I apologize for the slow load time on my blog right now. I am trying to remedy it. Right now it looks like it is a result of being on a shared server with a large amount of morning traffic here. So….I am looking into affordable changes. I was curious if any of you have ever used a dedicated server or virtual private server hosting? If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them….and ones that don’t cost $200 a month!

Hang in there with me and hopefull we’ll get it fixed soon!


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  • reyanna - We use 1and1.com. I think it costs us $35 every three months. We have about five websites on that… plus LOTS of email addresses. LOL. :-p Hubby says he really likes DreamHost though. Not sure how much that one costs, but it may be worth looking into. 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Angie K - I have been very happy with http://mediatemple.net/
    We use it for work with the grid system running a wordpress blog as the backend for our site. We are very photo heavy and have great speed with our site. (education agency)

  • Angie K - Oh, I also wanted to say 🙂
    We tried liquidWeb and were not happy with it. Very slow. But we were on the shared network…so I guess it was our fault for not paying more 🙂
    I have also tried Saratoga with medium results. Better than liquidWeb, but not as good as mediaTemple.
    AAAnnnnddd…inMotion was also medium. Of all those I’ve been happiest with mediaTemple. It’s a little more at $20/month instead of $60/year. But, it deals with high traffic pretty good…

  • Ryan - Dreamhost is the bomb! I’d check them out because they are amazing and they have a great pricing scheme.

    Also, I’d probably start hosting your images off of something like Amazon’s hosted service, where you pay very little. That’ll take disk pace and bandwidth off of your web host and probably lower your cost.

  • Laura - My husband hosts his own server from our house. He has professional equipment with a large bandwidth. He would be interested in helping out. You can email him at b.pub@comcast.net.

  • Jamin Garoutte - Ran a test on your site to see why it was slow & sent you an email with results of that test attached. Hope it helps!

  • Brooke Whitis - Okay, I’m just super impressed that you have so many incredibly smart readers. I have no clue, but I hope it works out 🙂

  • Shannon - I see you have the lego creationary game…my boys love legos and we as a family love games. Would you recommend it?

  • amanda torres - The slow loading time isn’t too bad. I just pull up your page, get my coffee, then enjoy! You’re blog is awesome.

  • Michael Foster - So what did you do to make your pages load faster?

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  • KaraM - I love Pretty Lil Package…I’m excited to see the new Valentine’s Day packaging stuff!

  • sara - to be read in the very kindest of tones: i’m finding myself skipping over your most lovely blog more and more, as it seems it’s increasingly being taken over by “sponsors” posts.

  • AshleyAnn - Sara, I am sorry to hear that. I invest a lot of time in this blog and it is nice to be able not only to support small businesses (most of which are ran by moms…like myself), but to also earn a little bit of money doing what I enjoy since I am no longer a working photographer. I try to limit all sponsor posts to 2 a month: Sponsor Introductions & Giveaway Day (which I believe is fun for most readers). I hope you’ll continue to read.

  • Breeanna - You have some great sponsors! I think I may be buying something 🙂

  • ShirleyB - I love your blogsite! I only happened here because I was looking at who was referring people to my site and there was one from your blogsite. Thanks! Your blog is so sweet. I love the pictures and the tenderness of it. It makes me miss when mine were little and all the little cousins slept together. I love the family time memories you are making for your little ones.

    Awww Geee…I’m getting melancholy here. LOL!

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Today is the last day of 2010! I wish I had a deep, philosophical post to write, but I don’t. 2010 was a gift. 2011 will be too. I can’t wait to live it.

And I am now finally getting around to sharing some Christmas photos…

The big surprise of the year was a piece of furniture my dad built my sister. She made this post on her blog. My talented dad read the post and set to work without her knowing it! He didn’t stain it yet, so she could pick the stain. The picture doesn’t do justice to the size…it is pretty big!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration tonight. I no doubt will probably be asleep at midnight, but sadly I am pretty much okay with that for now!

If you are curious: the felt headbands are from Lou & Lee,

browns & greens floral dress Matilda Jane

brown & red plaid dree BabyGap (dec. 2009 sale rack),

the Christmas skirt from Whimsical Dragonfly

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  • Reidunn - Happy new year Ashley!
    Thanks for all the wonderful blog posts in 2010. Looking forward to see what you are up to in 2011

  • ashley jensen - I remember seeing that on you sister’s blog! How sweet that your dad just went to town making it. It is beautiful!

  • Beth - That dresser is amazing. I have a picture of that saved in one of my folders, too, thinking maybe it could be done some day. How awesome that your dad built one. Can you tell me, are all the drawers just resting on one another or are they on rollers? I would think they wouldn’t slide very well without rollers, but it doesn’t look like (either on his or the original) that it’s built with rollers.

