and the winner is…..

Debbie who wrote, “I’m dreaming of building my etsy business, fruitofmyhands, to a successful business so I can be a ,”stay at home grandma”

Your comments were so fun to read…a lot of dreams for spring and family. There were some really beautiful dreams listed there. There were 2 comments though that cracked me up….had to share them:

“I’m dreaming of….Celine Dion. Ha! I just saw her movie last night and can’t wipe the smile off my face. I don’t know whether to break into song and dance or cry because she’s so great.:)… oh! and seeing my family who’s coming to visit this weekend. But c’mon … it’s CELINE.”

“I’m dreaming of….Eating bags of cadbury eggs that won’t add to my exploding muffin top!”

Remember, you can use the code PHOTOG to get 10% off an order at Shey[B]

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  • candace - what a super-cute, fun yet sophisticated

  • robyn - is that the same lady from “you are my sunshine”…. LOVE her work, want her to come design things for me in my entire house!

  • Debbie - Thank you very much. I will contact Shey(B) for my prize. Deb

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. The last counting comment is ae’s “sunshine.” Winner to be announced soon.

In less than a year’s time I have gone from not owning a sewing machine to sewing ruffles on everything. What happened to that girl that was shell shocked about having a girl in her house? She’s not here anymore! Just to refresh you, here are some of my ruffle projects over the last 8 months…click on the title to find a link to the original post:

Ruffled Amy Butler pillow for my daughter’s nursery

Ruffle Bottom onesies…man oh man did her little newborn bum look cute in these!

T-shirt fabric ruffled pillow. The easiest thing ever to make. (sorry no tutorial)

Ruffled Tea Towels

Well now that she is all over the place, she doesn’t really like anything on her legs – slows her down. Heaven forbid she crawl around in a plain ole’ diaper cover like her brothers did. Well they actually didn’t have diaper covers, but we can pretend. Again, no tutorial for this. I feel funny about doing sewing tutorials. I don’t know anything technical about sewing so I am afraid to post a tutorial knowing so many great seamstresses read this. Basically, I just cut strips of scrap fabric, folded over the edges, sewed them down and then layered the ruffles on some bloomers I already had.  I did the cutting one night and the sewing in about 20 minutes one morning. Super fast project.

This little thing crawling across the floor is just so much cuter than the diaper.

When I found out I was having a girl (after 3 boys) I talked to a lot of girls I knew that grew up with older brothers. Some had awesome experiences, others not so great. Among the things that stood out to me was that some older brothers gave their little sister a hard time for doing ‘girlie’ things….like painting fingernails, wearing pink, makeup, etc. It seemed very natural for a lot of my friends to be more ‘tomboy’ than ‘girlie girl’ because they loved their brothers and naturally just embraced that. I don’t care if my daughter grows up wearing converse or heels. I don’t care if she likes hot pink or orange. I don’t care if she sews, crafts or hunts. I want her to be who she is uniquely created to be. I do care, however, that her brothers never make fun of her if she does decide to be more of a girlie girl. For that reason, while she is young I am celebrating the girlie girl stuff in an effort to teach her brothers to celebrate her unique role as their little SISTER. So by bringing on the ruffles and letting her brothers see her crawl around in her cuteness hopefully they are learning that being a girl isn’t ‘gross’, but can be pretty cool and special.

I hope while she doesn’t have an opinion that her girlie hats, headbands and ruffles will help teach her brothers (and her) that the desire and ability to climb mountains, camp and make the biggest splash in the mud puddle have nothing to do with whether you have Spiderman or ruffles on your rear.

One place I have not attempted to add a ruffle is on my camera…well Shey[B] came to my rescue.  Ruffles on camera straps. CUTE, STYLISH, FUN RUFFLES ON CAMERA STRAPS. Can you believe these things!

She has tons more…not all have ruffles…some would work for you guys out there too. I can’t wait to get my strap in the mail, until then I want to celebrate RUFFLES! What is a celebration without a present? Today you can win a Shey[B] camera strap cover!

Visit her blog here and her store here

Contest Details:

Prize is one $30.00 gift certificate to the Shey[B] store

Contest ends Saturday, February 27, 2010 10pm central US time

Winner chosen at random

To enter: finish this sentence in the comment section “I’m dreaming of…….”



For those of you that can’t wait to order one, Shey[B] is offering 10% to Under the Sycamore readers. Just type PHOTOG at the checkout!

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  • laura - sandy beaches in april…

  • Melissa - I am dreaming of a whole day to myself to just create.

  • Lisa - warm weather! :)

  • Erica - …warm summer days and playing outside with my kids!

