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  • Holly - Of course they are all cute but my favorite is Bellalulu! So many things I love. Thanks for sharing the details with us.

  • Leo - You mean November sponsors. Check title 🙂

  • Wendy - You have such fabulous sponsers!

  • tasha roe - Beth’s Jewelry is a sponsor! She didn’t tell me. Very cool! EVERYONE, go buy Beth’s jewelry. 🙂 I love it!!

  • tasha roe - Love all the sponsors – esp my dear friend Elizabeth Williams. Her jewelry is stunning!!!

  • Jane - Great sponsors! I just crossed off two people on my Christmas list by shopping at the Vintage Pearl. Oh, and maybe I had to include a necklace for me in there too. 🙂

  • Heather - so many new to me stores to check out. can’t wait to pay each of them a visit. have a happy day!

  • MGF - I have just spent so much time browsing and loved every minute of it.

  • Ingrid - love the layout to show the sponsors!

  • Betsy Jo - Thanks, Ashley! Love all the shops!

  • Sheila - I wish I could find stuff like this in the UK! I’m sure it’s out there, I just don’t have it shown to me so easily and beautifully as you’ve done here. Well done.
    PS I LOVE YOUR BLOG! A friend shared it on Facebook, and I’m hooked 🙂

  • Amy - oohhh what fun! Now I want to go shopping 🙂

  • jessica h - awesome…can’t wait to browse 🙂

You probably think I am a huge fan of Halloween costumes. Most people do anyway. I’m not. Maybe if my kids let me pick their costumes and I could be creative with it…maybe then I’d enjoy it. However, I have 2 boys that are very particular about costumes. It is pointless for me to even offer suggestions. It is just not a battle worth fighting for me. So this year they wanted to be Obi-Wan Kenobi & Luke Skywalker.

Sadly at some point my kids decided I have the ability to create whatever they dream up. I don’t. They end up with really handmade looking stuff, but they seem to be thrilled so I’m good. I am not a big fan of dressing up. Just isn’t me. However, we went to a party where I thought all the adults and children were supposed to wear costumes so I let the boys decide on what the rest of the family should be.

Before we headed to the party I wanted to get a few pictures…here is the setting we chose for our Star Wars shoot:

The picture of Yoda & Darth Vader made the older boys so mad…which made me want to do it all the more.

Evidently I am breaking all kinds of Star Wars codes by letting Darth Vader hold Yoda.

Notes to self:

1. When dressing your daughter as Yoda throw a bow on Yoda’s head so people don’t tell you how cute your little boy is

2. Be prepared for people to think you are all peasants…and Yoda is an Elf Peasant.

3. Text before attending a party to make sure adults are wearing costumes, otherwise you will walk around all night with yarn buns on your head feeling ridiculous.

4. It doens’t matter that R2D2 doesn’t technically have arms to hold a gun…he will want a gun. Let him have it.

5. Don’t worry about your lack of sewing skills…kids have imaginations far greater than anything you can or cannot sew.

6. Stand back and enjoy your older boys as they transform into Jedi knights…and based on your husband’s love of his Darth Vader mask, know that boys never outgrow the thrill of being a warrior

If you are wondering about how I made the costumes, I don’t have tutorials but here are a few pointers:

Yoda: I dyed a old white t-shirt and beanie. I created ears by cutting the tshirt into 4 triangles. There is a couple of layers of felt inside the ears. The ear layers are sewn together and then sewn onto the hat. The shoe coverings are just scraps of the dyed white tshirt cut to shape and stitched a little up the back to easily slip on. The jacket is part of the boy’s Indiana Jones costume, turned inside out.

Jedi Knights: I used this tutorial and $4.00 bed sheets from Walmart

R2D2: Large white long sleeve t-shirt and beanie….free hand drawing with sharpies. It would have been a lot cuter to make some kind of cardboard thing for him to wear, but he would have never worn it.

