This is a very last minute notice, but two spots for this Saturday’s SnapShop have come open. If you want the spots email me at

You can find all the details on the SnapShop page under the info tab.

The workshop is all day….9:30am-6:00pm. I’ll email more details to whoever gets the spots.

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  • C Roecker - Wish I could swing the finances this time. I’d be all over it! Let me know the next time you have an opening. I will be a shoe in for sure!

  • Ryan - Awww…I am jealous! SnapShops are such a blast! Have fun this weekend! :)

  • Kimberly - Wish I wasn’t here in Ohio and could make it. Have a wonderful time!

  • Brooke - Mybe it’s meant to be, I had a dream that I came to your house and hung out. I do not remember why I was there, but we went to see your sweet sister and her baby and we had lots of fun hanging out with your kids. Might seem a little creepy, huh? I remember that I kept referring to things I knew about you (from your blog) and you seemed creeped out that I remembered all those details.

    Oh, pregnancy dreams. :)
    Wish I was at the snapshop today!

There are a couple of guys that I will need to send a box of homeade cookies to if this goes through again. For those of you that have blog rolls on your actual blogs…is my blog updating there too?

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  • Anna Joy - Yes, I see your blog on my Google Reader!

  • Emily Laird - Yes, it works on my blog roll.

  • Kari - It’s coming up in my blog roll! Hooray!

  • Kristen - Oh my gosh, you are showing up in Google Reader!!! This is awesome!!

  • Lindsay Megahed - It’s finally updating on mine now!

  • Paige - YES! I nearly just fell off the chair when I saw it! Ha!

  • Miranda - Yep, comes up on mine!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaime A. - lol… it’s showing up on my side bar (on my blog roll)…
    and I jumped right over…
    the title caught me off guard.

    and here I was thinking you were talking about a pregnancy test! lol… =)

  • Carla - oh good!

  • Mandy - I saw it was updated and had to come see why!!

  • Heather@CookieMondays - YES! YAY!

  • linkcreations - jipjip.
    lol to Jaime A! :) sweet.

  • cally - You’re on my roll! Amazing. Nice to see ya.

  • Sarah - Yay! It’s working!!

  • Brooke in WI - WAHOO!!! You are in my reader again. Hopefully you stay there! :)

  • candace - Yes! So, I excited to see it.

  • Kim - BOOYAH!!! You’re on my roll!!

  • hanna - yup – showing up for me too. I’m so excited as I love your blog – it’s one of my daily favorites.

  • Tammy Kay - it wasn’t working for me but I reentered it and now it is! :)

  • Katie - yes yes it’s working for me :)
    My blogroll was full of your posts this morning yay!

  • Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary - I just added your beautiful blog to my blog roll and I can see ya!

  • gina - thar she blows…right up on my google reader. yay!

  • Silvia - I donยดt know when you posted it, but in my blogroll I can see this ”
    one more testโ€ฆjust to be sure
    Hace 1 hora.” Hace 1 hora means “An hour ago”.
    From Argentina, me, Silvia.

  • Silvia - Sorry, it is 9:29 pm

  • Kristin - Yay! Glad you’re showing up!

  • Lindsay - woohoo! welcome back!

  • Melissa - It sure is – hope those guys enjoy the cookies :)

  • tasha roe - it works! woo hoo

  • rebekah - Yes. But this is the first time- I’ve been keeping up with your blog for almost a year, and today is the first time it’s showed me when you posted something new. Hooray!

  • Yolanda - I use Safari as my feed reader. Iโ€™ve never had problems with your feed, though Iโ€™ve only been reading a couple of months.

  • Ashley - I am so excited they got this worked out!! Your blog however, is a permanent site on my iPhone, so I checked it everyday anyway. BUT, I’m glad it works now!

  • Katie - YAY! so happy its on google reader! woop!

  • Leslie - It’s on mine too! Yay! (And this is Leslie Poe, formerly Horn, from OBU! Not sure if I’ve ever commented before but LOVE reading!)

  • Gwen - Showing up on my blogspot blog roll! Yay!

  • tessa - I have followed for a while, but have always just had your page bookmarked and have a button on the top of my browser I click on when I check it everyday. I am trying to add you to my reader, but am having some difficulties. When I click ‘subscribe’ I am taken to a crazy page with a bunch of gibberish on it. Maybe I am doing this completely wrong…help! I want you on my reader!

  • Jennie - Yes! I’m excited!

  • Tessa - It is updating on Google … and on my blog! Yeah!

  • katie mize - Yay! You’re back on my blogroll! haven’t been there for months!

  • Linda - Yay! I see you!

  • Katie - Yay for the update!

  • Lacey McKay - It’s WORKING!!! Yay! Hurray!

  • Jill Curry - These itsy bitsy creations are scrumptious. My little girl needs a new dress!

  • Kristen - Yep yep yep!

  • Michelle Gray - yep it updated on my blog…yay!

  • Liene - yes, your link is refreshing itself now when a new post by your hand is published!

This is just a test to see if Google Reader is actually working on my blog again or if it is another freak one time thing. If it works…there will be happy dancing happening around here…

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  • Tricia - Came through on my Reader!!

  • Elisa @ What the Vita - Yep it works on mine too!

  • Nichole - Came through on my Google reader!

  • Allison Waken - Came through on mine too! Hope it works for you now

  • jen@odbt - It’s working…just got a whole bunch of posts show up in my reader. Happy dance!

  • tara - showed up on my blog page at the top of my sweet inspiration list!:)

  • Robin - Got it!

  • arlene - I got this one today! Usually, I get them sporadically, in increments of 10. Yay – crossing my fingers!

  • Jessica - Works here too!!

  • Paulina - Yeah!! It worked. I unsuscribed from the “old” feed and made sure to keep the “new” one.

  • April - Yep, I got a whole slew of posts today. I’m SO excited!

  • Jamin Garoutte - Google Reader hasn’t shown me any of your posts for an incredibly long time–there was one day a while back that it updated with a ton of posts, but then nothing again for months. Today I suddenly had about 10 or 15 posts show-up again! Hopefully they keep coming in ’cause I forget to look at your blog when they don’t (but don’t worry, my wife actually keeps up with your pictures & asks me all the time, “Did you see what Ashley posted today?!)

  • shelby - I got this post in my google reader :)

  • danielle - i got this on my google reader… i got several from you today, although dated back a while. :)

  • megan - woohoo. working for me. you have no idea how happy this makes me :)

  • libby - showing up on mine!! yippy! now I know when you have updates!

  • kristen - woot! woot!