I always like to take a day to introduce my sponsors for the month. Around here we’ve been confined to the house from the crazy snow. It is beautiful and all these hours inside are letting me finally tackle some sewing for bedroom pillows. I think I sat in front a pile of fabric for at least 30 minutes just staring at it not knowing where to begin. Sometimes I have too much inspiration to narrow it down and just start in on something. Thus, is the case with my bedroom.ย  Anywhoooo…onto this month’s sponsors!


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  • Kelly - I really like your new header and I bought something from one of your sponsors last month! Thank you for introducing them to me. Kelly

  • Amanda - Just purchased two of the coffee cup sleeves- what a bargain at $8 plus the bonus discount. They are beautiful and can’t wait to receive one for me and one as a gift for a friend!

  • Amanda - Annnndd, some twine and tags from Pretty Lil Package. Such great sponsors that I really probably wouldn’t have taken the time to explore as in depth had you not done this monthly post. Love it, thanks!

  • Betsy - Thanks so much, Ashley! I love to see the returning sponsors- and then the added excitement of others who are new. Enjoy your snow!

  • Kimber - i swear your sponsors you have are always the CUTEST!

  • Katie - You promote your sponsors so beautifully. Just wanted to say that.

If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought it would be strange to spend a weekend with women I had only met online, I would have said “you bet.” However, in the last few years I have gained some truly wonderful friendships that because of distance have been limited to online. Last weekend I had the opportunity to take cherished online friendships and turn them into ‘real life’ friendships (though they were already ‘real’ and a part of my ‘life’).

I’ve never been to a blogger conference, gathering, meet-up….I’m an introvert and the idea of walking into a room full of people I don’t know just scares me a little. I can easily picture myself sitting alone and eventually deciding to leave. A weekend in a home with friends seemed like a perfect setting to finally get to meet some of my favorite people. And, it was.

Three of the ladies attending have written guest posts here before and I have mentioned each of them several times. It was an amazing experience to meet them along with 5 other inspiring gals. Meg invited 9 of us to spend a full weekend together – crafting, eating, barn shopping, talking, laughing…simply enjoying being together. If you are curious, “Yes” Meg’s house is even more amazing in person than on her blog and Waffle is even cuter (I didn’t think that was even possible).

We stayed up later than I ever did during my entire tenure in college. We shopped in a barn that was on American Pickers. We ate…without any little hands trying to steal my food or spill their drinks. My kids enjoyed a weekend with their daddy and I enjoyed a weekend away.

My friend Cindy joined me on the trip. As we exited the highway for Meg’s street I texted Chris, “Almost there. I want to throw up. So nervous.”

A few days later I found myself sad to leave and thankful for dear friends. Thankful for this crazy blog that led me to them. And thankful for truly great experience.

top row: Julie, Cindy (no blog), Heather, Amy D., Jess, Me

bottom row: Jana (no blog), Kimberlee, Amy J., Meg


You can find links to all the crafts, shopping and other information on Meg’s post about the weekend.

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  • amanda torres - If I were Meg, I would freak out having so much talent in my house. Sounds like an amazingly fun weekend. Much deserved on your part. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of the ‘American Pickers’ trip. Very cool!

  • Katie Sellers - Looks like so much fun! I wonder if you knew where Meg got the string of “light bulb” lights hanging in her dining room? I was just searching for a reasonable set of those last night. Thanks!!

  • Fee - Wow, looks like an amazing weekend :)! Those barn shopping pictures…. ahhh jealousy!!

  • ashley jensen - How fun was that!! I would be freaking out myself going on a trip like that but it would be all good in the end! After seeing all of Meg’s crafting supplies it is now my mission to get more stuff because mine just isn’t cutting it!

  • e l l a - Awesome! I already had a sneak peek at meg’s last night ๐Ÿ˜‰
    That’s so exciting that you ladies pulled this off – so cool to be in that creative circle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • meg duerksen - of course your pictures are SO good.
    so much better than the rest.
    love these!
    you make it look like a magazine shoot.
    missing you ashley.
    i am thinking….like a week or two and i am driving to you for a day.
    for real.

    i am SO GLAD you came.

    the lights were from target quite a few years ago at christmas.
    i saw them this month at pier one and world market. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • april's craft nest - i read meg’s post about the get together the other day and i must admit, i’m a bit jealous! what a fun time to craft and be girly! it’s so neat that a community was built from online crafters. your photos of the weekend are amazing!