Darth Vader: borrowed costume

Princess Leia: I bought a $3 nightgown and silver purse from Goodwill. I cut off the bottom of the nightgown to make a belt and I also sewed a piece to the top of the dress to cover up blue flow


Though I am making a jab about the lack of costumes at the party…we had a great time. The hostess had all kinds of thought out, cute details…it looked straight out of a magazine. Thanks M.


thankfully I have another year before they sceme up their next costumes…maybe FireCracker will get to be a girl next year…

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  • Gevay - Awesome job! So fun. My boys loved looking at your pictures. You are a great mom for making your boy’s costume dreams a reality. They will be wearing these for a long time!

  • tasha roe - So much fun!! LOve that everyone was dressed together. 🙂
    I tried to talk miss ella into dressing as Leia. I even used the angle that she was a princess! no go. She wanted to be Tinkerbell. She’s 2 and so girly.
    Great pics too!

  • annie - they turned out great and homemade costumes are the BEST!

  • allison - those costumes were AWESOME! The Leia wig is my favorite!

  • Danielle - ummm seriously DYING over this!!

    l o v e

  • emily anderson - i swear we house the same brain. this is, of course, exactly what my big boys wanted to do…but the only exception was that milo wanted to be chewbaca. i couldn’t make a chewbaca costume, nor did i want to try, because milo always changes his mind…and sure enough, come halloween night, he decided last minute that he only wanted to be batman. so, we nixed the star wars idea, about a week ago, cause milo couldn’t get his act together. lol. love your costumes!

  • Cara @ Mischief and laughs - We did DIY Star wars costumes this year too.

    Obi-Wan (old), for my 5yo- Brown never used blanket with a slit cut in it for a head. Put over a brown hoodie, and tied with a tan belt.

    Yoda, for 3yo – green hooded shirt, with pieces of green felt sewn on the sides for ears. Green facepaint, although we forgot that for trick or treat. Cover with a big piece of tan fabric with a slit cut out for his head, tie with a brown belt.

    Leia, for 7 month old baby girl with no hair – dress in white onesie and white pants. Took white headband and hot glued yarn buns to the side. When it was cold we added a brown beanie.

    Me: R2D2 – cut a head hole and arm holes in a pop-up laundry basket with a round shape (it had a hole in it anyway) cover with old t-shirt with marker stuff on it. Put a big silver mixing bowl on head with construction paper buttons taped to it. Bowl will fall off 3000 times.

    Darth Vader for hubby. We had a costume from years past, but he wouldn’t wear it. Poo on him.

    Total cost: $2 for yarn, $1 for felt. Oh, and $32 for new lightsabers, because the old ones didn’t REALLY kill people and just weren’t good enough for my 5yo. Ha ha!

  • Kristine - i think you just won the “coolest family of the year award!”

  • Danielle - Wow! That is awesome! Even if you were not supposed to dress up with the kids it made for awesome pictures!

  • andy - you guys are awesome
    love the ideas and the pics
    too too cute

  • Janelle Vano - AWESOME JOB!!! And I don’t think you need to worry about standing out at a Halloween party…because you looked like the COOLEST parents EVER 🙂

  • Kristin - so cute. I love how you make something really simple look spectacular. Your Leia buns – WOW! Great inspiration! (And Firecracker is the sweetest Yoda I have ever seen.)

  • Susannah - Wow… These costumes are great! I love that you made them. I saw tons of Star Wars costumes this weekend, and these look just as good as the expensive ones! And your photos are amazing, as usual. I’ve linked your website to my blog because you are my FAVORITE photographer!

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - These look great! You did an awesome job!!

  • ashlee - i laughed until i cried! you guys are amazing:)

  • amanda torres - The costumes are great. Too funny about the party!

  • anne c - hilarious! I love it! all the costumes turned out great and yall are the cutest star wars family I have ever seen!

  • Lindsay - Oh my goodness that made me laugh! Your family is so awesome!

  • Kirra Sue - Pretty suuuuure this is the cutest thing ever! I love it all. Especially you breaking the Star Wars codes and letting Darth hold Yoda. Too, too perfect. The last picture is my favorite- FireCracker looking at you is precious. 🙂

  • Jane - LOVE the costumes! They’re great. And most importantly, the kids look like they loved wearing them.

