Notes from Leyton Smiles:

Enjoy a discount of 10% February 17th-20th with the code FEBRUARY10

Prize: $15.00 store credit to Leyton Smiles

Contest ends Saturday, Feb. 19th 10:00pm US Central

One entry per person, one winner chosen at random

To enter: Visit Leyton Smiles and then come back here and leave a comment telling me one of your favorite items.

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  • Ali Richardson - I love those necktie burp cloths 🙂

  • Marykay - The burp cloths in bloom and the necktie burp cloths are both so cute

  • Breeana - The receiving blanket in butterflies- pink and orange- so sweet!

  • sherry - Love the necktie burp cloths!

  • meredith - the bibs are too pretty to use. love them! and those necktie burpers are pretty dapper.

  • Stephanie - LOVE the Brown and Orange tie burp cloths!

  • Madeline - The Dots and Stripes baby gift set is SO CUTE.

  • Satya - The cutest neck ties ever!

  • Edite - Baby Swaddle Blanket in Alexander Henry Apples and Pears – loving this one!

  • andreja - My favourtie is Baby Gift Set – Burp Cloths and Bib in True Blue Dots.

  • paveiphotos - those necktie burb cloths are adorable! very creative!

  • amac - The necktie burp cloths are so cute and fun! I love all the colors.

  • Angie K - The ribbon cuddle bug is adorable!

  • Jacklynn Morrison - the necktie burp rags are so adorable.

  • Tess S - i like the black swaddling blanket. cute!

  • Sara - The pink lovey with tags is adorable, and something every baby would love (for a long time)!

  • steph - Chocolate brown and orange orange floral baby blanket is so sweet

  • Candice Forte - My love for the owl fabric will never die! It is darling!

  • Brittaney - The necktie burp clothes= fun!

  • Tanya - Love the blue and brown polka dot swaddle blanket

  • Katie - I love the necktie bibs and the Baby Gift Set – Burp Cloths and Bib in True Blue Dots is gorgeous.

  • Jessica - i’d love one of everything please, thanks! i do LOVE the orangish receiving blanket. adorable. the tie bib is cute too.

  • caroline - i like the baby swaddle blankets

  • caro - the receiving blanket is beautiful

  • Anna Marie - Love this: Ribbon CuddleBug Lovey in Polka Dots and Stripes

  • Abigail - The Necktie Burpcloths are SOOO cute!! My favorites are the “Chocolate Brown and Green Diamonds and Floral.”

  • Amber - love the bib in polka dots!

  • tiffani - love the vintage-y girls bib with ruffles!

  • andy - love the swaddle blankets
    specifically the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Pink, Brown and Green

  • Maggie - Love the Bloom and Grow burp cloths. So sweet!

  • Candy Foster - reversible bibs for boys

  • melyssa - necktie bibs are too cute!

  • Alisa - Adore the Ruffle Burp Cloth Set of 2 in Chocolate Brown and Pink Damask and Dots.

  • Abbey - The swaddle blankets are all so cute!

  • Jenn - Ribbon CuddleBug Lovey in Blue, Chocolate Brown, and Green. Our future son from Ethiopia would be delighted to play with something so nice!

  • Lauren - I love the Baby Burp Cloths in Chocolate Brown, Orange, Red and Green Floral! Would be a perfect gift!

  • Kari - Ruffle Handmade Baby Bib in Pink and Purple Dots

  • merissa - all the burp cloths rock, i can’t choose one!

  • Amanda S. - Would love one of the baby gift sets to give to my sister-in-law for her new baby.

  • Miranda - Chenille Baby Burp Cloths in Whimsical Paisley and Stripe BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING!

  • Erin - love the ruffle burp cloths!

  • Andrea - the swaddling blanket sure would come in handy! i love the Chocolate Brown and Blue Polka Dot one!

  • ashley - the loveys and cuddlebugs are SO wonderful for little babies!

  • Kate - LOVE the ruffle burp cloth sets!

  • Rebekah - Ohh goodness, her stuff is adorable! I’m thinking the baby birthclothes (Bloom and Grow being my fav) would make a great gift for my new niece.

  • whitney - love the necktie bibs!

  • Madaline Meatte - this really makes me want a baby…so I better just get the sleepy owl fabric!

  • Jessica - The necktie burp cloths are hilarious and adorable and I just love them.

  • Ailie - So hard to choose the fabric (because I don’t know if we’re having a girl or boy yet), but I love the swaddling blankets.

  • Shayla - The necktie burp cloths make me smile!

  • stephanie - love the necktie burp cloths!!

  • Tara - the necktie burp cloths are so funny!

  • Lyn - Baby swaddle blankets! So cute!

  • Rebecca - Chocolate baby burp cloths!

  • Michelle - love the ruffle burp cloths!

  • JennaLynn Self - the necktie burp cloths are adorable!

  • Dena - Sleepy owl fabric!

  • Kirsten - The ruffle bib in pink and purple dots!

  • Emily Langston - Neck tie burp clothes are hilarious! and adorable!

  • Jessica - I like the Alexander Henry burp cloths

  • Jessica - I like the Alexander Henry burp cloths.

  • Kari - I love the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Pink, Brown and Green!

  • Hannah Lane - The Baby Swaddle Blanket in Purple, Pink and Green dots would be perfect for my Baby B!

