I’ll be back soon, but for now I am content to be away…

If you have read this blog any length of time you know what a big fan I am of Meg and her blog. I love the way she writes (in fact I want to ‘enter’ after each sentence just thinking of her now). There was a brief time that I didn’t enjoy her blog so much…she had a HUGE frog as her header pic…I hate frogs. Thankfully she removed that picture and we are friends again. Meg’s blog is full of color and life…like Meg. At least that is what I imagine her to be since we haven’t met in person – yet. I love the post she is sharing here today. Makes me want to go trash digging and she challenges me to be productive with my time! You are going to want to curl up under a polka dot quilt with a coffee and spend hours reading her archives. It is a happy place. She makes me happy.

for my 10 for 10 post i thought i would show you my 10 favorite
items i have picked up at thrift shops, flea markets or antique stores.
i love a bargain.
i love to trash pick.
i love finding something junky and making it awesome.
i LOVE when my husband says “you paid money for that?!”
because it always means he will later say “that looks great honey…good choice.”
hope you enjoy my top 10.
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  • mary - love meg’s style and blog
    and now she brings us to you….i love yours too!!!!

  • keely - Although there was no polka dot quilt involved, I have spent HOURS reading her archives and being encouraged and inspired. Thanks for introducing us to her!

  • Jodi - I love Meg’s blog too. I read hers and yours every morning!!! Hope you are having fun.

  • Julia - I love Meg’s finds – I wish I could make things work in such a happy way like she does.

    Love your website too!

  • Lisa Johnson - I have actually dreamed about Meg’s house. I love it that much! So friendly and welcoming and full of life.

  • Sarah@Clover Lane - Meg’s house pics….I beg for them. Her style is awesome, and fun and family friendly.

  • Christy - I’m a huge fan of Meg’s love this post.

  • Kelly - So many fun finds. Happy to see the photo of the globes. :)

    I’ve been on the look out for Santa mugs since I saw your Christmas pic of them two years ago (?) but a lot of the ones I see Santa has a dumb expression, not jolly at all. :(


  • HEATHER R. - Love both your blogs! :)

  • Nicole - agreed – very fun and inspiring! headed there now…more pics? I hope so!

  • Rebekah - That “READ” bedroom was my introduction to Meg. LOVE her! And how fun to learn the stories behind some of the great pieces in her home.

  • amanda torres - Took some mental pics. Next goal…replicate her house in mine.

  • Lori - Oh my goodness – what great finds! Can’t wait to check out her blog

  • jessica h - cute! cute! CUTE!!! thanks for the inspiration–it made me so happy to share in your joy of all things old, given new life :)

  • lifeologia - AWESOME!
    I knew Meg was coming up eventually ;D
    I feel like getting some spray paint to my old things after reading this post 😉

  • Kacey - Love Meg’s style – and yours, too!

  • purejoy - i think at the heart of a creative person is the ability to visualize the potential. the future. the outcome. to see beyond something and envision it’s future life and purpose. it’s like an artsy fortune teller. but in meg’s case… doer.

  • Angela Carter - love, love Meg’s blog! whatever is one of my fav words (ha). actually, the first thing I do every morning when I can actually sit down and have some computer time is check THIS blog and then Meg’s or vice versa! Love them both!!!!

  • Heather - i love finding treasures and now i’m completely inspired to ditch my plans for the day and spend it at the thrift store.

  • amy jupin - well now this sure made my day!
    me and meg…we’s like peas and carrots!!
    now if only we knew each other in real life… :)

  • patti - two happy places collided this morning. so happy to see it! :)

  • Dacia - Being a thrift store/antique store/garage/craigslist sale junky myself, I loved this post! Gives me inspiration to keep digging through stuff :)

  • amber - I was waiting for a whatever post:). Been lovin’ Meg for a long time now….oh the polka dots.

  • Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. - I adore Meg and her blog. I’m never so happy and inspired as when I see pics of her house!

  • kat - Meg has been one of my favorite bloggers for a few years now. I love all the color in her pictures and in her home. Such a fun soul!

  • kat - Meg has been one of my favorite bloggers for a few years now. She is so real and I love all the color in her pictures and in her home.

  • sarah W. - I love Meg & her fantastic blog :)

    And those lockers take me back to a really fun day with new friends
    Well and back to a sad moment, where I realized i’d have to not only leave behind new friends, but fabulous things I wouldn’t be able to drag on a plane.

