UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed, Heather has the last counting comment.

So this week is going to be a simple diy project everyday! For those of you that don’t like diy projects, I’ll include some other photos too and maybe a photo tip or two. This first project is related to my attempt at another recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. Yes, it is another sweet one. You’d think I’d try a main course, but no…I go for whatever has the best looking picture. Honestly..that is how I pick what to try. So I made the Mocha Icing Brownies….and they were good, but a bit too sweet for me. I had to scrape off most of the icing. Now, had I followed her suggestion to eat it with coffee ice cream…that would probably have been perfection. Here is what my kitchen looks like when I try to cook…which is why I do not enjoy cooking.

Littlest Brother drawing. FireCracker emptying the bottom drawers. The older brothers in my business helping me cook.

When did it become acceptable to climb on the counters? Probably when I gave up the fight. He’s pretty cute sitting next to the mixer watching in awe though.

Now the real point of this post. I don’t really do cooking tutorials, but I will do a tutorial on how to make what you cooked look cute.ย  Here is a simple way to present single brownies (or whatever other kind of bar dessert you like). This would be a super cute gift for teachers or surprise treats for anyone…like Nana.

Step 1: Pick out scrapbooking paper, tri-fold in 1 1/2 inch sections. Use a bone folder to make the folds crisp. Years ago I heard Martha Stewart say every crafter should own a bone folder. I bought one the next day. They are a handy tool.

Step 2: Cut into a rectangle and cut 4 slots the same length as the height of the sides…you are making a box. This step will make more sense after you see the final product.

Step 3: Fold all the sides, using your handy dandy bone folder

Step 4: Find your double sided tape

Step 5: Tape the sides of the box together using the double sided tape. I also added a paper doily and twine to dress it up…and cover the not so perfect corners.

Step 6: Use a bit of aluminum foil to protect the box from the brownie bottom and sides

Step 7: Punch some holes out of matching scrapbooking paper…save the holes

Step 8: Pour your hole punch outs in a clear bag

Step 9: Make a little decorative tag for the top of the brownie. I used tags I found at Big Lots (Big Lots carries Martha Stewart craft items…majorly good deals), a toothpick and paper flowers

Ta Da…a cute little gift for someone special. Or you could wrap it for yourself and go to a park to eat it with other people around watching.

They would all look over at you and think, “Wow someone must really love them.” And you could smile back.

So here is the extra fun part of DIY week for you…two super sweet giveaways. One I will announce today, one tomorrow. Have you heard of Lemon Poppy Shoppe? It is an online store for all kinds of scrapbooking goodies. I am not a scrapbooker, but I have a very soft spot for scrapbooking supplies. They make for easy crafts – which you know I like. Well this week I am going to be using a lot of different scrapbooking supplies for my projects, many you can find at Lemon Poppy Shoppe. Today’s craft used paper flowers and double sided tape from Lemon Poppy Shoppe. So don’t you think a $25.00 gift certificate sounds like a pretty sweet deal?! One thing I really like about scrapbooking supplies is $25.00 can go a LONG way. Woo Hoo for great deals!

Giveaway Details:

Prize is one $25.00 gift certificate to Lemon Poppy Shoppe

One winner chosen at random

One entry per person

Contest ends Friday, July 23 9:30pm US Central

To enter: In the comment section tell me about one event in the last week that if you were a scrapbooker you would have made a scrapbook page for.

(For example: Biggest Brother and FireCracker have been playing peek-a-boo together…I’d make a scrapbook page dedicated to their sweet relationship)


Lemon Poppy Shoppe is also offering a 10% off coupon for all my readers. Use the code SYCAMORE when you check out.


The Jig giveaway ends tonight…if you didn’t enter last week, scroll down a few posts to enter.

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  • Anna Marie - We went to drag races for the first time on Saturday night. I would have definitely scrapbooked that…IF I had the time.

  • Rebecca - I don’t really scrapbook, I tend to use Shutterfly. But, if I did I would make a page about the relationship between the dogs and our baby. They love to watch her in the swing, they walk right up and stop her swing and watch her, it’s adorable!

  • Megan - just moved to a new town. Went kayaking and was able to check out uncharted territory. So fun to explore new things!

  • Esther Nelson - We were at the beach this weekend and it was so sweet watching my husband play with my two year old son on the skim board. he was all smiles and I wish I had remembered my camera.

  • Christen - I would make a scrapbook page of all of the canning of fresh veggies from our garden. It was a first for me and I am so excited to do it again!!

  • Allison - I have a bag of scrapbooking supplies and an empty photo album! Last week was our 6th wedding anniversary and my sons 3rd birthday. I woulda, coulda, shoulda scrapbook for those momentus occasions…..but the bag will probably stay unopened and the photo album will still be empty. One day, one day….

  • Cathy - Last week my son started walking (at 14 months). I would have made a page about his first wobbly steps!

  • Ruthy T. - I would make a scrapbook page of my daughter’s first hike in the woods this summer! Fun, fun, fun.

  • Tess S. - I think I’d make a scrapbook page dedicated to my children and the little girls next door. They’re best friends and say things like “i just love you.” and “i can’t wait to see you again, sometime.” for 3 year old it’s a heart melting kind of love.

  • karen davis - This past week it rained and rained and rained like crazy… it’s monsoon season here in Korea… and if I was a scrapbooker, I would have scrapbooked pictures of the little Korean kids jumping in all the puddles by my house!

  • Donna - Last week, we were in the library when there was a tornado warning. We all had to go down to the basement. When I was down there, I remembered the tornado drills we had to do in grade school. I can still smell the stinky lockerrooms they put us in!

  • Trinity - My girls dancing at a friend’s wedding…they had the BEST time and showed complete freedom in their dancing!

  • karen brown - we spent last week at the beach in fl with my grandparents. i would have made a page with my three shorties (6,4 & 1) spending time with their great-grandparents!

  • tessa - That is a sweet giveaway! My little angel turned one last Thursday. I would have made like 20 pages dedicated to her special day!

  • Colleen C - I would have to do two pages — one for my friends wedding shower, and then one for the bachelorette party that followed!

  • Cristina C - My new puppy Luigi & his hilarious personality!

  • Lindsay - Being at the pool. Could it GET any hotter?!

  • Andrea - I can’t even remember what I did last week!

    My 2 year old and I went to a free movie at the theater last Tuesday morning and had a blast! He sat on my lap the whole time. I even saved the ticket stubs.

  • Jackie - I would do a scrapbook page about all of our rainy day activities, it’s been raining for a week here! (I’m going crazy)

  • Kirsten - I am a former scrapbooker – but I take far too many pictures and just couldn’t keep up. Thank goodness for MyPublisher photo books! They are my lifesaver.

    My 6yo was working on a puzzle of the U.S. last week, and had his globe right there as well so he could see where Puerto Rico was, since it wasn’t located accurately in the puzzle. I would scrap about his love of geography!

  • Liz Hurst - My step (bonus) daughter and I going to Affair of the Hearts and finding very special bracelets for each other…a sweet moment.

  • Kelly Clarke - Hello! If I were a scrapbooker I would make a page dedicated to her first words babbled yesterday… Da Da. My husband’s face expression was priceless and this morning when we were getting her dressed, she looked up at him and said Da Da and he rocked and talked to her for the remainder of the morning..

  • Gevay - I am headed to my parents in North Georgia this week. I will do a scrapbook page of my boys playing in the creek behind her house or one with my two boys and my sisters six boys. Fun times ahead!

  • Katie - We went boating with friends from church and my son kept shouting, “overboard”. I was use “Overboard” as the title for my page.

  • christina larsen - Olivia’s first time swimming. :)BTW, if you like strawberries. Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake is yummy. I made it over 4th of July.

  • Jill - Well, I am a scrapbooker and I have a half-done page on this as we speak! :) I took my daughter and her bestie to the American Girl Doll store in Atlanta (a 3.5 hour drive) for their birthdays. Nope, didn’t scrap the store. Scrapped the fact that her bestie had the worst case of the burps I’ve ever witnessed! It was too funny not to document this quiet, sweet little 9-year old burping every 20 minutes for 2 days straight!

  • Jenn W - My oldest two have been tossing the ball with their little brother all week! Balls would be our theme!

  • sheridan - thank you so much for the fun easy stuff you show us! we are keeping my older nephews who are into skateboarding as is my oldest boy (b/c whatever they like he likes). so i would have scrapbooked all about our first time at the skatepark. looking forward to all the new ideas this week!

  • Maggie - If I was a scrapbooker I would have made a page about my Mission Trip last week.

  • Nicole C - I’d scrap my son rollerskating. He was too cute! Have to say I LOVE the mustache rub ons… My sons 2nd birthday was mustache themed, and I think I need those.