  • Annie - holding my baby bean for the first time (due in 6 days!).

  • Shannon Phillips - the day that my husband finishes school and we have lots and lots of time TOGETHER!!

  • Kari - a warm place where it doesn’t snow, children are not sick and the Sun always shines! (can you tell I have cabin fever?)

  • Sally - I’m dreaming of nights in the distant future where my baby boy sleeps through the night!

  • keely - …the next date day with my husband.

  • allison - …this little baby inside of me being a girl!

  • Emily - I am dreaming of summer Fridays

  • Kristi - the day I can wear flipflops again!! Oh how I have missed them!

  • Kathy - I’m dreaming of another baby. :)

  • Colette Amey - I’m dreaming of going more than two weeks without someone in our house getting sick! Warmer weather come quick!!

  • Melissa - …a craft room full of Amy Butler fabric, lots of yarn, and scrapbooks as far as the eye can see!

  • Jennifer - I’m dreaming of sunshine and warmer weather! Enough of the cold and snow! :-)

  • Katie - joining up with a new church plant. Lots of exciting possibilities if that is where God is leading us.

  • Margie - my husband coming home today…after being gone all week and then stuck for 2 days extra due to snow. dream dream dream!

  • Tracy - Spring, green grass, sunshine, smell of rain, and flowers! Great giveaway…LOVE her camera straps!!

  • Jessica - vacation in San Fran in Sept.

  • kribss - s’mores, bonfires, pudgie pies, fishing, long walks, cool drinks, frisbee playing, sprinkler running, flip flop wearing, fresh mowed lawns, pretty flowers growing….*sigh *

  • Sarah - SPRING!!!! Flowers, sunshine, warm weather, and pedicures :)

  • Rebecca - …the feeling of my barefeet in dew drenched grass. Right now we have more than a foot (and no end in sight) of the white stuff. March isn’t even “in” yet and he is already roaring.

    I love your ruffle butt bloomers~I think I have some of those in store for this “maybe girl” here…and if SHE is actually a HE, I’ll have a few good baby gifts (seems like EVERYONE is pregnant these days around here.)

  • Allison - …the day when we can give our boys the house and yard of our dreams so they have more space to run and play….and I can have my garden!!!!

  • Andrea Jett - spring photo shoots! being outside with my camera again…

  • Bobbi Jo - snow melting and tulips sprouting up!

  • robyn - im dreaming of all things spring… flowers, allergies, greenery, mud puddles, playgrounds, dirty clothes from days outside playing, windows open, walks outside… i could keep going! and i secretly dream of having a little girl to dress up in ruffles… boys are fun but ruffles would be really fun!

  • Amy - my littlest sleeping through the night!!

  • jennifer - sunshine!

  • heidi - pink blossems, dew on the grass (instead of frost), rolling down windows and opening my sunroof, concerts in the park, and long runs without a sweatshirt.

  • Candy Foster - a fun-filled camping trip w/ the family!

  • janie - a new ruffled shower curtain for my bathroom!

  • Deanna - My husband coming home from Iraq.

  • Jill R - I am dreaming of SPRING!

  • Brooke - I am dreaming of babies :) and the time when God will allow that in our lives.
    I love the ruffled bottoms! I have always loved Shey B’s camera straps, but I want to try to do it on my own. Yea right..I doubt I can make anything quite as cute!!
    I am not a great seamstress either…but I try too. It’s worth it to try!

  • Raechel - I’m dreaming of holding our own ruffle-wearing daughter in my arms very soon. (She’s due in 2 weeks and we have ruffles EVERYWHERE in anticipation of her arrival)

    Love the ruffle bloomers, by the way. It’s encouraging to me to see you doing things for your girl now, once she’s here. I keep thinking it’s do or die right now – that if there’s anything I want to make for Hazel, I have to do it now, before she’s born. Good to see that I can relax and make her some ruffle bloomers in a few weeks or months. That squishy little bottom isn’t going anywhere for awhile! :)

    Love all the cute things you do! Thanks for sharing!

  • Robyn Farmer - making fun ruffle cuteness for etsy.

  • Susan - sleep! My two year-old is going through a bad spell of waking up in the middle of the night.

  • ashlee - Im dreaming of the farmers markets….its almost time!! Little sisters ruffles are too cute!

  • Elizabeth - I’m dreaming of… five older brothers and how, being the youngest and the only girl, shaped my life in more ways than they can image…..they were such wonderful role models for me and shaped me to become the person that I am today!

