UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed, Heather has the last counting comment “I would thank my amazing husband, my boss, my awesome co-worker Rachel, my mother in law and the guy who held the door open for me at the coffee shop this morning.”

So going along the same lines as I mentioned in the joy post yesterday, comes this post. The same day our friend spoke on joy he also said one way to combat grumbling and complaining in your life is to say thank you to 5 people each day before lunch. Sounds simple enough if you are actually around 5 people other than your kids during the course of a day! I liked the practical idea of it though, so the boys and I decided to pick one person each to give a special “thank you” gift. Not thanking them for something they have done for us, but just a simple thank you for being them and making our lives better because they are in it.

Our zinnias are almost out of control and they make such pretty cut flowers, so we made simple little vases out of bottles. We don’t really drink much pop, but I bought the Crush for a different project I had seen on one of your blogs…now I can’t remember where. The project was of 6 bottles tied cutely together with flowers inside as a centerpiece. If that is you, leave a comment and let me kmow! Goo Gone is the best at removing hard to get off stuff from glass.

We also used scrap fabric and scrapbooking labels for our tags/notes.

I let each boy pick out the label of their choice and the fabric of their choice.

They also got to pick out their flowers.

The vases turned out really cute. If you are wondering about the Yoda picture below, well it is semi-related to this post. The company that I used for the labels makes all kinds of scrapbooking supplies. I love to send notes with the boys in their lunch boxes, but to be honest sometimes it is hard to come up with something different to write each day.  This year I’ve been using the alphabet tags to help me come up with something new each day. The boys like seeing what word I’ll come up with each day to describe them.

And as you probably guessed….the scrapbooking company, Shabby Chic Crafts is offering a giveaway today. Here is a peek at some of their stuff:

Giveaway Details:

Prize is a $35.00 store credit to Shabby Chic Crafts

One entry per person, winner chosen at random

Contest ends Friday, August 27th 10pm US Central

To enter: In the comment section of this post tell me 5 people you could thank today (whether in person, mail, email, text)

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  • Betsy - My husband, my mom, my dad, my sister-in-law and a friend.

  • Danielle - the five people i can thank today are: my hubs, my two sisters, my mom and my dad. thank them for being them. and loving me as i am :)

  • Shannon - Love those alphabet notes. It IS hard to come up with something to write every day of the week! So many times I just don’t send a note!

    And what a lovely idea, random thanks. I think too often I forget to thank the people I love just for being them! Thank YOU for the inspiration today!

    Oh, and I will thank: My husband, my children, and my 3 close friends, all for loving me!

  • Shayna - That is such a sweet and simple idea. Now if only I had zinnias as pretty as yours. :)

  • kribss - my family, kid’s school teacher(s), daughter’s bus driver, wonderful neighbor and my funny friend.

  • Cristina - That is such a sweet idea! I would thank my husband, the lovely barista at starbucks, my son, my friend Tracey and my mom

  • Tammy Kay - I love that yellow fabric with the huge flowers on it. Who makes that? Not sure if I have seen it. Very cute project. Hmmm…five people. Do kids count? If not, my hubby, my friends Susan, Shelly, Melissa, and I’m gonna go ahead and throw my kids in there too. I like my kids. Their pretty awesome!

  • Stacy - I can thank my husband for just being that, my oldest daughter for being nice this morning, my mother for babysitting my smaller children everyday while I work, my cousin for being a great friend even when we live 6 hours away, and my best friend for always being my sounding board.

  • Hannah - Hello,
    First, I’ll take the chance to thank YOU for writing this inspiring post and sharing a bit of goodness with us in the blog-world. Second, I’ll take the opportunity to thank my mother. Mom’s can always use another thank you. Third and fourth I will thank my new friends who have been my family as I have been living abroad. And Fifth, I will thank a stranger for a random act of kindness like holding open a door, or making more space on the sidewalk. For us big city dwellers (I’m in London) those little things make a big difference. And, always, thanks to God.

  • Amy - Love the pics! I will thank my 3-year old today for playing so nicely with his sister. I will thank the childcare providers at the YMCA for allowing me time to work out. I will thank the librarians for their great work with my kiddos. I will thank my husband for coming home early and I will thank the director of the finance class we’re taking tonight.

  • genevieve - what a cute little project but great way to teach your kids! i love it. definitely saving this idea. and i would thank- tori, leah, angela, (3 friends that just made our big move managable), my in-laws, and my parents. oh and of course my hubby too! once i start thinking about, my list just seems to get longer and longer… :)

  • colleen - Five is a good start, there are so many! First, i begin my day with saying thank you to Jesus, the lover of my soul, giver of all good gifts; next my husband, the best gift i have ever received; my kid’s sweet teachers who are amazing! and give me a break each day while enriching my kid’s lives; my best friend Dena who loves me and listens and lastly my kids, who remind me that my life was never meant to be the end – they are my legacy! Thanks for helping me remember ALL my blessings!

  • krista - sid, ryan, mom, dad, whitney

  • lisa k in tx - Adorable! I would like to thank you, for all the creative ideas and pics (even tho I don’t know you!:), my neighbors (who invited us to dinner last night so I didn’t have to cook!, our mailman who delivers all my yummy scrapbook products when it is 104 degrees, my daughter’s teacher – she is loving school and my hubby for working so hard! thanks, Lisa k in tx

  • Reidunn - I want to thank you for this wonderful blog. And also my parents and my two brothers for being them.

  • annie - Let’s see – my dad, my brother, my husband, my neighbor girls on the bus stop each morning to vent about the day before, my friend Traci for being my clone and Heather for stimulating my creative juices almost daily! My kids… I’m a pretty grateful person and try to thank people as much as I can, I know how it makes me feel so I can only hope it scratches the surface.

  • Rebecca - I would thank Jesus, my husband, my mom, my daughter, and my neighbor who just agreed to watch our dogs over Labor Day weekend! Woohoo!

  • kassondra - 1 my husband for making life easier for me
    2 my daughter Julia for always giving me a reason to smile
    3 my daughter Belle for putting mommy out of her misery and coming two weeks early
    4 my mommy for answering any goofy question i have about being a mom
    5 my dog jerky for always being so happy to see me

  • Jenn W - I love vintage looking scrapbooking supplies!! I would thank my friends, Missy and Michelle, my husbands step-mom and his sister. And lastly our Schwan’s man, because since he came yesterday I didn’t have to get all 3 kids out and run to the grocery store to get something to feed them for breakfast!

  • Erica - My husband, my parents, my grandparents, my kids for making me the happiest mommy in the world, my friend Erin for being a great baby-sitter for me!

  • Mandi Smith - Very cute idea with the vases! Five people that I could thank would be my husband, my aunt, my mom, my dad, and my best friends Lisa and Grace :) Thank you Lord for allowing me to have so many great people in my life!

  • Christina - I can always thank my mom, dad, and hubby, then for today it would be my daughters teacher and my close friend :)

  • danielle - Very cute!
    I would thank you for your awesome ideas and great blog – such a good start to my morning! i would thank both of my cute kids for being so awesome and also for both sleeping through the night so I got a good night sleep, I would thank my husband for working so hard and also helping me out so much, and I would thank my mom for everything she does too and how much she loves my family and my kids (that could go for my dad and in laws too for bonus points)

  • Jen - oh i love this giveaway & this post!

    i want to thank my Momma {she’s the sweetest}, my bff rachel, jenna {for being an encouragement}, jordan {1 of my YL girls for being so faithful} & my pops today!!

  • Kirsten - hubby, my four girlfriends, my mom, my son’s sunday school teacher…

    Thanks for your fabulous alphabet notes idea! My son starts school again on Monday, I always enjoy sneaking notes in his lunch box, but you are right, it’s hard to come up with something new every day! :)

  • Meredith - I can thank Alyssa, Scott, Jerry, Alicia, and Debbie – my daughter and my coworkers.

  • Jenn - I would thank my mom, husband, best friend Tanya, and my boys Parker and Finn. I don’t say thank you enough and it is always nice to hear!

  • Brit - My wonderful husband for loving me just being him, my loving parents for all they’ve done and all they do, my precious toddler for his sweet hugs and smiles, my bestie for her laughter and friendship, and God who has blessed me with all of these!

  • Nicole - Great post! Love the lunchbox notes, can’t wait til our wee ones can read! I would thank my husband, my mom & dad, my brothers (so we’re over five already!), three of my dear friends, all of whom helped out tremendously following the arrival of our baby #3. I would also thank my children for being so darn cute and for reminding me that sometimes you just need to laugh…

  • Lorey - I would thank my husband for always, always providing for us, my sister who has become my best friend, my mom because she gives comfort and good advice every time we talk, and my two children for all the joy they give me every day.

  • Andrea - Husband, son, mom, Michelle, and the makers of Tylenol Cold and Sinus. Thanks!

  • Angela - My husband, two children for being so wonderful. And when we go to play group today the wonderful sisters who have taken such care of our family during hard times.

  • andreja - I want to thank my husband, my son, my 2 best friends sasa and tanja and to you.

  • Yuliana - my husband, my son, my mom, my mother in law & my girlfriends :)

  • Sarah - What a cute post! the vases turned out great and those flowers are just too cute! this fall i’ll be re-landscaping my front yard and i’ve been wanting to plant some sort of cutting garden so i can have fresh flowers in my house all summer so i’ll be adding the zinnias to that list! i’d like to thank my husband, my son, my parents, my sister, and friend for showing me more love and support than I could imagine! I’d also like to thank YOU for brighting my morning everyday with your lovly posts and beautiful pictures!

  • Candy Foster - My husband who works so hard to support our family.
    My mom and dad who are always there . . . no matter what.
    My kids for lighting up my life.
    My uncle for calling us last night (out of the blue) and saying he brought us a photography prop back from his trip to Kansas.
    My Jesus . . . because HE’s awesome!

  • Michelle - I would thank my husband, my mom and dad, and my daughters mateja and chloe.

  • Jessica - What a great idea! Thanking my hubby for getting up with the baby in the middle of the night (twice!) and still going in to work early so he can come home early. Thanking a friend for being a supportive military wife for her deployed soldier. Thanking another friend for being the thoughtful, dependable, and positive person she always is (I have never heard her say a bad word about anybody). Thanking the nurse at my Doctor’s office for calling antibiotics in to the pharmacy so I don’t have to make the unnecessary 30-minute drive + visit, etc. with baby. Oh, and thanking YOU for posting this idea and helping me start the day with gratitude, not attitude! :)

  • Amy M - 5 people
    my husband, daughter #1, daughter #2, my sisiter in law, my mom

  • Sandy - I would think my husband, my mom, my dad, my daughters’ teachers (there are 2 kids, with 3 teachers. 😉

  • Trese - Those are so cute! The five people I would thank today would be my two sons: Christian and Owen, my husband, my mom, and my sister.

  • Amanda - First, I’d tell Jesus thank you for our salvation.
    Next, my hubs for being the leader of our family. And for being everything I never knew I needed. Soliders of the US armed forces for keeping us free. My little ones for bringing me more joy than I could have asked for.

    Oh, and thank you Ashley for sharing and inspiring all the time :)

  • Anna Marie - Love this idea and how the boys were so involved in it.
    I would thank mom, dad, husband, grandfather and sister.

  • Rebecca - I will thank my Fiance for loving me and making me finally truely happy, the two kids I nanny for providing me with endless hilarious stories to share with my friends. Thank you to my friend at work for being just that, a friend at work haha. I will thank my best friend’s dad for doing catering for our wedding for super cheap. And finally I will thank my father (and tell him how proud I am of him) for finally coming to terms and getting help with his alcoholism

  • andy - my hubby, my mom, my dad, my kids (wait that is two so i am done :) ) and my mother in law

  • Kim@Living with Little People - I would thank my partner for his support and love, the three teachers at my little person’s daycare for making him feel so secure and special, and my boss for being flexible when I need to be there for my little person.

  • Jen V. - Cute bottles, Ashley! And a great idea :)

    My 5 people would be my husband, for always being so supportive and loving; my best friend for always making me laugh; my in-laws for welcoming me into their family from minute one; my puppy (even if she wouldn’t understand) for making me giggle and for cuddling whenever I need it; and my cousin for being the sister I never had, supporting me, having fun with me, getting in trouble with me, and always letting me know how much she loves me.

    Have a great day and THANK YOU for all the inspiration you provide!

  • Jenna - My Mom, My Dad, My Brothers (2) and my College Friends (10)

  • Sarah C - Such a sweet idea. I can thank my husband, my son, the checkout person at Kroger and Wal Mart (it’s errand running day!), nd my mom

  • Chrissie - My Dad, in particular for building me new shelves =)
    My Mom, always =)
    My husband, he’s the best
    My sister
    My friends Patricia and Abbey, my online buddies

  • JoLynn - Thank you for this post. We so often forget and don’t always treat our most loved ones as well as we do strangers.

    Today I will thank: you {for the giveaway!}, my husband, my mom, my daughter and my sister. Thank you!!

  • Lynn - Good morning, I want to point out these are in no particular order. I would like to thank you for all the good DIY ideas and for always being so upbeat with great ideas for us all to live by. I want to thank my husband for being so great and giving us all we need and more. I want to thank God for all his blessings. I want to thank my parents for being so great and supportive and I want to thank my daughter for being her! Have a wonderful day!!

  • Jovanna Gomez - My momma, my roommate Heather, boyfriend Alex, boss Pam, Sister Jessica!

  • Stacia - My Hubby for sure. My mom-in-law for so many things. And my best girlfriends x3 for simply being my best girlfriends. In fact, I think I’ll jot them all a quick note right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • BriBedell - My Husband, My mother, My Daughters (2), You for giving us such cute Ideas!!

  • Melody - Such a cute,simple idea. I would thank my husband, melinda, sherri, tom, & celena.