  • jenny - We got an above ground pool this summer(just big enough and deep enough for the kids to play in and learn to swim and for my prego self to stay cool) The boys have been floating on their bellies (with their arm floaties) and with much excitement, kicking those feet and waving those arms. They scream, “Look, look, I am swimming!” All the while, their baby sister is singing and dancing in the pool because she thinks she is super big to wear arm floaties and not be confined to her little boat anymore!
    It has definitely been a scrapbook worthy week. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Carol - Going on “dates” with my three grandsons to eat and buy more legos.

  • Amy - Last week my daughter went to day camp. Every Friday they have a big Indian Pow Wow in the woods. All the kids dress up like Indians and do different Indian dances around the fire.

  • Shannon - Oh! That is really cute. And I know a LOT of people that would love a gift wrapped brownie! Great! Another reason to bake ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think I would scrapbook the lego city that my children spent most of last week building and playing with. Last week was goooood…lots of lego playing means lots of craft time for Mama!

  • Amy M - Last week my daughter went to day camp. Every Friday they do a bid Indian Pow Wow in the woods. The kids all dress up like Indians and do different Indian dances.

  • Shea - I would have dedicated a page to my almost-2 year old’s first experience at vacation bible school. She LOVED it!

  • Melissa - My boyfriend proposed last week so that would make a great scrapbook page! And ironically, he proposed in my craft room :)

  • Jess - I would scrapbook our trip to Colorado last week. We have lots of new family memories!

  • Cory - Last week we discovered my little boy is getting his 1st tooth. I would have created a page of pictures featuring my drooling, finger chewing, screaming, bottom-lip-out crying baby.

  • danielle - i would make a scrapbook page of my kids trip to the hair salon. It was my son’s first haircut (he will be a year old next week!) and it was my daughter’s 2nd haircut (will be 3 at end of Aug). They were so good and so cute, and I got great pics to remember it by!

  • jody - I would make a page dedicated to going to our local farmer’s market this past Saturday. All the flowers, goodies, smiling faces. And my boys running around & playing hide & seek in the trees.

  • Jamie - I’m glad to know Big Lots sells MS craft stuff; I’m sure it’s way cheaper than Michael’s! Thx for the tip! Excited for all the DIYs this week :)

    I’d scrapbook a page about the kids playing in the pool in our yard; my little man was busy dumping the water out with cups.

  • Crystal - I would scrapbook about my family reunion this last weekend. It was my daughters first one!

  • Jen - “Years ago I heard Martha Stewart say every crafter should own a bone folder. I bought one the next day. They are a handy tool.” My family thinks I’m a little nutty, but I often follow her advice as well… I think I’d make a scrapbook homage to Martha Stewart… It would be a good thing…

  • allison - I’m not normally a scrapbooker, but I agree with you about the other great applications of the supplies! Last week I had a really fun Mahjong night with some girlfriends, and it definitely deserves a scrapbook page.

  • Amanda - I’m going to complete a page of giving my boys a haircut on the back porch last Tuesday. At 4 years old they finally sit so still and were so cooperative.

    Scrappin’ is MY hobby! I’d love to win this. The Lemon Shoppe is adorable!

  • Ada - I just found your blog yesterday & oh lala love it!
    ummmm, lots of summer fun happening around here- just playing together. Which I love of course! But if I were to pick something significant….it’d be the last of my crew has moved to a big kid bed. And the crib has been taken down for the last & final time :(
    It seems like i’d be a WhaHOO moment, but I’ve had that crib up in my home for 14 years. straight. 5 kids in 10 years, when one grew out of the crib, another was ready to move in! All the same crib. So, it’d be about that, sweet memories of all my babies….
    thanks for a reason to think about it, and take a walk down memory lane. fun fun!
    ~Ada in Coastal Cali

    OH and love pioneer woman pico de gallo recipe! lots of chopping, and used less jalapeรฑo.

  • Heidi - My niece’s 5th birthday party with a break in the middle of it for her swimming lessons.

  • RachelC - Last week we hosted a get together for some old high school friends. I would make a scrapbook page highlighting these life-long, sweet relationships.

  • Dawn Nikol - I scrapbook all the time, so I can tell you one page I am working on from last week! My 8.5 month old daughter was given the crust from my PB&J and managed to get PB&J all over her face. It was precious.

  • Stacey - My daughter recently started doing this cape to the mouth dracula action when she is feeling bashful. we’re not sure where she got the idea, but she looks adorable when she does it. :) i would have made a couple pages if i could have captured it on camera.

  • Kelly - Those would be really cute party favors too! I often do sugar cookies wrapped up all cute but those would be fun!

    A scrapping moment…well we went camping this weekend and it was full of good memory making moments. I’d probably pick one of those.

  • Cory Beyer - My son and I at the pool. He has learned to swim better than I in the last few weeks and it is so much fun to watch!

  • Christin - It would be of our family at the lake for my husbands birthday

  • Mandy - IF i were a scrapbooker I’d have to do a page about the pool – the epitomy of summer fun!

  • Laura - We had our first family vacation in years. If I had the time and/or patience to make a scrapbook for all of our great memories I would, but alas only a few pictures will ever make it off of my computer.

  • Angela Carter - Making mud pies! It was a first for my kids and they absolutely loved it! Joy in free dirt and rain water was awesome. sadly, my kids are justturned9 and 7, i should’ve encouraged “dirt” sooner! but it’ll definitely get a spot in the scrapbook!

  • susie whyte - holy overachiever dessert wrapping, batman! that looks so cute!

    the photos of my husband in his navy attire and next to his boat. definitely need to add that to a book.

  • Jill R - I would make a page with my two boys playing trains together. My 2 year old gets everything set up just in time for my 10 month old to cause mass destruction!

  • Valerie - My little sweetie learned to do a wacko crazy army crawl that involve the use of her head and tiptoes. It looks hilarious! It would make a great scrapbook page, as would the fact that she used said crawl to pull everything off of the bottom shelf in my living room! Now the real mommy work begins!

  • Martina - Friday night my husband and I babysat for our friends so they could go out on a date. We had so much fun with their sweet little girl. That’s what I would scrapbook – our babysitting adventure.

  • Dena - I would scrapbook about my son’s first four wheeling in the mud. My husband recently bought my son a used small four wheeler and he’s ridden it around the yard and on some friend’s land, but yesterday they went to an atv park…………after it had rained. They had a blast and were filthy. My husband actually took his camera so I could see their day. My daughter and I stayed cleaner…….we went shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Megan H - We played our own version of a “minute to win it” with 30 of our friends and family. It would have been great fun to document us doing those silly things: ding dongs stacked 7 high on your forehead, bubble blowing, keeping balloons in the air, etc.

  • Brianna B. - If I were a scrapbooker, which I aspire to be someday, I would dedicate a page to our pool and the good times it has brought us. Looking around Saturday at the unplanned party that just materialized effortlessly with my favorite people made so happy. That’s something I would want to remember forever.

  • Alexa - Catching fireflies with my 2 little nieces!

  • Alexa - catching fireflies with my 2 little nieces

  • Donna - I would scrapbook my kids at the last swim meet of the season. LOVE your blog! Your kids and photography are amazing!

  • Heather - last week my 6 year old son became enamored with fishing and cannot wait until he, his uncle, and his daddy can go out on the new (old) boat for their first fishing trip. i’d scrapbook that so i’d never forget how he wore his life vest in the pool, practiced with his fishing pole in the pool, and how he re-organized his tackle box 20 times.

  • Beth I - My 3 1/2 and 15 month old like to chase each other while playing harmonicas. I know?? Loud and crazy funny!! I would make a page about that.

  • vina sanchez - It’s either the trip to Waco with some girl friends of mine for a Jenni Bowlin Scrap class OR the Baby shower that we threw one of my dear friends yesterday! =)

  • Julie - I would scrapbook about our trip to the pool last week with Grandma. Hmm or maybe taking the wallpaper down in the kitchen and dining room. The kids really enjoyed ripping it off and I did too!

  • stacey - I’d scrapbook my sweet Bible study group that has been meeting on and off for a few years now. We just had such a good time together last week!

  • Robyn Lee - This past week was kind of tough on me and my husband (work related)…. And on Saturday, we went on a date and spent QUALITY time together. Dinner, ice cream, and Rock Band. LOL! I would Scrapbook that!!!! He is my best friend and I’m so lucky to be able to spend my life with him!

  • Jackie - My 4yr old daughter is obsessed with office supplies and, as she calls it, important paperwork (aka junk mail). Obsessed! Makes for cheap entertainment!!

  • Melanie - My husband and I celebrating our 4th anniversary.

  • Beth - My 3rd anniversary was this week. I would definitely scrapbook that! :)

  • Esther - Yesterday, our closest friends and family gathered to bid us adieu as we are moving out of town for my husband to go to school. I would definitely scrapbook that.