  • Julie A. - Note #2 made me laugh so hard I almost spit coffee out all over the MacBook! This will be my kids favorite thing today. You’re one cool mom!

  • Mariah - Fan-flippin-tastic Ashley!

  • Reidunn - Amazing job Ashley! Both on the costume making and photo taking. You have made the cutest Yoda and R2D2 I’ve ever seen.

  • Brenda - Loved your photo shoot location – SO creative – you made me smile this morning!!

  • Libby - this is just amazing! i LOOOOVE your creativity. wow!

  • Heather - best looking yoda ever. and the rest of you looked pretty fantastic too. 🙂 great job!

  • Jen - Great shoot location. Love the costumes!

  • Misty - I think you did great! and as for firecracker being called a boy, last night my little girl was a pirate and we made her wagon into her ship so her “flag” had a skull and cross bones with a pink bow on them and she still got called a boy, a lot lol

  • Beth - Handmade is so much more fun then prepackaged!! Their costumes were unique and the comments that you got (even if they thought you were peasents) are priceless. I think Halloween should focus on being creative. Great job!! Oh, I am a huge Star Wars geek and my son was an Ewok (teddy bear/ monkey/ cute girl)!

  • susie whyte - that is stinkin’ hilarious! chris was killin’ me with levitation powers. i expect to see photos of the kids(at least the boys) in these outfits at home…about 85 more times this year. 🙂 i know i’d wear it everyday. hahahahaha.

  • kacy - I had the same problem with my 14 month old. SHE was an elephant with a pink ribbon on her tail…yet 2/3’s of people told me what a cute little boy I had. The next day I was sure to put a little pony tail right at the top of her head!

  • tammy - So glad to see I wasn’t the only mom being bossed around making Star Wars costumes! Mine were a Clone Trooper (oh yeah and some specific one…Legion something…) and Jango Fett. I learned a lot, and iron on adhesive was my friend!

  • Krista Lund - these are wonderful! love that they are hand made and your family rocked the heck out of them! little yoda is irresistible!!

  • RachelC - I had no idea you and Chris dressed up! That’s AWESOME!!! I love your serious faces as Princess Lea — and your bun hat. Luke Skywalker is so tough…..tell him I said he is definitely the toughest Luke Skywalker I have ever seen! AND — great picture of Oldest Brother looking through that cone/wire thing. Neat effects! Oh, and Elf Yoda is super cute. I don’t care what anybody says. AND — I love that Obi wouldn’t go to his class without his hat. He wanted his costume complete to show all his friends. He was so proud of his Obi costume….so should you. Finally — the only dressed up adults at the party? That sounds like something off of mean girls. 🙂

  • cheree - AWESOME themed costumes for your whole family!!!

  • Katie - That is the cutest Yoda I’ve ever seen!! Ya’ll look great!

  • danielle - you guys, your family is awesome! i bow down to you 🙂

  • suzy - this is amazing.

  • Sarah Z - I absolutely adore your blog. This post made me smile and laugh out loud. Thank you

  • Aja - I love these costumes!! Ohmygosh, you guys all look great! How fun for your kiddos!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I would’ve totally gotten the star wars costumes! They are not peasants. My husband was Joe Dirt and I was pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen (we hosted the halloween party here, so I just stayed in the kitchen – the pregnant part we started about 5 months ago!). And my daughter was a princess. I sewed a dress for her, but without the crown and some more fluffs and frills she just looked like she was wearing a dress. Maybe someday I can get the family into some sort of theme? Maybe not.

  • Dawn - Yoda is soooo cute – boy or girl!

  • joy frameworks - Love it! You all look adorable and I love that their handmade! I’m going to give the Jedi costume a whirl ~ my son will dress up as a jedi all year long!

  • Gina (Gina Hickman Photography) - Loved your post and all the fantastic (as usual) photos! I think it’s so cool that you all dressed up together! Seriously laughed out loud reading your “Notes to Self”!!!!
    Great Job 🙂

  • Jaime - The costumes ALONG WITH THE PHOTO SHOOT = Success! Love it!

