home of hand made patchwork goods….anything can be personalized

Notes from Broward Patch:

Use the code SYCAMORE15 at check out to receive and extra 15% off any in stock items from now until Jan 31st

Prize: Winner’s choice of a camera strap or wrist strap from in stock selection at Broward Patch

Contest ends Wednesday, Dec. 29th 10:00pm US Central Closed with Lindsey’s comment

One entry per person, one winner chosen at random

To enter: Visit Broward Patch and then come back here and leave a comment telling me one of your favorite items.

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  • Tara - Oh, I love the retro multi! Makes me think of spring!

  • Amy Coose - I love the solid chocolate damask camera strap. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Violeta Petrova - I like the one in Solid Chocolate Damaskin

  • Ashley - I’ll take the Solid Chocolate Floral, please.

  • Mindy - Defiantly love the camera strap in Vintage Yellow. I can get enough yellow these days! Winter must be making me miss the sun!

  • megs - I adore them all, but mostly the solid choc damask.

  • Renae H - I like the strap in solid chocolate damaskin only because it’s the most masculine. Not sure if my husband would want to have a floral one on our camera!

  • Miranda - CAMERA STRAP in Vintage Yellow would make me very happy!!

  • Vy - I’ve been obsessed with yellow, so definitely the vintage yellow πŸ™‚

  • Jerri-Rae Phillips - new bold camera strap…looks just like me!

  • Denise L - Any of the wrist straps!

  • Kristin S - Again, they are all adorable but I love that Amy Butler Lotus pattern. So pretty.

  • Kenna - The blue and mauve camera strap is my fav.

  • Michelle - Any camera strap would do!

  • Esther Nelson - Love love the orange one!!!

  • Melissa - Love the solid red! Fun!!

  • Ari - All beautiful, but if I had to choose one, I would say the solid chocolate floral…

  • Cory - I love all the camera straps – I’m really loving the blue & mauve one though!

  • Jen - I just got a camera for Christmas…this is so perfect! i love the solid amy butler lotus strap! ooooh i hope hope hope i win! and i hope hope hope that my husband will still use the camera once it’s all girly-ed up!

  • Nichole - I like the “new bold” camera strap!!!

  • Nichole - I like the “new bold” camera strap!!

  • Jennifer - love the camera wrist strap in bold!
    Fun Stuff!! πŸ™‚

  • Christy Johnson - I like the CAMERA WRIST STRAP in Cream Orange and Blue!

  • Jenny - I love all of the vintage camera straps. Adorable!

  • Lexie - I have an awesome camera I got for my birthday and would love a cute camera strap!

  • Linda - I could definitely use a new camera strap!

  • Linda - I%20could%20definitely%20use%20a%20new%20camera%20strap!

  • Heidi - I like the one in solid floral that’s pink and green and brown.

  • Katie R - Ah! They are so pretty! The blue and mauve one catches my eye, though. My SIL’s birthday is in February and that strap would be such a perfect gift!

  • Asli - i love the CAMERA STRAP in Bright Pink

  • Michelle - I usually am a solid kinda girl, but the retro one is really cool!!!

  • Beatrice Killam - Ooh, I love the camera strap in Lime! I could really use one of these fun straps, the one that came with my (expensive!) camera is so uncomfortable…

  • Nichole J. - Love the LEMON strap! Adorable!

  • mandi - Oh I want to win one of these lovely camera straps for my good friend’s bday!

  • Danyelle - My favorite is the camera strap in new bold.

  • Grace Flowers - LOVE the new bold camera strap!

  • Laura W. - I love the camera strap in the new bold pattern!

  • katie - My favorite is the Chocolate Solid Floral camera strap!

  • Jen - I like the ones with polka dots!

  • BriBedell - Love the Solid Lemon Full Camera Strap πŸ™‚

  • Jenni - i love all the wrist straps!

  • LeAnne - The next BIG purchase in our home is a new camera so the New Bold Camera Strap would be a perfect addition.

  • Peggy - I love the camera straps!