  • kassondra - we have anew baby on the way and in preparation we took a big sister class with my 5 years old last week. she was so excited to see all the new babies and learn the basic tools on how to be a great big sister!

  • Kara - Last night at a friends all the little boys took a bubble bath together—cutest thing ever! My 18 month old had a blast!

  • Camille - I ran a race on Saturday and got a PR! It’s such a great feeling to set a goal and accomplish it! Definitely would make the scrapbook :)

  • Dana - I would scrapbook about my 6 year old daughter’s first ride on a “big” roller coaster. So neat to capture the thrill in her eyes!

  • sarah - Just a simple car ride to Dairy Queen with the whole family. Nothing beats the kids smile when ice cream is involved!

  • Joy Andrews - My one and two year old looove playing in our sand table on our porch-That would be a fun scrapbook page…if i was a scrapbooker :)

  • Kellie Ann - I would scrapbook my husband and me in Austin, Texas for our vacation.

  • Jodi - Love this. I love your style. We picked up an underwater camera this week and went crazy taking pictures at the local pool. If I was a scrapbooker, I would scrapbook that day. The girls had a blast. Thanks for the giveaway. I am off to read the post you recommended below.

  • Paige - My in-laws went on an adventure trip through Alaska and I would love to create a wonderful keepsake memory for them!

  • Donna - I would make a page of my 5 year old diving in the water at the pool. So cute!

  • heidi - my husbands sister from OK is driving to northern utah this week, over the weekend they stoped in southern utah to visit and spend a night with us. If i were a scrapbooker i would have made a page of our youngest neice warming up to my husband. (she is handicapped and definatly not social. it was so fun to see her sneek closer and closer to him, then wham, she stole his pillow! darling)

  • colleen - we’re at the beach. I brought these colored wax sticks for my girl and boy to play with. They made the cutest shapes/words on the french door windows… looks REALLY cool with the sun coming through the door. I would make a page of them “creating” and the “reveal” as my son said (: (too much HGTV!)

  • Devon - My daughter Audrey (almost 3) has finally got the courage to blow bubbles in the swimming pool. I would love to make a page capturing every fun wet face moment!

  • Erin B - My dog broke his ankle and had to have surgery. It was a pretty traumatic occurance in our house, but his super cute blue cast and sad puppy dog eyes would deserve a scrapbook page.

  • Carly - I went cake tasting with my mother for my wedding cake. We had so much fun sipping coffee and tasting the 14 different cake samples inside of this cute little French bistro cafe.

  • Amanda - We moved to another state. I would have made a scrapbook page of the move – you know, if I had thought to take pictures of the process, if I had the time, and if I wasn’t so dang tired from the whole thing…

  • Carol - BBQ with our good friends and our daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby! Sweet time, sweet people, yummy food!

  • ae - The tomatoes in my garden FINALLY started ripening! We got off to a slow start because we moved into a new house, but I’m really excited that the garden is starting to produce.

  • Haley - I think I would scrapbook the “planning” meeting my husband and I had with our two friends for our St. Thomas vacation coming up next month. That would be a great introduction to the actual vacation scrapbook photos.

  • Faith - We discovered our first sunflower in the garden. My 3 year old was soooo excited. A scrapbook page waiting to happen.

  • Mara - My son turned 3 months and would have “scrapped” using these fun pictures of him: http://web.me.com/josh.wolff/Adoring_Audrey/Blog/Entries/2010/7/17_3_months_old.html

  • Becca - I’m pregnant and have a 10 month old so I don’t find time to scrapbook anymore. But if I did, I would have scrapbooked our 10 month old’s first real sickness – staph infection. I’ve given her numerous epsom salt baths while watching Veggie Tales. What memories. :)

  • Ashley Joy - I would have a scrapbook page to comemmorate the amazing sister bonding time that I had at the pool with my two sisters this weekend.

  • Allison Waken - 1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has children who insist on standing on the kitchen chairs instead of sitting (only mine are counter height chairs).

    2. I’m jealous that those tags were $1 (they were $2 at my Big Lots)

    3. I’m doing “A week in the life” mini album so I’m scrapping quite a bit from last week ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Biz - I would have a scrapbooking page of my fiance and I searching for churches to get married in. Its really fun sneaking around on a Saturday night peeking in church windows checking out the color of the carpet and counting pews!

  • anh truong - My mom and I decided that for my little cousin’s 4th birthday, we’d take care of the cake including decorating it, with unicorns, frogs and grapes (my cousin’s request…) So yeah, it was interesting since we’ve never done it before, but she loved the cake and didn’t realize that I forgot a tail for the unicorn.

  • Dana - If I were a scrapbooker, I would make a page for my husband’s reinstatement with the Tulsa Police Department on Friday. It was a very joyful end to a long and stressful period for us.

  • Stephanie - We went out to the outdoor theatre with friends to see Little Shop of Horrors. It got rained out, so we spread our picnic in our friends’ apartment- red and yellow watermelon, cheeses, wine, etc.- it was such a fun time I want to rememeber.

  • Kristina - umm…probably my daughter learning how to swim…this past week she has “gone under”…exciting stuff :)

  • gina f. - last night after I changed my 10 month old diaper for bed I let her on the loose while I got her bottle ready. My husband and other 4 kids were outside. After I put her to bed I went around to various rooms to tidy up. I went into a bathroom and saw a pile of toilet paper on the floor and knew the baby had been there. As i got closer to the toilet I saw that the baby had managed to get the whole roll of paper off the holder and dropped it into the toilet. Is this a good sign that potty training will go well?!?

  • Candy Foster - Potty training my littlest. He’s a big boy now.

  • Jen V. - Hmm…I think I’d scrapbook about my new big girl camera. As a scrapbooker, the quality of photos is extremely important to me…plus, I love photography. Friday was a big day for me when I picked up my new Nikon DSLR…a big big day. :)

  • Jen - My husband & i do ministry with high school students & we have gotten to do LOTS of really fun things with them this past week {drive in night, kickball, hangouts, dinner together, etc.} i’d love to celebrate that {if i scrapbooked}!

    ps–i totally agree just because you DON’T scrapbook doesn’t mean that you don’t NEED scrapbooking supplies. i hope i win!!


  • Melissa - Definately would be my 4 week old baby boy smiling at me for the first time! The second would be my 2 year old at Falls Creek church camp with 160 teenagers living large as if she was in charge (instead of her daddy who really was in charge!).

  • Shelly - I am also a mom of 3 boys but do not have my own little “firecracker” BUT I do have 5 adorable neices and I got to embrace my girliness and had the cutest lemonade stands ever built for them. Last week we had a lemonade sale, pink lemonade, lemon bars, dressed up in grandma’s old aprons and let our inner girl SHINE! I loved every minute of it considering most of my days are full of muddy feet, bugs and wrestling. I love my guys but oh how i loved lovin on my sweet girls. How fun to scrapbook some PINK and yellow for a change!!

  • Jenny - My kids playing in the rain….one of my favorite activities to do too!

  • Christy - I would have made a page of coming home from date and walking in on my mother in law & my 2yr old painting each others toe nails..
    Even thou I wanted to kill my mother in law at the time. It was cute!

    Love the brownie treat packaging!

  • Kim - We were in Mema’s garden this weekend…all those lovely veggies & the kiddos playing in the dirt would make great scrapbooking pages!

  • Desiree - If I had to pick one thing from a great week, I would have scrapbooked the amazing time I had with some wonderfully godly women at our MOPs retreat!

  • jessica - i just spent the weekend with some friends in the beautiful north carolina. i’d be scrapping some good food, good porch sitting and good friends!

  • laura - i would make a page documenting the normal everyday life of my two-year-old right now….

  • Valerie - My little 18 month son and I were in the backyard yesterday. I had the sprinkler on for him. He mustered up the courage to walk over to it (carefully, because it was spinning) and pick it up! It started sputtering up his nose and in his mouth! He thought it was hilarious! I kick myself now for not bringing my camera with me, the faces he was making were priceless!

  • Verlan Day - We had a Sunday School get together and it would have been fun to capture the group at some friends’ beautiful home with lots of delicious food.

  • Ranee - went on a trip to St. Louis…I’d scrapbook that!

  • Linda - I would scrapbook about the lemonade stand business he started last week.

  • Sarah - I would scrapbook about this past Friday, it was my last day in Seattle with my family. Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle is one of my favorite places. It’s always bittersweet coming back home to California.

  • Linda - That last comment is supposed to say, “I would scrapbook about the lemonade stand business my son started last week.” ooops :)

  • Kat - Littlest’s first ice cream cone! just in time for summer :)

  • Tracy - I would scrapbook about our week camping and my two kiddos playing at the beach!

