I am finally done with the boy’s room. I’d say it was a labor of love, but really it was just more labor…not much fun. The boys had their strong opinions and I wasn’t crazy with most of them. All and all it is their room, so we worked together to do something we all liked. The boys (ages 2, 4, & 6) all share one room for sleeping, clothes and books. A playroom is in the works in another room. Growing up my parents let my sister and I do whatever we wanted in our rooms. Lesley painted her walls black and hot glued all kinds of things all over them. My room was a hodge podge of Waverly fabric.

I wanted the boys to have a room they liked. They wanted an orange room with airplanes. I’m not huge on transportation, but they aren’t huge on doilies so they won that one. We compromised and used orange as an accent instead of painting the walls orange. They were very clear that they did not want it to look ‘girly’.

Planes. Orange. Not Girly. Their room.

The painting was a family portrait by Biggest Brother…two years ago. The wood portrait of Biggest Brother was done by my grandpa on his scroll saw, 4 years ago. The climbing guy was one of my 9th grade art projects. It is a paper mache. My mom gave it to the boys and they wanted it displayed. Bummer. He is really wonky.


The curtains are hiding two dressers that don’t match and are missing knobs!

Big Brother (4 years old) gets to pick the pictures that go on his clipboards. I love that he wanted one of his baby sister.

Biggest Brother wanted to tape Lego Star Wars characters on the wall. We compromised by making a little paper banner with his cutouts.For those that are wondering:

Beds: IKEA

Polka Dot Sheets: Target, discontinued

Orange blankets: Pottery Barn kids

Curtain: Made from IKEA fabric, white shower curtain, ‘newsprint’ fabric

Shades: Roller shades from Lowes, Happy Tape on the bottom

Paper Airplane Decals: Uppercase Living (thanks Carrie…I finally finished!)

Custom “Retrospective” Artwork: Simply Create

Pendant Lamp: IKEA

3 Piece Airplane painting: I made this with a paint pen. I don’t really like it, but there are other things I want to do before messing with it again.


I am SO EXCITED to start on the playroom. The boys don’t care it if is ‘girly’ or not since Baby Sister will be playing in there too. That means free creative license for me. I have fought the urge to work on it and forced myself to finish the boys room before I could begin the playroom. YEAH….no more orange airplanes!!!!

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  • Anna Marie - It is fantastic! Great job! I love your innovation with the roller shades and happy tape. I would have never thought of something like that. Have a fabulous day, Ashley!

  • Jodi - Ashley, this is absolutely, positively, my favorite boy room ever!! This is Ohdeedoh bound for sure. You have an amazing gift and eye for design. Congrats on the finish. Definitely motivating me to finish my playroom and big girls room!

  • Cate O'Malley - omg, it is amazing! you need to start consulting because i’m about the start the kids’ room and would love serious inspiration. love how you incorporated the color orange. my master bedroom used to be this wonderful shade of orange, changing hues during the day based on outside light. such a great happy color to wake up to.

  • [email protected] - the room is great and i love the airplane painting. also especially love the retrospective art, thanks for the good ideas.

  • Jackie - Love ALL of it!! How do you get away with no ceiling fan in Oklahoma summers? I would love to put cute light fixtures in my kids room but feel stuck with ceiling fans…ugh!

  • Shannon Phillips - I absolutely love that you put all 3 boys together in one room. Most American families think that when they have more children they need a bigger house with more rooms and more stuff. I love that your family embraces sharing and time together so much more than the typical “bigger, better, mine mine mine” attitude. Truly, you all are a breath of fresh air. P.S. Tell H that he made my day for choosing a couple of the photos that I took of you all.

  • Shannon Phillips - Oh and I forgot to state the obvious, the room looks AWESOME!!

  • Yanet - I love it!! I love that you put the orange pencil’s in the Ikea lamp. I think you did a marvelous job with the airplane painting. Lucky boys!!