  • Amanda Stone - My parents, my grandmother, my husband, my mother-in-law, and my friend Grace.

  • laura - my amazing husband, my daughter, my son, my babysitters (2). i’m a blessed gal:).

  • Jill Stevens - My husband, my mother, my step son, my grandmother, my friends Lisa, Milurka, Kelly and Sarah! So thankful for their love and support.

    Thank you for such a cute idea!

  • Stevie - i would thank my dad, my grandpa, my best friend, my husband, my mom

  • Donna - My husband, and my four kids.

  • cally - I thank Little Debbie, because she makes the best Swiss Rolls. And my husband because he loves me. And my mom because she’s so generous. And my kids, because they’re patient with me. And all the teachers who challenge my kids. I like that.

  • Katie - My husband, my mom, my friends Michele and Heather, and my Savior!

  • bopha - i will thank my mom, husband, mother-in-law, and 2 great friends all for being so great and helping out so much the kids.

  • jessibee08 - these turned out adorable. to give thanks to: God; for not letting me go crazy, to my amazing hubby for all that he does to help me with the girls, michelle; long time friend who is always there, sara; who is my encourager sending me messages saying i am a great mom and i can do it (teething child right now), lance and stacy for always encouraging and inspiring us in our marriage/parenting/kingdom life. i have A LOT to be grateful for!
    thanks to you for reminding me.

  • Miranda - My Fiance, my mom, my dad, my best friend & my soon to be mother-in-law

  • Dawn Nikol - This is a fantastic idea. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy things… and thank people for being them. So my list will be: Husband, Daughter, Mama, Daddy, and a phone call to my sibling. <3

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Sydney - Cute project!!
    I would thank my mom, dad, 2 sisters, and my best friend Mary Chase.

  • Stephanie - I can Thank my co-workers Aimee, Sara and Abby, my mom and my friend Jennifer! They are all such blessings.

  • kristin fulghum - 1. my mom.
    2. my husband.
    3. my bestie.
    4. my mom in law.
    5. my neighbor.

  • Esther Nelson - My husband: for loving me
    My son: for being mine
    My Parents: for raising me
    My in-laws: for supporting me
    My God: for saving me

  • amanda torres - The telemarketer who will call today. After all they HAVE and job and are doing it. The post woman who has endured Hades the last few weeks to bring me my mail. The construction workers who are working down the street who helped build my house. My neighbor who is just plain awesome, and of course my family who love me despite my insanities!

  • Natalie - I would thank
    1- My David who said to me this morning, “you know, I like you”
    2- My friend Amanda who got me out running three times a week all summer
    3- My parents who would and always have stoppped everything they are doing to help me with anything
    4- My sister for taking the time out of a busy PhD program to tough base with me
    5- Gail, for giving me so much of her time this year and giving me a gift I couldn’t give myself!

  • Lacy - How sweet! I love those labels!
    I could–SHOULD–thank for being them & being in my life, my sister, my aunt, my parents, my husband, and my two girls!

  • Amber - I would thank my mom, my mil, my grandma, my wonderful husband, and my daughters. What a great idea!

  • Christin - my husband, my mom. my son, my son’s teacher, my neighbor

  • tiffany - my husband for watching our boys while i’m gone, you for the ideas!!!, my babysitter, my mom for helping pay for my plane ticket, my step-dad for driving me to the airport today, and my sister for letting me stay with her this weekend!

  • Anne - My husband, my mother, my sister (and her sweet baby!), the UPS driver, and a friend.

  • amber - my mom, my husband, my sister-in-law, my cousin, and my pastor’s wife

  • Candice Doctor - My mother in law for all her help with my kiddos. For my kids new teachers and their unending patience in the classroom. For my employer who continues to challenge me and give me a paycheck. For my husband who understands my need for a snuggle. And for my kids who remind me that their speed is slow, and maybe mine should be too.

  • Miranda - My fiance, my parents, my best friend & my mother-in-law

  • Trinity - Margaret, Michele, Sheri, Denise, Judy, Sharon…….that is all of my girls’ teachers. Yes, they deserve a huge thank you every day!!!

  • Christy - My lil one for keeping me in check, my hubby for keeping it real..lol,dad for always being there for me,brother for always listening,co worker for covering me while I was out on a field trip with the lil one yesterday

  • Cory - I LOVE this post & all those scrapbook goodies!
    I would thank…My wonderfully amazing husband, my momma, my friends Megan & Mallory (Young Life girls) for being such faithful servants & our Norwegian roomate for remembering to put his cereal bowl in the dishwasher!

  • Luisina - My husband!
    My best friend!
    My daugther!
    My mother in law!
    My grandma!

    Thanks for every day!

  • Jess - I would thank my mom, sister, my hubby, and two close friends. Really, I could thank so many. God shows His love to me in so many ways through my friends and family.

  • Jenny Lynn - So fun!
    I absolutely love all of your crafty ideas. Especially when it’s something that would be so simple to make!!

  • Beth I - Darn!!I got too excited. Please disregard the first post because I didn’t read the directions!!
    My mom
    my dad
    my husbend
    my mother in law
    my babies

  • Shauna - My husband for loving me. My FIL for watching our son. My boss for letting me have a job. My parents for raising me the way they did. God, for giving me the life I have!

  • Lauren - I should thank my mom, dad, sister, husband, and friend Erin.

  • AlenaH - My husband
    My mom
    My mother-in-law
    My neighbor, Sue
    My boss/Pastor

  • Carrie - Thank you for starting off my day with such a positive thought. It is amazing how many people you can think of when asked this question. My top five thank yous go to my daughter, my husband, my stinky dog, my mom, and my coworkers as a whole.

  • Lacey - I will thank my wonderful husband for being such a great daddy, my 4 month old’s daycare teacher for taking such good care of my baby boy when I absolutely hate leaving him, my Jesus for being such a loving savior, my employee for working oh so hard, and my in-laws for raising such a good man for me to marry!!!!

  • Mandy - I thank my amazing fiance (for putting up with me), my mother (for being my rock), my best friend (for always being there), my lovely little cat Luna (for being understanding when I run past her as I am so busy these past couple days and don’t stop to give a little pet), and Jesus (for always being there to listen to my wedding planning woes when I know everyone else probably doesn’t want to hear them)!

  • tessa - My Savior, husband, daughter, my mom, and sister! Great giveaway!

  • Marie L - my husband, my son, my friend Diane, my sister, my daycare provider

  • ellen - i love this craft; so sweet and definitely a teachable moment for your boys!

    i am feeling especially thankful for my wonderful friends who have supported me through so many transitions and starts and stops. i think i’ll thank them in some special way this week and since there are more than five i won’t list them here!

    thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

  • Aja Vaught - God for each and every day, my husband for taking the day off today to be with me while our youngest starts school, my kids for the joy and the stress they bring me each and every day, my friend Stephanie for walking out of her way with baby in tow to check on me (b/c my baby started school today), and my dog for not going to school too!

  • Camille - My husband, my Heavenly Father, my friend, my sister, my parents

  • Jessica M - You have such wonderful ideas!!
    I would thank my husband, mom, dad, mother-in-law and my good friend. By the way, thank you for your inspirational blog. It is by far one of my very favorites!! Have a great day :)

  • Sarah - When Alex said to thank 5 people before lunch I wondered how in the world I would be able to accomplish that EVERYDAY! I love your idea… Today I would thank: My best friend for being supportive, My roommate for feeding my cat while Im away, My other best friend for having breakfast for dinner with me tonight, My mom for being fantastic, and my co-worker for his patience.

  • Tanya - I could always thank my mom. Then my husband for watching a movie with me last night even though it was late, my friend for being my friend even though I never have time for her, my kids when they pick up the toys or give the baby something she’s crying for, and anyone I encounter today while completing my to-do list.

  • Mariah - My Mom and Mother in law for staying with me and helping me take care of new Baby and his two big brothers, my husband for being my best friend, my Grandpa for being a fantastic namesake for Roy Boy, and my Holly for being such an inspiration.

  • Sarah - My kids, for various reasons, my husband, my Mom,a neighbor and a friend who is such a blessing.

    What a great giveaway! I love how you are able to make such neat projects out of what you already have, so inspiring!

  • Donna - Only 5? Okay: my husband, my kids (if I do a collective thank you, that will count as 1), my mom, my grandma, and my bff.
    Love your flowers and vases, so pretty!

  • Shelly - Thanks to my 1 year old for sleeping in just a bit longer this morning, my husband, my mom, my dad and my grandma!

  • Carla - I will thank my husband, my son, my daughter, my mom and a stranger!

    This fall the students at my school will have a chance to participate in a “no complaining” campaign. Students will sign a pledge and get a purple bracelet to remind themselves to find something positive to say if we are feeling like complaining.

    Should be interesting!

  • Sarah - My son-for making me a mom
    My daughter- for making me a patient mom
    My C0-parenting crew of other moms- I am slightly less strung out because I know you all!

  • Shannon{photos by shannon} - The bottles are adorable! I would thank my fiance because he is so kind and understanding of me and deals with my family well! I would thank my grandma for being there for me always, my grandpa because he goes above and beyond to help his princess! My mom for being a strong woman to raise 5 kids on her own. #5 is a 3 for 1: my kids for being the most amazing, beautiful kids I have ever met.

  • jill b. - Super easy because I have so many people to be thankful for! My husband, my mom, my dad, my in-laws, and my friend Amber…

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - Love these little scrapbooking items! I would thank my mom, my husband, my son, my father-in-law and my sister…for all different reasons!

  • Melissa - I have so many that I should thank but here are my 5 for today:
    1. God – for blessing my life so richly.
    2. My wonderful garbage collectors for dealing with stinky trash everyday which is intensified with this HEAT – all while keeping a friendly smile on their face.
    3. My hubby for making me feel like I’m the only thing in his world.
    4. My beautiful daughters for making me laugh every day.
    5. YOU, Ashley for your blog and being such an inspiration to so many. Thank you!!!

  • heidi - my husband, my co-worker, my bff, my mom, my sister, my dad…
    wait thats more than 5, and i could keep going. i need to do better at this. thanks for the inspiration.

  • stacey B - My dad for obvious reasons (ya know the old, “you sacrificed so much to raise brother and I”! My friend Kevin for teaching me about simplicity, health and challenging me to walk deeper with God. My friends Sara and Jacob for treating me like a member of their family. And my boss Ann because she’s fun to work for!

    ps- I lava paper things:)

  • Kellie Ann - A loving thank you to my husband; my mom; my dad; my sister; and my 2 dogs for making me smile.

  • Amy Sargeant - My mother, my husband, my kids. Their teachers. God.

  • Carol V. - Thanks to my husband, my son who came home to visit last night, my daughter who helps me get everything done and is one of the coolest people I know, my other daughter who’s laughter brings joy to everyone around her, my other daughter who’s spunk keeps us all entertained, my other daughter who is a wonderful mother and God for all of them.
    Love your posts yesterday and today!

  • Kristine - Thanks to you (for this idea), my husband, son, mother, and friend Talissyn.

  • Jessica Lynette - Husband,boy 1, boy 2, girlfriend , sister,

  • Laura W. - I’d have to first thank my parents for being such a huge help in my life, my best friend Lisa for loving and laughing with me all the time, my other best friend for always staying in contact even tho she lives overseas, and finally my uncle for being just what an uncle should be (the person who does the fun stuff with you, buys you things you know your parents never would and letting you crash his atv without getting mad). Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Melissa - Great idea and probably warmed the hearts of many. Today, I would thank my husband, my son, my babysitter, my co-worker, and my boss.

  • Dena - Love the alphabet lunch note idea! I did jokes last year, but wasn’t sure I could find new ones for this year. this will be great!

    I would thank: my son – for being good for 5 minutes straight. my daughter – for being my little sunshine, my babysitter for being a second mom to my kids, my husband for putting up with me ;), my mom for the shoes I’m wearing today (little too small for her, she passed them to me :) and the lady at the library after she checks out my books for me.

  • Heather M - My people whom I could thank!

    1. my wonderful children
    2. my husband
    3. my mom
    4. my mother in law
    5. girlfriend

  • Madaline Meatte - my husband of course! my mom, my dad, my friend hillary, my grandmother, and my other grandmother!

    i take everyone in my family for granted and sometimes dont even take the fact that i leave near my grandparents for granted. i need to go take her some flowers!

  • Jennifer - my mom, my husband, my grandma, & my 2 sister’s

  • jody - 1. My husband
    2. My kids
    3. My parents
    4. My kids’ teachers
    5. God

  • ashlee - oh i LOVE their stuff! I bought their advent calendar set last year. My hubs for working so so hard so I can stay home and teach our kids, my mom for always being there when i need a break, my aunt for inspiring me to be a fun teacher, my mailman for always saying thank you to my kids when they tell him to have a nice day, and my kiddos, for teaching me patience, grace and love:)

  • Chelsea - The flowers in soda bottles are so cute! Makes me think of eating at a little diner! I would like to thank my son’s daycare teacher for helping to make everyday so fun for him, my co-workers for their hard work on a recent project and my husband for being with me on our journey through parenthood.

  • Rachel - Adorable!
    My husband
    My mom
    My grandfather (in heaven…I miss him dearly)
    My kids (for helping me see the beauty in everyday life)
    My best friend

  • Andrea Jene - Oh how fun!!
    I would thank My mom and dad, my hubby because he has been being so sweet, and my best girlfriends in the world, Andrea, Andrea, Christena and Charlie. Yes I have two other girlfriends named Andrea isn’t that crazy!!!

  • LaurenS - i could thank God, my husband, my boss, vanda, and my kitty. :)

  • Rachel - I need to thank my husband 5 times for 500 different things, but let’s branch out… My 2 year old for throwing away his own diapers, my 2 month old for sleeping through the night, my housemate for doing my laundry, my landlord for powerwashing our deck so we won’t get splinters, and my friend for holding me accountable to loving those around me.