  • Shawn Maddox - Love%20ALL%20of%20the%20camera%20straps!!%20It%20would%20be%20hard%20to%20pick%20one.

  • kali - the new bold camera strap is my fav!

  • Nikki Painter - Camera strap in Lime and Teal!

  • Dana Beth - i love the chocolate floral- but a wrst strap would be so nice.hmmmm.

  • Nicole Robinson - I love the camera strap in red. So pretty!

  • Keshet Shenkar - Love the solid floral!

  • Julie - I love the CAMERA STRAP in Vintage Yellow. What a cheerful looking strap!

  • Raquel - Love the lime camera strap.

  • Caitlin - the chocolate damask is pretty

  • Chelsea - I would love the solid red strap

  • Megan - i love the camera strap in solid chocolate damaskin!

  • Amy - Vintage yellow camera strap!

  • Liz - Camera strap in solid polka dots… for my photog little sister.

  • Kristina H. - I love the camera strap in Solid Amy Butler Lotus….so cute!!

  • Casie B. - retro multi! my new camera could really use some jazzing up!

  • katie - For sure the Amy Butler Lotus strap would be my fav!!

  • Becky - ooo so many choices! I love the solid chocolate floral!

  • andy - the orange and blue is my fave
    i love these
    would love to have one they are great

  • Sarah - I love the CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Damaskin!

  • Amy - Love the solid chocolate damaskin!

  • Marisa - LOVE the camera strap with all the blues! Fabulous!!

  • Stacey - I definitely need a new camera strap but the only problem would be choosing a fabric – they’re all beautiful!

  • Jessica H. - I love the camera strap in new bold! It’s awesome! Thanks!

  • Carrie Rosalind - I love the Retro Multi one!

  • Brooke Whitis - Love them all, but the retro damask is super cute. πŸ™‚

  • Katie - Love the CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Damaskin. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amber - Love the orange and blue strap

  • Joey - Love the camera strap in orange and blue.

  • Anna Marie - I really like that solid chocolate floral camera strap.

  • Casey J. - The solid lemons strap is my favorite! It’s perfect for personalizing my new camera πŸ™‚

  • Kara - i love the solid chocolate floral strap

  • Katrina - I really like the Wrist Strap in Deep Blues.

  • Sarah - I love Solid Chocolate Damaskin camera strap, it matches my new vera bradley bag I just got for christmas! πŸ™‚

  • Jaimelee - I LOVE the polka dot wrist strap, perfect for when I use my smaller travel camera!

  • Ang B. - Solid Chocolate Damaskin camera strap-love it!

  • kristin - the retro multi is so fun!

  • Kelly - I love the CAMERA STRAP in Orange and Blue it matches my business colors!

  • Lori - Ohhhhh yeaeeaaa! Just what I’ve been wanting, a funky camera strap!

    If it were an option, I would pick a full-size camera strap in Polka Dots (melon/turquoise). It’s only pictured as a wrist strap, though.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  • Shea - Oohh! Wrist strap in solid lemon! Polka dots after that.

  • colleen - I love the camera strap in solid chocolate floral!!

  • Katie - Any of the camera straps!

  • shanalea - I want the teal and lime camera strap.

  • marya - Bold Wrist strap

  • Kristin Eldridge - Love: CAMERA STRAP in Orange and Blue

  • Valerie - I like the solid chocolate strap.

  • melanie - I love love the chocolate damask camera strap!

  • Charlotte - Love the camera strap in lime! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sarah Crosby - solid floral camera strap! love

  • Jill R - Love these! My favs are the chocolate and the yellow.

  • Trese S - I love the camera strap in orange! Very cute!

  • sarah d. - Love them all! How would I decide?

  • Kristen - the solid lemon strap would make me so happy!

  • Melissa W. - LOVE the vintage yellow camera strap! Adorable!

  • Maggie - I love the lemon camera strap, but my bestie (the photog) would probably like the brown damask.

  • Kathy - Such cute fabric. I would choose the chocolate floral – it matches a sling I had for my daughter when she was in infant! Good memories of carrying her everywhere….

  • Amber - hmmmm… New bold or solid chocolate floral. Looks great!