  • Margie - I love it! The retrospective print is awesome!

  • Johanna - This is really amazing–so original, and just plain cool! One question—WHERE are all the legos??? I know your boys love them, as does mine…and they tend to TAKE over the bedroom!!

  • ashlee - i love their room! my son walked by and said i would like an orange room like that:)

  • amanda torres - The room looks awesome. The 3 pc airplane art is my favorite piece in the room!

  • Jaimie - This room is way cooler than you think. Gives me a lot to think about. We will be moving soon, so I will have a blank slate, probably with WHITE walls too, so color is necessary.

  • Andy - oh my goodness. i love love love this room. you did a marvelous job. love that they wanted airplanes and orange. it’s all great together. my 2 year old loves airplanes right now but we aren’t doing is room again any time soon. :) can’t wait to see the play room

  • Seamingly Sarah - This is awesome, such detail and coordination. So now that you have two projects done (boys room and table) will you take on 2 new ones? It helps me to live vicariously through you. I’m planning on taking a mini break after my two quilts are done this weekend, even though I have a laundry list of things I want to make.

  • Skylee - Is there a story behind the pencils? that’s a lot of pencils..

  • Kizzy - Ashley– I love, love love the boys room! Having 3 boys of my own, I gain so many creative ideas! I hope you don’t mind some of us copying your creative originality! Thanks for always sharing! By the way, I love the orange…

  • Liene - Looks really great the boy´s room! Really love the measuring tape (I’m Dutch I don’t think that the correct word for it). We are almost done reconstructing the attic into two rooms for the two oldest boys, and your pictures are very inspiring! I think the paper mache climbing guy is very cool!

  • Liene - P.S. sorry for the bad English!

  • shelly - It’s an awesome boys’ room! Love it! Can’t wait to see the play room!

  • Anna Joy - This room is AWESOME! Gavin’s room looks similar in the fact that I have paper airplanes all over the place. I love that you can tell it’s a boy’s room but it’s not too over the top with cars, legos, Star Wars, sports memorabilia, etc. I think it’s the perfect touch..and orange is GREAT for boys! A great change from blue or green! Good job, mama!

  • Shanalea - It looks great. Not girly at all. I love the tee-pee in the corner. We have a similar one from my parents.

  • Barbara - LOVE this room! As a “boy mom,” I appreciate the inspiration.

  • Rachel Ridd - I’ve been waiting for you to share :) You’re kids have hands-down the coolest rooms ever!!

  • rachel denbow - I’m pretty sure you will always have interior design as a career option should you ever want it. I’d be your first customer. I love how easily all of your detailed, thoughtful elements work together rather than being distracting. There is so much attention to detail and creativity in design in there! And I love the color story and that you have aviator pillow cases on the floor bed! I think I might pee my pants when you reveal the playroom, though. It just keeps getting better and better!

  • kellyt - LOVE this room! Can’t believe how relevant it is for me right now. I am contemplating re-doing my son’s room and he has an orange quilt. As you probably found out, orange is not an easy color to match! I want to do the walls in a light gray and it looks like you did the same thing. (Is it a gray or a blue?) In any event, can you tell me what the paint color is? Also, I found an artist who displayed kids’ art in a similar way but was bummed out by the $1,100 price tag (no, that’s NOT a typo!). I’m very excited that there is another option on etsy!

  • Patricia Teo - I LOVE what you did! I’d never have thought to add orange accent instead of flooding the room with orange paint… but that’s just me!

  • Hollie - I’m copying every idea for my son’s room. I hope you don’t mind! I love everything about the room, especially the simple roller shades. You make simple details look great! Thank you for sharing!

  • jenny - fabulous. i was stumped for ideas on how to make my son’s room have a little spunk. thanks for the ideas!!!

  • Emily - Such a cute room. It is a great boys room, they will love growing up in there.

    Emily @ http://456eleven.com

  • Emily - Such a cute room, your boys will love growing up in there.