  • Emily - I’m dreaming of the day that…I can shop on the girlie side of the store, the day that I can put ruffles, headbands, huge flowers, pinky lacey, frilly girlie girl things on a tiny baby girl of my own.

  • Christy - SPRING!! or warmer weather. I want to get outside! It’s snowing here as I speak.

    Luv the Ruffles!! I’ve added them to everything myself my curtains in my kitchen and tank tops. My camera strap needs some ruffle love.

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Rebecca - a nap and maybe a massage.

  • Karla - ….green grass!

  • Tess S. - of spring time. new flowers, big mud puddles, dogwood tree’s, tulips, green grass, sunshine, flip flops, and on and on and on. in a way i’m thankful for cold winters. it gives me a reason to be oh so thankful for all the great things that spring brings.

  • Cath - …my date with my bed tonight

  • Sarah D - …springtime turning into summertime, refreshing glasses of lemonade and iced tea, changes that are coming into my life, and whipping out my camera to capture it all with the knowledge I’m going to gain from attending a SnapShop!

  • Lori Danelle - . . .getting to quit my day job and pursue my personal creative ambitions.

    That and getting my mid-remodel house finished. That would be pretty great too. :)

  • Emily - 5 oclock so I can start my weekend getaway to my brothers-in-law in New Haven!

  • Jessina - …graduation and summer and starting college next fall!

  • Abby - …spring! Days without snow! Playing outside!

  • Jennifer Campo - ….the summer & the lake!

  • ~abi~ - …a white christmas. just kidding! :) i’m dreaming of my trip to vegas in a week for wppi!!! :)

  • Elise - …planting (and documenting w/photos!) my first veggie garden this spring :)

    This is my first visit, love the blog so far!

  • Cassie - …floating in the ocean in a hot pink raft with jewelry-wearing monkeys & violinists…because those are the crazy dreams I have every night now that I’m prego! :)

  • Kristina - …warm weather and carefree days, ice cream sundaes and blowing bubbles, and being able to take a walk in the evenings!

  • robyn - I am dreaming of being thinner and trimmer before spring!

  • Meredith - I’m dreaming of Spring, sunshine and picnics!

  • Faith - ….date night with my hubby tonight!

  • Jenny - …my baby boy due in May!

  • Teresa J - I am dreaming of the day I get bring my baby home!

  • Kara - seeing the sun again. I really don’t even need it to be warm just to see it! :)

  • Lindsay Thomas - Celine Dion. Ha! I just saw her movie last night and can’t wipe the smile off my face. I don’t know whether to break into song and dance or cry because she’s so great. :)
    … oh! and seeing my family who’s coming to visit this weekend. But c’mon … it’s CELINE.

  • Erika - No more snow and the warm sun!!

  • Christina S - …planning my nice WARM summer vacation with my family at the lake.

  • Crystal - …the first warm spring feeling day that I can open up my windows and let the breeze blow in!

  • tiphaniefaith - ….a white sandy beach, with lots and lots of sunshine. Bright sweet sunshine! And cool refreshing water. :)

    Can you tell I’m tired of winter?

  • Rachel Ridd - im dreaming of warm weather and planting my garden

  • amber fischer - …finding a really fabulous chair that is both comfortable and stylish that would make a good desk chair. For very inexpensive. Yes, I’m definitely DREAMING. ( ;

  • Shannon - actually having a new house in the near future…another six months to go until ours is finished….

  • jody - I’m dreaming….of a day when my boys can ALL dress themselves & a day when we say GOODBYE to diapers!!!!!

  • Kelly - …green grass! I haven’t seen our grass since September 30th…boo.

  • Jill - …sunny days and warm weather so I can play outside with my kids!

  • Kristin - … the weekend!

  • Lesley - I love this post and I totally agree that ruffles and puddles and mud all go quite nicely together!

  • Ashley Dougherty - I’m dreaming of….my first baby due in July! :)

  • Lesley - oops, I got distracted and missed the whole dreaming thing, mine is dreaming of what it will be like to see my little baby for the very first time!!!

  • Jenna - A girl’s trip to St. John in less than two weeks that my mother-in-law surprised me with! Ahhhh…

  • Stephanie - …sun, sand, hammocks, and Red Stripes awaiting me in Jamaica for my Honeymoon!!

  • Morgan - …sunshine, sun dresses, sun tan!

  • Brandi - I’m dreaming of a vacation for my 30th birthday in a few weeks!

  • Mary - being settled, in my mind.

  • allison waken - Summer!

  • Jennifer F - I’m dreaming of summer and pedicure dates with my BFF’s!

  • LaurenS - warm weather please!