    I love all your finds, Meg!

  • Tere - You are still perfect on a guest blog. And thanks for the link to another blog to follow :)

  • a pocket full of posies - Meg, Ashley, and Julie…my daily “three muskateers!” Love ya’ll!

  • jenny - love your post and all of your treasures! It’s a post after my own heart! 😉
    I often come home from sales to hear my husband say those same words. :)

  • Courtney Henson - I am a regular at Meg’s blog and love, love, love everything about it. I loved seeing these pictures though…a lot of them were familiar having seen them around but never realized they were all Meg! Her style is so my style except hers is what mine would be in my dream house with all my dream things…not attained in my own house yet…great inspiration!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, that is great! I love Meg!

  • Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - Big treat…love it when she shows her house. So happy, colorful and eclectic:)

  • Linden - I love the title of your blog, Meg. “Whatever…” I admit that I frequently forget to think on whatever is true and noble and trustworthy and LOVELY. what a sweet gift from the Lord for me to see your blog today when I needed a reminder to see all that is lovely in the world. thank you.

  • Kristin S - Two of my favorite blogs together!

  • valerie @ Chateau A La Mode - Fun, fun, fun…that’s what I think of all the finds and of Meg!

  • Cherish Stockdale - Meg’s house is AMAZING!!

  • ingrid blanchette - heart everything about her and her beautiful house! wish i lived in kansas because so.cal doesn’t have those great barn sales that she gets to go to!

  • Philly - I am loving these guest posts. However, it adds more and more to my list of blogs to catch up with every day. Therefore, my productivity has gone down a bit each day. Haha. I’m glad you’re taking some nice time off!

  • Monica - AWESOME FINDS MEG!! Your a lucky girl.. Luv the blog too..

  • Ashley - VERY inspiring! i cant get enough of end tables, mirrors and chandeliers… they feed a spray paint additction for sure :) great job meg… love your home!

  • KaraM - Of course we all love Meg’s blog…she’s a classic! 😀
    Ashley, I loved your comment about entering after each sentence.
    Hence the entering, all in honor of the Whatever Blog!

  • Kirra Sue - OH, OH, OH. I loved every single thing. Sooo fun!!!!

  • Mara - Can’t wait to go “garage saling” this weekend!

  • Danielle - I want your house! Maybe you should decorate mine?

  • Grace - Say “DUH” if you want, but I swear I saw that room with “READ” in it in a magazine :)

  • Grace - Say “DUH: if you want to but I could swear that I saw that picture of the room with “READ” in it in a magazine :) You Rock!!!

  • Amnah - <3 Need I say more?

  • wedding invitation kits - Love Meg’s blog as well. So glad she introduced you to us.

  • Tabitha - WOW! I wish I had the eye for design that Meg does. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • aimee - brilliance! OK, you’ve convinced me with that excellent mirror – i’ve wanted to paint over a foofy gold mirror for a while with a foofy bright color, and now i’m going to do it!

  • Pam - Absolutely Beautiful and Redelicious! I love the touch of red because it is my favorite color.

  • Tracu Fisher - I wish Meg would come to my house and “do up” my daughters room. …. So, if you are ever in Gig Harbor…. I’ll trade you for a painting (see http://www.tfisherart.com... I will be finished with it this Friday… new look… new stories). I love when people use their God given talents for good. -Tracy

  • JoLynn - Okay, I am going to HAVE to check out her blog. I LOVE these pictures and am in love with going out trash and bargain-hunting too!!

  • Susie - Meg of Whatever_ You have a great eye, thanks for the eye candy tonight :) LOVE the READ room decor!

  • Leah - why oh why can’t I have this eye that you have? You can make a steal if you could replicate it into a glass eye. I would pay a hefty dollar for it =) Please let me know if you are able to find a glass eye at a garage sale and turn it into an ashley ann Eye =)

  • Patricia Teo - I’m jealous! We don’t have enough garage sale nor treasures around here!

  • sunny - Hello! Found your blog via your sons’ bedroom post referred to on Ohdeedoh recently. LOVE your blog and your photography.

    Thanks for sharing your finds and how you use them around the house. That’s what most sites/blogs are missing: how the items can look in your home – blending in with the other items you have. I especially like your bathroom!