  • Heather - i think the room is fantastic! it can be so hard to create a unique boyish space and you did a great job. really inspiring…as always. :)

  • Martina - I love it!! Awesome job! And I really like the 3 part airplane painting! How big is the room? I love that you could put 3 kids all in one room and give them a playroom too.

  • Ashley Ann - Just found your site! Love the photos, love the name!

  • lifeologia - I love it! This room makes we want to have a boy! It’s great that you have all 3 boys in one room and you made it work so well. Great Job.

  • Lisa Johnson - love it!! Wow- you are making me want to re-do my entire house. I can’t get enough! My favorite thing? I can’t begin to choose, but I love all the details, and those pencils in the lamp! Amazing. Can’t wait to see the playroom. Hooray for Ashley!

  • kate o. - the paper airplanes are great!

    and too funny, i have the same bed, same orange blankets, and a transportation “look” for my boys, too. except my creativity stopped when i splurged on dwell studio’s transportation duvet cover.

    love the room.

  • meg duerksen - GORGEOUS!!!!
    love everything about it.

  • Crystal - OK! Now I want a room with airplanes! This is great!!!

  • Trina - Crazy cool room. Can you please tell me where you got the road rug? My son would love it

  • Carla - WOW. so very very impressed and inspired. it’s artwork!

  • Nancy - AWESOME room! It’s funny I have 3 girls and I love to see little boys rooms…so different from the girly stuff I’m used to. Any chance you’ll be sharing your little girls shirt details you showed a picture of in your projects post?

  • Kate A - This is BEYOND AWESOME. Seriously. The details you come up with…you have pure creativity pumping through your veins!!!

  • Darcy - Super cute. I have those same planes from Uppercase living in my son’s room!

  • Casey - every inch is so creative! I love how you’ve hidden the mismatched dressers, the hanging paper airplanes are awesome! and I really like the pencils around the lamp

  • Gevay - You did a great job! It’s perfect-not commercialized! I love it and I am sure they will too!

  • MayDae - Weird question: Do you know what the dimensions of your boys’ room are? I have that exact same IKEA bed AND bunk beds in my kid’s room, and I’m thinking your room must be larger. Thanks!

    Stephanie @ http://www.maydae.com

  • Alisa - Oh my I LOVE IT. I love the grey and orange together. You have wonderful vision… I am working on my kids rooms this year (we rent so cant go to crazy) but this is inspiring.

  • Benay - Thank you for the inspiration! I have a boys’ room that desperately needs an upgrade. I love your ideas!

  • Dee - Love, love, love this room! My two boys share a room and we are planning a makeover soon. This is so inspirational!

  • Kate - Oh WOW! Perfect!

  • Kae - loooooove it! Thanks for the inspiration…now you make me want to redo my room! haha!

  • Dianne J. Gralnick - I LOVE the orange!!

  • Jane - The room looks amazing! You are so creative and talented!

  • Carrie Sowell - Their room looks AWESOME! Can you come help me figure out what to do in the my boys room? I want to do a barn/tractor theme. I don’t want green/yellow. I want a rustic feel, but not sure where to begin!!! HELP ME!!!

  • jessica h - AWESOME!!!

  • Karli - OK, I can keep quiet no longer. Your pictures are amazing, your blog is amazing…and this bedroom??!! The coolest thing I think I have ever seen. I love the colors, the artwork ideas, everything. Your kids are SOOO lucky!! :-) It looks fantastic!!

  • katherinemarie - BEYOND MARVELOUS! Only you could make a room this FANTASTICALLY CREATIVE & FUN!!!! I am in love with the clipboard art.

  • dianereeves - I am seriously inspired. I love ALL the details and thought you put into their room. I can’t wait to see the playroom when it is finished.

