Yes, that is a true story. They really were taking turns sticking their fingers in the box fan to stop it.

I have wanted one of these since I first saw them. Oh the ideas swirling around in my head for ways to use it. I would like to predict that these will be the HOT item for Christmas cards this year. If you are a photographer you NEED one of these for your family sessions, weddings, newborns session…you just NEED one. If you aren’t a photographer, well you need one too. I think this would be fun gift for preteen and teen girls too! My friend Rachel is the original genius behind them and I was GIDDY when mine arrived in the mail. I am sure you’ve seen them all over online, theKnot magazine and Bust magazine. Sweet Rachel is giving one away on my blog today. Happy dance.

Giveaway details:

Prize is one Thought Bubble Chalkboard from RVA

One winner entry per person, winner chosen at random

Contest ends Thursday, Sept. 30th 9:00pm US Central Contest is now closed (The Other Laura has the last counting comment)

To enter: In the comment section answer – If you had a Thought Bubble Chalkboard right now, tell me what you would write on it!

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  • Elizabeth - Don’t blog and parent! That is hilarious!! and so true!! and I do love photoshop!!

  • kim whitten - I have oooo’d and ahhhh’d over those clever little things!
    Mine would probably say ZZZZZZzzzzzz about right now…I don’t think I got enough sleep!

    (took me a minute on the before & after-hilarious! or should I say hilarous)

  • Kristi - Must have more sleep! Says the mom of a 3 & 2 year old!

  • Lacey - “I wish I had one of those for the Halloween Party photo booth I’m doing.” :- )

  • Kimberlee J. - “No one better be sick today.”

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - roflol! This is great!

  • maggi moss - oh how much fun one of these bubble chalkboards would be with my nieces & nephew.

  • Annabelvita - “how long till i can go back to bed?”

  • Jodi - “Bring me caffeine…..STAT!”

    Haha, that is hilarious. I had to look at it twice to find out the difference. :) Very cute, I hope I win, I would love that in my photo-shoots!

  • Megan - what a great giveaway! I was going to make one soon, so this would be pretty handy :)

    mine would have a countdown til next weekend. This one went by way too quick!

  • nuria - great! i love you pictures!!

  • jo - “why did it take me 5 minutes to spot the difference between the before and after pics :)”

  • Aiza - “Is it time for lunch yet?”

    Would be mine right this moment! 45 mins to go…..

  • Emily - “Need coffee STAT”

  • Corey Moortgat - I was just thinking I’d like one of those yesterday. We were taking photos of my son for birthday party invitations, and I was thinking how perfect it would be for him to hold one saying, “You’re invited…”!

  • laura - i luuuuv you, baby.

  • megan - too cute!!!

    mine would say “is it bedtime yet?”.

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - Oh man, I commented before I saw the giveaway. Mine would probably say “what are you eating?!” because I have a couple little ones that eat EVERYTHING!

  • Sarah - I’d post a picture of my tired self with this line: “Too much Fall TV.”
    I’m tired. Got to go to bed earlier.

  • Sarah @ Dream in Domestic - I would write “Need. More. Sleep.” For sure!

  • Noelle - “We’re late for school…again!”

  • kristin fulghum - who’s bringing the starbucks?

  • Tina - LOL! Too funy!
    Mine would say, “Mom’s out for the day, leave a message after the…”
    definitely need one of these :)

  • Alba - Did they do it??? seriously???? oh my God! “it’s friday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • gracie - “it’s 5:00 somewhere”

  • beth - mine would say “is it friday yet?”!

  • Karla - What’s for dinner? (I hate that question.)

  • Tess S. - “i can’t believe these crazies are mine”

  • Kristin Eldridge - So cute. :)

  • Lauren - Boo homework. Hooray sleep!

  • LeeH - Happy Monday!

  • annie - Those are awesome – mine would say-

    “Should have gone to bed before 1 = Coffee”

  • rachel - “it’s a pajama day!”

  • maria - “rise and shine and give God the glory!”

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - “I need a nap.”

  • Heather - More coffee please!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn - “Are you ready for a nap yet because I am!”

  • Jerri-Rae - “When will this baby make his appearance?” due in a week!!! :)

  • mrs.magoo - “Do I have to do the dishes?”

  • Amy - Pick Me! Pick Me! and I would have an arrow pointing to my face 😀

  • jessibee08 - It’s Fall!!! and i NEED a pumpkin spice lattte! :) I LOVE the thought bubble~

  • Adele Chalker - I would have an arrow pointed at me saying “she should be sleeping”

  • jessibee08 - “its finally fall!! pumpkin spice latte please” :) love the thought bubble~

  • Ranee - “seriously” (my comment on many situations!)

  • Candy - Oh, I am sad to learn that my idea for chalkboard Christmas cards was not original. I’m happy to learn that I’m cool w/o even knowing it :) And that I’m not the only person who can’t spell. :) Anyway, I’d write, “Yep, it’s Monday again.”

  • Samantha S. - “Must. Get. More. Coffee. {And Ellie off of the toybox.}” And I’m with you – Christmas cards this year… Brillant! 😉 {I love PS and spell check too.}

  • Rachel Strietzel - “Seriously, baby boy? You subsist on 20 minute naps?”


  • Suz McA - Where did my weekend go?!

  • jessica - i should probably start looking at this pile of paperwork on my desk…

  • Breeana - Mine would say… “Why can’t you all sleep in?” It seems the sleep theme is a biggy today!

  • Breeana - MIne would say “Why can’t you all sleep in- just one time?” The sleep theme seems popular today!

  • Kristin E. - “Who wants to do the dishes?” hehee. Gosh i love your blog!

  • Brooke - Hmm, what would I write? “Need coffee”. :) Have a brilliant day…those boys are so sweet. Did you set up the background in your house or is that a wall or curtain? I was taking some pictures for a friend and I wanted a fun background but I didn’t have enough fabric to make one…

  • amanda fuentes - “Meet me in the Pumpkin Patch”

  • Deanna - Mine would say, “Another day, another mess”

  • meg duerksen - i have no idea what ours would say…..
    probably something from the office.

  • ashlee - This is hilarious!! my sister is using these for her spring wedding, so I would love to give it to her. my thought bubble would say, “roots grow deep when the winds are strong”

  • amanda torres - I need to brush my teeth.

  • Sarah - I’ve seen these all over! so clever! mine would be pointed at my 18mo and say ‘i’m a monster’. quoted from a 4 year old from over the weekend! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lindsay - “It’s 6 a.m. and it’s dark outside?”
    “i miss summer”

  • Karen Davis - Ahhh i love these… and yes, I shall have to have one for the photo business!

    As for what mine would say right now: Coffee…please?

  • Courtney - Love, love, LOVE this idea! This would be so great to have for our family pictures soon. Fingers crossed!

    *Never commented before, but am addicted to your blog and all of your creative ideas. :)

  • Lindsey - Adorable! Mine would say “Monday – UGH.”

  • Jeannette - I need a nap!

  • Crystal - “Rise and Shine”!!! (funny how this saying used to annoy me as a child when my dad would wake us for school but it’s now a favorite!) (oh…my kids are annoyed by it too!)

  • cassie - Mine would say, “One more day until wammy’s house!!!!”

  • keely - “One round of puking doesn’t automatically mean an entire day of puking, right?”

  • Amber Scurlock - I would write a great many things on it, but I would like to use mine in a photo shoot for my sidebar headers on my blog…with pictures of me holding it…I think that’d be fun! =) Thanks for the chance!

  • Jessie - “5 minutes of peace please..just 5”

  • ~Heather - “Time to dance!”
    We’ve noticed a definite lack in dancing these days.

  • Kristin S - “come Lord Jesus come”

    Pick me!!!

  • Terri Lynne Barrington - “Please tell me you are kidding…”

  • sarah - I love it!

    “Who made coffee?”

  • tessa - “hahahaha!” I love that they were willing to take the chance that you may have been telling the truth and that it may ACTUALLY cut their fingers off. Funny, risky, boys!

  • Heidi - “Monday. It’s always Monday.”

  • Dana L - It would say “I wanna go back to bed!”

  • Debbie - Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts??

  • Jill R - That is fun! This morning mine would say “Bring on the coffee!”

  • Margie - So funny! I told my kids the same ‘lie’…wonder when they will test the theory?! My bubble would say, “Find your joy!”

  • emily anderson - this is seriously brilliant (spelled correctly). i swear, that our brains are like 1 in the same…rachel was one of the first people i contacted for my fundraiser—i knew the bundle NEEDED a thought chalkboard bubble!
    can we be best friends, please? i mean, i know we live far from each other, but the least we could be is internet best friends. ha :)
    that’s what i would write…”be my IBF–internet best friend”.

  • Niki - Lovely weather!

  • Evie - hahaha! that is huullarious! ya’ll are cute! I’d say “I can do it!” (starting my weight loss plan!)

  • Niki - Lovely%20weather!

  • Jennifer - I would write “Is it really only 55 degrees this morning?!”

  • Evie - hahaha! Ya’ll are cute! and i’d say “I can do it!” (yes, the weight loss plan is starting!)

  • Chelo - Life is so much fun to live!

  • Allison - Mine would say in the great words of Homer Simpson, “DOH”… Love the picture story!! It is fantastic!!! :) Great giveaway!! Love Rachel!!!

  • Heather - mine would say “its bed time for me.. gnight world!”

    love that i could see the remnants of party of four.. glad yall are enjoying your new thought bubble. and it def took a few sec to notice the brilliant ‘chalk’o..

    i want to use one of these in a save the date/engagement announcement.. im sure its been done alot recently but i just loved the idea too much. Happy Monday!! :)

  • michelle - a whining 4 year old. a spastic 18 mo old. laundry piled up. dishes piled up. husband’s pager going off WHILE he’s on the phone with the hospital. my dress is dishevled. i have one knee high on and one boot on – the other foot, naked. my hair a mess. half my make up is on. and my chalk board would say “mama needs a vacation…”

    me :)

  • Leah B - “Is it Friday yet?!”

  • angie webb - I LOVE this post!!!!

    My board would say: “rain, rain go away!” Tired of the rain already.. the temp is still warm & I want to enjoy what’s left of summer outside!

  • Jenna - “Clean clothes are overrated.” (It’s laundry day in our house, and I’m sooooo not up to it.)

  • Chelsea - It’s a BOY!

  • isabel - I would write “i’m asleep !!!”

  • jody - Which way to the beach??

    Love your blog. :))

  • Angelica - “I love mornings and good coffee” Awesome giveaway!

  • Natalie - YAY! Love these!!!!

  • jody - Which way to the beach??

    Love your blog. :))

  • savannah - I would write…”Do I have to take her to daycare?” Tomorrow will be my first day back to work after having our daughter… and It is going to be terribly hard!

  • Guillauma - Love this post, so funny
    My board would say “don’t forget to give me a kiss”

  • Kari - If I had a bubble chalkboard right now, I would write: Thank you Jesus!

  • ashley jensen - I would write whatever silly thing my 3 year old daughter says each day. She has quite the imagination and it makes her Dada and I smile.

  • Stephanie - Late again, gotta stop reading this blog.

  • Jessica - I can’t believe its Monday and I am back at work already so mine would say: “Where did my weekend go?”

  • Cory - Oh how I love these thought bubble chalkboards! Mine would say…”FALL!!” I’m really excited about the weather!

  • Natalie - Love these! Today I would write, “Woot! 10K!” (Run yesterday)

  • Kimberly - LOVE IT! Mine would say….”Shhhh, Naptime”

  • Julie A. - “It’s your turn to get the baby.”

  • kristi - “i never thought i would be thankful to see in til 6am.”

  • Haley - “I’d rather be at home cleaning than at work today.”

  • Allison - “calvin, take me away!!!!”

  • Susan - Whose idea was it to get a puppy?

  • jen - I’m so glad it’s raining!

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - I hate Mondays!

  • Anna Marie - “We’re Pregnant!” (We just found out two days ago.) I would use it to take a photo and then put it as my Facebook profile photo (when we actually make it FB public…lol)

  • Nicole@FarmgirlChaos - I need a vacation!

  • Shea - “Zzzzzzz” Because I really need some right now. It would be wishful thinking for sure!

  • Beth Phillips - “Achoooo!” would probably bew the most realistic.The fall ragweed is getting me down!

  • Brenda - “Rainy Days & Mondays…..go hand in hand”

  • Wendy - So many blogs….so little time!

  • Sarah - Too cute. Mine would have to be the usual Monday chant: “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”

  • Lia - I would set it up to use it in the photo booth at our wedding…I think I would paint on the beginning of a sentence like “Love is…” or “I love…” so people could fill it in and take awesome pictures with it. This would be so perfect!

  • Stacey - Is it nap time? :)

  • jenny - “…if I were to go really fast, could I make it to Starbucks and back with a pumpkin latte without my children noticing? hmmmm?”

    *disclaimer: I, if course, would not leave my children. Although, this is where my superwoman powers should kick in…too bad I don’t have any. But shhh..don’t tell my boys that! 😉

    love this post- totally made me laugh out loud!

  • Emily W. - “Is it too early for a nap?” SO cute, I love them (and your adorable family!)

  • melody - So, something I would do with the misspelling haha! My board would say “coffee…now please!” If you saw what I look like, it would clarify the phrase even more! haha!

  • Kelly - “2 months!!” (the countdown from today until my wedding-where this would be perfect to use in our DIY photo booth!)

  • Kimberly - I have been coveting these since I saw one on somebody’s blog. Awesome. Right now it would say “mmmm….. coffee”

  • Christy pair - I think the he did it would be perfect for our house. Perfect photo op for our twin boys….and their big sis.

  • Jen - i need a diet coke!!!

  • Sada - “I am getting married this Saturday!”

    Ha, getting a little excited :)

  • Candace - My chalkboard would say, ” Life size Barbie is my second child”. (My 3 year old WILL NOT put her down!!

  • Melissa - “More coffee NOW!”

  • Lisa - Mine would say “Help”
    Not enough time in the day!

  • Erin - Haha! I think I like the facial expressions just as much as the thoughts 😉 My bubble would say “I love fall mornings!”

  • Bernice - Love, love, love it!!!

    “Coffee is evidence that God loves me!!”

  • Biz Gott - “why does my coffee get cool down faster and faster each day?”

  • Laura W. - Our family photo session for our christmas cards is coming up soon, this would be fantastic for it!

  • Amnah - Haha, that’s hilarious! Reminds me of how I told my little girls not to stick their fingers in the bird’s cage because it bites. Now they do it all the time because they like how it feels.

    My thought bubble: “7 am is the new noon.”

  • marcy - ohhh…. too funny!!
    I’d write “mama needs a time out” on mine.

  • Heather M - COFFEE PLEASE!!!!!

  • Crystal Oliver - “Seriously…I know I am wearing spit up.” – I seem to be repeating this line on a daily basis. :)

  • Brooke - These are awesome! Mine would say “Vacation, please!”

  • Jen V. - How the heck would I choose what it would say? I’ve been wanting to do a photo session with my 3 (teenage) foster neices, so it would probably include some of their favorite sayings like “Whoa!” or “You’re such a creeper”

    I’d love to have one with their entire brood (my sis-in-law and bro-in-law, and bio neice and nephew) that says “family.”

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Katie @ explanation required - So hilarious! At this exact moment, mine would say “Walk away from the cube. Just walk away.” I’m at work and it’s been that kind of morning.

  • Lynette - Mine would say “is it naptime yet?” Cute!

  • Elizabeth Beattie - “It’s way TOO early to be awake – YAWN”

  • lynna cherry - “is it time for school yet?”

  • Yolanda - My thought bubble would say, “Is it bed time, yet?”

    We’re adjusting to a new household schedule due to my husband’s new work hours. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Laura W. - wow, I guess I need to read the entire blog post before I start commenting. Mine would say “where my doilies at?” lol

  • kristi - WOW, are we really about to do this??

  • Michelle - Is it nap time yet?

  • Angela - These are great! To quote my 2 year old mine would say “cause why”

  • Camille - “Is it Friday yet?”

  • rachel p - I have a great photo of my 2 year old son puckered up and ready for a smooch. My chalkboard would say “kisses 5 cents each”!! :)

  • kristi - “be nice”. I think I said that the most this morning!

  • Miranda - “I love fall!!”

  • Kirsten - Total happy dance! Mine would probably say “singing in the rain!” – I can just see the pic in my head with a bright umbrella – it is raining for the first time in weeks, i am so thrilled.

  • Whitney - Only 1 1/2 hours until kindergarten pickup! I have A LOT to do yet!!

  • Beth - “Monday…you came too soon…”

  • Charlotte - Darling, we’re pregnant!

  • Whitney - “I’ll only let them watch cartoons for a little while…”

  • Ashley C. - Bahah! I just had a flashback of me (age 5-6) telling my little brothers, “It doesn’t hurt, just try it!” I was too wimpy to try it myself so they did. I ran off and then 5 minutes later I hear, “ANDREW! How are your fingers all bloody?” Eeek. It wasn’t as terrible as it sounds, but more like a bunch of little paper cuts. Too, too funny!

    -Also, LOVE Rachel and RVA stuff! Those chalkboards are brilliant!

    ♥ Ashley C.

  • Madaline Meatte - the sad thing for me is that i probably wouldn’t have noticed that i spelled brilliant wrong!

    i’ve been dying for one of those cute bubble signs…i’m thinking the christmas card idea would be cute…especially since I don’t have kids, just dogs. I’m thinking my dogs need to be saying “Merry Christmas!”

