So last week was kind of serious on what I wanted to give my kids this time of year. Well…in the midst of that I wanted to give myself time away from my kids to enjoy a few flea markets, antique stores and junk shops. Not only did I get time with a friend….I got time with Chris….and I got some squeal worthy items. As I was looking over the things I scored I realized I must currently be a fan of a few choice colors because they seemed to pop up in everything I was drawn too. No sooner than I was thinking about it than a package arrived with a hat…and I did squeal over the cuteness and colors – mustard & teal!

I really liked the colors and punch outs on the old gambling punch cards, but I am a little concerned about what they were originally used for. I can’t seem to find their history online, so if anyone knows…please feel me in. I figure it is better to know before I use them in a project! My sister saved the movie tins from a trashcan fate at work. I like what is written on the outside…”you can work wonders”….

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  • Laurie J - mustard yellow and teal are a-mazing together–the hat for firecracker is adorable. i’m curious to see what you’re going to do with those old hinges–they look like butterflies!

  • mandi - Oh my! That is one squeal worthy hat! I love it!

    And your color pallet there- minus the coral- are variations I just painted the exterior of our house with! I love it!

  • Kacy Mehlem - Always fun to treasure hunt!
    Thought you might want to check out this hat for your boys. I photographed them for the artist’s etsy site. She does great quality work. Lots of things in those colors for girls as well, tough to find. Especially love her hair clips.

  • tasha roe - very very cool!!!!
    all of it is so much fun.

  • Jen - so sweet…i am melting!

  • Dawn Nikol - I found this on etsy:

    Some sort of in store lottery game apparently. I couldn’t find anything else on them either, except some more images.

    Love the color combos, too!

  • ashley jensen - I really enjoy seeing all the little random things you find and how you incorporate them into something larger! I LOVE the Tulsa Chapter bingo cards. Anytime I see anything that says Tulsa I snatch it up!

  • Jack - I love the ribbon tins and the fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to make with it!

  • christina larsen - I love your finds, makes me want to hit the antique shops.

  • Haylee - Your color dots remind me of a blog I love to look at.

    color-collective . blogspot . com/

    Anyway, love your finds…. you’re so lucky to have such wonderful flea markets to go to… I’m wish’n Utah peeps would get into that!

  • ashlee - those are the colors of your background too:) great finds!!

  • Casey - You go so much great stuff!!

  • heather - no wonder you squealed! what sweet treats you found!! i love those color combos right now, too but with a nice big heap of gray thrown into the mix. gray still has a pretty solid hold on my heart. πŸ™‚

    if i don’t get the chance to come back by before Christmas I just want to wish you and your family a very merry, merry Christmas!

  • Liene - Great colour combination. I love the yellow hat! My favorite colour combination now is mustard yellow and grey, it is funny how that works!

  • Lisa - according to ebay (an excellent source of info ha!) the game boards were for church bazaars, carnivals, and such fundraising opportunities!

  • hearttypat - I’m curious what you’re gonna do with all your finds! Does anybody feel like me, when I see something of certain potential out there and I SOOO wanna get it, but I just can’t have a clue what I wanna do with it. Most often than not, I left all those little treasures slip away.

  • elizabeth - your daughter is ADORABLE!! i’m squealling how cute she looks in her little hat :0) i think i must have one for my little gal.

  • kari - These colors are amazing! Where did you get that hat? XOXO

  • amy - swoon. i think i’m in love…seriously. man, what a haul.

  • rebecca - I have the bread box that mathches the yellow tray with flowers on it!

  • Carolyn - I LOVE the hat. So beautiful (as is your daughter!) Please do a post on how to keep cute hats and headbands on a girl is always pulling them off/out of her hair!

  • Lesley - Good finds! Love the new hat too!

  • gina - fun finds!!

  • Amanda-ThriceBlessed - Great finds! I love posting my thrifty/vintage finds too. I found a new flea market this weekend and it was almost 2 hours of kid-free bliss!

  • Ali - Oh my goodness, that hat on that baby girl made my day!! So stinkin’ adorable!

  • libby - Oh my gosh that hat is incredibly cute!!! love it!

  • the whyte house - i love picking up old ric rac when i hit our local antique mall. i immediately go to the same booths during every visit. there’s 10 of them that i constantly buy from, so i stop at their booths first. i bought an old movie reel and put movies, candy, popcorn in an old crate with some filler, placing the movie reel at the front. makes for a great family movie night gift for my brother-in-law’s family.