  • Katrina - I am dreaming of the end of this school term. Almost done, then I can relax and concentrate on the last of the unpacking in my new place.

  • Robyn Lee - the next place that God will lead my military husband and I. I’m praying it will be somewhere warmer than North Dakota.

  • BriBedell - I am dreaming of flat abs and toned calves…lol :)

  • Kathleen - I’m dreaming of finally moving closer to family! And I know a photo and fashion loving sister in law who would love one of these camera straps… so cool!

  • evie - Spring and traveling to the beach!

  • Karen - A nice quite weekend.

  • sarah - …starting a portrait photography business, thanks to Ashley Ann’s tips & inspiration :)

  • Pins + Paper - I’m dreaming of… my husband returning from his deployment :)

    ~ Kristen

  • ASH - I’m dreaming of the day I can stop being a software developer and be a seamstress instead. :)

    Btw .. your ruffled baby bum is ever so cute! :)

  • amy jupin - suntan lines on my shoulders, pool parties and the sound of lawn mowers.

  • Jaclyn - SUMMER!! I need a break from my students, to spend more time with my kids, travel, relax!

  • Katie H. - The joy and excitement of watching my boys run and play in the house we just purchased yesterday!!

  • Kathy Ward - I’m dreaming of warmer weather and green trees!

  • Jenny - I’m dreaming of a grandbaby that can wear one of those diaper covers…

  • Amanda - …snuggling with my two year old and six month old girls on a blanket in the warm sun (there is currently still snow on the ground here). Ahhh…to see their cute little legs again.

  • Erin - Warm sunny days, the smell of fresh cut grass, and long summer nights!!

  • Lacy - …the first taste of spring, sunlight and warm weather, so I can take my daughter outside and enjoy it with her!

  • Shelby A - I’m dreaming of yardsales and flea markets!

  • Celeste - …chocolate chip cookies! 😉

  • mindy t - Spending time alone with my hubs again. Having a 2 yr old and a 5 month old keeps us busy.

  • Taylor - ….a warm, sandy beach!

  • Meredith - spring!!! This southern girl is tired of the snow.

  • Trinity - …clean house, laundry done, folded and put away, and me sitting with a starbucks…children are kindly playing together, sharing their toys…yeah…good dream!

  • stephanie - …sunshine, open windows and some fresh air with my little ones!

  • Sarah - no more snow!!

  • Ashley Cangelosi - the sun roasting my pale skin, into brown bliss!

  • kate m. - warm weather!!!

  • Liz - … spring!

    ps – thanks SO much for the cute hoodie for my own little girl – I LOVE the ruffles!!! :)

  • Michelle - a warm summer day outside by the pool!

  • Chelsea - …a nice WARM summer day!

  • Stephanie - Summer! (And snowcones, and swimming, and shorts, and flip flops and pretty toenails and sunscreen)

  • kristi - there being no more snow around here- maybe someday!

  • Jaimie - i’m dreaming of living where it’s warm.

  • Lindy Taylor - I’m dreaming of shooting my first out of state wedding this summer in Ventura, California!

  • Tonia - …slowing down and playing more with my 3 boys and 1 little girl!

  • Jill J - of… a clean house!

  • Liz - …warm summer days!

  • Jess - …Spring. No more cold and snow!

  • Jill - a nice, loud family dinner full of laughter.

  • Autumn - Spring break…..a whole week away!!

  • Jackie - warmer weather, flip flops, skirts, kids in the pool, should I keep going…

  • Callie B - I’m dreaming of sleeping the whole night through!

  • Mandi Smith - getting my new Canon 30D in the mail!

  • Alisa - warm weather so we can play outside again!

  • christina larsen - I’m dreaming of a little girl in S Korea.

  • kat - a good life!

  • Hayley - meeting the little baby inside of me in 4 weeks.

  • Courtney H - snuggle time with my husband tonight sans kids!

  • Amanda G - …warm spring days with butterfly’s flittering and tulips sprouting. I’m ready to be done with winter.

  • Denette - Just a few minutes of quiet…

  • Jodi - of summer!!! Can not wait for this yucky, long winter to end!

  • Beatrice Killam - …spring (which is still a ways away here in Bozeman, Montana)

  • Sara - …..the sun dancing on my skin.

  • Mara - holding my newborn baby son is just a few more weeks!

  • jen@odbt - I’m dreaming of warm summer, popsicle dripping days.

  • Mandy B - ….a nice, quiet, warm, sunny Spring Break.

  • Shannon J - sunshine, spring and baseball season! (and by the way, I’m a girly girl who works for a baseball team… so she can definitely be both!)

  • Jamie - …sunny, warm weather!!!