  • Jennifer Wakefield - The CAMERA WRIST STRAP in Solid Lemons is great.

  • Lisa P - All of the camera straps are great. Perfect for that new camera.

  • Megan LaBelle - LOVE the solid floral camera strap!!

  • Sara Rose - I love the new bold camera strap. I have a formal one, but I sure would love a fun, bright one like that.

  • Katie M. - the camera wrist strap in solid lemons ~ these look very well made and super cute!

  • Whitney Benson - I need a camera strap!

  • Kristyn - CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Damaskin!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Kristyn - CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Damaskin

  • Jennie Frake - I like the Chocolate Damaskin Strap

  • Leah - Love the chocolate floral camera strap!!

  • Julie B - I love the New Bold one and I just got a new camera for Christmas!

  • Laura - The Camera Wrist Strap in Deep Blues is really cute!!

  • Kendra - New bold camera strap!

  • Danielle Albini - I could use the chocolate damaskin. So cute! I could really use any of them!:)

  • Molly - my camera would look extra snazzy with a new camera stap in the solid lemon print. so lovely and sunshiney!

  • Savannah - Big fan of orange and vintage yellow camera strap!

  • Julie H. - I like the new bold.

  • Blair - love the camera strap in new bold!

  • Jennifer - I like the camera straps!! So cute!!

  • Aubrey - I love the camera strap in orange and blue.

  • Summer Crosbie - Love the camera wrist strap in Blue.

  • Amanda - I LOVE the CAMERA STRAP in Lime Green and Teal: ) Great giveaway!

  • mel - the vintage yellow strap caught my eye. i need a unique strap because 2 of my friends have the same camera!

  • Jessica - love the lime green and teal!!

  • Keri Duggan - LOVE the bold wrist strap!

  • Donna - I love the wrist strap in blue…would be perfect for my waterproof point and shoot!

  • Jennie - CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Damaskin looove it GORGEOUS

  • christen krumm - i love the camera wrist strap in lemons!!


  • Mara - This CAMERA STRAP in Vintage Yellow is so great!

  • Heather - i love the solid chocolate damaskin as well. And I agree with renae.. Couldnt see my guy being happy with flowers around his neck lol..

  • Rena Frey - I LOVE the camera strap in solid red!!!!!

  • Rebecca W - Camera strap in Lime Green and Teal…perfect!

  • Beth - I love the camera strap in mini light green!

  • christa - I think I would go with the solid Amy, but really, how do you pick!?!?!

  • lizibeth - the neck strap in solid A.B. Lotus or the solid lemons … sigh. They’re both so pretty!

  • Melissa - Love the solid chocolate floral! So lovely.

  • Emily O. - The camera wrist strap in cream, orange & blue would be so cute for my new little point & shoot I got for Christmas!

    She should make guitar straps like that too – the camera ones are so pretty!

  • nori - i love the amy butler lotus strap!

  • Tessa - love the CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Floral!

  • Katherine - I love love love the camera strap in orange and blue!

  • Corey Moortgat - OH, I really need a camera strap- love the solid floral one!

  • Angee C. - I really like the camera strap cover in solid chocolate floral!

  • Crystal - Love the Bright Pink camera strap!

  • shelia - The orange and blue strap! love the combo

  • Danielle - Oooh, I love the solid! I have a purse that my sister made in the same fabric.

  • Tiffany - The orange and blue camera strap is adorable!!!

  • Allison - You can never have too many camera straps! They are so cute!

  • Allison - You can never have too many camera straps! Love them all!

  • Caroline - i would love the camera strap in solid chocolate damaskin!!

  • Candice S - I like the Solid Chocolate Damaskin.

  • Alina Koval - i love the solid chocolate damaskin. so cute.

  • melissa - Love the camera strap in solid lemons!

  • Emily - CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Floral

  • Courtney - The camera strap in vintage – PLEASE!!!

  • Jaclyn - I love the camera strap in lime green and teal!

  • bopha - i love the chocolate damask camera strap

  • Kara - wrist strap in solid lemons!!

  • Sarah - Love the vintage yellow!