  • Yolanda - Here’s some information of your punchboard: They have photos of your actual card on their gallery here: . I’ve never seen them before. Now I think I might have a new obsession.

  • Kelly - I love the yahtzee cup and the typewriter ribbon cases. I really respect that you want to find out more about those cards before you use them in a project. Kelly

  • Kelly - p.s. your sister knows you well. I love a rescuer like that and I too really like what’s written on the outside. Kelly

About 6 years or so ago my grandpa built my niece (Chris’ sister’s daughter) a dollhouse and matching one for her wall. She has grown into a beautiful young woman and has outgrown the dollhouse. She decided to pass them both down to FireCracker…which sounded perfect to me since it is FireCraker’s Great Grandpa who built them. From what I remembered the dollhouse was a perfect size and the smaller one would work on her wall.

They dropped the 2 houses off…I thought this was the bigger one.

Ummm….yeah….I was wrong.

We had to do some rearranging in FireCracker’s room to fit it. I will admit I am excited we got the dollhouse before my girl is old enough to really know what it is. Since she isn’t into dolls or dollhouses that means I get free reign on the dollhouse makeover. I’ll be painting, wallpapering, and decorating up a storm on this big dollhouse. I already made a trip to a favorite vintage store to pick up some furniture. I plan on repainting the furniture and covering the chair cushions with fabric from FireCracker’s bed.

Until then…..the dollhouse has become home to several cars and LegoMen. The smaller dollhouse is going to get a manly makeover to appease my boys who want it for their Legos. It won’t be near as fun making over as the big dollhouse!

I’ve mentioned before that my grandpa has built a lot of what is in my house. Between him and my dad I think we have only bought a handfull of furniture items. Here are just a few of the other things around my house he has built. He’s pretty talented….obviously.

Happy Monday!

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  • Reidunn - Amazing work done by your Grandpa.
    And the photos of your children in the dollhouse is funny!
    Good luck with decorating Ashley

  • RachelC - I didn’t realize he had made that nativity. That’s cool. Love the dollhouses. Looking forward to all you come up with in the makeover. Great job Grandpa!!!!

  • Tess S - oh my! that IS one HUGE dollhouse! i love handmade furniture.

  • andy - wow
    that doll house is huge
    that is funny that your kido’s fit in it
    can’t wait to see the makeovers your have in store. πŸ™‚

  • Yanet - I LOVE it! I’m such a sucker for things with sentimental value. I’m a little jealous you get to have a doll house in your house. I’m minus a FireCracker so it’s Lego and Star Wars world here. πŸ™‚

    Here’s a link to something my grandpa made for me many, many, many years ago.

  • amanda torres - I’m pretty sure you’ll have the coolest doll house in town! The only problem if I got a doll house all ready the way I wanted it, I think I say things like, “No honey, the credenza does not go in bathroom,” or “Sweetheart, you switched the rugs. This on matches the kitchen and this one goes with the wood floors in the livingroom.” Obviously, I should not design a doll house. Control freak.

  • Mariah - Aren’t Grandpas the best?? Mine built an amazing rocking horse for my oldest when he turned one. It’s beautiful. They live in Colorado and I don’t get to see them enough. You are very blessed to have him close by!

  • Seamingly Sarah - The picture with them inside the dollhouse rooms is hilarious! Way to show scale! Your grandpa IS talented. Puzzles! Wow. I too have benefitted from the woodworking from the men in my husband’s family (not to mention their professional painting skills). Word on the street is that I’m getting a custom made tv stand this Christmas!

  • bethany - JEALOUS! How fun is that for you, her, and soon your boys. Love the look on Littlest Brothers face. We have a couple of handmade things around the house from my childhood…mostly doll furniture. It’s so fun to see my girls playing with stuff my dad and unacle made and I remember playing with. Can’t wait to see the big reveal!

  • Julie B - Since the kids are home on break they are blog reading with me. My 5 yr old thinks your blog is beautiful! She loves the background especially. She also thinks your kids are cute :). I am jealous of that dollhouse! Can I borrow your Grandpa?

  • Danielle - I love the pictures with all of them in the dollhouse! That thing is huge, awesome!

  • Valerie - Love the kids in the dollhouse. That’s awesome!

