The first 2010 SnapShop has come and gone. When the house empties out at the end of the day Chris always asks, “So how do you think it went?” I’ll be honest, I always worry after the ladies leave if they liked it or not. I cover A LOT of material in the course of the day and I get a lot of ‘deer in the headlights’ stares, but hopefully there are a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments too. Here are some snapshots from the day:

Frosting cookies for the indoor shoot. It is so funny to me how they really don’t pay attention to all the cameras. The night before, I asked Big Brother (the one in the middle) if he was going to smile for the ladies. He said no. I asked why. His response, “It is because of my hair. The ladies will all tell me I am so cute because of my hair and I don’t want them to tell me I am cute.” So I asked the ladies not to comment on how cute he is!

But he is so cute. I told him he needed a haircut. He told me, “Mommy, Jesus had long hair and he is not a girl.” My 3 year old pulled the Jesus card on me.

For our outdoor session we had 5 gorgeous seniors. You might remember Ashlyn’s senior pictures from last year. Ashlyn and 4 of her friends were so great to model for us…the night before they left for their senior trip. It was so fun to photograph the girls. I mentioned to Ashlyn’s mom that the girls were all so beautiful and she responded by telling me that they are all just as gorgeous on the inside. I love that.

Since we did some group shots I played with the post processing a bit more than normal to make some a tad more ‘edgy’.

I used Totally Rad Actions and some Jesh De Rox textures on several.

I thought I’d share a few pictures Chris took of all of us shooting and the ‘after’ picture of what I got.

Umm yes, I am in the most awkward position ever and I look like I am making a peace sign. Actually I am just getting the girls to look at my camera.

We found a bed of clovers. I really like beds of clovers. I really like fun seniors that will endure tiny bugs jumping on their faces while we photograph them.

Doesn’t this make you wish you had pictures with your friends before heading off to college. I wish I did. Well, since I still see my high school friends regularly I could convince them to do this going down the street with all our strollers and diaper bags. Just doesn’t seem as cool. (There is a Jesh De Rox texture on this pic).

A couple of things to mention:

1. I am going to reserve some spots in an upcoming SnapShop for guys. If you are a guy (or you know one) that has wanted to attend a SnapShop, but not be a lone male…shoot me an email.

2. AWESOME reader etsy store giveaway coming this week….and it has nothing to do with kids or babies!

Google Reader is not reliable with my blog…don’t trust it to update

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  • Jeannette Swan - Absolutely beautiful pics of those girls – they are magazine worthy!! I’m sure all those in the class learned tons and are now trying to process it!!

  • bopha - wow, you are awesome and those are wonderful pictures. those girls are gorgeous and you really know how to bring it out.

  • Anna Joy - beautiful photos! I hope to attend a SnapShop class sometime in my future!

  • Rebecca Besaw - Oh, how senior photography has changed since I was in HS! I love these photos!!! I also wish I lived closer (I’m in MO) so I could take your class b/c I have the “deer in the headlights” look ALL the time when it comes to taking pics!

  • Shanalea Atchison - Your boys were great models. So wish I could do one of these. I am currently waiting for the online version.

  • Shannon - I love how big brother pulled the “Jesus card” on you! They are always too clever for their own good! He sounds like a character and full of personality! Love it!

  • christina larsen - Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Robyn Lee - Looks like so much fun! What actions do you use on Totally Rad Actions?

  • Kate - Oh my goodness, they are beautiful!!

  • nichole - I assisted my bestie Shannon P. on a shoot the summer she was pregnant. In comparison to your self-proclaimed awkward pose, I remember her lying all over the ground at 8 months to get just the right shot… must be a photographer thing πŸ˜‰ PS. Your kiddos are SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

  • Jill E. - these are really awesome. look forward to seeing the shots of your students. also these actions are very interesting thanks for the links.

  • Melanie Schall - As always – Great Job! They always seem to go effortlessly. Wish I was still in Oklahoma and could attend one. Maybe I could come back just for one… That would be AWESOME!

    BTW – Is that a lovely shootsac I see you carrying around?

  • Kara - Oh I can’t wait for u to announce the rest of ur summer dates–I am planning on taking on of the classes this summer! WOo HOo!!
    Awesome pictures! One of the girls is actually my Pastor’s daughter—such a small world!

  • chantelle - you are so inspiring!
    I think the diaper bag shot would be hilarious!
    pleeease……..think online class online class….

  • cally - THat looks like so much fun. As always, I love your photos. But right now my attention is focused on the light fixture over your table. Um, hi. I love it. Did you make that? Did you buy it? Can I please have one?

  • Rebekah Jean - I love seeing the pictures of you and all the ladies shooting. It looks like tons of fun! It also looks like your boys had a lot of fun too. These are great!

  • Kara - wow, your snapshops look amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could take one. ashley, I just love your blog… I have been reading for a few months now and I am always inspired! your photography is stinking amazing and I’m always studying your pictures, hoping to learn how to get shots like that out of my camera!! just wanted to come out of lurkerdom to say hi :)

  • Charla Lane - You take CRAZY good pics.

