Julianna enjoy your $35.00 store credit to Shabby Chic Crafts….everyone else, you may not have a gift certificate, but you can still stock up on cuteness!

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  • Giovanna - Congratulations Julianna

  • Danae - yay for giveaways!

  • May of MayDae - Hi Ashley – question for you – have you done a birthday party for your husband lately? My husband is turning the big 3-0 next week, and I am trying to find decor inspiration, but am coming up with very little. I don’t want to get too “themey” with the party, but do something special and masculine:)

    Let me know if you have any thoughts!

So I titled this “artist interview” because according to the Cartwheels in My Mind blog it is, “an online art magazine dedicated to sharing unique handmade art and the amazing artists and companies that deserve to be recognized for their creativity.” And let’s face it – it is so much more fun to call yourself an artist than a crafter. I studied art in college and I actually refused to say I ‘crafted’ for a long time. The word ‘craft’ made me think of things kind of corny and ugly. However, etsy has empowered me to feel differently about the word ‘craft’…I still like ‘artist’ better than ‘crafter’.Β  In my mind I am still anΒ  ‘artist’ even if I paint more with Mod Podge than oils these days! At least that is what I tell myself.

I also like the word “cartwheels’ in the title. I actually kind of wish my blog had the name Cartwheels in My Mind. Oh well. Speaking of cartwheels, my friend asked the gym owner of my son’s preschool if I could have MY birthday there this year. He said I couldn’t. Evidently adults get hurt easily and the insurance needed for adult gymnastic birthday parties is pretty pricey. Thanks for trying Mel. The pic below was taken 5 years ago (trapeze lessons were a bday present from Chris)…but I would like to post it again because #1 It validates my belief that I could do the trampoline without hurting myself and #2 It gives me false hope that there is still a gymnast somewhere inside me…or at least a trapeze artist…not a trapeze crafter.


I remember promising myself as a teenager that I would never lose my splits. Never. If I don’t ever try to do them again I will never know if they are lost or not. I feel old now. And the whole point of my rambling this morning is that I am being interviewed over at Cartwheels In My Mind today. Read the interview here.

In other news, I am so far behind responding to questions in the comment sections that I am waving the white flag and admitting defeat. If you have something you’ve been waiting to hear back from me on, ask away in the comments of this post. I won’t promise to answer all of them, but I’ll try. If your question has to do with the fabric flowers I made recently…I will not be posting a tutorial. You can beg Julie to post one or better yet ask her to make one for you…mine were just a lame attempt at hers anyways!

Go check out my interview….leave a comment and let me know what you think…and ask away here….

Since I originally posted this, the interview went live as a “Designer Interview”…crafter, artist, designer…who knows what I am!

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  • Hollie - I would love a diy on the Anthropologie tea towel – please? And also, do you know where she got her headband? (in the darling backpack post)

  • Mandy - You probably get this a bunch, but just wondering if you have a favorite lens…I love the sharpness you get in your pictures!

  • Anna Marie - Where did you get the kids’ Arctic Cat?

  • Tammy Kay - Great interview! You are an artist Ashley. I’m not sure I could ever call myself one, but of course I don’t have a degree. Crafter is okay with me. :)
    I can’t think of a single question right now. Darn it!
    I think the interview was great. Love “getting to know you more!” πŸ˜‰

  • Tammy Kay - oh and here is a great tutorial for fabric flowers by Heather Bailey. http://studio5.ksl.com/index.php?nid=61&sid=7860087

  • Tina - Great interview on Cartwheels In My Mind! I can’t wait to see your new projects in the fall.

  • Kari - Have you ever thought of homeschooling your kids? I tossing the idea around myself, after just dropping off my only child…her first day of Kindergarten! If I had half of your craftiness and creativity, I would feel confident in teaching her! I love your blog, your ideas and your inspiration! God bless Ashley Ann!

  • Shara - I love your blog! It is always so inspiring. I’m wondering where you get your super cute fabric. You may have answered that question somewhere else, but I can’t find it! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  • amanda torres - You NEED to come teach gymnastics where I do. I only teach 2 classes, but it ensures I get to use the tumble track every week. I should be paying them instead!!!

  • Erika C. - Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, don’t remember how I found you, but so glad I did… Anywho – I would LOVE to know what type of camera, lenses, photography tips, etc you use! I am an aspiring photographer & absolutely love your work!

