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  • Betsy Jo - Thanks, Ashley! :)

  • Lindsay - Great Christmas ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dawn Nikol - I used “For the love of Joy” before she changed her name and she was beyond Fabulous!! She custom made a quilt for my daughter and it’s amazing. When I have more babies, I’ll contact her again for more! Love her!

  • Anna Marie - Wow, those are some seriously cute shops! Tempting, tempting, tempting. You are one lucky lady, Ashley :o)

  • Kirra Sue - These sponsors are amazing Ashley! I cannot wait to check out their work! Thanks!!!

  • Heather - i think my mug needs a mug rug.
    how cute are those!!!!

  • Jada - I meant to leave this comment yesterday…your family is adorable. I love all the pix of the kids ’cause they are too cute. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  • Dacia - They are all so pretty. :) Going to send you a message now…

  • No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane - What wonderful, colorful and unique sponsors! I really enjoyed checking them each out!

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We have a lot of traditions this time of year. There are so many things I look forward to after Thanksgiving. One is our annual trip to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. I’ll be honest there is a part of me that wants an old school white aluminum tree, but I can’t give up my tree hunting tradition. I am pretty sure my kids would revolt too if I ever tried that.

Part of the tradition is the hayride out to the fields of trees. This was a bit anti-climatic this year. Once we got to the fields it was just baby trees! The cutting fields were up closer, but the hayride was fun nonetheless. We’ve got a lot of personality in this family.

Part of hunting usually involves a little bit of baby carrying too. This phase might be over next year. I’m okay with that, I’ve enjoyed the ride.

They found their tree. What is not pictured is all the sticks I forced them to throw on the ground. A large stick fight broke out (it always does) and I was not in the mood to dodge wooden swords. The blurry part of this photo is from FireCracker’s wet finger touching my lens.

Yes boys, you are so very tough and dangerous with the saw. Don’t cut your fingers off….or mine.

The boys would never go for one of the teenage workers cutting down our tree. Poor Chris always has to lay in the pine needles to cut it down.

And our annual photo.

And some of the old ones…

We got home I began decorating the tree with all the ornaments the kids like. Then I realized I was doing it by myself (which I always do because no one else is interested). Since no one else really cared I took all the ornaments off and started over. It still isn’t decorated. I just stare at it everyday trying to figure out something fun to do with it. By the time I finally figure it out it will be dead. At least the hunt was good and the house smells like Christmas.

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  • Alba - i’m glad to see this annual picture for the third time. Enjoy it.

  • mandi - i love that pic of firecracker lying across her daddy while he’s trying to cut the tree down. daddy’s never can catch a break! we go this weekend to cut our tree! yahoo!

  • RachelC - I love your annual tree hunt! I also love looking at the “through-the-years” pictures.

  • Ruth - The one sad thing about living in Florida–no tree farms! :-( I’m very jealous of your fun tradition. Our tree tradition involves finding all the pieces of our fake (yuck!) tree up in the attic, then waiting around for four hours while my engineer husband tries to figure out why only half the lights are working. And girls insist on “helping” to decorate, (resulting in a very high concentration of ornaments at 4-year-old level), so I’m a little jealous of your blank tree slate, too!

  • kali - love it! we used to go pick out a tree each year as little kids…then my parents decided to go the fake tree route. yes, i revolted for several years and they’ll probably never live down “killing” the tradition. but i’m a fan of the artificial trees now so i do understand…just like giving them a hard time :-)

  • Brenda S. Pearson - My fav photo is FireCracker stretching out across her Daddy – she has SO much personality!!

  • meg duerksen - after you do it for 15 years you realize you don’t care how it looks and then you let the kids just put them on and never even notice it. HA! that was what happened last night.
    there were so many people working on the tree that i just took pictures and never touched an ornament.
    i am liking this new system.

  • Sarah - Put up two trees, then you can have the best of both worlds!

  • amanda torres - I love how almost every pic adds a kid, yet you still look like a bean pole. That’s awesome.

  • Krista Lund - i love seeing the Tree Hunting Photos thru the years!

  • Lacy M. - Must be a lot warmer in eastern OK than it’s been in western OK!! So love your blog, look forward to it everyday!!!!