  • Margie - I REALLY wish I lived close enough to partake in a snap shop class…it looks like a lot of fun! Your kids are awesome…my daughter would be outta there the minute she saw the cameras coming her way :0). She also doesn’t like being called ‘cute’, but when they are SO ‘cute’ it’s hard not to say it!!

  • Katherine - I can’t wait until the 4/17 snapshots!! It looks like so much fun!

  • Ashlyn - Ashley, Thanks so much for inviting us. We had a BLAST. You captured all of our personalities so well. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks again for capturing such a special time in our lives!

  • Jaymz - Thank you so much for this fun oppurtunity! I’m not the kind of girl who does this often so…. It was very exciting. :)
    Had a blast! You are very very good at what you do! God has given you a gift FOR SURE!

  • boogie. - absolutely incredible! the “road closed” sign & the last shot are my favorite. you are amazing!

  • leann wilson - Any upcoming snapshops?

    I am very interested –

    Thank you – Leann Wilson

UPDATE: THE LOLA MIREN COTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The last counting comment is Alicia’s, “Painting big brother’s new β€œbig boy” room!”



It is highly possible my daughter is more active than her brothers. She is climbing and walking around things MONTHS before her brothers did. She never sits still. She never quietly plays with one toy. She never does all the things I wrongly thought little girls do. Maybe it is just a stage. That is what I am telling myself right now.


She got a new onesie. It fits her emerging personality more than all her cute super girly things do. Emerging Personality – this is such a fun age.

My monkeys….one is from my childhood. The other I get to enjoy during her childhood.Her onesie is from Lola Miren….one of my reader’s stores! And, yep, today is a Lola Miren giveaway. Lola Miren also has some unbelievably cute blankets (what is it with so many of my readers making such cute baby blankets?) Here is one of her blankets…it is headed to SisterCousin (yes, SisterCousin is getting stocked on great blankets). Zellers is their last name…they haven’t chosen the first name yet.

Go visit the Lola Miren etsy shop….and then enter this giveaway to win a personalized blanket or 3 piece “Mini Bundle of Joy”!

Contest Details:

Contest ends Monday, March 29th 8:30pm US central

Winner receives their choice of personalized blanket or 3 piece “Mini Bundle of Joy” (bib, burp cloth, onesie, or tee)

Winner chosen at random

One entry per person

To enter, leave a comment…any kind of comment you want!

(if you need a prompt to help you leave a comment…tell me something you’re doing this weekend!)


Lola Miren is also offering 10% off and free shipping (US customers only) to anyone who mentions my blog at checkout.

You will get a refund via PayPal for the difference.

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  • Tessa - Love the leg warmers and the blanket for SisterCousin! ADORABLE! What fun. Lola Miren has the cutest stuff. :)

  • Karla - I’m sorry, I can’t find her shop – am I missing the link?

    (I guess this is my comment?? Sorry!)

  • laura - smokey mtns. with my love and good friends.
    man, i love your blog.

  • Jessica - Oh my goodness….just looking at all the cute stuff makes me want to have another baby!!! Adorable!

  • kribss - so cute! i have friend who is on bed rest with twins. would love to give her the giveaway!!

  • Ruthy - Lola Miren I love your Ava Violet!! Thanks Ashley for sharing this! Yesterday you made me cry when reading NILMDTS post, and today you make me crack up w/ your daughter’s cute and funny faces!

  • Jeannette Swan - Baby sister is beautiful as can be! I love the onsie!! Tomorrow I get to see my sister-in-law and only nephew – my kids only cousin (she does have another boy coming in June). Then, my little ones have a birthday party to go to in the afternoon!

  • ang - LOVE this!!!!! We are sock monkey crazy at this house and love her little onsie!!

  • Christy - So cute, love baby girl lil grins especially when she wrinkles up that nose.. I’m liken Lola Miren.. I’d love to have one of those blankets for my lil monkey

  • Natalie - Your daughter is adorable! I always call my daughter ‘my little monkey’ because she is all over the place and making cute faces at everyone and everything.
    The onesie is adorable! I hope I win! (Also, today is my birthday so I thought I would try my birthday luck).

  • Kristin Eldridge - Such precious things.

  • Jill R - I love the monkey onesie. I might have to look into getting one for my own chunky monkey.

  • Rachel - Her blue eyes are just amazing! Spending time at home doing nothing, but waiting for warm weather!

  • kate m. - love the blanket! love your blog :)

  • Amanda - oh goodness… I LOVE the blanket with the birdies. And the sock monkey onesie! Yay!

  • Brandi Crider - I LOVE your blog!! And one day I hope to take a snapshop from you! Thanks for all the cute ideas!

  • Rachel - So cute!!! Our family is leaving this weekend to go see family on the east coast…it should be fun, but definetely an adventure!!!

  • Kate B - I have loved watching your daughter grow through your pictures. These blankets are so cute!

  • Kellye P. - This weekend my husband and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary! We’re crossing our fingers we’ll get to enjoy some Spring weather with a walk through one of our beautiful flowery parks, drink some chicory coffee and make beignets. Have a great weekend

  • Shannon - Love this! And I know a couple of baby girls that are making their debut into this world over the next two months! :)

  • Shannon - *sigh* baby sister is just too cute! Love her sweet little legs in those warmers! What a cute shop, I love the little details on her blanket!