  • emily anderson - looks so great ashley! our boys room has taken me MUCH longer than anticipated…partly cause i didn’t have free reign to do whatever i liked 😛
    hope to have it done soon…

  • Elissa - truly you are just incredibly talented… an eye for everything and how DO you get things done with 4 little babes running around???? my house is in SHAMBLES, ok well clutter shambles, and i can’t even manage to get small things sewn or painted! ack!

  • maegan - Looks great! Such great details. I can’t wait to see the playroom.

  • mandi - love the clip boards! i think i’m stealing that one!!!

  • jody - OMG!!! Cool as HECK!!!!

  • deb meyers - This is exceptional! Love it! You hit all the right buttons, a treat to view.

    Here from Modobjectathome

    deb meyers

  • Stacy@RedDoorHome - This is fantastic.

    I just finished up a room redo for my daughter. (revealing the photos over the next few weeks) I completely understand the give and take in the design. The kids have definite opinions of what they want – which is not always what you have in mind. I tried to compromise but in the end I had to remember that it is her room. I didn’t want her thinking that her ideas didn’t matter. Love what you did!

  • Abby - Woah. This is just about the coolest boys room I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Wow.

  • Kerry - Found you from the feature over at 6th Street Design School! Love this room – you did a fantastic job. So many great details, I really love your climbing man scaling the shelves! They must be thrilled with their room!

  • pamela - You are so talented!!!!

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  • chereemoore - when I have kids, I hope I can create creative spaces for them – you are truly an inspiration!!!

  • alison - I love love love this room. my oldest son saw it and asked if he could have it! :)

  • Ashley Ann Photography « - […] that she’s obliged. Her taste and creative talent is unreal, so be sure to check her blog and her post about the boy’s room to get more info and description. And of course, you must become a fan of her blog! Her daughter’s room is coming up soon, so […]

  • Laura - Love your style! So inspiring!

  • Megan - I LOVE this room! Same colors I’m using in my little boys room. PLEASE tell me where you got the orange & white polka dot pillow?? I love it and it’s perfect for my room!

  • Sue - love,love the grey walls. I am really into grey and thinking of changing my grey green walls in my kitchen to a Behr’s ‘castle path’… Enjoyed all your ideas! I’m now into grand baby stage, so will have to plan a ‘fun’ room for them someday. :)

  • Sue - love the grey walls!

  • Rebecca - Don’t sell yourself short…The 3 piece airplane painting is one of my favorite things! Fun room.

  • Shari Hamann - You are so talented and are very inspiring!! Thanks for inspiring me to use orange more. Love the gray walls too!!!Keep going and don’t stop with all your creativity.

  • Christi {Jealous Hands} - This room is great – perfect for little boys! Would you mind sharing how you made the paper airplane mobile?

  • Ashley Ann Photography | Grey Likes Baby - […] that she’s obliged. Her taste and creative talent is unreal, so be sure to check her blog and her post about the boy’s room to get more info and description. And of course, you must become a fan of her blog! Her daughter’s room is coming up soon, so […]

  • Leah - I love this room! I am doing my son’s “big boy” room and I will be painting it grey. What color did you use? Thanks,

  • Tamra - I am in LOVE with this room! I guess the boys have a knack for style just like you! I am lookin on IKEA website for the little bed and…I cant find it! Booo Hoooo Do you have any further details on that bed?! Thanks, again, awesome room!!

  • Allisonnyc - Love it all! Question: What is the paint color/brand?
    (I have many yards of that awesome Ikea fabric in a closet… now it will be the color scheme for boys room!)

  • allison - What’s the paint color?

  • amanda - I love this room! Where did you get the large dot orange fabric for the pillows on the bed?

  • Julie H. - Do you know the name of the single/twin IKEA bed? Absolutely love that bed but can’t find it now.

  • Kristol Faucheux - L.O.V.E. the room!!! I have two little boys 2 & 4, who share a room, and we are needing to move the youngest into a bed and out of the crib. Who do you have on the top bunk? I would love to do bunk beds, but am worried about putting my 4 year old up there.