  • Amber - a day when my world is not totally covered in snow.

  • Heidi - ….a new camera strap!

  • Meagan - the beach!

  • Christian @ Modobject at Home - Today I’m dreaming about the baby girl who will be joining our family of boys in just 5 or 6 weeks. I’m thinking she’ll have lots of ruffles!

  • Rachel - taking pictures of our little boy with his little sister arriving in July! (Maybe with a fabulous camera strap around my neck!)

  • patti - …a much deserved night out with the girl friends and no kids! :)

  • Erin B - Sunshine and warm weather!

  • theresa - I am dreaming of financial security :) That way I can buy all the cute stuff I find on here! And also have more babies!!!!!!

  • Kristina H. - of warm weather,spring flowers, and planting my summer garden!!

  • the inadvertent farmer - A waist…Kim

  • Susanne - Playing outside on a sunny day!

  • Samantha - …my hubby coming back from a 2.5 week TDY at Red Flag! One more week to go! :)

  • Jen - I’m dreaming of a relaxing night with my hubby and friends tomorrow night…love my 3 active boys, but it’s time for a night without them!

  • Em - an organized house, dozens of incomplete crafts completed, a pile of ironing done and hung, and not sacrificing a single minute with my girls.

  • Lissy - …some cooler weather….it has been 104-108F the last few days…we have had a very hot dry summer…autumn starts in a few days but March is usually pretty hot too…

  • Debbie - I’m dreaming of building my etsy business, fruitofmyhands, to a successful business so I can be a ,”stay at home grandma”

  • Erin Jones - …a warm vacation!

  • nichole - …May 11th, Graduation from nursing school. I’m dreaming of life after that day & a rhythm to my life. One that involves un-rushed quality time with people I cherish & miss often (hubby, daughter, sister, & bestie, Shan). Yeah. That’s what I’m dreaming of.

  • Mary - planting a garden with my girls…hope we have a green thumb!!!

  • Beth - I’m dreaming of Hawaii!

  • Kara - …going for walks again!

  • Mindy - a white Christmas… no, JK! … More like, SPRING AND SUNSHINE!!!

  • Chelsea Beck - temperatures above 50 degrees!

  • sherry - I’m dreaming of the summer…playing outside in the sun, (seattle is a bit wet) and taking a trip home to visit family and friends.

  • Amy - …warm springtime walks with my husband!

  • Rachel - a family vacation with no phones, computers or tv :)

  • Amber - so many things! A fully potty trained little boy, summer, a house to myself, a crate of raspberries to eat (with help) and sleeping in again… some day!

  • Alison R - a good cup of coffee and at least 5 minutes of some simple, quiet, “me” time! Here’s to dreaming!

  • Casey - I’m dreaming of a non stressful day

  • Caitlin - Warm days at the cottage…

  • Catie - my half done home improvement projects to magically be finished :)

  • Jen - …another snow day in Texas!

  • Liz - ….planting my vegetable garden (even if it’s only February!)

  • rachel - …another baby girl! and for the one i already have to finally get those darn molars through the gum.

  • Suzanne - a lazy Saturday with my family.

  • whitney freeman - holding my sweet new baby this fall!

  • Becca - I’m dreaming of my newborn baby girl’s tush in one of those cute ruffle onsies! LOVE THEM! I must make her one of those! Really, I am just dreaming of more sleep right now…she is only one week old so the sleepless nights are still upon us!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these camera straps! I have been wanted to buy one forever!

  • Beth - …somewhere WARM and flip flops! :)

  • Allison - being content with what today holds, and not in looking to the future for the happiness today should bring

  • Mandy - a new lens for my camera – – and warmth, like the rest of the world

  • Kate - …for a baby sometime :)

  • Katie - … moving into a place that I can make my own.

  • bopha - …all the cute ruffles and bows I’m going to get to put on our baby girl!

  • Julie GM - … the new project a handful of us (hubby & I included) are working on together will become a success!

  • Liz - warmth. :)

  • STACI - those camera straps are too cute! the ruffles make them even better!!

  • Stephanie - health for my son.

  • Emily - …being a mom!

  • Heather King - … the first day that my two sons play together in the sand box… Austin is 4 days old, its a ways away, but it’ll happen :)

  • Rachel - laying in the grass with my kiddos and husband and soaking up the sun…(oh spring, I am ready for you)

  • Julie - being married one day

  • Erin Kirby - i am dreaming of a happy ending.

  • Amanda Mc - …visiting NYC in just 2 weeks!

  • Meg - …of a new job.

  • casey! - …beautiful spring weather and cute ruffly dresses to go with it!