  • karen - camera strap in vintage please!

  • Emily - CAMERA STRAP in Blue and Mauve!

  • Janene - I love the neutrality of the chocolate damaskin. Wonderful design!

  • Michelle - i love the camera strap in solid chocolate floral!

  • Toria Darling - My camera would look so sweet with that Solid Lemons Camera Strap!

  • Amnah - Yay, giveaway day! I have my eye on the solid Amy Butler Lotus camera strap. Very cute.

  • Emily - I love the camera wrist strap in blue.

  • giozi - My favorite is CAMERA STRAP in Lime Green and Teal

  • Tonka - Love CAMERA STRAP in Lime

  • Jelena - camera wrist strap in deep blues. so great!

  • Kelly J. R. - I love the camera strap in solid chocolate floral. I asked for a pretty camera strap from etsy for Christmas but we haven’t had Christmas yet so I’m not sure if I got one.

  • Sarah M - I love the blue & mauve!
    Sarah M

  • Paulina - I really like the camera strap in in Solid Chocolate Floral.

  • Sharla - I would like to have the Solid Floral strap.

  • Molli - Vintage Yellow Strap.

  • Satya - Much love to all the camera wrist straps. Who knew camera’s could accesorise this pretty πŸ™‚

  • amanda gibson - I love the patterns in the “bright pink” strap! So pretty!

  • amanda gibson - I love the patterns in the bright pink camera strap! So pretty!

  • Dacia - Love the wrist strap in Cream Orange and Blue!

  • Angie Webb - A wrist strap for my point & shoot that is always in my purse for those times a DSLR isn’t practical.

  • Tiffany - Vintage yellow camera strap

  • Jodie Cowan - Solid Chocolate Floral, swoon!

  • Pleasant Vonnoh - I want the camera wrist strap!

  • mariana - I love the camera strap in lime.

  • Lacy M. - Wow!!! ONE IN EVERY PATTERN PLEASE!!!!

  • Lindsay - Love the CAMERA STRAP in Solid Amy Butler Lotus ~ I would be thrilled to win this πŸ™‚ Thanks to all the sponsor and to you Ashley for the giveaways!

  • Melissa - Love, Love, Love the CAMERA STRAP in Retro Multi

  • Ashley - love the bold camera strap!

  • Ashlee - Solid Chocolate for sure! Then Josh wouldn’t be using my camera anytime soon!! πŸ˜‰

  • Allison - The blue and mauve strap makes me happy.

  • Christie - If I get the CAMERA STRAP in Blue and Mauve, then my husband just HAS to get me a new DSLR!

  • Amber - i like them all, but do love the chocolate damaskin one

  • Lindsey Millard - Ooooohhh…tough call between the solid chocolate damask and the solid amy butler lotus!! both are gorgeous!

  • Candice Forte - CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Damaskin – YES PLEASE!:)

  • Candy Foster - My picks: the solid chocolate damaskin camera strap or the bold wrist strap

  • Corey Villicana - CAMERA STRAP in Vintage Yellow!!!! Lovely!

  • Katie P. - Solid Chocolate Camara Strap is oh-so pretty!!

  • Whitney Benson - A camera strap in chocolate, please!!

  • ashley gee - i love the solid chocolate floral, great 70’s vibe. the vintage yellow is great too, so both are my favorite.

  • Lila - I would love either the vintage yellow or the solid lemons…

  • jenny - love the lemon camera strap!

  • Brooke - love the chocolate and white one!

  • Brooke - love the chocolate and white camera stap!

  • Heather - I like several of the straps… patchwork is so fun!

  • Meg T - The vintage yellow strap is AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!

  • Olivia R. - the solid floral is my favorite of the camera straps

  • Cath - The solid lemons is so inspiring. It makes me happy just to see how vivid it is!

  • Sara Albers - I love the CAMERA STRAP in Blue and Mauve! I got a new lens for Christmas – can’t wait to start shooting away and this fun strap would help!

  • krista - Love the camera strap in retro multi…getting my dslr this week!!!

  • Aubyn - I really like the chocolate brown camera strap.