  • Jenn W - I absolutely love the phrase “Cartwheels of my Mind”! That is exactly what my thoughts are like these days!

  • May of MayDae - Ooooh ooooh! I have a question! On average, what time do you go to sleep at night, and what time do you get up in the morning? Just curious to whether you are a night owl (like me) or early bird:)

  • Mariah - Hey… I also have issues with the words “crafter”, “crafts”, “crafty”, etc. It makes me think of vacuum cleaner covers that look like country geese, ugly vests with cats on them and mom jeans. shudder… I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. I think of myself as an artist too, Ashley. You’re not alone! :)

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - I recently discovered your blog and excitedly started devouring every part of it. I just moved to Oklahoma a month ago, and I’m wondering if you have any favorite flea markets/junk shops to share?? Thanks!

  • amber - I used to be a gymnast. I used to be really flexible. They called me a rubberband. I don’t know if I can still do my splits, but I, am NOT trying until I know I’m stretchy again…and, I don’t mean baby stretchy. Geez. They mess you up. But it’s worth it:). No questions. Just love your blog…

  • tasha roe - that’s pretty super-fantastic!

  • sandi - I love your blog and all your ideas. You are one talented woman. Keep those cartwheels going in your mind!

  • Dana - Oh, the trapeze is so much fun! I’ve done it twice now and I love it, although the palms of my hands would disagree. Good for you!

  • Brooke - silly question that I probably only want to know the answer to but do you remember where you got your baby wrap from? I’d like to get something similar for my daughter since when I had my son we tried the hotsling & he didn’t seem to enjoy it, so I thought perhaps a wrap would work better this time around.

  • Bill Shanahan - I am still referring to the class on how to get off auto. It has changed how I look at my photographs and now it really is more fun. Just wanted to let you know that as one of the few (old)guys that have taken your class, I am learning new stuff. Thanks. BTW, good job on the interview

  • Michelle - Loved the interview! Love your blog; very inspiringing!

  • Karen Aldrin - I too would love to know what is your go to lens.And what camera body are you using your photos,are awesome.

  • Dana Moran - Your blog is AWESOME, one of the only blogs I follow. Love your style & your creativity. Your pics are amazing. How do you organize all your kids art projects? Any great ideas?

  • Joy - Don’t try to pigeon-hole yourself. You don’t need a title for what you do – you simply are… awesome!

First, I have really enjoyed reading your comments on yesterday’s post. So many people to be thankful for in our lives!

Secondly, I am never EVER EVER going to catch up on the questions asked in the comment sections of this blog. More on that tomorrow.

Thirdly, have I mentioned how grateful I am for photography? How about how grateful I am to Chris that he supported me when I wanted a ‘fancy’ camera?

Finally, a few random pictures from around here…and some notes on these pictures…

I woke up early one morning to a gorgeous sunrise…this was the view out my backdoor. It was a good way to start the day. * My neighbor is building a soccer field, until then we have ample room for playing and driving in dirt. * My compost pile has been taken over by BSF larvae. It freaked me out a first, my dad came over to help me figure out why the whole bin was squirming. Thankfully my friend Kim let me know everything was okay. * FireCracker and Sweet Pea have feet almost the same length…we attempted a shot of them both in their Gracious May booties…”attempted” would be the key word. * Big Brother can switch his attitude in no time flat…not wanting his pic taken to posing. He is wearing the jig shirt I mentioned a while back I wanted to get him. It is avaiator shades and says “Skywalker” – he likes to be called that. * Our living room chalkboard is being relocated outside. I haven’t hung it yet, so it is on the deck and getting lots of coloring on. And that is a bit of what is happening here.

Photo Tip: I used Totally Rad Actions (Grandma’s Tap Shoes and Oh, Snap!) to edit these. The blog board template is from Design Aglow.

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  • Tammy Kay - Beautiful sunrise! Love, love the feet picture. I love the one of Firecracker sitting on her brother, my fav! Oh and I’m loving seeing a peek into your new living room. Can’t wait for the reveal.

  • laura - oh, man. that sunrise pic is beautiful….making me thankful for creation this morning:).

  • colleen - That picture of the sunrise reminded me of an old hymn…
    “Praise to The Lord, The Almighty, The King of creation
    Oh my soul praise Him for He is thy Strength and Salvation.
    All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near,
    Praise Him in glad adoration.

