Sweet, sweet, sweet summer break…you took so long to get to us and too quickly are leaving us. I’ll miss you (most of the time anyway).

Our Summer 2010 list is checked off. Today is the last day of summer break.

It was 10 weeks of swimming, being together and jumping off everything that stands still and moves.

I really like how Biggest Brother’s arm and leg frame Littlest Brother in the pool. Total luck.

Some things never really change, they just get bigger.

I won’t miss the daily THUDS I hear downstairs…well maybe I’ll miss them a little.

Goodbye Summer…my seasonal love…

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  • Sophie - Sometimes parents can never win. They dread summer in a way because it’s so hectic with bored children and taking them everywhere, but when summer ends they don’t want the children to leave!
    Lovely pictures Ashley, I hope that fall turns out to be as great as summer for you (:

  • tasha roe - i am having a hard time letting go of summer too! ours “officially” ends next monday. less than a week. very bittersweet.
    now we get to look forward to autumn! sweaters, bonfires, hay rides, caramel apples, pumpkin patches, hot apple pie……

  • karen davis - I love how biggest brother is doing the typical peace sign in the pictures, like ALL the kids do here in Korea!

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - School doesn’t start here until either the 6th or 8th of September…guess I need to find out for sure haha! I personally will miss summer but can not wait for autumn weather except I despise winter(especially here in upstate NY!) Your house reminds me of mine so much, I have 2 boys and a baby girl(who at 2 1/2 is not really a baby anymore!) and our house is full of legos, and pillows fights, lots and lots of noise and thuds! My youngest boy starts kindergaten so it will be weird to have just me and baby girl home all day!

  • amanda torres - I pretty sure you’re kids were thinking of you when whining. They want your transition to school starting to be smooth. No tears from mama. Yes, I’m sure that’s it!

  • robyn - summer is over???
    im sort of jealous!

  • Kara - cannot believe summer is over–but with this heat I am SO ready for fall!

  • caro - sorry about my english, but here with this cold in Chile (South America) i want summer days or more warms, i’m freezing.
    And love the blog, the pictures, the DIY and you have a lovely family. God bless you.

  • Tessa Brooke - Awww! You have the cutest little boys! Your little girl has the most amazing eyes too!
    Tessa Brooke

  • AmΓ©lie - Hey Ashley! Random question : I was wondering how you do rounded corners on your photos?
    Many thanks!

  • Danielle - You have the cutest and coolest kids EVER. When I have kids, I want them to be as cool as yours. And I want to be as cool as you.

  • Yanet - Our summer is ending in aobut a week and it’s definately bittersweet.

  • giozi - Your boys are so handsome and your baby adorable.
    How funny days and beautiful pictures.

  • Carolyn - Aww, your children are soooo, so, SO cute!!
    I can’t even remember what Summer feels like. It’s very cold here in the southern hemisphere at the moment. *brrr*

  • tammy Kay - these are beautiful pictures!

  • Lesley - Back to school so soon – us West Coast Canadian still have a few more weeks, Sept 7 is the BIG day… It would be nice to go back early and get out before the end of june. Great photos and cute kiddies!

Today has been a long day. Lots of fighting. Lots of crying. Lots of grumpy little people. A repurposed Crisco can was dropped from the top bunk onto my innocent head below. It hurt. I was confident there was blood everywhere. There wasn’t, but I did cry. It really hurt. More meltdowns came from the little people. I bought one little person Lego Star Wars jammies. He said I was a really nice mommy. All are in bed. Blog comments checked….thank you Tasha for making my day and sharing some exciting news with me.

FireCracker’s nursery is on the Top Ten Favorite Ohdeedoh Posts EVER! That is just craziness.

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  • Shea - I was so excited to see you on today’s post. Congrats!

  • Shannon - Congrats! What a fun blog…not sure why it wasn’t in my reader till now! But at least I have some fun stuff to read for the next few days! And I surely agree, that is my most favorite nursery of. all. time! Even my husband agrees we need to put some of those elements to use when we get to plan for another one!

  • Kim - Woo hoo you!! I love Firecracker’s nursery…it’s been bookmarked for me for a LONG time! OK, she’s only one, so maybe not that long. : )

    Question about your BIG chalkboard…where did you get that bad boy? I want one so bad and would love to find one.


  • Rachel - You poor thing…hugs to you!
    As if you wouldn’t be on Ohdeedoh’s top ten list…that is one of my most favorite posts ever….congrats!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ashley, I’m so sorry it was a rough day. But. I am so happy for you about your news! Congratulations!

  • Kelly - Oh my gosh! EVER! That is so awesome. It is totally well deserved. But top ten out of 5 years and how many gazillion posts, wow. Impressive. You rock. PS that is how I found you :-)

  • meg duerksen - sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

  • lifeologia - It was so exciting to see you there!
    They knew exactly when to cheer you up πŸ˜‰

  • Carolyn - Oh, I think you should be number 1 on that list. Your overall style is very inspiring and fun. That’s why I keep coming back to your blog. It brightens my day!
    Here’s hoping you are spared from any more cans falling from above and hurting you!

  • tasha roe - i would have to say that the nursery and the boys’ bedroom is in my top 5!
    sorry to hear about the rough day. it makes us appreciate the good ones even more.

  • laura - yay! that is AWESOME. and definitely true for me:)….now i’m off to check the others!

  • Sarah - yeah! congrats! it really is a georgous nursery!

  • shelly@familyblt - Congrats–what good timing for the top 10 post!

  • anne c - how exciting! I know it makes you feel even more proud of all your hard work!

  • Amy - Congrats! All of the Okies are proud!