  • anny - Ashley, you are really really talented! This is one of the most beautiful rooms I have seen designed for boys. Your boys must be really proud of it, and of you. :)

  • megan - I mentioned you in my post today about my boy’s bedroom makeover because I always had the awesome room you created for your boys in the back of my mind. You did SUCH a great job. My favorite thing? The pencils inside the pendant!
    In case you’re curious to see my boy’s room, here’s the link…
    Blessings to you, Ashley Ann!

  • Tamra - Ok so the bed is the “Tolga” model and I do not see it on IKEA under Canada, US, or Germany. But it is available on Ebay and even through Craigslist! Hope that helps!! I loved the bed to and HAD to find it! LOL Now for the paint color….Anyone know what it is!?

  • Thread Design - Wish we had ikea in NZ!!!! love the oranges coming through, similar to the new ranges we have coming out soon!!

  • Eli | The Lettered Cottage - […] about an orange-accented room like Ashley Ann put together for her boys, […]

  • Kristen - I love this room and am using it as inspiration for my son’s room. Do you mind sharing the paint color you used on the walls?

  • Michelle Oryl - Can you tell me the name and color of the paint used for this room please?

  • Råkult gutterom med orange detaljer! | Foreldremanualen - Inspirasjon for deg med barn! - […] flere bilder fra gutterommet inne hos Ashley Ann, som akkurat nå holder på med neste prosjekt – lekerommet! 😀 […]

  • Kylie Lamb - Hi, just cruising the internet for inspiration for my boys aeroplane room, and found your blog! I have 4 boys (and one girl!) and my 2 youngest boys are in a room together, we have one boy who loves bright green colour and the other boy loves orange, and they both love aeroplanes! Loving what you did with your boys rooms, and hope I can come up with something just as amazing as yours!

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  • Brittany - Love the orange. re-doing my sons room in orange and lime green. also love the paper airplane decals. going to look at the link now.

  • Tegan - Just saw your cute post on pinterest. I LOVE..love..LoVe.. The “SOAR” letters. Where did you get them??? Did they come orange or did you stain them?? I would love to know.. thanks so much.

  • Sarah - Love it! What brand and color is the wall paint? It’s just perfect!

  • Jenn - This is quite possibly the coolest boys’ bedroom I have ever seen. Nice job! :)

  • Erin - love your boys’ room! I know others have asked, but I didn’t see the answer posted- what paint color did you use for your orange? It’s great!

  • Phoebe - So cute and clever…I love it! You’ve given me some inspiration for my son’s room – he wants a “Science” room. I’m stealing some of your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing – I’ll have to share some photos too when we’re done.

  • Andrea - What are the room demensions? I have three little guys and we have been tossing around the idea of putting them all in the same room and doing something very similar with beds and such and just trying to get a visual. Thank you for sharing your inspiring room!

  • Brittany - We have been looking all over for a slatted bed frame like in this room. Where is it from?? I thought Ikea had them but I can’t find it on their website.

  • Maribeth - Thank you for the inspiration! I have three boys (Asher 5, Emerson 2 and Jonas 9mo). I’m working on a shared space for them as well. I love that you didn’t go overboard with theme. Very well put together!


  • Keisa - I love this room! It’s absolutely wonderful. What is the paint color and brand?

  • Britney {Jesse's Girl} - Love this room! The “SOAR” is too cute! Awesome job!

  • Jo Appleton - I love the look you’ve created here! I would have never thought to use orange as an accent colour but it looks fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Jessi - Hi Ashley! Do you remember the paint color on the walls in the boys bedroom?


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  • LaurenR - The custom 3 piece airplane is the best part! Don’t change it :)

  • Maca - Love this room! Please tell us the details of the color you used for the walls. Thanks.