  • Candice @ ChiaSeedMe - Amazing costumes! I think they’re absolutely adorable. And I love the photo shoot location – so creative:)

  • Heather - oh those costumes are sooo cute!! we went out last night all dressed in costumes too. even though not many adults did, we enjoyed it!! i bet your boys will always remember yall dressing up with them.

  • Suzy Sholar :) - Thanks for sharing… the important thing is that everyone had fun! Photos (as always) are wonderful!

  • giozi - I don’t know what to say. Fantastic. I’m going to share it 🙂

  • meg duerksen - awesome.

    they will always remember that!

  • Carrie Rosalind - Oh my gosh, those are SO cute! What a fun idea! Glad that you had a good Halloween! 🙂

  • Yolanda - I love the handmade feel of these costumes. I am crazy for family costumes. And….that shot (!!!) of Obi Wan through the rusted rebar…unbelievable. Your creative skills are…I don’t have words. But I am definitely inspired.

  • Megan - This is adorable!! Love all of the costumes, and LOVE the beard 🙂

  • Lisa - This post has made my day!(I am a huge SW fan)All the best costumes are home-made- that shows real effort and look at how happy everyone is!! Much fun. You all look ace!

  • jennie - How can you dislike costumes when you are so amazing at them!? I can’t get over how much I love these! It makes me want to go back in time and change our lame costumes to much cooler ones! I love this!

  • Sissel Byington - If there ever is an award for the most clever and “macgyverish” mom around- I hope it is HUGE and GOLDEN and will be able to sit proudly on your mantel because you will win it HANDS DOWN! Love love LOVE your blog!!

  • patti - so awesome! I love it! now I’m going to be thinking about what our family can be next year. 🙂

  • Tara S. - your pictures are amazing! i love the fact that the entire family got in on the boys’ theme. you looked great!

  • mel - just awesome!!!

  • mer - hee hee! love this – especially the notes to self!

  • Leanne - those are the best star wars costumes ever! I love the buns on yours and that is the cutest yoda ever!

  • lifeologia - I’m loving this!
    You guys were awesome.
    love your ‘notes to self’ – laughed out loud on that one 😉

  • Ruth - Ashley, after this post I may have to stop reading your blog altogether. Knowing that this is the result of your half-hearted effort makes me feel so woefully inadequate, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that my kids wore last year’s costumes (both slightly ripped, which I repaired at the last minute while they were wearing them.) Seriously, the costumes are awesome! Nice job.

  • katie - Star Wars costumes were a must this year for families full of boys. We did DIY Star Wars, too. (And being the lone female, I went as Leia as well.)

    I blogged mine at:

  • candace - My husband is going to flip when he sees this. It will probably make him want to have 4 kids so we can do this someday. Great job! Homemade costumes are the BEST!

  • Cindy - Love your Star Wars scallywags! Especially yoda!

  • Jolie - I laughed so hard at your photos (mostly because I could just feel the fun emanating off you guys in waves!)…and now I’m trying to think whether my 2 4 year olds (or *4 and a quarter, mama!* as my daughter insists!) are ready to watch the original star wars….and I have a little hankering to make some yarn buns for around here!!!

  • Pamela M - This is so out of this world….Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    You take beautiful pictures!

  • jessica h - made me laugh! maybe this should be your family christmas card photo? 🙂

  • bridget - your yoda is THE CUTEST!

  • M for Short - As if Yoda weren’t wee enough. Your mini-yoda is TOO cute; but I also love Obi Wan’s beard. ANd if no one else at the party thought you were cool, the kids definitely thought you were cool, and you know that won’t last for long. You will cherish that night for years and years to come.

  • tamara - so cute!!! wonderful job on all

  • Alba - Fist of all let me laugh about it :3.Text before attending …”
    awesome job! and you still complaint about your lack of sewing skills? all you look fantastic!

  • caro - very good customes, and lovely pictures.
    ANy miner?
    Regards from Chile

  • Tammy Kay - I love these Ashley. My boys looked at these pictures forever last night! They looked at the one with Darth Vader holding Yoda and said “thats not right!” LOL.

