And the Itsy Bitsy Creations winner is:

Tina -“I love to see the sunlight reflect in the eyes of my itsy bitsy creations as they sat around the table this morning all ready for the 1st day of school wearing their headbands from Etsy and new dresses.”

Everyone else….have fun shopping at Itsy Bitsy Creations!

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  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - OH, I know I tell you this all the time… but Firecracker is ADORABLE!!

  • Giovanna - snif snif. Maybe next time.
    Congratulations Tina :)

If you have followed this blog over the last year you know that Google Reader stopped working consistently on my blog. It has been annoying to say the least. I don’t understand web code (or if that is even what it is called!), so it has made it difficult for me to figure out things. I have done all kinds of searches, forums, emails and posts asking for help….no avail. Recently I got an email from a blog reader that said she thought my blog had been hacked. I didn’t know who to contact other than the amazingly wonderful guys at ProPhoto Blogs. They did all they could and confirmed to me that my blog had an old hack. Then they referred me to the equally wonderful WordPress Help Center. I admit I am always a bit leary of web help becasue I don’t know enough to know if I am being ripped off or not (kind of like auto body shops…you just don’t know).

Well…as you Google Reader followers know….my blog is working and the hack has been cleaned…and WordPress Help Center did it earlier than estimated and without extra hours of charges. I can’t say enough about the incredible service that ProPhoto Blogs & WordPress Help Center offers. EVERYTIME I have ever had a need or a question they have promptly and kindly helped. So, I wanted to take the time to say “Thank You” to ProPhoto Blogs and WordPress Help Center. (if you smartly decide to purchase a ProPhoto blog template use this code for $10.00 off ASHCAM473)

We were so excited to see Google Reader working! (Mac PhotoBooth pics)

In other news, today my monthly Photo Design Project will be posted over at Design Aglow. For those that were a bit confused last month about what Design Aglow is….in the most basic sense it is a resource for photographers. When you order custom cards, announcements, and other fun boutique items from professional photographers those items are often purchased from Design Aglow or similar companies. Professional photographers then customize each product to fit their studio needs. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to purchase from Design Aglow, but for most items you do need to own and have a working knowledge of Photoshop.

If that doesn’t apply to you…you can still make most of my projects using other things. So come check out my Design Aglow diy post later today:

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  • Kirsten - Yay! So glad you found good help. But now your hit count will drop because I’m not checking your blog 20 times a day to see if you’ve posted anything new. :)

  • tammy Kay - Yay! Great to see you first thing in the morning on my google reader, but then again I always check your blog first anyway! Looking forward to the project! :)

  • maria - Ashley- so happy to see you in my google reader, at long last!!! also thankful for your posting on prophotoblogs….I never knew about them, but am looking to makeover my blog and I think I found the answer in them and your discount makes my decision even easier!! Love your continued inspiration!

  • shelly@familyblt - oh me oh my, those pics are funfunfunny! Love ’em. Hooray for google reader working!

  • Christina - Your blog has always shown up on my google reader- but not correctly- all I see is the headline of the post and then I have to click over to see the whole thing. It also shows that you have a new post every time someone comments. It is still showing up like this now for me- but that’s fine- at least I always get reminded to see what fun new post you have up!

  • Michelle - Hooray! Reading all your blogs when they flooded my Reader was never very enjoyable. Too much too quickly. Hahaha.

    Glad to see it’s worked out for you!

  • Leo - You can now remove the “call for help” on the blog description :-)

    PS. As far as web security goes, Blogger is far superior to WordPress. I can’t recommend it enough! :-)

  • christina larsen - So glad it’s fixed.

  • Hannah Bunker - Okay, so I’ve been reading your blog religiously for about a month and I’ve even done some of your DIY projects (the bird scrapbooking paper canvas “painting,” the advice jar you did for your sister’s baby shower I just did for my sis-in-law’s wedding shower, and I have a few others on my to-do list.

    Well, I started up a photography business in January and so far it’s only been word of mouth and my only online portfolio is a dinky blogspot blog. Just this week I was telling my husband that I’m ready to start getting serious about my business so I can eventually quit my day job (I have a degree in theatre and I’m an oil $ gas analyst in Texas – howdy neighbor!:)- so you can guess that the oil business wasn’t my first career choice ;)So I’m just waiting for my funds to come through then I’m setting up my Prophoto blog within the week! I’m so serious when I say reading this was such an encouragement because I’ve been very nervous about spending so much money on something I don’t know too much about. It’s like you said, you don’t know if you’re getting ripped off or not. I’m so glad I stopped by your blog today because I have more confidence now…and an extra ten dollars! haha. Thanks!

  • - Those macbook photos are hilarious. A friend brought his macbook to a party and we were laughing it up for at least 30 minutes while we took turns in front of the screen.

  • Tira J - Glad you got some help. I had thought maybe you were taking a blog hiatus when it hadn’t showed up in my reader for a week or so. I got all caught up yesterday and am so glad you are back in business. Can’t wait to see what you cook up over at Design Aglow.

  • Giovanna - Ha ha ha ha pictures are the best and the two last ha ha ha ha ha.
    I don’t understand very well about the desing. But I have one thing clear I must these punches :)

  • Kara - yay!!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ashley, that composition notebook is amazing! Thank you so much for giving us your step by step and sharing your knowledge with us! I really appreciate that.

  • amy - glad you got it straighten out i just added you to my reader..though i got in the habit of always checking your blog then going to my reader and seeing what else was it didn’t really matter anymore. :0)

  • Kelly - Thanks for always telling us when your Design Aglow post is up! Fun! Kelly

  • Jodi - I loved your tutorial on design aglow! Congrats on the google reader finally working! That must have been so annoying!

    Looking forward to this week’s posts from you!

  • Jodi - ps, I just did a tin for my “big girl” shared room similar to that! Gorgeous.

  • Jennifer - Where do I get the blue design like you had? I looked on design aglo and couldn’t find it. Do you have the link to what you have or did you alter it a lot?

  • Ari Morris - You’re back in my google reader and I am overjoyed!
    In other news…2 random people (one in Memphis, one in Cinci) this week have mentioned your blog to me. I was proud to say that I knew you personally!!! They both LOVE your work!

This is a very last minute notice, but two spots for this Saturday’s SnapShop have come open. If you want the spots email me at

You can find all the details on the SnapShop page under the info tab.

The workshop is all day….9:30am-6:00pm. I’ll email more details to whoever gets the spots.

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  • C Roecker - Wish I could swing the finances this time. I’d be all over it! Let me know the next time you have an opening. I will be a shoe in for sure!

  • Ryan - Awww…I am jealous! SnapShops are such a blast! Have fun this weekend! :)

  • Kimberly - Wish I wasn’t here in Ohio and could make it. Have a wonderful time!

  • Brooke - Mybe it’s meant to be, I had a dream that I came to your house and hung out. I do not remember why I was there, but we went to see your sweet sister and her baby and we had lots of fun hanging out with your kids. Might seem a little creepy, huh? I remember that I kept referring to things I knew about you (from your blog) and you seemed creeped out that I remembered all those details.

    Oh, pregnancy dreams. :)
    Wish I was at the snapshop today!