  • Becca R. - the ruffle bibs are cute!

  • Heather - Neck tie burpies!!

  • Megan - I would love to use the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Chocolate Brown and Blue Polka Dot on my baby boy!

  • Michelle - I thikn my son would look so cute in the necktie bib! How cute!

  • Chelsea - Everything is adorable! I love the neck tie bib!

  • Stacey - Love all the necktie accessories! Thank you for such a fun giveaway!

  • Ashley - I love the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Chocolate Brown, Orange, Green, and Red Floral!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I love the burp cloths in Chocolate Brown, Orange, Red and Green Floral

  • Karen - Baby Swaddle Blanket in Pink and White Bubbles! Cute pattern and colors

  • Ellie Born - love the bib with the tie on it.

  • Robin - i love the necktie burp cloths

  • amy - I need a swaddle blanket like that for my baby girl–darling!

  • Carrie R - Loving all her designs! I really liked the ruffled burp cloths

  • mom2amanda - LOVE any of the baby swaddles.

  • Jane F. - Love the necktie burp clothes for a baby shower gift!

  • Jessica S - I really like the baby swaddle blanket in black and white diamond!

  • Jessica S - I love the baby swaddle blanket in black and white diamond!

  • Jessica Chez - The Baby Swaddle Blanket in Black and White Diamond Eye by Alexander Henry is adorable!

  • Jessamy - This shop makes me want another baby! Love the baby swaddle blankets, especially the one in Pink Brown and green!

  • Erin - Swaddle blanket in Black and White Diamond!

  • Jessica H. - The necktie burp cloths are super cute! Thanks!

  • RachelC - receiving blanket in pink butterflies

  • 1nanny2girls - This is the kind of bib you would use for a drool bib because getting food on it would be sad! Reversible Chenille Handmade Baby Bib in Polka Dots

  • Charlotte - Wow, modern swaddle blanket, great idea, lovely design. Thanks so much for the giveaway day. It is a huge effort for everyone, I guess.

  • Amy - I love the ruffle bibs!

  • Laura - I’d love the Baby Swaddle Blanket in ALexander Henry Mocca!

  • Lacy M. - The Loveys are precious.

  • Tonya S. - I love the necktie burp cloths in houndstooth and contemporary red and blue.

  • Amy M - The necktie burp cloths would be perfect for my baby nephew on the way 🙂

  • Regan - I just had a daughetr a week ago today so this is PERFECT! Love the black & white damask swaddle blanket!

  • Momma Sadler - I want the swaddle blanket in brown, pink and orange in hopes of having a girl!

  • Candace - I LOVE the ruffle burp clothes! This shop is adorable!

  • Robyn - bloom and grow burp cloths 🙂

  • Lauren - The swaddle blanket in green and pink!

  • Lisa - BLACK & WHITE is my favorite!!! I would love to have the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Black and White Diamond Eye by Alexander Henry. Please 🙂 So much! please 🙂

  • Cassie - Love the necktie burp cloths!

  • debbie - I love the baby receiving blanket with pink butterflies! So pretty and stylish!

  • Rebecca - I love the burp clothes in pink and brown paisley!

  • Rachel - Love the baby bib with the ruffles and the burp cloths with the ruffles!! Apparently I love ruffles 🙂

  • jocelyn - baby burp cloths in bloom

  • Lisa Jones - I love those necktie burp cloths almost too good to get messy..almost!

  • Samantha - love the necktie burp cloths

  • Crystal Oliver - necktie burp cloths all the way!

  • Zoya - Love the girly assortment of burp cloths and swaddle blankets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • beth - This bib is ADORABLE: Reversible Chenille Handmade Baby Bib in Polka Dots

  • tara furnas - loving the necktie burp cloths and bibs!

  • Tammy - Every single item is beyond cuteness. But I guess the necktie burp cloths are my fave. Oh wait, no, the ruffly burp cloths are awesome too!!

  • Jessica - I love the necktie baby bibs and burp rags. SO cute!

  • Amber Nielsen - Alexander Henry mocha swaddle blanket!!

  • Krisi - Those necktie bibs will make the most precious little shower gifts!

  • Lisa S. - I love the pink polka dot and chocolate brown swaddle blanket!

  • Danielle - The necktie burp rags are great!!

  • Jenni - Love the blankets in Henry Mocha! I’m about to have a baby, so I need these things!

  • Danielle - I LOVE the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Chocolate Brown, Orange, Green, and Red Floral!!!

  • Heather G. - I would love the baby gift set in blue and green to give to my best friend, who’s expecting a boy. 🙂

  • JJ - I absolutely love the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Chocolate Brown, Orange, Green, and Red Floral. It is so beautiful!

  • Kelli - I like all the swaddling blankets – so posh!

  • sarajane - the swaddle blankets

  • joy - those swaddle blankets look great!

  • Jamie - I like the baby swaddle blanket (in pink, brown and green) even thought my little one is too big to be swaddled anymore : (

  • tammy - The necktie baby bib is very clever!

  • Melissa W. - The swaddle blanket it purple, pink, and green dots is so cute! Thanks!

  • Christy - I LOVE the necktie bib!!

  • Morgan - I love those necktie burp cloths!