  • Annamarie - Everyone looks awesome! What a creative mind you have (well, that’s no surprise, we have all seen what you are capable of dreaming up). Who cares if none of the other adults were dressed up, think of the great fun & memories you are giving your kids.

  • alamama - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Yoda is the cutest! You never cease to amaze!

  • Tiffany - Aw man you guys really nailed it! Awesome job Mom.

  • emily - as i was looking at this, my 3 year old walked by and said, “darth vader holding yoda?! how can that be?!!!” so, i guess you are breaking some sort of unspoken star wars code…

  • Trinity - So I was CRACKING up the WHOLE time I was reading this post!!! I am just dying imagining you walking into the party being the only adults dressed up! That is SOOOO funny!!! At least you had the right party…my aunt and uncle went to a party, started talking to someone, then looked around and realized they didn’t know anyone there. They were at the wrong house! Their party was 2 doors down.!!! Love it that you have so much fun with your kids…so many great memories for them to build on.

  • emily - oh that is the cutest thing. Love your notes to self. Go figure, my boys were obi-ONE and DARK-vader this year too.

  • Patricia Teo - this is SO great!!!!!

  • ~abi~ - this post is exactly why i love your blog so much!!! 🙂

  • Farmgirl Susan - Oh my gosh, these photos are priceless! As somebody who grew up with the original Star Wars movies, I just LOVE your costumes – and the whole idea of being a Star Wars family for Halloween. Too much fun. What a perfect backdrop for the photo shoot! And your notes had me laughing out loud – especially #1 and #2. I just discovered your blog and am so glad I did. Can’t wait to read more. In the meantime, thanks for the laughs! 🙂

  • Irene - Oh, my word!!! even without sewing skills, that Princess Leia costume is out of this world!
    you children look fantastic as well.

  • twirling betty - That is, without doubt, one of the funniest things I have ever seen. HILARIOUS. And Yoda is almost illegally cute.

  • Felicity - This was THE most delightful and fun blog post that I’ve seen in a long, long time!
    I’ve discovered you because Naomi included you in a bloggy mystery tour under the heading ‘Adoring This’ and I can see why she does!

    Thank you for the giggles,

    Felicity x

  • Lisa - This is super cute! I wish I could talk my hubs into doing it. But then they would probably make me be Vader! HA!

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  • Elizabeth Jung - CUTE CUTE CUTE~~~~~~
    you are amazing person.
    I can’t stop loveing you and your family
    Miss you all~~

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  • Cassie Ilten - “Look handmade” are you kidding me? Those are freakin’ amazing. You did good!

  • Danyelle - I forgot all about you all dressing up like characters from Star Wars until I was searching ideas on pinterest and saw Firecracker Yoda. Adorable!

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    But then I came across this and it defines that over-used trendy word “epic.”

    This has to be my most favorite family costume I have seen in a while! Y’all are ADORABLE!

  • Hannah - Hi Ashley Ann!

    I work at BuzzFeed and I’m interested in speaking with you about including one of the above photos in a sponsored post. Could you please shoot me an email at hannah@buzzfeed.com so we can discuss this further? Thanks!

  • Michelle - I loved your unique and creative costumes and had to add you to my round-up, “87 Creative Halloween Couples Costumes” (http://www.thedatingdivas.com/holidays/halloween/87-creative-couples-costumes/). Thanks for being awesome and Happy Halloween from The Dating Divas xox

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  • Amy - Hi Ashley – just wanted to let you know that we featured your family’s Star Wars costumes in our Halloween slideshow! Thanks for all the great costume tips and utterly adorable pictures.

    Link: http://www.gameskinny.com/uwuwv/family-costumes-that-will-make-you-want-to-borrow-someones-kids/6

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  • Night Gardener - There is a Cracked! magazine that came out in the late 70’s, spoofing the first Star Wars movie. I still have my copy. Leia’s buns are two big cinnamon buns. I have brown hair and have always wanted just to pin 2 big cinnamon buns (still in the wrapper) on my head for a Halloween party and probably purchase a Princess Leia robe, but I don’t know if anyone would get it… But I forgot that Leia gets to carry a weapon, that’s an extra enticement!