  • Rachel - I%20need%20to%20thank%20my%20husband%205%20times%20for%20500%20different%20things%2C%20but%20let’s%20branch%20out…%20My%202%20year%20old%20for%20throwing%20away%20his%20own%20diapers%2C%20my%202%20month%20old%20for%20sleeping%20through%20the%20night%2C%20my%20housemate%20for%20doing%20my%20laundry%2C%20my%20landlord%20for%20powerwashing%20our%20deck%20so%20we%20won’t%20get%20splinters%2C%20and%20my%20friend%20for%20holding%20me%20accountable%20to%20loving%20those%20around%20me.%20

  • Natalee Lopez - 1) My Lord
    2) My Momma
    3) My Hubs
    4) My Bestie
    5) My Co-worker

  • Tricia - my husband, my dad, my SIL, my best friend, my kids (which actually is another 3, but we’ll roll with it 😉

  • Michelle - i would thank my wonderful parents, my best friend, my pastor, and our great God for the blessings they bring to my life! thanks for the giveaway!

  • meg duerksen - five people:
    my husband.
    my friend pam.
    my friend jen.
    my kids.
    my mom.

    talby doesn’t want notes in her lunch this year.
    she is so worried about other girls teasing her…..DRAMA! i hate girl drama.
    i am going to go your route and/or find a joke of the day calendar to slip in her lunches.

    cute vases.

  • Erin - People I would thank:
    My sister for being here this week and helping with some canning
    My husband for his wonderfulness
    My mom for her wonderfulness
    My daughter for her wet kisses she gives
    My other sister for being so compassionate.

  • Sara - I just blogged about my sister and thanking her for being her. Then there is my husband, my dad, my kids, my in-laws and my coworkers. I think I thank 5 people before lunch every day. The note for your kids lunch box is a great idea. Gonna have to do that.

  • Zoya - I could thank my husband, my 5 sisters, my mom, and the list goes on… :) this is such a great idea to implement into our lives!

  • Audie - I would thank my mom, my husband, my friend Nicole, and my 2 sweet daughters.

    Love the vase idea!

  • Kaylene - OOO, i think i would thank:

    my hubs
    my friend rachel.
    my sons God parents
    my mom
    and our sons school-because it’s the 3rd day of school and i already emailed the principle.:)

  • Missy - Being a new Mommy has brought “thankfulness” into a whole new perspective….
    I’d thank my sweet husband who goes to work and works hard everyday so I can stay home with our sweet baby girl. My mom – now that I’m a mom and I know what she did for me everyday…enough said! My play group Mommies for making the transition to motherhood so easy and wonderful. The lady at the grocery store who bags my groceries for me every week as my hands are full of baby, diaper bag, coupons, etc., etc., etc. And finally, my sweet baby girl who shows me everyday, in a very real way, how much my Savior loves me and how I can never thank Him enough for His unconditional love.

  • sarah - my husband for being so wonderful
    my kids for trying and being oh so sweet
    my mom for helping me all the time
    my mother in law b/c she is just the best there is
    my girl anty t because she’s the best anty anyone could ask for!

  • Kimberly - my husband, mom, son, son’s teacher and jessica

  • abbey - 1 – My husband
    2 – My Son
    3 – My daughter
    4 – My colleague at work that is helping me this morning.
    5 – My son’s teacher for helping him today.

  • Mandi - 1* My sister
    2* The first enthusiastic teacher
    3* The understanding doctor
    4* Our generous neighbour
    5* Sasha

  • Kate A - Simple thank you’s can make leave such a huge impression! Today, I’m going to make a point to thank
    1 – my husband
    2 – my mom
    3 – my sister-in-law
    4 – the day care girls
    5 – the barista I’ll see in just a few

  • Noelle - Hmmm, two of my friends who have been helping with my kiddos, my mom, my husband, my daughters’ teachers, and my mother in law….the list could go on and on!

  • Jenny - I would thank my husband, my mom, my dad, my sister, and my dog!

  • stefanie - my fabulous mom
    my lovely sister
    my helpful hubby
    my sharing friend
    my crazy kids . . . but I love ’em anyway

  • jessica h - great post–
    I’m thanking God again this morning for his goodness & graciousness towards me in Christ, my hubby for loving me beyond words, my son Josiah for making me smile every day, my son Joshua for being so utterly kissable, and you, sweet Ashley, for giving me a spring board for crafts & Mom encouragement (even when u don’t realize it!) THANKS!!!!

  • Lizzie - My mother, my sister, my hubby, my oldest son and my teacher(s). :)

  • karen davis - 1. my husband (in person with a big smooch!)
    2. my kitty (in person, by giving him scratches)
    3. my mom (by sending a sweet e-mail message)
    4. my grandma (in some snail mail, because she hasn’t caught on to the whole e-mail thing!)
    5. my sister (via skype!)

    What a wonderful giveaway!!!

  • Trudy - Great reminder for lunch boxes – even a cool eighth grader would love it :)

    – I could definitely thank our eighth grader for always helping with the twins happily
    – my husband for working so hard for us
    – my friend for her hospitality
    – my Dad for his “first things first” approach growing up
    – Jesus for the blessings of today

  • Katy - 1. My fiance for being the most wonderful man to ever put up with me!
    2. My boss and friend for giving me the confidence to go back to school so we can open our non-profit organization!! :)
    3. My aunt for being my rock right now.
    4.My office manager for being amazing as always.
    5. And Shabby Chic Crafts for this giveaway. Brides-to-be like me and so many others in this recession have got to rely on every resource and ounce of creativity and DIY projects like these!

  • Hannah Cross - My husband, my mom, my sister, my daughter, and my mamaw!

  • Marie - My husband, my mom, my mother-in-law, my children’s 2 teachers …. I could add about 100 more names to the list – I have so many people I’m thankful to have in my life! :)

  • Jenna - My mom for being an inspiration dealing with cancer, my dad for taking such good care of her, my sis for being her, my BF for loving me even when I’m a pain, and the person who invented coffee – it’s a lifesaver today. :)

  • kristi - my mom, my mother-in-law, my kids, my hubby and my neighbour ann. she is so nice.(and I will add you. thanks for your blog! love it!)

  • Natalie - my mom, sister, dad, friend, boss!

  • Martina - My husband, my parents, my sister-in-law, my best friend

  • Jennifer - I would thank my boyfriend for always being supportive and awesome, my sister for being my best friend, my grandmother for her kindness, my mother for her loyalty, and my martha stewart for her creativity (hehe)

  • amanda - i could thank my mom, dad, brothers, boss at work, and my grandparents.

  • Kristin Eldridge - my husband, my mom, my dad, Beth Moore, my Auntie Jamie. :)

  • Pam - 1. my husband
    2. my sister
    3. my friend Lisa
    4. my dad
    5. my mom

  • Lynette - I would thank my sweet hubby, my baby girls, my friend Emily and my friend Sarah!

  • Jessica Haskett - God, my husband, my daughter, my mother, my nana…

  • Amy - 1) My Mom, for having me and being the best Mom anyone could ask for
    2) My Husband, for all the support and love he gives
    3) My Daughter, for the abundance of joy she brings to my life
    4) My Best Friend for well… being my BEST friend
    5) You, for this awesome, fantastic,totally and utterly inspirational blog!!

  • Shanalea Atchison - Ok 5 people I could thank today for being them….my husband, My friend Melinda, my children, Gab, and cheesy as it sounds, Jesus…he has been loving on me a lot lately. Not that he hasn’t before, but I feel it now.

  • Erin - my husband, my mom, my sick fil, my remarkable mil, and a friend with good ears despite being thousands of miles away.

  • Amy - You, for your awesome blog and cool craft ideas!
    My mom for always being there.
    My husband for loving me even when I yell
    My daughter for making me be the best mommy I can be
    My dad for always telling me when to keep trying.

  • Debbie - I would like to Thank: Ryan, Daniel, Amanda, Mary and Dana!! they will all know why, they have helped me recover from a tramatic year of heartbreak! I love them all and am full of Thanks, everyday before breakfast (nevermind lunch)!! Thank you too for all you inspiration and wisdom.

  • Jenny - My husband, my sister, her husband :), and my two amazing brothers!

  • Michelle - My Lord, my husband, my daughter (she’s only 5 months, but oh well), and a few of my co-workers!

  • Aimee - Wow ok I am choking up just thinking about my 5 people because they truly do mean so much to me.. My Fiance for never turning his back on me because of my disease.. My mom for being so understanding and never being to tired to help me when I cant even walk.. My step dad for being there when my mom cant.. My grandma for just being able to always make me smile even when I feel like I cant go on anymore.. And my little brother for just knowing that no matter what his big sister loves him!!!! Wow sorry that was so personally but even if they wont read this it was just something I needed to say…

  • Michelle - I can thank my daughter, for taking a good morning nap. My cousin for inviting us to her son’s birthday party, my sister for driving to the airport and picking us up, my mom and dad for making dinner for us last night. Here’s a 6th – my hubby for bathing the little one and getting her ready for bed last night!

  • jen - thanks for sharing inspiration with me! am excited to use these fun ideas with my kids and in student ministry :). today I am thanking: my man (for serving our family, community and students as YP). my Sis (in Alaska but connected closey) my neighbor for walking the hood with me and 2 of my former students who share their lives with me!

  • MelissaM - 1. God, my Father 2. Matt, my hubby 3. My parents 4. Amanda, my sister 5. My inspiration, Ashley Ann!!!

  • Cat - 1. My Cousin who just sent me the pretiest little candle holder as an anniversary gift
    2. My Mother who is always amazing
    3. Our friends Molly and Brian who had a baby the week before our wedding and still managed to show up with bells on
    4. My husband for trying his hardest to make my life as easy as possible
    5. My friend Hana who I love and want to spend way more time with, but we live far apart.

  • amanda gibson - Hmmmm….first off the guy I’m dating – cuz he’s super sweet. Next, my two best friends. My Mom. My Son. And, really, the list could go on and on. I’m lucky to have lots of wonderful people in my life.

  • Ali - I would thank my mom, mother-in-law, and dad for always begging me to watch my little ones (dream). Then I would thank my husband for putting up with my crazyness, and my kids for not only wanting my hugs, but needing them.

  • Kelly - I love those alphabet tags! Just this morning I took way too long trying to think of something other than the usual “have a great day!” note. I do like to do jokes and stuff a lot but these alpha tags would be super fun too!

    Five people I would thank: my husband, my best friend, my pastor, my friend Megan who helped me with a project recently and my mother-in-law

  • Erin - You’ve got me thinking. I need to do something for these people!
    my husband, my mom, my dad, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, my sister, my best friend, my husband’s late grandmother, my granny
    That’s 9, but who’s counting?!

  • Cassandra - 1. My Mother-In-Law for making me feel incredibly special on my birthday!
    2. The Rain God. The heirloom tomatoes are so happy now.
    3. My Sister. For picking me up when I’m down.
    4. Chacarero’s. What is the secret to your guacamole?!
    5. My Mother. For giving me enough emotional charley horses to make me the fabulous tortured artist I am today.

  • Laura - Thanks for the opportunity!
    Today I would thank…
    1-my husband…for working so hard so i can stay home with our daughters
    2-my mother in law for babysitting and allowing us to have date nights and me time.
    3-my grandmother in law for…well…just being a grandma!
    4-my daughters, for playing so nicely together while I catch up on vacation laundry and housework.
    5-you…for making me think about all the people I have in my life to be thankful for.

  • Kaylan - 1. My sister & boyfriend for driving over 7 hours to come visit
    2. My husband for being so supportive and selfless while I have been pregnant
    3. My mom for always lending a helping hand
    4. My family, co-workers, and friends who were so generous at our baby showers
    5. My friends for giving me lots of advice when it comes to preparing for baby

  • Gwen - So super sweet! And I love those alphabet tags… what a great way to encourage your kiddos even when you aren’t around! I would like to thank my mom, dad, hubby, and my 2 best pals for making my life just brighter because they care about me & my daily life.

  • Devon - My hubby, the airplane pilot who is bringing him home, my Mom, my best friend Anna & my daughter Audrey – for not going completely bananas while her Papa was gone!

  • Jaclyn - My Mom! She is a wonderful person and I have learned so much from her.
    My grandma-She was amazing and I wish she was still here to see her great-grandchildren!
    Chandria-for making me a better teacher!
    My husband-just for being him and being such an amazing man and father!
    My dad-he makes me feel so loved and special everytime I talk to him!

  • Nicole - My husband of course because he’s amazing.
    My mom because she’s my mom.
    My mother-in-law because she amazing with my son
    My son because he makes my heart melt :)
    and of course god for blessing me with all these wonderful people in my life.

  • patti - Thank you to all the people who work long and hard to harvest the coffee beans for my fix every morning. Also, my mom, my hubby, my baby girl, and her big sister (even though as I type this, she is throwing a fit while on time-out…gotta love her!)

  • Lindsey Jo - my husband for working so hard. my mom and my dad for being amazing people. my brother for being my best friend. and rachel for doing amazing things for jesus in another country.

  • Corey Moortgat - Can’t wait for my boys to know how to read,so that I can send them notes in their lunches!
    I’d thank my husband, my mom, my sister, my other sister, and most especially, God!

  • Leah - Esther

    Five of the great women in my life!

  • Sarah - I would thank my ever-wonderful husband, my super sweet and loving parents, my friend who is like a sister and God for giving me all these amazing blessings in the first place – every good and perfect gift is from him :)

  • beth - i just recently stumbled across your blog and love it. the five people i will thank today
    my husband for working so hard
    my new sweet baby boy phoenix
    the awesome cashier who checked me out with my WIC checks today
    my mom well for being my mom
    my pastor for always encouraging us

    thanks again for your wonderful and inspiring blog!