  • Anna - wow that dresser is AMAZING! looks like yall had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • Yanet - Your dad is one talented man! The 4 generations are sure some pretty gals.

    Happy New Year to you and you family, Ashley!

  • Casey - love that dresser, it’s amazing! I’ll be asleep before midnight too, I am every year 🙂

  • Jessica P - Happy New Year! Thanks for all the posts in 2010.

  • Allison - how incredibly special and sweet of your dad! Boy is he ever talented and THOUGHTFUL and goodness how lucky y’all are! what a treasure

  • Sara Beth Johnson - Your dad is amazing. What a work of art. Truly impressive! Love all those girly Christmas things!

  • Brooke Whitis - WOW WOW WOW!!! What a thoughtful dad!!!! Those are my FAVORITE kind of gifts…where people care enough to listen or notice what we want and then they create it or give it from there….that is AMAZING….not to mention COMPLETELY COOL!!!! Not that gifts are everything, but they can definitely make you feel special! Sounds like you have a great dad, from this post, and many others from the past!

  • OrangeFarmhouse - Maike - What a great gift to have a four generation picture!
    All the best for 2011!

  • Lindsey Jo - those drawers are awesome! you think if i blog about them, your dad will make me some??

  • heather - happy new year ashley!!
    here’s to a new and amazing year!! 🙂

  • tasha roe - looks like a great Christmas!
    I wish I would have thought to take pictures at our candle light service. yours turned out amazing!
    and both of those books are fan-tastic!

  • RachelC - Looks like it was a great Christmas! Bob — you totally outdid yourself on that dresser. Too cool. Also, love that green and brown dress. I may have to borrow your Martha sewing book. My New years resolution is to learn how to sew.

  • Jenny B. - Wow! Those drawers are awesome! What a sweet, special gift for your sis! Your family is so amazing. 🙂

  • Yolanda - Wow. Super envious of that dresser. That is AWESOME. Love all of Firecracker’s dresses, especially the apron one. How lucky you are to come from people who know how to use their hands for more than flicking remotes.

  • chantelle - ahhh! the drawers the drawers! I LOVE drawers and I LOVE ABC’s! Tellyour Dad he could make a million if he put those on ETSY! (I would seriously buy one for each room in my home!)

  • Carolyn - Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to more of your great photos, wonderful DIY’s and funny stories in 2011. The alphabet drawers are amazing – you have great talent in your family!

  • Rachel - That dresser is awesome! Your dad should make another and create a tutorial! 🙂

  • Amanda Medlin - I just wanted to let you know that even though I don’t comment often (due to 2 little ones keeping me busy), I love reading your blog. You continue to encourage and inspire me so I just passed a blog award on to you.
    Check it out…http://naturallychicmama.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-100th-post-and-1st-award.html

    Happy New Year!

  • Breeanna - Those are all beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Julie B - I love that her dress is from the clearance rack, but bummed that I can’t get it! Clearance is the best!

  • kari - Wow…you’re dad did a better job…can we buy one from him? Pretty please? Thanks for your re-cap. Everthing looked wonderful. XOXO

  • Krista @ Blue Eyed Yonder - I am in love with the typography drawers. Genius! It looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas. I always love your collages, no need for a lot of words, your pictures speak for themselves. Wishing you guys all the best in 2011!

  • Kelli - impressive drawers. I’m so jealous. I saw a dresser once that no one can build for me for less than the $900 it would cost to buy it. I just don’t know anyone that will do the labor part for cheap or free.
    Your mom looks really young!

  • Heather Stauffer - Oh I SO BADLY want that dresser!! How awesome! And of course I love seeing your sweet girl sportin’ her Matilda Jane 🙂

  • jessica h - wow, what a great mix of memories! thanks for sharing your life & creativity with all of us on the blog world everyday…not only do I love the tips & diys, but I love learning things from you as a Mom and being encouraged by your generous heart. I’m so thankful for this blog that’s enabled me to “get to know you” more than I did when we were side by side at TCABC…blessings in the new year. I can’t wait to live it, too 🙂

  • Laurie Magotiaux - First off … a belated happy new year to you ashley.

    Secondly…..Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. This is the first time I’ve tried leaving a comment but not for the lack of not wanting to. Your amazing. I’m your #1 fan…. totally love all your work and inspiration.

    Finally…..You and your sister are two lucky gals to have a talented daddy like that. I love that dresser! He did a great job!!

    Thanks for all you do ashley. Keep up the good work.Can’t wait to see what you’ll have for us.. your viewing audience… in 2011!