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Thanks for all the sweet comments about FireCracker’s jacket yesterday – she is way more girly in it than what she’ll be this weekend!

Well you know I am not too good at keeping up with questions in the comment section, but I usually remember them at odd times. I thought I’d do a bunch of random pictures from my house of things you all have asked about…so here goes, a totally random view of things going on at my place:

The crafting cabinet is done. I haven’t done a post on it yet because I am working on getting shelves above it. That is the ‘home organization’ goal for next week. Yes I have a home organizational goal each week…along with other types of weekly goals. Chris thinks I should write a post about that, but I am not sure that any of you would care about my weekly goals! I will post pictures of the cabinet makeover. It is wonderful. It makes me happy looking at it each day…each drawer is like a finding a new treasure.

WARNING: I am starting a new addiction….cutting fringe paper. Awesome new scissors found at Jet Pens

Jamie made me a banner and was nice enough to cut into her treasured Amy Butler discontinued fabric (red floral)…knowing it was one of my favorites.

My ‘to be’ used for future crafts basket. I scored the best working vintage label maker for a couple of dollars.

A surprise gift from Kirra. Not only did it include yo-yo beaded paper clips and paper doilys, but a grid paper notebook. Grid paper is my favorite…so much better than blank or lined pages. I love surprises in the mail…Chris laughed at how giddy I was over it. He laughs at me a lot….

Several of you commented about FireCracker’s shoes yesterday. Sadly I gave her the short and wide feet gene. It is so hard to find shoes that are short, but wide enough for her too. I found these online at Gap Baby. They were discounted to $7.50 so I ordered the 6-12month. They fit perfect, but since they were made for non-walkers the bottom was slippery. I added strips of hot glue to the bottoms to add traction.

Scored this metal wood grain box for about $1.00 at the same place I got my school chairs. It holds my sewing threads.

This little man moves around the house…usually holding something totally random, but season appropriate. It is actually used for teaching figure drawing. I use it with my boys to help them conceptualize what a body would look like doing a certain action (like running) when they are trying to draw. You can get them at any craft store or art store.

When my favorite little antique store was relocating they sold me this puzzle for $0.25, I was sure it was missing pieces. Shocker when I put it together and it is all there. Now to figure out what to do with it.

Above the kitchen sink…a reminder that lines have fallen in pleasant places for me and indeed my future is beautiful…and a 6 year old’s growing attempt…roses picked by my boys…glow in the dark Bendaroos getting some light.

The best instant coffee…this brand we only can find in Chinatown in Honolulu, but I need to check my local Asian market again. Awesome for camping when all you have is hot water.

An alternative to traditional gallery wrap canvases. This was my contribution to the latest Design Aglow issue. If you are a photographer you should purchase a copy the inspiration inside is HUGE!

Brad Paisley. Darius Rucker. Me. Chris. Terrible seats. CAN’T WAIT!!!

While I am waiting on getting those shelves up the crafty stacks on the kitchen floor and in my bedroom are growing. I got this from Jill about a year ago, it holds all my magazine tear outs…between magazines and online finds there is just way too much inspiration out there! The sewing machine is on the floor because it has been getting a lot of action lately…for Halloween. The Force is with me.

Every now and then I think it is good to photograph everyday items related to technology in your home. Right now my laptop seems very modern and sleek, but one day it is going to look like a bag phone (remember those) compared to technology of the future. It is good to have documentation for later.

And my random living room wall. I got all the frames for a couple of dollars each from Goodwill and the Salvation Army. The hand drawn frames were inspired by some I saw at Anthropologie. The Be Kind print is from Katie Daisy. I plan on adding more to this wall as I gather frames…

Since there will be lots of little people running around in cute costumes this weekend I thought I’d share a couple of links from two of my friends, who happen to be extrememly talented photographers, with you for ideas on ways to capture your kids this weekend. My biggest tip would be to schedule a time this weekend or next week to get posed costume shots. Most kids are too excited before parties or trick or treating to pose for any pictures…

Some costume inspiration….