  • Jenny B. - Love everything! Thank you for sharing, Meg! And thank you, Ashley, for sharing Meg! :)

  • crystal - Love both of your blogs! Read them both almost everyday & trust me, if I miss a day, I go back & catch up……which is what I’m doing today, I had a crazy busy week! I’m so glad you can both put a smile on my face. Meg, you make me happy and also good to know I’m not the only one that has a bad day every now & then. Ashley, you make me want to get all my DIY projects done! I love all your stuff & ideas! Got my ticket for the Christmas Gathering on Thursday night……I’ve been following your blog ever since last year & I’m so so glad I was there & introduced to your blog, which introduced me to Meg’s blog a while back! : )

  • Brooke Whitis - Oh meg, all your posts make me smile! I love all your treasures!!

  • Better Than Naked Vintage - what great finds! I love the refurbished mirror! Great color choice.

I am so glad you are enjoying the guest posts…I am:)I have AMAZING friends – both in the real world and online! Today is a boring old post from yours truly. There are still several guest posts lined up, but I wanted to keep you guessing when they’ll be posted. I have been enjoying my time away…taking lots of pictures. I am so used to writing this blog everyday I do feel a little lost being away from it. Onto the post….which if you are confused – I wrote it before my ‘break’.


FireCracker makes blog appearances a lot…it seems like the smaller they are the easier it is to get fun pictures of them. At the last SnapShop we talked a bit about older kids. It made me begin to think about Biggest Brother. As I thought about his days and what sets them apart from the younger kids, I wanted to capture those differences. With school in session he doesn’t play as much Legos, but he does have homework. Sometimes we don’t capture the ‘boring’ or ‘uninteresting’ aspects of our days…but I think they are just as important.

So today I am sharing 10 photos of Biggest Brother doing his spelling homework. Nothing exciting about the activity, but it is a part of his days as a 6 year old. It makes me wonder what he’ll look like when he is 16 and doing homework.

Photo Tip: Pay attention to the light in these photos. You can tell how much better the photos are when I am standing between the window and Biggest Brother. When I move to his backside there is not as much light and the quality of the photo is reduced. Always point your subject towards a window (with indirect light) when you have the option. And change your angles!

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  • emily anderson - glad you are having fun on your break!
    i have a request…when you get back, please take a picture of that couch and the wall behind it…i want to see it in plain view!

  • Kristin - Great tips, great angles, cute as anything house styling. Love it – thanks for the peek.

  • Rebecca - Love the pic with the view from under the table.

  • Georgia - these are priceless…love the ones with the tongue sticking out…VERY 6 years old!

  • Jennifer - I’d love a detailed shot of that wall too :)
    Super cute photos!! :)

  • purejoy - yes on the couch and the wall!!

    love that little tongue sticking out. and the crossed feet. and doing homework on a portable tray. great idea! gorgeous shots. even the mundane can be stunningly beautiful!

  • amanda torres - These pictures tell so much. I love watching kids work. With their brain so focused, their little bodies tell so much. The tongue, the hands, the feet, the eyes…it’s all so beautiful. I’m betting little will change in his ‘working’ mannerisms when he’s older. It’s like your real belly laugh. You just can’t change it.

  • Rachel - I just want you to know that I look forward to your post every day, you or your guests. It’s definitely my favorite. I really appreciate your willingness to show off your beautiful children and the envy-worthy life that you lead with them. At 26 and getting married in two years, I hope my life is full of beauty and love, just like yours seems to be. Thanks for always sharing!!

  • Lori - thank you for the tips – i love all the different angles – especially the one looking down at his paper.

  • Stacy - May I ask what lens you shoot with around the house? I just can’t seem to take one good photo (granted, I live in Seattle and it’s never that bright) in the house!

  • meg duerksen - cute cute cute.

    i won’t ask for a shot of the wall….because i know everyone else will. :) i don’t have to.

  • Katrina - Very cute. It is so easy to remember to get the camera out when something fun is going on, but I’d like to remember some of the mundane too. I love the little details like the hand on the head and the tongue sticking out. (I do that too.) Thanks for sharing.

  • Ellen J - I’m a 1st grade teacher, and I absolutely love watching them write sometimes – their concentration is so focused!! Love the pictures. :)

  • Gevay - Cute boy! I love the tongue sticking out while he concentrates!

