the ministry is Casino Road Ministries. We have homework clubs and bible clubs, but as I said I help run the homework club on Wed. It’s totally fee of charge for kids…they show up and we feed them dinner and help them with homework. However, before all that I do a craft with them. They LOVE to paint! And with up to 60 kids in a night we can go through some paint πŸ˜‰ I’ve attached links to my blog so you can see us in action!

  • Nicole Ballard - I am starting a ministry in a small, rural, poverty stricken town in Mississippi. I will be teaching art free of charge to the local elementary children, and I am just now beginning to set up my studio. I would love ANY donations or contacts to help get this ministry started.

    Thanks so much!
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  • Amber - My husband is currently painting a giant mural on every wall of our church nursery, so that it will end up looking like the inside of Noah’s ark. Complete with some three dimensional elements. But hopefully you can get your paints to the teacher in the above comment. Thankfully quite a few of the ladies in our church have donated from their own craft paint supply.

  • Morgan - I work for “The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp”. A camp started by Paul Newman for children aged 7-15 who have chronic and terminal illnesses. The camp is in Ashford, CT and serves over 1000 kids every summer, as well as hundreds of families in the spring and fall for family weekends, and all year long our Hospital Outreach Specialists take camp into hospitals all over New England. From the Arts and Crafts building to Woodshop, into the 15 Cabins and in the Hospital paint is used and used good!

    Thank you! I always find much inspiration from your blog!

  • Kate - Mark Making- a nonprofit in Chattanooga, TN

Update: Contest in now closed. Jenn has the last counting comment.

Wow, that is the most original title for a post EVER! A little over a year ago I lived in a small little world in regards to little girl stuff. I thought the only thing out there to put on a baby girl’s head was big bows made out of all kinds of ribbon. Around my part of the globe you can find the most elaborate ribbon hair bows to go with just about any outfit, sports team or event. I am the mom that has a can of hairspray in the car so that when we pull up somewhere I can give the boys a quick spray as they unload the car and they are good to go. I don’t fix hair and the sight of all those bows made me break into a cold sweat….then I had a girl….and found headbands on etsy.

I like headbands. I like hats. I really like headbands and hats with some kind of flower….felt flowers, fabric flowers, messy flowers, you name it and I will probably like it. I like her in headbands and hats…even if they are of the superhero kind.

Funny how her headbands and flowers are getting smaller as her head gets bigger. Her hair is getting thicker…my hairspray bottle won’t do the job anymore. I am not particularly excited about having to fix another girl’s hair….hard enough to do my own. The headbands sure help. The fact that her hair grows straight back helps too!

We were playing on the back porch and I was snapping a few of her in her new headband. The grill got in the background of this one. There is something about her face that I just love in it, but the grill was driving me crazy. I attempted a little Photoshop fix. It is a terrible Photoshop effort, but it gives you the idea of how Photoshop can come in handy. Maybe I will find time to do a better fix up on this picture…highly doubtful.

In Photoshop and Lightroom you can run things called Actions. Her headband worn like this coupled with the jumper just has a bit of a 70s feel to me, so I edited it in such a way to emphasize that feel. If you play with editing your pictures, never delete the original file. Photo editing can be very trendy and you will kick yourself in the future if all your pictures have funky editing jobs done to them.

And back to life, back to reality…she doesn’t keep headbands on. So those of you that have asked in the comment section how I keep headbands on her, I don’t. Well, I should say I didn’t. She is actually starting to leave them on more. When she sees one in the house she’ll bring it for me to put on her. She does that with her pretty shoes too. It’s weird.

Now all that headband goodness makes you want one…good thing I am doing a reader etsy store giveaway today! Sweet Pea Hats & More not only has cute headbands like FireCrackers, but tons of amazing hats. If you are a photographer you should snatch up some to use as props in your sessions. Just sayin’, they’re cute.Β 

You can also find Sweet Pea hats here:



Facebook page:

Etsy Store:

Giveaway Details

Prize is a $20.00 gift certificate from Sweet Pea Hats

One entry per person, winner chosen at random

Contest ends Thursday, Sept. 9th 9:00pm US Central – contest is now closed

To enter: In the comment section tell me about your biggest hair mistake

(or if you weren’t alive in the 80s you can tell me about your favorite hairstyle)

I’ll start for you. In college I dyed my hair red after a bad haircut. My hair was about an 3 inches long all over and a horrible shade of purple red. My friends are laughing as they read this and remember it.

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  • paveiphotos - LOL…sorry had to laugh at the hair mistake! But mine is propbably worse…and I wish I could attach a picture! In college i cut my hair into a fro-hawk…like a fack mohawk…well then i got the idea to die the middle blonde (my hair is brunette)…yea..that was lovely!!! lol

  • kate o. - two words: permed bangs

  • Allie - Well it involved a bottle of that spray on hair highlighter stuff — Sun something — and an afternoon of baking in the hot Texas sun. It was orange. Very very orange.

  • laura - Thick bangs + curling iron = BAD.

  • Amy Sargeant - In first grade I was the princess in The Princess and the Pea play. My mom twisted my wet hair in little knots the night before and I slept on it wet. The next morning she took it all out and brushed it. She had made the knots so small that my hair was kinky and it ended being like a blonde afro. Not only did I have to go to school like that, but there was an awards ceremony in the gym that morning and I got one so I had to go up in front of the whole school to get it. The kid sitting behind me during the ceremony muttered to his friend “man, what’s wrong with her hair?!” I still can’t believe my mom didn’t wash it out and that she made me go like that.

  • Katie - When I was in elementary school (during the 80’s) I got a perm and had the whole roll of bangs across my head. I was so glad when I finally grew out all those bangs, and I’ve never had bangs since.

  • Kelly Clarke - During my junior year in high school I went through an alternative phase and decided I wanted to cut all of my hair off. My sister agreed to do it and halfway through we got into an argument and she left me with one side 11″ long and the other about 2″ in length. As all sisters do, we made up, but I had that hair do for several hours until she returned!

  • karen davis - cutting it as short as Demi Moore in “Ghost”… My hair was half way down my back… and then it was all chopped off! I’m just happy it went to locks for love!

  • Marie L - wall. of. bangs.

  • Lindsey - Ugh, which bad hair memory to share…lol. I think the worst was when I was in 5th grade and I allowed my mom to talk me into cutting all of my hair off. I remember not loving it at the time, but when I see pictures now, it totally looked like she let the hairdresser put a bowl on my head and cut around it! Oh, good times πŸ™‚

  • amanda torres - I was 8. My mom decided I needed a ‘bob’ to help with the over chorinated swimming pool hair. I looked so much like a boy my dad finally allowed me to get my ears pierced. It was a dark time if you take into account that I also had gigantic bangs and wings.

  • Abby - When I was younger I used to get perms. The combination of perm and my above the shoulders haircut made my do look a little triangle shaped. Oh…my bangs were permed too. Yikes.

  • Donna - Mullet. Enough said.

  • brit - Totally cut my own hair when I was in middle school, and I was pretty proud of myself, too. I thought it looked good and my mom wouldn’t notice, but on the way out the door to spend the night with a friend I slipped on a winter coat with a hood…just in case she did notice…in the middle of summer. Well, she instantly knew something was up, and needless to say, it did not look good. That led to the shortest boy cut of my life, not the haircut you want for those middle school days! Oh well, you live and learn! πŸ™‚

  • crystal - In junior high, my older sis decided I needed my bangs trimmed the night before picture day….I was left with about a 1/4 bang for pictures and as I screamed and cried she kept trying to reasure me by saying, “that’s how the models are wearing it now”! Good times, good times!

  • Anna Marie - I have VERY dark hair (almost black). My freshman year of college I decided I was going to get highlights. I had never dyed my hair before that. The first go around was very cute and everyone loved it including me. But then it came time to touch it up and the lady left the dye on WAY too long and my hair was blond all over. Unfortunately blond doesn’t work so well on dark hair and turns orange-ish. I cried a lot!

  • Janelle H - In high school, I impulsively decided to have my hair permed then cut really short – I ended up looking like a mushroom! Needless to say I wore a hat for months!

  • Alisa - The summer before my sophomore year in college, I spent the entire summer working at a golf course. My dishwater blonde hair with highlights became very blonde over the course of the summer. A month or so into school, my roots were VERY noticeable against the bleached out summer hair. I decided to dye my hair darker, as I figured there was no harm in that. Oh, was I wrong! The blonde sucked up all the dye, which happened to have an ash undertone. As a result, my hair turned silver & green. We tried washing it out with Joy dish soap, but nothing helped. I made my boyfriend (now husband) drive over an hour to pick me up and then 2 hours to my parents house, where I spent 4 hours in the salon the next day. In order to neutralize the green, they had to dye it red after they stripped it. Biggest hair mistake ever! I haven’t attempted any color on my own since ?

  • Sara - Whenever I cut my hair and then decide to grow it out again, the hardest part is getting through the “awkward phase”. I hate this awkward phase because it is the only time I ever get told that I resemble Hillary Clinton. I don’t know why some people think a 24 yr old woman would be flattered to hear that, but they do. I’m currently in that awkward phase and cant wait to be done with it!

  • Traci - It has to be the 80s bangs that would move as one large (Very large) piece of hair due to the Aqua Net explosion! Now I have 3 girls and have to fix 4 heads of hair in the morning (this is one area Daddy can’t help with)

  • Ranee - I had permed bangs too! seriously horrible pictures looking back.

  • Madaline - i always say that i don’t have bad hair days…i’ve had a bad hair lifetime. i’m NEVER happy with my haircut! andddd i’ve been looking for some awesome headbands so i can try to hide my bad hair with something cute!

  • Kari - It’s a toss up….getting my bangs permed or having my hair thinned.

  • Kristi - I remember I tried to get something similar to the “rachel” cut when I was in like 3rd grade. I cried for days because I swore it looked like I had a mushroom sitting on my head! Looking back it wasn’t so bad but it sure was then!