    Praise to the Lord, who, when darkness of sin is abounding,
    Who, when the godless do triumph, all virtue confounding,
    Sheddeth His light, chaseth the horrors of night,
    Saints with His mercy surrounding.

    Praise to the Lord, O let all that is in me adore Him!
    All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before Him.
    Let the Amen sound from His people again,
    Gladly for aye we adore Him.”

    Google for the rest of the verses! I LOVE contemporary praise music but this hymn beautifully illustrates that picture.


  • Jamie - Wow, that sunrise looks just like the one I grew up with out in the boonies — beautiful; I love Firecracker’s chubby feet; and I can’t wait to see your new living room!

  • Ashley SP - Oooh, love the actions. I’ve been feeling the action love lately as well. =)

  • Christy - i also agree….the sunrise picture is amazing!! what an amazing way to start off your day. i also love the one of your little girl sitting on your son- they all seem to have such a great relationship. makes me excited for when me and my husband can start a family….

  • a pocket full of posies - oh the sunrise!…
    BUT, the BOOTIES!!!- wish I could shrink my girlies so they could wear them- goodness- me too!

  • Rachel C - Those worms (larvae) are totally disgusting. I’m so glad God made boys who love creepy crawley things, because I know I sure don’t. Yikes!! Speaking of which….the other day I heard g crunching on something, and I thought to myself “I didn’t give him a cracker.” I opened his mouth and pulled out a HUGE beetle. Gag me.

  • Shannon Phillips - The sunrise photo is making me swoon. I can just see that huge on one of your walls. Your kiddos make me smile. πŸ˜‰

  • Molly - I LOVE that photo of Firecracker sitting on Big Brother? Or is that Little brother? Anyway, too cute!

  • Jill E - what great pictures morning light is simple amazing. i have been going back and forth on getting some more actions theses seem to be pretty nice.

  • Hayley - Did you realize it says “Around OUT House” on your template?! Assuming you meant “our”, but funny nonetheless!

  • amanda torres - I absolutely love the pic of Firecracker sitting on her brother. She looks like she just conquered the world!!!

  • Yolanda - Beautiful processing on these. The sunbeams coming through the lone tree is dreamy. And the comparison of the baby feet is super sweet.

  • Lisa Johnson - Lovely moments!

  • Jess - Yep! Kim is totally awesome like that! :)

  • Leanne - I love the baby feet!!! (and I must add, the shirtless little boys, isn’t that what summer is all about?!)

  • Lisa P. - I absolutely adore the picture of FireCracker sitting on her brother. Every time you show her interacting with those beautiful boys I melt!

  • Amy - Love the baby feet! I’m such a sucker for those!

  • Alyssa Coberly - okay just loving the picture of your little man in his shades shirt :0) so fun to see them …

  • Melissa W - So sweet! I love the photos. :) The one with Firecracker sitting on her brother’s belly cracks me up! My 18-month-old is doing the same thing right now – they play “horsey” and one of them will lay on the floor and Rae will run over and sit on their back and giggle. Sweet babies. πŸ˜‰

  • mrs.magoo - I just happened to stumble upon your blog while looking for bib onsies (I know totally unrelated to your post, sorry) – LOVE your blog, you have a new follower.

  • tasha roe - what a happy joyful family. makes me smile!

  • Bopha - I LOVE the first picture, any tips on how to get a shot like that? I was also wondering what you did with the chalkboard.

  • Giovanna - OHHH I didn’t see your post yesterday :O
    Fantastic I love your DIY.

    About today. Your pictures fantastics like always. My favorites are the two baby shoes together. You have a wonderful house, It’s seems big, really brighty and so many place to share with your children.
    They will have really gorgeous remembers about their childhood.

    A big hug

  • Carrie Bowers - I asked my husband for a “fancy camera” for my 30th birthday, which was in October. He got one for me, and it has been the BEST present ever! I smiled when I read that you were grateful for your husband’s support for that because I feel the same way!! I love my camera and am so thankful for the images I’ve been able to capture of our 3 little girls! I love your blog!

  • Leone - Can’t tell you how much I love these pics! Well, except for the larvae…not a fan of buggy critters. The sunrise, the lil’ feet, the adorable baby shoes! And those kids are just TOO CUTE and happy. LOVE!