    This weekend we have baby showers, birthdays, and hopefully some garaging! :)

  • Jo - Ashley,

    Maybe i’m the only one BUT how come your lamp shade looks like it’s spinning?!??!!? HAHAHAHA. You posted one a few months ago on your BEFORE & AFTER living room and it was spinning then too!!!!


  • Kirsten - Ah her stuff is so cute, she’s already part of my fav’s on Etsy, I have just been waiting to find out what the bugger swoushing ’round my belly is to purchase…. it’s a girl! Off I go to Shop … but winning a giveaway would be a bonus :)
    have a great tgif and weekend!

  • LaurenS - omg i love that blanket!!!!!

  • Kerli - Lola Miren things really are adorable, can’t wait to have a child..

  • Tess S. - adorable! i love the lemon-y baby blanket!

    this weekend we’re getting some goodies for the new house and enjoying a get together with some close friends.

  • Katie M. - Oh my gosh! How adorable! My little nephew was born last night, what a joy! I would love love love to give him one of these!!!!

  • Mindy - This would be a perfect gift for my brother and sister-in-law, who just found on this week they are having a baby girl!

  • Sara W - Cute Stuff!

  • Emily - I loved that stage when personality was emerging in our daughter too! Isn’t it exciting to see who your little person is becoming?!
    You do such an amazing job capturing your family in photographs. What a gift you have, and even if your kids get tired of seeing the camera sometimes, they are going to cherish these photos someday! Really beautiful.

  • Samantha - Oh. my. goodness! Love the BabyLegs {I think Ellie wears a pair nearly every other day!}! And the fabric on the blanket for SisterCousin?! LOVE, love, LOVE it. As in, I have to have some and am going to search for it now! :)

  • irene - oh!!!!! I love her store!!! I would love to win this!

  • Anna Marie - I love that onesie.
    I love that blanket.
    I love that shop.
    The end.

  • Ashley - LOVE the blanket! What a great giveaway & perfect for my baby due in July!

  • rebecca - Love the blankets, I may just have to buy one and then hope I win and can pick out a cute set!

  • Elizabeth - The link to her shop is:

    I love all her wonderful stuff….Her personalized blankets are adorable!

    Heading out to get my embroidery machine fixed this weekend!

  • Taylor - Those legwarmers are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Jill - Hi Ashley!! I LOVE this shop, great giveaway! And I have a Lola of my own. :)

  • Amber - I love your blog!

    Those blankets are adorable!!

  • ashlee - that onesie is so cute!!! the leggings send it over the top! what a cute store!…off to shop:)

  • Taylor Roberts - Wow! That blanket is so cute! She really has a cute shop!

  • shasta - You always find the prettiest things…I am headed to Etsy now to check it out!

  • sheena - i LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. from your photography, to your crafts, your decorating and the rest of your amazing talents!

    i’d love me one of those amazingly beautiful blankets! THEY. ARE. ADORABLE!

  • haley - love the blanket- but mostly I love the pics you capture of your wee one!! I miss that stage!

  • Cindy - Little B is so sweet… i love the pic with her nose squished to smile! She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it!!! Great quality for a woman…

  • Donna - The monkeys are too cute! We’re going to start our week long Spring Break this weekend with some Easter egg dying!

  • Cara L - im expecting my first baby in september and cant wait to collect all the cute things babies come with! :)

  • allison - What great fabrics! Thanks for the contest :)
    I have to spend my weekend writing papers for school, but I hope to get in some camera time if it stays sunny outside.

  • Sara - Cute stuff! I love looking at your blog. I love how you revealed a little more of your house in your pic. I love how cute your little monkey is.

  • Julie - I love how her blankets incorporate rick rack. It reminds me of things my grandma would make! I also like how Baby Sister’s crib looks out the window. I may have to do some rearranging!

  • Natalie M. - I too have a little monkey. After a nap one day we found that she had climbed out of her baby bed and was sitting on top of the changing table, she was only 1 year old at the time. She does keeps us laughing though! – Natalie

  • Heather King - All her stuff is so cute… and small fry looks so cute with that little monkey… he’s almost as big as she is :)

  • carrie - Cute stuff! Perfect for my third baby due this June.

  • Seamingly Sarah - Lola Miren has some inspiring products. It makes me want to leave work and go to my sewing machine right now! This weekend I’m going to fit in skiing, church, visit with sister, starting two new quilts for a basket raffle and maybe some cuddle time with daughter and husband. Oh how will I fit it all in!

  • Kari S. - This weekend I’m surpising my pastor’s daughter and son-in-law with a photo shoot to celebrate their 4 years of marriage! I have some creative ideas and can’t wait to capture them on the camera! If I win, I’m sending the package with my husband to Malawi, Africa on his mission trip and let him give it to a new mom!! I’m hoping to get some pillowcase dresses made for him to hand out too! I’ll have to revisit your post about how to make them again! Happy Friday Ashley!

  • michelle - I absolutely love your blog! and that blanket would look so adorable in my first niece’s bedroom

  • michelle - cutest blanket ever! my daughter would love it and i think my new niece really needs one.