  • Lori K - In the 80’s, I had beautiful past my shoulders straight, thick blond hair. My friend Gina got the farrah do and I wanted one…needless to say they cut off 8 inches or more of my locks and I had to sleep in those hard metal rollers every night in order for it to work…my mom didn’t know about HOT ROLLERS yet. I slept in those things and would have to rewash and use a hairdryer on my hair all afternoon on a Sunday in order for my hair to “feather” again. Because, we went to church on Sunday night. Hated that phase in my hair life.

  • Jenny Joy - In college, I wanted to be “alternative”. It was the early 90’s, so of COURSE I could be alternative! I listened to Nirvana, for goodness sake! *sigh* For a short while, I sported purple cornrows. I kid you not.

  • Courtney Connelly - Yes, I am laughing because I do remember that ‘style’ you had going on for a bit in college! I have my own fair share of bad hair experiences too!

  • Pia - He he, I was alive in the 80s – with big, curly, bleached hair…It`s hard to choose THE biggest hair mistake – the last years of the 80s was a big mistake – when it comes to hair…
    Love the photos in your blog – I also have three boys and a little girl, and wish I could photograph as you do!

  • Jamie - I’ll have to add to the ‘bangs’ comments…
    remember when we’d curl half of ’em back, then the other half down…then, take your pick and “merge” them together?!?
    Oh, the memories!!!…

  • MelissaM - My biggest hair mistake, besides sleeping with gum in my mouth and waking up with it in my hair and having to cut it out, was in the 4th grade. I was in Blue Birds (kinda like Girl Scouts) and we were playing “beauty shop” at one of our “meetings.” A fellow blue bird curled my hair with a curling iron brush and got my hair tangled in it. I remember the smell of burning hair and the panic of my Blue Bird leader as she unplugged the iron and spent what seemed like hours trying to pull my hair out of the round iron brush with a long skinny handled comb. It was excruciating torture. Thankfully she freed my tender head from the torture device, but I looked like a porcupine when my mom finally arrived to take me home. It took even longer at home to brush the tangles out from the rats nest of a hair do. I think I cried that day, but it has been a side splitting story for laughter in my family ever since!

  • Melissa - I ratted my hair beyond oblivion and pulled 1/2 of it out trying to get through the knots the next day. Oh 80’s hair…

    Oh, and I had a poodle perm in middle school that lasted FOREVER. It wouldn’t die.

  • Jaimie - I have dark brown hair. Tried to go blonde a couple years ago. Nightmare.

  • Jamie - I’ll have to add to the ‘bangs’ comments…
    remember when we’d curl half of ’em back, then the other half down…then, take your pick and “merge” them together?!?
    Oh, the memories of the waterfall-effect!!!…

  • MelissaM - Ok, don’t count this post because I just entered one above. But I remember an actual hair STYLE mistake. In the late 80’s, I was in junior high and my dad used to call me the Egyptian sphynx (don’t think I spelled right?) because I would rat my bangs to stand up high and had “wings” on the side where my hair stuck out straight over my ears, held in place by ratting the hair and then soaking it with Aqua Net hairspray! It was a perfect triangle! Ha!

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - Biggest hair mistake? Cutting it really short. Not a good look on me, with my face shape!

  • amy - curly hair..laid head on ironing board…friends ironed it “straight” nuff said

  • Bobbi Jo - Ha! I chopped my hair super short in 7th grade (’87) and had the worst glasses ever. Luckily I have my school photo with my Guess sweatshirt to prove just how awful it was. I’ve never cut my hair that short again!

  • Christy - I cut my long hair to look like China Phillips from Wilson Phillips back in middle school. Loved their song “hold on” ha,ha
    Everyone in my class so made fun of me., I looked like someone had put a bowl on my head and cut it. Kids kept calling me Chris instead of Christy. That was a big deal back then…lol

  • andy - i love the headband that she is wearing in the pics of her in the metal tub looking out of the window. do you remember where you got that one at?

    my worst hair mistake is when i had my grandmother perm just my bangs. that is it. what was i thinking. straight hair and curly bangs. UGH

  • kate george - I had the classic triple curled HUGE bangs. They were the best!

  • Susan Holmberg - biggest hair mistake – I dyed my hair ‘jamaican brown’ which I thought sounded exotic but really with my pale skin tone just made me look like a try hard goth – you live and learn.

  • Sarah - The worst wasnt really my fault, but it still sits as the worst hair cut EVER. The stylist was trying a “new way to hold the scissors”… never a good thing. I had a mullet… a bad mullet and I was in the 7th grade. My life was over.

  • Hollie - My biggest mistake was believing my hairdresser when she told me I needed really short hair because I was pregnant. The pixie thing was not meant for a chubby cheeked girl, let me tell you. Not this one anyway.

  • Jess - Those awful teased bangs. I will never touch hairspray again. Ever.

  • Danielle - bought boxed hair dye in highschool and had my girlfriend do my hair…it came out jet black, like seriously blue black. had to go get professionally removed the next day for $160 and it was a purply dark red. fun times!

  • danielle - my bad hair from high school involved a lot of hair spray and a screw driver! don’t want to get into all those details πŸ™‚ my family still makes fun of me to this day!

  • Jessica B - Once in high school I decided it would be a good idea to bleach my hair – oh wait, it was JUST my bangs. Not only that, but the bangs turned out orange and right before prom! Needless to say the next day I went back to the salon and colored it back!

  • Rebecca - In college, I decided I wanted to be a blond. Instead, It turned out orange! When I went home that weekend, my mother threw a fit and took me to her beauty shop to get it back brown. THEY tuned it pure Black. Then I had to go to another hair salon back at college to try to get things back to normal. I have stayed away from color ever since.

  • vina sanchez - Oh my! I remember like it was yesterday but it was several years ago….in junior high. I had a hair bow clip. A bright RED one at that. I was waiting for my sister to pick me up at school when I heard a very loud boy yelling, “HEY BOW GIRL!! HEY BOOOOOW GIRL!!” I stood there and felt some stares my way and it took me a while to realize that he was talking to ME! Needless to say I did NOT turn around. I was mortified and vowed ever since to not wear a bow to school anymore. That was my biggest bad hair moment ever. This is also when I realized how cruel lil kids can be….

  • Jamie - My ’80s hair was beautiful compared to the chop job a very expensive, popular local salon gave me 7 years ago. It was so bad that all they could do to ‘fix’ it was buzz my whole head with clippers. I’m loving reading all these comments today; haven’t laughed this much on the computer in ages!

  • Hannah Bunker - My mom cut my hair when I was in sixth grade. She cut it so uneven that I had to use several bobby pins to hold back strands that would keep falling in my face. It was mortifying. So she took me to a professional to fix it and I had to have short boy hair. πŸ™

  • vina sanchez - I just reread my comment. Where is suppose to be wear. I’m a lil groggy today. eeeeeks!

  • jenny - oh my, my biggest hair mistake ever would have to be the super short hair cut I got after a really hard break-up from my boyfriend of 2 yrs in high school/college. My hair was REALLY short! Lesson learned:never drastically change your hair or appearance after a break up!

  • Nina Smith - Oh, man. I was all about the home spiral perm. My mom was so awesome and would help me, even though looking back on it I’m sure she was laughing hysterically on the inside. I can still remember the pink rollers and that awful-smelling perm solution. My school pictures from grades 4 – 6 are classic. πŸ˜‰

  • BriBedell - I had not one, but two perms in jr/high. Both of which I promtly brushed out 2 weeks later! Each time. You think I would have learned my lesson the first time!

  • Alyssa Paul - When I was 9 my hair was past my waist and very naturally curly. My friend (with straight hair) got hers cut super short, so I copied it. Then I permed it. It looked exactly like an afro and my cousin called me Bullfrog.

  • Candy Foster - Perming the bangs & nothing else. Ewwww!

  • sarah k - Shortly before my wedding, I got my hair trimmed. Just a trim to get rid of split ends and clean things up. The stylist said, “Oh, I’ll give you some nice layers to make it look really good in the updo for your wedding.” This is where I should have said NO!!! I drove away from the appointment crying because I had two completely different lengths of hair. Very traumatic. I ended up having to have the longer length trimmed so the difference wasn’t so dramatic. It ended up looking fine for the wedding but I remember the panicky feeling VERY well (and that was 7 years ago!).

  • Sydney - Well, the look I was going for was sun-kissed, natural blonde highlights. What I got was YELLOW streaks all over my head. We’re talking straight up school bus yellow. Makes me cringe just thinking about it!

  • Cayce - My mother chopped off most of my hair when I was in elementary school…one side was longer than the other (an 80’s fad I suppose) and my biggest crush kept telling me I looked like a boy! it was horrible and my mother STILL loves that haircut she gave me!

  • Suz McA - In high school I let my girlfriend “highlight” my hair with an at-home kit. When she finished up, I looked in the mirror at ORANGE streaked hair. Disaster!

  • Alyssa - My bangs in middle school… half were curled up, half were curled down. I used so much hairspray my parents made me use the bathroom out by the garage. The worst part… getting a fly caught in them walking between classes at school. It was bad… but fun to laugh about with friends now.

  • Tammy Kay - The day before high school my mom dyed my hair dark brown only it came out pitch black! I looked terrible. We ended up having to to a salon and they had to “fix” it. It turned out black instead of pitch black. I look dead in my high school pictures. Pale face and the blackest hair you’ve ever seen.

  • Erica - oh my..bad hair. Well I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so bad hair was a must. You know the perms and the big bangs. Well I had the rolled bang look and I even curled just the sides of my hair with a curling iron. What was I thinking?!

  • ashley jensen - Bangs that were curled, teased, and hairsprayed along one side of my forehead. When the wind blew, they looked like a big sail because they would stand up off of my head.

  • Amy - Sun-In + perm. It was awful – brown and wavy underneath and scorched orange and flat on top.

  • heidi - in 9th grade i cute my hair super short.
    like 2 inches long short.
    i was not feminie enough to pull off that look and ended up looking pretty butch for the next 2 years until it grew out.