  • Kristen - Seriously, eHarmony? Are you kidding?

  • Lizzie - just keep swimming…

  • Stacy - Mine would say “I miss you weekend.”

  • Dee - I would give it to my budding photographer 13 year old for her upcoming birthday. She would probably write, “Jeeez mom, so embarassing!”

  • joeyhoffman - “i wish that water pipe would burst again so i could stay home and cuddle with my babies”

    –great idea–especially for my bother’s wedding photo booth…and i’ve already crossed off a few xmas gifts! THX

  • Rachel - “hooray” while doing a happy dance because it would mean i had that chalkboard in my hands!

  • Deanna - “I hate Mondays”

  • Laura Kuester - “Where’s the beach”?

  • Heather - love it! H

  • Nicole - Mine would definitely say, “Too sick to really communicate, talk to my bubble.”

  • Raquel - Didn’t I just clean that????

  • Jamie Herring - Mine would probably say “My Hope is the Peace Child.”
    Then, I would take a picture of me smiling and holding it.

    I just got done re-reading Don Richardson’s book “Peace Child” about the Richardson family’s ministry to a cannibalistic tribe who adored treachery and deceit. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! :)

  • Kim - Love it! My chalkboard would say, “Hooray for weather that’s not in the 90s!”.

  • Amber McIntyre - Hello Fall! Now where is my scarf?

  • Trudy - “coffee…..STRONG coffee!”

  • Molly - too funny! love it.

  • Susan - I am sewing curtains for a deer blind?!??

  • Jane - Gah! Flew home from Snap Shot (up at 4am to make 6:20 flight) and then had company. Now back at work in the NICU and it’s BUSY today! I want to go back to your house and take more pictures…much more fun than my day today. :) My thought bubble at the moment: “Please stop paging me.”

  • chantelle - AHHH! I LOVE this! It would be perfect for the photo club at my school-what a great way to promote reading and writing.

  • Summer C. - I would probably do something fun with it at my son’s 3rd birthday party. It’s pirate themed so there will be a lot of “Arrgs”!

  • Tanya B - LOL … at your spelling mistake! :) I would take a picture of my 3 year old this morning with “Naturally Curly Hair Rocks”. She looks like Medusa!

  • Heidi Mitchell - “Is your father home yet?”

  • Cara - I need a vacation!

  • Pam - What’s for LUNCH!

  • Faith - “Go away snot.”

  • Amy Leigh - “Mommy’s taking a break” ha! I love this post, so cute!

  • Dena - I need a nap!

  • Jessica M - Wow! I have never seen one of these before and now I just have to have one!!

  • Nicole Ridella - “Sweet baby, go to sleep!”

  • Lindsay O'Donnell - My thought bubble would say…. allergies, take a hike!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Go ask dad :)

  • Kendall - I need more sleep!

  • Michelle - “Baby sleeping…What to craft?”

  • Stephanie - I love these things!!!! I just realized that I need to buy one! I’m going to be setting up a photo booth at an upcoming halloween party for some extra fun, and this chalk board is a MUST HAVE! Hope I win!

  • Christy - hmm mine would say I hate mondays!! Just getting back in the office from vacation yuck!!

  • Kat - “Because I said so”

    my kids did the same thing with the box fan- i told them it would cut their fingers off and they put my threat to the test…

  • Christy - ooh I think mine would say I’m with stupid!!

  • Alyse - “I love sunny, Monday mornings in the fall.”

  • Marykay - Love it! Mine would say “how do I make the whining stop?!?!”

  • Holly - My bubble would say, “Please don’t poop in your pants again…”
    (We’re potty training…it’s not going well)!

  • caitlin - I’d put a verse or quote to help me keep my head on straight. You know, so I’m not a jerk to my family!

  • paige rodriguez - Ohhh I’m on board! I think we’d try it for our Christmas cards!!

  • Elissa - Mine would say “What? ::blink::blink:: Brillant actually has TWO i-s?”

    thanks for a chance. those are fun!

  • Erin Johnson - I would have one of my son saying “I’m 4.” For his announcements.

  • CourtneyMc - Ha, my thought would say “Is there something in my teeth?” because somehow, there ALWAYS is!

    What a fun giveaway!

  • Tracy - LOVE those chalkboards!! I would write “when does daddy get home i need a break!”

  • Sepstein - Yum!

  • Tracy - LOVE those chalkboards!! I would write: when does daddy get home i need a break!

  • Allison Waken - “Is it Friday yet?!”


  • JC mama - I’M the boss!

  • Shea - Mine would say “Take a chill pill” to my 3 year old boy. Is it possible to be OCD at such a young age? :)

  • Michelle Z. - Mmmm…donuts.

  • Christina G - “It wasnt me” coming from my daughters. That all I hear, all day long. :)

  • KaraM - Ashley, your boys are so funny! Mine would say “Dear Fall, I love you!”

  • Ryan - Unoriginal….but…is it Friday yet?

    I love the post! The boys are so much bigger already! :)

  • Ryan - Unoriginal, it Friday yet? :) It’s where I’m at today.

    I love the post, Ashley…the boys are already so much bigger!

  • Angela - I love this! My chalkboard would read, “I love you today.” I asked Rooke what his would say: “Can you make me a new potty chart?” Awesome.

  • Ryan - Ugh. I’m a double-poster! I got an error the first time – I swear! Sorry ’bout that! :)

  • Abby B - “Monday again…here we go!”

  • Hannah Bunker - Seems like everyone I know is finding out they are pregnant so mine would say, “Must be something in the water.” :)

  • BriBedell - If I had a chalk bubble right now I would write on it: “I Hate Mondays” LOL I am a stay at home mom and they still get me every week!

  • wendy - Hahaha!! Love it! Thanks for the laugh this morning :)
    Mine would say “good morning, sunshine!”

  • Natalie - I’d write: “Where did the weekend go?”

  • Sara - I would write “Hi, Mommy!” and hold it up to baby in belly.

  • Samantha - Is it Friday yet?

  • Elizabeth - Love the pics! Mine would say “you cannot go outside in your underwear” because I’m tired of saying it all week long. really.

  • chrissy - … i wish i was as clever as u …
    great idea!

  • chrissy - …%20i%20wish%20i%20was%20as%20clever%20as%20u%20…

  • Georgia - I would take my daughter’s picture holding it with the caption “I’m back!” and then take our picture holding it with the caption “SHE’S BACK!” for this year’s Christmas card. What a great idea…thanks Ashley!

  • Georgia - PS…love what you did with it…those pictures are so cute…thanks for the free smile!

  • Danielle - i wish he’d go to sleep

  • Lori - How about the punchline to this joke: HOW did the chicken cross the road?

    In a grocery sack, of course!

    HaHaHaHaHa…I crack myself up!

    Have a great week, Ashley!

  • Michelle - I LOVE this!!! Right now, I would write, “The 60 degree weather is AMAZING in Houston today! Please stay!”

  • Teresa Hill - Oh how I love this! If I had a thought bubble I would write on it “Oh Laundry! How I <3"

  • Susie - You’re adorable!

    My chalkboard might be for my husband:

    “I don’t know WHERE you left your fake tooth!”

  • rychelle - monday?!?

  • Yanet - “Homework, uuggh!”

  • Alice H - Monday, coffee now. Need I say more?!?!

  • giozi - Ha ha ha ha Is formidable ha ha ha I love it. Your are so creative. ha ha ha. Is the best, I think is your best post 😉

  • Jacqueline R - How cute! Right now mine would say “Cake, please…”

  • Alice H - Monday, coffee now. Need I say more??

  • Katrina - I love the before and after! That is awesome.

    My kids aren’t adjusting their voices to being stuck inside the house when the weather’s lousy. My bubble would say “Shh!”. That’s the word of the week.

  • Brooke Hedin - i love this idea!

  • Kelley - How CUTE!! Today, I would write: “I need a vacation”. I would love to have one to include in our christmas pictures!!

  • kim - love this! mine would say “let’s do this” based on the number of things on my to do list this fine monday morning.

  • Jessamy - “i wonder how long it would take the kids to destroy that?”

  • hannah lockaby - Please Help: Sleep Needed

  • Gina Hickman - Mine would be a folding photo card and on the front it would say “We Moved!” and have myself & my husband in front of our new house and details with our new address on the inside :)

  • Lindsey - Mine would say, “I’m Pregnant!!!!”

  • Becki - Mine would say: “Did you really just put your father’s tie in the toilet?”.
    To which my 1.5 yo daughter’s would reply: “Yes!”.
    Don’t read blogs and parent. 😉

  • Kirra Sue - I wish I knew how to use my photoshop cs5!

  • Eliece - Too Funny! I would put “I don’t like Mondays!”

  • Brittney Finnerty - I LOVE THIS! It would be PERFECT on the end of my brand new scrapbook desk! Perfect place for me to keep track of the projects that I need to start and finish…along with supplies that I need!!!!! I HOPE I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen in NYC - “I need coffee!” Such a cool prop.

  • Kelly - “huh?” :-)

  • Christian T - I would write “I love you” and send a picture to my newphew in GA! :)
    I have been dreaming about getting one of these! If I don’t win, I think I am going to make one. Wish me luck!

  • Kaitlyn - That is SO neat! Mine would definitely say “I’m going to Disney World in 113 days!”

  • Kristin - Housecleaner needed!

  • LaurenS - ahhh these are sooo cute!!!!! i would write, “i’m hungry!”

  • Karen DeMamiel - my thought bubble would say ” does starbucks deliver??”

  • Becky - I would save it for when my husband is on a business trip, and I’d have my girls holding it saying “we love you daddy.” Then we could send him the picture on email. I’m sure it would make his day!

  • christina larsen - “UGH!!!!!” or “SIGH”

  • Nora B - Cute! Mine would say “What’s for dinner?!”

  • nori - craft time!

  • Nadine - Mine would say
    I love you

  • Sarah - Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?

  • Heather - “What was he thinking.” :)

    Thanks this is a fantastic idea!

  • AlenaH - I’m hungry. :)

  • MelissaM - the board would say “these are the best days of my life” holding with my 2 year old and 3 month old. :)

  • Crystal Hogue - <—-I love this Farmer

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - “Nothing is safe anymore!” next to a pic of my squirmy rolly-polly 6 month old who wiggles her way to anything she can put in her mouth.

  • kassondra - “He who laughs last didn’t get it.”

  • Holly T - Mine would say “Really, there is football on Monday?”

  • Stephanie - Mine would say, “This job is for the birds”

  • Tiffany - “is it bedtime yet?!?!”

  • Sunnymama - Just eat and be quiet!

  • christine - i’m sorry… i thought i just heard elmo offer me free babysitting.

  • Elizabeth - I would write what is on our (boring) whiteboard right now. “PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS!”


  • Courtney Connelly - really does make things better!

  • Jenna - Mine would say “Please don’t leave me!” My husband is leaving for a 2 week business trip on Thursday and I’m not too happy about being left behind :(

  • Gevay - Tate, Please pee in the potty not your underwear! (after a week of potty training!)

  • Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} - TOO cute! I’d write “happy” on my thought bubble. :)

  • Bree K - When I get pregnant mine would say “Can’t wait to see my Gram!” (Holding it as if my tummy were talking) and show it to my mom to tell her we are pregnant

  • lifeologia - “No I’m not on Ashley’s blog again.
    I am working! Seriously I am working! Ok, just 5 more minutes!”


  • Faith - “Just another day in a week of crazy.”

    Seriously. This week has been ridiculous.

  • Heather C - I love it!!! You have the best ideas Ashley, wish I could be half as creative as you are! :)

  • Abby - My little chalkboard would say: “Too many ideas, too little time!”

  • Heather C - oops…forgot to say my chalkboard would say “is it only Monday?!”

  • Shannon J - I know there’s a desk somewhere under all these papers!

  • Morgan - “should be sleeping while the kids are.”

  • Ashley - This post is sooo cute! Mine would say- “Please let me win, please let me win” Fingers crossed!

  • Serena - Awesome!

    I would write…”we did it!”

  • Katherine - Must. have. coffee. now!

  • Amy Coose - Love that chalkboard! Mine would say…MUST.HAVE.COFFEE! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Tawnya - Got Sanity?

  • Anna H - I love this! I’ve always wanted one too. I would probably write something silly and put it over the mirror… Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anne - I would write, “rain!”

  • Becca G - “How in the world am I going to parent TWO of these little guys.” I’m expecting Baby #2 any day now, and my spitfire 2 year-old has my hands tied. *Sigh*

  • kate - oh the photo ops with one of these! fun giveaway …

  • RachelC - Mine would say …. “Is that a bug in your mouth?”

  • jina - i am seriously lacking in creativity today.

  • Kara - Amazing!! Mine would probably say….lovely park weather wonder if my son will notice a target detour first..

  • Christine - I love Fall!!!

  • Janae - How cute! I would write “Just breathe. You’re young.”

  • Katie - “How long has that been there?”

  • Maggie - “What’s for dinner?”

  • Tracie - ACK, they are out of stock at RVA and I would love to win one. Mine would say, “What in the world did I get myself into?” (we just moved to a new city)

  • Jaclyn - Stop talking!!! Can you tell I am a teacher?

  • kerri - I guess right now mine would say ‘are we there yet?!” but I could have a gazzilion things Id want to say! This would be sooo much fun with my boys and babby girl! Awesome giveaway!

  • Sara W - Mine would say: You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3.

  • Belinda - Where’s my Cherry Coke?

  • Patricia - I would use it for our big extended family photo shoot coming up in a few weeks. I can picture it now…everyone is making goofy/dorky faces and I would hold the bubble with an arrow pointing towards them saying…”I’m not related.” :-) Fun giveaway!

  • Melanie - Where’s my Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte??

  • jenna - “Is it summer yet?” OR “all kids are artists”-Picasso

  • Jenny - Arrow pointing to large pregnant belly “Baby please come out, you are LATE”. And this Mama is impatient.

  • Summer - “Gosh, Man” as quoted by one of my freshman students in an essay no less. Super. I’m going to use it all the time now.

  • Stacy - I’m trying my hardest to think about what my teenage daughter says all the time but for the life of me I can’t think of anything. I do think that we could have a lot of fun with one of those.

  • Dana Beth - oooh this would be so much fun!

  • Jenni - I cannot wear nor pronounce “jeggings”.

  • amber - “We don’t say that.”
    (quoted frequently at my house by my resident 3 year old word corrector)

  • colleen - I think i would take a picture of it with my children and it would say “don’t blink”. they grow up sooo fast and mine are only 8 & 10!

  • Mara - rain rain go toddler wants to go out and play!

  • stacey - what to do? what to do?

  • Heather - That is fantastic! Right now I would probably use my Bubble to say “GO TO BED ALREADY!!!!!!”

  • rachel - mine would say “joining us in april: baby #1!”

  • Lisa - “Case of the Monday’s!”

  • Stephanie - mine would say (of my 2yr old)…”people will recognize she dressed herself today, right?” Love your picture story!

  • allison - we’re out of tissue. **sniff**

  • Shauna - Nap…is it my turn for a nap?

    That is such a brilant(= idea!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jessica - “why didn’t I wait until I was 45 to get married?”

  • OrangeFarmhouse - Maike - I did not know that it was even possible but I think I’m loving your blog more and more every day… Thanks for sharing your thought, great pics and adorable family!

  • Katie L. - “I love you!” to my husband.

  • Staci A - I love the photos! Mine would say “rain, rain go away.” All this rain is making me lazy today!

  • Reidunn - I’m ready for winter!

  • jill - “are we there yet?”

  • Kelly J. R. - “It’s NOT FUNNY!!!” I’m a klutz and my husband enjoys my mishaps. Luckily, I’m a good sport and unless I hit my head really hard, I can laugh along too.

  • Beth - I’d write, “I want that Lego!” because that’s all I hear from my two boys all day.

    And I don’t know if I’m the first to point this out – I’m not going to go through all the comments – but you’re holding the board on the wrong side of your body in all the pictures…

  • Laura - “did that really just happen?”

    it seems to be a highly used saying around my house! it’d be great to have it actually showing in a photograph.

  • Christie - Disneyland in 3 days!

  • Stephanie S. - “is that yogurt or snot on my pants?” I seem to always find a surprise substance on my pants right about mid-thigh…aka right about where my daughter’s mouth is. Although, i never do notice it until i’m in public sitting next to a stranger. One day i will have clean pants, I hope my girl still gives me as many hugs then as she does now.

  • Cassie - “How did he get poo THERE?”

    Our 5 month old has been pulling some creative poos recently. I’ll just end it there.

  • Beth - What did you just say?

  • Brinn - “Nap needed” Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lesley - The story cracked me up and now, seeing it on chalkboard quotes – maybe even funnier!

  • elizabeth c. - this is too cool!

  • Chrissie - Too cute! I would take one of my daughter saying “I’m a cutie cutie as she seems to greet people that way instead of saying hello lately.

  • Sara Smith - “Calgon, take me away!”

  • Chelsea - “Thankful for the sunshine” – beautiful fall day today!

  • Amanda - “what’s for dinner?”

  • Rachel L - Need caffeine!

  • amanda - ‘I can’t believe I won this!’ … that’s what I’d write!

  • Rachael B - If I had a thought bubble chalkboard, I would write “I need ice cream!!”

  • wishcake - Just discovered your website, and I’m basically head over heels. If I had one of those chalkboards, I would probably have it say, “Good hair days own my life.” Because who doesn’t love a good hair day and kind of want to announce it to the world? :)

  • becca - should i nap or make some brownies…

  • ali - Mine would say, “No, I haven’t had this baby yet, but thanks for reminding me.”