  • Dana L - any of the blankets are adorable!

  • Lisa - The receiving blanket in pink butterflies…how adorable!!

  • Mindy Harris - recieving blanket in pink butterflies is precious. love all ehr stuff.

  • bethany_may - The orange necktie burp clothes are adorable!

  • autumn - I love the baby gift sets!

  • Christie - I am still in love with lots of their stuff! I do love the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Pink, Brown and Green.

  • Rachael Bergus - my favorite item: Necktie Handmade Baby Bib in Alexander Henry Blue and Chocolate Brown

  • Minnesotamom - Who is this creative? Good grief, the necktie burp cloths are adorable.

  • Stephanie F - Still loving all the great burp clothes

  • Melissa - I’m on my third baby, and he’s the first one to ever spit up. I could use a necktie burp cloth to wipe him up in style!

  • Laura W. - necktie burp clothes are the cutest!

  • Mikki - all of the swaddle blankets are beautiful. gorgeous prints!

  • Kristyn - Baby swaddle blanket in chocolate brown, orange, green, and red floral.

  • Kacey - The necktie burp cloths 🙂

  • Jenn - the necktie bib is the cutest!

  • Brooke - I’m loving the burb cloths in chocolate brown and blue dots!

  • Jermaine D. - Love the fun burp cloths!

  • Kimberly - All of the burp clothes are really fun

  • Stacey - The ruffle bibs are too cute!

  • Cat - I love the
    Necktie Handmade Baby Bib in Black and White Houndstooth

  • Rena Frey - I love the necktie burp cloths! So clever!

  • Erika C. - I like everything that has a tie on it! Like the Necktie Burp Cloths!! 🙂

  • Kim - The black, pink and white burp cloths would be awesome for my friend that just had a baby girl a week ago!

  • Kimber - all the burp cloths with a tie on ’em! SO stinkin cute!

  • heather - I Love those necktie burp cloths


  • Michelle Richards - Love the Baby Receiving Blanket in Pink Butterflies! So cute!!

  • rachel ridd - I love the necktie burp cloths

  • Whitney Benson - I am due ANYDAY… love the necktie burpcloths!

  • Jmarie - My new grandbaby so needs these…loving Baby Burp Cloths in Black, Pink and White

  • Brooke - Love the necktie burp cloths.

  • Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust - What if I love them all?? The ruffle burp cloth set is so cute. Warmly, Michelle

  • Eliece - The necktie burp cloths in chocolate dots – so cute!

  • Rachael Schepemaker - necktie bib!!

  • Lisa - Love these – the ruffles are adorable!!!

  • BriBedell - Any burp cloth would be used here 🙂

  • Jenny - Those ruffled bibs are adorable.

  • Candice S - I gotta get the necktie bibs and/or burp cloths for my nephew. Love them!

  • joey hoffman - love the tie bibs

  • Ashleigh - Minky. 🙂

  • Cassandra Raney - Swaddle blanket with multi colored flowers!!!

  • Erin Kirby - love love love the beautiful bibs!!!

  • katy - love the necktie burp cloths

  • Jennifer - Baby Burp Cloths in Chocolate Brown, Orange, Red and Green Floral. Killer cute.

  • Lori - Baby receiving blanket in Pink Butterflies.

    Thanks for the chance to win, gals!


  • shea - The ruffle bib is really cute!

  • Marie-Claire - The necktie baby bibs are an original i’d love to have!

  • allison - love the ribbon cuddlebug lovey!

  • Suz McA - apple & pear swaddle blanket!

  • Elise - Baby swaddle blanket in purple, pink and green!

  • sarahm - those are the cutest bibs ever..love them.

  • Carly - Floral baby swaddle blanket is really cute!

  • Jen - Black and white diamond eye swaddle blanket!

  • Megan - So cute! I like the necktie burp cloth. Funny! I wish I had a baby!!!! Thanks!

  • CharlaL - Necktie Burp Cloths in Alexander Henry Blue and Chocolate Brown, Set of 2

  • savannah garcia - necktie baby bib!!!

  • Megan - pink and brown swaddle…for my girl

  • Allison - I adore the neck tie burp rags; I’ve had my eye on them for some time!

  • Shelley P. - I’m loving those necktie burp cloths – so perfect!!

  • Ariella - the Necktie Burp Cloths are adorable

  • Carrie H - the baby swaddle blanket in black, white, pink and red dots.

  • alamama - Necktie Burp Cloths in Chocolate Brown and Blue Dots and Floral, Set of 2 TOO CUTE!!

  • Elizabeth - Ruffled burp cloths!

  • Jenny Zollars - I love the polka dot bib!

  • Lisa - I love the Ribbon CuddleBug Lovey in Blue, Chocolate Brown, and Green.

  • rachel - the necktie burp cloths are cute!

  • Christy - love the houndstooth necktie burpcloths

  • kate - necktie burp cloths are so fun

  • Megan - Anything with a necktie, even if I don’t have a boy…yet…

  • Heather E - Love the necktie burp cloths and bibs

  • Kristin Eldridge - Loe: Baby Burp Cloths in Alexander Henry Apples and Pears, Set of 3

  • Anne S. - I like the necktie bibs! Adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Caroline Z. - Ahh, the necktie burp cloths! I would have loved those for my boys!