  • Danielle - Last week was a relatively unbearable week, so I would choose yesterday (Sunday). While it is technically the first day of THIS week, my husband and I packed up our two dogs and the crazy dog we’re watching, a pasta salad and some chips, and went to the lake. We found a beach with no one else for miles, unless you count the pelicans floating around (in NORTHERN NEVADA…crazy). The sun was going down in a dreamy golden sort of way. It was perfection of an evening.

  • crystal - I would make a scrapbook page with my youngest daughter cooking with me. She loves to help mom cook and is at my side any time I’m in the kitchen. Her special talent….she’s the egg cracker!!

  • Megan - I dug out three old plastic chairs from underneath the porch and gave them some TLC and now I have three very pretty colorful chairs. My first big DIY project and I should have taken some before and after pictures to scrapbook!

  • Kirstin - My 7 month old playing in his baby pool. That kid just loves the water!

  • Sara W - Our friends from overseas are home and they spent part of this week at our house. Our times together are so wonderful – I would definitely scrapbook that.

  • amy - my daughter experiencing sleep away camp for the first time!! i was lucky enough to be there as the volunteer nurse for the week so i got to sneak in some shots!!! such fun!

  • Kristi - WE just returned from camping on Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas so I will definetly be scrapbooking that!

  • andy - for sure my son’s third birthday

  • andy - for sure my son’s 3rd birthday

  • lifeologia - I would scrapbook our family picnic by the lake. It was the first time both me and my daughter flew a kite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jessica Rose - I bought the kids I nanny a slip n’ slide to try and cool off in the 100 degree weather of Kansas. We also played with bubbles that day!

  • Ruthie Crawford - I would scrapbook my 18 month old daughter, Olive, dancing her heart out to music while taking periodic breaks (mid-dance) to sit eat raisins. We got it on video, which is sort of the ultimate scrapbook:)

  • anne c - one of my best friend’s daughter’s four year old birthday party :) she is very special to me since I delivered her!!

  • Ang - If I were a scrapbooker, I would make a page of how my 6 month old daughter diligently perfected her crawling this week. Crawling!

  • Shanalea Atchison - No brainer….my sis in law had her baby yesterday and yes I took pictures to scrapbook later.

  • Casey - On Saturday, I got to babysit a friend’s newborn and she was such a delight!!! I was her first babysitter too!

  • Michelle Gray - AH…that is SO adorable! Amazing how you can create something so beautiful that isn’t too hard. Something I would make a scrapbook page for in the past week was my 10-year HS reunion that I just had. Great memories!

  • Nadine - My friends and I held a surprise party for five of our other friends. It was hard work, but it was worth it.

  • Lynette - I would have made a page out of our swim meet this past weekend, it lasted most of the day! The kids swam so hard and then we came home and had an impomptu bbq with our swim friends! Fun times!

  • lydia - I walked in the room and there was Liza with a hammer in her hands, coins all over the floor and broken pieces of the cutest piggybank. I’m not sure if she was excited to have her money, surprised that she had just done something so distructive or upset that her older sister said it would be a good idea. They really are best friends, but sometimes I think Maggie lives vicariously through Liza. “Sister made me do it.”

  • Stephanie - I would make a scrapbook page of my almost 6 year old comforting my 80 year old grandma as she was getting ready to take her first plane trip by herself.

  • Angee C. - We spent a couple of nights at the Chattanooga Choo Choo (an early 20th century train station that’s been converted into a hotel) in Chattanooga, TN. I would’ve scrapped that if I had the time. : P

  • Janica - I would scrapbook the BIG family reunion we had this weekend; the first time our 25 immediate family members have been together in a LONG time! Very memorable:)

  • Rachel - Our 6-month-old son just started eating rice cereal! Many scrapbook page-worthy pictures have been captured!

  • Melanie - pk…I never win, but you could still deliver me a brownie in a box anytime:) In the last week, I would have to make a scrapbook page of us celebrating our daughter’s 9th birthday…her first birthday celebrated!!

  • LaurenS - well i just got back from cancun from my 5 year wedding anniversary vacation so i could do a ton of pages on that!

  • Mara - My son made his first batch of blondies (like brownies, but vanilla flavored) by himself. He used the mixer and everything! I took photos and I will scrap it. :-) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Megan - I would scrapbook the road trip my family and I took. We got lost (which is half the adventure) going to the Johnson Shut-ins. I would love to use some of the cool pictures we took :)

  • susan - Don’t think my last comment made it – sorry if it did….I would do a page dedicated to the growing relationship between my 2.5 yr. old and our new puppy – they have been wrestling each other all week.

  • Sarah - Loved this diy. SO cute.

    I was actually at a scrapbook weekend retreat with a friend, and I would love to scrapbook the scrapbooking weekend :)

  • Erin - I would scrapbook about my awesome friends!

  • Jessamy - can’t start the day without your blog and a cup of coffee…

    I’d have to do a page of my 2 year old and 1 year old finger painting on freezer paper last week. Love it when theie little fingers leave the paper and the paint goes all over their sweet little arms. Great photo ops!

  • Kristin - If I were a scrapbooker (and if I had actually gotten pictures) I would do a page about jumping in the 2 foot waves at the beach with my 4 year old twins.

  • Kristin Eldridge - my little man at the pool…he’s 8 months old :)

  • shelby - I am a scrapbooker :)
    The last page I made was from 4th of July last year…yep, I am terribly behind and create based on what pictures I am inspired by rather than going in order :)

  • Mendi D. - I would scrapbook my son fishing in a wonderful creek while we were camping.

  • Ali ichardson - I woul dmake a scrapbook about helping my sister plan her wedding. Her shower is this weekend and we’ve been busy little bees. So fun!

  • Jentre - We recently spent time with family at the lake. I’d definately make a few pages to remember that.

  • Abby - My husband went swimming in a BIG pool with our 2-year-old for the first time. Neither of them can swim so it was … interesting. But so much fun.

  • Eileen - My youngest son’s reschdeuled birthday party. He was sick the first time around.

  • Rachel - I’d make a page about my 2-year-old daughter dancing.

  • Jaclyn - Well we just got back from visiting family so I would pick that day we spent at my dad’s house just playing in the pool!

  • Sarah M - found my kids (3 & 1) sitting in our laundry basket together, older brother reading little sister a story. CUTE! So glad I snapped a candid shot of it!
    Sarah M

  • wendy - we spent Saturday at the lake with my husband’s family, including his sister who lives in Scotland… we had a great day swimming, playing lawn games, eating, reading, singing, walking… that day deserves a scrapbook page (if indeed I did scrapbook ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I would have made a page for Nate loosing one of his front teeth!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I would have made a page for Nate loosing his first tooth!

  • Suzanne D - We started VBS this week. I would make a page of them dancing to the fun “Egypt Files” songs.

  • Brooke Mack - I would make a page of the spontaneous “princess camp” my girls threw for themselves. They painted and cooked and learned new things. I loved it!!

  • Becky - My 1 year old granddaughter eating a popsicle

  • Becky - Husband and Son-in-law trying to put a seing set together for the grandkids

  • stacie - My husband and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary this last weekend. We live around Denver and got the best deals on a hotel and yummy food. It was fabulous! I’ve also been scrapbooking since I was 14 and this was another occasion to treasure.

  • Cricket - I would scrapbook my daughter’s first time at the lake- she loved it!

  • Rena Frey - I would scrapbook all of our swimming adventures from the last week, like Liam bravely jumping in the pool and swimming to the edge. Scary, but fun!!

  • Becky - This just happened yesterday – a brief moment where my daughter was playing with a long, stuffed green snake – wrapping it around her neck and laughing! I snapped 2 pictures which turned out great. I think this will be going into my scrapbook.

  • urska - If I would scrapbook I would make a page of annual baseball game we go to with our friends. It is always around our son’s birthday and this year his little sister, 5 months, joined us for the first time too.

  • Erin - I would scrapbook a page about four generations getting together this weekend: my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter.

  • Samantha - Oh! I just printed photos of my kiddos playing together to scrapbook! So, my kids playing together… sweetly, I might add! Thanks for the chance to win Ashley!

  • Betsy - We definitely need a few scrapbook pages to show how much fun it is to play in the sprinklers

  • Whitney H - My sister chopping off her long hair…it’s something that I had to drive 45 minutes to witness because we are just that co-dependent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jeannette Swan - I am a scrapbooker, but have had to get choosy about what I scrapbook since I’m a year and a half behind with 4 kids albums I’m working on. But, I will scrapbook (someday) our vacation pics from a week ago!

  • Michelle Monk - Oh my word, we bought Just Dance for the Wii the other day and have had SO MUCH STINKING fun with it!! But the BEST thing I would have loved to have photographed and scrapbooked was my 48 year old HUSBAND trying to do the dance to Eye of the Tiger. The girls and I were ON. THE. FLOOR.! :)

  • Danielle Albini - I would have made a scrapbook about getting lost and sleeping in Arches National Park, UT. My husband and I, sister in law, and her boyfriend are all on a road trip currently. That was a very interesting night!