  • Sarah - “Hellooo Autumn!”

  • Cyndy Clairmont - OMGOSH you made me laugh so hard after I read your blog!!! Thanks for the fabulous funny. Loved it!!!
    PS: I had to really look for the mistake in the last

  • Jennifer - I LOVE THIS! HA! mine would say who are these kids? :)

  • Erin Kirby - “where did my ankles go?”

    (i’m 7 months pregnant and it’s currently 100+ degrees here in cali!)

  • Cherish Stockdale - gjasfhg;sdgnskdgohjas;kfaieg!!

  • Jen - “Is it 4:00 yet?”

  • Jen - “Is it 4:00 yet?”

  • lauren - i never win these things…

  • Sarah matthews - In my thought bubble would be this:

    gone crazy… be back soon!

    Happy Monday!

  • Sarah Matthews - Mine would say:

    Gone crazy… be back soon!

  • Tiffany - “Let’s craft not work!” I’m on my break at work :) I love my job, I just feel like crafting right now!

  • Kathy - “Happy Fall Y’all!”

    These are too cute!

  • Crystal F. - The weather outside is delightful!

  • Danielle - “I am going to be trouble” for the one year old shoot I am doing tonight with a little girl

  • Grace - I love this! I am totally doing this for Christmas cards this year! Mine would say, More TIME Please!

  • eheddings - “Give me two minutes”

  • Rhonda Steed - oh man I’d LOVE one of those!!! And MAN this was funny :)

  • Mia - ooh pick me! pick me!
    I have wanted one of these for sooo long.

  • Valerie - You guys are hilarious! I think mine would say Help Wanted today. I’m tired of work already and there is a pile of dishes out there with my name on it. Yay for Mondays!

  • Suzy - “i wish i hadnt eaten that half a container of cookie dough…guess the cookie dough wont be making it to the oven!”

  • Suzanne - “Is it 5 o’clock yet….????” {sigh, it is actually only 3:18}

  • Jill - “Is napping allowed at work?”

  • Brianne Pitts - Cute chalkboard. And cute hair. I always wondered how you get your hair to look so cute, just enough curl without looking overdone. Anyway, mine would say: “I love naptime”

  • Shayla - Mine would say… “Queen of Take Out” because that’s what’s for dinner… haha :)

  • Shayla - Mine would say, “Queen of Take Out!” because that’s what’s for dinner, haha :)

  • Danielle - I think mine would say, “A CHALKBOARD! Hopefully Jack doesn’t wake up and find me drooling over it…”

    I seriously love chalkboards. LOVE! But my husband just rolls his eyes and mutters something about me being crazy.

  • Angie - Oooo…ahhh… I WANT one of these!! This week I would write – “I don’t want to go back.”

  • nicole - I would say, “who suggested this?” and it would point to my 5 kids and husband and messy house.

  • Ashley - i’m with the others…why the heck did it take me 5min to see the difference?!?! i was about to clean my glasses to see some great contrast difference or something :) mine would say (on the other end of the spectrum from many other readers…) “Hey Sun! Guess What? Did you miss the memo? ITS AUTUMN NOW!” …*sigh* i hate 110deg heat UGH!

  • Donna - I think it would say: “Who’s in charge?” with an arrow pointing toward me :) (You know, since I have 4 kiddos that like to enforce the rules for everyone else.) Seriously, I love the board and all the ideas for using it.

  • Jackie Walker - “who’s cooking dinner?”

  • courtney - “I need a nap.”

  • Amanda - Love it! Right at this exact moment mine would say “shoot, sounds like naptime is over…”

  • Sarah - “is it nap time yet?” is what mine would say. with me or my child holding. haven’t decided???? :)

  • shannon michaelis - Wish I was pregnant!

  • Devon - “Yup, it’s a Starbucks day”

  • Aimee Gaston - “Mama needs a few minutes of quiet time!”

  • lydia - “Old dogs can learn new tricks.”

  • Chrissy - “Where is my pumpkin spice latte?” LOVE the chalkboard fad.

  • Tali - “Mama needs a nap. And a beer.”

  • tobi d - They’re always like this!

  • Rachel - “I really wish someone would make ME take a nap!”

  • Stacie - With a three month old mine would say, “When’s naptime?”

  • Jack - Guess what I’m thinking?

  • Jack - Guess what I’ thinking?

  • Melissa Temple - It’s Eruption not Abruption!

    (it was a long day at the office and that has been bugging me All.Day.Long!)

  • Jenny - “Should I feel guilty for not wanting to wake Liberty up to eat because it’s so quiet right now!”

  • Alison - Mine would say, “Silence is golden. NAP TIME RULES!!!”

  • gina - I love fall and am ready for some cooler weather


  • Kat - “Thanks for this wicked chalkboard Ashley!”

  • susie whyte - oh, man that was great! LOVE rachel and elsie’s blogs!

    i’ve been eyeing that board since rachel came out with them!!

    i’ve been trying get people to stop using their flashes on their cameras…so my saying would have to be “stop flashing me”. haha.

  • Colleen - “Is it nap time yet?”

  • Kelly Vaisey - oh the fun to be had with one of these babies…

  • Catie - “breathing through your nose is overrated!”

  • felicia - Am I speaking english? As I try to get 16 3 year olds to clean up

  • Julie - “I can’t breathe!” As I’m trying to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

  • Jess - Mine would say, “Thank you, Lord, that I saw that the whoopie cushion was in the diaper bag during church…before the kids did!”

  • Jessica P. - Since I am both starving and exhausted right now. My thought bubble would probably say, “Oh how I wish my hubby could cook dinner without setting something on fire.” “Sigh,” would work too.

  • Mary - fugat thailand!!

  • monique - I know i should go to sleep but I will just read Ashley Ann’s blog first……

  • shelly@familyblt - I would write “Yes, I am the one the other bloggers warned you about’
    Love this chalkboard! I hope I win hehehe

  • Megan LaBelle - Dog – PLEASE stop tearing our house apart!

  • MissJillian - That’s enough iced coffee for one day!

  • Susanne - “I’m sorry I asked”… that’s what mine would say!

  • bee - “Um… I think I’m hungry again…” and take a picture with my one month old daughter :)

  • Melissa W - “Wait… it’s too quiet…” :) Cute shoot, love it! :)

  • Megan A - “Help Me!”

  • Caroline - If I had a thought bubble chalkboard right now, I would right “I hope I win!” :) Thanks for the chance!

  • Sarah - A place for my real thoughts since none of my kids can read yet!!

  • Jaime - “I Love You”
    — to my most wonderful Husband. =)

    Not very original, but that’s the first thought that popped into my head.


  • Dana Summers - I’d rather be crafting!

  • Kim - Those are adorable! I’d love to win one…but I’m not lucky, so I may have to just break down and buy one! : )

  • Emily Bjornson - “I’m Up Here.”

    I teach, and I swear that today I could have been doing cartwheels and they still wouldn’t have looked at me. :)

  • Rachel - I would have to say my one-word quote of the day, “Really????”. :) Awesome post! Thanks!

  • purejoy - can you clean the caveman off the toilet?

  • peta - mine would say: coffee? please?
    its school holidays here and i am in slow motion. nice to not have to do the school run!

  • Jessica H. - Mine would say, “Typical!” :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Becca R. - it would say “love you!”

  • christy - the little people made me do it

  • Hayley - Mine would say. “I promise thunder is not actually a monster trying to hurt you.”

    and it would be directed at my dog currently hiding under my couch.

  • Olivia - “Things to Do:

    Get a Peppermint white mocha…

    That is all”

  • elina - ”oh lala!’

  • Monique - Oi – I bought the supplies to make one myself 2 weeks ago and haven’t done it yet! I’m now further inspired to go and cut mine out and in perfect time as I have at least 4 shoots this week.

  • Kristina - Mine would say “Who Me?” or “I’m annoyed!”

  • Michelle - Je t’iame! Were having a Paris party for my 3 yr old. I was thinking of doing a photo shoot with using though bubbles.

  • angie - this is fabulous!! i adore it!!!

  • Brittany Sweat - Mine would say: What’s on sale at Goodwill today?

  • Amanda - Here’s what I would write: “My lips are sealed. …But is the spectacular chalkboard speech bubble fair game for blabbing?”

  • Erin Tagle - LOVE these!

    Mine would say, “How in the world is it already 4pm and I still haven’t brushed my teeth?!” (I have a crazy 4 month old, who will NOT nap.) Fun stuff! Love your blog! xoxox

  • Katie M - I have three because this is how my day has been. STOP BITING!! Be nice to your brother! You pooped again??

  • Kristen - Oooo fabulous!

  • Callie - Ooooooo, I LOVE Rachel’s blog, and style too! How fun! I could think of a million ways to use this!

  • Heather - Mine would say “pizza???…Yes PLEAsE! “

  • Sommer - We Miss You Daddy!…. for my husband who is in Afghanistan.

  • Danielle - I want one of these for our Christmas pictures this year! At this second mine would say
    “-> This mom needs a vacation”

  • Jessica H. - Mine would say… “YIKES!”

  • Carolina - ” How many days until winter break?” I’m a full time student who is also teaching full time in a fifth grade classroom. Loads of fun but boy, can they wear me out.

  • Sandy - “TIRED”

  • Nicole - Love it!
    I would put…”Let’s add another hour to the day. Please?”

  • Amanda - “All hail King Kong!” That is what mine would say, in honor of my youngest niece, who has the daintiest of nicknames.

  • Danielle - “October, please get here in a hurry!”

  • amy j. - I love this!! I would hang it by the back door with “Did you say “I love you?”

  • Nicola - “when is the weekend getting here?”

  • Nancy - “Whose idea was having 3 kids anyway? Oh yeah.”

  • Jennifer Powell - “It’s only Monday?”

  • Schaneon - That’s hilarious! I’ve been wanting one of these thought bubbles for some time now. Mine would read, “If you get hurt, you’re in trouble!”

  • Whitney - Love those!

  • ElleBows - you are hilarious ashley!!!!!

  • Claudia - Why am doing this? Oh yeah, waiting for my sugar daddy.

  • Debbie - I love fall!

  • Shannah - Hi Ashley, first time comment-er on your blog and thought that now was a good as time as any to just saw how lovely your photographs are. I absolutely love this though bubble chalkboard. How brilliant. So here is my thought.

    “Do I really have to explain why?”


  • Maggie - “Sleep Please!”

  • patti - I have no idea what mine would say…probably something like “it wasn’t me!” – since that’s typically what is said around this house! :)

  • Lindsey - “should i check on my beb that just fell asleep behind her door instead of bed? nah… i’ll wait”

  • Lindsey - I love these! I would use it to write captions for my 6-month-old!

  • tonia - now this is a brilliant idea! love these!

  • Heidi - That is hilarious!! Love it!

    “Is it Friday yet?”

  • Emily F - Too funny!

    I’d use the thought bubble for our dogs! I’m always trying to figure out what’s running in their little brains…ha!

  • Kate in the Shade - I just want to be in bed!

  • melissa - ‘let the sun shine’

  • Jessica Haskett - Rachel and Ashley are my heroes! (A little sucking up never hurts…although it can’t help when we’re playing the random game…) :)But seriously, I’ve made it through approximately 9 whole months of my 365 project, and I’m pretty sure one of these would up the creativity.

  • LesleyAnn Photography - Sure Happy It’s Thursday!

  • joy - “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere… right?”

  • Janine - Thinking in progress….

  • Shanalea - It might say…”yes…they belong to me”

  • jenny - “sleep who needs Sleep, sleep is for whimps….”

  • libby - This post is brilliant. I LOVE it!!!!!

  • Brit - “That’s how we roll!”

  • Emilie F. - “girls just wanna have fun…not study!”

  • Melissa - “Calgon, take me away…”

  • Magen - So tired!

  • Heather - … so tired

  • Meg - “Zzzzzzzzz”

  • Pia - “I need one!”. And you would see my tired and desperate face.

  • annalea - right now: “why am i awake so late?” i seriously love these.
    and “don’t blog and parent” – so true! :)

  • BigPhotoMama - what great comments!! haha! I would put the chalkboard in a wheat field and write “Weed it and Reap” (I saw that on a church advert today, thought it was funny)love your photos!

  • Connie - “umm.. YES please!”

    That is too adorable, my son(s) would LOVE scribbling on that thing (: Er.. after mommy had her turn, of course (;

  • Stephanie May* - I would write: “Caramel appleas are good, so good.” (While eating a caramel apple of course!)

  • Jen - “Yay, I won!”

  • Ang - There are so many cute ideas I have for one of these, but, to be truthful, right now my bubble would simply say “thankful”.

  • Hollie - My bubble would say: How do you do your hair? it’s awesome, I need a tutorial.

  • Amanda Mc - “Countdown till my hubby gets home: 3 days”

  • heidi - send coffee

  • Abbey Sparks - Mine would say “Ouch” … after running my first 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Descending steps… ouch!

  • may - Bring me coffee and then we can talk.

  • Sara - “she made me do it” ….always the look on little brother’s face!

  • Macy English - “Pumpkin Spice Latte” YUM.

  • Jessica - Why do I have to work today?! I’d rather be playing in the sunshine!

  • jessica h - sooo great! you guys keep me laughing :)

    I would write our #1 house rule that I am *trying* to get across: “no pushing, bonking, drumming on, or crashing into your baby brother!!!”

  • Nina Smith - Love this thought bubble! Mine would say, “I’d rather be thrifting.” :)

  • jessica - Friday, Starbucks, with fiance’ = LOVE.

  • Julianne - sweet!

  • Hanna - 23 today.

  • Rena Frey - “I NEED A NAP!!” Your boys are awesome! My sister and I used to throw koosh balls into our ceiling fan and watch them fly out. Great fun!

  • suzib - mine would simply say “smile :)”!

  • nikki - I am secretly in head-over-heels love with Glee.

  • kara s. - love these!! my 3 girlies…and the one on the way would have fun with these. :]

  • Elisa B. - Mine would say – “before I was a mommy, I thought eye make up was important”

    Oh the things that we let go of when we have more important jobs!

  • Brittaney - Oh, I definitely NEED this! I’ve been trying to come up with a cute Christmas card idea, and an idea just came to me! But I need this to make the card work;)

  • Mary Craig - Mine would say, ” why is Blythe waking up from her nap AN HOUR EARLY???”

    (And it took me waaayyyy too long to figure out the difference in the before and after shots! :)

  • anne c - “DOH” ….it took me a minute to figure out what you changed in the before and after..i am the worlds worst speller..i wouldn’t have ever noticed!

  • Amber - ugghhhhhh!

    b/c that’s an groan that this mom of 3 silently cries out.

  • Becky Z - Mine would be in the hands of my little boy, and it would say, “I got the idea from Dad.”

  • Melyssa - i’m so sleep deprived i can’t think of a good quote but it’s just so perfect!!!

  • Mindy - “DO SOMETHING INTIMIDATING TODAY!” :) LOVE your post. I was literally laughing out loud. Isn’t it so sad when your kids figure all that stuff out? Then they call you a lier? Ha..Ha..Ha..

  • Evangeline - If I had a Thought Bubble Chalkboard right now, I’d hold it over my nine-month-old’s head with the thought, “Put down the Thought Bubble Chalkboard and give me the bottle.” I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s thinking.

  • Stephanie - Mine would say, “happy birthday to my favorite Nicole!”

  • Sarah - I am an RA and I would LOVE to have one of those for events with my girls! I think right now it’d have to say… “Control…Know… Love” Because I know that even through the craziness of Senior year, internship, wedding photography, 21 units and a 16 hour a week job, that God is in control, he knows what’s best and he loves me!
    OR it’d say “I see the world on Hs shoulders and my easy load” (lyrics of Sara Groves “When the saints” just to keep everything in prospective!

  • Kelly Beane - Mine would just say “SERIOUSLY?!?!” I feel like I’m saying this all day long. I walk into my daughter’s room, “seriously?” My son smears banana in his hair, “seriously?” It’s constant! It took me a minute to realize brillant too :) Haha!

  • Jenna - Mine would say, “Buy Chalkboard Thought Bubbles for your wedding reception photobooth – STAT!”

  • Kaylan - I would love one of these! If I had one, I would use it in pics with my new baby!

  • CharlaL - This is SOOOO cute! mine would say “REALLY?!?!”

  • Ashley Joy - SLOW DOWN LIFE!

  • Tracy - My son would be holding it and it would say, “Feed Me!”

  • Courtney - ___ days ’til Halloween (or Christmas, or a birthday, or…)

  • Rebecca W - Niiice, well done! :)

    Mine’d say “Baby you’re #1”

  • Sarah - I love this!! I NEED one.

    Mine right now would say, Please stop pulling the dogs tail.

  • Janelle - Mine would say…I think I can, I think I can

  • Victoria Miller - Oh it would definitely say “Please! I just need an apt I can afford!” NYC prices are outrageous but this is where the work is!

  • Quincie Cotrill - My Thought board would say “HELP!” And my children would be running around me with curly ribbon wrapping me up!

  • Eva's Mama - I’d announce that we’re so thrilled to be expecting baby #3! Just found out. What an adorable way to announce wonderful news!

  • Tammy - Recirculating airplane air makes me not want to breathe! EEK!

  • Nicole - I’d put “Just keep swimming…” :)

  • Jaimie - I would write DON’T PICK YOUR NOSE!

  • Jenna - Fun!

    I would write.


  • A.J. - I would write something like, “Be safe cowboy.” For my friend who is leaving for Iraq soon.