  • Paige - Love the tie cloths!

  • Lacey - my favorite is the minky lovey in bright paisley.

  • Mandy - The necktie burp cloths are so sweet.

  • Rebecca - Any of the baby girl bibs, love them!

  • Tiffany - The floral swaddle blanket that looks like dahlia’s is so so pretty!

  • Hannah C - I love the reversible bibs she has!

  • Marilina - I love the floral swaddle blanket! Perfect for my newborn.

  • Jenn - i love all of the “boy” stuff

  • sarah d. - I just bought a blanket for a friend’s baby from this store. It is so awesome! I’d love to get one for my baby, too!

  • Ashley Aylsworth - Oh my the baby bib with tie is hilarious!! Love!

  • Carrie - love the pinks and browns and turquoise and brown – the burp cloths and blankets.

  • Brooke Leigh @ First Avenue - ruffled baby bib? & burp cloths? count me in. =) Ruffles are a fan favorite in our house.

  • Brit - The necktie burp cloths are SO adorable!

  • Natalie - Oh the swaddle blanket- it seems like that’s one thing that doesn’t make the hand=me=down piles around my house- each baby needs a new blanket, and this one looks perfect for an April/May baby!

  • Tara - The ruffle bib in pink and purple dots is very cute!

  • Christina - We can always use more bibs in this house! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Savannah - The ruffle bibs are too cute! They would look good with any outfit 🙂

  • {beth} - so adorable…sign me up please!

  • Tara - The necktie baby bib – how classy!

  • Maggie - the necktie items are adorable

  • Kristina H. - pink swaddle blankets!!

  • Barbara Sanders - The necktie burp clothes are to die for!
    So creative!

  • Nicole Voth - I would get a baby swaddle blanket!

  • misti - cute little bibs with ruffles. my baby girl would love one to catch all her drool;)

  • misti - cute little bib with ruffles. My baby girl would love to have one to catch all her drool 😉

  • Liz - the burp cloths in Alexander Henry apples and pears.

  • Andrea S - Baby Burp Cloths in Chocolate Brown and Pink Damask, Alexander Henry Bangle Dots, adorable!!

  • Carmen - Baby Burp Cloths in Bloom and Grow or the Baby Swaddle Blanket in Pink, Brown and Green. That’s a tough one!

  • Amanda - Baby Receiving Blanket in Pink Butterflies

  • Tonka - I like Baby Swaddle Blanket in Blue, Chocolate Brown, Pink, Orange Floral

  • Jessica H - I just love the necktie bibs and burp rags…and the receiving blanket in pink butterflies!

  • angela - the polka dot bib is adorable!

  • Ashley - My baby sister’s would look adorable in the ruffle bibs. 🙂

  • Jennifer - I’m loving the Ruffle Burp Cloth Set of 2 in Chocolate Brown and Pink Damask and Dots.

  • Shelby - The black and pink burp rags are adorable!

  • Sarah Marie - the necktie bibs are so cute!

  • Lisa P - The ribbon cuddlebugs are so cute!
    Lisa P

  • katie p. - my favorite is the ruffle handmade baby bib in pink + purple dots!! perfect for a hungry lil’ bit!


Notes from Slip-not Designs:

Enjoy a discount of 10% through February with the code ASHLEY10

Prize: $20.00 store credit to Slip-not Designs

Contest ends Saturday, Feb. 19th 10:00pm US Central

One entry per person, one winner chosen at random

To enter: Visit Slip-not Designs and then come back here and leave a comment telling me one of your favorite items.

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  • Laura - Adorable stuff!! My favorite is the “grow with me baby slipnot headband” and I love it in the red! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Christy Sewell - Love the red flower out of felt/wool and all the cute bows!

  • Marykay - I love the pleated headband!

  • Breeana - I like the super skinny slip knot headband for me and some of the sweet baby girl ones for my new neice!

  • sherry - Love anything with felt/wool!

  • Michelle - The pleated headband!

  • Madeline - I love the pleated black headband!

  • Adriana - still love the pleated headband!

  • Satya - Love love love the slip not wedding design.

  • Edite - Love the pleated black headband!

  • andreja - Love Grow with me baby Slip!

  • paveiphotos - beautiful headbands. I love the pleated one.

  • crystal - the little yellow one is super adorable. the little baby is too 🙂

  • Jessica Hollis - The pleated headband!! What a great giveaway!

  • amac - I like the super skinny headband.

  • Jacklynn Morrison - I love the headbands with the owls on them.

  • Candace Wetherell - I LOVE the Owls they are sooo adorable!!

  • Sara - I love the brown pleated headband! I would go with most things I own!

  • Candice Forte - Pleated headband for me and my extra fine hair that everything falls out of, please:).

  • Brittaney - Love the super skinny headbands!

  • Amanda S. - I love the whimsical ones, so cute. My daughter would love them!

  • Betsy - Love the black pleated headband!

  • Ashlee Hickman - The ‘girlie style’ slip not headbands!

  • Tanya - The chocolate slip knot sequined headband is my fave

  • Alisa - Love the slip-not pleated!

  • Jessica - i love the pleated black headband! adorable…little tux look for the hair.

  • Katie - Slip-not headband, pleated black or brown is my favorite, but lots of great headbands.