Lacey’s Poison dart frog and adorable gnome

Little girl lion – so cute

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep

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  • Josie - Looks to me like your jigsaw would fit right in up on the wall among your other lovely landscapes!

  • Abbey Sparks - Uh.. just had to say, we saw Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley over the summer and had THE best time. By far one of the best concerts i have attended… in case you needed more reason to get excited 😉 have fun.

  • Holly - Oh my goodness, I’m all swoony just looking at the pics of your craft goodies! Can’t wait to see it all finished with the shelves!

  • Tammy Kay - lovely ashley. I’ve been crossing my fingers and hoping we could see the wall above the couch. i love it. loving your style as always. so unique and fresh.

  • Shannon - Very lovey! And very inspiring! This post is getting a bookmark for sure. I love your style!

  • lifeologia - Your home looks lovely Ashley. It seems like every little thing has a story.
    How about glueing and framing that vintage puzzle? Or if you don’t want to glue it, how about displaying it as a serving tray under glass… Just thinking out loud.
    Can’t wait to see what you guys do for Hallowe’en 😉

  • Mara - Inspiring as usual! 🙂 Just curious- how do you organize all your inspiration ideas that you find online/magazines/etc? I struggle with a good organizational system – I would love to hear in a future post what works for you!

  • tasha roe - love getting sneaks and peaks into other people’s homes. its so cheerful and welcoming! love it!
    and there’s my beloved eckert’s peach basket…

  • tam1329 - amazing! I love love love the photos! Your house is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • giozi - I envy you !!! wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂
    I love your home, YOu have so many adorables things, treasures 🙂
    How many craft supplies (I don’t have to think about them) 🙂

    Lovely, all of them.
    Happy weekend.
    Today is Lua’s Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johna - Instant coffee…have you tried the new taster’s choice instant coffees? They are really good…they might do in a pinch.

  • Krista Lund - can i come over and play? lol

  • Ruth - How do you manage to do so many crafts and display them in your home without it looking junky or too cluttered? Especially with 4 kids running around? My 2 (fairly sedate compared to boys) little girls are constantly pulling stuff out and leaving toys all over the place–even though I’ve already banished about 90% of their stuff to the attic! Do you clean up before taking pictures? P.S. I love your craft cabinet.

  • colleen - I’m smiling at your tickets… would LOVE to go see Brad Paisley. My 10 yr old daughter recently won tickets to a December 21 Justin Beiber concert -lots of screaming(: – so i will be going to that instead. We are in the nose bleed section but the memories will be amazing just the same. I told her that Justin is the equivalent to Donny Osmond when i was close to her age! I would have died if i had won tickets to that one! Some things never change.

  • RachelC - Those fringe scissors are cool. Looking forward to fringe-filled projects!

  • marcy - oooooh. not a good post for me to see!!!!!! 😉

  • Kelly - yes please share your goals! we all need that kind of inspiration too!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the framed cork board with “family” bunting!

  • kbonikowsky - thanks! That was like browsing through a gorgeous magazine! Lots of good ideas.

  • Hannah Bunker - I LOVE your living room wall!! So much!

  • Katie Daisy - You are amazing. Thank you so much for being such a supporter of my artwork 🙂 Your space is beautiful!!

    Love & Gratitude

  • Heather - i love seeing these peaks into your home. i always come away so inspired. your my favorite inspiration stop each day. just so ya know. 🙂 have a happy and safe halloween!!

  • Anna - Love your home! I know they are just every day things to you but they give great inspiration for my home!

    Our Asian market in DFW has that same coffee brand! It is so yummy!!! 🙂

  • Ashley - LOVE this post!!! I would absolutely love to know more about your goals each week! I am all about them 🙂 nerdy… yes I know.. but love me a list and some goals!
    please share!