  • Jamie - An “American Pickers” barn!?!? I think I’d faint from excitement; that’s just too cool. What a fun weekend!

  • Cassie - Ohhhh what a perfect weekend!

  • jenn - wow. insanely jealous….what an amazing experience! i saw some of the pics on meg’s blog as well. how fun to completely unwind with so many creative gals. i bet you are so glad you took the chance and went…such fun!

  • Amanda - Your pictures of the weekend are sooo good! Love your style AshleyAnn!!

  • the whyte house - i laughed at the text you sent chris. so funny. i’m the same way and by the time i get warmed up to everyone, it’s time to go!

    glad you had some good pickin’…did you find anything fun??
    all those tins are just screaming for me to come buy them. ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m pretty sure that you and meg will get mean emails from my husband for photographing/telling me where this is! especially since it’s 40 minutes away. haha.

  • MelissaM - How fun Ashley! I’m so glad you got that fun get away doing what you love. Now I think we would all love to see a post written by Chris of pics he took of his adventuresome weekend at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reidunn - That looks like a wonderful weekend well spent. I wish I could have gone with you to that barn too.
    Hopefully one day I can arrange or participate in something similar. You are so lucky to have met friends that share your interests through the world of blogging.

  • Ruth - I felt the EXACT same way about going to Blissdom this past weekend! When I got there I was so nervous I was shaking, and then I saw Edie, whose wonderful blog inspires me every single day, and I HAD to go talk to her (despite my nervousness). Of course I started bawling because I have been so touched by her story and she was SO nice and real–the exact person you would think she would be from reading her blog. I ended up meeting several ladies through her who I know will be lifelong friends. Bloggers are an amazingly talented and creative group of women, and I was inspired just by being in the same room.

    Anyway, when I saw Meg’s post on Tuesday I was practically green with envy. It looked like SO much fun & I have already gathered my supplies for that ruffle pillow. I hope someday I can meet you in person and I’m sure when and if I do, you will be as real as your blog. And I promise to be as nice to you as Edie was to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heather - it looks amazing!! i was a bit jealous when i read that you got to hang out with such amazing ladies, but now that i know you got to go to a barn from american pickers i’m super jealous! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lisa~ - It looks like the perfect way to spend time with blog friends! I love that idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lisa~

  • Liene - Such a weekend is so great and special! Hihi, nervous stomach! Sounds familair!

  • Mallory @ R. Simple Life - Sounds so aweswomely nerve-wrecking! I’m especially jealous about the barn shopping!

  • Brooke Leigh @ First Avenue - Oh goodness! What a treat! I would be completely smitten if I was ever invited to one of these fantastic get togethers! I’m really excited that you had a wonderful time, you need that with four kids! A weekend escape filled with all your favorite things.

  • Seamingly Sarah - I feel almost the same way. I remember the first bible study I went to. I wanted to curl up on the host’s couch and die rather than participate, share and get to know some truly amazing people. I am shy in a way that has closed me off to opening myself up more. And I find myself opening up online through my blog, but I still don’t do it in person. I’m still not really putting myself out there. Thanks for sharing what must have taken courage on your part. It sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  • BriBedell - I am totally jealous! I want to go to a craft retreat too ๐Ÿ™‚ And that barn..to die for!

  • angie - Oh the eye candy! What fun! Yay for blogging!

  • Lori K - Oh my word! I thought that was Cindy in the pic…I was going to email you and ask a couple of days ago. This is my idea of a perfect weekend! friends, talking, shopping, junking, crafting…you had so much fun…I can tell. Truly happy for you. I am the antithesis of walking into that room. I love people. and I love you. I bet it was hard…yet you are one of my top people I have ever met that I love to pieces. So, own it sister. You are an awesome person. Put yourself out there. I love the beautiful pics and the pretty hoops. Love the material and how everyone did something so unique. I am wanting to jump in the minivan and go picking right now in Kansas…that barn is a dream. So, happy for you…and if everrrrr miss Cindy can’t go – I got your back! translation: ask me…Love it. Isn’t it amazing to see how much people have in common and how fun new friends can be????

  • Jessica P - I love that doggie! And I’m so glad you had a good time!