  • Heather Young - I don’t scrapbook in books, I use scrapbook paper for lots of other things like modge podging wooden letters, or shadow boxes. I also use scrap book paper as background for my daughter’s framed photos.
    All this to say, if I were to scrapbook a page it would be our trip to the river this past weekend.

  • Mary Lou - Just don’t let him stick his head in the microwave!! Or play with the electric can opener…I’m a grandma. I worry.
    Love the brownie boxes and love your light in the kitchen.

  • Mandi Smith - I have a two year old son and a 10 month old daughter…currently I like to photography my son talking to his little sister, especially when he is trying to explain to her why it’s dangerous for her to play with his toys…it would make a great scrapbooking page :)

  • Stacy Peterson - I would scrapbook my little two year old playing on our new sod

  • Aja - I would make a page for my best friends. We have been through a lot together and it would be a great way to celebrate our friendship as well as their weddings/engagements!

  • giozi - WOOOOOOW is so cute and gentle, I loveee it.
    I need this papers too :)
    I bought a punch on Ebay and came the other day, you are the guilty :)
    but because my English is not good I bougth scallop punch, it was 1,5” and it was a little small than I wanted, but is ok, now I must to buy anothe, he he he.
    I lover all your DIY. Thankssss for sharing, and for be so gentle, and for your regards ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • SusannaT - You don’t know how good it makes me feel that there really are other moms out there who are not fans of having kids in their kitchen and in their business :)
    I’ll do anything else with my kids, but cooking and baking is for me.. alone, ha!

    Hmmm.. last week… I was babysitting my 15 month old niece and we discovered her artistic side for the 1st time when we took out the sidewalk chalks.. that kid was covered in chalk and oh so adorable.
    Now as I am a scrapbooker, the pics will most definately make their way on a page.. eventually ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And maybe I should go proof them now and post on the blog, what do you think?

  • Holly T - Last week we went to the community pool, would get a under water camera and scrapbook that.

  • Kelly K. - Last week I emptied out the house I bought as a single, young lady and moved into my fiance’s house. We’re getting married next month and knew we wanted to live on his farm so I sold my house. I love my house. I put so much blood, sweat and tears into restoring it and it’s hard to say goodbye to a place that I’ve made my own. But now I’m starting a new life. Change is hard but it can be good too.

  • tara - raspberry picking…and making raspberry jam!
    thank you.

  • Hollie - I would scrapbook about my daughter’s first year in 4H. She completed three projects (scrapbooking, sewing and photography) and did outstanding work in each. I’m so proud of her!

  • Natalie - My husband had been on tour for 2 weeks, so I packed up our 6 month old and her and I made the drive to Nashville to surprise him at his show. It was so much fun and she looked adorable in her hot pink head phones to protect her ears. Really need to start scrap booking these fun adventures

  • Hannah Bunker - My husband and I took his parents to our favorite restaurant, Niko Niko’s…it was their first time. There’s this dessert called Loukoumades which means “Greek honey ball.” They are the most delish, heavenly dessert we have EVER had. I would scrapbook our messy experience eating them with his parents.

  • Chelsea - i would do one of the wonderful friends home we stayed in this weekend, and our time in their awesome pool!

  • Macy Dawn - We’ll be traveling to be at my niece’s baptismal and I’ve been dreaming up all kinds of fun crafts to liven up the treats table for the open house they’ll be hosting. These brownies have got my mind ticking…

  • Jaimie - Had my first ultrasound for my 2nd baby. I’d make a scrapbook page with the pictures.

  • Jennie Frake - Molly’s trip to Plano (and 1st ER visit)

  • Angie - We bought a house and construction has finally started on it. I definitely would scrap about my first home!!!

  • Elisa B. - Staycation with my four sisters!

  • elizabeth highsmith - you are so talented and generous thank you for sharing! can’t wait for the rest of the week.
    scrapbook would be: sunday morning from my screened in porch
    p.s. i’d photoshop those brownies into the page, yum!

  • krista - my daughter (8 mnths) started pulling herself up this week, and being a general daredevil. if i had time between spotting the large headed babe, and attempting to entertain her.. i’d definitely scrapbook it. :)

  • Julia Crigler - My little boy turned one! Oh my god! If I had my you know what together, I would definitely scrapbook that….unfortunately I don’t,so the blog will have to do.

  • Svenja - My sister got married in Germany last weekend since our grandparents still live there and we have had a wonderful day at a castle nearby. This might be the last time we saw our granny. So this will be a nice scrapbook page for the future :)

  • Kellyann J. - My Coast Guard husband left for a 2 month deployment down to Louisiana to help clean up the oil spill – the kiddies’ goodbyes to their daddy would have been great scrapbooking material! P.S. Love your blog.

  • Natalie - My Dad’s 60th Birthday of course!

  • Joy Bruce - i would have for the VBS at our church that I planned!

  • Lisa Johnson - I would scrapbook some ordinary everyday event- weeding the garden with my 12-year-old daughter, my 9-year-old rearranging her dolls yet again, or my 14-year-old son mowing the lawn. It is the everyday things that I know I will love to look back at in 5 or 10 years, not just the birthdays or big events.

  • Laura L - Well, I am a scrapbooker, so there will eventually be a page for this, but my 8 month old son had his first hair cut this week! I couldn’t believe how much we took off (over 1 1/2 inches) for such a young boy!

  • Erin Elizabeth - Last week my best friend got married. She’s a scrapbooker and made me a scrapbook for a bridesmaid gift. I would love to return the favor and scrapbook her beautiful wedding day.

  • Jeni - My daughter has grasped the concept of playing chase and oh, it is hilarious to watch her scoot around the house, belly laughing everytime someone tries to catch her. :)

  • Sara - If I still scrapbooked I would have made a book for Grandpa’s 89th birthday. Instead I ordered him a picture fleece blanket off Snapfish. Time is at a premium these days. Wish I could get back into scrapbooking.

  • Nikki - My aunt is in town and we hardly ever get to see her, so I would definitely make a page about that!

  • Lindsay - I would make a scrapbook page for my Bunco group’s trip to the lake, it was a blast!

  • Hanna - I would scrapbook our community cooking event we hosted at our house on Sunday. My boyfriend and I had four friends over to make many delicious dishes so that we would have lunches for the week. It was wonderful to be in the company of good friends and nourishing our bodies. I would have dedicated a scrapbook page to community and food!

  • robyn - i don’t scrapbook, but i love using the papers and embellishments for various fun projects!

  • jo - i would have made a scrap book of my 16 month old playing with our lab…it involved nakedness, riding the dog like a horse, hysterical giggles and a quick pee & poop on the floor break…although i might leave that last part out of the scrap book :)

  • Julie B. - Nothing too exciting, but I’d scrapbook about the MANY places that my newly potty trained kiddo has gone potty this week while out…on the side of the highway, in the grass behind a school, etc.! That’s our life right now:)

  • tami - Last week was my friend’s bridal shower! A friend and I did all the decorations! It was sooo pretty! I’d scrapbook about it! =)

  • Jessica H. - I just got back from youth camp in Colorado. I would definitely create many scrapbook pages to display the beautiful scenery of Colorado and all of the fun I had with the students! Thanks!

  • jeannett - my twin girls gave each other kisses today…big sloppy wet drooly kisses! :)

  • tangie - we got to go camping last weekend and my 4 year old caught his first fish. he was the only one to have a catch. he just kept saying, “he’s just so cute! i just want to eat him!” i don’t scrapbook anymore either, but if i did, i would scrap about that and the whole fun trip :o).

  • Wendy - I would scrap my kids and their cousins swimming a Grammi’s house. Namely~ my husband launching them into the air and then the big slash…gotta capture it before they outgrow it!

  • Kathie Borders - My youngest child turned 3 this week. Where did my baby go? I’d scrapbook his birthday party – he just looks so much older now. :)

  • Heather King - My 2 year old went fishing for the first time… I’d make a page about the “fish” he caught over and over again… the green plastic one on the end of his toddler rod :)

  • Johanna - Baby girl’s first birthday!

  • Kristi - I would have scrapbooked on my six year old son in his pottery class. Messy but memorable!!

  • Jenn - My little nephew’s bday — we share bdays so they seem to be extra special. New to your blog. Thanks for the neat ideas.

  • Holly - I would have made a page about the summer storms in Arizona and the rainbow we saw on the way to work today.

  • mariah betancourt - my almost 3 year old was helping put away his laundry today… using a pair of kitchen tongs. I got a hilarious shot of him picking up his underwear with the tongs and placing them into the drawer! too funny!