  • Katie - I would love the camera strap in chocolate damask.

  • Tasha B. - The chocolate demaskin camera strap!

  • Natalie - Love the strap in solid floral!! Hope I win!! πŸ™‚

  • Jamie Leigh - Lovies the camera strap in vintage yellow :0)

    ~jamie leigh.

  • Melissa McClure - CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Floral

  • taylor - i love the lime green and teal camera strap. that is my absolute favorite color-combo!!

  • Catherine - I love the camera strap in blue and mauve. Pretty colors!

  • Danielle - I LOVE the chocolate floral one, but any of them are super adorable!!

  • Sarah - the chocolate damask camera strap is perfect.

  • Brooke Fortson - Solid Chocolate Floral is beautiful – I love the pattern.

  • amosclutchpedal - Lemons or Lotus, please

  • Erin K. - I love the chocolate damaskin…can’t go wrong with chocolate!!!

  • Faith - Camera Strap in Lime Green and Teal!

  • Kari - Camera Strap in Chocolate Damaskin-beautiful!

  • Jamie - i love the CAMERA STRAP in Retro Multi!

  • Tammy - Easy, camera strap!! I totally ‘need’ one of these! πŸ™‚

  • Natalie - the solid chocolate floral would be prefect for my new DSLR

  • Melissa - Chocolate damask, or vintage yellow!

  • Karen - love the strap in Lime Green and Teal!

  • preveenab - Camera strap in solid chocolate floral!!1 i really hope i win this.

  • Mikki - love the solid chocolate floral camera strap! so original

  • Stephanie - The CAMERA STRAP in Solid Chocolate Floral is my favorite!

  • Erin - The retro multi camera strap is fabulous!

  • Brooke Leigh - It’s a tie between the vintage yellow & the Amy Butler lotus Camera Straps. They both are constructed with beautiful fabrics & seem to scream my name. =)

  • Jay - love the camera wrist straps

  • Kay - camera wrist strap in blue

  • Michele - I want the camera wrist strap in bold.

  • Karlee - Camera strap in solid chocolate

  • Kayla - I love the camera strap in bright pink!

  • Allison - The camera wrist straps are lovely!

  • Jessie P - Hmmm…chocolate floral, lime or yellow!

  • Paige Rodriguez - I love the Amy Butler Lotus! Thanks!

  • sharee - dig the retro multi

  • Lindsey Laudeman - Ok so I didn’t know people made camera straps, I just thought there were camera strap covers. I’m liking the camera straps WAY better! My favorite is the one in lime:)

  • Ami - The wrist strap in polk-a-dot is my choice.

  • jessica h - camera strap in solid lemons–springy!

  • Jess - I like the Solid Chocolate Damaskin strap

  • Nicole Ridella - Love the camera strap in solid Amy Butler Lotus. So cute!

  • SRoach - Love the Amy Butler prints.

  • Tasha - solid lemons.

  • Morgan - I love the chocolate floral!

  • Monique W - The solid lemons slr strap!

  • lindsey - i have been wanting to get one of these camera straps for my stepsister.. i love the lime green and teal!!

Mary shared that video on my facebook page…I love it! I hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

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  • Linda - I hadn’t seen this yet—love it! What a great start to my Christmas Eve!

  • Margie - Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!! Thanks for all your inspiring blog posts through the year! The video was out of control adorable :0).

  • Jill R - Merry Christmas!!!

  • Yanet - Merry Christmas to yall too, Ashley!

  • Gevay - Um, crying and laughing! Thank you Ashley. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  • Jen - merry christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  • kassondra - i love this video!!!!! what a great way to teach the kids about christmas

  • nancy boothe - THANK YOU for posting this. I lovelovelove it, and shared it on my FB page. Merry Christmas to your beautiful, sweet, wonderful family. I admire you in so many ways.

  • anne c - Merry Christmas to you and your family Ashley!

  • amber - That was awesome. Can’t wait to show my 3 year old:)…
    And…the Christmas story always makes me cry. This one made me laugh too. Perfect.