  • Nicole - I hate to copy – but I would love to write the same message as Jenna to tell our family “We’re pregnant!” :)

  • julie - Photoshop… nice. Because I just wrote a guest post, used a challkboard, spelled raspberry wrong, didn’t notice, used a the same chalkboard the next day in my own post, spelled raspberry wrong again…
    It is going to be my own personal Dan Quayle’s tomatoes, or potatoes.
    Photoshop. If only I knew how to unspell my mispells.

  • Danielle - “How did my house this dirty? Seriously!” or better yet, “really, we can’t afford a cleaning lady?”

  • Ashley - “Is it Friday yet??!”

  • Nicole - I need a nap! :)

  • Cath - “I’m thinking in something very clever to say….”

  • shannan - I loved this post so much that not only did I put it on my own blog (hope that is okay) but I emailed it to a bunch of friends. Love it and I would love this chalkboard!

  • Tricia - Mine would say Merry Christmas, but not with a picture of me, but my Boston Terrier. I’d use it as my Christmas card.

  • ae - I’d put it by our sink FULL of dirty dishes and write “Maybe someone should wash us?”

    … maybe that’d provide the necessary motivation?

  • Kelly - aaaaaah! what a cool giveaway. first i would write “sorry” and then when that was accepted (which it already has been verbally but seeing it in chalk might not hurt) then I would write “happy fall” and after Oct. 1st, “boo”. Kelly

  • Amber - Is it Friday yet?

  • Julia Leinen - How hilarious! love this! If I had one of these right now, I would dress up my kiddos in their halloween costumes and write on it, “will work for candy”

  • heather - Mine would have to read – ‘who are these children and why are they calling me Mom?”
    That thought bubble has to be the cutest thing ever!

  • The Other Laura - I need a nap!

  • Jessica - I love this so much! Classic…

There are a million things I should be doing instead of making notepads. I have my last SnapShop of the year this weekend and a bunch of fun things coming out on the blog starting next Friday. My to do list is getting so out of control that I can’t fit it in my MomAgenda, so I decided I needed a new list…one I could mark on and throw away. So instead of marking things off my ‘to do’ list I decided to make a cute one.

Supplies: Graph paper, glue, masking tape (the cuter the better), exacto knife, scissors, rub on stickers, clothepins

Step 1: Cut your paper to the size you want the list. Graph paper makes it easy because you just cut on the lines…

Step 2: Tap down paper so you have one end that is level

Step 3: Clamp paper using clothes pins

Step 4: Apply a thin amount of glue all over the edge

Step 5: Using an exacto knife trim any edges that stick out

Step 6: Wrap the end with masking tape, folding and cutting it so it is neat…kind of like wrapping the end of a present

Step 7: Apply your rub on stickers

My ironing board became my desk….which either means I am trying to do too much at one time or that if my computer processes pictures SO SLOW that I can iron a dress while I am waiting – I need a new computer. Steve Jobs…are you reading? Please send me a new laptop pronto.

Maybe if I stopped making cute ‘to do’ lists I could clear off the kitchen table so my son could eat in a chair instead of on the floor.

But he’d just drop cheerios on the floor and then I’d have to clear the table and sweep the floor. I’ll stick with 5 minute diy projects.

Happy Friday!

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  • Hollie - Oh yes, I will be making that. Way more fun than the cleaning and laundry I should be doing!

  • Sarah - very cute! i’ve never made a note pad before and i never knew how easy it is! would make cute teacher presents for christmas this year too. thanks! hope you get to check off lots on your to-do list this weekend!

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - Great idea!! Very cute.

  • Renee - OMGOSH…I love this idea! It’s just perfect! And, your life seems to be like my life right now…your picture of the ironing board cracked me up! :)

  • amanda torres - If you never made this cute to do list, you’d never know what needed to be done. Time well spent. Plus, clean clothes are overrated.

  • Lori K - Move the beach to the top of the list for me, please.
    Love the idea and I think the ironing board desk says it all. Women – we can do 20 things at once. I always make two lists. To Do & To Don’t…I have to remind myself what is important and what really matters in the big scheme of things.

  • giozi - This DIY is ideal for me, well you know that I really love all. Ro, my husband, spent time bound, he did quite, well the truth that instead hooks of clothes, hahaha, he used something like a press that he done.

    Oh, Ashley, what level, your child eating on the floor, hahaha. My son can go to his company, not just eat with him on the floor, He like eat like him, and even the food in the ground.

    I get home. Mornings are crazy for me, I have a small relaxing time, until the chuckys get up and put the house upside down.

    My daughter’s birthday is next month. I’ve done a few things for the hair as favors, but I need ideas for snacks bags. If you want an inspirations …. and if you want a do more DIY 😀

    Happy weekend

  • Jess - What a great little project! Definitely using this for stocking stuffers this year!
    PS~ Loved seeing the computer on the ironing board, because I am currently typing from the same spot!

  • Amy - such a fantastically easy project everyone can do and use! i just love reading this blog, we have a lot in common, you write about so many things that after reading i think “phew! i am not the only one who does/think that! or i couldn’t agree more” – case in point, ironing board as desk 😀

  • Leanne - I love that to do list idea! thanks for sharing!!

  • Monique - Frankly I’m just impressed that you iron at all :) A couple years ago I came across this miracle called “REvive” wrinkle relaxer and have not ironed since!!

  • Jen - Adorable as always. (And if you get a response out of Steve Jobs send him my address too please. :) ) Only one question… I’m sure you’ve featured it before but the AWESOME quilt in the background of the ironing board shot… is that one you made/a gift/purchased? I love it.

  • Brooke - I was at the store today and badly needed and wanted to make a to do list, but I had no paper. I thought of you…and thought that I should have taken advantage of my time yesterday to do this :) Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

  • amanda torres - Well, well, well…I sit down to my Saturday morning paper and coffee and who’s ideas do I see right in front of my face??? So excited for you. You’re big, big time now. Before you were just big time. Big, big time is a whole new realm of awesomeness. You should make a shirt that says, “I’m big, big time.” I’ll be looking for it on your next DIY.

  • Kristi James - ha ha ha ha… I LOVE THIS POST!!! It’s so very true!! Love the To Do list! I agree about the eating on the floor :) And as far as a new computer…i just got one and it’s still pretty slow sadly :( I love that your Mac is as dirty with prints as mine is :) Makes me feel better!! LOVE READING YOUR BLOG…You are truly and inspiration to me!!!

  • Amnah - You, Miss Ashley Ann, are just too cute. I would totally make this if it weren’t for the fact that my husband always uses my to-do list sheets to practice his signature leaving me to write my lists on half colored and discarded coloring pages. {sigh}

    That zig zag quilt is to die for. If I ever sum up the courage to attempt a quilt, it shall be that one. Have you blogged about it and I missed it? Is there a link out there on how to recreate it?

  • Juliette - Such a nice and easy idea, I definitely have to try it. I just made a ToDo list, but it’s one of those I will lose in the middle of other 3000 things.

  • jessica h - what a cute, easy peasy project! I have to say, I am a HUGE Big Lots fan–(thanks to my Dad!) I always pop in there and find all the materials you are using in your projects, even though I’m halfway across the country from you now!!

  • kate - i love your little to-do list! i just made a notepad with some scrap paper, and Mod Podge worked beautifully as a binding. i didn’t even think of elmer’s!

  • tracievw - Love it! p.s. I’m so glad someone else’s MacBook looks smudged up. I’m constantly trying to wipe it off…..but now I’m thinking: wHy?

  • To Do List Tips – livesimplybyannie - […] credits: Cupcakes and Cashmere, Wit and Whistle, The Dainty Squid, SFGirlbyBay, Ariel, Ashley Ann Photography Share this: Pin ItLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Filed Under: Time Management Tagged […]

  • To Do List Tips | Live Simply By Annie - […] Image credits: Cupcakes and Cashmere, Wit and Whistle, The Dainty Squid, SFGirlbyBay, Ariel, Ashley Ann Photography […]

Update: Christy (My baby girl was sick today but the snuggles we enjoyed made me very happy.) has the last counting comment.

I thought I’d answer a few questions you’ve asked recently…where did we camp? Natural Falls State Park…then went half a mile to Flint Creek to play. I recommend camping at Turner Falls in Okla….beautiful by okie standards. Arkansas is close too, with killer campgrounds & hiking. Where did I get my visor? Twirling Betty. It is awesome any day, but a great cute alternative for ‘hat days’. I seem to have a lot of those…

I originally got it for FireCracker, but we both wear it. How odd is it that I share so many hair related things with my 1 year old daughter?

Baby skinny jeans & a visor. Seriously.

Some of you wanted to see more of the living room. I haven’t really posted pictures of it. It is being finished in stages, but here is the new mantle.

He tells me “I love you mommy” several times a day. It is good to hear. I am thankful for forgiveness. I am thankful for it from my kids. I lose my cool all the time, they never seem to remember. They just love me. I wish I could so easily forget when people do things I don’t like.

We walked to the city fountain to go ‘fishing’. A guy with the city pulled up in his truck. I thought we might get in trouble.

He just smiled and went about his job. I like friendly people that aren’t uptight!

I got all those crazy drawers painted and moved into the kitchen. I’ll get better ‘after’ pictures soon. For some reason it never dawned on me that I put a piece of furniture with 30 drawers at a toddler’s grabbing level. A toddler than finds the most joy when she is emptying drawers. A toddler that squeals in delight when she opens all my drawers of colorful, bright crafty goodness. I am not a smart woman.

She has also learned to climb up on the wood spool and rock it until it rolls back and forth. Great. (Snugars headband, Gracious May shoes)

He has been catching grasshoppers for science. One caught him.

My zinnias are starting to turn brown. It makes me sad.

What doesn’t make me sad is seeing FireCracker in that cute Twirling Betty visor…do you want one?

I am so excited about this giveaway! Twirling Betty is giving one of you a visor! Besides having a super cute shop (that I discovered after she posted on my cateye glasses onesie…yeah for etsy!), Twirling Betty also has a great blog full of tons of cute ideas and fun tutorials. I think you’d really enjoy her blog…it is full of crafty goodness…not to mention peeks of new releases for her shop like this cake bunting. Cute. Cute. Cute.

You can find Twirling Betty here: Blog, Etsy, Made It, Facebook

Giveaway Details:

Prize is one polka dot visor from Twirling Betty (winner selects color)

One winner, chosen at random

One entry per person

Contest ends Monday, Sept. 27th 9:00pm Contest is now closed

To enter leave a comment on today’s post telling me something that is making you happy today.

Cute floral tape by PuglyPixel

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  • ashlee - The fact that its supposed to be 72 on Sunday here in Tulsa is making me verrry happy. that and my healthy children and sweet, sweet husband:)

  • Jodi - Peanut Butter M&M’s make me happy…. very happy:)

  • MGF - With all boys myself I am totally into all girly things lately.
    I know summer is coming to an end, but this would still be great tot have for watching all the fall football games I go to.

  • Rachel - I am happy today because I am at the ocean with my family…and I am watching the sun rise as we speak…..
    Such a cute visor!!!

  • julie m - That wooden spool brought back some happy memories for me. We had one that was covered in carpet growing up. I think it just sat in our living room…I guess it was my parents version of an ottoman…softer than a coffee table. We used to turn it on it’s side and roll over each other with it all the time. It was one of our favorite “toys” in the house. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • Danielle - cuddling with my babies on the couch is making me happy. and the thought of winning that visor :)

  • Brittaney - What’s making me happy today? A great night out last night with some girl friends! Love them!

  • Shannon - Yay! Ok, first, I can NOT get enough pics of FireCracker, seriously Ashley, she is so precious. Love the one of her on eht spool. Cuteness x 10!

    Something making me happy today is that i have my first OB appt for our new little bean on the way. We had to wait for insurance to go through so I have been waiting (im)patiently for this appt. And it’s finally here! Weeee!

  • Hollie - The thought of my daughter and I sharing a twirling betty makes me happy :) They’re so incredibly cute!

  • Katie - Today I am happy that after a delivery and car seat purchase I get a bit of a day off. It is much needed!

  • Karla - I woke my daughter up early to check her temp before school. After seeing that it was high, I told her that she’d have to stay home today. At first she argued, but then I told her she could go back to bed if she stayed home, and she said “okay” and rolled right over and went to sleep. So, even though she’s sick, I love that she’d do anything for extra sleep. She’s only 6, and I imagine it’ll be a problem at age 16, but for now, it makes me smile!

  • Lindsey - Spending the day with my 8 month old daughter doing some shopping at the craft store makes me happy. Well, it will make me happy until she has a breakdown or starts getting into everything, lol. :-)

  • Celia - That I’m a stay at home mom…. EVERY day. I’m so blessed to have my little boy and a husband who works so hard to allow me to be here raising our son and keeping our home. The Lord has been so good to us!

  • Anna Marie - I woke up seriously happy that tomorrow is Friday. I want to sleep in on Saturday, so bad!

  • Lori Pickens - I only have to work a half day today – that makes me very happy!

    I love your photos above the mantle. Is that one big canvas or a bunch of pictures mounted on a board? Did you run an action on them all to give them the same color/hue look?

  • beth - snuggling in bed with both of my kiddos this morning made me super happy, even if it was 4:30 am.

  • Jodi - Gosh, I really couldn’t pin it down. I am feeling so blessed in my life right now about so many things. But for this purpose… is a beautiful day and my 2 lovely girls are smiling, happy, and healthy!

    Your blog really makes me smile everyday! I find you to not only be an inspiration but a mentor so thank you for that!

  • annie - my husband being able to go into work late today and having a cup of coffee with him before the craziness of the day starts.

  • Aimee Confer - happiness is taking my two kids fishing today with a friend and her son. love it :)

  • allison - It’s a beautiful day here – and that always make me happy!

  • amy - ashley- i am so very grateful for forgiveness, too. too bad we can’t all have the memory of a child! : ) i love that FC is going to empty those drawers 1.5 million times a day….it’s almost like a babysitter!

  • Shannon Phillips - The fact that I am the only one awake in my house right now and I am quietly sipping my coffee thanking Jesus for all of my blessings is making me oh so very happy today. :)

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - I’m happy that I just found out the husband has Columbus Day off too and we can camp!

  • Kelly Clarke - I’m happy today because tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary and we’re going to spend the day with out beautiful little girl, Ella Bella, and drive up the shore to see the fall colors…

  • Rachel - Waking early and working out before the kids get up. It’s tough at first, but then makes me feel better & happy all day :-)

  • Zoë - I have been feeling quite sad today as my grandfather died yesterday and then this morning my youngest found an indelible marker and drew all over the walls (and some days, today being one of them, I fail to see the funny side of that) but then I went to pick up my daughters at lunch time and the kids all come out on the steps and look around for their parents. Seeing my girls’ faces turn into a huge grin when they saw me made me feel happy.

  • Terri Lynne Barrington - The beautiful moon made me so happy this morning. Orange in color. Took my breath away. Made me stop in my tracks…and smile.

  • Kelleysbeads - Can I share more than one thing? My 2nd grader got up early, made his bed, got dressed, brushed his teeth AND fed himself breakfast before I got out of bed. He was more cheerful than anyone should rightfully be at such an early hour. It is my 10th wedding anniversary today and my husband surprised me with a coke zero this morning. Nothing says love to me like how well he knows me. I have a purring cat in my lap as I work today. And today is my Friday. :)

    I am loving your mantel with all the photographs!

  • Nancy - Today I am happy that my sweet little one has her first official (pre)school pictures. We had a blast last night picking out her outfit together!

  • Kirsten - Toaster Waffles!

  • Janie - My son woke up sick to his stomach this morning (on the top bunk) NOT a fun way to wake up, but the reason I’m happy is that I am the one that gets to take care of him and give him some extra lovin’ today :)

  • Jamie - I just got a super cute dress on uber-clearance– $8!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • tasha roe - beautiful post! love all the details in the living room already. such a tease. 😉

    something that makes me happy today…..
    getting rid of old stuff for a yard sale today. its almost like a cleansing. too bad it just gives me an excuse to go thrifting. lol

  • Kelly W - I am happy that today is my last day of classes for the week…looking forward to a very fun weekend!

  • Suz McA - my brother in law is proposing today. & i love his girlfriend. so very happy.

  • danielle - I am happy that today is my last workday before the weekend and i have an extra day to get things done around my house and spend more time with my family!

  • Meredith - Knowing that I leave in two days for a week long vacation on a tropical island with my husband who just returned from Iraq makes me really happy today!!

  • Missy - Flannel sheets make me happy!! Too bad summer is making one last appearance. Glad I didn’t jump the gun on that one! FC is too cute. Love her skinny jeans!! What did you adhere your pictures to on the mantle?

  • emily anderson - WHAT?! twirling betty is making me happy! please, random number thingy, pick me!

  • Dana Laymon - What’s making me happy is that tomorrow is Friday. and that my job right now is not my life. and it will not last forever.

  • Sarah - today Im happy b/c there is a fundrasier selling baked potatoes at lunch. its the little things right?

  • Mikey Man - I have a wife who loves me unconditionally!

  • andy - i am happy that in a couple of hours we will be packing up and going to visit my parents.

  • Erica - It is making me happy to see my baby girl learn to walk. She just started taking steps this week!

  • Deanna - I’m happy that all my kids are finally over a horrible virus! And… that fall is here. It’s my favorite.

  • hanna - thinking about the rainbow we saw last night on the whay home from the park – and my toddler said he would love to slide down the rainbow. Doesn’t that sound like the most fun? We made a date for Sunday after his nap to slide down some rainbows.