  • Ana Gamez - I agree with your husband- you should do a post about your weekly goals. I usually put my home improvement projects on one big list and that can just get overwhelming. It’s good to hear how other people do it.
    And thank you for helping me have new eyes when I go to a thrift store or garage sale. 🙂 I never knew before how people saw potential in things that seemed like junk, but I think I’m getting it now as you show the process of your transformations. 🙂
    P.S. I’m not saying your things are junk- I’m amazed at how you repurpose things. I had a porta file and I got rid of it because I didn”t know what to do with it. I never thought to use it for spools of thread! That’s just a small example . . .

  • caro - I agree with ruth, my crafts look not good together, or separated. How can look so good and clean your house? I have two kids one new borned and the other has 4, but my house is a mess. My favorite is the cabinet. Bless!!!
    Desde Chile

  • Meaghan - I’m really loving all the different picture frames above the couch!

  • Stacy - Ooooh I love Vinacafe!!! I was addicted to it at OBU, I know they have it at an Asian grocery store in OKC!

  • Moriah - BTW I would love to hear your organizational to-do list. I have one too, but I don’t always get to cross things off the list every week. But, when I do, I feel so great!! Happy Halloween!

  • kristiina - Chris is right: I would LOVE to read about how you organize your life/plan projects for the week! I’m sure I’m not alone in that….


  • Sarah - I love seeing the Vinacafe… that’s our favorite instant coffee as well, thanks to our days at the Centre. Our local Asian markets here don’t have Vinacafe, so I found them pretty cheap on-line. If you want the address, just let me know.

    As always, I love reading your blog. It always makes me smile.

  • Tonia - Hot glue for traction…. BRILLIANT!!

  • jennie K - Thank you for this post! I feel like you did it just for me! I think you should totally blog about your weekly goals! Now i have a question for you about lighting with your IN HOME photography. I have absolutely no good light in my house. our patio is covered and always blocks the sun and the only windows we have are sliding glass doors. With this predicament, how would i photograph things inside? I am not much of a fan of flash because i am not skilled in it nor do i have a good quality one. Just wondering what you would do in this situation! Thanks!:] jennie

  • Jenny B. - I was SO excited when I saw the title of this post! 🙂 I love all your posts, but the ones that are about your house and decorating and such really fascinate me. I’ve decided that a good photographer can make almost any room look beautiful. I’m not saying that your rooms are not beautiful (they are!), but seriously… you took a picture of your pile of to-do’s and it looks beautiful!! That takes talent. 🙂 And I woule LOVE to read a post about your weekly goals – including the home organization ones!

  • monique - hi ashley – thanks for all the inspiration! i too have too many magazine rip outs some from twenty years ago that i still find inspiring when i look at. I would love to hear about your weekly goals anytime you are ready to share!

  • vina sanchez - I drink VINACAFE too and know exactly where to get some and would love to send you some if you have some sort of PO BOX or mailing address. It’s wonderful and you should try it with adding some condensed milk for extra sweetness! =D Love your post and would love to brighten your day by mailing you some. =)

  • Trinity - That’s a lovely wall..I like how you combined all those portraits, it fits well.

  • Jen - i absolutely love all your creativity.

  • Chrissy - OMG – I love the drawer!!! And everything in it!
    Love your style…everything is so colorful and bright in contrast to the white!! So fresh!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • susie whyte - i love this post. it’s soooooo pretty. 🙂 i may need a print of the first photo…i love me some organization!!! :0 hahahaha. no, but seriously…

    hope ya’ll had a great weekend!!

  • emily - Are you taking {or have you already finished} the Beth Moore Inheritance study? I love that photo of the puzzle … the lines have fallen in pleasant places indeed.

  • jessica h - loved today’s post! so much beauty & inspiration!

    actually….I would totally be interested in your home organization/other weekly goals, and how you get your projects & goals “going” and finished!

    if you randomly remember sometime…where did you get that wooden-armed couch in your livingroom? It is so chameleon-like and looks so comfy!

  • meg duerksen - love all of this!

  • Too Cheap to Buy Frames Tutorial « I Got A Notion! - […] Mixing real frames with drawn frames. (scroll to the end of the post) […]