  • Brooke - The days go by so fast that I find it hard to remember to sit down & think of all the people we are grateful to have in our lives. I’d like to thank you first and foremost YOU for reminding us of this on a random wednesday. I can’t possibly think of only four others to thank, there is SO many people who have changed my life for the better over the past four months. So, I’ll state four groups that have touched my heart as well as my families & deserve a huge thanks for pushing us forward. My family, The Gap, The local fire department, & the American Red Cross.

    People are amazing in what they do each & everyday.

  • Kristen - I could thanks my boss, my mom & dad, the rescue coordinator for my foster pup, and the dog-sitter I have lined up for the weekend. :)

  • hillary - funny that you would post this today because i already sent my husband an email thanking him for being him this morning!
    i also need to call or email, my mom and dad and my mother and father in law for helping support their daughter and son in everything they do. if it weren’t for them we would not have such a blessed home. thank you for bringing this to all of our attentions!! so thats SIX people 😉

  • Katie @ explanation required - Such awesome goodies!! And I have lots of thanking to do… my mom, dad and sister have all been helping me prep our house to be ready to sell. My husband has put up with the OCD side of me, which has taken over since putting the house on the market. And my little girl deserves some thanks for just being adorable and mine! :)

  • Amber Nicole - I would thank my husband for Working so hard so i can be home with our son. I would thank my Brother for being my best friend and always making me laugh. I would thank both my in laws For being amazing grandparents and helping us out so much when i was pregnant and my husband was laid off, I would thank my mom for working so hard when we were growing up to support us. I would thank the man who held the door open for me when he saw me struggling with bags and a baby in my arms. Mostly I would thank God for giving me all these blessings.

  • miss r - My husband, my aunt, my best friend that lives MILES away, my pastors, and my former colleague.

  • Suzy - GOD, mom, husband, son, and baby girl :)

  • Julie B. - My hubby, Mom, Mother-in-law, and two of my closest friends!

  • Emilou - 5 thank yous belong to 1) my cute friend for introducing me to you (I think! I have spent way too much time catching up on your blog, but I can’t stop!) 2) my oldest daughter for doing a puzzle long enough for me to read this post, 3) my baby girl for emptying “her” drawer in the kitchen long enough for me to read this post, 4) my husband, who is my personal tech support, for providing a computer so I can read this post, and 5) YOU for all your fun ideas and inspiration!

  • Agnieszka - Sucha great idea. I could thank my 2 kids for behaving today, my mom and dad and the postman for bringing some goodies I’ve ordered off the net.

  • Allie - my husband, my mom, my daughters, my best friend, and my home ec teacher from 7th grade!

  • angie - my husband, my friend libby, jen, my mom, my office manager Debbie :)

  • aimee - my mother, my boys(2), my sister and my husband

  • Cath - Love the project!
    My brother, my mom, my dad, Jessica and Ana for begin there for me no matter what, they believe in me.

  • Jamie - I need to thank my parents, my in-laws, my grandma (all for the sweet things they do for my kids); the preschool director at church (she’s a wealth of information); and the cashier at Target who always does a good job of sacking up my groceries each week (she doesn’t pile heavy stuff on top of, say, my salad greens and grapes.)

  • Jentre - I’d thank my husband, mom, dad, friend & boss.

  • Rena Frey - I love the bottles for vases! Great idea! I would thank my parents, my sisters, my in-laws, my best friends and my co-workers. More than five people, but all of them are deserving of thanks!!

  • Sarah - What cute vases! I’m gonna have to try those one of these days.

    My 5 would be:
    My husband- for loving every part of me
    my daughter- for being mine, I am beyond blessed to be her mom
    my mom- for giving the best advice and being an amazing woman
    my dad- for always being there for me
    God- for his grace, for his goodness. I am genuinely thankful!

  • Shelley C - God, Husband, child, walking partner, co-workers

  • Lori K - My God – who is the giver of all Good things.
    My husband – for keeping me “real” every day, I love him!
    My kids – they are the loves of my life.
    My family – they are there for me always with grace & mercy & laughter.
    My church – which is a firm foundation to build on and it introduced me to the greatest friends in my life that I can count on!

  • jenny - my husband, my kids, my mom, my friend Kim, and my neighbor.

  • Sarah - Another great idea, thanks for sharing!
    I could thank my hubby, my mom, my dad, and several friends.

  • Allie - my husby, my kids, my parents, my boss and my dear friend Shara… gosh so many others who probably don’t even know how much richer they make my days.

  • Michelle Z. - My husband…for letting me sleep in. My sister for making me laugh so, so hard every day. “The Jennies”, i.e. my two bestest friends. One for having the most positive outlook on life EVER, and the other for having a baby. I know she didn’t really do it for me, but I’d still like to thank her for that bundle of joy. And finally, my neighbor. Between the two of us, we have Too Many children, and, honestly, I think we co-parent all these kids with each other more/better than we do with our spouses.

  • Kerry - I could thank, my boyfriend, my mother, my father and my wonderful friends taylor and kim.

    I may just do that! :)

  • Tawnya - super cute idea, today!! I would thank hubby and 4 kiddos–each who lights up my life!

  • Gevay - I would like to thank my husband, my mom, my best friend, and my 2 boys.

  • Rachel - Cute idea! I was just thinking of how to thank my mom so this is really cute.. I would thank my mom, friend Kim, Bestie Kristin, M.I.L., and friend Alicia… all people who have helped me get through my husband’s deployment this summer.

  • Stephanie - My%20sisters%20Jenn%2C%20Vanna%2C%20and%20Ashley%3B%20my%20mom%20and%20my%20best%20friend%20in%20Colorado…%20for%20loving%20me%20despite%20all%20of%20my%20flaws%20and%20failures.%20%3A)

  • Tara - You have the cutest ideas! There are probably a million people I could thank these days but the ones that really stick out are my mom, my dad, my sister Megan, my sister Rachel, and Sara G. They have helped my family out in more ways than one as we have gone through a rocky year financially and quite honestly I will never be able to thank them all enough.

  • Heather - What a cute idea! And so thoughtful.
    5 people…I would thank my husband, my twin girls, my mom, my best friend, my assistant at work, and the girls new teacher….ok that was 6, is that ok? :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Stephanie - This is a duplicate of the previous comment…
    My sisters Jenn Vanna and Ashley…my mom and my best friend in Colorado…for loving me despite all of my flaws and failures.

  • Urska - I would thank Andy, Enzo, Nada, Jan and John. Husband, son, my mom, his mom, and a friend. These are on my list for today. Tomorrow is a different story.

  • stylefyles - The first time my parents ever took my sisters and I out to a nice restaurant, they gave us a set of rules to abide by. Most importantly, they told us to always thank the waiter/waitress.

    WELL. As those who have eaten at fancy places will know, the waiter/waitress stops by the table quite often when you’re at a fancy place. We peppered the waitress with so many obedient “thank you’s” that night she eventually couldn’t help herself from laughing at us (in a good natured, not condescending type of way).

    As young as I was, when the waitress finally cracked I was able to perceive how funny we must have been!

    To this day, I tend to over-thank at restaurants, so I guess it stuck!

    If I had to thank non-strangers right now I’d thank both my parents profusely. They have given me everything plus more (and while some of it has been material things, the most important things they’ve given me are non-tangibles). I guess I’d also thank my siblings (if I have to pick more people) for keeping me in check, and my best friends for being the best ever.

  • Dana - My husband for being my partner in everything. My mom for seeing when I’m too stubborn to spend money on nice things for myself (she funded my trip to your SnapShop!). My friend for always lending her ear. My dogs (ok, they’re not people but still) for reminding me not to take things too seriously. And finally, the nice gentleman in the Army uniform who rushed to hold open the door for me when I had my hands full.

  • amy - five people i would thank are: my mom, my dad, my husband, my sister, my children

  • Allison - My loving hubby, my wonderful kids, my understanding parents, my amazing aunt, and my special friends!

  • Crystal - I would thank my Mother, my Father, my Husband, my daughter, and my best friend for brightening my life each and every day.

  • KristenO - What a wonderful idea. My thanks goes out to my 2 wonderful co-workers who have made my maternity leave and return a nicer than usual event, my husband for loving me, my baby boy for bringing joy into my life and my BFF for being my touchstone through it all.

  • courtney - Oh My! I would thank my boss, who’s job is enabling me to stay at home with my little, my husband, for loving me, my little, for being such a great napper today, the mailman, for putting up with the overgrown rose bush that blocks our mailbox, and my Daddy for the Sonic cherry limeaide! I would also thank you for choosing me as the winner of this drawing…I love Shabby Chic Crafts!

  • Katie Holeman - Thank you God, for this beautiful morning, thank you husband for working so hard, thank you dad for supporting me, thank you vanilla latte for being amazing and thank you Ashley for making think about things I am thankful for!

  • Jane - What a cute idea! I would thank my husband, my mother and father-in-law, my dad, and my good friend Joanna.

  • Erica - My maternal fetal doc who this AM said the girls (in my belly) looked awesome and that this would be our last app. The nurse who did the NST and said their heartbeats were perfect. My ObGyn who has taken great care of me and told me ‘I’m a rockstar’. My Mom who is flying in Saturday with the hopes that the girls stay put until then. And God/Fate/the Universe for giving me such a gift.

  • Kate Morgner - 1) my mom for talking me down off this big anxiety attack I was having
    2) my husband for his patience and steady-ness
    3) the woman who took my blood this morning for being soothing and for being so darn good at her job
    4) God for speaking to me again even in small whispers
    5) juan for giving me a job that i could do even if it is only for a week

  • Caoimhe - my husband! My mom, dad and two sisters for a lovely family vacation last week. Love the labels!

  • Elisa B. - The people who have already made my day better, and make my life better just by being in it: my best friend, my mother, my grandmother, my husband, and my barista!

  • ShelbyA - 1) My son’s new teacher
    2) His bus driver
    3) The UPS guy (new lens–woot!)
    4) My left-behind-while-big-brother-goes-to-school 3yr old
    5) The sympathetic mom I met today who understands how hard it is to send your child out into the world.

  • monique - my husband, my kids, my mom, my dad and you for your daily inspiration!

  • Kara - SUch a good reminder! SOmetimes we can get so wrapped up and forget all we have to be thankful for!
    My 5 people-
    my husband, my mom, my dad, my grandma and my sister for all the things they do for my family. I am one grateful girl! My fam is so good to me!

  • Erin - i would thank: my husband, my children (3), the carmicals, my MIL

  • Nicole - my husband, my parents, my in-laws, and my God (oops +1!) :)

  • Mary Claire - I’d like to thank the Acadamy…oh wait…;)

    Let’s see…for sure my Mom, cause she still takes care of me even though I’m an adult. My husband because he puts up with me (don’t worry, I put up with him too). My daughter for being such a sweet fiesty three year old nugget of goodness. The woman who waited on my table in a busy restaurant with only two waitresses. Last but not least I’ll thank my friend Tasha for helping me paint my kitchen and telling me about your blog!

  • tasha roe - you always have the best projects!

    1. my hubby – coming to the rescue and picking up a sick boy while I was at the gym.
    2. my savior – for letting me “dump” my concerns, prayers, thoughts and troubles. He is so faithful!
    3. my middle man – for putting things into perspective for me on a daily basis.
    4. my little lady – for always loving on me – even when i get grumpy.
    5. my big man – for being such a great big brother and protector.

  • Anna - My spouse & children for putting up with me, my sister for being a best friend and my best friend for being my rock.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  • Katie - From my daughter, Evelyn. We would like to send thank yous to preschool teacher, Mrs. Collins; Preschool directory, Mrs. Juli; neighbor, Mrs. Vivianne; puppy, Kita; and bunnies, Jack, Pepper and Suzanna. Do pets count?

  • Daniela - Alex, Peter, mom, Manuela and Rachel.

  • Heather - I would say “thank you” to my husband, kids, mom, dad, kids teacher, best friend. I am blessed! Also, thank YOU for giving us such amazing ideas.


  • jina - God, my husband, my dad, my friend Kathy, and my 21 mo old little girl Lyla… oh, and thank you (that makes 6 – you know, one to grow on)

  • Becky - Very cute idea! I’d thank my mom and dad, twin sister, husband and heather- our full time employee at our store.

  • a pocket full of posies - My Lord & Savior,
    my parents,
    my husband,
    my children,
    my best friend- Vicki…
    (and about one hundred others!- you really got me thinking!)

  • Kalen - I would thank my amazing co-workers. I just told them today I’m leaving for a new job and in reflecting on my time here, I’ve been so blessed to have wonderful people to work with.

  • Jen - Great idea – Sometimes when my kids are starting to go bonkers I start saying thank you for the little things they are doing right – “thank you for washing your hands, ” “thank you for playing quietly for 10 minutes” – I really think it helps – I will thank my husband, my parents, and my siblings

  • meredith - My hubbie, my sister, my neighbor, my friend Jenn and the sweet little lady who turns these hooves of mine into nice, smooth, pretty feet. :)

  • Anne Saloff - I would thank my Dad, Mom, Husband, Daughter and sweet grandmother for all her crafty skills.

  • lydia - You- for a great weekend at SnapShop
    Andrew- for taking the girls for picnic lunch on the library steps
    My Mama- celebrating her 49th wedding anniversary today
    Allie- a great best friend
    Ladies at Church- planning an activity that my kids just can’t wait for

    Thanks for making me stop and think of how many people I’m gratful for…now I need to tell them.