  • Tammy Kay - these are really cute. I love how you added the prima flowers with the toothpick. :)

  • Amy - My son got his first real haircut this week. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to commemorate the event as I was forced to hold him down while she snip-snipped. He HATED it! I would have loved a couple shots of his little mad face to show him how silly he was once he gets older…

  • Jessica - I am loving this DIY week! I went to Big Lots during my lunch hour at work just to browse the Martha Stewart supplies…such a great deal!

  • Kim - My 42lb 3 1/2yr old wouldn’t leave our town pool. This battle ended with me carrying him under one arm while pushing his little sister in the stroller with the other hand. I wish that I had a picture of it, so comical!

  • Dana Laymon - one of our best friend’s wedding! he got married on saturday it was so beautiful! he might not appreciate the scrapbook but i know his wife would :)

  • Jess - We had some friends move out of town this week and I think I would like to scrapbook their au-revoir party!

  • Trinity - My girls feeding my grandma in the nursing home….such a sweet and tender moment.

  • Sarah - On Sunday I ran my first (and only) half marathon! If I could find time I would scrap my little heart away on that memory!

  • Rebecca - I would have scrapbooked my sons and my best friends sons play date. A 13 mo and a 10 mo are adorable playing together.

  • Kelsey - I would have made a scrapbook page about my bible study with my sweet friends last night. We discussed living with an eternal perspective, ate ice cream, and laughed a lot.

  • Ashley - My baby experienced a lot of firsts this past week… rolled over, found her feet, started really grabbing things. I’d make a page to document her growth!

  • Katy - Getting to shoot a wedding with Imago Vita on my birthday! A-mazing!

  • Sophie - I’d totally make a scrapbook page for my cat’s bald butt ^.^
    He had a lump at the base of his tail which he had to get drained (Gross, right?) at the vet on Wednesday and they had to shave the area around it for his surgery. Only, the area is about 4 inches square. That cat’s gonna have a bald butt for a few months now >.<

  • Callie B - My mom came to visit us and spend some time with the grandkids…I’d love to capture those moments on a scrapbook page!

  • Jill - Oh, I TOTALLY would have made a scrapbook page for the 80’s themed surprise birthday party that I went to over the weekend! Rad!

  • Jill - As it’s summer, there are so many fun outdoorsy things that the kids are up to that would be fun to scrap. But, what takes the cake lately would be when two of my girls (ages 8 & 5) stuffed their shirts with tennis ball ‘boobs’ and played a round of miniture golf in the yard. Very picture worthy, very scrap worthy :)

  • Karen - Its been so hot here in Mississippi this week that our kids have played in the water every chance they got. If I scarpbooked I would have to do a “Water fun” page.

  • becky - A picture I saw of my son who hates roller coasters, but a friend convinced him to go on the crazy mouse. It’s only the scariest roller coaster at our fair! The look of terror on his face is priceless!

  • Merideth A - i would scrapbook the craziness of our summer. wow we are busy.
    and wow lemon poppy shoppe has some really cute stuff.

  • paige rodriguez - Those little boxes are ridiculously cute! I would make a scrapbook page full of the funny things my 2 year old has said this week, along with goofy pictures I’ve taken (for example, him running thru the house with my husband’s huge afro wig he wore for halloween last year). Good stuff.

  • Yolanda - Well, last week we celebrated my daughterโ€™s birthday. If I hadnโ€™t been too busy to pick up the camera, it would have made more than a great scrapbook page. It would have made a fantastic scrapbook album. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Sydney - My boyfriend made his first hole-in-one in disc golf yesterday. He was so excited and wanted me to take pictures of him beside his “accomplishment”. I would scrapbook this so that I could remember the pure joy he experienced that day :) Ah, the simple things in life!

  • Christina - I’d love to scrapbook a page for my little miss in her gymnastics class! She loves it :)

  • Kalen - My husband, dad and I finished building our deck on Saturday. It was such a relief to have it done after nearly two months of working on it each day after work. It needs a page for sure!

  • Elisabeth - My oldest son doing “flips” in the pool, which really meant jumping up and landing back-first on the water. He was SO proud, though:)

  • Kendall - My birthday party is tonight, and I’ll be celebrating with some of my very best friends. I would make a scrapbook page about how blessed I am to have people who love me and care for me no matter what!

  • Taylor - My 14 wk. baby appointment was last week… so I’d probably make a scrapbook page about that.

  • Kacie - Taking our dog to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. This was our fourth midnight visit in six months. We treat our 70 pound lab like a child and now own up to the nickname “darents” (dog parents)!

  • Jenny Lynn - My birthday!

  • efrat - Starting my son’s new crochet rug! I would defiantly mark this moment in a scrapbook if I was a scraper…

  • Sunnymama - I would scrapbook about my daughter getting hearing aids.

  • Michelle Z. - I made some playdough this week, and my boy has been having the best time. I love how, when he’s really working on something, he sticks his tongue out. I need to record that before he outgrows it.

  • Liz R. - If I were a scrapbooker, I would make a page about my two daughters and their new kitten… they’re amazed by him, even when he’s hiding under the bed!

  • Jen - This week the thing I have MOST wanted to capture, even moreso than a lovely trip to Sprinkles and the bizarre experience of attending a Bret Michaels concerts, is the hours spent just sitting outside on the warm pavement, talking to my best friend, while looking at the stars. There are no pictures. No journal pages. Just sweet memories and a longing for summer to last a few extra months. I would love to treasure that forever!

  • Megan LaBelle - I actually am a scrapbooker :) and I would love to make a page about our new dog and his trips to the dog park!

  • Becca - Well, I am a scrapbooker so this is an easy one for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My baby girl has recently started smiling, but she is a tough little booger when it comes to getting her to laugh. The only one in our family that can REALLY ger her to laugh is her big brother. This week I was sitting on the couch with her while he was dancing and singing along with one of his favorite cd’s. She thought he was the funniest thing in the world. I was even able to catch a couple pictures of her big chuckles and his silly antics. I’m definitely going to make a scrapbook page about that moment!

  • Lauren - My friends came to visit me in NYC and we had such a fun time people watching! I would definitely scrap from the pics we took on her trip here.

  • Amy W - We went on a family vacation/reunion to celebrate my Grandpa turning 80 this year. That should definitely be scrapbooked!

  • Jill - I got to take a trip to Las Vegas this week with friends and it was amazing!

  • Kaylene - we had sweet prayer/baby shower for a young couple who is about to move, have a baby, then a month later move out of state. It was a sweet time i wish i could have captured for them.

  • Heather - I am a scrapbooker but since having my third 6 weeks ago it has been put to the side.. but I would scrap my older boys in swimming lessons.. amazing how much they grow.

  • Allison - i would make a page documenting my last week of work for the whole summer!

  • Sara - my daughter learned to swim this week! It has been exciting watching her jump in and come up from the water with the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen…so proud of herself for what she just accomplished! I def. need one of those water-friendly cameras! :)

  • Jane - If I was a scrapbooker I would have made a page about arriving home from a trip overseas to see my gorgeous 4 year old niece. she is so amazing and was so excited to see aunty janey come home on a big plane!

    thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  • Janine - I’d do one for my days as in Girl Guides! I still have my cute old badges! :)

  • Anne Thompson - I totally DID make a page last week of my daughters 6th ‘surprise’ birthday party! It felt great to do a LO the day after her birthday, usually I’m 6 months behind! But that’s OK too right?!! Haha, thanks Anne

  • Carly - I don’t scrapbook, but if I did my page would contain the everyday stuff so I could remember that every moment is special.

  • nicki - My 6 year old dd was squirming on the floor crying out that she was a shrimp with an exoskeleton. LOL I think I need to stick to fish for dinner from now on.

Did you know that you can get Martha Stewart craft & scrapbooking items for CHEAP at Big Lots. You never know what will be in stock, but I have also never left disappointed. Good finds. I am still a Martha fan.

Did you know I really like Meg’s blog. Yeah, I know you already knew that. I really like her Happy Things. She always finds the greatest stuff online and this week she posted a link to another blog post that I just can’t get out of my head (some of you have left comments that you already read this post too). Blogging is a strange thing and I know I could not express as perfectly as she did the reality of blogging. You should read the post. I am with Meg….I agree 100% (by the way, I am not the Ashley she refers to in regards to leaving a comment).ย  I love the end especially about how blogs are a tip of the iceberg…and that life is good despite the reality that it isn’t perfect. I hope you see that in my blog.ย  I hope you leave this blog inspired and a bit happier than when you came…if you leave discouraged, depressed or negative…well I don’t want to blog.

Did you know I am now going to totally change the topic. That was heavy. Speaking of heavy…my 2 year old and 4 year old weigh nearly the same. Random. I know.