  • Tiffany - In kindergarten I begged my mom to let me cut my LONG hair short. I instead got a chili bowl. And I cried. And cried. So her solution was to get me a perm. And I cried harder.

  • Jaclyn - Wow! I have so many I don’t know where to begin! Probably the worst was my sophomore year of college I tried to lighten my already blonde hair. I didn’t leave the lightener on long enough and my hair was a pinkish color-it looked awful! I am glad I am not the only one though-these comments are making me LOL!

  • Tess S. - when i was younger i fell in love with demi moore’s hair cut in ghost. i begged my mom to let me cut off my waist long hair into a sassy pixie. i have a colic on the top of my head similar to your little one’s. so i basically ended up with hair that stuck STRAIGHT up in the front. it was horrible. i’d love to say it was a lesson learned but i cut short bangs a few years later to get that big barrel bang look. oy.

  • Ari - Also in college I got a short hair cut like a cute one in a magazine…I’m 100% convinced i looked like a boy!

  • melissa - I didn’t know it at the time but looking at pictures of me at age 6, I definitely had a mullet.

  • Karen DeMamiel - In the 80’s I had the side pony and the bangs!! I remember spraying my bangs while on the curling iron and then ratting them out when I took the iron off!!

  • Kate - Three weeks after my wedding I decided it was time to get the post wedding hair cut. Living in a new town not knowing a single soul, I picked the salon I thought had the best name. When I walked in and saw the stylist’s hair, I should have walked out immediately. Two hours later I walked out with the worst hair cut of my life. The two inches and layers I wanted had become about 12 inches of an uneven mess. I cried for three days. Never, never again will I let some who doesn’t have good hair cut my hair!!

  • Sophie Lee - One New Year’s eve, I suddenly decided I needed a haircut, friend on hand, she did it for me. I had no idea until the next day exactly how lopsided the bob she had cut was. Barely passed my ears one side, down my neck the other. My mum had to sort me out, but it was a few months until we got over that one…

  • kristi - in college I had pretty long hair. one day I went and got it cut super short. crazy. I should have just gone half way. what was I thinking? yikes

  • amanda fuentes - For me it’d be a toss up between my mullet in 2-3rd grade or the perms from 6th grade on…. Yikes.

  • christina - worst hair mistake…trying to use the iron to straighten my hair in college…was completely board straight except for the 1/2 inch near my skull where we couldn’t reach with the iron…and it totally fried my hair!

  • Anika - oh…black henna! turned the ends of my hair green…at least I could just cut them off!

  • Michelle - I can’t decide between the teased bangs and the crimped pony tail… πŸ™‚

  • Kellie Ann - After reading the comments, it’s refreshing to find that I am not the only one to curl my bangs. But, even if I’m not the only one, it sure was the most unflattering hair style ever. I don’t know why my mom thought a huge frizzy blob of hair on my forehead was cute.

  • Julie - My biggest hair mistake is the fact that I never change my hair. I’m 30 and it has been long, straight and blonde my whole life!

  • Samantha S. - Not laughing… just smiling. πŸ™‚ My biggest hair mistake = way too short for my face shape haircut in college. I just cut it short-er for the first time in about 10 years… and even now, it’s still below my shoulders!

  • CharlaL - two words Beauty School….when I went it was sort of the rules you had to play…well I ended up with Burgundy was AWFUL!

  • LaurenS - um can we say perm??

  • Analiese: 7 Months | the Chaseys - […] hair, though, I decided to try it out. You’re adorable. No matter what. And there are so many amazing headbands out there for babies these days. Time for Mama to get creative and make you some worthy […]

  • linda geertsen - So, a few months ago. Yup! That recent. I decided that my hair was in need of a dire hair cut and I chopped it. I did it after I watched a few rounds of YouTube tutorials. I was an expert by that time.
    Yeah. Needless to say, I enlisted the help of my sister’s friend–a real expert–to “clean” up the cut. She was so quiet throughout the whole process. I was curious what she was thinking about my mad hair cutting skillz. Maybe she was admiring them. So, I asked. She laughed and said, “You have like a mullet.”
    I am happy to say that I no longer donning a mullet.

  • Rena - Right before I started my freshman year of high school, I attempted to die my hair red. I ended up only dying my bangs, which quickly faded to a Power Puff Girls shade of pink. Needless to say, I made quite the first impression on my first day of school. πŸ™‚

  • Nancy - I thought I was so cool. Big, puffy, high, back brushed bangs. Why did I ever think that looked good?

  • becky - I had about a decade of bad hair days. It included rock hard, teased bangs, home perms, big huge scrunchies and fluorescent barrettes, and the one time I let my sister cut my bangs. Bad idea!

  • Whitney - I guess it would have to be in junior high…I hairsprayed my bangs straight up with a pouf at the end, then sprayed my sides out stiff, also. Horrible! My mom would yell at me in the mornings for using so much hairspray…

  • the inadvertent farmer - My biggest hair mistake was getting my almost waist length hair layered as a teenager…long hair is meant to be one length…especially if it is stick straight.

    Bad move on my part!

  • Melinda - I love the shot just below the grill shots. That little touch of color on her head and her outfit add just the perfect touch to the overall sweetness. My biggest hair mistake was getting my haircut by a “stylist” that only trimmed long hair. I was cutting my long hair to a shortER layered look. Ended up looking like “Pat” from SNL. I drove two hours to my former stylist in tears. She told me she had NEVER seen such a bad haircut. Well, she told me that on my third visit to grow it out and fix it. The longest layer was two inches when the 1st stylist finished. In all my years I never cried over hair. Even when I broke pieces off using Stiff Stuff and a crimper. (Oops!) But this, it took me a year to grow out. Now no new stylist cuts my hair dramatically until I’ve seen her 3-4 times. πŸ™‚ *shudders* Still a dreadful memory. πŸ™‚

  • Kristen - Ah, the bozo the clown perm, circa-1985. I was one rockin’ 5th grader.

  • Jennifer Waldrop - In the late 80’s and early 90’s my mom decided that it was a good idea to perm mine and my sister’s bangs with a tight home perm and leave the rest of our hair straight. Poodle in front/horse tail in back.

  • giozi - I love all the headbands. I did my first headband just last week. I did a post about it :D.
    Well, Now is my biggest error hair. I said to my lovely husband cut my hair ends only. My dear love did a tail with his hand and cut.
    OHHHH I was left side until my nape, and right side until soulder.
    OHHHHH, my hair was until my back. So he had to cut at same level. Now I have my hair really really short snif snif.

  • amber - My mom cut my hair for me when I was in 8th grade. As she cut, she couldn’t get it straight…one side would be shorter than the other, then it would switch. I have really thick hair. By the end my hair was at the top of my shoulders & poofed out as far as it was short. Then she took me to the salon to fix it. The stylist’s solution was layers. Very SHORT layers. I had never cried so much over my hair & never have since…it was AWFUL. My poor, poor. mom:)…

  • Allison - My senior year of high school I had short hair and very very straight hair. I permed it! It was awful! I look back now and wonder why no one stopped me! Also, I’m about to have a little girl and I love all these headbands and hats. They are so stinkin cute and I can’t wait to dress her up.

  • Rachel C - Don’t forget that your hair also had a “tail.” Just sayin’. My worst hairstyle (and there are many) was probably 10 years ago when I cut it really short….like a pixie cut. My sister called me “GI Jane” for months. I’m still growing my hair out from that….:)

  • Karla (LaPine) Swalve - the hard part is knowing which bad hair experience to choose from….there are so many! My hair has been dyed, permed, shaved, chopped, straightened, and overall fried at times. πŸ™‚ I am a slow learner on what looks good I guess! I guess my worst though was in college when a salon tried out a “trendy” short style by shaving my head in the back and leaving it long in front. Nightmare!

  • mica may - when i was in 3rd grade, i went to florida to stay with my dad for a week. i had LONG brown hair . . . i decided while i was there to cut it into a “pyramid” shoulder length, cut bangs, and get a perm. then i happened to lose my 2 front teeth while i was there, so when Mom picked me up from a “week at dads”, i was a completely different person. she just cried and cried.

  • Elissa - in eighth grade, i cute my hair really short with bangs trying to replicate a preppy model in teen magazine. what looked really cute on her, looked really BAD on me and i hated it from the moment i came home with it. then, as soon as it grew enough to do so (in order to grow it out), i permed it! ack! the 80s were bad.

  • kassondra - I’m naturally a dark brunette and i wanted to see what life was like as a bleach blond. i got chunky highlights but since i have a short attention span i was tired of the blond i didn’t go to my appointment, by this time my hair was growing out and i looked like a mess with grown out brown roots and bleach blond chunk!

  • kribss - back in the 8th grade i was living in california. my mom MADE me get a perm. one of those old lady perms so in the year book i look like a korean, female arthur ashe!

  • Stephanie - In Elementary (early 90’s) I had a bad perm and THICK bangs that were ALWAYS curled under!! Those pictures haunt me!

  • Hayley - My favorite personal hairstyle was when I was a little girl. I had long hair, and my mom would roll it in pink rollers the night before. In the morning, my hair was full of large, soft curls. I loved it.

  • Becky - My biggest hair mistake happened over the summer before 8th grade. My friend and I were staying with her grandma in CA for a few weeks and I decided to try to get some “natural blonde highlights” by using sun-in. I put WAY too much and left it on WAY too long. I ended up with an awesome shade of orange all over. To make matters worse, I also didn’t put sunscreen on (you know, to get a natural glow) and was totally fried.

  • Trudy - Think my biggest was in second grade when my Mom took me into the place where she got her “hair done” every week (wash, tease, arrange). I asked for a Dorothy Hamill cut. The older “stylist,” Reba wasn’t quite aware what that was so instead did a close boy cut. Shortly after we were in a store and my Mom ran into an old friend who said ” I didn’t know your youngest was a boy.” It takes quite awhile to grow out a boy cut. My Mom must have felt sorry for me bc my favorite cut was the Farrah Fawcett feathered look in 3rd grade. Reba didn’t cut that one.