  • Kesha - Your daughter is adorable!! You’ve inspired me to try and take some fun pictures of my 5 month old twins this weekend!

  • bopha - love the pictures and the most of all that great little personality. she must be learning it from those cute big brothers of hers.

  • Jenny - So so cute! Now to decide if I should keep for my new guy due in May or give to my little niece or nephew due in October…hmmmmm.

  • stacey B - Sometimes I wish it were appropiate for adults to wear onesies. They look so comfortable!

  • Erica - My little girl needs that blanket!!

  • Jessica - I love your blog! Your daughter is so cute, love all the facial expressions! :)

  • Michelle - Very cute! Would get a blanket for my new nephew – due in July!

  • Danielle M. - expecting my first baby girl any day now and these amazing Lola Miren creations would be a perfect coming home gift for our little one!!

  • Melissa - I love pictures with your daughter scrunching up her nose. They get me everytime! So adorable.

  • Charla Lane - when I need a smile, I pull up your blog..hey have you checked out the new magazine “Flea Market Style” It’s right up you alley!!

  • Cate O'Malley - omg, those nose scrunches just slay me!

  • Chantal - Ilike that her crib is in front of the window, more stuff to look at.. i may have to rethink how I am going to set up my nursery (got 4 months till due date) :)

  • Michele V. - She is a cutie pie. Love the leg warmers!

  • Britney B - our babies are the same age and i love seeing what your little monkey is up to…this is such a fun age!!

  • Faith - Oh man! Such cute stuff!

  • sirje - I love, love, love this blog!

  • Kate - her site is so very cute! we are 9 weeks and counting until we meet our own little girl monkey… so we will spend the weekend putting finishing touches on her room…

  • Karen - This would be perfect for my little girl due in June!

  • Sarah T - This stuff is so fun, it makes being an auntie so enjoyable!

  • Taryn Smith - I love those leg warmers and your blog! Check it every day!I have 3 girls so I love reading about your boys! ~ Thanks for sharing your life, Taryn

  • chantelle - I LOVE the blankets, Lola-lucious I call them! Here is a quick story why we need a new blanket at our house….I am doing my Masters this year in two things, 1. being a mommy and 2. educational psycology and special education, yes, I went back to school after 10 years of happily teaching 5 year olds thinking it would allow me to spend more time with my son. Right. Since Sept. he goes to daycare 3 mornings a week when I have classes. He loves daycare, the kids, the fun, the girls-he loves it all. Perfect. January. He starts calling his blanket (which is white) Pinky. After much investigation it turns out Saddie, a daycare buddy, has a pretty pink blanket to which she refers to as, you guessed it, Pinky. So, now my son hauls around Bob the builder and trucks in one hand and Pinky in the other. Pinky has been to from Florida to Toronto and many places in between. Pinky is our newest family member……I am hoping for brother for Pinky (insert lola blanket here!) so that Daddy will not cringe each time his son calls out for Pinky across Home Depot or at the park. Please help us! (love your style!)

  • Monica - She is so cute!

  • Courtney - Your babies and photography are so incredibly sweet. I love your blog and all of your pictures.

  • Kara P - Baby Sis’s faces are so cute and funny!!

  • Grace - Your kids are so adorable and your photography makes me smile. This weekend I will be getting stuff ready for a garage sale that I am having in mid April. I would love to win this contest to give a dear friend of mine that is due with first baby at the end of May. By the way, I have 2 little boys and their names are Hudson and Everett too! I love the names! :)

  • marie - I loved that scrunched face smile! She is so cute! I just want to eat those cheeks!

  • Shannon - Lovely!! And such fantastic photographs.

  • Jill J - What a smile on that girl! It is so fun to see pictures of her.

    Such cute stuff! I love the blanket for SisterCousin.

  • Jaclyn - Oh my goodness she is so adorable in those little leg warmers. We just found out we are having a little girl in August and I would love to win :)

  • Jess - Leaving my comment because I would LOOOOVE to win one of those onesies.

  • Lola S. - yay for give away fridays.
    your daughter has the cutest nose ever. i love the second photo, babies making silly faces are adorable.

  • Stacy - I think your daughter is A-dorable! Your house is beautiful too!
    Love Lola Miren!

  • Candy Foster - Super cute blanket!

  • kayleen G. - I love her stuff! I for sure want to get something from her shop, for my friends who are expecting. Were going to Disneyland this weekend!

  • Kelly K. - Your little girl’s leg warmers are adorable! I should knit some of those…

  • stephanie - i think girls just get going faster than boys do…

  • Moriah - This weekend I hope to finish decorating my son’s nursery! He is due April 17th, but I would love for him to come earlier. I am super excited to meet him! :) And I would love to win something beautiful from Lola Miren’s awesome shop – everything she makes is so gorgeous!

  • Lelah - Ooooh, your blog is GORGEOUS!

  • Miranda - Love EVERYTHING (Gosh, I need another baby or two or three..) Your daughter is too cute! Love them big eyes!

  • Alex - Love Lola Miren’s stuff! beautious!