  • Sarah - I really like the metallic headband!

  • danielle - The slipnot pleated headband is lovely.

  • Catherine - love that pleated black headband

  • caro - i want the Slip-not Baby headband to my unborned niece

  • Jennifer - slip not head bands look pretty dashing

  • Maggie - Love the slipnot girlie style in the owl print. TOO CUTE!

  • Abigail - The blue and green birds in the Girly Styles set is my fav!

  • Candy Foster - slip not head band in elegant

  • Teri - i love them all!!

  • Jenny Joy - I love the black and khaki floral headband. So cute! (And it would selfishly be for me and NOT for my little girls!)

  • Anna Marie - I like the pink “grow with me baby Slipnot headband”.

  • andy - love the Grow with me baby Slip-not headband in the cream flower

  • Abbey - I love the pleated headband

  • Lauren - The slip not headbands are so cute!

  • Diane - Love the pleated ones!

  • Rachel - Pleated in Black!

  • Miranda - I love the pleated black headband!

  • Erin - love the elegant tie closure!

  • Andrea - love the grow with me headbands!

  • Amber Lieser - I love love the pleated one and the metallic one. So cute!

  • candace - the grow with me baby headbands are sweet.

  • ashley - the slip not headbands are a great idea!

  • {amber P} - Lovin’ that pleated headband! Very cute!

  • Kate - LOVE LOVE LOVE the slip not metallic headbands!!

  • Daniell Powell - My favorite ones are the plain metallic! Simple yet with a delightful sparkle.

  • Tracy Kunkel - I like the charecter headbands for my Daughter and the whimsical headband in khaki and blue for me…… but love them all really great stuff will be ordering even if we don’t win…..

  • Joani - I think I’d need a sequined slip not. I love these!

  • Ailie - Great shop . . . I’m loving the Grow with me baby Slip-not headband.

  • Ari - Gotta go with the Owls. Too sweet!

  • Jessica - The pleated headband–what’s not to love?

  • BriBedell - Grow with me baby headband Love it!

  • Valerie - I would so love a Slipnot headband in chocolate brown!

  • Erin B - Love the pleated headband!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Alex - Slip-not headband, pleated black

  • Nicole Robinson - I like the super skinny headband!

  • Leslie - The pleated headband!!!

  • Rebecca - Slip-not pleated headband!

  • Michelle - my fav is the pleated headband!

  • JennaLynn Self - love the super skinny slip-not headband!

  • Dena - Slip knot headband with sheep!!

  • Kirsten - The slip-not headband, the brown version.

  • Joy - I love the silver sequined headband.

  • Michelle - skinny headbands….LOVE!

  • Heather - Grow with me headband!

  • Karen - Grow with me baby Slip-not headband is very cute. Thank you for the contest!

  • Carrie - Love the floral ones! But I love them all…

  • Tracy - I love the ivory headband for infants/toddlers!!

  • shanalea - Still trying for the pleated black or brown.

  • Lisa - slip-knot metallic head band, please!

  • Jessica - I love the Slip-not headband in black!

  • Michelle - I love the pleated headbands!

  • Suzanne - The Slip-not headband (with elegant tie closure) looks great! Thanks!

  • Ashley - The sweet baby girls one are pretty cute!

  • Seamingly Sarah - i love the pleated black headband

  • Dulce - I like the Grow with Me headband.

  • Robin - i love the pleated brown headband

  • Ellie Born - I like the slip knot head band with the little birds on it

  • amy - Love the pleated headbands!
    These would be darling on my girls!

  • Carrie R - I really like the Slip-not headband, pleated black or brown

  • mom2amanda - LOVE the black pleated headband.

  • Jessica Chez - Lovin’ the black pleated headband!

  • Jane F. - I like the black wide beaded headband!

  • Nicole - slip-not baby headband in black/pink!

  • Jessamy - The grow with me slip not baby headband is cute, and such a clever idea!

  • Erin - Slip-Not pleated headband in black!

  • Jessica H. - I still love the pleated headband in black! Thanks!

  • RachelC - black pleated headband.

  • 1nanny2girls - Something for me that my daughter will ask to borrow: Slip-not headband, metallic

  • Amy - The hearts and birds headband caught my eye immediately — so cute!

  • Heather M. - the slip-not headband, elegant tie closure is beautiful!

  • christy stout - I love the owl slip not headband!! I have a thing for owls, and I’m pretty sure they have a thing for me too :]

  • Lacy M. - Would love to try one of these. Slip not headband, floral

  • Arielle - I love the black pleated headband. Cute, but simple!

  • Amber - Love the owl head band and the slip not elegant tie closure. =)

  • amanda torres - Pleated, pleated, pleated headband. Crossing my fingers!

  • Regan - I would love the Grow with me Slip-not Baby headband for my 7 day old baby girl!

  • Amy M - I like the elegant tie closure one in brown, or the wide black.

  • Abby B - Love the pleated headbands!! so cute!

  • Dana Beth - oooh i love the pleated headband

  • Lauren - The slip-not headband for babies… the yellow flower is SO cute!

  • Heather - I love the felted wool flower! So cute!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - The slip not, pleated headband is beautiful!

  • amy - the black on the bottom left is my FAVE!