  • Nivedita - Hi there,

    Love the decor! Can you please let us know what color is on the walls? Its tough to find a Gray that works!

  • Ariane - Nice room! I am using this as inspiration for my 6 yr old’s room, although we are blending some other themes in. I too would LOVE to know the wall color. It’s a good grey without being drab. Thanks!

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  • Candace Barbee - Where did you get the platform bed?

  • Taryn - Love this room. Would you mind sharing the paint color for the walls?

  • Roxanne - I absolutely love this color combo! I’m curious to know what kind of dresser/chest that you used to match the room decor??? Thx!!!

  • Tristan - LOVE IT! Doing an orange and navy airplane room for my son too. Where did you find the orange letters that read “SOAR”???

  • AshleyAnn - Tristan – they were gold from Hobby Lobby and I painted them!

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  • Tre Cavil - Very cute room. I really like the colors!

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  • Dawny Guthrie - question what color grey did you use and what brand. You may have stated it on here and I missed it?

    Thanks I love this room and colorsplash

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  • Brittany Shaw - Do you recall the name of the single bed in the room? Have browsed the ikea site and can’t find it anywhere

  • AshleyAnn - Brittany – I don’t, but I know they no longer make it.

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UPDATE: I do not have a tutorial on the table…I didn’t make it. You could hound Tim and Kara on her blog asking for one though!



This is a two part post…

Part One: My new kitchen table! We used the old base and Tim built a new concrete top for it. I LOVE IT. It cleans so easily, there are no longer little places for food & playdoh to get stuck in. It is shiny and pretty. It is just perfect for us! Thanks Tim & Kara!

While I was taking pictures of the top of the table this is what was happening underneath it.

Part Two: He smiles a lot.

You know how every now and then you can get a song or commercial stuck in your head. It has been several months since I first saw this commercial, but I think about it daily. Watch it here:

I know this is just a commercial and not a true story, but man it haunts me. It haunts me in a good way. How I dream that my kids would describe me that way….”My mom. She smiles a lot.” I think about it when I say, “just a minute, let me finish this email.” instead of saying, “I’d love to play legos with you.” I think about it when I’m worn out and easily frustrated by my kids. I think about when I am just trying to get everything checked off my ‘to do’ list instead of engaging my kids. When they grow up and look back at their years with me…I want them to remember I smiled and laughed a lot.

After all, I have more than enough to be smiling about.

My friend Jeanette took the pic of us when we were on a Zoo field trip. Thanks Jeaneatte!

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  • Melanie - Love the new tabletop!

  • Shannon - Oh dear, that picture of you and your baby boy. It’s just too much. His face is priceless, you said he was four? I have a four yr old boy too, and they are just the life of the party!

    And as always, little sister is the most adorable thing ever!

    A very good message to share too, it’s so hard to remember to smile through our “pain” but it is so worth it for the kiddos!

  • Rachel Ridd - It looks like the table turned out really well. I love how practical you’re with your home, but also how unique it is!

  • anne c - love the tabletop! hope there will be a tutorial of some sort in the future! I would love to do that to our table..its very similar to yours. Have a great day full of smiles! :)

  • Jeannette Swan - Ohhh, I love the table – it is so great!!! Cute pic at the end!!

  • Alba - every single day I try my best, but very few days I go to bed thinking I have been a good mum (too many things to do and few hours). I’ll keep in mind because they are my sunshine of my life.

  • BriBedell - That table it to die for. I want my girls to say I was always there for them. Not just the fact that I am home. But that I was there to answer, hug, hold, kiss, play and snuggle with whenever they needed it! I am young and I get a lot of the “oh you didn’t finish college, what a shame” type looks. But for me school will always be there, but my ladies will not always be this little!! I love your blog, I want to take pictures, but I am sticking with my sewing for now. (Those cameras are expensive!)

  • Jodi - That table is amazing and your baby girl just puts a smile on everyone’s faces!

  • Stephanie - Love that table
    LOVE those tulips even more!