  • Gevay - Oh, I don’t know why you are surprised! You do amazing stuff and you take amazing pictures an share your stuff. Hint Hint-playroom pics please! Congratulations!

  • Kara P - How wonderful!!! I know you create for yourself, because you feel alive when you do- but isn’t it nice to know how much others appreciate your AWESOME ideas!!! Congrats girl!!

  • Carla - So exciting! It is an inspirational room!

    Ok…so where did you get Lego jammies? I have a little Lego lover that would adore a pair!

  • Wendy - because you rock!!congrats!

  • Lesley - Congrats! Totally deserved!!

  • giozi - Yessssss
    I saw this post when I didn’t know you yet. And months later thanks to a link of Jackie Rueda I know your blog. This day I saw it all, and whan I saw your boy’s room remember this post.
    Now I saw many rooms with this decor :) you inspirate us.

  • emily anderson - congrats—you totally deserved it :)

  • Erin - Your kitchen is also on The Kitchn’s Top 10 Kitchen Tours on AT.


    I have been reading your blog every day for over a year now and am so thankful I found it. You are so inspiring to me as a mom and a woman! Thank you for sharing!

  • Jodi - That room is why I discovered Ohdeedoh and your blog. That room has changed my style tremendously. That room deserves to be in there. It’s amazing! Congrats!

The playroom is basically done, I just haven’t gotten around to photographing it. Maybe later this week. While I am wrapping up the playroom I am beginning to brainstorm a new living room. It is ridiculous. I know. My living room has basically been the same for 3 years now – which is a really long time for me. If I hadn’t been so busy having babies I probably would have done a living room makeover a year or two ago. I am semi-forcing myself not to start the living room until the playroom is done (I did already repaint and removed my massive chalkboard…just little things). Well as I brainstorm I did a little etsy ‘window shopping’ for the makeover.

In honor of etsy, how about a Reader’s etsy store giveaway?

My niece Sweet P. The hat is from CoCo1981…who is hosting today’s giveaway. My aunt made me the quilt – it is awesome. It is not up for a giveaway!

Giveaway Details:

Prize is one $15.00 store credit to Coco1981

One winner, chosen at random

Giveaway ends Thursday, August 12th 9:00pm US Central

To enter: Leave a comment about where you stand with home makeovers….do you change rooms all the time, never, once and leave it alone?



CoCo1981 is also offering a 15% discount to my readers. When you checkout enter “Under the Sycamore” in the notes to seller.

The discount will be refunded via PayPal. This offer is good through August 2010.



Heather has the last counting comment “I am constantly dreaming of making over rooms, but am always hindered by either fear or finances… but i do live vicariously through your makeovers, so keep β€˜em coming:)."

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  • Lindsay - I’ve found that doily clock, too! How cool! I have four words – We’re in an apartment. How awful is that when all you want to do is paint and decorate and rearrange? It kills me…but SOMEDAY I’ll have a home. I was just telling the hubby the other night that I want to do SOMETHING to the living room, but there is only ONE spot for the tv, ONE spot for the shelf, ONE spot for the couch. BLAH. SO, paint on my friend-Because YOU CAN!

  • Hollie - I love to change things. And I am gettting ready to re-do my living room too, well – it has never been done in the first place really. It is so sad. So I am really looking forward to getting started! your neice is adorable and I love all of your Etsy picks!

  • Christine - Right now all my makeover thoughts are in my head :)

  • Candy Foster - A little of both . . . We’ve only lived in our house for 1.5 years & during that time, we’ve constantly remodeled, it seems. I like to work on something until it gets that “just right” feeling. Then I leave it alone . . . until I think it needs something else!

  • andy - we did most of the rooms when we moved in. the hall needs painting and the bathroom. just need time, money and motivation

  • Stoich91 - If we weren’t moving about so much, we’d actually have time to decorate at least once! LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Callie - Well we move it and make it over and then leave it till we move out. I have big plans but they never seem to get accomplished. However our longest tenure in a house yet is 3 years. :)

  • Sophie Lee - Our poor little fireplace has been painted more times that it has been used for it’s proper function! Being the centrepiece of our living room I’ve never got it ‘just right’. One of these days I will give it a break and just let it be!!

  • Jenn - Before kids I would move furniture around nearly once a month but now my boys kinda prevent it. Once we own a house I imagine I will be painting … alot!

  • laura - i feel like i am changing something in EVERY room ALL the time. i keep thinking that one day soon, it will all be “done”….but i’m realizing it probably won’t because i just love the process of changing it. can’t wait to see the playroom:).

  • Jen - I love the adorable hat on your beautiful niece. Oh..babies. Just makes me happy being around them. I would get the superman tee for my new nephew! We just moved into a house 3 weeks ago so I’m overwhelmed with all the projects I want to do.

  • Sarah - my house is in a constent state of ‘makeover’. we’ve been in our house for 6 years. I have repainted every room twice-except for the living room. It is an awesome shade of a deep teal, a peacock feather was my inspiration, and I love it! i’m always moving and swaping out furniture, changing my art displays. I’m currently planning a fireplace makeover and a new wall art collage in the living room. I like to change things up with the seasons too. I get too bored if things stay the same for too long!

  • lacey - adorable hat! It seems we re-do one room a year. Hoping to move in the next year and collecting all kinds of ideas for a new home!

  • Conni M - I have to admit I am a ‘leave-the-room-the-same-for-eons’ kinda girl … but I have grand ideas and plenty of pages cut from magazines and sites bookmarked for when I need a change!!