  • Janica - DARLING! Lola Miren has such beautiful fabrics and details! We are off to the first (of many) Easter egg hunts for the week:) Sister Cousin will love that blanket:)

  • Rebekah - I love sock monkeys! They bring back memories of my dear Grandma.

  • Mara - Hopefully I am going into labor this weekend. So this blanket would be too perfect!

  • Meredith - Your monkey is too cute! Thanks for a great giveaway! Lola Miren is VERY talented…cute stuff!

  • Meredith - Adorable…your girl, the onesie, the blanket…too, too cute.

  • Raechel - Love the initial on the blanket! What a lovely shop!

  • jessy - i am new to your blog and the photography website! I am an amateur photographer who usually takes pictures of my daughter & family, and now that we are expecting our 2nd one(I am sure more chances to chisel my skills), and a friend of mine introduced your website and all your DIY ideas …
    Love all the ideas, posts, and especially the way you make it such a plain view for the readers to know that you are the follower of Jesus and that how we could make use of God-given gifts to help others – in your case, Haiti, in my case, Cambodia. See my website for details if you are interested to find out more!

  • Camille Garrison - I just LOVE that onesie! My mother-in-law is making us a quilt with all kinds of those monkey prints on it for our baby coming in July! I’ll just have to get a matching onesie!!

  • Ruth - I love that baby things are so so stylish these days, thanks to the handmade community!

  • Jessica - Such cute photos! I absolutely love the onesie, too!

  • Ashley - Love the blog!!!
    I have an 8 month old as well–Charlotte.
    She’s just now starting to pull up, not quite to her feet yet.
    Love all the beautiful photography & look forward to an online photo class!

  • Kathy Reid - The blankets are beyond cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Danielle - love the onesie, love the blanket, love your adorable baby girl!!

  • Lisa - Oh such cute stuff!! I want everything she makes :)

  • jody - Oh what fun stuff!! Makes me want another one!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina - Thank you so much for posting letting us know about Lola Miren! I just love all the blankets!!

    This weekend I will be working. No fun, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Hope you have a have a great one though!

  • Roro - Adorable! This weekend, hitting Ikea and getting some sun.

  • MayDae - This is so exciting! My 5th niece was born yesterday afternoon – 5 days overdue – 8 lbs 13 oz! I would LOVE to give her this personalized blanket! This weekend I am going to hold her as much as possible:)

  • Martina - This weekend we’re shopping for tile for our master bathroom renovation. And giving our doggie a bath and a long overdue haircut!

  • Sandy - The pictures of your family are beautiful! You are indeed blessed.

  • Ingrid - i just looked at her store and am in LOVE with the blankets – i didn’t realise but i picked the same one as you have for sistercousin :) i have a new baby due in june and think these look perfect!

  • jessica h - your little monkey is just adorable :) My two little monkeys each have a red sock monkey they sleep with…Lola Miren’s creations are so great~I love all the etsy features on your blog! Virtual window shopping is my “ahhh” moment after I read your blog during my monkeys’ naptime :)

  • Denise - I look forward to reading your blog everyday! I would love to win something for a niece who will be born in just 3 weeks! Thanks for the chance.

  • Suzanne - What a wonderful onsie!! And she has an amazing smile!! So precious!

  • jessica h - AshleyAnn, I have a question for you regarding Nursery curtains…obviously, you must have “made” the curtains in Baby Sister’s room by hemming some fabric you loved? then, did you sew a blackout liner to the back, or is there special “light blocking” fabric out there besides the expensive store-bought ones? and…any tips on simple or innovative/fun ways to hang curtains or tie them back??? (I can’t help but look at that kind of stuff in your pictures…some time, if you haven’t already and I missed it, could you do a “tour” of some other rooms in your home and what you did creative-wise to them?) thanks :)

  • amanda torres - I was just outside with the babies and because the wind was blowing so hard, I couldn’t tell which one had the poopy diaper. There is nothing more frustrating then running behind two one year olds trying to smell their bums, only to realize the neighbor is staring at you.

  • Kimberly - Her name was Lola- pathetic, but now the song is stuck in my head! Love the adorable blankets!

  • Sarabeth Johnson - Love your little monkey! She is adorable. The leg warmers are my favorite! Love your blog too! Check it every day!

  • Rebecca Besaw - Just found your site several days ago and I can’t get enough of it. You decorating style is everything I want to be, but sadly am not…but they always say that mimicing is the best compliment, so I may be copying some of your style. :) Your children are adorable and I love the monkey shirt. My weekend plans? Working in the K-2 room at my church on Sunday! They’re so much fun!

  • Ali Richardson - Someone bought a clip from my shop after seeing it on your blog!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

  • Sarah - Plans for this weekend consist of two birthday parties, a New Moon watch party, and coed slow pitch softball. This is a somewhat normal weekend, with two kids there is never a break but I love it!!

  • Kizmo - So cute!! I love the legwarmers and all the adorable stuff at the Lola Miren shop! :)

  • Olivia - i love the patterns she uses on her applique onesies! those are adorable!! And the blanket that sistercousin is getting is beautiful.