  • Angela - I believe it was 3rd grade pictures and my mom allowed me to crimp my hair including my bangs! It was bad. I have very very thick hair (including very thick bangs) so you can only imagine the horror of this picture. Bad.

  • Brianne Pitts - In high school, I tried to do the cute “pixie” thing but I hadn’t started wearing makeup and didn’t know hoe to style my “pixie-ish” hair and just looked like an ugly boy. Barf.

  • Dena - Not sure if I have a biggest hair mistake……I’ve only trimmed, never cut my hair. Highlighted a couple times. Don’t remember if I ever cut it myself when i was little even. sorry, boring answer I know. Never was one for headbands myself, but my daughter looks so cute in them!

  • Stacy - When I was 15 my mom wanted to have a fun spa day, just us girls. I had hair down to my bum and wanted to get my hair highlighted and then trimmed….well after 4 hours of foils it was time for the trim. Somewhow the lady though I said shoulder length instead of 2 inch trim!!! She was cutting away when my mom looked over and said, “oh, you decided to cut it of?!?” WHAT?? To late now, it was the worst cut I’ve ever got even if she wouldn’t of cut off 12 inches by mistake. I had to go to another salon the next day to “fix” it!

  • Amanda - My mom was a cosmetologist. I was her first girl. Needless to say…I was her guinea pig. I had all sorts of wild hair (and cute hair too!) growing up. Colors, cuts, you name it. Not to mention it was late 80’s/early 90’s and my bangs touched the celing. But the best worst hairstyle I remember is my dad’s and brother’s mullet, with the “party in the back” permed. GROSS!

  • Veronica - The TERRIBLE “pump handle” half pony tail on the side of the head, made with a scrunchie, of course!

  • Jenna - I could never master the 80s bangs, so I would make three rows of forward curls out of my bangs instead of the half curled back, half curled forward. I separated it, and sprayed it within an inch of my life. It looked like I had a claw plastered to the front of my head, and because it was sprayed so hard, it would move in one solid unit. Whenever I was ready to go out and my parents had people over, my dad would make me demonstrate how I could pull one tiny piece of hair and my entire mess of bangs would move as one. They would die laughing. I thought it was so cool. Now I realize how it was horrible. gotta love the 80s.

  • angie - A perm. Brushed out. Enough said. Seriously.

  • Rachel - 12 years old, slicked back flip ponytail, in front two very long strands of hair framing my face covered in hairspray! imagine some preteen going gangsta. eeek! the thought makes my face turn red!

  • Megan H - In high school I used bleach to put a streak in my hair. However when my hair made its natural part after being washed it split right down the middle and made me look like a skunk. I tried to correct it by coloring my whole hair an auburn color and ended up with Ronald McDonald hair. Terrible.

  • Amy W - My mom totally floofed my bangs–big…really big.

  • Laurie - Would that be on my own hair or biggest mistake while in beauty school. I think that says enough. lol.

  • Dana Laymon - i dyed my hair red too! it was around christmas time and i just wanted some red streaks but ended up having dark red all over! i cried all day. now i know better. but i plan to chop it all off next month so that might just be my biggest mistake! we’ll see!

  • Jessica G - Thinking I could get away with bangs again… BAD idea. Added about 20lbs to my face!

  • Mandi Smith - Uhhh, have I had some doosies πŸ™‚ My worst was probably when all my friends and cousins were getting their hair shaved, but just where it would be under the ponytail…well I went in to get the same, but apparently messed up when I told the stylist because I came out with my hair cut above my ears….so embarrassing…for months people called me a boy

  • Leanne - I have SUPER curly hair, and that in and of itself should speak volumes for how horrible my hair has been my entire life…but alas, it was 7th grade and I wanted my hair shorter…long story short–my hair looked like a mushroom!

  • Shelby A. - I chopped off about a foot of my long, curly hair, and then slicked it down so it was completely straight. When people would run into me their first comment was always, “Don’t worry, it will grow back!”

  • Kelly W - I decided to dye my hair on Christmas Eve. I was going for a nice deep redish brown, but my hair turned out bright orange. The entire family got a nice laugh out of it!

  • Genevieve - I once had dreads…for 4 days. Ended up a greasy mess that left my hair in a huge tangle (which mostly fell all out when I combed them out). Not the best idea.

    These headbands ARE a great idea for photoshoots though, would love to start a little collection!

  • Ali - I cut my own bangs. Enough said πŸ˜‰

  • Carol V. - Perms!

  • Rayleigh Leavitt - When big bangs were popular in the 80’s, I jumped on the bandwagon, only I started doing it toward the end of the fad and kept doing it for a while after the fad had ended. oopsie! The bandwagon disassembled and I remained as a fool!

  • Sarah - I decided that I wanted bangs and so I cut my own using kitchen scissors. The worst part is that I didn’t learn and years later I did it again. What can I say? When I get in a spontaneous mood I just can’t help myself πŸ™‚

  • Amber Perona - Hair color gone bad- I looked like a tiger.

  • Pam - For my senior pictures I did the short layers on top and the longer layers in the back and layers are great done right but my hair was and still is way too thick for that many short layers. A complete disaster!

  • hannah lockaby - My forehead is maybe an inch long. And even though my mom warned me, I cut bangs anyway. Never, ever, ever again.

  • hannah lockaby - My mom told me not to cut bangs. I did. Lesson Learned.

  • Rachel - Oh worst hair mistake… where do I start?!? Once upon a time I didn’t want bangs anymore so I cut them off, I was 5 so maybe that doesn’t count. I also attempted a perm and it only took in the bangs I had tried to cut off(maybe my five year old self was trying to warn my teen self?) Looked like a poodle for a LONG time lol

  • Jen - I was, sadly 35 at the time. I was in my sister’s wedding and she had a hairstylist come and do our hair. She put my hair in pin curls and sprayed it like crazy. She wouldn’t let me take the pins out until right before the wedding. Needless to say I looked like I had a semi circle of frizz about 6 inches long (the semi circle was from my forehead down). Not good. I rushed into bathroom, put my head in the sink. I figured long stringy hair was better than a frizz nightmare.

  • Christine - I always thought that if just went to the store and picked out a color that would be the way it would turn out…..not so much, I learned it the hard way.

  • allison - I used sun-in. I have brown hair. not a good combo.

  • jaime scott - i had a poodle perm in the eighth grade. my husband still laughs at me. πŸ™‚

  • Sarah - I was 4 or 5 can’t remember exactly. But I do remember clearly that i wanted my hair to look like this professional ice skater I had watched on tv. It bounced as she skated and I thought that was awesome. my mom wouldn’t take me to cut my hair (my hair was super long and after being a bald baby for 2 years of my life, my mom DID NOT want to cut my hair) Needless to say, I found mom’s scissors and did the job myself. It was AWFUL, and the hairstylist my mom took me to the next day couldn’t really fix it.

  • Tara - Bi-level – enough said! Love the headbands and hats!

  • Kristin Eldridge - Cut it really short. πŸ™‚

  • AshleyNicole - In middle school I had bangs, and one morning while attempting to fix my bangs with a round brush…I got my bangs tangled up in the round brush. My dad had to cut it out of my hair! I had little short spiky bangs for a great portion of seventh grade. haha

  • Christie - It’s a running theme, but wall bangs! Aquanet was a dear, dear friend in the 80’s.

  • Ruthy T. - Biggest hair mistake of my life………Senior Year High School. I asked for a little lighter color than my light brown. I got a head of bleached hair! Horrible! Some boys called me Madonna! Ha, ha, ha!!

  • Jenny K - Biggest hair mistake was about a year ago, getting my very long hair cut to chin length. I don’t like how the stylist cut it and have regretted it every day since.

  • Jill - Probably the perms I used to get…yep, in the 80s. Oh dear!

  • Desiree - I decided it would be cool to have two blonde streaks in the front since I am brunette. I used that stuff women use to bleach their “mustaches” and had two orange streaks in my hair until it could grow out long enough for me to cut it! Months and months of orange streaks.

  • Holly T - purple tint + blond hair = pink hair. For some reason I thought it would be like the purple tint in dark hair, not my brightest moment.

  • Lea McFarlin - after high school my hair began turning brown from blond. in order to account for that i tried to die my hair brown…..needless to say it didn’t turn out brown. it turned out more almost black and looked ridiculous with my pale skin. i looked goth….and for anyone who knows me, my personality is definitely not goth!!!

  • Aimee - I dyed my hair a purple pink color but that wasn’t the bad part.. the bad part was that it stained my hair so i had to dye it black and then from there try and work it back to my hair color and i am so light skinned the black looked horrible on me..

  • allison - When I was in 2nd grade I had hair all down my back. I got it cut as short as Firecracker’s. I cried for days. My mom swears I asked for it to be that short. I swear I didn’t.

  • stacey - It was bad enough that I went to the cheap haircut place in the mall, but the fact that I went back the next day to get it fixed was an even worse mistake. I walked out with a mullet! terrible.

  • Amy D. - perm in the third grade. very marge simpson.

  • Lisa Jones - Oh mu goodness. When I was about 12, I decided I wanted hair like my dad’s at the front…but keep the back like my big sisters. What I ended up with was a short spiked up fringe wil long straight hair at the back and SIDEBURNS!! Oh no – it was seriously awful but I kept it for ages. Even my dad used to help me style it! It only got worse when I permed the front – yes, just the front! What was I thinking? Now a cute little headband wpuld have been the smartest solution no?

  • Savannah - I chopped my hair really short after a bad breakup with an ex in high school. My beautiful golden locks were short and boyish for my senior pictures and graduation, I still hate looking at the pictures and definitely regret it!