  • Tasha B. - That Barn is AH-MAZING! I live in the PacNW and we just don’t have those kinds of junk stores in these parts! Covet, covet, covet!!! =) I did recently find our State Surplus program though, scoring some desks, chairs, and a school chalkboard!

  • meg duerksen - ok…i am sewing right now and had to come back and leave one more comment.
    one of the funniest moments of the weekend “wait….what are you doing behind your machine?” when you learned about the cutting corner on the machine.
    just like julie taught ME in september!
    ten years later….
    never too late for us to learn on our OLD machines!
    ha ha ha

    ok…back to sewing!

  • Callie - All I can say is WOW!!! Simply divine! You guys should make it an annual even so we live vicariously through you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kassondra - soo jealous! it looks like so much fun!

  • Heather @ Cookie Mondays - Cracking up at Meg’s comment!
    You captured everything perfectly… which is why I was ashamed to even get my camera out all weekend.
    Thank you for all the photo and embroidery inspiration, it was so so so much fun.
    I truly hope we do this again- minus a coughing baby. Until then, enjoy your adorable 9 inch kiddos ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Dacia - I can sooo relate to you as I am an introvert, too. One of my favorite things to do is sit with a friend and get lost in a deep conversation. One of my least favorite things is to attend a party and try to keep up with the level of social and excitement. I’m a dud at a party. Anyway, looks like you enjoyed it and that this weekend will be cherished for a long time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trish - How fun! I want a craft weekend! Looks like you girls had a blast!

  • Jess - Love your pictures Ashley. Can we please go back to the craft lodge!?!? I am so glad you didn’t throw up and I am so glad you didn’t turn around and go back to Oklahoma. I loved meeting you “for real”. You are beautiful inside and out…just like I expected. And of course your magic ruffling machine is AMAZING. I need to figure out how to make mine do that so that I can make more pillows. Missing you girls!

  • Jessica - looks like you all had a great time! laughing at the 12 passenger van- that’s what I drive! LOL

  • Karen - Soooo jealous!

  • Anna - That looks like such a fun weekend. I want to meet up with some blogger friends one day…and attend Blissdom!

  • amy jupin - wow. ashley, these pictures…wow.
    you have such an eye. such a beautiful talent.
    i remember seeing you crawling on the floor in meg’s entryway and i was thinking, “she sees something i don’t see.”
    of course.
    you are so crazy talented. ๐Ÿ™‚

    laughing so hard at meg and heather’s comments! 9 inch kids…hahahahaha

  • amy d - next time we do this, you need to give a official photography tutorial! i totally laughed out loud when you texted you were going to throw up! so glad to meet you and cindy! i am bound and determined to tweak my machine to make magic ruffles too! i am in official craft withdrawl, it’s just not the same crafting by myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hearttypat - crafting, shopping, terrific homemade breakfast… what more can a girl want?? this post is really making me wanna organise something like this!

  • amosclutchpedal - Ahhhh…the pictures won’t load!

  • amosclutchpedal - Oh, got ’em finally. Great shots!

  • chantelle - please come to canada! how do you find out about such cool groups! You gals are all so fun and smart I wished I lived where ever you do!!!!!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, Ashley! I am so happy for you! What an absolute blessing!

  • sarah - i love reading your blog and seeing all your cute ideas C: !!
    are those necklaces in the picture? the red and blue flower things with the chain? if so is there a diy on those?

  • Alix - Wow! How fun! A few of my fave bloggie girls and I have been plotting this very thing….and I can imagine it would be strange to meet in real life, huh! But how awesome. Good for you guys this post was so fun.

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS! I think you won the Homies for Best Kids Design Blog!
    *high five*
    It’s an honor to be nominated with ya, lady!
    : )

  • Kristin S - Love, love, love. Seriouly. Your and Meg’s and Julie’s post about the weekend sound so dreamy. So much more enjoyable than a big ol conference. I’m not an introvert but I think I’d feel the same way you expressed.

    The friendships of women are to be cherished.

    So so glad you all were able to take the time away.

  • Pamela M - WOW…I am so jealous now but really happy for you girls. Spending a day with you and Meg would be a dream.
    PS – I would probably still be at that barn LOL!

  • Kimberlee J. - Okay…so I’m completely shocked that I wasn’t the only one that felt like they were going to throw up.