  • Sara W - 1&2. The principal and counselor at my son’s school. They made my day yesterday by passing on stories of how my son is doing in school in regards to helping others and being a leader in his class.
    3. My husband for so many reasons.
    4. My middle sister for affirming me in so many areas.
    5. My ‘boss’ for always feeding my family in multilple ways.

  • christa - My boyfriend, for sacrificing his time, My Grandma and Grandpa for just being there always, My Dad for all the hard things he has to do, and my Aunt Nancy for helping me out lately. Gosh, I could go on and on!

  • Callie - I’d thank …My husband for all he does, my neighbor for taking my son to school each day, my Pastor for speaking truth into my life, the birthmom of our precious twins for choosing life, and God for giving me breath each day!

  • Mandy - my husband for all he does for our family – then each of my kids (that adds 4) for the individual personalities they add to our family

  • Kim - my husband, my mom, my sister, my friends (VS & SW)

  • Terri Lynne Barrington - Thank you to:
    1. My amazing children, for being so wonderful everyday, ok, most days.
    2. My incredible husband, for loving us unconditionally.
    3. Our “nanny”, for always always always coming to my rescue.
    4. My ex-mother-in-law, for her friendship…no matter how difficult it can be sometimes.
    5. My boss, for allowing me time in the day to catch up on all my favorite blogs.

  • Mary Beth - 1. my husband, for loving me even when I’m a crazy person
    2. my daughter, for allowing me to understand love in a whole new way
    3. my mom, for teaching me what it means to be a mother
    4. my mother-in-law for raising such a good man (my hubby)
    5. my favorite blog writers (too many to name) for keeping me inspired

  • Sara - Love! Today I thanked my nurse who took my urine, the lady who took my money, my husband for driving me to my 1st baby appoitment, my friend for asking how it went, and God for the little blessing he placed inside of me.

  • Amieeaya - hooray! today it’s my cleaning lady (!!), my husband, my sister who called to say hello, the person working the counter at dairy queen, and my two year old, who is just awesome :)

  • Leanne - 1.The lady at the store who didn’t give me dirty looks for my 18-month daughter yelling “Mahmeow!” (meaning marshmallow) the whole time she was checking for us.
    2. My 3 year old son who has the cutest smile ever today.
    3. My Six year old who is in 1st grade, second day of school!
    4. My Husband, for loving me anyway.
    5. My friend who is having a girls night tonight–hooray!

  • shay - my mom, my friend Elaine, my sister, my husband,my daughter

  • ashley jensen - I would thank my husband, my daughter, my brother, my friend Mandy, and my pets. I can completely be myself around them and my life is so much better with them being a part of it.

  • Joy Andrews - I could thanks Lots but to narrow it down:
    Jesus Christ, my parents, my husband, my pastor, and my 4 children!

  • chantelle - wow-shabby chic is great and I need to add you to my thank you list!!
    T – teachers (so caring and kind)
    H – husband (he is my biggest support)
    A – Ashely for sharing SC Designs!!!
    N – Nice lady who didn’t honk at me as I sat a little too long at the red light this morning.
    K – my kids, for filling my heart joy each second.
    This was the most inspiring post – in so many ways!
    Thanks, Chantelle K

  • Amber - My hubby, 2 daughters, Mom, neighbors, children’s pastor at church

  • Tiffany C. - Today I thanked the veterinarian and four of my fellow volunteers that work with me at our local animal shelter. I have been volunteering for the last 3 months, but they have been putting their efforts in for much longer. Today was my last day since I will be going off to college tomorrow and I will miss them and our furry shelter friends dearly!

  • Danielle - Such a sweet idea! I would thank my husband, my parents, my in laws, my close girlfriends, and you for your awesome blog!!

  • Kristen - My husband, my grandma, my aunt, my girlfiend, my daughter.

  • Kirra Sue - My husband, my momma, my dad, my mother-in-law, and my sister.

  • tami - What cute stuff! I especially love the alphabet circles…too fun! Hmm…lots of people to thank: my hubby, my daughter, my son, friends who support and encourage and get me to think about the world! Thank you for the reminder today to show and verbalize appreciation! Blessings on your day!!

  • Ingrid - you are so inspiring!!
    i will start today with thanking my mum, my hubby, my sister in law, my daughter, my best friend… they are all so wonderful & amazing!!

  • Hollie - my husband, my mother in law, my co-worker, my sister, and YOU!

  • Amy Coose - I love that idea! What a great gift. Today I would like to thank my mom, my hubby, my grandparents, and you for a great giveaway!

  • Becky B - my five people: my two walking partners, the couple having us for dinner and my 3 sons – okay that makes 7…sorry :-)

  • Mia - love this idea! i need to thank the following five… both of my sisters, my husband, my friend kate, and my daughter for picking up her mess before i had to tell her to!

  • Megan - I would thank the writer of today’s Upper Room piece, my assistant principal, my co-worker, my husband, and my dog (because he makes me laugh!)

  • Erica - I WILL thank my husband, 3 kids, and my mom for making my world a better place!

  • vina sanchez - I would thank God: for being patient with me, Jesus: for His sacrifice, my husband: for loving me, Mr. Lummus: for teaching me how to think, Mrs. Swarts: for being such a good listener.

  • Haley - The five people I want to thank today are… my father, my husband, my mother, my stepdad and my stepmother! (My first baby is due in four weeks so I’ve been in a reflective mood regarding everything my parents did for me in my life!)

  • Sarah K - My mom, Nan, Amy, Huey Lewis, and The News. 😉

  • Michelle Gray - What a great reminder to be thankful! I would thank my husband (it’s his birthday!), my mentor, my lawn guys that just came by, my mom, and my sister. …Oh I hope I win!!! :)

  • Hannah Bunker - Yay! I love Shabby Chic!

    I could thank my hubby, my co-worker and good friend Jaclyn, my bff Kasie, my boss, and the lady who brought me my food at Panera…and so many more!

  • Jennifer Waldrop - God (in a text but unfortunatly I dont have his number), the fireman who delivered my baby girl, the inventor of netflix instant play, my parents, and my husband!

  • Marie - my son, my adorable neighbor, brother, hubby and the lady at Roberts for giving my other son a balloon!

  • Karla - I would thank my husband, my mom, my kids’ teachers, my friend, and the lovely lady at Panera. :)

  • Christie - I’d like to thank:
    – My husband for killing all these spiders in our house!
    – My sister for being my sister
    – My gram for writing me a letter
    – My puppy Ginger for giving my hand kisses good morning
    – My co-worker for always giving me sound advise

    Hope you got to enjoy the Crush! :)

  • Rachel - My Lord and Savior, my husband, my children, my parents and the person(s) responsible for keeping our power on so my house stays a nice and cool 79 degrees :-)

  • Susan W - My mother-in-law and father-in-law for taking my 3 kids to the beach and my husband, mother, and father.

  • Susan W - Lorraine and Richard for taking my 3 kids to the beach today. My husband and my mother and father.

  • Trish - My husband for not giving up, my kiddos for teaching me to see everyday as a gift, my mom for being there, my friend Amy for always giving and my Savior for forgiveness.

  • Shani - I absolutely love this! So precious. :) Things I can be thankful for today: My co-worker for keeping me sane as I adjust to a new job. My mom for letting me give her random hugs. My cousin for seeing the best in me. My brother for making me laugh. My dad for being a proponent of mid afternoon naps. My other co worker for always answering my emails when I stress out over things I don’t know.

  • Jennifer Marie - my momma, rianne, grandma marce, hubs, baby boy & big little boy. Not necessarily in that order but that’s who I’m thanking today.

  • Jessina - My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, & my roommate.

  • Monique - Great idea with the fabric and tag – I have a few bottles sitting ready for something like this! 5 Thanks: God for being so gracious with me, Meg for being vulnerable and walking life with us, Kai for making me gut laugh, Hanny for always waking up happy and my hubby for putting the kids to be so I could go to the theatre and watch a chick flick :)

  • kendyl sisk - JESUS, my husband, boys #1,2 and 3 ;o)

  • kendyl sisk - JESUS, my husband, boys #1, 2, and 3 ;o)

  • Amanda - My husband, my daughter, my mom, my dad, my grandma, and my mother-in-law.

  • Summer - John – my husband who is so gracious.
    My Brother – having MULTIPLE life changing events this week and I’d thank him for letting me be there to help him
    My Moma – she really deserves the recognition
    Coworker – mom of 3 pregnant with twins – she needs to be thanked!
    My dear Friend M – who inspires me to be a better person every time I see her!

  • MaraMay Bca - My Lord and Savior for everything in my life, My Husband for being amazing all the time, My 2 Boys for being my everything, My Parents for being the examples I’ve always needed and continue to need…..

    Love todays DIY!!! LoveLove
    Also adore SCC!!!!
    Hooray for giveaways!!!

  • Heidi - Five people I received birthday cards from. :)

  • Holly T - My Husband, Mom, Dad, Mom in law, & Dad in law, they are all the best!!

  • Beth - Today, I could thank Jesus, my husband, my mom, my sister, and my dog (for being such a good cuddler!).

  • Sara M - What a great idea! And really cool scrapbook supplies too! I could thank my husband, kids, Sherry, Shawna, and my pastor.

  • Janica - My mailman, the dentist, son’s new kindergarten teacher, my sis/bestfriend, and my neighbors that moved in next door who brought ME a potted plant! (How embarassing they did something extremely nice, when I should be welcoming them into the neighborhood)~

  • Brittany - Adorable! I’ve been looking for something sweet and simple to do for the women who pray daily for the young girls bible study I lead.

    Today i want to thank Kim, Laura, Sharon, Sondra, and Shannon for being amazing prayer warriors and just awesome examples of Christian women. They Rock!

  • Felicia - I love your projects – simple enough for us non-crafty abled folks – so Thank you! I could Thank my 3 co-workers for helping me make it through the 2nd day of school w/out any disasters in a classroom full of preschoolers w/disabilities, my son for enjoying school, my husband for cooking dinner, and my administrators for being just awesome and supportive and all the parents for sticking it out.

  • Katie - My Friends: Autumn, Kelly, Abbey, Amanda, Jenn. Shoot. 5 is a short list. I should get on this because I could name more than 5 without hesitation.

  • Marykay - I need to thank my husband, my mom, my auntie, my friend Becca, and my friend Angie. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it!!! but I need to stop reading now so I can resume my mommy responsibilities, well maybe I’ll read just one more…

  • Kara - I need to send a special thanks to:LauraG, Trinity, Liz, AmyL, Aunt Garry, & Mom!

  • amber - I could thank,
    My Kids
    My Husband
    Our new 3rd grade teacher,
    The pizza delivery guy and
    the traffic director at my son’s school.

  • Christy - Thank yous…I love the thought of thanking people “just because.” I could thank my husband, mother in law, father in law, and my two best friends.

  • Janelle - what wonderful ideas :)
    our new teachers for my 3 girls, my DH, my neighbor for the playover, my mom for the chat on the phone & my friend jill

  • Kelsey - I could thank my mother in law for always being willing to watch my boy
    A sister in our ward for bringing me cookies.
    Neighbor for sharing some fruit
    my hairdresser, she always does a good job
    hmmmm….and our bishop.

  • Aimee Confer - My husband!
    My girlfriend who I just saw today!
    My daughter!
    My amazing sister!
    My Papa!

  • Lindsey White - Great idea, as there are plenty of people I know I don’t thank enough! My daughter, husband, mom, sister, and best friend. And thanks to you for your fantastic blog! :-)

  • Megan LaBelle - My husband, my mom, my dad, my boss, and my best friend!

  • Megan - Those bottles turned out really cute. I think all the crafts and projects that you do are so cute. I would thank my mom, grandma, dad, brother and grandpa.

  • Mandy O'Dell Jones - I will be thanking my husband, my father, my sister, my boss and one person at random whom I will pick based on their mood. I love to pick people who seem a little down and help brighten their day with a compliment or a hug.

  • Shannon - So many people to thank! My hubby, my son, my mom, my dad, my little sis

  • Christine - My mom, sister, best friend, husband and grandma

  • Sarah - My husband
    My step-mother
    My friend, Stephanie
    My two sons

  • Stephanie L. - You have such cute ideas! My friend Michelle, my mom, my husband, my son’s teacher, my sister.

  • Dana Summers - God | my wonderful husband | my sweet niece | my best friend | you {for the great give away}. Thanks :)

  • efrat - That’s easy! Nora and Ivan, my mom and my ant and my little one…

  • Carrie - Oh I love it! I write on their napkins. I want to thank you, my hubby, 3 kids and sheridan who always makes me want to be a better mom!

  • Leah Zion - mom, Mr. B, my bestie, my 2 boys :)

  • June P - my husband. my son. my daughter. my sister. my mom. #6: you, for this awesome inspiring blog! and #7: ShabbyChicCrafts :)

  • Chrissy - I’m always so inspired by you with both your crafty creative ways and positive spiritual outlook!

    5 People:
    1) The Father for all of our blessings and the blessings to come.
    2) My Husband for being my rock this week while I have been in the gutter…
    3) My Mother, God bless her, I’m 24 and she still comes over and cleans for me because she is amazing!
    4) Our worship leader at church for leading a wonderul choir rehersal tonight!
    5) The lady who was running in the rain today splashing even more water ALL over herself. She made me giggle!

    I think I will take your “Thanking 5” people a little further and leave little notes of thanks for them in the next few days…


  • Stephanie Brown - The Lord, my husband, brother, brother no. 2 and my best friend who is about to become a wonderful mommy! Made her the custom closet hangers and organizers! Love your blog, thanks for sharing.

  • Jill R - I would thank God, the nurse at the doc’s office, Rachel, my husband and my mother in law. Thank you all for helping me get through this little bump in the road…..one day at a time!

  • Carrie Bowers - I would thank my husband (he’s such a hard worker and huge help to me), my sister, my friend Libby for her support and our friends Bruce and Lori.