  • Sarah - I rearrange and redecorate ALL THE TIME! People think I’m crazy because every time they come in my house something has moved:)

  • Kristin Eldridge - I change rooms all the time.:)

  • Sarah Dammeyer - I love fresh paint & fresh colors! I’m currently brainstorming a nursery for our first….. but keep thinking if we don’t do OUR room first, it’ll never get done :)

  • Haley - We moved into our house almost three years ago. We are thinking of selling soon to move closer to my husbands office so we are constantly touching up paint and things like that.

  • Christy - I always rearranging/redecorating rooms all the time. My problem is starting more than one room at a time. I have decorating A.D.D. !! eek.. I start one room and get sidetracked by another room..

    Super cute hats! Love your inspiration board

  • Deanna - Yes! I’m constantly rearranging furniture and wanting to change things up. I just wish I had your design skills!

  • shelly@familyblt - I think I change tooooo much–the rooms never seem finished–they eagerly await the next great idea :)

  • Meredith - We’ve lived in our house for 3.5 years. It’s taken me this long to decorate almost all of the room – still have 3 more to go. Once I am done with those, maybe I’ll be ready for a redo. I don’t to say never because how boring is that. I think a change every 5 years sounds right for me :-)

  • Mandy - love to change rooms around – hate to finish them – – always want to move on to the next thing before the first is done!

  • Katrina - I like it to stay the same. The only time things get changed around is when I buy a new piece and have to work it in.

  • Kimberly - i do it once & leave it alone for a year or 2, just out of pure laziness, and lack of time

  • Sara - I think if I ever finish every room I’ll never change it. I have ripped down wallpaper in nearly every room and repainted. I love looking for decorations, but i’m more of a do it and leave it.

  • Jen - As a graduate student and still renting I have pipe dreams of remodeling and all what I could get done!

  • Cory - I’m the one who always dreams up great things that I could do to my home, but never actually get around to making it happen…so it stays the same.

  • Sarah D. - I love to freshen up a room. We live in a parsonage, but as long as we do the work ourselves, the church is pretty generous with what they allow. That’s a good thing!

  • Patti - Always making little changes. I’d certainly say I have a few rooms that are do for a complete do over though.

  • Faith - Changing all the time! Sometimes to the extreme… Last week, when you opened the downstairs bathroom door, you saw an 8X8 square with a dirt floor. This week…..it’s an 8X8 square with plywood. Yay!

  • allison - i completely re-did our house before we moved in a year ago. after all of that work, i don’t want to change it anytime in the near future. but i do change up accessories.

  • Jenny - I like to change things up frequently if I can pull it off, my Mom is like this too, every time I go home something is different. My husband is an officer in the Air Force though so we move often so sometimes that’s enough of a change for me!

  • Dena - I rarely do complete makeovers. Don’t have the time. I rotate artwork and accessories seasonally so that helps keep it “fresh”.

  • jenny - Well, when it comes to changing home decor and the house, I am guilty as charged. I love so many different things and aside from getting bored, I just always have a new idea that I want to try and I truly enjoy doing it.
    However, like you, I have been so busy having babies that my house has no changed much in a while and now we are expecting #4 so my itch to paint and redecorate is a little out of control right now! HA! πŸ˜‰
    Cute, cute hat! I would love to have a credit to purchase one for the baby on the way. πŸ˜‰

  • Kiley - Oh my. We bought a total fixer upper house 3 years ago and are still working on it. So far we have the 4 bedrooms done, the playroom, 1 half bath and the living room. Still left are the 2 full baths, the kitchen, the office and the basement. Someday, right? And yes, after those are all done we will probably start all over!

  • Laura W. - I’m constantly changing rooms around (much to the annoyance of others.) I barely get the room done and I think of something else to do or a better color for the walls. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Dana Laymon - I would do it all the time if I had the time!! Maybe in the winter when things (weddings) slow down. I love to decorate! My husband is probably happy that i’m to busy with other things at the moment :)

  • Sara - We moved into a 40 year old Cape Cod 5 years ago and spent the first 2 years updating everything (think nasty pink bathtub). My kitchen has been painted 4 times since then and I’m ready to do it again. I can’t commit to colors and change my preferences all the time, I love it though…but drives my husband crazy. Last weekend I came home from a thrift shop with 6 new dining chairs (all for $35) and my husband said, “oh.goody.another.project.” There’s always a wrapped up paint roller in my fridge! :)

  • leslie@jarofvintagebuttons - My whole life is now revolving around us builing and decorating our new house. It is a never-ending process for us, especially since my husband is a graphic designer and I have my degree in fashion merchandising. Our garage is so full of things for our new house that I can’t even park in there anymore!

  • LaurenS - well my husband and i have been remodeling our house for a little over a year now, so i am sick of room makeovers!! :)

  • Jamie - I’m so glad you found that vintage milk crate on Etsy! So far I’ve acquired 4 of them, but they’re really from my dad’s welding & oilfield supplies. (He thinks I’m nuts!) A few of mine are metal throughout, and some have the plastic base like the one shown. He says most of them are plastic these days; he can’t hardly find metal ones — thus he’s not thrilled that I want them! I’d like a few more but couldn’t search online since I didn’t know what to call them. Yay! Thx for the “help!”

  • Jamie - I am currently updating my daughters room. I change my rooms every couple of years… but I would do it MUCH more frequently if my husband did not have a say in it!!

  • Anna Joy - I change my main rooms (living, dining) every season. We live in a townhome so I can’t rearrange but I like to switch out colors to match with the seasons. The bedrooms I change about every year…esp. G’s room. I get bored too easily! Can’t wait to see the playroom!!

  • Crystal - My house is ever changing. I am constantly adding new things and removing the old things.