  • Rachael - I am dreaming of the perfect wedding (12-11-10)!! And one of these perfect camera straps!!

  • Rachel - …. summer!!

  • betsy - I am dreaming of white dresses, family, and friends gathered together. :)

  • [email protected] - eating bags of cadbury eggs that won’t add to my exploding muffin top!

  • abbie - amazing growth as a photographer this year…and every year after.

  • Jenn McQuate - I am dreaming of…HEAVEN! What better thought while we are waiting here on Earth.

  • meg duerksen - this post is supposed to make me like ruffles….and i i do. but what it really makes me want is a big chubby baby and white painted floors! :) i think the third floor or or the craft room NEEDS painted floors.
    and shey b….she rocks.
    i have one made from selvage or is it slevage? i love it. it’s going to africa. oh yeah!

  • Heather - I’m dreaming of a ruffle-bottomed baby girl or lego-obsessed little boys of my own! I just can’t stop dreaming of being a mom one day. :)

  • Michele V. - I’m dreaming of a warm summer day sitting outside
    drinking a tall glass of strawberry lemonade.

  • Savannah - I am dreaming of holding my precious baby for the first time!

  • Emily - …of winning one of these straps! Love them! Ok and a nap too…

  • Jodi - I am dreaming of Spring…..planting seedlings and my garden! I am dreaming of it every day!

    I own one of these straps, I absolutely love it. If I win one, I will give it to one of my friends!!! They are all catching the DLSR buzz.

  • Leslie B - sleeping in on Saturday mornings!

  • Brittany - I’m dreaming of warmer weather so I can have sunshine on my face!

  • marie - my baby girl due in August!!

  • Donna - help for my son’s ADHD.

  • melanie - our family being complete and together…

  • Ruth - I’m dreaming of having a little girl, myself, someday…after four boys!

  • maegan - an extended family vacation to the beach this summer! Can’t wait to watch the cousins play together.

  • paige - i’m dreaming of …. more girl scout cookies. I tried to use discipline and buy 1 box and I wish I’d bought 20. :)

  • Teresa - our family finally getting into our own home.

  • Megan - … Spring! Warm weather, cool breezes, fresh flowers, long walks, BBQs with family and friends!

  • Nicole - a day where I can look out my window and not see snow.

  • Somer - … sunshine and kisses.

  • Kirsten - SPRING! But we’re supposed to get more snow this week instead.

  • sirje - spring!

  • ae - Sunshine!

  • Nicole - I am dreaming of the morning, when my little ones will wake and we will begin another day together…

  • MelissaM - Sorry, I missed the contest, but I gotta share about this post. My 22 month old daughter, Lily, is officially a fan of your blog. When her daddy is gone during meal times, we sit together and eat, and look at your blog together. She squealed with delight at the ruffle bottom pics of baby sister tonight! She kept doing her “more” sign and pointing to the computer! So of course we had to scroll through previous posts of baby pics sis so she could squeal and smile some more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mindy - i’m dreaming of owning a canon 5d mark II camera :)

  • Shannon Arnold - Hi, I’m hoping to make a ruffled baby bloomer. You are inspiring. I am having trouble finding plain bloomers, though. Can you help me?


The mailman brought the kids and I each a gift. My gift came in the form of a canvas of sweet little feet. The chalkboard is looking a little too cluttered. I can’t decide if I like it or not. It changes all the time anyway.

The kids gift came in the form of a cardboard box that held the canvas, but transformed into a camping tent

The older boys drew other camping items on the cardboard…and had me cut them out.

1. Deer (you see them when you camp and if you are my boy’s uncle you shoot them too)

2. Guns (to shoot the deer with their Uncle Eric…I grew up with a sister. I don’t hunt. I like Bambi.)

3. Campfire (the only thing we could find red was a hat…it is the fire)

Baby Sister had fun crawling through the tent…chasing the Littlest Indiana Jones.



Do you ever have those days where you wish you could “crop” something out? Maybe you’d like to “crop out” a someone! Well the great thing about pictures is you can delete or crop out the unwanted and keep the wanted. When people see my canvas of the little feet they usually smile and say something along the lines of, “Oh, that is just so sweet!” or “How cute!” I smile because it is those things. I also smile because I remember what that picture really looked like.  With that being said, let me share again my canvas print:






And now let me share with you why cropping is a mom’s best friend!





I hope your day isn’t a “crop out” kind of day!