    And your pictures! YOUR PICTURES! I sent the link to Bruce and said, “I was there and this still looks amazing to me!” You totally captured the weekend.

    Which brings me to…oh I’ll email ya! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Crystal - Looks like so much fun!!! Oh, I would love to meet waffle in person! He is so stinkin’ cute! I told my husband if we ever get another dog I want one like Waffle, he’s like “who?” I have to pull up Meg’s blog & show him pictures.

  • Jessica @ These Are The Days - Love your globe collection, I’ve got one too. I love your swags, I just made some last night for my daughters birthday party, they really added a lot to it. What a fun weekend. Found you over at the Nester. I want that chandelier. ๐Ÿ™‚



  • angela - Oh, I SOOOOOOOO want you to do this and invite ME ME ME! (Nothing like inviting yourself to a party!) I;ll have to tell you when you were naming the people in the pics…I immediately thought *they don’t have a blog? Wonder why?* Duh, as if everyone does……as if!

    Oh and Meg’s blog…on my top five list!

  • Karen - I am envious. It looks like everyone had sooo much fun! I wish I lived closer by!

  • Glenda - this looks like a dream come true!

  • Erin Leigh - ummm, what could possibly be more fun?!?!? It’s on my list of things to do this year!

We are buried in snow. Feet and feet and feet of snow. I’ve been enjoying coffee, quilts and Redbox while watching the blizzard of snow outside and the tornado of kids inside. I did a few updates on my blog design because I was feeling the need to clean and I chose to ‘clean up’ my blog instead of laundry. It (my blog) was feeling too busy for me and I needed some calm – could be related to that tornado of kids. Tomorrow I am going to share about my weekend with some overwhelmingly amazing women. Today is just a couple of notes on things.

My latest post for Design*Sponge is up today – it is a fun little Valentine idea for adults. It is actually one of my favorite projects as of late. Here is a peek at what you can find over there:

Here is where most of the photos were shot:

Here is what was banging on the door behind me as I shot most of those photos:

And on a totally unrelated note, several of you have left comments asking for the secret to “sparkly” eyes.

Well, it is really technical and hard…only a professional can do it ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo tip: When your main light source is behind your subject or to the side you will not get sparkly eyes…unless you do something with photoshop.


Photo tip: If your main light source is behind you (indirect light like a window works great) you can get sparkly eyes because that light is reflecting in the eyes!


Don’t forget to go check out Design*Sponge!

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  • Betsy Jo - I’m just gonna’ thank you for not posting pictures of the snow. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think I could take it right now… (kidding. sorta’) Here in CT, we have been living under feet and feet of snow for weeks. And it’s getting a little… um… nutty. I like pictures of a pretty projects and a sweet little girl much better. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jennifer J - Thanks for showing where you shoot and what is happening around you. It’s helpful and motivating. Your pictures are amazing.

  • hearttypat - reminds me of my wedding invite where i used a typewriter font and printed out on doilies… i would had done them on a typewriter if i have one!

  • tara - you are just so brilliant.
    and giving.
    thank you for the photo tip.
    and the picture of your princess with the pink sword…because that is a gift that keeps on giving:) smiles all.day.long.

  • ashley jensen - Love that she has the sword in hand! Your shadow is in just the right spot on her pupils too! I think the most difficult part is getting little ones to stay still long enough!

  • Amanda @ Our Humble A{Bowe}d - Ohh, loving the blog changes! Not that I didn’t like th blog before, I just think the content is a little more noticeable.

  • debbie - we here in the windy city (Chicago) are also buried under tons of snow. i like your idea of coffee, quilts, and Redbox (and crafting!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sharee - miss ashley today i just felt like telling you’re such an awesome lady and i’m so grateful for your encouraging and “real” blog. may the Lord bless you sweetly today:)

  • Heather @ Cookie Mondays - oooooh, i can’t wait to go check out that cute project!
    stay warm!

  • Lacy M. - Great tip!! I always thought that was some hard photoshop thing!! Thanks

  • Leslie @topofthepage - oh my gosh, baby with the pink sword has totally distracted me from the craft. so yummy. thanks for sharing.

  • amanda torres - Is her sword pink? If so, that is awesome!!!

  • Lesley - So I just saw your Design Sponge post…um…love it! You are so stinking creative.