  • anne c - I’m happy to have a nice, warm cup of coffee in my hand right now while reading your blog…the smell of coffee is so comforting to me

  • amber - The sounds of my kids playing peacefully. I love mornings…& I love that visor:).

  • gina - I’m happy this morning because my hubs ran the dishwasher last night!

  • isabel - my boys this morning, their smile when they woke up !!

  • Mandy - it’s almost time for our family vacation!!

  • Guillauma - Some shopping and some cooking..
    thanks for the chance, the visor is so cute

  • Guillauma - Some%20shopping%20and%20some%20cooking..

  • Michelle - I’m happy today because it’s Thursday which means I get to stay home with our 6-month old all day! And also because we made brownies last night… :)

  • Robyn - Hearing my daughter in the background singing the same line over and over and over again of a made up song – that makes me happy. :) Knowing my friends are behind me 100% today when I need it – that also makes me happy.

  • Vitoria B - I’m happy that my 2 boys are around me all day!
    I’m a happy mummy

  • Jen - I love the visor! On thing that makes me happy is my husband doesn’t work today!

  • Alexandra M - Love this visor,
    I love this day because the weather is fine and I’m going to scrap this everning when the kiddos are sleeping!

  • Jenny K - I’m happy it’s almost the weekend so I will be able to spend time with my husband!

  • Alice H - That even though I have to work my big kids (11 and almost 10) get to spend time with their baby brother (7.5 months) today. No water in some of BA. Oh and I am also happy that I had enough water to shower and brush my teeth this morning.

    Thanks for the giveaway. My 11 year old daughter will love it!

  • linda - deciding with my husband that now is a good time in our fresh and exciting marriage to start trying to make our duo a trio.

  • jessica - that today is the first official day of autumn! and i’m eating oatmeal (extra nutmeg) cookies with my coffee to celebrate…yayer!!

  • Candace - Today I am happy because my pretty little lady just saw the new Tinklebell movie that came out on RedBox. Yesterday she fell and got her first double skinned knees and scratched elbows. This morning she has been sprinkling “fairy dust” over all her boo-boos to make them feel better. That makes me happy.

  • Jenn W - My husband has a job interview this morning. The possiblility of better hours and a somewhat return to normalcy makes me happy!

  • Lisa J - Ashley ~ YOU made me happy today!! I love reading your posts. Your attitude is simply awesome!! Thank you for sharing your family with us! xoxo Plymouth, MA

  • Tricia - Oh my gracious, what wonderful stuff! I adore your random posts too. They never feel blah. I always want to read every sentence. :) Oh, and the grasshopper pic…….. price-less!!

  • Brooke - My 2 year old looking at an ultrasound picture of her little sister and responding with “Cutie, she’s swimmin”, that made me smile and I am so excited to see her with her sister when she arrives in November.

  • Jerri-Rae - Today, I am HAPPY because I am 38 Weeks pregnant with my first child!!! We have a dr’s appt today…any day I get to hear the heartbeat is a GOOD DAY!!! That makes me HAPPY!!! Love Firecracker’s shoes too! Do they make those in “big” girls? :)

  • LaurenS - i am happy because my sister-in-law is getting married this weekend!!

  • Lori K - Love the big picture collage over the fireplace!! cool. Love the white file cabinet. pretty. Something that makes me happy…I am making time-finding time to do my pedicure today- if I have to stay up till midnight!

  • Brenda - Today it made me happy to go outside and feel a little “Nip” in the air for this will be the first full day of Fall.

  • Jaclyn H - My children are making me happy today. My daughter (2) is helping me with chores around the house. My son (4) is being so sweet with his sister. I am so blessed.

    I LOVE the picture collage over the fire place. How did you do that?

  • Kerri - Today I am happy because my sister announced to the world her and her husband are expecting their first!

  • Rebecca - newborn puckers make me happy. :-)

  • Sarah Kristiansen - My coffee makes me happy….fall’s arrival (finally!) makes me happy…And a new Grey’s Anatomy tonight makes me VERY happy!

  • Michele V - It makes me happy to know fall is coming. I love the colors
    of fall and the cooler weather.

  • Niki - Watching my nine month old watch the weather channel. He loves it.

  • Jacklynn - Today I am happy because we are finally taking my 1072 El Camino to the paint shop. The restoration is almost complete! I would look extra cool driving it if I had this awesome visor (which I would also share with my two year old daughter).

  • Jill R - I’m happy today because I get to go on a date night, which is truly very rare. I also get to go to target with only one child. I am living in the lap of luxury today!

  • Beth Phillips - As my husband was leaving with my 2 yr old this morning I heard her tell him “daddy, I love my momma.” your comment about forgiveness made me think of that. It is so true because we had a rough day yesterday in two year old world. All morning I’ve been thinking I’m thankful and happy about the easy forgiveness and unconditional love of my sweetie!

  • keisha - What’s making me happy today: The first day of Fall, the fact that my little boy will be spending time with my mom today (which he loves) so that I can chill a bit and also go and see my friend and her new gorgeous baby! :-)

  • chelse - my little girl was awake before i left for work this morning. a hug, kiss, and smile from her always makes for a great day!

  • Kristin Eldridge - My little man. He’s so cute….and busy. :)

  • Blake - What is making me happy today… It is cool outside in the panhandle of Florida! I am delighted in not sweating when I walked outside this morning for work!

  • Ashley - i put my 6 month old girl in ‘jeggings’ this morning. too cute! it definitely makes me happy :o)

  • Lynn - What makes me happy today?!?!? Lots of things…the fact that I can stay at home with my daughter and also that I have a newborn coming this morning for photographs!! I love what I do, both jobs are so fun and I would not trade them for the world!! I have a lot of “hat days” and this would be perfect!!! Thanks!!

  • Susan - No school tomorrow so it’s a whole day of just me and the kiddos with NO plans! Can’t wait!

  • Nat - Super cute! Love the cake bunting as well. And love the collage above the mantle. Okay, I love everything.

  • Angela - The fact that our house is being shown today! Hopefully it sells.

  • Jane - I have a day off today and an opportunity to catch up on all sorts of things. Not super fun, but it’s great to get things out of the way. And plus I have to pack for a certain little getaway to Oklahoma ;). I’m super excited about that!

  • Paulo - This visor rocks !!!

  • Haley - I am happy today because it’s my last day to work this week. And we are leaving tomorrow morning to cheer on the Mississippi State Bulldogs Saturday.

  • Alisa - Spending the day with my 2 wonderful children makes me so happy!

  • Lauren Wells - My 8 month old slept through the night- once. I have hope!

  • Erin Hughes - My 2 1/2 year old yelling out “I GO! I GO!” when she has success on her potty! She is so proud of herself that my heart just melts:)

  • amy - my two boys are playing nicely together so i can sit here with a tea and read my fav blog!

  • Mandy - I’m happy because I have an amazing mother and best friend that are willing to help me with all my engagement party planning.

  • ashley jensen - It makes me happy that have a lunch date with my husband and daughter today. And just on a side note something I am not happy about…grasshoppers! The ONE and ONLY bug I will scream and run away from.

  • Lizibeth - watching my 18 month old daughter try to comfort her 3 month old brother. too sweet! she gives him kisses and then tries to put his pacifier in his mouth …. enjoying the little moments makes the tiredness bearable.

  • Breeana - Tomorrow is a day off from school for my boys! Going to the zoo if it’s nice enough!

    By the way, the big collage on your mantle- is it a single print? What size? Tell us more about it….I’m intrigued!

  • Rachel - Listening to my two year old discover new words!

  • Jenny - My due date with our 3rd is on Sunday! So I’m happy that the end is nearing and that soon we will meet our little angel.

  • Angie Webb - I am happy summer seems to be sticking around a little longer then usual this year. This morning I drove with my music blasting & my windows down with the wind whipping thru my hair. One these visors would ROCK!

  • Jaclyn - The BIG piece of Boston cream pie that I brought for lunch is making me very happy today!

  • Patti - I am so happy when I here my grandbabies say “I love you MoMo

  • Samantha S. - Something making me happy today is watching my kiddos play together {nicely!}…. love the visor and would LOVE to have one for me and little miss Ellie to share! <3

  • Christy F. - My husband makes me happy. I love to cook, however last night I came home from work with dinner ready for me on the table. It was such a blessing and a surprise. He gets home hours before me but knows I enjoy cooking and doesn’t want to take that away from me, but he also knew how tired I was yesterday. My husband makes me happy.

  • Jen - one of my friends put my ‘face in a hole’ on FB and since it was a pregnant lady face in a hole all my friends think i’m with child…i’m not, so it’s basically hilarious.

    you didn’t think i would say that did you?


  • Joy - I scrubbed my kitchen last night. Waking up to a sparkly kitchen made me happy!

  • Rena Frey - The fact that get to go see a play tonight with my girlfriends makes me very happy! :) I love those hats!

  • Melissa - Looking at pictures of pretty cakes with pretty cake bunting makes me happy!

  • Carol V. - Waking up to sunshine, reading your blog, and picturing one of those visors on my grandbaby .

  • Laura - Getting to finally step out in some fall clothes!

  • Raechel - I am so happy this morning! My precious six-month-old daughter is snuggled up asleep next to me all warm and cozy and I can hear my nearly 4-year-old son playing and singing to himself in the next room. Joy!

  • Kirstin - Feeling better after being sick yesterday.

  • Jenny W - Today is cloudy..maybe rain is coming…and I get to stay home and homeschool my kids!!! That makes me super happy!!!

  • Kimberlee J. - I am home—-ALONE. All day. :)

  • Cory - LOVE THE VISOR! My wonderful hard working husband made me very happy today (& everyday!) He kisses me at 6:30 a.m. as he heads to work & even though it wakes me up from sound sleep I can’t help but smile.

  • stacey - my 18 month old, Emmitt’s, killer dance moves…nothing makes me smile wider :)

  • Dee - When you don’t want your toddler in the drawers, just slide a dowel rod or a yardstick in behind the handles.

  • Megan Sanders - Today your mantle picture totally made me happy. Things like that are so inspiring to me and make me wonder where I can fill my home with images like that!

  • Jena - Watching my girls skipping down the sidewalk on the way to school, happy as can be, loving life! Thanks for the chance to win the adorable visor. Your blog ROCKS!

  • Nicole - I am so very happy today that you posted pics of the new mantel!! So awesome – are we lucky enough to get a DIY or even a hint as to how it was put together?

  • Sarah - I’m happy because my toddler and I spent a fair amount of time painting together, just the two of us, this morning. Sweet memories!

  • Heather - Holding my 4 week old daughter :)

  • Katie - I got engaged 2 days ago! I am so happy to have found a wonderful man who loves me and adores my daughter!

  • jody - My coffee. A moment to drink it hot…not cold as is usual with four boys!!

  • Lily O - Ooh, that visor is adorable! My wonderful husband makes me happy: )

  • Jessika Mak - what makes me happy today is when I took my 5 year old to doc yesterday. the doc asked me whether she is allergic to anything. She answered it confidently, “I am allergic to candy”!! LOL

  • Christina G - Leftover white chocolate cream cheese icing and decorating for Halloween is making me very happy this morning :)

  • Amy Lowry - Today my daughter drank half a sippy cup of milk. First time trying milk without the bottle that she actually took more than one drink. It made me very happy, progress!

  • Kim - Today I am having a craft day—making stuff always makes me happy.

  • Angie Weaver - I have a sore throat but what makes me happy is that I get to stay home all day today! It also helps that there is leftover birthday cake in the fridge!!

  • tara - when my son looked at me and smiled in a really fake kind of look at me mommy i’m smiling and i want your attention way…looking for me to smile back and i did…and he took my hand and said “mommy i love you so much…i just can’t stop loving you”.
    fills me up. completely.
    i can’t tell you how much I adore this visor.

  • tessa - My little girl (same age as your little Firecracker) running around playing at my feet. I am amazed by her. She makes me happy everyday. Your giveaway is making me happy today too. I remember seeing that visor in a picture on Firecracker on some stairs and asking where you got it. So happy to have the opportunity to win one! Oh, and I love biggest brothers face with the grasshopper. Too funny!

  • kristin fulghum - honeycrisp apples are making me happy today!

  • Tess S. - the house is clean, my desk is clean, 2 clients photo’s have been edited, prints ordered, and my freshly seeded lawn is looking more and more green, i have less than 8 weeks left in my pregnancy and i still have *some* energy. i can now spend my afternoon being silly with my kids… now THAT makes me very happy.

  • Shea - My little boy made me so happy today. After having a rough night and rushed morning he looks at me with his sweet face and says “mama you pretty”. No make-up and all. I love the mind of a child!

  • Madaline Meatte - Why must you have like 1,000 cute things that I want all of?! And why can’t I ever sign up for a SnapShop before everyone else?! Don’t worry, next year the race is ON and I will be making the drive from Northeast Arkansas to Oklahoma just to come!

    I would LOVE, love, LOVE to have that visor!!

  • Adriana - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new mantle! I wish I had enough pictures to do something like that..or a mantle…(that would be helpful as well).

    Your blog is amazing, its so inspiring and brightens up my mornings. Its one of the first things I do in the morning, along with checking facebook, which I’m soooo excited you are on now!

    thank you!!!!!!

  • Heather - Twirling Betty makes me happy as does the warm cup of coffee in my hand and listening to my kids play nicely. Sweet.

  • Erika C. - Eating a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans while at work that my mom got me that I forgot were in my purse – she & them are truly a day saver…that woman makes my heart happy!

  • RobinS - Sewing today is making me happy. I haven’t done it for a while now and am now getting back to it :)

  • Monica - Adorable! Something that makes me happy today is watching my almost 11month old dance and clap.

  • Deb A. - It’s a beautiful, warm day here – that always make me happy…and the thought of winning that cute visor!!

  • christina - what’s making me happy? I love that the sun shining in the dining room highlights my (temporarily) clean hardwoods, instead of the (usual) smudged, dried food, and dried spills!

  • Dena - I’m happy that I feel better…….not completely, but better than the stuffed woozy sleepy congested head, had to leave work at noon yesterday. I can type coherently today. It’s a good thing.

  • Melissa Davis - Psalm 23. Knowing that I am safe and secure in His hands and in His plan. This makes me happy.

  • Kristine - Lighting my pumpkin scented candle on the first day of Fall! :)

  • mamawanderluster - Eating cheese and green grapes is making this pregnant momma happy today.

  • Lori - my daughter telling me this morning, “i love 1st grade!”

  • kristi - I was admiring this visor on your previous post. So it makes me pretty darn happy to know that I have a chance to win one this morning. Other than that…everything about Autumn makes me happy. I love the cool, crisp air; the apple cider; the pumpkins and gourds; planning my babies birthday party (he’ll be two); my birthday is 3 days before. I love dressing up for Halloween and eating on Thanksgiving…I could go on for days. Needless to say, I’m a pretty happy girl. :)

  • Lacey - The hope of Arkansas beating Alabama this weekend makes me happy!!!! AND–the thought of one day sharing a visor with my brand new baby girl. I can’t wait!

  • kassondra - I am beyond happy that I learned last night I will be going on our church’s mission trip to Uganda next summer!!! so I will need a visor :)

  • Jamie - Getting to be at home with my baby girl, eatin’ Ruffles, readin’ books, lookin’ at pics… all the while in our bathing suits and jommers!… Love this life! :)

  • Stephanie - Today is my Friday and I get a 3 day weekend!

  • Aimee - Those visors are darling! As for what is making me happy today, shopping for decorations and invites for a friends baby shower. I love throwing a party!

  • Becky - I am happy to go to work today! I love my job, owning a flower store, and Thursdays are my full day at work… a little break from my kids :)

  • jade - i’m supposed to be packing for seattle and here i am leaving a comment to win a visor. tehehe…

  • Emily - Um. So cute. Today I’m happy that my baby is sleeping in…that never happens!

  • Kendall - I just found out that a good friend is pregnant, and it’s been making me smile all day.

  • Stephanie - One of my best friends/coworker and I both got to hear the heartbeat of our babies this week!!! We are so excited.

  • Sarah - Your blog makes me happy…Everyday! It is like Christmas morning, I slowly scroll down to savor every second. You don’t want to open to fast because you want it to last!

  • robyn - I am happy because, despite of all of the ups and downs, craziness and uncertainty in my life, I know that God is my solid rock and my strength :)

  • Christine - I’m happy that as a working mom I have a job that gives me the flexibility to leave early so I can make it home in time to feed my kids and work remotely so I can spend more time with them b/c they are changing every day!

  • Christine - I’m happy that as a working mom my job is flexible and I can work remotely or leave early so I can spend more time with my little ones!

  • Lindy - Today listening to the new ipod that my husband got me for our five year wedding anniversary is making me happy :)

  • Lindy - Today listening to the new ipod my husband bought me for our five year wedding anniversary is making me happy :)

  • Ellen - I cannot stand how cute that visor is, I mean seriously – red polka dots make me pretty happy, So fresh looking. I am on a general happy kick today because it is my last day at work, and I cannot wait for the day to be finished and on to a new adventure.

  • Erin - My parent’s make me happy; never have I appreciated them more than I do now that I have my own children.

  • allison - the fact that my sweet baby girl is going to be born soon is making me happy. sharing a visor with her would make me even happier.

  • Susie - My three-year-old cut off her hair in June and this week, it’s finally long enough for two (very tiny) pony tails. She is beside herself with excitement and it’s adorable. I wish I could bottle up her cuteness today. She makes me happy :)

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with blogland, your spot here brightens my day, too :) Thank you for a fun giveaway, the hats are adorable!