  • Zoya - The baby headband is really cute. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • beth - Slip-not headband, wide black and the Sparkle headbands are so cute

  • Tammy - Pleated headband. Love it.
    Grow with me headband. Love even more.

  • Krisi - Slip knot headbands are always soso cute!

  • Danielle - I love these headbands!! The pleated slip-not headband in black is my favorite.

  • Danielle - The grow with me baby slipknot headband!

  • Kelli - Grow with me baby Slip-not headband is a great idea.

  • joy - still the black pleated slipnot headband for me!

  • Jermaine D - Love the baby slip-not headbands with flowers, so cute!

  • Jamie - Grow with me headband is my fave!

  • tammy - The metallic headbands are great. What a perfect way to feel dressed up on any average day.

  • Melissa W. - Love the pleated headband! Thanks!

  • Christy - I love the sparkling headband.

  • Mandy - The pleated headband in black would be perfect for work! Normal headbands keep falling off my head underneath my chefs hat- so annoying. This headband would keep the hair out of my face.

  • Morgan - i love the pleated one! these are great!

  • Lisa - Love the baby headbands! The black baby in the photos is so precious! She reminds me of my daughter at that age! 🙂

  • Elise - The Pleated headband please!

  • autumn - I love the pleated headbands!

  • eheddings - The pleated headband is my fav.

  • Dana L - ooo the metallic headband!

  • Laura - The grow with my handband is very cute, all of it is!!

  • Rachael Bergus - my favorite item: Slip-not headband, elegant tie closure.

  • Stephanie F - Black pleated headband is still my favorite!

  • kristin - i love the pleated headband!

  • Jen - The Slip not headband, floral is so beautiful! Love & thanks!

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  • Tessa - I love the Slip-not headband, elegant tie closure!

  • Mikki - i love the headband with the ‘elegant tie closure’. gorgeous brown would look great in my hair! the super skinny version is lovely too…

  • Kristyn - Grow with me baby headband

  • MJ - Love the silver glitter metallic headband!

  • Brooke - Love the pleated headband!

  • Megan LaBelle - I love the Blooming Black Flower Pin/Corsage!

  • Kimberly - the felted wool flower headband is precious!

  • Katrina - The pleated headband or the sequined one!

  • amy - LOVE the black pleated headband!!

  • Rena Frey - The pleated headband is awesome!

  • Erika C. - I would like to try the slip not headband 🙂

  • Kim - Love the wool flower!

  • Kimber - slip-not headband is super cute!

  • Caroline - Pleated headband!

  • Tara - Grow with me baby Slip-not headband look like a great addition for my little girls!

  • Keshet Shenkar - The wool flower is my fave, too!

  • Gretchen - Pleated headband….awesomeness!

  • heather - love the pleated black headband

  • Michelle Richards - Love the Up-cycled felted wool flower!

  • Whitney Benson - Slip-not headband–wide black; love it!

  • katie - elegant closure headband…haven’t decided on a color yet though:) but it was love at first sight;)

  • Danielle J. - LOVE: slip-not pleated headband black

  • Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust - My granddaughter would be so cute in the Grow with me baby Slip-not headband. Thanks!
    Warmly, Michelle

  • Eliece - The slip knot headband pleated is my fave!

  • elizabeth c. - wedding sparkles is my favorite!

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    Thanks for the chance to win, gals!


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  • kate - owls, flowers, bows how can you go wrong?

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  • Tara - Love the pleated headband!

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  • Nicole Voth - I would get a newborn/baby headband, but I would love one of the ones pictured above in this post. Don’t see them in the etsy store?

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    Lisa P

  • Jenn - Love the pleated headband in both black and brown!

  • Kenna S - The grow with me baby slip not is my fav! Pick me!

  • katie p. - I woould love the slipknow headband in black. It is so sweet!

***Quick note….there have been a lot of questions in the comments recently. I have not been able to find time to answer those. I’ll try to get to it, but if I can’t I apologize.

I know some of you have been waiting to see more of my chicken wire wall. Well I haven’t posted many pictures because I haven’t hung stuff on it yet, but I’ll give you more of a peek today. The night I went into labor with our firstborn Chris was at my grandpa’s building me 3 big oak frames. I point out that they were big & oak because at the time our income was tiny and building something out of oak was a huge deal. Thankfully when I called to tell him the shocking news that it was “time”, he had pretty much finished my frames. I got 3 new frames and a baby boy that night 🙂

Sadly, I’ve never used the frames. I could never decide what to put in them or if I wanted to stain them. I decided to hang them on my chicken wire wall, but still didn’t know what to put in them. I went to Goodwill, thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops….everywhere I could think of to find something to frame. I found nothing. I had an Anthro gift card, but I have the hardest time spending gift cards. Chris, knowing I’d find something, took me up to Anthropologie and I saw a set of tea towels. The first said “They Got Married”. The second said “They fell in love”. After reading the second, I looked at Chris and said, “It would be perfect if there was one with a bunch of little birds.” And then I flipped to the third one. It was folded and I saw 3 little blue birds and one little pink bird. I was sold…


I got home and unfolded them to find there were 2 more little pink birds. Hmmmmm.


So here are few very basic steps for turning tea towels into framed art. I did not want to hurt my tea towels (in case I want them for something different later). I also liked the idea of being able to pin things onto the tea towels.