  • ashlee - first your tabletop is amazing! you should have them do a d.i.y! second, smiling and laughing is something i am really working on. it sounds silly but i know i dont do it enough. i feel it on the inside but i dont always show it on the outside:)

  • Krystina - I haven’t seen that commercial before, but now that I have it shall haunt me too. Thanks! LOL

  • Lisa Johnson - That table! I love it! What could be better for a busy house? I love finding ways to blend practicality and style. Great idea!
    That video is exactly what I needed to see today. Some days I’m afraid that all my kids will remember is my constant instructions and griping. My prayer is that they will know how much I love them and that I will take the time to enjoy them. I’m going to start by smiling!

  • Kristen - The table looks awesome! And I like that commercial too! In other news…I was floating around the blogosphere and found a blog that was featuring YOUR baby girl’s room! She found it on apartment therapy I guess… I told her it was yours and to check out your sweet blog! Anywhere, here is your feature that you didn’t even know about I don’t think… http://adiaryoflovely.blogspot.com/

  • patti - love the table! i’m a sucker for concrete surfaces. we just got concrete counter tops last fall in our kitchen and i adore them! enjoy your day!

  • Sarah - my little man makes me laugh everyday..i know there will be days in the near future where it won’t always be like this but as a full time working mom i try VERY hard to give him my all when we’re together. and YES! DIY PLEASE…

  • Helena - Gorgeous! and what a family you have!! beautiful

  • Trina - Oh oh – the video has been removed! What is the commercial for – I”ll see if I can find it elsewhere.

    Good sentiments, by the way. We all have to stop and remind ourselves during the craziness of the day!

  • chantelle - what a great reminder! I know there will be a day when my little boy would rather play with his friends than Mommy-that what makes me stop and play legos! ( I am 34 and my Dad still drops everything to hit s few garage sales or thrift stores with me! :)!)

  • Jill - love, love, LOVE the table!!!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’ve got more than enough to smile about as well. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Emily - I am dying at his cutest face in that picture.

    Love the table top and the cute face underneath it!

  • Kara - this is a great reminder! It is so easy to say “just a minute” when I really need to be putting down what I am doing and playing w my son! Thanks! And I LoVE the table!

  • Jaimie - cool tabletop. i like that coaster and my son has that star wars shirt, though i think he has outgrown it. inspirational post.

  • sarah - Love how it turned out! BTW…did you know your flatbed idea is on domesticease.com? just thought you’d like to know you’re goodness is spreading all over!

  • Ang - Great post. I like your bag in the zoo picture. I have the same one! =)

  • Yanet - Gorgeous table!

  • elizabeth c. - wow…i really didn’t think that a concrete table would look good…this looks great! and i love the ‘under’ photo :) what was the commercial? i tried to find it but can’t

  • maegan - The tabletop looks great. I love concrete for tabletops and countertops. I’ve also seriously considered a stainless steel tabletop for the same practical reasons. Maybe later. Too many projects right now.

  • Cara - I just stumbled across your blog and love it!
    Can I ask where you got your orange dining room chairs from? I love them

Rain, rain go away…that is what I kept thinking on Saturday during the April SnapShop. It had been gorgeous all week, then Saturday came with drizzly rain. Bummer. We made the most of it and hopefully everyone had a great time. I didn’t really shoot much during our indoor session, so I don’t have any pictures from that round to share this time. For our outdoor session we had 6 adorable babies. We had planned on going to a park, but ended up at under a concrete roof making due with the cold, rainy weather. 6 babies is a lot of work! I always change up the models for the afternoon session – we’ve done preschoolers, school aged kids, middle schoolers and high schoolers…now babies.

Goodness were they cute!

Model #6 was my baby girl…this is the only one I got of her.