  • amanda torres - I had to add this to my facebook page. It has to be the cuteset most simple to understand Christmas story ever. I just love it.

  • Jennie - I absolutely LOVE this! thank you! I just posted this on ym blog and my FB page so i can share it with all!

  • the whyte house - merry christmas from ‘the whyte house’!! πŸ™‚

  • Jessica P - Cute! The fuzzy star and glow sticks were my favorite. Haha. Merry Christmas!

  • sarah j - adorable!

    this one is also a clever re-telling of the story of Jesus:


  • Laurie J - have a super Christmas!

  • hearttypat - Oh I love this!

  • Lacey McKay - That was adorable! Made me cry! Thank you for sharing!

  • Großstadtprinzessin » Blog Archive » Schon wieder ich… - […] Dezember-26-2010 … ich bin nur gerade auf dieses schrecklich niedliche Video auf Ashley Anns Blog gestoßen. Guckt es euch an, es ist zu […]

  • Grossstadtprinzessin - Awww, this is adorable. I particularly like the star. Thank you so much for sharing, Ashley!

  • meg duerksen - that is the cutest video in the world!! i just posted it too. it’s so sweet…their accents!
    thanks for showing it to me.
    merry merry christmas to you ashley.

So this post has zero rhyme or reason to it….just a bunch of random things. I’m feeling a little random this week so it matches my mood I suppose. I’m including a bunch of links today too….for those not familiar with links, if you click on the red words they will take you to another site/post.

My dad built Chris and I this bed a few years ago. Genius me painted my room brown and the bed totally blends in with the walls. So now several years later I am getting around to decorating my bedroom. I have never had such a hard time deciding on a paint color. It has been ridiculous actually. In the midst of my walls looking like this I got a Facebook message from a friend asking me if I could help her decide on a paint color. Yeah, I told her she asked the wrong person! If you are curious what I finally chose – “muslin”. In other words, after all that I chose off-white….and that is why no sane person would ever ask my help in decorating!

So last week I came home from running around with a friend. I had 1 hour to get little ones to take a nap before a preschool Christmas performance. Once they laid down I realized I was supposed to take a food ‘representing my son’s heritage’ to his preschool show. Great. 1 hour. I found a sugar cookie mix that I had planned on using to make Betty Crocker’s Biscotti. I made it quickly, got it in the oven…then read it would take nearly an hour and half to complete. So the ‘biscotti’ got cooked once instead of twice and became crunchy cookie squares. I threw an Elle’s Studio tag on it and called it good. The way I see it….it is a great representation of my son’s heritage….some diy mixed with improv and chocolate.

P.S. – the cookie squares were devored at the school and I heard several moms comment how good they were. So…try that recipe either the orginial way or just cook it the first round and cut into squares.

P.P.S. – Once the performance started I realized I sent my son to school with a pair of pants 2 sizes too big. He spent the majority of the show pulling up his pants. Nice job, Ashley. (my son is on the right…the one time his hands were in the air)

Basketball practice has started. This is his ‘I’m serious about sports” face.

My dear friend is also his homeroom mom. For their class Christmas party she had the kids make Blessed to Bless bags. So much better than a craft he’d just throw away when he got home. I love that he and his friends got to make them together.

I finally made FireCracker another Cateye Glasses shirt. She had outgrown the onesie a while back. In the process of making it used paint for the ‘beads’ and squirted too hard in one spot. That spot became a bow. I’m not crazy about the bow, but it works for now. I’ll make her a short sleeved version in the spring.

My friend’s daughter turned one. She stopped by to visit and I got to pretend to be a professional photographer again. Cutie. Check out that pointed toe!

Our Christmas tree was beautiful in the field when we cut it down. Once at home it was beautiful until I started messing with it. No one wanted to decorate it with me. I got grumpy about that so I decided to do whatever I wanted to with it…since no one else cared. I didn’t put any of our ‘crafty’ ornaments on it. I’m pretty sure I had been on too many blogs of artsy girls that don’t have kids yet. I saw too many perfectly creative decorated trees. Those trees did not have wonky ornaments made by little fingers. They didn’t have angels made out of noodles or craft stick reindeer….just perfectly perfect magazine glamour.