  • BriBedell - Something that is making me happy today would definitly have to be knowing that I get to go have an Adult Dinner Tonight!!! Woohoo for little sisters who dont have a driver’s license and will watch your children for chinese food :)

  • Shea - one on one time with my newborn while big sis is at school. then, one on one time with big sis while the newbie snoozes.

  • Shanalea - One thing that is making me happy today is that I have absolutely no plans this evening.

  • Jessica H - What makes me happy is knowing that every time I messed up yesterday or no matter how many times I mess up today…that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. It makes me happy to think that even when my world is in what I believe to be chaos, He’s still gently whispering and reminding me of His faithful love for me and that He made me exactly the way I am and He likes me that way! :)

  • Ari - happy, healthy baby makes me happy today.

  • Sara - I just drank a half a pot of coffee…very happy…oh and the kids aren’t fighting today!

  • Dana Beth - ooh pick me!

  • Lindsey Jo - what make me happy today is that i’m going to see 9 to 5 the musical tonight. i have an unnatural love for dolly parton. but then again, isn’t everything about her unnatural?

  • sandra - She cried and she wailed and she screamed…but my 3 year old finally put on her dress for her school picture today. Little victories makes me happy!!!

  • Kellie Ann - Gummy bears for breakfast just made me smile. I know it’s not a breakfast food, but after an hour and 10 minute commute this morning, I had little else to make me smile before 23 10th graders enter my classroom.

  • Erin Johnson - I’m so happy today because we get to find out the sex of our twins! Only 6 more hours. Let’s see, what could we do to make those hours fly by?

  • Elisia - I am happy that my husband has a 4 day weekend and it starts today… YAAAA!!!!

  • Merideth A - what is making me happy today?…. the fact that i have nothing planned until 3 pm today. sometimes it makes me happy to have nothing planned.

    your new (old) drawer thing is so awesome. and you did wonders with it. and that collage above your fireplace is amazing. your wonderful ideas never end.

  • Jessica H - What makes me happy is the fact that all the times I messed up yesterday or will mess up today that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. It doesn’t matter how many times I think my world may be in chaos, He gently reminds me and whispers to me that He loves with and likes me just the way He created me.

  • purejoy - could you adopt me please?? ohmystars… your house looks divine… i want mine to look amazing. i need a style makeover… for my life. you giving one of those away?? {please??}
    if you can’t adopt me, maybe twirling betty will.
    love, love LOVE that cake bunting!!

  • Sydney - I am happy that tonight Grey’s Anatomy returns to brighten up my Thursdays once again.

  • Jenna - I’m happy that today is Thursday which means we get to spend the afternoon and evening at my parents house! The boys love it, and I love the chatting and cooking time with my mom.

  • Tysha - Hearing my 2-year-old boy say “Larry the tomato” makes me happy (he pronounces “l” spanish style so it’s sounds like ‘yarry’…love it!)

    I would love me one of those visors! Wouldn’t mind sharing it with my girl, as well :)

  • Katie L. - Feeling my son kick in my belly and knowing that I get to meet him face to face in just over a month is making me exquisitely happy today!

  • jenelle - I am happy that the super cute bag i won from your giveaway last week will be in the mail by the weekend :) loooove the visor

  • Marjorie - I am happy that tomorrow is Friday, and that you shared where you got that visor. It is too cute!

  • Emily W. - Waking up to a beautiful morning, a good cup of coffee and some morning reading, and looking at pictures of your adorable family and dreaming of the day when I’ll have my own one of those :)

  • Kember - we go “fishing” in our little fountain downtown too! Only we don’t have real rods. We use dried up grass from a huge bushy grassy plant nearby.

  • Lisa Johnson - Happiness is…..the feel of change in the air this morning, the fact that I am about to head into town alone for a haircut and a little bit of shopping even though it is Thursday and I have so many other things I ought to do :)

    Ashley, so many things about this post I want to exclaim about- always Firecracker makes me smile, and those drawers- wow! I love them, and especially the new mantel display. Tell us more about how you did that! I love it!!

  • Danielle - You had me at “Polka Dot.”

    Polka dots make me happy today. As well as lunch and a photo shoot with my old roommate. Last night I bought baker’s twine… and the happiness from that spilt over into today. AND, seriously, my husband is super wonderful. We laughed and laughed this morning, even if he did wake me up 7 minutes before I needed to be up… :)

  • Rebecca - My son. Always my son. :)

  • Hayley - My husband has returned from war… safe and sound. Today is a happy one.

  • Laura Durrer - I’m happy because I feel inspired. Inspired by the beautiful light the sun has cast on my trees that are half red, inspired by my son who has found the train table so joyful that he has been busy for an hour this morning, and inspired by your beautiful photo collage on your mantel!

    I love your new cabinet with drawers. I recently refinished a card catalog. Fortunately there are enough drawers that are out of reach that I can use it as storage. The bottom drawers hold small toys.

    Check it out:

  • Rebecca - My baby girl rolling over and scooting on her belly through our living room is making me happy…

  • ali - Today I am happy for Fall. Never mind the 95 degrees outside. Time to break out the scarves!

  • Michelle - Happy today. . . because it is cooler today and I am so ready for fall. And happy right now because my dog just walked by holding his new duck toy in his mouth – he is on cloud nine right now.

  • Josie - The unexpected Autumn sunshine this afternoon is making me quietly happy today.

  • Callie - A homemade smoothie with fresh barries…makes me very happy! :)

  • Kathy - My happy news is that I received a good report from my doctor after LASIK surgery. I now have 20/20 vision!

  • Meredith - The fresh smell of autumn in the morning when I got up made me happy today. It has actually been making me happy for the past couple days.

  • Elizabeth Beattie - My husband giving me a kiss on the cheek when he leaves for work – it made me happy today and it makes me happy every day because he does it each and every workday morning!

  • Kyla - My son’s giggles are making me happy!

  • JennyP - Watching my nephew and daughter babble in baby talk, totally makes me happy!

  • Zainab - Apart from the fact that you have a new post and super cute pictures of FireCracker up on the blog, I’m super happy to have discovered three beautiful things today:

    c) Aparna Dauria – My friend from 6th grade, who I haven’t met or been in touch with since 6th grade, who I didn’t know existed, who I didn’t think would remember me. I’m 28. She does remember me :)

    That makes me happy!

  • Shawnene - Today I am happy because my circumstances alow me to slow down a bit, drink my coffee and read your blog before heading off to work. As a single mother of two girls, one 6yrs and the other 6mos I don’t often find the time.

  • Kristen - Right now coffee is making me happy. Soon it will be lunch with my husband. Then spending the afternoon at my yarn shop with my mittens in progress. twirlingbetty is pretty good too.

  • Kristy - Happy my husband got to take the kids to school this morning. Happy I won’t beat myself up today for barking at them for running late on the day he takes them to school. We don’t typically start the day off like that….thank goodness… but this morning was rough. Reading that you lose your cool made me feel better :) Would love the visor….soooo cute….but I’m more interested in your lovely mantle. How did you put it together? easy peasy? And the cabinet turned out yummy! Thanks for being so positive and inspirational :)

  • Jenna - Just being with my little girl today is making me happy!

  • Kenna S - Spending some quality time with my baby girl while her big brother is at school! A chai tea latte from Starbucks set the tone for a good day as well! I want one of these visors so bad!

  • Biz Gott - thinking about my yard sale this weekend – all the things I am going to get rid of and a clean house!

  • Sarah D. - Happy kids playing together . . . for this moment. :)

  • Pam - Having health is making me happy today.

  • Kim - My kiddos bedhead made me happy this morning.
    I am also all about your canvas over your mantle (I’m sure your getting a lot o comments on its yumminess) – do tell.

  • Erin - my twins asking for extra “hugs, kisses and high fives” at preschool drop-off today……very happy mom

  • giozi - oday I was eating with my husband, then my 19 month old child was upset and made a funny gesture. My husband and I looked and laughed. I said. The chubby girl did not do that, right?. No, she did nothing, and showed me the face that was in his arms. We both die laughing. And I said, well, how come I do not remember that, if it’s only been two years (she turn 3 in October).
    Sometimes I do my own photo session at the computer and I get to see pictures of them when they were babies.

    It was a fabulous mural you’ve done. I love how difficult it must have been for you selection. What I have wanted to make a box and put a note to some pictures of you:) For example the picture (on the wall) where your second child laughing, has a kitty face (bottom right). I love them. And of course your photos are adorable chubby. A hug.

  • rachel - my hubby’s making me happy today!

  • Sara - Not that I think you should take this joy away from her, but if you wanted to keep Firecracker from opening all those drawers, you could slide a think dowel, yard stick or maybe even broom handle down through each vertical row of pulls. They would then all be ‘connected’ and most likely too heavy for her to open all at once. Thanks for sharing your photos and family with us! PS..what made me happy today is when my 7.5 year old son got back off the bus this morning to give me a hug…in front of all his bus mates! Pure joy!

  • Amy W - We are going to Monterey tomorrow…which is very exciting!

  • kristiina - I’m happy today because I have a playdate planned with friends after school :) Thanks!

    ps-I come here (and to Meg’s) to get my daily dose of sunshine (i don’t know how else to describe it..or maybe joy?), but I have to say that I also feel less alone and normal when I hear that you ‘lose it’ all the time, too. We’re human, afterall….thanks for being so genuine :)

  • rychelle - i’ve got a big bunch of sunflowers sitting on my desk. they’re making me really happy. :)

  • Kristin - My 2-year old daughter left the library when it was time today without having a fit!

  • Erin - That visor is fantastic – I love it! But if I win I am going to give it to my friend from college who lives in Florida and would just look adorable in it! Or maybe we’d share it.:)
    Today my boyfriend made me happy, but he always does.

  • Mary - my cuddly 4 month old who still has a “new baby” smell!

  • Robyn Farmer - My sweet friend coming in for a weekend of Antique week in Round Top, Texas.

  • Christie - My puppy cuddling with my in the morning. She likes to nuzzle under my arms.

  • Amanda - I’m not entering, I was just thinking about all your drawers. Do you have any extra yard sticks you could shove down through the handles?


  • Jessica - What is making me happy is that I just fixed my iPhone (replaced the screen myself) after my lovey accidentally broke it!!!!

  • Jennifer Waldrop - I’m happy that I have a happy healthy familly, and happy that through God’s grace a friend’s sick newborn seems to be on the mend. God is good!

  • Jenn - CUTE visor! I am so happy for a little Fall sunshine today to spend outside with my children…

  • Michelle - My 11 month old daughter signing “dog” makes me smile every time!

  • Jessica Helm - Pigtails on my 4 year old daughter. Pigtails make me happy! :)

  • Michelle - Listening to my two and three year old giggle while playing steam roller with each other. This is happiness!

  • Katie - being 8 1/2 mo pregnant with our first…and feeling good today (no hip pain on this Thursday :)

  • Janie - My weekend starts in 5 minutes!!

  • Fiona - My 20-month old twins have been entertaining themselves in their room for over an hour this morning. That makes me very happy.

  • Jessica - The things that are making me happy today are the two twirling pig tails in my little ones hair!

  • Jamie - I’m happy today because I’m truly blessed to have an amazing family!

  • kristiina - um, sorry about the freaky post above?!

    here’s what it says:

    I’m happy today because I have a playdate planned with friends after school. Thanks!

    ps-I come here (and to Meg’s) to get my daily dose of sunshine (i don’t know how else to describe it..or maybe joy) but I have to say that I also feel less alone and normal when I hear that you ?lose it’ all the time, too. We’re human, afterall….thank for being so genuine :)

  • Melissa - I am happy for the rain today, and the quiet morning with my beautiful daughter.

  • Katie - My husband is coming home early from work today so that we can play as a family!!

  • Rachel - I am thankful that I have two beautiful daughters and look forward to sharing all things girly with them as they grow up!

  • Cay - It makes me happy that my son is about to go down for a nap (and give me a much needed break!!)

    It also makes me happy that you make it seem like juggling it ALL is possible :)

  • Amber - My little peanut Illa (eye-la). Her smile is the cutest, if I may say so myself!

  • Lisa - Happiness for me today is making my sons pirate cupcakes for his birthday party tomorrow. Happiness soon would be winning my first piece of “head candy” for my first daughter due to be born early November.

  • Lori - Today is the first day of Autumn. I am in the kitchen cooking, with Pumpkin Soup, Bacon & Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and Sweet Potato Cupcakes on the menu for this evening. THAT makes me happy! Have a great day, Ashley!

  • Tabitha - I was happy to have Starbucks this morning. :)

  • Leah Profancik - Listening to Rabbit’s song Pea makes me happy!

  • Noelle Tofigh - Today my husband will be getting home after being away for four days so there’s that…and my 4 year old told me today is the best day ever because we’re doing things together. Love that.

    Oh, and the thought of winning that visor makes me happy :)

  • MelissaM - I am happy today because it is my hubby’s day off! My kids and I love it when he is home!

  • Brooke Leigh - Your pictures are gorgeous today darling, they sure put a smile on my face. We have really rainy weather here today, so anything “warm” makes things a little more bearable. As far as something that makes me happy today, other than your post, is the reaction my two year old son had to feeling his baby sister (30 weeks pregnant) moving around!

  • Amnah - I’m not commenting for the giveaway, but great if I win!! How did you make those wood circles for your fireplace? I love the look of stacked wood but this seems like a more affordable approach. Plus, I LOVE that cake bunting. I tried making one for my niece’s birthday party
    , but it didn’t come out this cute.

  • kate o. - a good hair day and grocery shopping without the kids 😉

  • Paige - oh my goodness, your giveaways are starting to get too many comments!! 😉 I LOVE that you tell us where to find all of your cute goodies…. thank you! Would LOVE to win!

  • keely - I’m happy today because yesterday is over (and it was a tough one, from start to finish). Also, your sweet boy reminds me of mine. He will often “interrupt” me to say, “Mom, do you know I love you?” Makes me melt!

  • Mara - my mom is hear visiting her two grand babies.

  • Erin - The smell of rain. I love how fresh and life giving it is!

  • Allison - I am happy today because…this week the hubby and I took our first vacation alone since having kids 3 years ago, and we are going home to see our boys!!! Yipee!!!!

  • amy - making me happy today: getting to watch my 6 year old stand up so confident as he gave his presentation at co-op today.

    Don’t you love that stage when they can’t stop saying “I love you” at every possible moment? Hold on to it b/c too soon they are too cool to even hug you goodnight!

  • patti - hearing my baby say “mama, i love going to preschool! but will you come get me after?”

  • Simone - I am happy to see that Twirling Betty is a Melbournian just like me!

  • Tiffany - I am happy today because both of my kids are napping at the same time. Just keeping it real..

  • Michelle Z. - Today my husband is coming home from a 6 week business trip to China and the Philippines. I am ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo happy!!

    In fact, I am so happy to see him, I might just leave him alone with the children for a few days so that HE can experience the fun of simultaneously getting a 16yo and a 6yo ready for school in the morning.

  • JeriP - I’m happy because we are visiting grandchildren!

  • Stephanie - A beautiful sunny day when it is FINALLY not too hot with the windows open and the curtains blowing in the breeze. Add to that, kiddos squealing in the back yard and you get pretty near perfection.

  • Becky Z - My 3 year old got his first ever taste of Cheetos today… and he offered to share them with me. He is so sweet, and being with him makes me happy! Although orange cheese dust- not so much. :)

  • Mia - that my daughter is beaming with excitment for her 4th birthday party this weekend. she keeps asking if we can bake the cake yet!

  • Macy Dawn - I had lunch with my boss today and she shared an excellent camping “misadventure” with me that made my day. Too funny! I enjoy our lunches together.

    I have to add that seeing a photo of a grasshopper catch your son, also made me happy :)

  • Elizabeth Flowers - It makes me happy to be on Fall Break with my family, enjoying the NC mountains.

  • Leanne - All of the pictures of your freaking adorable girl child are making me happy right now!! I love that visor on her and hope to win one for my own little one. I seriously wish I could take pictures like you do. You are so inspiring!

  • Laura Wappel - Morning sickness is making me happy today. I know, strange. I am 6 weeks pregnant with our first baby! Honeymoon baby, even!! Life is awesome.

  • Devon Carpenter - Ooooh, so many happy things. My twins learning to ride a bike. Little ones in sprinklers, big ones laughing together, a sweet baby girl taking a nap and a lovely pontoon ride with the hubby. I wish everyday were so happy!

  • Joa - just photographed one of my besties newborn son. And he has a FULL head of hair and a natural fauxhawk- tooooooo cute. Newborns will a full head of hair. He warmed my heart and definitely made me happy. ah…..

  • Kelly Beane - Honestly, I’m in agonizing pain from boot camp. My legs are hurting soooo bad and I can barely walk. BUT, what does make me happy is that I’m getting back in shape… for my family and for myself. I can already tell a difference in my energy level and I look forward to living the best life possible!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amanda - I am happy that both of my kids are sleeping at the same time right now!!! I also love your mantle wall!! Please tell me how you hung all the pics. Are they attached directly to the wall? How?

  • christy mandin - Oh Ashley! I found your site last week on StumbleUpon and I have spent a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time here since then! I just LOVE IT! So, today, napping babies and a good blog are making me happy! (But, a cute polka dot visor wouldn’t hurt either!)

  • Candy Foster - Today I am happy because it is the first day of fall. My husband works long, hard hours in the summer. I’m excited to see more of him in the upcoming months.