  • Jenn McQuate - Oh, how I wish I had this sort of talent!!! Getting my haircut and colored…it’s been awhile :0 Enjoy your weekend!

  • Tracy - Great blankets…soo cute!

  • Heather - i thought the same thing about little girls, until i had my own. my daughter walks around the house making growling bear sounds as she cuddles her baby. it’s pretty hilarious and sweet all at the same time.

  • jill - i love the blanket! and the name of zellers!
    i have a daughter named zella

  • Noelle - Love your stories! I just discovered I am expecting my fourth child–your experiences encourage me!

  • Jessibee08 - So so fun! I just had a baby girl a few weeks ago, and these would be prefect to wrap her up in and cuddle! Blanket for Banner please!!!!

  • Jaime - Your blog really inspires me to be a more creative person. Thanks for always keeping me intrigued!

  • Megan Taylor - I think your little monkey looks like you, Ashley. She is so sweet!

  • lisa @ ellebows - the blankets are incredible!! great gift idea for new baby!

  • Amanda - She is too cute! I love the way she scrunches up her nose.

  • Alex - Think spring!

  • Christian T - I need a little girl!!!! :)

  • Kelli - Adorable little monkey! Love the baby legs!

  • Callie B - So cute and so much fun! I love these blankets!

  • Liene - Love the blanket and love the leggings!

  • Jenni - I have a little monkey too!!!

  • Savannah - I love the pattern on the blanket! And the leg warmers are too cute!

  • Shanalea Atchison - Love little sister…way to break the stereotype.

  • Haylee - Let me just tell you…. My mom is a blog stalker (hee hee) and being a photographer myself she is always on the lookout for blogs for me to look at, she’s funny like that. Anyway, I normally don’t think about them twice after I’ve checked them out…. BUT…. with yours, I am quickly becoming obsessed. I 100% LOVE your style! Keep up with all the amazing inspiration that seems to come so easily to you.

  • Amber - Very cute! I love how personalities of children start to come out so early. It is pretty amazing to take part in the daily miracles of watching kids grow up!

  • Sarah K - Your little monkey needs to keep up with all of those cute big brothers! She is adorable.

  • sarah m. - I love Lola Miren’s collection – I have so many of her items favorited from etsy!

    And, most of all, I adore your blog. Especially your lego party. Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas and wonderful etsy finds!

  • Kim B. - Happy weekend :)

  • Jaimie - This weekend I am studying… a lot!
    Baby sister is the cutest.
    That blanket is 2nd cutest. : )

  • Aimee - Lola Miren’s creations are so lovely. Your daughter so is adorable too.

  • Amber - ooooh, she has cute stuff!! and i should be getting the kids ready to leave. we have an awana grand prix (pine wood derby) tonight at church!

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  • lauren - you make the cutest babes and lola makes the cutest blankies!! :)
    what an awesome combo!!

  • Jess - My little one is exactly the same- NEVER sits still and NEVER plays with a toy for longer than a few minutes…unless it’s something she can’t play with of course! If it’s a stage it’s a looong one because my little girl is 20 months now….sob….And I agree, this etsy shop makes me want to be knocked up, pronto! :)

  • Jenny - I LOVE those pictures of your little monkey!

  • Tess - Your daughter is too cute with her funny faces. I would love to give one of my best friends on of those blankets for her daughter on the way. Adorable!

  • Trinity - That is really funny that she is way more active than the boys….life is full of surprises!

  • Brooke - Oh sweet littlest sister, she is so darn cute!! I am sure you agree :) Those faces she makes are priceless, with the wide eyes. I tell my husband stories about your house and family like we’re friends. If only he knew the whole story :)

  • Heather - I adore your blog… Thank you for giving me something to look forward to reading/looking at each day!


  • karen davis - what a fun giveaway!! Just love all those colors/patterns in her creations… the blankets are precious!

  • Rachel C - I love those leg warmers and Baby Sister’s scrunchy cute faces. Too cute.

  • Ashley Cangelosi - We are taking our 5 little monkies to an old friends house for dinner! It has been 3 more kiddos and 7 years since our last visit!

  • Stacey - my lillie loves her sock monkey too. she is a little over 9 months and is the same way. a mover and a shaker. she is always on the go! :)

  • Rebekah - I love the Mason James blanket! Those elephants are adorable. Of course your little monkey is adorable too! Thanks for the fun give away!

  • Kerry - she is going to be an ambitious one when she grow up;) though no worries she’s a good role model:D she’s so lovely! my weekend brightened because of her <3

  • sherry - love the prints, colors…everything about it. So cute!

  • Kara - I am super sad I was out of the loop about leggies when my child was a baby. They are so STINKING cute!!! I call my son my little monkey too, his favorite thing to do is climb on and swing from things!!

  • Sarah - Way CUTE :) Great idea for little sister wearing her leggings with the onsie πŸ˜‰ fun!!

  • Jane - Super cute blanket!

    I wish there was such a thing as a packing fairy. We are headed for a one week vacation. I’m not loving the packing so much.

  • ewelina - would love to win this for my best friend’s baby boy! im his godmother..