  • Valerie - I’m totally addicted to the “redo.” Drives the hubs nuts! :) I love that hat… it makes her look extra tiny. SO cute.

  • Whitney - I love to redecorate, but just lack the time and energy to do so. Once I get the chance, I’m all over it and can’t stop til it’s finished! I desperately want to repaint my living room, but haven’t had the gumption yet. Thanks for another giveaway!!

  • Megan - I would LOVE to change my rooms around every couple of years… but this takes creativity which I am lacking… but I love living vicariously through your blog :)

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - My fiance and I, along with our 3 kids, just moved into his childhood home and to say we’re remodeling is an understatement! My last few months have been filled with painting, ripping out floorboards and replacing them, and even tearing down walls. Once we are done I plan on starting all over again in the kitchen! :)

  • Joa - Well, we have been in our new house now, and I have painted the kitchen four times now and am now back to the ORIGINAL color and love it :) again :) My husband paints it with no complaining- he is a saint. I do catch a lot of grief though- like my kitchen is a smaller room now w/ all the coats of paint on the wall!

  • Mary Beth - Right now? We’re in our first home, so once I finish a room, I leave it so I can get started on the next one. That being said, I can see the rotation never ending. :)

  • Michele V. - If money had no play in it I would redecorate about once a year, but since it does it’s way longer than I’d like. I am presently decorating my living and breakfast/kitchen area since I’ve recently bought a new home. It’s been slow going though because I can’t seem to find what I want.

  • Camille - We are moving into a new house this month… let the projects begin! We have been in an apartment, so the project-addict in me has been restrained. Not anymore! :)

  • Michele V. - I would love to redecorate about once a year but since money doesn’t grow on trees it’s usually several years in between redos
    at my house. I recently bought a new home though and am decorating my living/kitchen and breakfast area.

  • Beth - My rooms rarely change because I am stuck in an apartment. When we buy a house, I am hoping to change it up quite often! :)

  • Carol V. - I love room makeovers and so do my girls! (They can’t help it I guess.) I live in a house that is beautiful, my dream house, but needs lots of fixing up…so we are always in some kind of makeover. :)

  • Summer - My house is a constant project…. even if it’s changing out the photos in frames I think it’s important to prevent a stagnant home environment. There’s one HUGE frame that’s now in our bedroom as a bulletin board that has been 3 colors in the past year! In our tiny 1920’s bungalow there isnt room to rearrange as much as I usually do so I have to invent new ways to make the room feel different.

  • bopha - i have still not finished “decorating” from when we moved in. i have lofty goals of re-modeling but you have to “model” first before you can do that :(

  • Megan H - Our house seems to be permanently unfinished (we moved in the first of the year). I look around and see loads of things yet to be done…but would love to find the time and energy to finish it all. It drives me crazy.

  • Jill R - I never change our house because I have yet to start! Give me a break, I’ve only lived here four & a half years. : )

  • Madaline Meatte - It’s funny that you talk about home makeovers…my husband said just the other day that we bought a new home so that we didn’t have to “fix up” anything. and apparently by “fixing up” he means paint color. he said he wouldn’t have bought the house if it had ugly paint colors! needless to say I have had a painting project every sunday for two weeks. first the front door, second the master bathroom. and trust me…i’m not finished!

    (btw, you are a huge part of my inspiration. i’ve been reading way to many blogs to just sit around and not craft!)

  • Kim - I don’t do them often because we don’t have the money, but I love doing home makeovers. We don’t have cable, so I don’t get to watch HGTV, but while I was visiting family this summer I watched it every evening, and when I came home I was dying to do projects. Luckily my birthday was around the corner, so I asked for a Lowes gift card. :) I painted our kitchen, hung shelves, and printed new pictures for the frames we already had. We also did some work to our backyard.

  • Lea McFarlin - once i find something i like, i like it for a long time. so once a room is exactly as i like it, i don’t change it very much….maybe just rearrange some stuff. but until the room is the exact way i like it…..it can get changed multiple times in a year!

  • vina sanchez - Oh my goodness…I change room structure and purge items when it gets real messy/cluttery looking! I just did one in the laundry room! …and of course, I get the itch whenever I see your web site and the fun things you do!!

  • Grace - I leave it alone for a really long time. I am not the type of person that likes to redo anything. :)

  • Karen DeMamiel - I am in the midst of redoing my office! I dream about going to antique stores and thrift stores garage sales to find the perfect items!!!!!

  • Kim - Currently renting so I don’t move things around but can’t wait for the day when I can!

  • Elisa B. - I am ready to move from our condo because I’m remade every room twice – usually with good reason. Now that I have no excuse to redo, it’s time to move on! I love change, welcome and embrace it!

  • Teresa Johnson - I like to redecorate, rather than repaint. But I haven’t had the need lately. Once I started to get the itch to redecorate, we moved and I got to redo an entire house!

    Thanks for this oh-so cute giveaway. I love the owl hat :)

  • Melissa K - I have change issues. I need change! My husband jokes that he often comes home from work and wonders if he’s in the right house. I love changing and moving things around. So fun to keep it fresh and different!

  • Jessamy - Change?! Who has time to change? The only time my house gets a makeover is when something has been ruined from rambunctious kiddos and we must get new. Oh, to have your motivation and ideas! I love, love, love them all! This little hat make me want to have another just so she could wear it!

  • crystal - Prior to having 4 kiddos I changed everything constantly. Now, I just try to keep things clean and off the floor and only take on very small makeover tasks at a time! Big makeover this week…I ordered a new wall print and I’ll take something down and put it up-woo hoo!!!!

