So today is the second round of guest posting for this week. I’ll be back to normal posting here tomorrow.

But for today come visit me at Blessed Little Nest!

While there, you should be sure to check out all the other guest posts this week…there is some really good stuff going on!

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  • Deborah - Good morning Ashley! I found your blog this morning and thought it was lovely. My sil, Chas, may have already been by, but I’m a newbie. :) Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas and beautiful thoughts. I would love to make this water park with my blessings and grandblessings! I hope you have a lovely day!
    Warmly, Debbie

  • Summer - What a fabulous idea! I just found your blog, from Heather’s blog at which you guest posted. I’m excited to add yours to my reading list!

  • patti - this is on our summer list this year. my oldest daughter (she’s 5) has asked me every day if we are going to “make the sprinkler today” – i better not let her see these photos! :)

  • Lemonade Makin' Mama - Your blog is by far the most original and gorgeous one I’ve seen yet! I love it!


  • Heather - thank you so much for joining the Guide Ashley! i’m so excited to have you involved.

  • Alison - Ashley, you are my kind of girl! We made this exact type of thing a couple summers back. It has since bit the dust as my son decided to attempt his own ideas on our design, but it was fun while it lasted!

  • Holly - I just popped over here from BLN and am in love with your gorgeous blog!!! And what an amazing summer idea you have- perfect for those of us without pools haha!!
    xoxox Holly

  • lifeologia - That’s fantastic. I’m excited to visit Blessed Little Nest.

  • lifeologia - HOW COOL?
    I had to post this on my blog… it’s too much fun 😉

  • michelle derusha @ graceful - Hopping over from Blessed Little Nest. Love, love your blog. Your photos are gorgeous (as are your kids!), and your ideas are so creative. The water PVC pipe sprinker is totally cool. And I love the idea of teaching your kids about the oil spill, with the manatee experience. Very cool.

  • Elisabeth - I love this idea–my son (and my husband:)) will eat it up. Can you tell me how you take such awesome pics of water play without getting your camera wet? I feel like I’m missing some of the best moments of the summer trying to keep my camera dry. Thank you!

  • mandi - Ahsley-
    I love this idea! Thanks for posting it! Family Fun is the best mag. ever. When I taught school my moms would always bring my their back issues. I remember thinking “when I have kids i’m totally subscribing to this!”. But I never have! GASP!!! This jogged my desire to do so though, so I’m looking into it this weekend!

    BTW- I linked to this idea on my blog. HOpe that’s ok!

    (from the land of Blue Bell!)

I don’t guest post very often, but it just so happens that this week I am guest posting on two other blogs. Today it is for Abby of Tales & Trials.

I hope you’ll visit me over there! Here’s a peek at that post:

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  • karen davis - I’ll keep my eyes open… you’re my favorite read!

  • Jodi - I love your guest post and I have been working hard at improving my angles in my pictures! Thanks for another great tip.

  • Anna Joy - Loved your post, Ashley!!

  • Sarah - Great post! i’ve also been working on using different angles with my pictures. gotta love those dirty feet!

  • jody - i know, i know, silly question…but where did you buy those letter cookies? or do you make them? second time i’ve seen them on a blog…love it!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Great post! So sweet!

  • Katie - Hi Ashley,
    Thanks so much for popping on over to my blog to say hello – it was such a pleasure to mention you and your blog :) I have been meaning to come over here and say hi but I kinda got distracted by.all.your.other AMAZING posts! Thanks for being so inspiring and so real – I’m such a fan.
    Also love this guest post – that last pic of their feet interlocking is so sweet!

  • Kara - kudos to u for letting the boys eat outside. I know its much easier but uhh its so hot here right now! (in T-town too) I have really been working on angles lately…totally tells a different story! Thanks for all ur great tips!

  • Lori - Thank you for trying this out for me – I remembering dog earing this page but wasn’t sure if I’d ever actually do it. Now my husband has a list of things to get at Home Depot this week and we can’t wait to make our own creation! Enjoy your summer! :)

  • joy Fisher - Hi Ashley, I had bookmarked this post because it was great to point friends to who ask me about getting better pictures. Anyway, the Tales & Trial blog seems to be gone now and I was curious if you still have the post you did for them and could somehow repost it on your own blog??? thx, joy

I’ve been getting several emails recently wanting more information on SnapShops. I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that under the “info” tab you will find a page dedicated to a basic explanation of SnapShops. The June SnapShop is taking place this weekend! Currently I am planning only doing 2 more SnapShops in 2010…one in August and one in September. I will announce those date first via my newsletter. If there are any spots left after that announcement, I will post the dates on this blog.

For those of you outside the Midwest and the US in general….in 2011 I will be launching an online version of SnapShops! More information on that will be shared in my newsletter and here on the blog at a later date.

Thanks for all your excitement and support!

You can sign up for my newsletter HERE.

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  • Alina - i live in seattle so never had the opportunity of getting into the workshop! so now i am super excited about your online version of snapshop.

  • Stephanie - Cannot wait to learn more about your online version of snapshops!

  • Jodi - I will be first in line for the online workshop!

  • Gevay - Yeah for the online classes! Living in South Florida makes it a little hard to get to a Snapshop weekend! Thanks Ashley!

  • kassondra - im soooooo excited! i live in ohio and love your photography and can not wait to sign up for you online class this is the best news all day!!!

  • Sara M - I love reading your blog each day! Thank you for sharing all that God’s gifted you with. Your photography is amazing! I’m so excited for your online version of Snapshots. Living in Michigan makes it a little hard to attend them personally, so I can’t wait for 2011. You rock!

  • Vikki Kast - I am very excited to hear about the online workshops. LOVE your blog so!!!