  • Philly - Thank you so much for sharing photography tips. I got my first DSLR for Christmas and I enjoy all these little tips! I also love it when you put the shutter speed, aperture, and etc. Your photos are my favorite by far of any photographer I’ve seen.

  • Kirra Sue - Blog looks great Ashley! Thanks for the tips for sparklie eyes! Hope you guys stay warm today & don’t lose your power! We’ve got 20 inches in downtown Chicago- so crazy!!!!

  • Tara - I just found your blog via the Homies… I love all your DIY projects and house tours! Good luck with the contest ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa W. - LOL, Ashley! I LOVE the photo of Firecracker as she stands banging at the window, haha. I really love that you show that element of your life, and probably a lot of “our” (the readers) lives – you may make amazing crafts and projects, and take beautiful photos, but you’re always always a mother! ๐Ÿ™‚ (And such an inspiration!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dacia - Thanks for the tips! All of them! The little bit I know about using my nikon d40 is from your tips. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ruth - Two things. First, your new blog design is lovely. Very fresh. Second, oh my goodness. This is truly the greatest Valentines Day gift/craft I have ever seen in my whole life. My husband is always complicated to give to, and the creativity of this makes me want to flip. Now, I just have to get my lazy self to do it. Thanks for sharing!

  • cj - love.
    LOVE! all of it. the tips. the slice of life shot with the sword & all!
    been a fan/stalker of yours for a while, now. i was wondering, how did you create your blog banner?

  • giozi - I looooove your tutorial, I’m going to do it for this saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I liked to see you on your baby’s eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Angela - I love the new look!

  • Kae - hi ashley! i was next to my 2 year old girl when i was skimming through your post on design sponge. when she saw your finished product, she said, “Wow!! pretty!” it cracked me up.
    i love your diy posts….hope you keep it up despite the negative/mean comments you might get. you inspire a lot of other women out there ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Harriet - Just looked at your design sponge post – I love this idea! Only problem is I am 21 and haven’t found my valentine yet!

  • RachelC - Super cool typewriter tin!!! Too advanced for me, but I really like it.

  • RachelC - I LOVE that knotted anthropologie bedding in your “my lovelies” section. One day, as soon as I learn how to sew, I’m going to make that.

  • Jen Helbert - my goodness, look at that sweet lil’ face at the window. thanks for the tips!

  • Liene - Great tip!

  • Helen + Bill + Mirys from Brazil - Hi Ashley!

    Iยดm back. Actually, WE are back (in Brazil) and Iยดm back here (in front of a computer).

    I decided to get away in the 1st year of “anniversary” of my husbandยดs accident and I fullfiled a promesse the both of us have made for the kids: go to Paris. I went! Alone! Just me and my 2 little musketeers. And it was great!!!

    I finnaly get back to photoshooting and Iยดd like you to know that is such a pleasure to get back home, open your blog and… find photos tips!!! Thanks!!

    How your kids are? Hope everybody is GREAT.

    Kisses and blessings.


    PS: if you want to see HOW I manage 2 little ones in Europe, in winter, by myself, go to http://www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com. I put a translator button, just in the top of the page, last year.

  • Helen + Bill + Mirys from Brazil - Hi Ashley!

    Iยดm back. Actually, WE are back (in Brazil) and Iยดm back here (in front of a computer).

    I decided to get away in the 1st year of “anniversary” of my husbandยดs accident and I fullfiled a promesse the both of us have made for the kids: go to Paris. I went! Alone! Just me and my 2 little musketeers. And it was great!!!

    I finnaly get back to photoshooting and Iยดd like you to know that is such a pleasure to get back home, open your blog and… find photos tips!!! Thanks!!

    How your kids are? Hope everybody is GREAT.

    Kisses and blessings.


    PS: if you want to see HOW I manage 2 little ones in Europe, in winter, by myself, go to http://www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com. I put a translator button, just in the top of the page, last year.

  • Jenny - THANK YOU! I’m always trying to experiment in one of the only two rooms with good light in my house and now I’ve got it thanks to you! Sparkly eyes here we come!!

  • pinksuedeshoe - Oh be still my typewriter loving heart! I LOVE this idea. So so cute!

  • How to Tuesday :: Sparkly Eyes from Under the Sycamore | snippets :: by Leslie Ann Jones - […] tip that you must go read. If you want to know how to give your kids sparkly photo eyes, click through to read Ashley Ann’s advice {you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the photo […]