For Canvas Prints I recommend:

For Professional Photographers: Simply Canvas

For everyone else:

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  • amanda torres - Now THAT is funny. I totally pictured this serene moment with all your kids leaning on the wall, just hanging out. Completely cracking up over littlest bro’s face (I’m sure you weren’t at the time). Thanks for sharing! One of my favorite posts!

  • kribss - totally loving it!!

  • Margie - Oh my gosh….I am laughing out loud! Too funny :0)

  • Jill R - Thanks for sharing the full picture. I love the feet picture, but everytime I see it I think – how did she get baby sister to stand next to the boys? The mystery is finally solved! You have mad tent making skills! 😉

  • Christy - I love the canvas!! the original makes me crack up

  • Rachel - I love the canvas print..nothing better than little toes! Just thought I would throw this out there… is having a 50% sale for their 8×10’s until the 27th. You just have to enter 8x10sale in the promo code. I always order from them…good quality and super fast! The 8×10’s will be either 99 cents or $1.24 depending on your paper!

  • Jo - The first time I saw those little feet I wonder what the original picture looked like!!!! :) that is too cute! I love baby sisters face… “Come on boys get your act together!!!”

  • Elizabeth - My husband makes videos of the kids…and he takes hours of video and cuts it down to 2 minutes..and it is the same thing…final video is serene and beautiful..but there are hours of screaming, yelling and tantrums that didn’t make the cut!

  • anne c - oh my goodness, so funny! I love it..and the look on baby sister’s face is priceless!!!

  • Beth - what are they standing on? A countertop?
    LOVE the original – thanks for keeping it real!

  • Lindsay Thomas - Baaaahahahahah! I just died laughing at work – which means it was a quiet grunting kind of laugh so no one could hear. :)
    That is so hilarious. Thank you so much for sharing! I think you just put a smile on EVERYONE’s face who reads this!

  • Rachel - I love that picture! So funny to see what was cropped out. Looks like the tent was lots of fun… and by the way, I love the look of the chalkboard!!! Have a great day!

  • bopha - okay, that is hilarious. it’s good to see that your kiddo are always as cooperative as mine.

  • Jesse - I love it!

  • amber fischer - hahahahaha! thanks for sharing the “pre-crop” picture – SO funny! ( :

  • Leanne - AWESOME! so glad to see that you have normal-everyday life and not everything is picture perfect….thanks for keeping it real. and of course, we all have to crack up about the before & after. CLASSIC!

  • Ruth - Ashley-behind the scenes is the best! I was wonderin how baby girl was “standing?” Love the pajama top and the topless baby!

  • Amber - That is HILARIOUS!! I have loved that photo ever since you first posted it….I love that it’s a “cropped” photo. So funny! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Raechel - This just made me smile big! I had actually wondered what the rest of that photo looked like. Priceless!

    Thanks so for sharing smiles all around this morning!

  • meg duerksen - soooo funny!
    i may have to copy you with that picture.
    i love it.
    but i will have to cut my boys’ nasty toenails before! actually… i think my kids are too old for this. they are starting to have grown up looking feet.
    and my boys have bigger feet than me. already!
    so never mind i won’t copy you.
    and YES i feel quite often about wanting to crop people out. my day would go so much smoother! :)
    happy thursday sweet ashley!

  • ashlee - Oh my goodness…i am laughing so hard! isnt the reality so much different than what everyone else sees? i have been thinking of doing a picture like this with my little ones:) thanks for the inspiration!

  • mindy - Thanks for sharing this. It made me smile and I love it!

  • anthony - this is great. i love how cropping can make so many images go from crap to all that!

  • Yanet - Gotta love it!!!

  • Jodi - I really did wonder what the top of that photo looked like! Hilarious. Great outtake. I am very interested in canvas photos for our new family room. Thanks for the recommendations! Have a great week.

  • Lesley - LOVE IT! Eric will be so proud :)

  • Kristi - I love love love pretend play! I love the picture of the little legs and the orginal even better! Its funny to see what was really going on behind the scenes!!

  • Kristi - I started thinking and I wish I could crop myself in lots of pictures. I hate that I am always behind the camera and dont have as many pictures as her and daddy!

  • Shannon Phillips - Oh that just makes me laugh out loud. I always wondered how little sister was propped up in that one. P.S. Will you please do a tutorial on your ruffle pillows. I need to figure out this ruffle thing.

  • sarah - The before & after is hilarious! What a great post!

  • Kara - Just like everyone else, LOVE IT! I really enjoy when photographers show the original picture, especially when its funny!

  • Moriah - Oh that is classic. You always wonder how people get the perfect shot. Thank goodness for cropping. :-)

  • Abby - Hilarious!!
    We had the same experience at xmas but I was trying to get cute faces with xmas hats and my cropping was limited….BOO!! I am in love with your indoor camping.