  • Jane - What a gorgeous dollhouse! My mom made me a little one out and decorated it with the wallpaper we had up at home and I loved it! It made seeing the patterns and colours we had in our own house so much more fun.

  • Krista Lund - when you are done with your doll house makeover, can you please makeover our life size doll house in our backyard? it needs a fresh coat of paint, curtains, a good scrub down and some TLC. It already has bamboo flooring, double pane windows, electricity and a second story balcony.
    oh and there is also another doll house in there πŸ™‚
    ok, maybe i will make it a summertime project πŸ™‚

  • Anna - Wow, that doll house is beautiful. That is so wonderful to have such talented men in your family to build you furniture…something I wish I had! Can’t wait to see the makeover!

  • ashley jensen - WOW. That is massive! We bought my daughter a tiny doll house (just a fisher price one) and she absolutely loves it. Of course the kids in the house is an awesome shot!

  • Kari - You two are very lucky girls…what fun!

  • giozi - I love this house is really great, but the best is your children’s faces, ha ha ha. you little boy and the second on are a clows and your princess charmy like always. Lovelies all of them.

  • Jen - How AWESOME… I LOVE family builders that make things you can treasure… I can’t wait to see what wonders you add to these beautiful houses!

  • Lori - I love the fact you have a legacy of furniture and that your Grandpa made it! What a blessing to have someone that talented in your life…who also adores you – I’m sure. Love the pics of the kids in there. hilarious! Every girl’s dream – a dollhouse. how awesome for her…more awesome for her mommy – i have a feeling. ;0)

  • Desiree - How fun for you! I have a dollhouse at my parents that my dad and I have been building together for too many years (we only work on it a couple times a year). So far my favorite part was picking the wallpaper and the carpeting! Have fun! I love the pics of your kids inside!

  • Missy - Oh my goodness! Your kiddos in the dollhouse are so cute! What precious treasures; to have all those things in your home that were made with love especially for you!

  • Aunt Sandy - I love the pictures of them inside the house! How cool is that? Sounds like you are going to enjoy the house more than Breese right now. Well, have fun and I can’t wait to see how you decorate it.

  • Jessica @ My Ardent Life - What talent! You and FireCracker are going to have years of fun with that dollhouse. My grandparents made a dollhouse for my oldest cousin over 30 years ago and since it always lived at my grandparent’s house, we all got to enjoy it. We had a canopy bed in the dollhouse exactly like the one in your pictures! Brought back memories.

  • christine - i have a number of very cherished pieces my grandfather made too. i am looking forward to the day when my son is old enough to understand that those pieces of furniture were made by his opa’s father, with his own hands. there is something beautiful about woodworking in that way, how the furniture or carving is there the whole time, but it takes the knowing hands to bring that out.
    thanks for posting, ashley.

  • Melissa - Those are awesome doll houses!Have fun!

  • Leanne - I LOVE the kids inside the doll house! so cute! Those will be so fun to make over!

  • Keshet Shenkar - Oh my gosh, where did you find that tiny furniture? Love!

  • Liene - That is so funny! Wow, great grandpa who can make all those things!

  • mandi - haha! That’s funny! We have a very similar house that was built for our daughter by a friend. And yeah, it houses cars and books- and occasionally a Calico Critter or two!

  • the whyte house - yes!!! i like i how mentioned dollhouses and they just “poof”, appear in your living room!! awesome!! πŸ™‚ i need to borrow your grandpa. i have long to-do list for him. πŸ™‚ haha.

  • hearttypat - yep, men like that are nearly extinct! I really wish the ones around me are handy like that!

  • Amber - oh my word, I think your grandpa might be Santa Claus, or an elf! πŸ˜‰

  • Lesley - Yay for Grandpa!! The pics with your kids in the house cracks me up!

  • Erin Lee - ahh!!! that is just too cute!! what a blessing to have a grandfather who’s hands are so anointed hehe. i guess he passed down those creative genes to you!! and that picture of the kiddies in the big dollhouse is priceless!

  • Jenny - Can’t wait to see the remodled version… such amazing talent your grandpa and dad have!

  • ali - ?t s beatiful.Your kids so cute :))))

  • Carla - My father-in-law made my girls a doll bed for their babies but it was big enough for them to lay in. Now my granddaughter uses it for her babies. Such a wondrous keepsake to pass down through the generations.

  • Becky - Any chance I can get some specs to send over to our handy grandpa??