  • jennie - welcome back! if even for a small amount of time. As much as I love love LOVE the guest posts, i will not lie… i come to this blog for you. I keep seeing bits and pieces of your family room wall in photos, either in a blurry background or a small snippet of it in the corner of a photo. I want to see that whole wall! and your inspiration for the drawn on frames! I love them! Thank you for being my favorite ever

  • Cindy - Love pics of the everyday stuff!!! Spelling words DOMINATE our week… I will have to get some pics of Hope at work mastering these crazy words! Hope you’re having a blast!!!!

  • Lindsay - he’s really starting to change. his features and everything. he’s really growing up. It’s strange how I feel like I know him through your blog… :)

  • Lisa Johnson - Yes! It is so important to capture the everyday. As a mom of quickly growing-up children (my baby turns 10 tomorrow!), I applaud your thoughtfulness about the “mundane.” I have so many photos of children blowing out candles, but how wonderful to get to see a glimpse of who they are at a certain stage. Gap-toothed and barefoot and tongue out. All boy! Love it!

  • jessica h - that was great :) those are the important mundane moments we’ll all want pictures of later–thanks!! ENJOY your time away!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Such a great point… with a 10 and 7 year old, I need to get creative about how to capture our everydays!

  • Mara - His little tongue cracks me up… true concentration!

  • Asha - I love posts about biggest brother, he’s losing teeth and learning to spell just like my 6 year old boy.

  • Getty Images Representative Philippines - Very beautiful photos! They have such a light quality about them.

Let me introduce you to Julie of Joy’s Hope. She is hilarious, random, fun, full of joy and always makes me smile. I first ‘met’ Julie when I purchased a Cora Messy Flower pin from her etsy store. After Jess’ daughter Cora Paige passed away, Julie jumped to action to help raise money for the playground being built in Cora’s honor. Julie made awesome Messy Flower pins – she took what she knew how to do (and do mightily well) and used it to benefit someone else. Julie donated the profits from those pins to the playground fund and she sparked a movement of other etsy sellers doing the same. I love that about her. She did what she loved…for someone else…sacrficially…it multiplied more than she could have ever imagined. She still does that kind of stuff all the time. She is generous like that. Another reason I enjoy her blog is the randomness…you never know exactly what you are going to get, but you always know it is going to be good. Meet my friend Julie…
Well hello, I’m Julie and it sure is nice to meet you.

I’m a nerdy, Jesus loving, recovering Diet Pepsi addict. I am all about flip flops on rainy days, English literature, going to the movies alone and anything turquoise. I can’t be in the same room as someone eating a popsicle and the smell of ketchup or bananas makes me gag. I used to hate the color pink, but now have a houseful of girls. I am married to a youth pastor, wish I was still a teenager and would go back to high school in minute. I am not ashamed to admit my love for Star Wars or the fact that I pretend that Dave Matthews is my boyfriend. I am a horrible sleeper, have a compulsive need to sew or bake something every day and fight with my A.D.D. on a continual basis. I hate talking on the phone, or talking in general, but am the best listener you will find, fiercely loyal and way too sensitive for my own good. I don’t remember the last time I was bored and having a day with nothing to do is on the top of my bucket list. I may or may not need to enter a twelve step program for spray paint addiction.

Which brings me to why I am here.


When pondering what I would choose for my 10 in 10 topic, there really was no other choice.  Well, there are my ten inches of roots, or the ten dentist appointments I am currently suffering through, but honestly who wants to hear about that?

So I came back to one of my favorite things.  Spray paint.

Spray paint is happiness.  It is fast.  It is easy.  It is cheap.  You can change the ordinary into extraordinary.  Then change it again.  But most of all, how great is it when my thirty-ish self gets carded while buying it at Home Depot?  Seriously, cashier boy, you just made my day.

What can one do with spray paint?

What can’t one do?

1. Who doesn’t need a lime green canopy bed in the middle of a suburban running trail?

(photo by Drew B.)

2. Or a 1980’s-tastic Craigslist find, turned into a funky guest bed?

3. Dollar store trays?  Bring it on.

4.  An old broken camera?  Instant artsy sculpture.

5.  A cookbook holder? Coincidentally painted to match my favorite cookbook.

6.  My squirrel loving daughter’s pinecone collection?  From cabin to chic.

7.  Ikea frames?  Still waiting for pictures, yet still sassariffic.

8.  An accidental project?  Born out of the silhouette of said Ikea frames.

9.  Giant, easy and cheap wall art?  Done in one night while watching Man Shops Globe.

10.  A reminder of someone who changed my life?  Quietly comforting me in unexpected moments.

If per chance all of this bright Caribbean color makes me crazy in a few weeks, months, or years, I can always paint everything white or beige….