I pinned cute paper clips holding the pictures to the foam board because I didn’t want to put a hole in my pictures. I don’t have many of us from way back then. This is from our senior year in high school (we weren’t dating)…there are so many comments I could make about this picture, but I am just going to leave it alone. I will, however, note that we were on a youth choir trip…hence the lovely matching polos. No, I am not a singer.

2.16.11-06And there you go. I think I’ll add another picture or two to each.


During all those days stuck inside due to the snow I also decided to make a little canopy for my bed. I started by sewing every doily and hankie I could find together. I hung it up and decided it was too busy looking, so I took it apart.


When we got word that a second snow storm was headed out way, everyone headed to the stores for food. I headed to Southern Hospitality and April hooked me up with a bunch of hankies. I could weather being stuck inside after getting the essentials: hankies, thread, & milk.

To make the canopy I decided the width I wanted it to be and then just started pinning and stitching it all together. I used a long stitch so I could easily take it apart at a later date.





And there you have it.

Tomorrow is Giveaway Day…19 sponsors are participating! If you check the blog in the morning it might run a little bit slower.

UPDATE: I am not pregnant with twin girls!

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  • tiffani - amazing solution for the oak frames-those tea towels are perfect-especially w/all the chicken wire! and your canopy is awesome:) happy wed!

  • caro - Hi!, all you do is beautiful and it looks full of love.
    DO you know “Celebrate the boy”?, visit here http://www.made-by-rae.com is interesting, for a month only DIY for our boys, there is more sites.

  • caro - and forgot LOVE “Giveaway Day”, i’ll be waiting

  • Shannon - I love your room!! I wish I had your creative gene!

  • sharron - you rock i just love your style and that you are not afraid of anything crafty!!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Those towels are just perfect!
    As are the matching polos. I can’t tell you how many pictures like that I have of me and my husband- youth group mission trips, day at Astroworld…you name it…

  • Brooke - How long ago did you get those tea towels. I know just where I’d put those in my house.

  • Taylor - you could always cut the threads of the extra two baby girl birds to remove them.


  • Danielle - Love both of your projects! Don’t know how you come up with this stuff!

  • Shannon - LOVE LOVE LOVE the tea towel art. So much fun to make some cute “bulletin” board type things. You are so clever. And the hankie canopy adds just the right bit of romance and whimsy! So darling!

  • Jeannette - I love the dishtowels and of course your amazing ideas of how to use them! The canopy is awesome!!

  • julianna richman - love. also love your bedside table.

  • danielle - Yey… love the old school picture of you and your fella! And wow, I soooooooooooo want those tea towels… not even sure if we have that store here in Canada… yes I don’t get out much as I also have three little blue birds and a pink bird at home. 🙂 Your bedroom is absolutely comfy cozy… could spend hours there.. the canopy is deliciously romantic!

  • Seamingly Sarah - Totally awesome, all of it!

  • Abigail - I have seen those tea towels and thought they would be such a sweet addition to a wedding gift…but I LOVE this idea, the frames are so cute!!

  • Cory - I love both of these projects so much! Thanks for always bringing me so much inspiration! I’m sure I would let those tea towels & hankies sit in my cabinet for years trying to figure out what to do with them!

  • amy - i’m sorry but i thought you were INSANE hanging chicken wire in your room… but i have to say it looks pretty good. from what i can see..especially in the last picture. looking forward to seeing it totally finished!

  • Angie - I have a tea towel from Anthropologie that I was looking into turning into wall art! I to didn’t want to alter it in anyway. Thanks for this idea! Now I know just what to do with it!!

  • Mariah - I love that snapshot of you and Chris! So cute!

  • Lori - the canopy is sooo pretty!! you are having twin girls – the dish towel sais so. :0) I live the red in there on the chicken wire. so creatively cute. great job.

  • Erin - The Smallest Sparrow - Sooooo cute! The tea towels couldn’t be more perfect. Don’t you love it when you stumble upon things like that?

  • Krista @ Blue Eyed Yonder - You have TOTALLY SAVED ME many grey hairs! I have these exact same towels, a gift from my sweet sister when Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder and I got married. I have had them tucked in a drawer (yes, a DRAWER!) for almost two years now. What an absolute genius idea! I can’t wait to create something similar with my towels.

    And wow, I didn’t realize there were baby chicks on that towel. I had to do a double take. Talk about a subtle hint 🙂

    Thanks for being totally awesome YOU!

  • ashley jensen - Hey my cousin got a set of those towels as a wedding gift. They are too cute!

  • amanda torres - Those tea towels remind me of the my kids baby blankets. For each child born from my mom’s side of the family, each woman embroiders a muslin square then my grandmother pieces it together. For this reason I love all hand embroidery. It makes my heart happy.

  • Amanda - It’s all so beautiful, especially your DIY canopy!

  • katie - Someone should hire you to decorate a Bed & Breakfast. You make everything look so cozy and effortless. And awesome.

  • Erin - Wow, love the high school picture!! Brings back soooo many memories!! (Insert pitch pipe here) And the tea towels couldn’t be a better fit.

  • candace - pretty.