  • Jill - It made me happy today to have lunch with my part-time stay-at-home husband and two kids – since I work full-time. :)

  • Rachel - naptime, for mommy and daughter, makes me happy! I love the visor, so cute!

  • Camille - My husband is making me happy today. Like you mentioned about your children’s never-ending forgiveness, he has that. I don’t know how he is always so loving, even when I can be so un-lovable. :)

  • jaime scott - Gosh, that’s hard for me today. i have three small kiddos at home with me and i’m sick with a sinus infection so we are having a very rough day. i’m thankful it’s not any worse, which it always could be! :)

  • Anita - Painting my walls today! yay!

  • Tawnya - Happiness today is my first born’s 18th, yes 18th birthday!! Where o’where did the time go??

    Got ’em spread across the board though–youngest is still in diapers.

  • Sunnymama - Today I am happy because I have seven children running around my house making a big mess and I really don’t care because they are all precious!

  • Miranda - I’m so happy it’s finally Fall! Leaves changing, football, cooler weather, you can’t beat that.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I am happy today because I am going to watch a movie with my hubby tonight.

  • Dacia - Today I am happy because my husband asked me out on a date! I have until Sunday to find a cute outfit. :)

  • Grace - That I get to read your blog while my boys are napping! :)

  • Kimber - I seriously LOVE everything about this post!

    the mantle= UMMazing!
    your kids= adorable and hilarious.
    forgiveness= so grateful for it on so many levels.
    the new furniture craft drawer thing= so much work i’m thinking= you are incredible.
    your etsy finds= adorable!
    zinnias= i’m obsessed with them, try dead heading them to see if they’ll come back once more!
    your blog= making me happy today :)

  • becca - my boys — i’m really enjoying my 3yr old and 18month old boys today. they are making me happy and i’m so thankful for them!!

  • monique - i am happy today to get lots of birthday kisses from my kids and just happy to have a birthday!

  • Hollie - sewing a quilt for a friends baby shower! sewing makes me happy!

  • Jessica - Today I am happy because my 5year old son picked out the cutest book about penguins for his little brother(3years old) at the book fair. Never thought I’d see the day!!

  • Emilou - MOPS started today at church (mothers of preschoolers)! Finally time with other moms who just get it.

  • stefanie e - The slightly cooler weather…is making me very happy! Adorable visor!

  • Dawn - I took a cute picture of my baby boy and two pups together! :) It was kinda chaotic trying to get them all to “sit” but the pictures were perfect in that they show exactly our life right now! :)

  • Anya - Both the kiddos are asleep and I have some lovely fabric calling my name!

  • Celine - something happy (and making me laugh)…watching my two year old dance.

  • meg duerksen - seeing you laying on my pillow!! :)
    love ya ashley!

  • Allison - What is making me happy today is knowing that I only have 3 weeks left until my baby is due to be born! I can’t wait to meet her.

  • eheddings - Shopping at a local farmers market today.

  • Chelsea - Something that made me happy today was going out for a lunch date with my husband!

  • Jessica Kesti - I’d be happy if you told me how you did the picture collage over the mantle!

  • Aimee - Your little one has such the cutest little headbands and shoes…

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - I have silly little things making me happy today…I got a new keyboard because mine quit working the other day and the onscreen keyboard was driving me nuts! I also got a new shower curtain rod(a pretty brushed nickel color) because the seafoam green one that was here when we moved in recently isn’t quite my style lol. Also, my oldest son came home and had won the mad minute test in his class, getting 40 addition facts correct in 5 minutes, beating the rest of his class by at least one full minute! 😀 The visor is sooo cute!!

  • Aimee - opps I posted before I said what I was happy for today.. I am happy that even when I am hurting and having a bad day like today my lovely fiance can make me laugh and smile and forget about everything

  • Brianne Pitts - I love that visor. Your family is so cute. What makes me happy is: fall weather. Being cozy with my kids inside making cookies on a rainy day!

  • Jessie - Both kids napping at the same time. :)

  • JoJo Tongue - The color mustard yellow makes me happy..

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - Also…where do you get firecracker’s shoes? are they good for walking outside? I want some for my daughter!

  • June - I am happy (well, amused actually) watching my 15 month old daughter point to the microwave and hearing her say “hot” :)

  • Crystal Oliver - I am so very happy to see my three month old discover something it was the new toy from her Nana, the remote control, and her belly button. :)

  • Tara - My girls:) They are 1 and 3. They are exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. Love the visors…I know my cuties would look super cute in one!

  • Emily - My annual dr. appt. didn’t make me happy today… but I am happy that God has provided good medical care for me and my family, what a blessing! And it didn’t hurt that my dr. said I was pretty fit and that I’m only 33, like that’s so young. :)

  • abbey - Cool fall air!

  • Jess - Our two year old makes me happy and learning today that she is going to be a big sister makes me even happier! :o)

  • Kristen - Both my little ones have managed to synchronize their naps today and that, my friend, makes me VERY happy! Twirling Betty is a super cute blog too, thanks for sharing.

  • stephanie - my husband. for caring for me and playing mr. mom after my knee surgery. very happy.

  • Jill - LOVE the visor! I have since I first saw Firecracker wear it. What makes me happy today is the rain and my baby playing in the puddles. :)

  • Monique - We have started potty training my son (that does not make me happy.. mostly it makes me frustrated) and he can hold his pee and poop for insane amounts of time (pee – over twelve hours) and as for poop, we were on the 3rd day. Last night during my book club I heard a little voice downstairs saying to his daddy – “I did it! I pooped in the potty! That’s yucky!” and I raced downstairs (with his potty present) to see a gi-normous poop in his potty! God is faithful even in potty training and that makes me VERY happy!

  • Tara - Getting to leave work a little early today! Yippee! And by the way – LOVE the visor! Thanks!

  • Monique - Oh and super pumped to check out the Twirling Betty site!

  • tash - Hi. Today I went thrifting in my usual charity shops and was thrilled when I came across a bookcase worth £25. At the moment it is a horrible pine but soon it will be painted and go in my son’s room. I love influencing.

  • Kelly - When my 3 year old corrects himself and says, “… Actually…” SO cute!

    Would love a super cool visor!

  • Megan - We found out that we don’t have to pay a lot on an invisible fence because there is already one installed in the backyard!

  • Keilah - The glorious sunshine is making me happy today. Its the first day of fall and its absolutely beautiful here!

  • Mandi Smith - tomorrow is my little girl’s first birthday, I can not believe how fast the year has gone, but so happy that the Lord has blessed me with such a ornery, free spirited little girl :)

  • Laura - Beautiful fall leaves!!! And my friend coming over to visit AND she’s bringing coffee!!! Such an awesome freind:)

  • Becca G - The Hubby took the day off from work today. It’s nice to have our family together for the WHOLE day! Plus, it’s really rainy, and it’s just cozy inside.

  • Cassie Raney - I am truly so very happy that my 4 year old, who suffers from Autism, is learning to communicate every day. Today as we pulled up to school he clearly announced, “YAY! I am so excited for school.” This is truly a miracle as 2 years ago we were told by doctors he would never be verbal. Very very happy.

  • Savannah - My amazing family is making me soooo happy! I have a beautiful daughter and awesome husband, couldn’t ask for more!

  • Amber McIntyre - Vintage Valentine’s I found in a junk store this afternoon for a dollar. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but I couldn’t pass them up. It makes me happy to sort through them and read the handwritten notes.

  • Jennifer - My son makes me so happy. I am about to leave work to go see him! He is almost 2 a SO full of energy!

  • Rachael Schepemaker - There are so many stresses in life at the moment. It seems like almost everyone is affected, However, I am choosing to focus on the positivies. Like, my children are all happy and healthy. Money can’t buy that!

  • KaraM - What makes me happy today: Friends at work that play jokes on me!

  • Christina - I’m happy that my daughter likes her new preschool so much!

  • Kimberly - I got to spend extra time with my oldest two today because of a fog delay. Love delay mornings not only do I get to sleep in a little (and I STRESS little) but get to have more time in the morning with all 3 babies together=)

  • anna f. - Neighborhood storytime at my house! Thanks for the idea, btw. It’s good to have a storytime catered to our age group (1-4) and no worries about kids whining or crying, ect and getting evil looks from the storyteller…cause it was me and I totally don’t mind whining and crying.

  • Julie B - So many things today! All 4 kids are being nice to each other on their day at home (thank you ba water), right now the littles are BOTH down for a nap and today I posted my first blog giveaway on my blog.

    Oh and what makes me happiest when reading your blog is recognizing the places in your pictures! Its like solving a puzzle and it makes me see my hometown in a new way. Love it!

  • Hannah - What’s making me happy today is that I stayed home from work to edit pictures from my sis-in-law’s wedding and my vacay in DC. I would much rather take pictures and edit all day than be stuck in a fluorescent lighted office.

  • Colleen - Nap time is making be very happy right now. :)

  • Melissa - I’ve started dinner early, so no scrambling last minute figuring out what to feed the family. I love it when I don’t procrastinate!

  • gina - just found your blog! love it! today i loved hanging outside in the cool fall weather with my neighbors and their kids.

  • Brandy - I’m addicted to making my children laugh. It makes me happy when I can steal some laughs during a tickle fight!

  • Cara @ Mischief and Laughs - What makes me happy?!? Well, scrolling through all these comments and seeing a nice speckling of smiley faces. :) :) :) And knowing that all these people have soemthing to be happy about.

  • Jenny B. - Lots of things make me happy on Thursdays… I picked up my 19-month-old, asked him if he had a good day at school, and he said, “Mm-mh.” My 5-year-old’s books arrived from the book order. He goes to Kindergarten at the University-Model School where I teach 1st grade, and now we get to be home until next Tuesday (we have school Tues/Thurs and homeschool the other days). I love Thursday afternoons! :)

  • Melissa - The fact that I have chocolate truffles after my 2 year old’s poor excuse for a nap! :)

  • Heather - i am so very happy that i got engaged last night to a wonderful man.. yay!!!

  • Jessica Sullivan - Today, watching my 15 year-old-daughter play golf in the rain makes me happy.

  • peta - its friday! the sun is shining and i have the prospect of a whole weekend ahead of me!

    thanks for the chance to win.

  • allison - A best friend coming to town for a long weekend is making me super happy today!

  • Kelly Vaisey - my newly fall decorated mantle;)

  • Heather Moll - Oh wow, love all those photos above your mantle – that is really cool! and that visor is adorable.

    i’m happy because the sun is shining and the weather has finally warmed up for us! yay!

  • Joy - My bathrooms are clean. Happy I am.

  • Vicki - My happy for today comes from an avocado, spinach, lettuce, tomato and a cucumber. I ate a salad. No big deal except for the fact that I haven’t been able to keep anything down for two months because of “all day” sickness due to the little bun cook’n in my oven. Ya for SALAD!!!!

  • Maureen F - My two dogs greeting me at the door when I come home from work. Their wagging tails just scream HAPPY – HAPPY – HAPPY

  • Miranda - My almost 22 month old is cutting his 2 year molars! Yay!

  • Kristina - So cute!!! Happiness for me today…having some quiet time!

  • Heather C - What makes me happy today is that my weekend is here….yippee for no work on Fridays!!! Love your photo collage….how did you do it?

  • Amanda B - Little elbows and knees poking me in the ribs and poking out of my growing belly is making me happy today. 7 weeks until my little one arrives makes me even happier. :)

  • Jenni - 2 things are making me happy. 1. We did a final walk-through on a house we are buying tomorrow. 2. My daughter did great with her 15-month shots.

  • Heather - Well today a toffee nut latte made me very happy! It is like 10x better than hazelnut! How I did not know about this sooner is a mystery. And meeting with my awesome mentor made me happy :)

  • Danielle Albini - So many things have made me happy today. I got to wear a cute new shirt from TJMAxx that made me feel good! I don’t think I am addicted to shopping, but I am addicted to the awesome feeling you get when wearing something new and getting compliments on it!:)(and the text from my hubby who said that I look smokin’…biased man.)

  • tiffani - I’m happy b/c today my mantel is decorated w/leaves, acorns, and pinecone that my 2girls and I picked up on the way home from the park:) Yeah for fall decor:)

  • Clea - That visor would be the perfect antidote to my wild hair. Would love love love xx

  • Crystal F. - Two free drinks at Starbucks…..makes me super happy!! =]

  • Megan LaBelle - My sweet doggy and the fact that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

  • Elisa B. - The pumpkin spice latte I am holding in my hand, and drinking while I type this post. It makes me very very happy.

  • Veronica - Finally getting the garage cleaned out!

  • Karis - I’m happy to be going to a weekend women’s retreat today … and hopefully getting a full night’s sleep!!!!

  • MCA - I am happy today because I chilled out for a few minutes to watch my 2 and 5 year old laugh and play together.

  • Stacy - I was working in the garden and my 2 year old, Ryker, came over and helped me dig and was talking about the carrots and corn.

  • Amy - i’m happy because we got anew dog today. a bassett hound named abraham :)

  • Kim - Coming home to my family (my husband and dog) and a package of baby clothes I just bought for Baby Charlie (due 12/7)!

  • Amy - Today I am happy because we found out that we are having a little baby boy in March!! We are thrilled and can’t wait to meet the little guy!

  • Jessie - Having…or rather “getting” to do bedtime routine with my 3 year old. Daddy usually does it, but he is out of town so mommy is on full duty. I have usually had it by bedtime, but an evening of getting her ready for bed, snuggling with her while we read, and saying prayers brings it all home for me.

  • Lindsay - My 3 month old slept past the 40 minute mark today….it’s the littlest things. :)

  • Ruthy T. - Sharing Cheese Wontons from Ginger Restaurant (Nutley, NJ)with my daughter……..Yummy = Happiness today!

  • Kim@Living with Little People - Finding out Twirling Betty is Australian(yay Aussies and especially all the crafty, entrepreneurial Aussies on Made It!)has made me happy today. As did reading the story of how her grandparents met and fell in love. So sweet.

  • Tina - today, i told my daughter i would miss her when i dropped her off to kindergarten. she then replied with, “oh mom (like she feels my pain), i REALLLLYYYY miss you when I’m gone, too.” *sigh* she makes me heart super PUFFY HEART happy :)
    that’s what made me happy today and that visor would make me happy if i won it as well :)

  • MaryRoseSews - Finding your website and spending several luscious hours reading it makes me VERY happy today! Thank you for such a well thought out blog!

  • jenny - seeing my little girl walk around the corner with her hat on, her play high heels and her “pretties” (which are her necklaces) while pushing her shopping cart that held her baby doll all wrapped up in a blanket. Oh, she also had a bag on her shoulder…she was ready! Totally made me smile!

    Love the visor and I am pretty certain that my 2 yr old and I would also share it! :)

  • Andrea Jene - A wedding weekend at the beach is making me happy today. Sure could use a visor to keep the sun off my face!!!

  • Sara W - My three year old who loves to be near me all day. Today I needed that.

  • Crystal - I was happy when my little boys randomly came up and kissed me on the cheek and said “I love you mom.”

  • Brenda - Watching and playing with my 4 young children in the rain and puddles and listening to their laughter made me happy and brought smiles to all our faces today!!! It was quite a moment!! :-) btw…. great Blog!!!!

  • Carrie Bowers - Where do you print the picture collage over the fireplace? LOVE IT!

  • Ruth - There are so many things making me happy today that I feel like I may burst.

    Seriously, I feel like some weird ray of happiness is shining down on me.

    I should really play the lottery.

    I (finally) got a new car.

    My husband (finally) agreed to let me get an internet phone.

    We found a great babysitter.

    We’re going to Walt Disney World for the weekend.

    I am finally redecorating my bedroom and in one week I found an amazing desk on craigslist for $75, a beautiful chair to go with it at Marshall’s for $50, and a sweet flat-screen TV for half-off in the return pile at Sam’s.

    My kids are healthy and happy and even more adorable than usual.

    I hope I win, but even if I don’t, life is good!

  • Heidi - Today I am happy watching my 3 year old and how excited she gets doing things for the first time. Apple picking, Hay rides, corn mazes… she is at that perfect age where she is starting to get my love of fall!

  • Karen DeMamiel - Today what made me happy is when my infant daughter started crying my son ran over to her and tried to give her a bottle. It was so cute and made me smile in the midst of a crazy day :)

  • Kristen - Today I’m happy because I’m planning to give a very cute “Little Monster” onesie to my friend’s baby for Halloween. I smile just thinking about baby Jacey.

  • Mary - I love that you share with Firecracker. I think it’s absolutely adorable!

    I love the mantel, it looks amazing!!!

    Great post!

  • Amanda - I spent the day at Lake Mead with my husband, daughter, and friends. It was fabulous. Although we had some difficulties getting there. It was an entirely happy day.

  • Amanda - I spend the day at the Lake with my husband, my daughter, and some great friends. And although we had some difficulties in getting there and poor planning, it was a fabulous day. It made me happy.

  • Amanda - I spent the day at the lake with my husband, my daughter, and some good friends. It was a happy day.

  • Lyndee - volleyball, I just got back from a fun game :)

  • Kelly - My little girl is starting to find the humor in our house – she laughed twice today and that makes me happy.

  • jessibee08 - the drizzling rain and smell of fall is making me very happy! also, my hubby being home from a business trip makes me very very happy~ :)

  • Kari Heckman - My one year old daughter started responding to “What does a dog say” with “Bow”-Adorable!