But that will never happen.

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  • Amy - Great post!! I never considered having a fling with spray paint, but after this post I am now considering… Love the ‘accidental project’!

  • amanda torres - To see TPW on here brings joy to my heart. I love Julie already.

  • Lesley - Love this post and I now feel compelled to go buy a bunch of spray paint! Love the canopy bed and camera, oh, and the wall art! Very cool.

  • Marla Taviano - You had me at turquoise and popsicle-crunching (UGH!) and a houseful of girls. LOVE this post with all its color. I NEED SOME SPRAY PAINT. Off to check out your blog!!

  • Gevay - You always get your paint so nice looking. I need some tips on spray painting!

  • Erin - Great post, and great ideas! Love your blog Julie, thanks for sharing your life with us! And BTW, like Ashley mentioned, you are hilarious..

  • meg duerksen - where are the hockey masks? :)
    love ya julie.

  • alamama - Love her and her blog! Love all of the colors!

  • allison - Oh my gosh, what a great list! I’m already dreaming about my own Ikea frame display…

  • Kelly Clarke - Julie… I just read Joy’s story and it touched me to the core. I’m at work (I know I shouldn’t be reading blogs :), but I check Ashley’s every morning for a dose of happiness to get my day going) and I broke down crying. Her story stopped me in my tracks today and reminded me of see how blessed I am… Thank you so much for sharing your story and helping me to remember God’s grace!

  • ingrid blanchette - love this post and love her blog..follow it every day. i love her crafting ideas and love for jesus! i was 6 months pregnant and he is now in heaven….julie’s story is one that i go to often to help heal my heart.

  • stephanie - Adorable, as usual! That wall art is one of my most favorite things – Love her blog. :)

  • Rebecca - I love the pine cones. Now out with it, how do you prevent your fingers from cramping when spraying! I used spray paint on some vintage metal lawn chairs and my pointer finger was not happy with me.

  • Aimee - Instead of doing my two projects that are due next week and studying for a test, I will be hunting down pine cones today! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creations!

  • Evie - love all that color! i am constantly going back and forthe b/t color vs white… it’s very exhausting and i am so inconsistant! but i LOVE this post!

  • Heather - everything she does makes me happy!

  • kate - i love someone who isn’t afraid of color…it makes me feel a little less like rainbow brite myself! just recently made a go with spray paint and loved it….i think it will soon be a new addiction… thanks for sharing all your blog finds ashley

  • huana - Love the colors,but most of all I love the hat your daughter is wearing on the first picture!Lots of fun!

  • Amy - I think I’m in love with the pine cones! My friend actually turned me onto your blog a few months ago because of your salty caramel cupcakes(fab!). I plan on making the cupcake pint jars for my sis-in-laws baby shower. Love your blog and the meaning behind it!

  • Kelly - Love! I had no idea spray paint could make so many things beautiful! I can already tell this will be one of my favorite blogs!

  • Angela - The pinecones! My son is always bringing home “treasures” like that when we go on walks in the neighborhood. He wants to keep them but I never know where to put them. We can SPRAY them and keep them out. That will SO make his day! (Even if the cutesy treasures turn into weapons later in the day. He’s a boy afterall!)

  • Marina - Great projects! Can you do a post on how to spray paint? I’ve just never had much luck with it, but I’m sure I must be doing something wrong. Just the other day, I tried to spray paint a bunch of picture frames (which were in perfect condition, I just wanted a new color). Sounds easy-peasy, but they turned out looking all drippy. I prepped the frames before painting and tried to do extremely thin coats, but nothing I tried worked. I ended up throwing them away. :( I need a spray painting tutorial!

  • Kristin S - What a great post!
    I’m a spray-paint-aholic but maily stick to black or white. I think it is time to break out!

  • Amy - I love Julie. So cool that she’s a guest on this blog that I also love :)

  • Mandy B - I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who listens to Dave pretending the song was written specifically for her. Great post Julie – thanks for sharing!

  • christy mandin - Oh man! Julie, I have that same cookbook holder (except not in that pretty color) AND I love P-Dub as well! She was my first ever ‘blog-addiction’ AND I got to meet her in Atlanta at one of her book signings! And, all of your ideas are sooooo cute! I guess I’ll be adding you to my favorites!