  • Meredith - I like to move furniture around, but I usually stick with the paint colors.

    That giveaway would be perfect! My second baby is due in February.

  • natalie - I am constantly wanting to update rooms in the house. Just finished the family room after living with the old stuff for 1 year.

  • stacey B - I change things up at least twice a year but rarely do complete makeovers!

  • Anne - I just recently bought my first house, and I’m loving the ability to decorate things the way I want! But I have a feeling things are going to stay this way until the hubby and I move, since I’m in grad school and we’re looking forward to having little ones!

  • lifeologia - I used to change rooms all the time… but now with a kid and a business it’s hard to find the time… Plus we’ve only lived in our first house 2 years – so I’m still working with my original vision for this space – and just keep on adding to it.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Becky - Once I get a room “done” to my liking, I generally leave it alone because there is usually another room that needs some help! ps- I love the little hat sweet P is wearing. I’m pregnant, due in Feb and would love a little hat like that :)

  • tammy Kay - I always have a room makeover going on… in my mind.
    I have a ton of ideas right now but with my new little one it makes things a bit harder.
    She’s totally worth it though :)

  • Rebecca - I love decorating but right now we are trying to sell our house (with little luck) so things are basically in a minimalist never changing slump. I can’t wait to move so I can change it all the time!

  • ashlee - my poor house is always under construction…from me:)

  • Jaimie - I don’t tend to do big projects a lot but things move around a lot.

  • Heather - i change things around all the time. i just finished painting my living room and family room, oh and my bedroom. i’m pretty sure projects keep me from going crazy. i need something to do with all the crazy ideas in my head!

  • Kristie - I never stop decorating, it is an addiction to me too, especially my living room. I loved your living room so I can super excited to see what you do next!

  • Jaclyn - We just painted our entire downstairs about 8 months ago and I am already dying to paint again. Maybe if I give it a few more months I can hubby into it!

  • Suzy - we have lived in our home for 4 years, and i have repainted every room at least 3 times! i have a garage full of “projects” i have collected at thrift stores and garage sales! Creativity is my outlet and therapy. i get bored, what can i say!! my hubby however thinks i have a problem and he would like his “man garage” back πŸ˜‰ hehehe

  • Beckie M - As a military wife, I am “forced” to do a home makeover every few years with each change of station. It gives our family a chance to really focus on keeping the essential elements of “home” close while losing the meaningless clutter and reinvent our living spaces :)

  • Katie - I love changing rooms around…usually its just a wall here or a bookshelf there, but i just recently did an overhaul of my livingroom and i love how fresh and clean it feels!

  • Ellisha Schultz - I change my rooms all the time!! It drives my husband crazy! I’m always finding a gem at a sale to refinish and add to out home. Keep life fun! =)

  • Jessica Lynette - We are slowly redoing all the rooms in our new-to-us house – it takes us awhile given two young boys and my husband being away with work ALOT. But we’re slowly transforming it into “us” :)

  • Rena Frey - I wish I had more time and money to do home makeovers. As for now, I just stick with moving my furniture around every three months or so and changing pictures in their picture frames. :)

  • angie - i change my rooms as often as i can. my husband HATES it, though. he always likes the finished product but it drives him nuts while i’m at it.

  • Karla (LaPine) Swalve - You’re not alone! We moved into out townhouse four years ago and I have pretty much repainted every room in our house at least twice. :) You just get so used to everything that after awhile it becomes boring. :-) That is one reason I LOVE reading your blog, you are full of ideas! Where do you come up with this stuff? :) It’s amazing how creative minds work- I only wish I had an ounce of the creativity you do :)

  • Lauren - I try not to make major changes to a room until all the other rooms are complete… but I change things around in the room, like stuff on the walls, furniture, etc, pretty often. I wish I had the time to follow through with all the ideas that bounce around in my head…lol! I know most people say the same thing!!

  • margaret - We moved in 4 years ago and I still feel like we’re finalizing the first-round of decorating, we just keep building on the initial intense-reno’s we did the first two months. I do love to dream and am getting the itch to do a major overhaul to the kitchen πŸ˜‰

  • Meredith - If I could have a house with a never ending amount of rooms, I would be happy. I would like to have enough rooms so that I could keep decorating, but still have the old ones to go back to for inspiration and memories. I LOVE decorating!

  • kelly - if money was no object, i would change things constantly! we’re currently working on our formal living room/dining room and also doing some smaller updates to our boys’ bedrooms. i always say when i’m done with the whole house, i’ll be ready to start all over again πŸ˜‰ love your etsy finds…the colors are awesome!

  • jessibee08 - YOU are NOT ALONE! I can barely make it a week without changing SOMETHING!!! This is not easy, as you know, with small children. You can only do so much in a nap time. How do you get these massive things done????? What is your secret to tackling these home projects that are ENTIRE rooms- with 4 children!!!!!!!!!!?????? You are amazing. Cant wait to see the latest masterpiece. I am sure it will be all over the web; oh dee doh, design sponge….:) Way to go.
    and ps. love these sweet baby giveaways!

  • Ana - I spend A LOT of time thinking about what I WANT to do. And I always try to go for something I’ll be happy with for a while. But it’s most definitely fun to change things up! :)

  • BriBedell - If I find something worth changing my living room too I would. But I have burgundy leather couches…how do you decorate around that!! LOL

  • Michelle Z. - I wish someone would do a baby giveaway!!! (Not really, I know it’s illegal, but every time I see a store with BABY SALE signs in the window, I think to myself, “I’ll take one with brown eyes and curls, please!”)