  • Julie - I would thank my husband, mom, dad, friend, and teaching partner.

  • Stephanie - Easy people to thank are my family, so I’m thinking of people beyond that: my boss (without whom I’d never survive my job), my sometimes-assistant (who has more than enough to do without me giving her more work!), one of my key volunteers–Emily, another key volunteer–Molly, and (all lumped into one because they all make me happy) my crew of kids from VBS this year.

  • Amy Price - My husband for providing for our family, my mom for providing her gentle wisdom, my sister for being my constant best friend who will always be truthful, my children’s teachers for all of their hardwork, and God for all of the wonderful blessings he bestows upon me!!!

  • Brittney Finnerty - Hard to think of just 5 but I would have to go with my husband and baby boy who I am thankful for everyday day of my life and to my mom, dad and sister who just wonderful!

  • Jessica H. - I would thank my mom for always being supportive, my sister, my co-workers Andrea and Amanda, and my best friend Heather. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Chelsea - my husband, mom, 2 good friends, and my aunt…i am so thankful for them all

  • Becky - Thanks to Kristine for showing me this blog. Thanks to the hubby for being wonderful. Thanks to my friend Meera for being a beautiful person. Thanks to my sister for hanging in there through hard times. Thanks my best friend Jessica for always being there.

  • jessica - Love the quote from monday, btw! Okay, I could thank my mom, dad, boyfriend, employer, and my best friend… and you, Ashley, for being so darn inspiring!! :)

  • Katrina - I thank God for at least five things every night. If I were to thank five people… I would thank my friend Donna at work for making sure I’m visible, my friend Kristin for helping me so much, my new friend Gabe for sharing with me, and my two daughters for being such beautiful girls inside and out.

  • Heather - I would thank:
    -my wonderful husband
    -my mom
    -my sis
    -my friend Joy
    -and the people who put together these awesome giveaways!

    Thanks to you too!

  • Allison - I would thank the principal, teachers, and staff for all of their hard work opening our new school today, my 500+ students who all showed up with smiles on their faces and excitement to explore the new building, and my wonderful fiance for putting up with my crazyness this last week getting ready fro school and making it through the first few days : )

  • MCA - Christ, blogger Ruth at gracelaced.com who has been making me think, my husband for working so hard, my kids teachers, and my mom for listening to my ramblings.

  • Jolie - So far today I *have* thanked Cole and Imogen (my children!), my husband, a lovely woman who did something unspeakably kind for us in a very tricky situation…and my bank manager! (and thank YOU for yet another gorgeous giveaway – I love love love the alphabet note idea!)

    …and I love that I’m not the only one who leaves notes for my littles…even if they can’t read yet! (sometimes I feel it’s a bit like charades on paper, or pictionary gone mad!!!) I find *dressing up the food* also is a nice surprise – draw faces on the (unpeeled) hard boiled eggs, bananas, mandarins etc…you can make pirate faces and use a little sticker as the eye patch!!! Yo ho ho!

  • Kim B. - Thank you to:
    1. God from whom all BLESSINGS flow!
    2. My husband
    3. My daughter
    4. My boss
    5. Star Jewelers in BA for making me a beautiful new ring that I CANT WAIT to wear :)

  • Adrienne - Today, I would first thank my mom because she goes above and beyond in what she does for me and the rest of our family; she is always giving us everything we need and more. I would thank my dear fiance because he loves me and wants to be a husband who loves and cherishes me always. I would thank my dear friend, emily, because she always tells me what I need to hear when no one else will. I would thank Hannah for eating lunch with me today; it was such a blessing to spend time with her. I would also thank Leslie for investing time into teaching me things about life that I would have a hard time learning without her.

  • Joa - my God
    my husband
    my Maxito
    my livvylu
    my CJ- you are so naughty but you still make my days brighter! :)

  • Savannah - I am thanking my wonderful husband, my amazing daughter, my mom for listening and encouraging me, my family, and friends for supporting us as we take our new journey!

  • Debbie - You always have such clever and sweet ideas… so glad I found you!

    and Michelle

  • Jamie - 1. I would like to thank my daughter, for making me smile every single day.
    2. I would like to thank the man at the cleaners for promising my dresses can be picked up by friday.
    3. I would like to thank the women at Target who helped me find dance leotards. I do love target!
    4. I would like to thank my husband for undserstanding why dinner was not made tonight.
    5. And of course, ashley ann, for her insperation!

  • mary - hank, nick, holden, ewan, and tomi.

  • peta - First would be God, then my husband for working so tirelessly to provide for us, then each of my three beautiful children.

    can i add a sixth? can I thank you for constantly encouraging us to follow God’s word?

  • Danielle - 1. My husband for working hard and letting me stay up all hours of the night to finish my book.
    2. My friend Colette for dinner last night
    3. My parents, because they are cool.
    4. My puppies for letting me sleep in.
    5. God, of course! :) For life and opportunity and basically everything.

  • Felt So Cute - my husband, my best friend, each of my two daughters, and our school principal! Thanks for such a cute giveaway opportunity!

  • robyn - my husband, my twin sister, my parents, my in-laws and God :)

  • Julie J - my mom and dad and my friends lance, kristie, and michele for their encouragement and friendship

  • CharlaL - MY Hubby/bestfriend(b/c he is AMAZING). My mom(she always takes my kids just when I need her too). my bestie(she TOTALLY let me VENT today…I was not nice). the guy at lowes(help with a bday party), and pandaexpress(donated to kids camp for church)!!!The list could get pretty long. These crafts are CUTE!! I love the lunch box notes. you are awesome!

  • Keri ~ forever folding laundry - What an adorable project. I just may need to add Crush to our grocery list. (My boys will be thrilled.)

    1: my dad, for giving up his free time to paint our house
    2: my husband, for all of his hard work
    3: my mom
    4: my dear friend liz
    5: and my kids, for making the days crazy and fun

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  • Ashley - This is such a neat idea and your words yesterdy and today have really spoken to me.
    1. my husband for being such a godly example and leader
    2. My mom for always being there for me and being my friend
    3. my son just because I am so thankful in general for the light he is in my life
    4. My new neighbors who have welcomed us and made us feel so at home in our new place
    5. my Kasey who has been such a wonderful friend.

  • Paige - I would LOVE to win this!! Let’s see… I would thank my mom for treating me to lunch today, my husband for playing with our son for most of the evening, my son for giving me a RARE kiss out of nowhere (melt my heart!), my girlfriend for sending me hilarious emails and texts all day, and my dad for loving his grandson enough to drive an hour and a half to take him for an ice cream cone. : ) thanks Ashley!!

  • Tiffany - My husband, my best friend Lindsey, my neighbor Emily, my mom and my sister! :)

  • Donna - Yesterday I made tooth shaped cookies for my son’s oral surgeon who removed some teeth 10 days ago and also some cookies went to the orthodontist that took my oldest son’s braces off.
    Gratitude is a wonderful thing to teach children.

  • Desiree - What a simple, lovely gift! I can thank my husband for always supporting and putting up with me, my mom for always listening and forgiving me when I don’t listen to her, my daughter for considering me her best friend, my dad for always being willing to help, and my mother-in-law for always thinking of ways to make me smile.

  • nori - only 5?? :) my sis, mom, dad, grammie, and my co-workers

  • Melissa W - My parents, my husband, and my children – I guess that’s six and that doesn’t include my sisters! My family has given me so much lately, helping us out when we needed them. We’re so grateful (and THANKful) to them! :) Great project idea! :) Keep up the great work and ideas. :)

  • Jill - My hubby, my mom-in-law, an employee, my neighbor, and my new friend that made us the BEST apple pie :)

  • Rachael B - I tried this today and thanked five people: the roller blading girl at Sonic, the man who put up my gutter blockers at the bowling alley, my sister (by making her brownies), the checker at the grocery store and the goodwill drop off attendant :) It was a good day!

  • Amanda A. - A great coworker, one of my students, my daughter, my husband, the person who found my keys after they’d been lost a month!

  • Stephanie - Love the tags. Especially the ABC’s I’ve been trying to teach my little girls her letters they would be A is for Awesome

  • Jamie - Brad…check
    Allie Reese

  • Jodi - My husband for putting up with me, my dad who kept me on the right path. my girls for showing me how to be silly and laugh every day, my sister for listening to every single thought that runs through my head, and God who has blessed me with so much more than I could have imagined!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! As always it is awesome and very much appreciated!

  • Jill - My mom because there is no judgement with her. My husband’s boss’boss for seeing the asset that he is. My sisters because they truly are the two most considerate people I’ve ever known (I guess that counts as 2 people). My husband because he works bis bootie off and never complains about it.

  • Jessica - My mom, husband, sister-in-law, grandma, and a friend.

  • anne c - I am thankful for my husband Josh, Kate, my mom, dad, and grandmother. It is so hard to list only five…I truely am thankful for everyone in my life. I know God has placed every single person in my life for a very specific reason…so everyone is special to me! Including YOU! :)

  • Breeana - Thanks to my husband for doing a job he hates right now to support our family. To my 2 boys for the joy they bring to us. To my sister for all the laughs. To my babysitter who gives me a break while hubby is gone weeks at a time!

  • Ashley SP - I want to say thank you to my three gorgeous, amazing beautiful children, my fantastic, supportive husband and my crazy-fun sister. All of them fill my heart and soul with so much joy and happiness every single day.

  • amy - husband, my kids, mom, dad, brother in law!!

  • Jill - My hubby, my mom, my sister-in-law, my other sister-in-law (I don’t thank them enough!!) and my neighbor.

  • Jane - what a fabulous idea! I’m going to try to do this tomorrow!
    I can thank my collegues at work. the man I’m going to buy petrol (gas) from in the morning, parents at the school I work at and that’ll probably get me to 5!

  • alyssa - both of my parents and my three bff’s. they’re all the best! :)

  • alyssa - both of my parents and my three bff’s. they’re all the best :)

  • Angie Webb - I’d like to 1). thank my husband for all his hardwork lately. Especially since he tore his achillles a few months back and I know it’s been very hard for him to get around; 2). I’d thank my mother-in-law. She’s the best and helps me a lot wih my daughter and really loves her a lot. It means the world; 3). My daughter for simply being her; 4). My best friend for being there whenever! 5). YOU for all your awesomeness. I enjoy my mornings getting to read your latest posts and inspirations!

  • Kelly - I would thank my husband for being such a wonderful man, my mom for raising me to be a strong woman, my dad for teaching me how to build and fix, my grandpa for giving me the love of all that grows, and my kids for making me smile and sweat each day! :)

  • Leslie - My mom and mother-in-law for taking such good care of us over the past 4 months of having a new baby; my husband for “babysitting” several times during his one week off of school so that I can have a break; the Pioneer Woman for introducing me to the most amazing cinnamon rolls EVER; and my friend Kenan for being available at any hour of the day to answer all of my new mom questions!

  • melissa - My fiance for being so helpful with our wedding planning. My friend Laverne for her sweet voice mail telling me to relax about the wedding planning. My mom for taking care of so much of the wedding planning. My friends who distracted me from my wedding planning stress last night. And my pastor for helping me focus on the marriage…not the wedding planning!

  • Nina - I love those tags! I would thank my boyfriend Al for our convo last night, my mom-for doing all that she does for us and for passing down her craftiness, my dad for my wonderful birthday, a new friend katie for being so open and honest in our first convo, and my grandma for sending such a special birthday card.

  • Betsey - My husband, my mom, my dad, my grandma and my friend Megan!

  • Jennifer - My husband, my mom, friends Sandra and Cyndy, my cousin-in-law Cathy.

  • Amber Perona - My Grandma, best friend, sister, mentor, parents.

  • julianna richman - God, Matthew, Miles, Colemania, and Elanine with American Express cuz she waived my late fee (oops)! These labels are so so so cute-right up my alley.

  • Julie - I could thank my mom, my son, a friend who brought me home from bible study today because my car is in the shop, a friend for being a friend and God for this beautiful weather he has blessed us with today. Thank you!

  • Emily Peck - I would thank: my husband for standing by me and always loving me, even when I’m cranky; my sweet 8 month old baby boy Sky for just being himself and making me a mommy; my mom for being such a great mom to me; my mother in law for watching Sky every thursday and friday :); and I would thank all the ladies out there who have creative blogs about their families, decorating, life, mommyhood – without them I would feel very very alone!

  • Shea - 1. My Husband for putting up with my very pregnant self lately and always loving and supporting me.
    2. My First Born Daughter for always keeping life interesting and making us laugh.
    3. My Mother In Law for tirelessly being who she is and being such a wonderful Mimi to my daughter.
    4. My Dad for calling us up for impromptu dinners out just so I don’t have to cook and clean up while 9 months pregnant.
    5. My Midwife for being a strong support system throughout this pregnancy and for understanding my needs and the needs of this stubborn baby who refuses to meet us. :)

  • Jenna - 1. My mom for being an inspiration in fighting cancer
    2. My dad for taking such good care of her
    3. my sis for being hilarious
    4. My BF for loving me even when I’m a pain
    5. The person at Chipotle that made me an exceptional burrito today. :)

  • Lindsay - How fun! I would thank my Grandma, my husband, my mother in law, my aunt, and my cousin

  • Meredith - Who I’m thankful for: Jesus, my fantastic hubby, my selfless parents, my son for all the joy he brings me, my wonderful sister

  • Anna - I am always oh so thankful,
    but to say it everyday??
    How unfortunate to think
    I’ve missed opportunities to say:
    Thank you to my mother,
    my hero, muse, and friend.
    Thanks also to my hubby,
    whose love never seems to end.
    A great bear hug to my dad
    Who is the biggest fan of mine.
    And a good rubdown to my puppy
    who runs with me rain or shine.
    But most important a huge thank you
    To my perfect Father above.
    Who has blessed me with so many gifts
    and people who shower me with love.