  • Natalie - I was happy my husband brought home a movie for the family to enjoy…and that it was TINKERBELL. What husband does that? Also, maybe sticking a yardstick or a similar long piece of something or other through all the drawer handles from the top would keep firecracker from opening them (or just down one side where all your scissors and glue are?) I had to do a similar thing with my desk drawers a year ago, now we’ve got a little guy and I’m going to have to do that sort of thing all over again.

  • Callie - What made me happy?? Leftovers for dinner and finishing a book. Good times. Thanks for the chance.

  • Dominique - Something that made me happy today was getting to snuggle with my baby girl…now that baby brother is here, she never fusses that she has to share my lap. I cherish the individual time I get with each child and that will always make me happy

  • Lacey McKay - Our scarecrow! His name is Jack. Madison is absolutely terrified of him, so he may not stay very long!

  • Katie M - the vegan chocolate pudding pie I made…hope its yummy! :)

  • Vanessa - Giving to someone in need…keeps me grounded and reminds me that I am more than a just a mom.

  • Abby - It might sound a little corny but one thing that made me happy today was reading your words in this post about the forgiveness of your children. I am not always the most graceful or patient mama and I am floored when throughout the day my littles come up and kiss, cuddle or love on me even when my parenting has been less than spectacular. Thanx to your words I don’t feel so alone ohhh and I am loving your new mantle!

  • Devon - Hearing my daughter Audrey telling me that she missed me. She had just woken up from her nap. Love her!

  • Nichole - What made me happy today is that my 2 1/2 year old boy is pretty much potty training himself. He had a diaper rash so we put a pair of cousin’s undies on him to air out. He wore them for 4 1/2 hours and used the potty 3 times. (I’m glad he’s helping with this…he’s my first.)

  • Leanne Mackenzie - I am happy because today is the beginning of the spring holidays in Australia (NSW). Two glorious weeks with my children at home for pj days, lots of fun and a trip or two to the beach! xo

  • Kara - I am super happy that today for the first time in 3 weeks my son didn’t cry when I dropped him off at preschool! Oh and that I lost 3 pounds this week is an added bonus!!

  • Zhanna - Aside from my kids and hubby who bring me joy each day, your blog is making me happy right about now. Like I said before, I don’t think I will ever get enough of your children. Looking through your pictures each day almost makes me a feel like I am a part of the coolest family ever. And that visor is awesome. Firecracker looks soooooooo cute wearing one! Bottom line, she’s cute ALL the time!

  • margaret - What makes me happy this morning is returning home after a 6 week holiday and having my two little guys completely thrilled by their “new” toys :-)

  • Jaimie - My little got sick last night and I held him and I said ‘it’s okay, Mama’s here’ and he whispered back ‘yeah’ and closed his eyes. He just knows I’ll be there.

  • Amy - Coffee – say no more! ;-D

  • Michelle - Having the day off and spending time with my family!

  • Jamie - What’s making me happy right now is reading Twirling Betty’s blog; tons of cute stuff! Glad you introduced us :)

  • allison - Being married to a farmer…we just got 4 inches of rain…to say the least – he’s not in a great mood. BUT – here’s what makes me happy….he says, “no matter how much rain we get and how frustrated I get, one thing is for sure – Kate’s always smiling (our 7 month old daughter).” She has CHANGED our lives so much and we love her to pieces!

  • Julie A. - This give away is making me happy today! But the best thing about today so far was my husband bringing my little girl (5mon) in to wake me up with her squeals of delight when she saw me. Ahhh…to be so loved.

  • Natalie - the sound of coffee beans grinding, the smell of the coffee brewing and the sound of little bare feet running down the hallway

  • Kimberly - knowing fall is on the horizon… been in the 90s all week, but supposedly 80 degrees it on its way!

  • Faith - My Ella (1) is dancing in circles in the living room to the Sesame Street theme song. And she gets dizzy and falls down. Hap-py.

  • Jenna - When I saw my fiance before he left for work and I got butterflies. I’m so happy that I still have that feeling after 2.5 years and I hope it never goes away. :)

  • Elissa - I’m so happy it’s Friday and we can crash tonight as a family, watch “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” and eat pizza after being sick but go, go going all week!

  • Megan H. - I am happy to be in Tulsa. Visiting family, Snapshops this weekend, a trip to Braum’s…I am a happy girl!

  • Danielle - A beautiful crisp breeze it makes me think we might actually get fall in Oklahoma after all.

    Love you mantel collage that is so awesome! I want one!

  • Lisa - My computer is having issues, so forgive me if this posts twice:
    My 4 and 5 year old kiddos are completing their art lesson for today ( FYI: Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes is super fun!) When they complete the lesson, they get to add color however they wish. I love to see how their individual personalities come out in such an array of creativity. It’s just another reminder of how God made us so unique and special and THAT makes me so happy (and grateful!)

  • Ang - My happiness today comes from the fact that my two year old son reached the “big” candle off our kitchen table. That fact normally wouldn’t make me happy; however, he has told me thank you countless times and it has kept him occupied all morning, which has allowed me to do some much needed (and neglected) housework. Hooray for unexpected things!

  • Lauren - I love the visor… and what makes me happy, is that despite having a terrible sinus infection, but kids had the biggest smiles this morning (when I really needed it and didn’t want to leave them for work) and their eyes were sparkling… It just made me melt.

  • Trudy - I’m happy two year old b/g twins are playing longer together each day.

  • Danielle - A beautiful crisp breeze it makes me think we might actually get fall in Oklahoma after all.

    Love you mantel collage that is so awesome! I want one!

  • Roz - Fall + Friday + Red wine = happy :)

  • Lacey - I’m excited about spending the weekend up in the mountains with my little family- cooler weather and time together!!!

  • Melyssa - That it’s Friday!!! & we are going home to visit family this weeknd.

  • nori - sorry… i don’t mean to be cheesy, but your post totally made me happy/laugh! that picture of your son and the grasshopper was awesome! so amazing that you caught that moment… priceless.

  • Holly T - Happy for a day alone getting to do all the chores I can´t do with my appendage. Then, happy again, at seeing my appendage get off the bus because all day I felt like something was missing. Oh the joys of motherhood.

  • Jeannette - Fall is in the air – it is getting so close! I’ll be super happy when I get some pumpkins and mums to decorate with.

  • Asha - Thinking about buying a huge puzzle and making it a family effort is making me happy today. Getting around to buying it….that’s a challenge.

  • Brittany - Thanks for sharing PugleyPixel! I used one of their cute overlays today :)

  • Rena Frey - How did you do your new mantle? I love it and would love to make one similar! Can you do a blog post on it? Pretty please? :)

  • Shae - I am happy b/c I have a three week old snuggled up to my chest while I go blog surfing.

  • kristi - we are having a garage sale today- so hopefully getting rid of some stuff- that makes me happy!

  • Rachael B - praying with my friends during lunch made me happy today. we never pray together :)

  • Brooke - My husband makes me happy. As I’m reading your blog he said, “is that Ashley Ann?”….oh gosh Ashley….you know it’s gotten out of control when he really knows you by name.
    I love that you re-did that awesome drawer “thing”….wondering how you made it happen with all the hardware…did you take it all off?
    I hope you are having a great FRIDAY!

  • Kellye P. - My office closed @ 1p. today and walked outside to 95 degree temperatures! Since I was able to make it to my favorite gift shop in town before they closed, I got to enjoy all of their new Fall decorations, new Yankee candle scents, and the employees beautiful happy faces! God is good, all the time!

  • renata - Today I’m happy for 2 hour naps!!! And a pretty blue sky.

  • Tracy - I am so happy to read creative blogs like yours!!!

  • Ranee - beautiful fall weather!!

  • RachelC - Free OU/texas tickets!!! Hooray!

  • Anne S. - My sweet girls have made me happy today. We had a rough start this morning, but it has ended up a very nice day.

  • Joy Andrews - A couple of hours ago I had 4 kiddos 2 and under! I made it!
    that makes me happy for today!

  • natashaskitchen.comn - My son no longer has his fever (which lasted 4 days!) and he is his happy self again. I love to see him smiling and making a happy mess again.

  • Abigail - Spending time the day with my 2 littles (4 and 2 yrs), feeling #3 flutter inside my belly, and the feel of freshly mopped floors under my feet (even if I know it will all be over when nap time ends!!)

  • Cathy - happiness is a clean house (courtesy of our eco-friendly housecleaner – she makes her own cleaning solution and today she tried grapefruit!).
    happiness is a napping baby.
    happiness is my 5-year-old telling me that school is her new favorite place (it was summer camp a couple weeks ago).

  • Sandy - I’m very happy that I got to help an elderly couple today. I was able to clean out their refrigerator. It wasn’t a fun job but knowing that I was doing something for them that they could not do for themselves….HAPPY, very HAPPY!

  • chrissy - I LOVE the picture over the mantel!!!! seriously LOVE IT!

  • Kim Inge - My mom drove up from Tennessee to visit me today! That made me happy!

  • Kate - Right now what makes me happy most of all is feeling my baby move around inside of me.

  • Nancy - Seeing my oldest daughter make her baby sister laugh.

  • Heather - my youngest is 7 months old and it makes me happy that his older brother (2 1/2 yrs old) has discovered that he’s not yucky, that he’s fun and that they can play together… so much fun to watch, makes me so joyful that I have them in my life.

  • christen krumm - What makes me happy today is that on Monday, my friend is coming over and we’re making cloth diapers. Also, it’s makes me happy to find vintage pyrex at good prices :) And the visor makes me really happy :)


  • Amanda Mc - I am happy today because my baby girl and I have a fun play date with some great friends, and she has decided to take a really long nap before we go!

  • Another twirling betty giveaway « twirling betty - […] of my own) and throw your hat in the ring to win a twirling betty polka dot visor by commenting on this post on her blog. Quick sticks though – she’s drawing it on […]

  • Cristina C - I helped bring 5 babies into the world today! That puts a huge smile on my face and in my heart!

  • Leigh - The thought of having something new to contain my daughters crazy hair makes me happy.

  • Amanda Ciskowski Madl - I am happy today because I just watched my girly girl play her little heart out on the soccer field for the second week in a row. She was running down the field in her new pink cleats, keeping up with all the boys with a smile on her face the entire time despite the fact that her team was losing and I know she’s as competitive as her mom. Sometimes I think I have alot to learn from her. :o)

  • Becki - Having my 6 week old snuggled up to my chest, my 19 month old filling my ears with her sugary squeals, and my 4 year old…well, being 4!!!!!

  • Megan - Watching my son light up and crawl as fast as his chub will take him when his daddy walks in the room :)

  • Ms Muffin - It is hard to narrow it down to just one thing! I had an awesome day today so there are so many things …
    I went to a second hand market and bought a whole bunch of clothes for my kiddos for a really good price! I LOVE that! :-)
    (This market is only held twice a year so I am always REALLY looking forward to it!)
    At a totally unexpected fleamarket stall I bought books for 10cents each (I live in Germany and 10 cents is basically like nothing). AND among the armload of books I took – it was raining like crazy otherwise I would have gotten even more – I discovered at home there was a book that I remember checking out of the library when I was a kid about handmaking things. Projects like crocheting and other “yarn things”. It is exactly the same book I read as a kid and it is in AWESOME shape – even still has the pattern sheets. I still can not believe that I got that for 10 cents.
    My daughter showed me today that is can spell out words. It is still slow … but she is only five and I am SO proud of her!
    My baby boy is walking like crazy. He is 11 months old and by now is not really walking anymore but it almost looks like running. 😉 Proud of him, too. Oh, and he gave me kisses today. Made me very happy. Last couple of days everytime I asked for a kiss he shook is head. Apperently he figured the “head-shaking-thing” out and did it whenever I asked him something and found my reaction too funny!
    AND another thing that made me happy just now! It is still raining like crazy which means tonight NO mosquitos coming in from outside! YEAH! They really have been annoying me lately!
    Guess you could say that I am a pretty happy person today! :-)
    Oh, and twirly betty – posts also always make me happy … and her post send me over… So I am trying my luck to win one of her oh so cute visors!!!
    Thanks for the give-away!

  • Shannon - a wonderful Sat. evening at home with my little family

  • Becca - Picking up 100 great used children’s books today for free makes me SO happy!! 😉

  • Jennifer - What makes me happy is the sound of my husband and 3 yr. old son sitting at the kitchen table playing with play-doh right now!:)

  • emily - waking up from a lovely family nap before everyone else and having a snack all to myself while i peruse your blog… happy.

  • Andrea Martin - On Chincoteague island with my two kids:o) Showing themthe sights that I loved when I was a little girl

  • kristie cromie - My 4 month old son got to sink his feet in a sandy beach today for the first time. That makes me happy!

  • Bridget - Being with my niece and nephew all day today!!! water guns, star wars build-a-bear, park play time, naps and all!

  • Jen C - My 3 year old son and my husband are putting together some Ikea shelves in the room next to me…I can hear my little guy muttering “Now where’s my drill?”…. It’s too cute and definitely making me smile!

  • Kristi James - One thing that makes me happy today is that I am inspired by so many wonderful blogs lately, enough to do a photo a day challenge and it has made me grow as a mother, a blogger, and a photographer!! 😀 aaahh…. it’s just a MAGNIFICENT DAY… I truly can’t take the smile off my face!

  • susie whyte - oh, ashley..that mantle is beautiful!! to me photos communicate more than words can sometimes. i love it.
    look at all of those drawers…i’m almost 30 and i want to sit and pull them all open to examine the craft supplies inside! :)

    something that is making me happy today?? little facebook comments from several of my friends that have really boosted my self confidence and motivated me to keep doing what i’m doing. they always know just what to say!

  • JoLynn - That is such a cute visor! I am happy today because my girls are happy and healthy and I have a handy and helpful husband. {Yikes, could I use any more words that start with an “h”?} :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Kristina - Today, and nearly everyday, I am happy because I have that rare kind of soul-warming, toe-curling, winking, silly, cuddly, tender, tickling, giggling & passionate LOVE with my husband! Then our princess multiplies it by infinity!!!

  • Samantha - When my daughter stamps around the room with joy, like a jubilant buffalo, at the sight of “gapes” (grapes)!

  • Allison - being with my dear friend at her home for a long weekend of playing with her toddler, cooking, chatting, decorating, and shopping out at Round Top… these weekends are hard to beat

  • Esther Nelson - Today in Africa, it makes me happy to see God moving in Swaziland!

  • Beth - What makes me happy is seeing my friend and her husband with their new baby girl. The doctors said they would never get pregnant, but now they have a miracle baby.

  • Anne - Your photography is stunningly beautiful! I am enamored with your site!

  • Rachel L - A lazy Sunday with my husband … lovely.

  • Julie - My one year old who finally learned to say ” I love you, too” The too is automatic whether I said I love you first or not. That will always make me happy!

  • Emily F - I’m happy to be home and that it is finally fall weather!

  • crystal - whats making me happy? i had an awesome day with my 3 little ones and now they are all snug in bed and i’m curled up on the couch going through the pictures thinking of all the fun we had.

  • Jessica Haskett - I am happy today that I have a chance to win one of these super cute visors that my little and I could share!! XOXO!

  • jessica h - Today my oldest little guy told us he wanted to take a nap…and then went in his room and TOOK ONE without screaming or coming out!! This has been a major struggle for a couple of months, and I can not tell you how happy it makde me! I even got a nap myself!! :)

  • Heather G. - I am so happy to hear my 23 month old say “yes maam, no maam” and happy that I had some good quality cuddle time with my 9 week old. That little visor is too adorable! After reading your post about Twirling Betty I have added her to my favorite blogs. She is now up there with you, A Beautiful Mess, poppytalk, Smile and Wave and Spearmint Baby…

  • Lissy - Sun shiny spring weather is making me happy!

  • Tessa - Listening to the rain splatter in my bird bath outside the window!

  • Stephanie - How cute thanks for turning me on to another great blog. My girls make me happy. I have 4 two by birth 2 foster. They make me smaile and laugh.

  • Nicole Ridella - My 4.5 year old with a unicorn painted on the side of her face is making me happy. She can’t stop admiring herself in the mirror! LOL.

  • Kat - my 3 year old woke me up this morning by telling me “You’re the bestest bestest bestest mom in the wholest widest world.” I’ll probably have a good WEEK because of that comment!

  • lifeologia - I am happy – oh this is horribly – because my daughter stayed over at grandma’s and won’t be back until tomorrow! YES!, I mean – I miss her soo much 😉

  • jina - A little girl who today wants to cuddle, even if it is because she is sick!

  • Katie Stoterau - Quiet nap time!

  • Donna - The rain is making me happy today, believe it or not, because we badly need it here in VA.

  • Becky - I’m happy because Ashley Ann is making it so much less scary for me to think about the world of motherhood

  • Tammy - What’s making me happy? Sitting in a chair, flying through the air, above the clouds and surfing the net! Love in-flight internet! WOW!

  • Christy - My baby girl was sick today but the snuggles we enjoyed made me very happy.

  • Quincie Cotrill - I love your new mantle and especially the mural above it! How did you do that? Was it a diy or did you Photoshop all of that together and have it made or was it printed by your photo lab that way. I use Cpq photo lab! Haven’t seen anything like that!!! Love it:)!

  • Holly - Ashley……I have the same set of 30 drawers as in your picture…and they are also avocado green! Can you PLEASE share how you painted/updated your drawers? I would LOVE some help!!


  • twirling betty cake bunting now available – and you could win some! « twirling betty - […] Hello to all my lovely new subscribers who have arrived from Ashley Ann’s fabulous blog. I just want you to know (and I think those who have been reading this blog for a while would […]