  • anne c - everyone have a wonderful weekend! I LOVE SPRING! :)

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  • Cath - There’s one little girl that I know that I’d love to see with one of these =)
    Please keep blogging your beautiful photos. Every post makes me smile, seeing you with your kids or the fun things you make with them really melts my heart!

  • allison - love the onesie! so adorable.

  • Beth - Lola’s shop has the cutest things! This weekend I’ve got 3 photography sessions, a LOT of homework, and hopefully some quality time with the hubby. :)

  • holly - When my daughter was little she loved moneys, mostly “Curious George.” This post makes me think of that time in our lives, sweet memories!

  • Amanda Fuentes - What cute fun prints! Would look great on my also 8 month old daughter who is thankfully content for the most part to sit and pull toys out of a basket.. for now. :)

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  • Teresa - What a cute blanket!! I have a parent that had a baby girl back in January. Her daughter was in ICU for the first month of her life, now she is back in the hospital for extreme reflux problems and has already had 2 surgerys to help. She could really use a special surprise.

  • andy - oh my, what cute stuff. i love it. the colors are great. we had an easter egg hunt this morning and we have a bday party this afternoon. it’s such a beautiful day.

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    Since the weather is beautiful here in Phx, I am taking advantage and spending the weekend hiking!

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    Thanks for the chance.

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  • Marg - Hey! I just found your blog not too long ago via Apartment Therapy and I have to say, I am so impressed with you and your adorable family. You are an amazing photographer! And I love how you capture your children’s personalities so well with your camera.

  • Hannah - what a sweet blanket!

  • andrea - Ok- along with her awesome fabric choices, her name is even fabulous! So this weekend I’m enjoying a wonderful facial, body massage and a relaxing mud bath. Ok- I’m a total liar but it sounds way better than cutting gum out of hair, cleaning up a chocolate pudding snack from EVERY surface of my 16 month olds body and being headbutted in the mouth & having a fat lip. A girl can dream right?

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    P.S. if you know anyone who would want to be a part of this visit

  • Christina S - I love the new onsie and leggings. Too cute!!

  • lydia - new here | wish it hadn’t taken me so long to find you | passed the word on to others | grateful for some new inspiration | appreciate your sharings | thanks for adding us to your day

    {this weekend I’m cleaning up after having the wood floors replaced. oh, the places dust can go. ready for our house to be a home again.}

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  • Robyn Lee - This weekend, I painted 25 canvases for an upcoming marathon (I have 75 more to go), taught a Zumba class (latin based fitness class that makes you sweat like no other), taught Sunday school this morning, and went on a date with my husband to a local Mexican restaurant where all the waiters speak to me in spanish. (I’m definitely not spanish… I’m a white girl from Louisiana! lol!) I hope you weekend was as wonderful as mine was! :)

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  • becky - We drove to Oklahoma this weekend! 25 hours of fussy baby which turned into sick baby. But still the cutest little 17 month baby girl!

  • Sarah C - I LOVE baby blankets! My son is 10 months old, and I’m still buying them for him, hoping he never grows out of them. Wishful thinking :)

  • Jill - Such an adorable blanket. And since it seems that all of my friends these days are pregnant, it would make a great gift!

  • danielle - very cute blanket – love it! Also I love, love, love the orange curtains in your nursery…I may need to have someone make them for my daughter – she’s 2.5 and loves the color orange so I want to redo her bedroom w/ some orange accents…

  • Crystal - Emerging personality…..what a wonderful thing!

  • Becca G - I am in love with that Holland Elizabeth blanket. I just can’t get it out of my head!

  • Amber - Who doesn’t like to try to win something? Especially when it’s this easy and risk-free to enter! πŸ˜‰ (Ashley, check out the latest post on my blog – it has a picture of a craft I did that was initially found on/inspired by your site.)

  • Lindsey P. - Her stuff is too, TOO cute! We have many of the same friends/contacts and my sis’ actually went to h.s. w/ your hubby, but haven’t commented in a while. Your Lil’ Miss sounds JUST LIKE my 10 month old lil’ man rt. now in the stage he’s in! Crazy busy, but way fun!

  • Alicia - Painting big brother’s new “big boy” room!

  • Ashley Joy - These blankets are SO CUTE! I would love to give a blanket to my sister!

  • Charla Lane - Hey just had to tell you I ran across “sock monkey” party supplies. they are SUPER cute and NOT cheesy. I saw them at paper chase…

  • Liz - I was wondering where you got the leggings from? Thanks:)

This is a hard post to write.

This has been a hard week.

I want to share a picture with you. This is sweet Gavin. It was taken three years ago. He is holding my precious friend’s finger…his mommy.

Gavin and his twin brother were born 17 weeks early.Β  I had the amazing honor to photograph the boys and capture the life of Gavin. He was such a fighter. He brought amazing joy to his family and their friends. The time I spent in the hospital with Gavin will forever be cherished in my memory and heart. At a time when I felt incredibly helpless I was able to use my camera to capture images that my dear friends cherish. I am so thankful for those sweet short days.