    Anyway…now that I’ve confirmed my craziness for everyone…I rarely change things around. My husband doesn’t like change. Honestly, if he wasn’t so cute, I’d wonder what I was doing with such a party pooper.

  • Julie B. - I have only changed rooms into new baby rooms! I’d love to redo my living room and dining room but other things seem to always come first:)

  • Amy - I love to change all the time but my husband doesn’t. He thinks its fine the way it is. I have to slowly incorporate new things so he doesn’t really notice.

  • Heidi - We’ve lived in our house just over two years. Our bedroom has been 3 colors, our bathroom 5. Is there such a thing as too many layers of paint on the wall??

  • Sarah M - I almost never do home make-overs…simply because we’ve been in 3 places in 5 years and only one of them we owned….
    I decorated the house we owned but had about a $1000 budget to do THE WHOLE HOUSE. yikes. That meant new paint and a few rugs. Done. Unfortunately, not at a point in our lives where we’re able to afford it, no matter how small or DIY! But someday….I’d LOVE to! (and I’m the type of person to keep something for years…)
    Sarah M

  • Michelle Gray - I love to re-do rooms in our house…I am always thinking of new ways to make our rooms look. It’s so fun…now only if I could justify it in the budget…ha!

  • Juice - Mostly I’m relieved when a room is done, but every once in a while a friend or my mom will help with a total redo.

  • jessica h - changing things is one of my life’s passions! but, the time I invest in being a mommy to two active little guys trumps any availability to get creative with my surroundings :) oh well! I am currently living vicariously through your blog posts!!

  • Sarah - If it were not for my kids, it would be much more often! I would say every 2-3 years. :) I LOVE your ideas. You seem to be so put together for having all of your kids!! What is the secret? When do you get time for yourself and how on earth can you do all of your projects without the kids tearing apart the rest of the home in the meantime! I am in AWE by you!

  • heidi - i ususally always have a makeover project going, but right now i am forbidden. apparently my hubby is sick of them. (when i say i have one going, it ususally means, i started a project and he finished it, not because i can’t finish it, but becuase i make him nervous.)

  • Kristine - My husband did the last changing of our rooms when I was visiting family in TN. :) What a pleasant surprise to come home to.

  • Donna - I wish I could change rooms more often, lately it’s just been from necessity (kids changing bedrooms, etc). Hopefully, in the future, there will be more fun home makeovers in our house :)

  • Stacey - We currently are renters so we can’t really do many major makeovers. We’re also pretty broke at the time, so we try to do little things here and there that help spruce up the place. I find myself tearing out pages from magazines and saving pictures that are inspirational hoping one day (when we buy a house) that I will have my time to be super creative with decorating. :)

  • Jessica - I am about to start a new office/craft space makeover – and it’s only been a year! I think that I enjoy the process of the makeover even more than the finished product. Working in an office all day makes me feel like I need more creative spaces in my life!

  • chantelle - I love the idea of a makeover but only make over a room when we make a move! Maybe a new addition to our family (someday…..!) will change that as a room swap will be in order!

  • Kristi - We are in the middle of redoing my 2 year olds room. We have been in the middle for about 2 weeks haha! I always change thing around…even if its from one room to another. If I cant afford something new I redecorange the house!

  • Christian T - If I had the time, energy and $, I would change the rooms in my house every 2-3 years… Makeovers are so much fun!!

  • Tara - I change stuff ALL THE TIME! Love it! Currently working on my 2 year olds big girl room and having so much fun! Thanks!

  • Amy W - I feel like I always have a bug to change things up–and I think I constantly would if we had the funds to do it! So, it is mostly in my head. A lot of times I will change things up with my hubby has to go out of town…gives me something to do and a surprise for him when he gets home!

  • Alyse - Since we only planning on living in our little house until both my husband and I have finished college, we haven’t done too much. Just constantly building up ideas for “when we grow up” and live somewhere a little more permanently.

  • Kristin - Oh! Great giveaway.
    I am always looking for a project or adding, or redoing something. :) I never feel complete. But I love to do it so it’s good, although my husband wishes I would be DONE. :)

  • Jen - i don’t change things all the time but i’d like to. i just can’t get myself to spend the time or money it takes to get it looking how i’d like. all in due time right!?

  • Christen - I am always changing things, even if it is small!!

  • Summer C. - If I had the money, I would totally re-do my living room and master bedroom. I love me a makeover!

  • Bailey Hanrhan - I never change things. I get so comfortable that I like to keep it the same : )

  • Amy Leigh - I just changed my son’s room and we are about to change our room. I love make-overs! What a great way to refresh your home and your perspective on things. I adore your blog, I look at it ever day. It is very inspiring :)

  • Shauna - We moved into our home 3 years ago. I have been itching do redo the living room for over a year now, but Im trying to hold off as long as I can…its not easy!

  • Katie - We have been in our house a year, and we are still working to finish what we started when we moved in.

  • Karen - I drive my hubby batty because I always think of new things I think would be fun to do in our house and he loves the idea of doing something once and having it be done forever (or at least for a very long time). Being a stay at home mom with little ones means I’m here a lot and I like to have my surroundings inspire and refresh me and I love becoming more adventurous and getting away from the beige that has permeated our home for way too long :O).

  • Amber - I just got done redecorating my daughter’s room from a nursery into a big girl room. I prefer to do one room at a time. It takes me way too long to finish just one!

  • Colleen - I would love to make over my house more often than I do, but time and budget just hasn’t allowed for this this year. Here’s hoping for next year! :)

  • Lesley - I LOVE to change it up – just finished my master bedroom in a gorgeous California Poppy Red and our hallway in blue/green Tranquility… I think I just love the name colours of paints, so i have to try them out!