  • jessica h - what a joy! there’s something to be said for special family traditions for sure….I just know you’re going to come up with some crazy-wonderful craft/decor ideas after staring at that tree day after day…i can’t wait :)

  • Kelli - Thank you for sharing your photos! Loved my tree hunting tradition best, my fav. photos all year long. We found one of my children is allergic to the trees and has a hard time breathing all of Dec. We had to go with a fake tree and change our tradition. Now we have family hunt up and play in snow day. That makes for some fabulous photos and the side bit that made the change real easy. . . we do it in January, after all the busy-ness.

  • Jen - Your hair is rocking in these pics. Thought you should know.

  • giozi - Ha ha ha the bessssssssssttttttttttttttttt your girl over your husband, ha ha ha you make me smile. I love them.
    Ohh how growing :(
    A big kiss

  • Jen - i love how you add a child in every year from 2007 to 2009 <3

  • Mirys - Hi Ashley!

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    It works like this: from today until 25, I will write 25 articles on spectacular things of life, those we can not live without. Those that make you smile, only to see them. Things that if someone do for someone else could change the day of the second one´s day and turn it better.

    So, please, take a look there on the blog (http://diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com/2010/12/25-coisas-imprescindiveis-na-vida.html). And if you like the idea, could you help me to disclose?

    NOTE: If you want to give me the pleasure of writing a whole text of one of the days … be my guest! It will be an honor!

    Kisses and blessings.
    Mirys – http://www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com

    PS: the traductor is not great but I think you can read our blog, now!

  • Helena - Great picture!

  • Helena - We use to make a card every year to send to our friends with a picture just like that!

  • Taylor - How is it that each year there is another child in the photo yet your always so thin?! Lucky duck.

  • amber - We did this for the first time this year…with a 3 year old & an 11 month old. Lots of baby carrying. And a hike back to the porta-potty. Ew. But…they both had a ton of fun, were so excited, & we think it’s a tradition FOR SURE! Thanks for sharing…it’s so fun seeing your older boys, thinking of my oldest being good buddies one day! You guys are awesome:).

  • Anna - Wow, you guys cut down your own tree? You are so cool. We just run down to Walmart to get ours! hehehe…maybe next year when G is more into it we’ll try cutting down the tree ourselves!

  • Jamie - I love the boys’ faces while they’re so intent on watching Daddy work. We left our tree bare last year with only a silver star on top and those cute pearl-looking lights from Target — and that was it! I honestly thought it was super cute and am considering doing it that way from now on.

  • Kirra Sue - Your kids are soooooooooooooooo cute. So cute! Have fun dreaming up ideas for that Christmas tree of yours!!!

  • hearttypat - it doesn’t seem so long ago when I was reading your family’s tree-hunting last year… and look! Here’s another family photo at this year’s tree-hunt again! Time flies!

  • Shannon Phillips - So FUN!!!! I am sure you will come up with something creative and amazing for the decorations on the tree. Mine still only has lights on it too but it sure is pretty. 😉 Happy December C family!

  • ashley jensen - I love that FireCracker is laying on Chris while he is trying to cut down the tree! I cant sit or lay on the floor with out my daughter hanging on me in some way or weasling her way into my lap.

  • brooke - We went on the tree hunt this past weekend too!! So much fun…it was our first time to go out and cut our own. I loved it!

  • Anne M - You and your family (those wonderful kids) bring me back down to earth. Thank you for constantly reminding me of all the simple things in life and the beauty of it all.

  • Aja - I love this!! We used to go to the Christmas tree farm every year growing up too, and I cherish the memories!! Do you mind sharing where you guys went? I’m not originally from Tulsa, and my husband has never gone to a local tree farm, so he doesn’t know where to go.. I would love to start this holiday tradition in our family. Thanks!!!
    Oh- and that picture of FireCracker laying on Chris while he’s cutting down the tree is too much! Adorable.

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  • Amy - Congratulations to all the winners!

  • BriBedell - Congrats!! Maybe someday I will get lucky :)

  • emily (justem) - Oh Miss Amy Coose I am VERY jealous!! 😉

  • Amy Coose - I can’t BELIEVE it!!! Woohooooo!

  • anne c - congrats!

  • Anna - Yay for the winners!
    I was reading your graphic and it said “winers” and it made me giggle that the winners were all winers as well. I’m weird. :)

  • monique - thank you ashley!