  • Lacey McKay - I went to the salon inside of a Wal-Mart once. I took with me a photo of Jennifer Aniston, but who hasn’t? I’m sure you know the look I was going for. Anyway, instead of cutting the layers short in front, long in back, my face was framed in pieces that reached my chin and the side was shorter than my ears. The back looked like a mullet. Yikes! It was the worst haircut ever and I was scared to let anyone else touch it to try and fix it, so I just made sure to always yank the front part behind my ears so it wouldn’t be as noticeable, until it grew back out, which took about a year.

    And I can totally relate to the fear of having to fix little girls’ hair! I have two girls and I still struggle with this. Just trying to keep up with all of the bows when we’re out and about is enough to wear me out!

  • Brenda English - My mom was ready to cut my bangs and I raised my eyebrows and she cut. They were way, way too short!

  • Michelle Z. - I got a bad haircut, so I drove (literally) a block up the street to another salon to ask them to “fix” it. That sylist messed it up even more, so I drove (literally) another block to a barber (I know, what was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that I only had a couple inches of hair left, and that barbers usually work with only a couple inches of hair. Or something intelligent like that) for another fix. Ugh. One bad decision after another that day.

  • Sarah C - I had a mullet when I was in kindergarden. There, I said it.

  • Meaghan - When my oldest son was 10 months I was going to “trim” his hair but being that he was a baby he moved and I took a huge chunk out of the back of his hair! It looked terrible so I took him to my salon to “fix” it. Anyway, $20 later I had a 10 month old with a bowl cut for a while. πŸ™

  • Cory - Well my mother was a licensed hairdresser, so as you can imagine I was the guinea pig for lots of trendy fad styles growing up. In elementary school my mom made me wear very curly puffy bangs. In 5th grade I finally convinced her to allow me to grow out my bangs. All of middle school I thought I looked awesome with my hair slicked back into a tight ponytail. I look bald in most pictures 5-7th grade…

  • jessica - I was born in the late 80’s so, fortunately, I did not have to weather those great 80’s hairstyles! I do believe the [[mullet]] is the worst hairstyle of all time, however.

    Though I am NOT a celebrity freak, I do love Jennifer Aniston’s hair. It’s always effortlessly beautiful looking…

  • ~abi~ - i let a friend give me bleach blond “highlights” once…only, it was really just clumps of bleached hair on the top of my head!

  • Julianne - I wasn’t born in the 80s – I’m a youngin. My favorite hairstyle would have to be straight and sleek!

    One of these headbands would look so-so adorible on my niece!

  • joy - when i was in the 3rd grade i asked to have my hair cut like our school librarian. not too bad, until it required a perm on top of the short haircut. think chia pet. thanks to my mom for encouraging my own sense of style though! may i have the courage to do the same for my girl!

  • Yolanda - Last year was one big long hair disaster, as attempted let my natural texture grow out without professional help. Woo boy, frizzy ugliness. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle Gray - My biggest hair mistake was the big fluffy bangs and the HUGE bows in elementary school…I look back and say, “What was I (or my mom) thinking?!”

  • Becca - When I was a teenager I read somewhere that you can use egg to wash your hair. Only, I read it wrong and thought it said “egg shells”. Not quite willing to try it on myself, I somehow convinced my younger sister (who had thick, long hair) into being my guinea pig. WHAT A DISASTER!!! I bet we spent an hour or longer pulling tiny pieces of shell out of her thick locks. My family will never let me live it down… πŸ˜‰

  • Christina G - Right after I graduated high school, I decided that I wanted a change and went to get my hair cut short. It was about an inch all over with these little sideburn things. I looked like Spock from Star Trek and couldn’t do anything to fix it except wait about 6 months for it to grow out. It was definitely a change, just not the change I was going for.

  • Becky Z - In high school I combined the big teased-out bangs with the hair-spray shellacked wings on the side of my head. I had my SENIOR PICTURES taken looking like that. I’m sure my mom was rolling her eyes, but I didn’t notice at the time…

  • Amie - in 6th grade i had really long hair—my mom thought it might be a good idea to cut it to my above my shoulders. I had naturally curly hair so she thought the cut would be PERFECT for me….instead it became a frizz ball that I could do nothing with. Also during this time my hormones started going crazy and i was losing insane amounts of hair…balding and frizzy dont go hand in hand πŸ˜‰

  • Danielle - I love these — I want a cute headband for my cute niece. Her mom doesn’t have $$ to get her stuff like this, so I really want to treat her.

    Bad hair?? I was a fourth grader in the 80s. Fourth grade hair + 80s?! Bad stuff. Perms, wall of bangs…that was an awkward time.

  • Christen - I had my hair cut the week before my debut of highschool…. and it turned into a shag worse than any dogs cut. It was only the beginning of the millennium and the shag do was way past its time. Needless to say, I didn’t like my sophomore year!

  • Becky - I have naturally curly hair, and back when the whispy bangs were in style I wanted them too. So I had bangs cut, that were about 2 inches long. They were NOT whispy. They just sat like a solid strip across my forehead. Yuck!

  • Cindy - I was told specifically by my father not to bleach my dark auburn hair. Amazingly, after a night at a friends, I arrived home with two blond streaks, one on each side of my face. Do you know how long it takes bleach to grow out?

  • jessica jewkes - I had a girl thin out my EXTREMELY thick hair that had no idea what she was doing. Needless to say, she thinned it out too much. So as of right now, I have inch long chunks of hair growing back all over my head as we speak. THEN to top it off I decided to cut my own bangs! Let me tell ya, I am looking CLASSY right now ha ha!

  • Brooke - In middle school I was trying to grow out my perm and my hairdresser talked me into cutting my really long hair off a few inches…well it was more like a foot! I ended up with chin length hair terrible bangs that were still permed! I couldn’t even put it in a ponytail. I was totally mortified at the track meet that night with my poodle haircut πŸ™

  • Jana - In second grade, I didn’t want to be bothered with my hair. I didn’t want to cut it or style it or anything. But I did kinda want it out of my face. So it would naturally part down the middle, thanks to a cowlick that had the extra special scar on top of it from a run in with a chin-up bar. I would place two of those metal clippy barrettes (that now have lovely flowers hot glued on them) on either side of the part and call it good. I refused to lower the barrettes a little to actually hold the hair back out of my face. So they essentially did no good at all…other than looking pitiful. I’m glad there are no photos of this very unattractive phase.

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - When I was about 8 months pregnant with my firstborn, I wanted my hair cut short. I told the guy I wanted long layers, but just above my shoulders…NO bangs! I ended up with a bowl cut!! To make matters worse I still look like a teenager, I’ve always looked young, and that cut made me look like a pregnant 12 year old.

  • Stacey - i am naturally a brunette and i let a friend of mine BLEACH my hair in junior high. i looked like a pineapple and everyone called me cha-char for awhile. ew.

  • Jessica Haskett - I gotta say, the big, huge, Texas-sized bangs…Ratting a part of your hair that shows and then spraying on the hairspray to harden it…not a good thing, not a good thing at all.

  • Suzy - when i was young i was the flower girl in a wedding, the day before the wedding i had a clip in and couldnt get it out so i just yanked it out along with a huge chunk of my hair. it was the front right side of my head so a very OBVIOUS spot! it was awful so the day of the wedding my mom took the hair from the back side of my head and pulled it to the front of my head and put a head band over the top to secure it. needless to say it looked hiddeous but at least my bald spot didnt show πŸ™‚

  • Paige - I kept a ruler in my bathroom drawer, and in the late 80’s made sure my bangs measured 4 inches each morning!! Can you imagine?!? I would LOVE to win this giveaway! Thanks!!

  • Nichole J. - I was about 8 or 9. It was late 1980’s. I had a boyish haircut already & couldn’t quite convey to the stylist that I wanted my hair TUCKED behind my ear on one side and left longish to hang over my eye on the other. Well, she took my interpretation as cut that side super short and leave the other long. It looked ridiculous. I finally had to whack it all off and make sure to wear earrings (my purple 90210’s were a fave!) so as not to be mistaken for a boy. Seriously.

  • Chelsea - Think way too many layers, with hair that is already curly. I kind of had an grandma looking round head with short curls all over, only I was in my early teen years.

  • Kimberly - LOVE all of the hats, headbands and photo props! Bad haircut….my freshman year of high school, I thought it would be cool to grow my bangs out so once they got to my chin, I cut all my hair off. Not one of my best school pics!

  • Amber - My stepmother caught me trying to curl my hair with a brush and decided I should have a perm. I cried and cried and cried when I got back to my mom’s house but didn’t wash it out because I didn’t want the money to be wasted. I was probably about 8.

  • Stephanie - Last week I had one child in the tub, one on the stool next to me brushing her teeth, one in the hallway arguing with me and one in front of me waiting for me to trim his hair. I put the guard on the hair trimmer planning to start in the BACK but because I was distracted, I accidentally started in the FRONT. I cut clear from the front to the crown and I cut it super SHORT! I chopped off his CURLS. I tried not to cry because then he’d know that I made a mistake. I lied and said I’d done it on purpose because “it’ll look cute.”

    I should have kept his appointment at the salon and dished out the 10 bucks.

  • Julie - In 4th grade, I wore my hair up halfway. It was so tight that it pulled my eyes to the side a little. I have NO idea why my mom didn’t tell me how dumb that was!!

  • Emilou - oh, there have just been too many…and I am in one now. think all over brown permanent color that has faded to copper orange and has grown out about 4 inches. My “stylist” tried to cover up the regrowth with brassy highlights. I look hot. so not.

  • Sandy - Definitely the perm – it was terrible – then the gel to keep it curly made it nasty and crunchy! πŸ™‚

  • Brittney tinkey - I rock for a whole year this side ponytail with this huge wall of bangs to mimic my older sister and I was only five! It looks horrid looking back in pictures.

  • Trinity - My mom was just going to trim my hair because I really wanted to keep it long. I was in the 5th grade. She kept cutting one side shorter than the other, so then she had to cut the other side to even it out….the cycle continued until my hair was finally even and REALLY short!