  • Trish - I love your wall! so fun 🙂

  • Mallory - Dang, Ashley! You have such a good eye for decorating. I really love the canopy – makes me want to sew something NOW (even though I can’t sew). 🙂

  • Marykay - The framed tea towels and canopy are both wonderful! I also LOVE that Chris has a tool box for a night stand, how fun is that!

  • Carrie - LOVE those tea towels! I wish I could find them – we don’t have an Anthropologie store, and I couldn’t find them online. Anyone know where else to find them?

  • Heather @ Cookie Mondays - Are you trying to tell us something?
    Something about twin girls perhaps??

    Cute, cute, cute!
    I have some plain vintge tea towels, maybe they would be a good place for embroidering kids’ artwork then framing.

  • ria - i love the tea towels as art! awesome.

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - How are you so amazing?! I love getting sneak peaks of your bedroom.

  • Jessica - wow! you just don’t ever stop! I’m convinced you must never sleep LOL. lookin’ good.

  • becca g - These towels are adorable! I think I might just have to head over to Anthro today:). Thanks for always keeping the creative juices flowing!

  • Jennifer - Love this post! Had to skip over to anthropologie.com and order the towels too! Reminded me of our wedding day, vintage, turquoise, love bird motif…. Thank you for your inspiration.. and the memories!!! 🙂

    Brooke – I just bought them seconds ago: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?navAction=jump&id=983027&parentid=SEARCH_RESULTS

  • Jen @ Rambling Renovators - Thanks for the clarification about the twin girls, lol! You are so unbelievably creative. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  • Kathie - Love your bedroom…its so pretty!!

  • jade - love. the. toolbox. nightstand.

  • meg duerksen - yes you are! you just don’t know it yet.

    you are crazy crafty you know?

  • Whitney @ Becoming - I. Am. AMAZED. Your talent kills me!!! Love, love, love your bedroom. Can’t wait to see more pictures of it! 🙂

  • Anya - Your bed looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see the whole room once you’re ready to show it 🙂
    This might sound weird, but your room is really close to what I always imagined Wendy’s house would look like when I read Peter Pan as a kid – maybe it’s the randomness all patched together and made perfect because it’s full of love.

  • Jenny B. - I really love the framed tea towels! I have some extra pillow shams that match our bedding, and I’ve thought about framing them somehow to hang in our master bath, but never knew how to do that without destroying them. Ashley saves the day! 🙂 We’ll see if I actually attempt it, though… after constructing my 6yo’s Valentine box, I declared (out loud :oops:) that I hate crafting. Ha! 🙂

  • Minnesotamom - Haha! I love that you had to clarify the twins. Hilarious. And you are so creative! I hope you post a full bedroom reveal at some point.

  • Gabriela - Amazing. Amazing for several reasons. First because, well, you’re awesome, and you have the most clever ideas for repurposing stuff that is cute into something very very lovely. Secondly because 15 months of reading your blog must be affecting me. Just today I bought 4 teatowels from Zara Home (in Spain) in bold graphic prints to frame for my daughter’s room.

    But as cute as the towels (and the matching polos) are, I’m definitely in love with your canopy. It must be almost magical to wake up under it.

  • Evelin - I love your blog!

    xoxo from Europe 🙂

  • messy little puddles - It never seizes to amaze me how awesome you are……thought after years of following your blog i should start giving some love xx

  • Casey - LOVE the idea of putting foam board in a frame! I have two frames sitting empty, one I was going to make into the chicken wire memo board but I didn’t know what to do with the second, now I do, thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Jane - Oh wow Ashley! I love your room! The canopy is amazing.

  • Julie O'Dell - So stinking cute!!!!!

  • Laurie J - the best part of this post?! the 2 “extra” pink birds when you unfolded the towel!
    hmmmmm indeed–I don’t know if I would’ve had the courage to keep them after that discovery 😉

  • Carissa - Is it ok that I laughed out loud. HARD. At that picture of you and Chris from high school in the matching polos. What is that face he is making? He looks like he is up to no good. I am guessing he was totally head over heels for you even then. In fact, I know he was!

  • carrie - pins!!! You used pins??!! HAHA you and I have very simialr sewing styles. I really have no idea what I am doing either. I never change my thread color and only use pins as a last resort!! My grannie would have a cow!! Love your blog and all your ideas. I must find time to create. Thank you for sharing your lovelies!

  • Lisa Johnson - So much to love about this post!

  • Liene - I love it. I also love it when things come together! I just love the tea towel art!

  • Kara @ karapaslaydesigns - Ashley, things are looking great!!! Love it all! And I think using a tool box for a nightstand is genius! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  • Niina - The canopy is absolutely lovely!!!!!

  • Niina - The canopy is absolutely lovely!!

  • Becca G - that is adorable. love the canopy. and love the tea towels.
    LIVING happily ever after!

  • kate - simply beautiful

  • Brooke Whitis - I almost bought these tea towels several times….but then I thought…what would I do with them?? I actually bought ANTHRO’s anniversary Tea towel to frame it 😉 I love your idea!! And I have a canopy bed and love your sweet canopy idea!!

  • Kendyl Mounce - Ahh! My husband and I received those same hand towels as a wedding gift. They were so precious that I just wanted to hang them on my wall or something more than just put them in my kitchen drawer. 😉 Thanks for this wonderful idea!

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