  • Nicole - I love making over my home. I move things around the house all the time. I’m trying to get out of the habit of starting five different projects at once. Not sure if I’ll be able to do it, though.

  • Jenn Warnick - OOoh I love the Doily Clock! I have been resisting the urge to redecorate this whole summer. Renting makes it a little easier to fight the urge since we can’t paint. So I’m holding out for fall to change out some of my stuff. Hopefully that will help!

  • tasha roe - loved seeing your little firecracker’s room on the top 10 favorite posts on ohdeedoh today!

    home makeovers?!!! well….. almost every single room has something going on – or is in line for something. we started with the living room almost 3 years ago and i am ready to redo it – have the paint and tin-like wallpaper for the ceiling. i’m finally going ot paint the mantle ‘iron mountain’ by benjamin moore. the walls are yarmouth blue and coastal fog. cain’t wait!!!

  • Sara - My husband and I bought our first home in September so we haven’t even finished decorating/rennovating every room in the house, let alone re-decorating or rennovating! I DO know that my tastes change often so we are painting with neutrals and it makes it easy to change pillow covers when my mood changes!

  • Jennifer Powell - We bought our house last year. So, I feel like it is never ending makeovering here! It’s too much to do it all at once, so I’ve been trying to do it little by little. This summer was master bathroom and guest room!

  • Elissa - I WISH I could change things around all the time. I am a bit of a mover of furniture, however mostly time and money dictate that not much gets done :-(

  • Lisa Briand - I am renting right now but am constantly watching home makeover shows! I can’t wait to have a home of my own to make over. :)

  • melissa - I end up moving artwork around on the walls to make changes, since painting proves to take me too much time. My list for major makeovers is quite long though.

  • Zoya - I usually like to do it once and then leave it and maybe change small details once in awhile to add some freshness. I really like following all of your projects, they are so creative!

  • Raechel - Every wall in my house has been painted at least two different colors since we moved in 3 years ago. I love throwing myself into a room, and just as it is coming to completion, getting an itch for the next. Right now I’m in the midst of a dining room revamp! My husband is dying to make a cement table top – not sure if we will or not. It’s gorgeous (love yours!), but a little intimidating to tackle and we worry about the flexibilty of no leaf.

  • Rachael B - I love to change rooms around all the time! I always find new and interesting ways to reuse items from other rooms πŸ˜€

  • Jena - I like to decorate the room once and forget it for several years. My husband, on the other hand, would change it annually if he could. He has been the decorator for our home and has done a wonderful job!

  • Nancy - As a kid I would rearrange my bedroom twice a year. I loved the feeling. Now, I probably rearrange once a year. Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

  • Mandy Jones - I admire the fact that you can make yourself finish one project before you start the next. My house is a half finished mess right now. The kitchen has wall cabinets but only home-made shelving for base cabinets. The kitchen has three squares painted in different colors as I try out shades of yellow and blue until I find just the right fit. Three of the rooms have been stripped of their carpeting and are sitting in their bare states awaiting my decision for new flooring. The living room is constantly getting redecorated and I love to rearrange the furniture and do it as often as I can. My goal: to finish all that I have started one room at a time. I am so blessed to have a husband that allows me to do these crazy things to our home….

  • Leah Zion - I don’t change things enough…wish I had the nerve to just do it!

  • Jackie - Once and leave it alone! That’s because we move a lot, so I am hardly in one place long enough to get bored of it. I sure hope I win this giveaway!

  • Sonya - I love to makeover rooms, I repaint the living room at least once a year if not twice–or three times. I get tired of it so easily! But I love redoing it!!

  • melissa tichy - i yard sale every week just so i can change something in a room!!!!

  • andrea martin - I would love to change mine more often with paint etc. but instead we move the furniture around every so often to give it a fresh look.

  • jodi - constantly making changes…love changing out what is on the walls…and paint, too!

  • karen davis - Well, being that we move pretty much every two years (goooo Air Force!) I don’t have time to just makeover a room and enjoy it! I do have to say, we pick rental places/homes that already have a lot of character ( none of those new construction places work for me) and work with that.

  • Shannon - We rent, so I don’t have as much freedom with decorating as I would like, and the rooms are small, but I move my kids rooms around probaby 3 or 4 times a year. I get antsy in the living room, but there aren’t many configurations! So instead I declutter when I want a change. I can’t wait to own so I can paint, paint, paint!

  • Cindy - My changing never ends because I have trouble finishing my projects…

  • Becky - We are slowly getting one room done at a time :)

  • Jamie - we stand at a halt at the moment with home makeovers…lots of ideas, just not enough time and money!
    luv livin’ thru your eyes, though!… I’ll just enjoy your loveliness while I wait ~ thanks! :)

  • Rachel - I love doing room makeovers, but my husband, not so much!!!

  • Holly R. - I am never never done! As soon as I settle on a “style” for a room I find something new to inspire me or our needs as a little family change (example: this last year we went from a family of 2 people and 2 dogs to 2 people with a baby girl on the way and added another pup. Our style went from clean and mid century modern and is evolving into something more liveable…lighter colors and more washable upholstery fabrics are making their way into every room!)

  • Stephanie - It is an awesome quilt. Love the hat too.

  • Sarah Marie - I move into my first apartment on thursday. And I think I will take it one room at a time, starting with my room.

  • Joy Fisher - The answer to your question lies in a comment one of my former roomates once made: “When I come home it’s a challenge to see if I can find any and every change that has been made in the apartment that day. I have never once since we moved in NOT been able to play this game.”