  • Christina G - I could thank my mother-in-law who has the wonderful habit of stopping by and picking up my 2 oldest girls when I need a break from being up too late with the baby, my mother, well, because moms always deserves a thank you, don’t they?, my sister that gave me a bunch of clothes for my middle daughter earlier this week, my husband whois just amazing, and my friend from church that made me the cutest burp cloths yesterday. I’m sure that there are 1500 other people I could thank, but those are at the top of my mind today.

  • Kacy M. - My boyfriend: Allen, my boss #1: Chelsea Faye, my boss #2: Josh, my mama: Terri, and my daddy: Mark. They all are awesome and deserve more than just a ‘thank you.’

  • Renae - My friend Emilia for talking me into the haircut, my stylist for Michelle for executing the haircut, my friend Jamie for telling me that I DEFINITELY did the right thing by choosing the haircut, my boys for making me laugh (okay, so that’s two) and you for this giveaway!! :)

  • Stacey - My principal for giving me a long term subbing job. My husband for being so amazing. My daughter for being the light of my life. My mom for always being there for me, no matter what. And my best friend, for always being willing to listen to me complain. :)

  • Natalie - My Husband, my daughter, my mother in law, my sister our neighbor. Thanks!

  • Stephanie - My mom because she’s wonderful and today is her birthday. My husband, cuz he loves me. My daughter cuz she makes me proud. My son because he started a new job today. My bestie for always being there for me!!

  • Vanessa Wyler - Love the flowers! I’ll thank: my husband, my friend Morgan, and my three sisters.

  • MissJillian - My boyfriend, my dad, my mom, and the two guys from our apartment office that have been helping us over the last few days.

  • Michelle - I would thank my husband, my dear friend, my son, my daughter and my other son.

    Thank you very much for the inspiration and the beautiful blog!

  • Michelle - I would thank my husband, my dear friend, my son, my daughter and my other son.

    Thank you very much for the inspiration and the beautiful blog!

  • Holly Gill - Thanks to the person who delivers my paper everyday, the mailman, my mom(of course) Diane and Melanie for always making me laugh at lunch, and my dog who is always happy to see me and never judges.

  • Kristin - Super cute vases! I would thank God, my Husband, my parents, my good friend Carol, and another good friend Ronda. All for being there for me whenever I need them. :)

  • Melinda Downing - my five art inspirations
    1) my grandma who made macaroni art paintings with me when I was 5.
    2) Phyllis Johnson: a friends mom and art teacher- an inspiration.
    3) Mac Mechem, HS art teacher- taught me how to see light at 17.
    4) Heintz Kusel- gifted and kind college painting teacher.
    5) Steve Dzerigian – my mentor. College photography teacher and 30 years later, one of my best friends.

  • Staci A - What a wonderful way to say thank you! I would thank my hubby, my son (for always making me smile), my mom, my grandma, and sister. They’re all such wonderful people!

  • Jessie - First off definitely my husband for just about everything under the sun. Next my 3 year old daughter for being so wonderful these days as we live in chaos from just moving. Then…all of our friends and family for helping us move and transition to this new place. Of course my fantastic clients that allow me to thoroughly enjoy my job. Lastly…YOU! I found your blog via Design Aglow and have been hooked… you are totally reviving the crafty person in me that has been lost due to work and the stress of life. Thank you!

  • Lisa Pemberton - My best friends Janet, Nita and Kelly, my mom, and my coworker, Jackie. I am thankful for them every day!

  • Jennifer - My husband, my kids, my mom, my friend Barbara, my kids new teachers.

  • Kenna S - Today I would thank: 1.my husband for being my best friend, a fantastic daddy to our sweet kiddos and an excellent provider for all of us; 2.my sister for letting me be a part of her newborn’s first weeks on this earth; 3.my mother in heart for watching my kiddos while I went to be with my sis and my new nephew; 4.my son for being such a good boy; and 5.my daughter for being such a sweet cuddler!

  • Natalie - Pastor’s wife for taking me & kids to the zoo, pastor’s son & daughter for helping w/ kids while @ the zoo, mom-in-law for making us homemade yogurt that’ll be ready for breakfast tomorrow, and the good Lord for the beautiful weather today.

  • christen krumm - 5 people to thank: husband, mom, dad, sister, and two brothers (one is in the military and the other getting ready to go) (ok that’s 6… i can’t count…)

  • sarah - as a teacher…i just love the way you and your children appreciate your teachers. it’s a great honor to be a teacher, and it’s even more rewarding when someone else see’s it too! thanks!

  • Eliece - I would thank my husband, the bus driver, the postwoman, my dad, and my car pool partner. I love this idea!

  • Caitlin - hubby, mom, lori, mandi, hubby’s gma :)

  • Heather Moll - My husband
    My friend Rhonda
    My brother and his wife
    My sister
    My neighbour

  • Katie - My husband…for everything, my neighbor for taking care of my older kids, my friend Stasia for such wonderful help delivering my baby, my friend Jen for all the baby diapers and clothes, and Aimee, Anna, and M for just being there! I know that is more than five… can’t help it… could even go on and on from there. 😉 Thank you for this great post!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - My husband, my mother, my grandmother, my sweet Savior, my sweet friends Kelly

  • Angie - oh goodness….i could thank my husband a million times over but especially today as i broke down in tears and he just rubbed my back to listen……but also my mom for being amazing, my best friend for being a phone call away, my little sister for making me laugh, and the nice doctor that helped me squeeze in an extra dr appt……..awwww it makes me happy to think of all these things today!

  • Laura - I will thank my husband for being there, my dog for loving me no matter what, my mom for calling me every day, my dad for telling me i’m beautiful everytime i see him, and my boss for keeping me employed!

  • mandi - 5 thanks:
    my mom- for keeping the kids while I plan our homeschooling year
    my husband- for cleaning the house while I plan- and taking us on our 3 week family mission trip that all those dirty clothes are from!
    lynsey- for making me feel missed and loved
    cassandra- for taking such good care of our home and animals while gone
    debbie- for covering us in prayer while we were gone

  • Christy - God
    my husband
    my son
    my sister
    my mom

  • Lindsey Millard - My five “Thank You’s”-
    1. My Heavenly Father-Thank you for sending your Son and loving me unconditionally when I am undeserving.
    2. My Husband-Thank you for loving me in spite of myself! His patience and sense of humor are what get us through some days!
    3. My Mom-Thank you for being a rock even when life beats you up. With her chin held high, she marches forward.
    4. My friend Debbie-Thank you for making me part of your family since none of mine is within a 5 hour drive. You are an angel.
    5. My boss and friend, Robyn- Thank you for letting me walk in the door 10 minutes late every morning and not firing my butt!! I promise, I’ll work on it…even though I have been saying it for the past year and a half, I mean it this time!!

  • elizabeth highsmith - 1. My mom for the thousand plus ways she loves me
    2. My sister for giving me fresh fruit
    3. A co-worker for his great attitude
    4. My Child Advocacy Supervisor for being so positive and helpful
    5. You, for your reminder to be joyful and your generous heart
    (that’s sincere no buttering you up so you’ll rig the random generator = 0 )your blog is a constant joy, thank you

  • Casey - my dad, my sister, my boyfriend, my kids, my neighbor

  • Elizabeth - God
    my husband
    my mom
    my dad
    my siblings
    my inlaws

  • Gale - Mom, husband, employer, a soldier and my friend for planning our 35th high school reunion. Now I’m going to go do it!!

  • Kimberly - Five people I would like the Thank today:
    1-God for a wonderful new day
    2-My mom for the wonderful dinner last night for G-ma’s b-day
    3-My hubby for just being him and loving me
    4-My wonderful children who bring me so much JOY!
    5-My sister for babysitting my baby girl yesterday

  • Rebecca - My husband, my son, my mom, my mother-in-law, and by little brother.

  • Lauren - Great reminder of not taking things for granted… I would thank my husband, my dear little girl who I forget sometimes is not even 4, our baby sitter who takes such great care of our little ones and loves them when we are working & my two best friends who I don’t get to see often but who let me vent whenever needed (that’s the best feeling).

  • Karen Giddings - Really enjoy your blog. You have a amazing talent. I would thank my sister, my parents, Stacy and Joanne. 😀 I would love to win!

  • Veronica - you, alissa, lanie, ben, ally

  • Deb A. - What a lovely idea. Thank you for the inspiration!! I would thank my husband, my two beautiful sons, my neighbor, and the roofers who just re-roofed my home.

  • penny nelspm - First time here and love the photography. I would thank my husband, son, daughters and my lovely GRANDSONS.

  • Dana Laymon - my husband, mom, dad, sister, adopted sister and her parents!

  • Mike Laymon - my wife, of course. my mom, dad, brother, hmmmm….and my best friend

  • Anne J - I am thankful for and would thank:
    – the hubs
    – the mom and dad of the century
    – the incredible alex rodriguez of CFA
    – my bro and sis for such great friendships
    – friends, friends, and more friends for lots of laughs and sweet memories

  • Stefanie - Thank my daughter for being such a wonderful kid.
    Thank my son for not eating his boogers today.
    Thank my husband for fixing our truck and saving us tons of $$.
    Thank my mom for flying in to take care of the kids this weekend.
    Thank my sister for being strict with my kids but still always sneaking them candy.

  • Michelle - I need to thank my husband, who is celebrating his birthday, for making me the happiest wife! I need to thank my daughter for smiling at me and making me feel loved. I need to thank my sister for teaching me what it is to really love. I need to thank my thesis advisor for encouraging me always. And last, but not least, I need to thank my mom for teaching me how to be a mom myself.

  • Jenny - Great post and giveaways as always Ashley!
    *Our Heavenly Father
    *My parents
    *My husband
    *My kiddos
    *My puppy dog Coaly

  • Heather - I would thank my amazing husband, my boss, my awesome co-worker Rachel, my mother in law and the guy who held the door open for me at the coffee shop this morning.

  • Wendy - This is another awesome post that has stopped to make me think…thanks so much!
    I’d like to thank…
    *My husband for being always supportive
    *My Mom for always listening
    *My kiddos for being kids and reminding me what it’s like
    *My Dad for reminding me how important it is to tell your loved ones how much you love them on regular basis
    * and my lucky stars for giving me a gift that allows me to do it everyday and not feel like it’s a job <3

  • Alina - love that your such a chill mom! mud + boys = happy boys

  • Karen Aldrin - I love shabby chics journalling notes.I wish I had done thoughtful things with my children when they were growing up.
    So today I would like to thank you for the idea of thoughful notes,my husband who loves me unconditionally,my amazing photography teacher Karen Russell,and my son Ryan and daughter Tasmin.I made a wish and you came true.

So Sunday our friend (and pastor) made the comment,

“Happiness is a symptom of circumstance, joy is a product of perspective.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot.

FireCracker returned from my parent’s house and my mom had dressed her in one of my old rompers. I was attempting to get some pictures of her in it, but she discovered Littlest Brother’s toy phone. Her circumstances made her very happy.

When Littlest Brother discovered her with his phone, her circumstances changed. She was very unhappy.

He decided to share. Her circumstances changed.  She got what she wanted. She was happy.

Then it was his turn.

We’ve had a lot of grumbling, arguing and complaining around here lately. A lot of big and little people who are happy or not happy based on if circumstances are in their favor or not. Biggest Brother brought home an “Ugly Jar” from church. For one week anytime anyone in the house argues or complains they have to make a monetary deposit in the Ugly Jar. Being the non-conformist I am, I couldn’t bear the Ugly Jar on the counter so Biggest Brother agreed to let me ‘De-Ugly’ it. I have a feeling that jar is going to be very heavy at the end of the week. The jar says, “Do everything without complaining or arguing. Phil. 2:14” (label from here)

Later that night my friend Lars made the comment, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately too. I consider myself a pretty joyful person. I don’t struggle that often with comparison. However, as I think about joy this week I have noticed that when joy seems to vanish in my own life it is usually related to comparison. I don’t want anything stolen in my life…especially joy.

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  • Kirsten - GOOD post. Totally, totally true. Love the comparison quote from your friend, I may have to post that in my house somewhere! It is definitely something I need to be reminded of, almost daily!

    I think we may need an ugly jar at our house. Hubby wouldn’t be putting any money in, I would be putting in some, but my son doesn’t have any money. Maybe he’ll have to put five minutes of Wii time into the jar instead. :)

    P.S. Love the cute little romper!

  • Kelly Clarke - Wow – this post made me think today!:) It’s so true… Thanks for the perspective! I love this thought: I don’t want anything stolen in my life…especially joy.

  • Elissa - amen :-)

  • Katie - Love this post …
    love the cute romper …
    and love that you ‘de-uglied’ the ugly jar and put your spin on it – you crazy girl you :)

  • tammy Kay - Wonderful post. I think I will copy those and post them on my fridge. I’ve been thinking about how I need to have more joy. I wrote a little post on it on my blog http://tammyakay.typepad.com/my-blog/2010/08/remember-my-smile.html.
    I especially love the last comment made by your friend. I completely and totally agree with it. Its when I start comparing myself to others when I turn into the person that I don’t want to be. Its so easy to have a pity party when things don’t go our way.

  • tammy Kay - Wonderful post.
    I need to have more joy and I’m trying to work on it more.
    I wrote a little post about it on my blog last week…http://tammyakay.typepad.com/my-blog/2010/08/remember-my-smile.html
    I think I’ll print those comments out and post them on my fridge.
    I needed to hear that today and need to be reminded of it myself.

  • tammy Kay - Your blog isn’t letting me comment. Let me try this again.
    Thanks for the post. Its wonderful.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about joy lately.

  • amanda torres - All so very, very, very true! Thanks for posting.