Did you know that next week I am doing a diy project everyday? I am. Nothing big, just simple naptime projects because I feel like it and the boys are playing more wii right now due to the temperature outside.

Did you know it is Saturday. Naps are over. Computer is being shut down.

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  • Kim B. - I am a Martha fan too!
    My husband does not understand why, he always reminds me that she is a felon. Yes, I know – I love her creativity.

  • Sophie - Wow, great minds think alike, Ashley. I visited that link that Meg posted as soon as I first saw it on her blog yesterday. Since then, I’ve been reading through the archives of Shawni’s (at 71 Toes) blog. So far, I’ve reached Jnauary ’09 (:

  • tasha roe - woo hooo!! super excited for diy of the day! sounds like a great way to start the week off. i am doing your jars with the bobbypins on the front for a baby shower! can’t wait to share. :)

  • Devon - I love the randomness of this blog. You seriously crack me up :) I have ALWAYS left your blog feeling SO very inspired. I am amazed by all that you get done being a stay-at-home mommy… of four kids. You have given me the push I needed to get my crafty butt in gear. Just know that I am creating all the way out here in California because of you. Thanks :)

  • ria - I loove your blog. I am so excited about the diy of the day. Too fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angela - Yeah my four and six year old boys are only 4 pounds apart at last check. Funny how that goes.

  • maria - This is gonna seem like a random comment, but those ribbon ties you bought (the coral, tan, and aqua) would make such a wonderful palette for a boy or girl’s room, thanks for the inspiration as usual!!

  • Shannon - OK, I love this post for so many reasons. 1) I randomly went to big lots this week and scored a TON of MS craft stuff (and all in my fave color..aqua). I was thrilled, and glad I am not the only one that does this. I wonder if it’s a secret. 2) I love that Whatever blog, cute cute, and after I comment I am cruising through her happy things. 3) D. I. Y. 4) Loving that post, my husband used to say blogs are the devil, but I believe if we let them they can be a jumping off point for inspiration. Which is what I feel yours is! Every time I read I do leave happy and inspired!

    P.S. for some reason, while my blog is mostly happy and documentational, my facebook posts on the other hand…they refect all the normal ups and downs of everyday life. I think it’s because who wants to take precious time out of the day to write a paragraph about a bad situation. Much easier to do a sentance and call it good.

    P.P.S. sorry for the novel!

  • hillary harmon - not sure if you ever get on moneysavingqueen.com but there is a coupon for sunday 7/18 for 20% off at big lots! great deals get even better :)
    hopefully this link works for you!

  • Alina - super excited for the diy’s. you always come up with such crafty things to do.

  • shelly@familyblt - I need to go to big lots…I liked that post on blogging…woohoo for a week of diy! yippee skippee

  • Casey - can’t wait to see all your projects! I wish I had a Big Lots here, if I could get that stuff cheap I think I might actually have a stash of it.

    also, my 2 year old & almost 4 year old weigh nearly the same too! I think my 2 year old might be heavier lol

  • Aimee - Yes! I thought I was the only one that new about MS at Big Lots :)

  • Jackie - No Big Lots in Paraguay, but I’ll go next time I’m in the U.S.

  • Jaime @ Mamarazzi - Wow… I never thought to check Big Lots for scrap/craft stuff. Great tip!

    I am the other dork who sent Meg the “Whatever!” stuff. lol… Great minds, is all I can say!

    Finally, the blogging world is getting smaller every day. Shawni (71 Toes) is a local blogger – and one I check quite often. =)

  • giozi - Did you know that 17 was my birthday? Now I’m 37, almost 40, snif snif ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for sharing this blogs, I’m going to see them right now.
    Well here hot is awful, I can’t sleep.

  • Gevay - I read the post Meg commented on and I like that blog too! Won’t my husband be thrilled I have yet another one to add to my list. Funny I clicked on the the “Ashley” to see if it was you! Thanks for all you do share and for keeping it real!

  • amanda torres - this is completely random, but where did you find those cute littel crochet flowers in the box?

  • Jen - I love Martha Stewart and I’m a fan of Les Big Lots… I have a buzz card and everything so I can get points and get the special, secret, okay not secret, coupons and invitations to shop…

  • Jodi - I have those same ribbon tags. I used them in one of our celebrations to put on our cupcake favor boxes!!

  • Melissa - I am a scrapbooker but I am so far behind! This past week I got photos of my sweet little niece Hannah after her Tooth Fairy visit. She was so excited to find $ under her pillow. I hope to get them scrapped before her wisdom teeth come in :)

  • Elle - Hey! We are HUGE fans of your blog and just about died when we saw our calendars in that box ๐Ÿ˜€ LOVE your projects, photos and how you live life with your children! So amazing!! xoxo

  • Jolie - It’s an excellent post Ashley, thanks for pointing it out! And I’m a little curious – we have a wii but so far the kids (twins, just turned 4) haven’t used it as it’s pretty much been my exercise! lol! Do you have any suggestions for games that would appeal and be suitable for that age group? (we’re having a string of wet and miserable inside days in the middle of Winter here and I thought it might be fun to introduce something else into the mix. Thanks!)

    And in random weight news – Cole is 2 minutes older than Imogen, but weighs 4kgs more, is 3.5 inches taller and 3 shoe sizes bigger. When they were born, he was 20g heavier! hahaha

It is borderline impossible to get uninterrupted time to do ‘posed’ pictures of any of my kids. I attempted a few of FireCracker in the front yard…because we couldn’t make it to some cool location.

Here she is with her daddy in the front yard…a couple of weeks old.

The front yard session wasn’t working so well, so I thought I’d sneak away one evening to go to a park…alone with my girl.

Those pictures might seem like going to the park made things easier in regards to posed pictures, but here is the real story:

“Sweet girl. Hey baby, look this way. Moo. Ruff ruff. Achoo. B where’s mommy?”

“No, no. Those ducks will bite your little finger off. Trust me baby girl. Quack Quack. Where’s mommy? Quack Quack…look this way.”

“What does Mommy have? Do you see your brothers? Where’s daddy? Moooooooo Moooooooooo Mooooooooo. Okay lets find somewhere without ducks.”

(brothers & daddy were not there…and my animal noises weren’t working.)

“Baby girl, I promise you do not want to chase those ducks. They are not friendly. Look! AAAAA CHOOOO. Do you want mommy’s sunglasses? “

Fake sneezing not working. It always works with toddlers that don’t belong to me. Bummer…she doesn’t go for my photo tricks, but she did start coming for my sunglasses. Sorry for the fake out little girl.

“Baby girl those ducks are not your friends. Yes, they are loud and act like they want you to come play. Yes, you and the ducks have the same waddle walk, but they will just mistake your cute fingers for bread crumbs.”

“I know you don’t understand what those are, but most kids your age actually wear shoes. Crazy. I know.

Let’s put them on and pretend I am a mom doesn’t let her daughter walk around a public park barefoot.”

“Can you look at mommy’s camera one time and smile perfectly instead of trying to climb into the pond to be with the ducks? Please. I’ll make more animal noises if you want.”

“Sorry didn’t know that request would offend you. The Oklahoma humidity sure makes your curls cute. Good thing I have 100 pictures of the back of your head now.”

“Can you show me your STOMP routine? Nice.”

“It may be annoyingly hard to take pictures of you now, but I guess this is a pretty good documentation of you at one year. Maybe one day you will sit still and pose for a picture, but right now you are too excited about the freedom that comes with walking…and those crazy ducks. Let’s go home…it’s hot.”

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  • Shauna - She is so cute! My little one is very strong willed, but I wouldnt trade him for the world!

  • Sophie - So beautiful, posed or not! (:

  • Lori Danelle - Ha! too funny! And I really do think that up to this point, though you talked about the lovely curls on the back of her head, that really was a segment of pictures that was lacking from the blog. I can know fully appreciate said curls as I could not before!! :)

    Shoes!! โ€” My youngest was born at the end of August, so she spent all winter in those sleeper things with feet on them. Thus, no shoes. Then summer came and it was so hot and my husband was staying home with the girls at the time and we just wanted her to be comfortable, so since she couldn’t walk, no shoes.

    I took her everywhere without shoes. I’m not even sure she owned a pair until after she started walking!!! (and then they were a size 6.5!!!!! BIG feet!) We even took her to an amusement park sans shoes and was told on the merry-go-round that she couldn’t get on without shoes! She was only 9 or 10 months, it never even crossed my mind that there might be rules against bare feet at this place!!!

  • Erin - She totally looks like she’s gettin ready to break it down in the “stomp” pic, love that!

  • Mandi Smith - What’s with kids these days? They never perform when you want them to anymore :) Either way, she is an absolute little cutie and I love her little curls. Absolutely adorable.

  • karen brown - adorable!

    i don’t know what it is about the fake sneeze, but it does always seem to work!