  • Shannah - LOVE it! I’m totally going to use these ideas for shoots in the future! :-)

  • Ms. Ranty Pants herself - White!? Beige!? BLECH. LOVE the colors. Beautiful and vibrant and fun.

  • Granny Sandy - Sure glad you are one of Ashley’s friends, would have hated to miss your 10 of 10. I love all the bright colors, one can never get tired of color. You have given me a couple of good ideas to run with, now, all I need is spray paint. Thanks for sharing.

  • patti - I love how blog-lands collide. I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the other blogs I frequent featured here on Under the Sycamore! Have a great weekend!

  • Dina - I remember seeing/loving the bed on drew’s blog and the ikea frames? fab! off to “meet” you on your blog!

  • Peta - I found Julie’s blog via Meg’s and have been inspired ever since . More people need to embrace her attitude to life!

  • craftytammie - great projects, those colors are so happy! nice to hear i’m not the only one who hates talking on the phone and loves going to the movies alone!

  • Jenni Carlisle - Oh, how I love Julie so…let me count the ways! She inspires me in every way!

  • Lori - Love, love Joy’s Hope. Thanks for spotlighting such a fun, inspirational blogger! :)

  • Mara - great ideas! I am thinking I need to try out some spray paint!

  • Christene {WhipperBerry} - Spray paint! Can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks Julie!

  • Amber - what great inspiration! i think i shall go buy some spray paint. i could seriously turn my home around. hmmmm…what will i paint first???

  • Joy Andrews - I knew spray paint is pretty fun-but not as much fun as you just made it!

  • The Sitting Tree - I love what you did with the trays!! I’ve been looking for an inexpensive idea for tiered displays, and this will work perfect!

  • blujeanmama - I must find an old broken camera IMMEDIATELY! Really cute post.

  • purejoy - oh.my.word. i have a new friend. adopt me!!
    mayonaise makes me gag (the smell, the taste and trying to spell it)

  • Anna - I also have a love of Spray Paint!! My friends all laugh; they don’t understand the addiction! Nothing better than a weekend spent recreating things you already love!

  • jessica h - I LOVE the spray-paint-tastic-ness! I haven’t embraced the stuff…yet….but today might just be the day :) I read your “what’s in a name” post. I just wanted to say “thanks” for sharing your story, sister~what a picture of a journey of grace~

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, I love, love, love Julie. She is amazing.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, I love, love, love Julie!

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  • KWell - uR style & ideas R abSOlutlEfabUlous!!

  • Kimberly - I randomly found your page through Pinterest. Your page is lovely!
    Question: how did you paint the pine cones?


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  • Mimi - Thanks for sharing this joyful space!

  • gloria - Julie of Joy’s hope! Very fitting! Loved the color, brightened my days!!!

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  • Sharlene Leatherman - I love your blog, you are so funny! You have a lot of awesome ideas, all of which are very easy for the “un-artistic” person. Thanks for sharing and giving me some great projects to try in the very near future!!

  • marcia whitney - Love the pine cones. Did you spray paint them? Too cute! GREAT idea.

  • Kathy - Love all the ideas. I’m off to the store to buy some cool spray paint.

  • Pam - I just want to follow your blog, but cant figure out how to do it! LOL

  • Little House. Big Heart. - […] (via) […]

  • christyna - Hey I love the pine-cone idea! What Kind of spray paint do you use on those?

  • Heidi Hinchey - You are not only hilarious, but talented! I had a bad day, got home & found your site….made me happy again! Keep on keeping on!

  • carpet installation - Awesome listings. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lysettecolon - Gratis ideas¡Like It,

  • Painted Pine Cone Decorations - 99Crafting.net - […] Source: Ashley Ann Photography […]

  • Jamie - Is there a specific type of spray paint that should be used? I broke my favorite camera last Christmas and have yet been able to part with it. I would love to turn it into an artsy sculpture :)

  • Viernes temático: Navidad - […] Piñas pintadas al spray y colores divertidos. Under the Sycamore. […]

  • evelenna - Inspiration in a pine cone, gonna do some in glitter. Love your creativity.

  • Some great ideas! | Jessicavdmark.nl - […] en je hebt hot mint chocolate. Het recept vind je hier. bron foto Alice in wonderland drankje! bron foto Zoek dennenappels en spray ze in een kleur! bron foto  nog meer cadeautjes in een […]

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