  • Ashleigh Ewing - Hahaha, priceless!

  • Jeannette Swan - I did picture Chris holding baby sister up, but didn’t picture any crying going on! It is a perfect crop!

  • Jolie - Oh I *love* the before and after cropping…it’s gorgeous, hysterical, and a lovely *secret* reminder for you about how mama knowa what’s really going on, regardless of what others on the outside see!

  • Valerie - I love the canvas! So adorable. And the original is just too funny! Not what I was expecting. It cracks me up.

  • Sara - Love the final cropped canvas! Ashley, would you please share the dimensions of the canvas? Thanks!

  • Alison R - Absolutely love this! Who would have thought that such a “perfect” photo came from the original “reality” shot! What an inspiration! I absolutely adore what you have done with the chalkboard. I am trying to gussy up our new apartment and something like this would be perfect!

  • Kate - Oh wow! I love that! May God grant us eyes that crop out what we don’t want to see!!!

  • linda geertsen - Hi! You have become a household name for us. When I chat with my husband, I used to refer to you as “You know that photographer that I follow? Ashley Ann? She mainly teaches classes now? She has three boys and just had a girl? Remember? No? Yeah. Her.” Now! It’s just “Ashley Ann the photographer.” Cool, huh? Maybe he just amuses me. I wonder.
    Well, he and I had a good laugh about the crop. That’s AWESOME! :)

  • Alba - really goog one! jajajaja. I wondered how you take it

  • peta - awesome photo. and i am still loving that chalkboard and your box tent. what i want to know is how that gorgeous vase of tulips manages to survive there on the coffee table with three boys and a crawler in the house?

  • Amanda - Love the chalkboard and love the print too!

  • Robyn Lee - I LOVE that chalkboard… you are so creative!

  • Katrina - I absolutely love that you showed the before and after of that great foot pic. It shows that you look for the beauty and find it. I don’t think I would have thought to crop the whole top half. Thank you for sharing.

  • ASH - that is so funny. I love cropping out stuff :)

  • christina larsen - Completely cracking up over that photo.

  • Meagan - Haha! That is hilarious! I wondered how you always got your little ones to cooperate so well!

  • Debbie - Thank you for your honesty. Deb

  • ElleBows - Oh my gosh, the before crop is too funny :-)

  • julie - I adore the canvas. SO much more special to know the chaos that it really was. Real life. In 30 years you will still think back and smile when you see those little feet. Swoon. Love your new wallpaper too! Is the lovely Katie Daisy behind it?

  • ari Morris - Ashley-
    That’s a great pic with such a story! I love it!

  • Nelle - Ohh that made me laugh out loud! And your blog wall paper has fast become one of my favourite things about the blog. =)

  • homemade grits - oh man. i love the chalkboard and i also love the edited and unedited version of the canvas! cropping is such a friend. your little world is so lovely. thanks for the peek!

  • Sherri - I LOVE how you used the chalkboard and canvas above the sofa!
    What do you have holding the other photos onto the chalkboard?
    I am thinking of doing something like this for my bedroom…putting photos of the two of us over the years on it.

  • Ashley Smith - Okay, glad I came to check this out. I had not seen the uncropped version! How perfect. So cute.

  • Dina - absolutely loving it!! a great visual reminder that in any given day there is always something crop-able and beautiful to be taken from each!

  • jessica hilliker - love it, love it, love it…so fun to see the “before” of the little feet picture :)

  • Rebekah - Ashley, I love this post!! Great job :-) I was wondering if you’d ever posted on how you arrange your photos sometimes in a collage of sorts…a few smaller pictures together within one large photo (like when you post the different participants of your classes photos)…and how you put the border on your photos. Which editing software helps you do this? It makes everything look more pulled together and clean. You are doing a great job!!

  • Michelle - Priceless, I love it! Thanks for sharing the possiblities!

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  • Tamra - You are my new favorite blog!! I have been a stalker for 2 days now!! You make me laugh and cry…At the same time mostly!! Hard to do to a stranger!! Love it!!

  • Jessica - Question did you make the chalkboard? If so do you have a diy instructions? I just love it!

  • Kristin - I love, love, love the chalkboard photo display! And where did you find your sofa? I’ve been searching for one like it with no success. Any hints?

  • Taralynn - Hi there – Your recommendation for canvas prints is blanked out. Who do you use? Thank you so!

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  • Michelle Shaw - Would you be able to tell me what size the chalkboard is?

  • jordan - what do you adhear your photos with on the chalkboard?