  • laura - candid and beautiful. i love that she doesn’t wear shoes in public. its awesome.

  • amanda torres - So cute! Those curls are to die for. Don’t worry about the shoes. My Little Miss never ever wore shoes until she was walking. Steven would get so mad. I just didn’t see the point in wasting my time to put something on, that was going to come right off.

  • christina larsen - Love the commentary. Cracked me up. Cutie patootie!!

  • Rachel - she is sooo cute!!

  • Ashley SP - My two year old girl just came up and said “ooh, she’s dancing! Can I have her shoes?”

  • maria - hysterical and so realistic!!!! i adore the one with her lil mouth in open and her curls are darling!

  • Sarah - I have the EXACT same problem at my house.

  • Jill R - I think you only have one girl because anymore like her would be too much sweetness for one household. Oh my goodness she is beyond adorable!

  • Margie - oh my…she is so cute!

  • Jaimie - Hahaha funny commentary! I totally get that.

  • Amy - I love them all! This is so my little girl. Her pictures are on Sunday, there’s a good chance they’ll all be of her back too!

  • Kristi - She is such a cutie!! My two year old is still like that!! Her hair is all the way down her back and curly and I have lots of pictures of that beautiful hair! I mean thats what I was going for anyways! RIGHT?

  • Haylee - HA HA HA… sounds like my life story!!! My little boy was like that as are lots of my little clients. Here’s another trick you may or may not have tried. Put a big leaf, flower or something funny on your head and let it roll off a couple of times… they think it’s hilarious, then do it when your camera is up and they will watch for it to fall… probably only one or two more times with that big black block up to your face so be quick! It usually works for me though. Miss firecracker is adorable though :)

  • the inadvertent farmer - Oh the joys of photographing a 1 year old! She is just so full of fun…that hair cracks me up! Have fun being one little girlie. Kim

  • bopha - those are still adorable, i feel your pain. i gave up on taking madden’s pictures and now all lincoln wants to do is this awful cheese smile, oh well, like you said it captures their age.

  • Kellie Ann - Hi Ashley: I love your blog. Your little girl is so beautiful and looks just like you! I love that you have such a special bond with her- it radiates from your pictures.

  • Heather - her hair is so sweet!! and the photo of her standing where she looks like her hand is in her pocket is soooo cute! i love the commentary you added. so funny to know the real deal. have a happy weekend!

  • crystal - Love them all!!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh Ashley, she is so beautiful. The 2nd picture is my favorite but they are all amazing!

  • shelly@familyblt - I am totally loling at your subtitles. Great shots as always!

  • jo - even without cooperation you got some awesome shots of her!

  • patti - still some great pics in there! i’m glad i’m not the only one who has a hard time taking pics of my baby girl. by the way, that dress is way too cute! and the shoes…the shoes! i feel your pain about keeping the shoes on. my baby girl won’t keep shoes on. ever. even on the wood chips at the park. nope. not having any of it! it’s probably because most of the time, i really don’t care. :)

  • Monica - so adorable!! where did you get her dress? I love it!

  • Stefanie - That is awesome. I have a 2 year old boy and was wondering how you got all those cute toddler pics. Apparently the strange noises I have to make to get his attention are the norm! :-)

  • jessica - Toooo adorable :]

  • Elisabeth - I love these! Especially the one with the wide open eyes and mouth. What a beauty! I never put shoes on my son (who was born the same week as Firecracker!)–he just pulls them off and sticks them in his mouth, and to my mind, that’s grosser than just going barefoot:).

  • Allison - I really LOVE the close up of her pretty little ‘surprise’ face!
    she is SOOOO pretty.

  • Brooke - You might have seen on the side of Meg’s page, a post about how people are disouraged by other blogs (feeling not perfect enough, etc). Thanks for being transparent. Lets be real…getting pictures of a toddler is not easy. I was trying to do this yesterday with a friend and it was near impossible. YOu have an adorable cutie who is getting some CUTIE cute curls in the back! I love it! I also love her sweet dark hair compared to all those boys….

    Oh Firecracker :) Such a cutie.

  • Shannon - I. Die.

    this is the perfect post. Love the “O” mouth pic, and the close up of her piggies. Seriously snackable. She is just so beautiful Ashley! It makes my heart ache a little bit!

  • Betsy - I love when you make me laugh out loud! Great post as always!

  • mel - what an unbelieveably adorable child she is….just plain gorgeous.

  • Whitney - try to stay off head bands or put them right above her fringe where it doesn’t pull her hair back:) my friend used to pull her daughter’s hair back into a pony tail everyday and her daughter has her front hair grown backwards since. Brush them forward regularly, too!

  • kassondra - lol i make all the same noises at my job at sears and i do the whole fake sneezing too. lol i just wanted to comment about the close up picture of her with her mouth open… she looks just like Shirley Temple there too cute

  • Ingrid - so beautiful! love them all but especially love those last two shots :)

  • Amy - So cute! Thank you for sharing so much of you and your family on your blog. I love seeing all the creative things you do with your kids.

  • Dick - Beautiful!!

  • Jane - Awwww….she is beyond cute. It’s reassuring to read that even a pro like you can have a hard time getting a toddler to cooperate. I too have many pics of the back of heads. Would bringing at least one brother be helpful for next time?

  • emily anderson - somehow, her expressions remind me so much of kohen (my youngest). funny. sweet photos!

  • giozi - Children are so cute, bur really girls are adorables. I love the pic where your baby is sitting on the grass.
    Dresses are gorgeous.
    When I go to a store alwaysssssssssss buy more to my girl thanto my boy, poor my little skinny :(

  • Melissa - Ha ha ha… made me smile!!! She’s gotten so big! Just thought I’d drop in to see what you were up to. I’m due to have a baby girl (finally) at the end of August!

  • Lacey McKay - By far my all-time favorite post from you! You sound exactly like I do when trying to photograph my 18 month old. I’ll keep this in mind when I take her out to do photos next week and I want to pull my hair out. Ha! I too have a lot of photos of the back of Madison’s head, but she has the same curls, so I love them anyway.

  • Jen - She looks like a perfect blend of you and your husband’s physical attributes…

  • anne c - she is the cutest little girl!

  • Kendall - Oh my goodness, she is so adorable! And those curls! Thanks for all of the “behind the scenes” tricks. I might have to borrow a few of those.

  • Rachel - Adorable!!!

  • robyn - how do you get her to keep her headband on!? my daughter refuses to leave them on her head!

  • Mandy - Oh my goodness… she is SUCH a doll! I just want to give her squeezes!

  • Esther Nelson - With my two year old boy I yell “dinosaur” or “cookie” works every time. The logic is he always wants a cookie and well…he would never pass up an opportunity to see a dinosaur!

  • meg duerksen - every picture of annie from the moment she could walk….is of her back.
    so frustrating.

    but she is still adorable.
    even her back.

  • Katie - Ohmigosh, that is *so* what shooting is like with a little one!

  • mica may - hey there! i’m CRAZY about all your little firecracker’s headband bows! i’m assuming you made them (of course!) . . . do you have a DIY post on them!? i’d love to know how you did it . . . i just had a baby girl (!) 2 weeks ago and she has a different bow on every day, but i’d love some more “edgy” ones. thanks! love your site and your life!

  • Janica - Oooh, I’m just drooling over those pretty curls:) She’s such a cutie-pie 1-yr-old!!! My lil’ Darby turned 1 in April and I love to see how firecracker’s personality & movements mimic my own darling girls’. As always, fun & beautiful photos!!!

  • Emily - darling pictures of your daughter!! I just bought this dress this week for my caters!! I wish cate would keep head bands on!

  • Macy Dawn - Spotted this onesie featured on Etsy today and automatically thought of your babe!

  • Simply Create - freakin’ hillarious!!! and SO cute :-)

  • Jolie - Ashley, one day when you look back at these, it will make your heart sing to have such a true representation of your sweet girl at 1…much easier to open the floodgates to all those other memories of what she used to do, than a perfectly posed pic would. She is utterly divine, by the way!

  • Carissa Miller - Sounds alot like the one year session I attempted with Cohen. Unfortunately, I don’t think 18 months is going to be any better either!

  • Erin Low - i love the picture of her and she has big eyes as she is looking at something! so pretty!!!!

  • tamara - Loved all of these. Brought a smile to my face and memories of my own when they were that little. Treasures!

  • Sally - So much better not posed, they are adorable, beautifully done…these will be memories that won’t fade;)

  • simone - Your photos are beautiful … Wonderful!! I’m from Brazil

  • Simone - But I do not remember how I met the first time since I loved !!!!! Your family is beautiful, you look like a wonderful mother

  • Simone - Excuse and a great photographer

  • joanna - beautiful pictures. really captures your daughter’s joy. i also love your daughter’s headbands! may i ask where you got it?