  • Chrissy - I am a person who long hair looks best on me and I know it…however, I sometimes get the urge to “cut it all off!” About 2 years ago I cut it really short and it was all spikey in the back…EPIC failure!!!! Love your BLOG!

  • Allison - I made the mistake of telling my hairdresser I liked a certain cut in the magazine. To him, that meant I wanted my hair cut that way! So, I left in shock as my hair was about an inch long!!!! I got made fun of for a long time for that one! Side note: my hairdresser (at the time) was arrested shortly after butchering my hair for being a meth dealer.

  • stephanie - aqua net = teased and ratted bags. aqua net was not my friend.

  • Sarah - My biggest hair mistake was going from dark hair (almost black) to blonde. My mom did it when I was in high school and we both cried it looked so bad. I went to the salon the next day and fixed it.

  • Jennifer - I made the HUGE mistake of getting a perm right before my senior pictures! Ugh! I asked the girl to make my hair into beautiful ringlet curls, so she took small sections and rolled them up tight on tiny little curlers. Well, let’s just say that I ended up with a fired mess of hair that took forever to grow out and I have a senior yearbook(1985) full of pictures to remind me to never do that again!

  • Shannon - Wow! She is so gorgeous Ashley! Just stunning photos! And her headband is adorable!

    My worst hair, consists of pretty much my entire childhood. straight, lank, and parted in the middle.

  • katie - So many to choose from, but attempting to dye my naturally dark brown hair a darker chocolate brown was pretty gross. Flat, black, uneven nastiness.

  • Krista Lund - gotta say it was the perm my grandmother gave me. close 2nd was the HIGH HIGH bangs in junior high!!

  • Devon - I grew up in Salt Lake City in the 90’s & I had a “Utah Claw”. Picture a wall of hair-sprayed ratted bangs that went as high as they would go. I thought I looked good. πŸ™‚

  • Lisa P. - My brother put warm marshmallows in my hair when I was about two. My poor mom had to cut them all out. It took a LONG time to grow back…

  • Donna - Big, poufy perms. What was I thinking?

  • Heidi - Oh man…. I should be able to enter a hundred times with all of my hair mishaps. I thought I was a pretty good hairstylist through junior high and gave myself all sorts of great styles. Too bad no one else picked up on the bangs 1 part choppy, 1 part straight up look….. Love, love, LOVE the Sweet Pea hats!

  • Sarah - I think that I grew up having a women mullet 1/2 my life… I’m only 24, so thats a time period that doesn’t consist of that being cool. I have thick hair so when the layers where in I attempted MANY times to accomplish that look, however, it came out looking like a mullet. Oh that pictures that are stuffed away. πŸ™‚

  • Harriet - When I was about 10 years old I had REALLY long hair and I had to get it cut short (to my shoulders) because all my hair was falling out. It was growing back pretty thick and I had this kind of fuzz over my whole head as my hair was growing in where it had fallen out. So as all this was happening, I decided that I wanted to have some shorter bits of hair at the front of my hair. So I cut my hair to about just below my ear. I didn’t like this and knew that my mum would spot this straight away. So I had the great idea to cut it as short as I could, right to my scalp. Obviously, this did not work. It grew in spikey and straight up in the air. I still cringe everytime I look at the photo, which I keep well hidden!

  • Heather - yeah i have to second the sun-in spray and laying out in the sun all summer.. my yellowy orange hair ended up falling out at the end of summer..

    i was just thinking ‘how does she keep those things on?’.. love it!!

  • Kristi - When I was a little girl I had TERRIBLE hair! SO, my mom decided to cut some bangs and PERM my hair all at the same time!!! OH WOW!! I still have trouble forgiving her for that!! πŸ™‚

  • Camille Garrison - Luckily, the only bad hair experience I’ve had was when I was too young to remember! 3 inch long bowl cut. I just have pictures to prove that I looked like a boy πŸ™‚

  • Jenn - Sun-in! Gotta love orange hair!

  • Jodi - The puffed bangs, for sure!

  • linda - My biggest hair mistake was 6 years ago. I had a wedding to go to so popped into a hairdresser at the local mall to get my layers trimmed a little. Big mistake, i came out with a mullet cut in 2004, not cool! I was in tears for days over it. Took years to grow out and during this time my flat iron became my best friend

  • Jennifer Powell - Sleeping in Sponge Rollers….why did I ever think that was a good thing??

  • mandi - Oh…third grade. Home perm. In my bangs. So, so bad. What was my mom thinking?!?

  • Pip Prosser - Oh my goodness, there are soooooooooooooooooooo many very scray hair mistakes I really don’t know where to start! Maybe the Elvis look alike in my senior year … or was it the 80s spiral perms, yes plural …. no, definitely the big wave fringe of the early 90’s … or perhaps the bright shade of fluro red whilst backpacking through Europe (the regrowth was particularly special) … it really is too difficult to select just one!

  • Kristin - In college I let a friend give me highlights using a pull through cap…it did NOT go well!

  • robyn - well- either the “helmut” cut which resulted in a rather “butch look”. or in the early 90’s… the “lift” of the bangs and spray. YUCK!

  • Megan - When I was in 2nd grade my mom decided I needed a bang trim…however as the phone rang in mid cut, so did her arm as she turned. resulting crooked bangs that even a headband couldn’t cover due to one side being so short! πŸ™

  • jessibee08 - oooo~ too many to count. Here are some to name a few: my mother MADE me perm my bangs, i did the massive hairspray flip on my bangs…you know, the one where then you brush down the remaining bangs straight?! Oh, and I was just recently painfully reminded of the boy bowl cut I had going on for my senior pic. Seriously??! I have asked my friends how they could let a friend do that!!! They swear I was cute- the picture says otherwise! πŸ™‚
    Good luck with firecracker’s hair; I have a 2 year old. she has a mass of curly/at times matted/teased rats nest. She HATES it fixed. I hate fixing it. It is so stinkin’ cute when fixed. Oh the tension! πŸ™‚ Living in a girls world!

  • Tawnya - We’ve probably all had the same “biggest hair mistake” that I’ve had—-saving money and coloring your hair at home!!! HA! My blonde hair was now O-R-A-N-G-E! Ya, trailer trash hair do, was my new style!!! I’ll never skimp on hair color again!

  • Danielle - My biggest hair mistake was dying my whole head “brown”. My hair stylist did it but she didn’t realize how red the undertones of my hair are. It turned out PINK. She had to dye it all black to get it looking somewhat normal and I ended up with dark PURPLE hair. Never doing that again….

  • Catie - I had what we like to call the “poofy bangs” curled, then poofed up about 5 inches high and sprayed with an entire can of hairspray! I was scarred for life and needless to say I’m sure I will never have bangs again, trendy or not!

  • Jackie McCobb - A perm…a really, really, really bad perm. *shudder*

  • candace - when i was 12, my bangs were bigger than the back of my hair. could that be considered a mullet?

  • sally - My mother was a big fan of the bowl cut for my 80s youth. Lovely.

  • Molly - I tried to dye my hair blonde after dying it blonde. The roots took the blonde, but the length of my hair was still red. Ugh. Horrible.

  • Jill - I once accidentally (hairdresser’s error) got a “mom” haircut in my twenties. Not a good look, especially since it made me look like I was in my forties at the time!

  • Meg - Growing up my mom’s friend would cut my hair in her makeshift salon in her basement. I was about 8 and decided I wanted short hair – too bad she gave me a haircut made perfect for a boy. It was offically a bad haircut when wearing my soccer uniform at the grocery store a lady in line behind us called me a boy!

  • charity palmer - I used sun-in for a whole summer straight and turned my brown hair orange. Let me tell ya, it was NOT a good look. Now, thankfully, things are back to normal πŸ™‚

  • Jessica M. - In fifth grade, I decided that I wanted to give myself curly hair, so I twisted my front bangs and some random strands of hair around a round brush. Long story short, my hair got caught, I got scared, and therefore I cut the brush out of my hair. Knowing Mom would be livid, I wore a bandana to school every day for a year.

    I wonder if she ever realized something was going on…

  • Erin Kirby - I would have to say that my FAVORITE hairstyle mishap came when my mother put sponge curlers in my long, very blond hair. And then poofed/fluffed it. And curled my bangs. And then poofed/fluffed those. And then did the same to my older sister and made us dress the same. ohmygoodness, the pictures are something awful!

  • Michele Morgan - Well, I have too many to mention…but probably my many attempts to go dark (I’m blonde). It never takes and ends up being a weird red color. Oh no, I just remember….I went super short once. I had gained weight too….those pictures all need to be burned! My husband would not even recognize me!

  • Katie - My mother forced giant permed bangs on me throughout elementary school. It looked like someone cut off some poodle hair and plopped it right on the top of my head. After having two boys and pregnant with a girl I’m anxious about what hair faux pauxs I may accidentally force upon her!

  • Crystal - When I was 10 years old I came home from school with head lice/nits and my Mother decided to chop off my hair. She left me with a boy haircut and a rat tail. My school pictures just happened to fall on the same week. I still have the pictures which will haunt me for life. HAHA

  • robyn - i have curly, thick dark brown hair. i cut it all off short, and then decided to do a home highlighting job. i looked like a skunk!

  • Caroline - Wispy bangs that I parted in the middle and brushed to the sides all through elementary school! My 5th grade school picture is frightening! My mom bawled the day I wised up in 7th grade and got rid of that mistake. Oh gosh.

  • Amanda Mc - My biggest hair mistake was going from long to short hair while pregnant in a foreign country. I’m pretty sure they gave me the most rookie stylist ever at the salon and after it was said and done it looked like he had done it with a blindfold on. I cried A LOT. I kept picturing how ugly I would look in all the first pictures of me holding our baby (one of those hats would’ve been handy right about then). A lot of the tears I’m sure were attributable to pregnancy, but I was bummed for days! Then a sweet friend fixed it πŸ™‚

  • Ana - Oh, so many to choose from- but the most humiliating was right after I had my first baby(I always get an itch to cut my hair after having a baby). I let a relative who was in beauty school cut my hair and after asking her to do it a certain way, she did it just like her hair, which was about 5 inches shorter than I requested,and I was already going short! Didn’t work out for my hair at all, especially since I had no desire to spend time straightening my hair, what with having a newborn and all! Ugh! The pictures are THE worst, and we took alot, because we had a new little guy!