Last weekend we received news that some of our other friend’s stud of a little boy passed away just days after his birth. Their loss brought back a flood of memories from my time with Gavin and reminded me of how powerful the gift of photography can be. So, I want to take this opportunity to write about an incredible organization, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. I wish NILMDTS didn’t need to exist…it’s existence is a reminder of the horrible reality that not all parents get to bring babies home from the hospital, that not all tiny newborns get to grow up to make messes on the kitchen floor and that not all moms get to feel the tight hug of their toddler.


NILMDTS is a network of professional photographers that offer their services free of charge. Their mission statement is,

“To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with the free gift of professional portraiture. We believe these images serve as an important step in the family’s healing process by honoring the child’s legacy.”

If you are a photographer, I highly encourage you to consider volunteering for NILMDTS. I joined the organization 4 years ago, but have had to step back for the time being.

For everyone else, please remember this organization and spread the word. I hope you or someone you love will never need their services, but if that day comes I know how meaningful professional portraits can be.

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  • Alba - buff, buff, buff! what a hard post. thanks for the link and let us know about NILMDTS. I could write a lot of things about it, but images are quite more powerful. thanks once again

  • Susan - What an awesome organization to be able to help capture precious memories that will live forever…Thanks for sharing.

  • Margie - What an amazing way to donate your time and talent…I’m sure the parents cherish these pictures a great deal. I can’t even imagine what these parents go through.

  • Lindsay - I, too, just had a friend lose their baby last night. This was the first time I had heard about this organization. She used them also. What an amazing thing to do for people.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend.

  • kassondra - what a great organization!

  • Kara - Ashley, I’m praying for your family & your friend’s!

  • meg duerksen - they are amazing.

  • whitney freeman - Thank you so much for writing this. As a parent who has lost a child, these photos are such a gift. When I am missing my little boy, I can just look at the hundreds of pictures I have of us holding him. I will tell you that it was the hardest day of my life but also the most joyful. It is the day I became a mom for the first time and to have those memories is priceless. I was lucky to have a friend/photographer there for my deliver so I was lucky to know my photographer. But, I also am sad to say that I have several friends who have had to use this service and the photographers they used were so caring. Again…thanks for helping us remember our sweet little ones. Love you girl!

  • Heather - before my son Samuel passed away we were put in contact with NILMDTS and it completely changed the course of our lives. having photos of our son is not only important to display in our home and to share with our family and friends, but it helps to give credence to the grief we feel after losing someone that was only on this earth for a short while. i’m so glad you wrote about this. it breaks my heart to think that some families will not get the benefit of NILMDTS only because they don’t know about it. i tried to help spread the word in my state by contacting a local parenting magazine. they eventually wrote an article about our experience and the experience of 2 other local families. knowing about this amazing group is so important.

  • Elle - This is heart wrenching. What an amazing thing to volunteer to do. The gift that you give is priceless.

  • Beki - TheRustedChain - They are such a great organization. Thank you for mentioning them!

  • alamama - thank you for this. we lost our baby, Paige in 1994. all we have are the hospital photos, whiach are good, but these are beyond nice!

  • stephanie - that is an amazing cause. Kudos to you and all the other photographers who participate in it

  • Kayla - A year and half ago I too lost my sweet baby boy. Looking back I wish I would have know about this organization. The hospital where he was born was amazing and they took a few snapshots of him for us; however, looking back I do wish I had more and better photographs of our little boy. Thanks for putting up this post, I know it will help some family in the future.

  • Carrie Sowell - I wish we would have known about this when we had Gracie! All we have is a poloroid from the hospital. You are such a blessing to so many for doing this!

  • jessica h - wow, I am speechless and teary-eyed…as a Mom who has never had to face such a loss, I can not imagine the heartbreak so many parents have, and will continue, to face. What a worthy cause! How amazing that every talent, ability and interest each one of us possesses can be used to help others find Hope…thanks for writing this difficult post…

  • Kate - Thank you so much. My prayers are with you.

  • Jane - As a pediatrician, I am unfortunately sometimes involved in a family’s terrible loss of a baby. I heard about this organization a few years ago and helped bring it to my hospital. I wish there was no need for it ever, but I know it’s such an important part of the family’s grieving process.

  • Sarah - Thank you….

  • Amber Grover - My daughter Olivianna Grace lived for only 11 minutes on this earth. Those were the most precious 11 minutes of my life. I praise the Lord that I knew about NILMDTS and had an amazing photographer document our time with her. I look at my images every single day and remember her sweet life. So much emotion and love was captured…I could not imagine not having them. Thank you for sharing your heart with us…and for spreading the word of this awesome ministry and organization called NILMDTS.

  • Jolie - What a beautiful organisation. Our firstborn died during birth. It would have been his 6th birthday yesterday, and the photos we have of him are my most treasured possessions. My heart goes out to your friends in this time of blackest grief.

  • Raechel - We were blessed by the gift of a NILMDTS photographer when our Evie Grace was stillborn at 32 weeks two years ago. Not only did we receive absolutely priceless images of our brief time with our baby girl, but we also made a dear friend in the process.

    Our NILMDTS photographer just attended our daughter Hazel’s birth last week. It was a beautiful, redeeming time for us to share together. We grieved together, and now we rejoice together.

    We cannot say enough good about NILMDTS as an organization! What a blessing it has been to our family!