  • Lisa - I love changing things. If my kids weren’t all so small, I’d change things far more often than I currently do. :)

  • may - We move around a lot and have so far only lived in rented apartments. So, no, I have not yet had the chance to decorate at all. I do occasionally like to move furniture around, if that counts!

  • susie whyte - that cuff would make for an awesome curtain tie back!! love it.

    when it comes to room makeovers…i have project a.d.d. i get all excited about painting…and then after the first coat is up, i move on to something else. haha. but boy do i love moving things around in the rooms!! :)

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  • Laurie - I love to start makeovers. :) I start before I have a plan and then have to take a “break” to figure out what I’m doing.

  • Jessica Brown - Where do I stand with home makeovers? Making over a room is good for the soul. It can make you view the world outside your home in a different, fresh light – cheesy but true, for me at least.

  • Kara P - Um, yeah my rooms change weekly because I have no studio space. So my projects for clients take over my house! I’d love to win this giveaway- I have been attending a lot of baby showers lately!

  • CHERI HANEY - I am constantly updating my home with new goodies I find at yard sales, and items my friends and I create!

  • suzy - i was only going to post ’cause i reeeaaaalllly want to see the playroom makeover because i am in the midst of my, what my husband calls a “routine room swap”. as we were carrying a dresser downstairs he asked, “how many times has this been up and down?” so with that i guess that answers the contest comment!! :)) i homeschool and this year, we are creating a schoolroom and a new playroom. baby brother will be joining the big brothers! thank you for your blog, you are such an inspiration!

  • Martina - Love that hat! So cute! We’ve been in our house 3.5 years, the longest we’ve ever been in one place. We’re almost done with every room so we’re starting to work our way back through. My husband has redecorated his studio 3x I think … carpet to painted wood floors to VCT tiles. He’s planning on wood or bamboo next!

  • Shanalea - I tend to move thhings around quite a bit. I just rearranged our bedroom, hung some pictures, but never anything big because I rarely have time.

  • Jill - I am constantly changing things in rooms… it seems like the projects are never ending!

  • Wendy - I love love love to change things up but my DH doesn’t like change…once it’s perfect he wants it left alone….well it’s never 100% perfect in my book πŸ˜‰

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - I need to update things BAD. I usually get around to redecorating once every 3-4 years, and my living room is going on the 3 year mark since the last time I updated anything. I would love to invest a little mroe time in decorating than I do now.

    BTW, my littlest pumpkin was photographed in a hat almost just like that when she was brand new. Love. It.

  • Sara - I leave my rooms alone. It is a goal to change that with the next house. Become more adventuresome in the paint and decorating department. Great giveaway!

  • Kenna S - I think about changing my rooms all the time. I just don’t ever follow through with my thoughts! I envy you and others like you who are so creative and hands-on and who aren’t intimidated to tackle a makeover project. Maybe one day I’ll be inspired to make a change. And then I’ll have to convince my hubby to help me!

  • Carly - I just repainted my kitchen and bathroom for the 3rd time in 2 years. I am addicted to home makeovers! (no really, is there some sort of help group for this. I have a serious problem!)

  • Jessica Janes - I hardly ever do home makeovers. I would love to do a lot to my home, but am not the crafty type and don’t ever seem to have the extra money. I am willing to learn though!!!

  • Angela - I wish I could change things up ALL the time!! Right now I think every room in my house is a work in progress. I just want it ALL finished at this point.

  • Cara - My poor husband… he just realized that our house will NEVER be “done.” Mostly due to organizational needs and stealing blog ideas, I always change things up!

    Your blog is absolutely amazing!!

  • Brooke - I used to be HUGE in room make overs, we used to change things around every couple of months. It was like a fresh touch to our home every now & than. Recently we lost our lovely home to a fire, & are living in a place we call “the apartment”. It has been exactly the same since the day we moved in four months ago – blame it on the fact we can’t paint, or really customize it ourselves. I do. Our home makeovers have ended – but not for long, we plan to purchase a new diamond in the rough within the next couple months.

  • jodi - Makeover addict, thankfully since I have learned to sew, I’ve been able to change things with a little rearranging, spray paint, and new fabric. :-)

  • Jessica - We’re currently renting a home in city far away from anywhere we’d like to call home for my husband’s job. Normally, I’d always be adding to, changing and evolving a room but since this isn’t our ‘Home Sweet Home’, it’s remained untouched. We’re looking forward to being back where we belong in the coming year!

  • Amber - Used to I would have said that I’m the kind of girl who gets something done & leaves it…but I’ve discovered that that is just…not true. I get bored or realize I don’t like what I have anymore & come up with all sorts of things to change. So silly & SO fun:).

  • Kate - I always have about 3 room make overs going at once. I get a picture in my head and spend weeks and weeks looking for all the right pieces for it to come together.

  • linda - I am always changing things around… it seems like before one project is really finished the next one begins. We are almost done with our kitchen remodel and I am already moving on to a budget friendly bathroom makeover!

  • Danielle - Right now my husband and I are college students just scraping by. This means I get to redecorate um….. never. However, I have found a few cheap ways of making our 1 bedroom apartment somewhat cute! With help from your adorable diys…

  • Chelsea S. - My husband & I just moved into a new house…which already had all of the pain colors we LOVE. So, we didn’t do any renovations to the inside. But 3 months into moving in, our house was hit by a car. Yes, you read that right…a car ran off the road and into our house. So, we rebuild our patio area and put in an outdoor fireplace. We are looking forward to fall so we can actually use it without sweating to death.

  • Heather - I am constantly dreaming of making over rooms, but am always hindered by either fear or finances… but i do live vicariously through your makeovers, so keep ’em coming :)

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