Everything I did just kept making it uglier. I finally gave up and moved on.

Last week Meg posted this craft. I thought it was so cute, so I decided to make some with my little munchkins. I used fabric tape and decorative masking tape for my scarves.

Once I hung the ornaments on the tree it made me remember how much I love all those wonky preschool ornaments. I missed the noodle art and faded construction paper people. I thought about digging them all out from year’s past and putting them on the tree, but I think I just enjoy these four this year. I don’t want a magazine worthy Christmas tree…I want a wonky, kid creative, hodge podge mess of memories on my tree next year. I am sure many of you moms have already learned this lesson…I’m a slow learner. Thanks Meg for reminding me what I really want on my tree.

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  • Joni - i like the bow on the shirt. perhaps it looks a little different in person.

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - I like wonky trees too. I especially love those ornaments you made. Are we going to see a picture of the final outcome of the wall color/bedroom? I really want to see the bed!

  • amanda torres - I like all the improvising going on. Funny and practical.

  • Sarah - For the past 7 years since i’ve been on my own; i have deocrated a ‘magazine worthy’ Christmas Tree for my husband and I. I always got compliments on it. My son is out of the ‘baby stage’ and I’ve been thinking alot about what kind of Christmas’s memories I want to give him. Next year i can’t wait to go to a tree farm; pick out that perfectly imperfect tree with my husband and son in tow and decorate it with gifted and handcrafted ornaments and garland. I’ve started a tradition this year-gifting my son a memory worthy ornament. Something that will bring back a memory of the past year. This year it was a John Deere Tractor-my boy loves him some tractors! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  • Lesley - I think my favorite part of this post is the use of the word “wonky.”

  • Tess S - perfectly imperfect. so true. we also made the handprint ornaments that meg posted. adorable.

  • meg duerksen - oh you are sweet. yes…my tree is no pottery barn tree. yesterday talby asked “where’s your coffee cup ornament mom?” and i said ” i don’t know…i didn’t do the ornaments this year.” i really was hands off. and there is not one fancy ornament on there….50% handmade and wonky and 50% of their personal special ones (aka- batman, spiderman, dora)
    and its just fine.

    your preschool story sounds like a day in my life.

    i love the cute tee….and the bow! you could…sew a real bow on top of it if you were unhappy with the paint one.

  • jessibee08 - you. are. awesome!
    this is why i love this blog soooooo much! You call it what it is! I like to call it blog comparison, but it is so true that one minute we are browsing blogs, and the next we feel insignificant. That somehow what “they” have is prettier, cooler, and ultimately better. And then we somehow think this = our life too. πŸ™ Its a sad thing. Thank you for being so vulnerable, honest, pure, and genuine! I love your blog. Thank you for not only inspiring many diy projects, but for inspiring growth, challenge, encouragement, and inspiring mothering to me this year. Merry Christmas! May Jesus continue to reveal even MORE of himself this year to you and your family! MUch love,

  • sarah - I love all your tapes!

    I’m all for the hodge podge tree! When I was little I wanted a tree that was all one color theme. Now I cringe at the thought of not hanging ornaments that look like cracked cookies, or snowman faces made of yarn. I love each and every one.

  • Seamingly Sarah - I get caught up in comparing myself to other blogs, homes, households and etsy shops. I have to take self imposed breaks from surfing the internet and fueling my pity party. I am me. I like what I like. And just because I like someone else’s product, pictures or house doesn’t mean that is what I want to make or have my home look like. I need to see it as appreciating something different and then going and doing what is best for me and my family…sometimes that is two very different things. Thanks for this post!

  • Angela Carter - love the snowman ornaments – we made them too! we gave them to our teachers and to our great grandma. i love a tree for kids – it’s the only way to go when you have littles. have a merry christmas.

  • Traciek - I too love a wonky Christmas Tree. The kids and I enjoy looking at old ornaments from preschool days and some of me when I was a kid. I love the hodgepodge look and not a “themed” tree. Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  • anna - love those ornaments and here’s to not perfect everything!!!