I can’t exactly pinpoint why I like this pose so much. I know a ton is cropped out, but I’ve always loved it. I take it all the time with moms and babies. There is just something about the way a mom holds her growing baby – all moms understand it and know it. I just love it. A couple of these moms are carrying two babies – one inside and one outside – which make the picture another level of fun.

His mom let him go to town in the water. I’m pretty sure all the moms probably would have let the kids if they had wanted. It was nice to have laid back moms!

“Pound It” – um, yes, totally awesome.

With so many babies we ad lots of smiles, lots of laughs, lots of clinging to mommies, lots of tears, and lots of pacifier stealing.

Well I have to put a disclaimer on this picture. The little guy on the left is THE MOST laid back, easy going baby I have ever met. He is gentle and just all around content all the time. He and my daughter are polar opposites. I blame her for this picture…she is usually determined to get his pacifier…I think she rubbed off on him. Sorry Rachel.

We ended the session with an attempt at getting all the babies together. I knew it wasn’t going to result in a “perfectly posed, all smiles” picture, but it would be fun anyway.

My girl wasn’t so cool with my idea.

I grew up with amazing friends. I have incredible friends now. When I look at these pictures of all the babies it makes me excited to think these could be the future friends of my daughter. Each one of these little ones has amazing parents…the kind of people that I hope rub off on me and influence me. I am excited to watch their babies grow up….they will be welcome at my house anytime.

Thank you to all my sweet friends who brought out their babies in cold rainy weather to model for all of us!

You can find out more about SnapShops here.

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  • Beth - Oh my gosh, how fun! Love those group shots – they’re hilarious!

  • Rachel C - What cute pictures!! I’m loving the “pound it” picture….priceless. Bopha — so sorry about the bullying picture. We will be working on that… and Ashley, our kids aren’t polar opposites. Yours just has more spunk — like her momma. Thanks for letting us be a part of your snap shop. We had fun!

  • Jeannette Swan - Ok. Where was the baby disclaimer!! Remember – it makes me want one even more!! This is awesome – looks like those mommies and babies did a great job – it was cold on Sat!!

  • amanda torres - I’ll take two! Babies, that is. They are all too smoochable. Rachel, your little guy is BEYOND handsome. Bopha, I cannot believe how big M is. Love them all.

  • ashlee - those babies are chhek squeezing cute! i CANNOT wait until my turn at snap shops next month!!

  • Shannon - So much fun! And that one that you got of little sister is adorable! She is just soooo cute, I can’t stand it! Even my husband agrees! Her dainty piggies are too cute!

    Such a fun baby shoot!

  • bopha - thank you so much for letting us be “models” for a day, we had a good time and the pics are great. Rach, don’t worry about G, believe me, Madden holds his own against his brother. love the attempt at the group shot, too bad the babies weren’t as excited about it.

  • christina larsen - I love seeing pics from your snapshots. They inspire me. I feel like I have been left out of the blog world for awhile. I have been so busy. I haven’t commented, but I have seen some of your posts.

  • candace - it kind of looks like he is pushing his pacifier back in instead of trying to get it. ha! these are all so sweet!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Started smiling at the first pictures and must say am still grinning ear to ear…I adore babies! What a sweet post…Kim

  • Stephanie - Ash it was SO SO fun! Thanks for asking. I left feeling the same way. I so pray these precious ones grow up to be an encouragement and inspiration to one another. You are precious!

  • giozi - It’s sounds horrible, but I loved the pictures where they were crying :D, the which one, who stands up to run to his mom, reminded me my little boy.

  • Ashley R - Ashley, those turned out amazing, all of them…thanks again, we had a wonderful time.

  • Kate - Oh soooo cute!

  • alissa - oh my. . .All of these babies are adorable! Talk about baby fever!

  • Katherine - I had such a great time… and learned so much! Your pictures are amazing, as always!

  • Becka - They are just so stinking cute, especially all lined up. Be still my ovaries!

  • anne c - adorable! looks like so much fun..those babies are all so cute!