  • Autumn - short stacked hair with a tight perm….it was terrible

  • Hannah Cross - When I was in 7th grade my friend and I decided to streak our hair with blonde. Well I am a brunette and I had no idea how to dye hair… so I ended up with huge stripes and everyone called us the tiger twins!

  • AmΓ©lie - Oh my god those eyes of hers on the first picture… WOW!!! And on the second picture, she soooo totally looks like you!
    My biggest hair mistake… When I was 14 I decided to shave it all off. And then someone asked my dad if I was his son. Not cool. :S

  • Ana - Oh,so many to choose from-but the most humiliating was right after I had my first baby(I always get an itch to cut my hair after having a baby).I let a relative,who was in beauty school cut my hair and after asking her to do it a certain way she did it just like her hair,which was about 5 inches shorter than I requested,and I was already going short! Didn’t work out for my hair at all especially since I had no desire to spend time straightening my hair-what with having a newborn and all! Ugh! The pictures are THE worst-and we took alot, because we had a new little guy!

  • June P - my biggest hair mistake was having bangs/fringe. i have thick, curly (big curls) Asian hair. i used up a lot of Aquanet to make that fringe look decent!

  • melissa stover - getting a perm. unfortunately, i did it twice before i learned my lesson.

  • Sarah D. - When I was in elementary school, my mom gave me perms at home. We’d always forget to set a timer and my scalp would always get burned. My thick, short hair was HUGE, accompanied by waaay to many bangs. Those were the days! πŸ™‚

  • Shea - Hmmm…it’s a toss up between the Joan Jett spiked mullet in 3rd grade or deciding to highlight my own hair before the first day of 7th grade. Instead of blonde it turned out gray as an old woman’s hair!

  • Jeannette - I had non-stop perms from 6th grade through my sophomore year in college. My husband, who I official met my junior year of college told me that we had a class together our freshman year, but he was turned off by the super tight curly hair!

  • Leah Z. - one word…PERM πŸ™‚

  • Erica - In highschool I colored my hair purplish red and then tried to go back to my natural brunette color. My hair was neon yellow at the roots and bright orange everywhere else. After all the processing, it also felt like straw. So, I left conditioner in it for like 2 weeks straight and tried to color it brown again, but it ended up a less horrible shade of orange. Wait…I forgot about the time I tried to go platinum blonde! I haven’t colored my hair in years!!

  • Jody B - Not letting my hair get long enough to touch my ears!

  • Amber - Wow, how do you read all these? But if you do, it looks like you’ll have some pretty good laughs. My worst hair mistake was nothing I chose. My junior year of high school, I was curling my bangs in the locker room with another girl’s curling iron. All of a sudden, I noticed steam, or rather, smoke wafting up from my hair. When I pulled the barrel of the curling iron away from my head, my hair was still attached to it! Three fourths of the width of my bangs were now about a third of the length they had been and the frayed, crispy, singed ends hung uneven and yellowed over my forehead. I remember the looks of horror on the faces of the other girls who were gathered around the mirror as they silently thought, “Thank God that didn’t just happen to me.” My first driver’s license picture holds proof of this terrible hair tragedy, though the singed ends had been lovingly snipped by my mother.

  • kellie - In the eighties, my step-mom had classic, big, permed, 80s bangs. I thought it was so cool, so I decided that I wanted a perm too. I was in the 4th grade, and knew very little about hair-styling. I ended up with a perm in my wavy, red, waist-length hair. The stylist then cut my hair pretty much into an afro. My 4th grade friends called me Annie for months. It was a life lesson. I like to think that it built my elementary girl character a little bit.

  • Sarah - When I was a freshman in high school, a girl friend and I read that putting mayo in your hair was a good conditioner. So we proceeded to apply an entire jar of miracle whip to our hair and then hang out in the Texas sun on our trampoline all afternoon. I couldn’t eat potato salad for 10 years after that day. And my hair was no better for the effort either.

  • christy - A few years ago I wanted a “shaggy” sassy do- ended up looking like David Spade πŸ™

  • lisa and tate - When I was in high school I tried to dye my hair blond out of box. The color turned out an Army green. Took a week of twice a day washings for my hair to lose that green tint.


  • Zhanna - I got a spiral perm as a freshman in high school. It was crazy expensive and looked great when I walked out of the salon. After that it was frizzy, dry, and handfuls of hair would fall out after a shower. I cried many nights. That year was torture for it to grow out πŸ™

  • Jermaine D. - I have naturally curly hair so pretty much any hair cut before it tamed down at the end of high school was awful!

  • Jen - 7th grade, Sun-in, dark brown hair…’nough said?

    bright orange disaster.

  • Nicole - Hmm…how to choose between the ‘boy’ cut in second grade or the mullet it grew into, the mall bangs from middle school, the perm in high school, the bad highlights in college or the ponytail I’ve been rockin’ since our kids were born!! It would appear I’ve been hair-challenged for the majority of my life – Lord help our baby girl!!

  • Jodi - I love these headbands! My biggest hair mistake was perming and coloring my hair. Bad idea. My hair fell out in clumps!

  • Michelle - BANGS….I just can’t have them!

  • Elisa B. - I am currently living with the weirdest hair I’ve probably have so far. The months post baby, my hair started falling out. Now, nine months post baby, my hair is coming in. The font looks like I cut my bangs way too short and is sticking out away from my head and will NOT be tamed!

  • anne c - taking it back to 2nd grade….the double bangs thing where half of them you curl up and the other half you curl down. I am going to have to find a picture of it now! that was awful and should never come back in style!

  • Christy - Hmmm, I was going to say sponge rollers on stick straight hair. PUFF! But, when you mentioned the red hair fiasco I was reminded of an experience where I learned the hard way that a 12 wash red red red dye does not in fact wash out in 12 washes. If your hair is blonde, like mine, it washes out never. It grows out as you cover it with brown. Bleck!

  • Kelly - When I was 7 or 8 I sadly wore my bangs in a ponytail. Yes, a ponytail. One for the rest of my hair and one straight up for my bangs. I’m still surprised that my mom let me walk out of the house every day for months like that. Thankfully there are not many pictures to remind me of my absurd sense of style.

    Please don’t enter me in the contest, Beatrice is my good friend.

  • Bailey Hanrhan - One word. Crimper!

  • kate - in 89′ i had my hair cut at an angle..skater style i guess…it looked really good from the back but my school picture was 1 side of my hair was short and the other was almost to my shoulder.. and permed of course! sigh….

  • Martina - I was born in the 80s and so was my worst hairstyle – a perm, with bangs of course. Who gives a preschooler a perm?? It was always a tangled mess!

  • Elizabeth - I have very curly hair and around 5th grade when I first starting fixing my own hair, I decided I wanted to “straighten” it… not with a flatiron, but a small round brush. I got it so wrapped up and stuck, that I had to cut it out. I didn’t tell my mom because I thought I’d get in trouble. She noticed.

  • mary - It was my mom! When I was in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade, she cut my hair, gave me perms and everyone called me Annie! I straighten my hair to this day!

  • Sarah - In the ’80s I tried so hard to convince my mom to cut my hair like Haley Mills’ in my then-favorite movie, the Parent Trap. Thank goodness she didn’t go for it.

  • Miss Kris - A lifelong blonde, I decided to try life as a brunette. My mistake was using a lovely shade of chocolate brown from a box–my hair soaked up the dye and turned jet black. I looked like a goth! 4 hours at the salon and a lot of money later, I had my lovely shade of chocolate brown. Never again!!

  • Amy Price - I have very thick naturally curly hair. I allowed my drama teacher to spray paint my hair for a demonstration in class. It looked like I had purple hair and just stuck my finger in the light socket. The entire school laughed all day!!

  • Michelle - 8 of us women went out one night and one of my friends let the rest of us high lite her hair with diy kit. It was so bad she had to go to a professional the next day to fix it.

  • Jill - When I first tried to use a roller brush and blow dryer to straighten/poof my hair and the roller brush got tied up in my hair. So sad….my mom had to cut a lot of it out.

  • Mary - my hair was just below my ears, my friend stayed up til 4 AM painting bubble gum pink all over… it was right before graduation. It was probably the brightest shade of pink possibly…. then I tried to change it back to blonde because well, graduation with pink hair wasn’t really going to work for my mom…. it was orange instead. To bad I didn’t know anything about photoshop back then.

  • Jordan Formby - biggest hair mistake: i cut my long hair off (for the very first time in my life) the day after my grandmother died. i had been thinking about it for awhile, but i cried, and cried, and cried, and cried over my new “boy” haircut. nothing has ever felt so traumatic, although it may have had something to do with my grandmother passing, too!

  • Macy Dawn - I uncovered my sister and my old crimpers when I was in high school. I decided to be cool and bring back crimped hair to my school. Of course no one followed, but I sported that crimp for months!

  • An - My worst hair mistake is letting my aunt “practice” on me. Not only did she give me a really tight perm (my hair is really fine and straight black), but she cut me some bangs that started half way between my forehead and the back of my head (if you drew a straight line from ear to ear across the top of my head that’s where it started). It was awful!!!

  • Teresa Johnson - In high school, I had this horrendous hairstyle that looks like I was channeling someone from American Bandstand (and not in a good way). Thankfully, my husband has an awful memory and didn’t remember when we first met and hung out then (sigh and wiping of the brow).

    No girls for me, but I have two little boys coming home soon and they are going to wear cute hats, because I say so πŸ™‚


  • MCA - I won a perm at a birthday party in 6th grade. They FRIED my hair. Thankfully, that now out-of-date style permeated in me from a relatively early age.