  • Jenny Joy - I love your blog for a million reasons. Today’s post? Reason one million and one. πŸ™‚

  • amy - i love those ornaments wow!! i remember seeing a hand painted ornament like that. my mom bought it when i was a child and i would stare at it every christmas and was determined that i could make one just as gorgeous. it was a house covered in snow. except i can’t paint worth beans. but i think i could do this. doing this for sure!!!!

  • D'On - I love random! hahaha I would totally be that mom who put their kid in too big of paints. That makes me laugh. My son has those issues of constantly pulling up his pants because they are too big in the waist. I love the ornaments. I’ve seen it done on a little tiny canvas. I think I like the ornament better. It’s probably a little cheaper than the mini canvas too.

  • the whyte house - macgyver treats, too, eh? nice. so when your grandpa comes to do projects at my house, tell him he can bring a friend…like your dad(hint, hint). i will start making a list for them.

    as for the ornaments…i did them, too. the paint, though, so does not look like that. AND the color of the ornament came off on my kids hands. so the white on the ornament has a red tint/purple tint/blue tint. ergh. and the paint didn’t come off onto the ornament right, either. not cool.

  • hearttypat - well i think the bow looks cute! That was the first thing I noticed.

  • Lanny Stanard - I like your Random… Merry Christmas!

  • Yanet - Ashley, the bow came out looking whimsical and adorable. Quit being so hard on yourself.

    We have a tree just for the boys and they hang all their handmade goodies on it. I’d include a link to the posts but it seems like I’m always doing that. Like saying ‘look, mommy, look’. Kind of needy and pathetic coming from a 39-year old.

  • signe - thank you for the totally random post. it made me smile as i am sitting here at work. i love the photo of firecracker pointing to herself in the earlier version of the glasses shirt, too precious!

  • kari - I’m gonna make an ornament asap. Thanks for the post! Merry Christmas. XOXO

  • Cyndi B - Super cute ideas!!! Merry Christmas.

  • Courtney Henson - Totally thought of you as I was watching the Today Show this morning. They had your calendar with the postcards and paper in the cute little basket on a gift segment! And I have been planning on making those ornaments off Meg’s site for the last few days! Tonight is the night though as we are running out of time. I have been striking out with the glue though…having trouble coming up with white glue that doesn’t dry clear. I thought of white paint because I do have that around somewhere! Love your blog too…one of my favorites! Merry Christmas!

  • amber - Thanks for posting this…my random brain needed that. Why is the week of Christmas so crazy? I want to be a little girl again, worried only about baby Jesus, singing in the choir, & anxiously awaiting Santa & my family. Sigh…

    We made the snowman ornaments too. My tree gets the questionable eye from time to time from others because of the ornaments on it. Kid created, old memories, ornaments from places we’ve been. But…I love it. It has meaning & that’s what Christmas is about. Meaning & remembering. Merry Christmas!!

  • Jaclyn - Oh my gosh I LOVE the cateye glasses shirt – I’m making one for my daughter immediately. So cute πŸ™‚ And I think the bow looks adorable!

  • Elizabeth - The BOW makes the shirt! It’s fabulous!

  • Phyllis - Love this post. A couple weeks ago I went to church with my 4 year old in shorts (we’re in AZ) or so I thought, they were his brothers 18 month pants..it was quite comical, gotta love those moments…. πŸ™‚

  • Carissa Miller - I just had to tell you that I am cracking up about the preschool Christmas performance. Can I be honest that I am happy that I am not the only one these things happen to?!? I am always “that mom” who is scrambling around last second and forgot I was suppose to bring a snack or a present for the teacher or whatever else. Oh, and I definitely would put the wrong pants on and not realize til we got there too!

  • Crystal - I saw Meg’s post about the ornaments too & we have started (not finished) ours yet! I think they are so cute! I wish I had fabric tape like you though….that would be nice.

  • DIY « Tied Up With String - […] I have followed her posts for over a year now and since then she’s even made her daughter aΒ Cateye ShirtΒ to replace the onesie she […]