  • Tammy Kay - I think it was because I had the website wrong on your comment section. Its fixed now. :)

  • Liene - Very nice post! And very true quotes. I will put them on my blog to remind myself. At our home there is a lot of grumbling, arguing and complaining too. It is good to realize that it’s due to the circumstances… So thanks again for this beautiful insight!

  • Jill R - My circumstances today make me very unhappy (I can totally relate to firecracker in this post.). But I am going to change my perspective and hopefully keep my money out of the ugly jar!! Thanks for this post, especially today.

  • anne c - I am terrible with comparing myself to others…and it is very true that it robs you of your joy. it probably is the hardest thing for me to control in my life…thank you for posting this. I am going to work harder and keep repeating these quotes/verses in my head. hope you have a day with little arguing! :)

  • Shannon - What a great post! It took me too many years to realize that the way to be happy is to be happy with what you have! I also learned that if you pray with righteous intent the Lord will grant you the desires of your heart…it was very hard for me to see all my friends getting pregnant and having new babies this last year, but I decided instead of being sad I would turn that into joy! And so my shop was born. As I sewed for others, sharing my talent and creating joy I patiently waited and waited…knowing that it would be my turn when the time is right, and what do you know? The stars aligned, my prayers were answered! It’s my turn to get a new baby!

  • annalea - so so true. when someone say they just want to be happy i kinda cringe. i want to shake them and say, “but that is so fleeting!” comparison is such a thief of joy – i think of it as a misplaced hope. thanks!

  • Relish_Desserts - “Comparison is the thief of joy.” … I like that.


  • Sarah - This is an excellent post, what great things to keep in mind as I continue through my week. I like the jar idea too. I think it would be great to start something like that in our house. Adults and little ones alike in our home need to be more joyful.

  • Amy - “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – I believe God knew that and thus the reason he told us not to covet. He knew we could be happy but when we start to compare we start to covet and no longer have joy with what we have.

  • Trinity - Thank you Lord for speaking to me through Ashley this morning! Thank you Ashley for sharing what you are learning. I think the ugly jar is a great idea! Wow!

  • jenny - Oh my, can I ever relate to the grumbling and arguing. After only being awake for an hour this morning, I had broken up probably 8-10 arguments between my children.
    Love the quotes and LOVE the new and improved ugly jar. 😉

    “Happy are those whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 144:15

    This verse is posted in my home already and I think I am going to make it into a bigger and bolder piece because it does my heart good. :)

  • Kelly - Lots to think about here! Thank you!

  • jessibee08 - this is amazing. such good perspective. and i LOVE the thought about comparison….. food for thought for sure!! i have been trying to teach my daughter to have a grateful heart…..and to obey cheerfully.whew~has it been a job. keep loving your kids the way you do, encouraging them with THE truth. it will be worth it:) some days are hard for me to remember these things when the day is full of grumbling. but, HE sees you and is proud of your training!

  • ashlee - great idea…my kids dont have any money but i think i will have them write out their complaint and put itin a jar. All our hands may hurt by the end of the week:)

  • Amy - I really needed this, especially on Sunday. I was literally one complaint after another. I think I may have to try this! Thanks so much!

  • j cole - I see silly bands have invaded your house also!!!!

  • heather - Not what most people would comment on–but I LOVE his wrist full of silly bands!! My boys wear them too. It’s the little details. :)

  • Robyn Lee - I needed that encouraging word! Thank you for sharing!

  • Mary - Thanks for the notes on “joy”. The one on comparison is so true. A long time ago I quit going window shopping and browsing through clothing catalogs because doing so caused me to ‘compare’ what I saw to what I actually had. If I wasn’t constantly reminded of what newer, brighter, fancier things were out there, then I’m more content with what I have and therefore have more joy. ‘The joy of the Lord is my strength’.

  • Heather - this is so true and i love what they both said! and i like the ugly jar after you got your hands on it.

  • Cherish Stockdale - That is so true comparison most of the time does NO good! I love the silly bands on biggest brothers wrist! They are a big thing in CA too. 😉

  • Kate - thanks so much for this adorable post! I lead a women’s bible study and we are going through the book ‘Calm My Anxious Heart’ by Linda Dillow. It is a MUST READ for all women! Its focus is finding contentment in Christ. You HAVE TO get it :) I will be sharing the quotes from your post with my bible study women! Thanks for all your awesome crafts, ideas, inspiration and awesome photography skills that you share! :) I’m very thankful!

  • Sophie - I needed that today! Thank you so very much! My joy was robbed, and I now see it is all down to comparison! x

  • Allison - fabulous thoughts

  • Jessica - What a great post! The “ugly jar” is such a great idea….and your adorable little girl in that romper, just precious.

  • robyn - i really needed this post today.
    a lot! thank you!

  • lifeologia - Great idea and insight into the ‘thief of joy’ 😉
    Ashley, you just couldn’t let the UGLY JAR remain UGLY… could you? You’re sooo cute ;0

  • Elisabeth - So true about comparison and joy. And what a monumental task to teach that to our kids! I love the idea of the (pretty) ugly jar. Though fear that I might be the biggest contributor in my family!

  • Ruth - Great insight, Ashley! We can all use a little reminder now and then….thanks for that. Love the un-ugly jar, too!

  • Shawnene - Today’s post really made me think. I have been following your blog for sometime now, enjoying reading it every morning while drinking my coffee before my kids wake up. Your blog makes me happy…circumstance? Yes, and that moment of peaceful perspective brings me joy.

  • Robyn Farmer - Just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  • Jacquelyn - I found your blog quite by accident and have been smitten ever since! I love reading all your ideas and looking at your beautiful pictures! This post really hit home for me today.Simple words so inspiring! Thank you!

  • Rachel C - One of my favorite things about God is how He can take our most unhappy circumstances and turn them into the greatest joys of our lives. The more I live, the more I am able to recognize and anticipate the joy in the midst of the tough circumstances — rather than waiting for the joy at the end of those circumstances. I recently heard somebody say, “the good stuff is in the hard stuff.” I agree. If only I had enough faith to ask God to bring on the hard stuff.

  • Kristine - Thanks for inspiring me to take a spin off your “ugly jar.” I’m going to make a “joys jar” where I can write down joys (big and small) from the day, and then when I’m having an off day, I can just reach in and be reminded of a joy. :)

  • Danielle - ugh, I have been dealing with SO much bickering the past week. And my boys are only 2 and 4!

  • Jessica and jamesandjessicakent.blogspot.com - wow. amazing reminder. love the comparison one. just wrote it down so i won’t forget. thanks for letting the Lord use you

  • Colleen - This is my first comment, but I’ve been a follower for a few months. LOVE all of your fantastic posts. I really had to comment on this one tho- what amazing food for thought. Thank you for that!

  • Ashley - This is something that I’ve been needing to hear. Thanks!

  • Linda - This has really struck a chord with me. Thanks so much for sharing. And that ugly jar is a fantastic idea!

  • Stefanie - I love your post but the hugest lesson I drew from it…”so, that’s what those goofy shape bands are for!! Bracelets!!” Now I know! :-)

  • Stephanie - Thank You

  • candace - Fabulous post! Those quotes really speak to my heart and circumstances right now. Thank you for sharing.

  • maria - Love the idea of the ugly jar will be copying this genius idea in our home along with the bible verse, such a great idea.

  • Jenny - Love this post, but I have to admit that one of my favorite things about it are the number of silly bands on your son’s wrist. Too cute!

  • Mary - Did your mom make the romper for you when you were little? My husband’s mom made him a blanket when he was a baby, and the fabric looks identical! I love the Romper.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Ashley! Thank you so much for posting that ~ we are on the complain train, too. I have been digging for that verse ~ so thankful that you posted it!

    It is going on the fridge tomorrow!

  • Amanda Mc - Great post! I REALLY needed to hear that today! I love kids in their mom or dad’s old clothes. We have some pics of my nephew in my brother’s clothes and some of my daughter in one of my old dresses. Priceless :)

  • Danielle - thanks for posting about comparison being a thief of joy, i needed to hear that today :)

  • Joy Andrews - Great perspective!

  • Kirra Sue - Just what I needed to be reminded of. Thanks.

  • Jolie - Thank you – that is just what I needed to read today…I get sucked into the comparison spiral…and beautiful blogs of beautiful people with beautiful things (the unblemished, heavily botoxed, yoga-fied and photoshopped versions of reality!) can sometimes send things right out of whack. I love those quotes – hope you’re okay with them now being on a cork board in a house on a small island in the middle of the Pacific! :)

  • Midweek inspiration | RE: Peanut - […] love this idea for the Ugly Jar. We need […]

  • Jessica - My mom, husband, sister-in-law, grandma, and a friend.

  • Christina G - The ugly jar is such a good idea. I will definitely be using this idea in my home. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  • Karla (LaPine) Swalve - I love this post Ashley! How true that “comparison is the thief of joy” Thank-you for your encouraging and thought provoking posts. I am thankful for this blog :)

  • Dana Laymon - what a great post! our pastor just preached on the thieves of joy! if you’re saying “if only…..” then you’re getting joy from your circumstances and that’s not good!

  • Jason DiSilva - Wonderful pictures of the innocence of children. For every time I shoot children I like to focus on the simple things they are focusing on. Keep up the outstanding work and hope to see more inspiring photos.

I’m thankful for dirt.

I’m thankful that my boys can find so much excitement and joy in something so simple and timeless.

I’m thankful for childhood.

I’m thankful they have a daddy that doesn’t mind getting a little lot dirty.

I’m also thankful for clean water that comes out of a our hose and for neighbors that live far enough from our house that they can’t see naked booties scampering inside. However, I do wish my crazy family could have made a better impression on the new neighbors…we have yet to meet. Remember when our four year old said he’d kill them with a bow and arrow? We still haven’t met them, but they sure have been introduced to us. Rumor on the block is they will be moving in the spring, I think I’ll just avoid formal introductions all together.

Happy Monday!

I used this template for the photo collage.

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  • Lindsay - I cannot wait to have kids – seeing these pictures give me baby fever! These pictures are so awesome! Think about if you didn’t like letting your kiddos get dirty. You wouldn’t have these awesome memories! I love it.

  • Giovanna - Ha ha ha they are really goods. ha ha ha

  • Tammy Kay - I guess that is a picture of your neighbor in the background? lol. too funny.
    I love the mud pictures. I took some pictures of my kids playing in the mud last Friday. We don’t have that much mud though. 😉

  • libby - awesome pictures! and such a sweet daddy for getting in there and getting dirty.

  • Sarah - oh dirt is always so much fun! boys are usually happiest when getting themselves wet or dirty! Love it!

  • Stacy - Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun. When I was little I loved to play in the mud. I think my kids would enjoy it also. I need to find us some MUD!!! Great pictures.

  • ashlee - love it! what a fun daddy they have:) i love the one of him holding your son with one hand:)

  • Bron @ Baby Space - How awesome! They look like they’re having the best time :)

  • Maike - oh my, I’m thankful for having a girl 😉

  • Katie H. - Something tells me that in another year or two, Firecracker is going to be right in the middle of all of that!! How fun!

  • Liene - Ha ha, lots of fun!

  • Jill E - to much fun. you guys are the coolest parents. your kids are so lucky to get to play in the mud.

  • the inadvertent farmer - I am thankful that you always have your camera with you…and that you are so willing to share how real your life is!

    I am also thankful for our outdoor shower pretty much every day of summer! Kim

  • Ayesha - I love your boys and I think they have an amazing set of parents….lets hope this pregnancy I have a boy

  • Stephanie - What great fun. You are both great and inspiring parents

  • Danielle - I love it when kids get dirty! It makes for amazing pics!

  • Amy - I have some wonderful memories of playing in some serious mud like this as a child. What a gift to give your little guys! Beautiful photos all around–thanks for sharing.

  • amanda torres - I love everything about this post. Surely your neighbors enjoy the show. Free entertainment!

  • Ruth - I love this! They are so precious even when covered with mud. My prissy 4 year old daughter wouldn’t touch a mud puddle with a 10 foot pole!

  • The Lady of the House - Loved the muddy pics of your boys :) Playing in the mud is good. clean. fun!

  • Kristen - Love the great time in the dirt! I am wondering how you get such clear action shots?! Just wondering if you are doing any touch-ups in Photoshop that help with the clarity? Any info regarding the setting you used to take the mud play shots would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  • Cherish Stockdale - my boys love the mud too! we just moved into a new house with NO grass in the backyard…the boys don’t seem to mind they just get out the hose and have some fun! Mud party!!

  • Maggie - Not sure I could handle all that MUD…but i love that you can & do~ loved the neighbor running in the background…very funny!

  • Jolie - Oh I am getting so impatient for mud season around here!!! Getting dirty is good fun, and I am so grateful to have 2 littles who are happy to get dirty…and as my children have been heard to exclaim: *no worries, that’s what the washing machine is for!* (guess who they’ve heard that from!)

  • Wendy@ Almota Roses - Ashley, I just wanted to say that I REALLY love this post. As a mom to 3 boys and one baby girl, I constantly have mud in my life….and the girl is the muddiest sometimes! LOL!

    I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I have been following along for some time and occasionally commenting. I adore your blog and want my blog (and photography) to be like yours when it grows up!

    Have a beautiful day!

  • becca g - hilarious! we are in the middle of our dry season right now so my boys are covered in dust instead…and love it. (can’t believe you got your camera so close :)

  • tamara - These are so wonderful and FUN!!

  • allen - I thought your muddy pictures of dad and the boys looked neat. I hope I have the guts to do the same before our kids get too big. We have a one year old, three year old, eight year old and then 13,14,15 also. I wish we were rich enouhg to have more. They are all home schooled. Don’t worry they’re not sheltered, they all play sports including Benji who plays football for the public school.


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