  • Jessica - Having naturally curly hair, I have had many big hair mistakes. The most memorable was in jr. high when all the girls kept their hair perfectly straight and I was envious. I cut my hair short so it would be easier to straighten. It turns out my hair did not do straight very well and with a short hair cut I looked like a lion when I left my hair curly! I have NEVER cut my hair short ever again!

  • Bridget - I wanted to be orphan Annie!!! TIGHT TIGHT curls all over my head!!

  • Heather - I got a perm… I don’t really feel like I have to elaborate, but yeah… it was bad.

    On a separate note this contest excites me ALOT becaue I found out on Friday that baby #3 is a girl!!! The two older boys won’t know what hit them πŸ™‚

  • Debbie - I have naturally curly hair and have always fought it. Puberty did a number on my hair as well. Right before the first day of jr. high my mom took me to cut my hair. Short curly hair is only worse. I looked like Annie. And I hated it. Cried for days.

  • Laura - Had my friend dye my hair and it turned out orange!! Not a good color for me:) Oh and when I was in junior high I teased my bangs! Uggg!

  • Cecily R - My biggest hair mistake? Trying to dye my very dark brown hair blonde with my neice. It took HOURS and more than one visit to the hair dresser to get it fixed. It was baaaaaaaaaad.

  • Angie - I had my haircut short short in high school and the 1st part of college, I wanted to look like “Demi Moore”. Now when I look back at my wedding pictures I notice that my husbands hair is longer than mine… what was I thinking?

  • Julie - Cutting and length have always been something that I enjoyed tampering with. Color has always got me into trouble. I was out of high school and decided to cut my hair really short and dye it. I was going for a platinum blond look, it turned out orange, I didn’t learn my lesson either bc I did it again a few years later! I have since quit dying my hair, more out of laziness for the upkeep!

  • Erin Johnson - When I was in elementary school in the early 90’s my sister had just started beauty school and used me as a guinea pig. I ended up with a mushroom do. Literally! She cut the top in a 3 inch bowl, then did a weight line in the back…then to top it off, she permed the whole thing! Horrible. When her husband saw it he just said, “I liked it better long.” I remember going to my room and crying because it was so horrible! Oh well.

  • Mandy - Right as I was about to graduate college my cousin and I decided to cut off all our hair and donate it to locks of love. We also decided to cut said hair short and spiky with a funky chunky dye job. I though “Hey I’m going to be giving back as well as get a chick cool new look.” It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience and I am so happy that we were able to give that gift to a child in need, so not so much a “hair mistake in that part of it. With that being said, I soon discovered that I am not destined to be a short haired girl. I would love to have a short pixy cut and not look awkward and “off”. However God just didn’t intend it that way. So after donating my locks I donned a crazy haphazard look which sprouted out every which way, especially under my cap on graduation day (much to my mothers chagrin!)

  • Brooke - Oh goodness, the rat tail. Seriously, what would possess a girl to get one of those? I must have been out of my mind!

  • Amy - I have naturally curly hair and when I was little I looked like Annie. By third grade my mom was frustrated with hair that simply refused to do anything and she decided to perm it. That was a horror so she chopped it off. I looked like a boy. It is still embarrassing so see the pictures!

    Also thanks for letting us know that Firecracker won’t keep her headbands on however as least you can get photos, mine can’t even leave then on long enough to grab the camera, but we’re getting better too.

  • Jenny - My biggest hair mistake…well there was the mistake my Mom made (well I blame it on her) when in the 5th grade she said I would look cute with a Dorothy Hamil haircut (short, pixie type cut) – WRONG!

  • Kenna - Wow, I have so many hair mistakes! The worst would be the “Chynna Phillips” haircut that I got in 8th grade. It was popular in the early 90s and I thought that if I had this short, cropped do I would instantly look as cute in it as Chynna Phillips did. Unfortunately that was not the case. It only made me look younger than I already looked. By the way, Chynna Phillips was part of the group Wilson Phillips, which I happened to love at the time.

  • Tara - Sadly I decided to bleach my hair…of course it turned out an orangish yellow instead of blonde. Yikes!!!

  • Amanda - Jumped on the do-it-yourself-highlighting bandwagon in middle school and ended up with blonde leopard spots in my dark brown hair, rather than the sun-streaked whimsy I had imagined. Ugh…

  • Chantal - Grape koolaid when I was 13.. instead of coloring my hair it colored my whole scalp purple. Got made fun of FOREVER by my brothers!

  • shelby - ooooh goodness! If you were to look at my school pictures from my middle school years, they are just one HUGE hair disaster. HUGE bangs, weird hair accessories…just ick!

  • Kim - Think 1980’s…
    It was the day before my first school dance (8th grade). My mom announced that my sandy blonde hair looked “mouse brown” and decided to dye it with a box of home hair color. Keep in mind I have virgin hair, never processed. AND, my mom is not a beautician. Long story short – my hair turned ORANGE. Oh, and to make matters worse. She used the same hair color to “lighten” my eye brows. Sigh, just typing this gives me a stomach ache! I have destroyed all photographic evidence of this hair nightmare.

  • KIM J. - I got a bowl cut when I was in 3rd grade that looked really cute when it was curled, but basically looked like I was a boy when it was not, and since I wouldn’t let my mom help me do it, most of the time it was not. Oh dear.

  • Jen - One time in college, you know when girls don’t care about their looks or anything, I let a friend dye my hair. About halfway into this project I realized she had dyed my entire head o’ hair with the color we bought as “highlights.” I was crazy, creepy blonde except for one chunk of orange. Which had to remain through my out-of-town stay, a tantrum, and one awful set of classes in a baseball cap that covered everything but the orange patch. OUCH!
    I never knew that “contempt on my pride” would come in the form of a Clairol box. Lesson learned.

  • angela - since i was born in ’86, i spent the remainder of the 80’s GROWING some hair ( born bald), but the early 90’s saw me in the terrible aftermath of a mom stuck in the 80’s: home cut bangs + curling iron= all sorts of BAD!
    sad that i missed this one! i would love every single one of those hats!

  • linkcreations - oh well, there’s so many posts, you probably wont get to read all of them, or mine.

    but here goes anyway.

    you are so special, there is something in your photos(and creativity – crafting) that says so much about you -your soul, something i admire and wish i could accomplish in my life.

So after all the Google Reader craziness I realized a lot of you have no idea what Google Reader is or why I was frustrated it wouldn’t work on my blog. Let me, in a nutshell, share with you.

You will need to set up an account to use it, but that is simple.

Google Reader is an option for you to keep track of your favorite blogs all in one spot. Instead of bookmarking a ton and visiting them each day to see who has updated, all youΒ  have to do is log into your Google Reader account and you can see what blogs are updated and which ones are not. It makes blog reading much faster by getting rid of all the down time checking blogs that haven’t updated. The drawback is you don’t see the actual blog….on my blog you miss all the tabs, the background, the My Lovelies, etc….you just get the post. Some blogs only show text or titles on Google Reader. You should check it out. But….if my blog randomly stops showing up come back here the manual way I post pretty much every weekday…

UPDATE: Look in the comments of this post…a great idea for how to view the actual blogs using Google Reader, but on your toolbar…I am off to try it. Thanks ladies for sharing!

UPDATE #2: Okay the “next” button in the toolbar…my life is changed. Genius. I owe you all big time for sharing that!

I haven’t announced the Match-a-Roo Zoo winners because I haven’t had time to go through all the comments…I’ll get to it soon!

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  • amy - You can add something called a “next” button to your bookmarks (from google) that allows you to actually visit the blogs that are in your reader (who have posted since you last read). I can’t remember who posted about it recently or how I added it to my bookmark bar (sorry), but it works, and when you’ve read all your blogs it says something like “you have reached the end of this internet”!

  • Lanny Stanard - I’m so with you on this… yes I like google reader but! I must say I love your blog everything about it, I visit everyday to see what your doing next… Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  • Leo - Google reader changed the way I surf the internet. I love it, love it, love it.

  • Michelle -

    The next button is seriously the best thing google ever invented! I use it all the time (even right now!) to visit my reads daily.

  • Tuesday Jane - It is a great tool of Google, I used it before I found “”, I prefer the latter but it depends on everyone’s preference of course.

    You pictures are amazing, they’re all bright and colourful! I look forward to see more, great blog indeed!

  • Kelly - Ditto Amy! When you use the “next” bookmark in your toolbar it takes you directly to the blog post so we can see all the pretty stuff πŸ™‚

    In reader – Settings – Goodies- 3rd one down

  • Harriet - Thank you! I now know what you are talking about. πŸ™‚ I have to tell you this, I was directed to your blog a few months ago now and now I have to check it everyday! So when I was away on holiday to California for 7 weeks I was going crazy because I was desperate to check your blog for your latest crafts and beautiful photos. When I got home I spent hours looking through all the posts I had missed while I was gone. I just love your blog!! It is inspiring, and you are an inspiration!!

  • Melissa - Guess what! It has taken me a few weeks, but I have gone through your blog start to end and back to start! Loved it! So much I could comment on and so much I drooled over. I do have one question however, how to your pictures appear so clear on this blog?! Are you adjusting anything in photoshop/lightroom?

  • tasha roe - i am going to have to try out this google reader thingie.
    sounds interesting.

    saw you on ohdedoh again. you are rockin’ it!!

  • AshleyG - I’ve been using google reader since it was created but have never even tried out all the new gadgets like this next button. Thanks for sharing! I would have never known!

  • Mandy - I too recently discovered the “NEXT” button – WOW!!! where has that been all my life!

  • Kacey - This post just changed my life. haha! I just set up Google Reader and the NEXT button is now my new favorite anything! Thanks so much for sharing. πŸ˜€

  • Mary - I have you on my google reader but it still doesn’t pull up your actual posts… it just does the links. πŸ™ Which is okay at the same time because your blog is amazing and I don’t mind spending time floating around on your site. πŸ™‚

  • Vane - You really should try!