The Silly Me Baby giveaway winner is:

Sarah: “She is so Sweet, for a second I wanted to add another one to my family….but I will think logical now.

I would love to take more outdoor pictures and swim again before the summer is over.”

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  • Tricia - Hi Ashley. I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that every day that I stop by your blog, it brightens my mood. Thank you. Your niece is indeed quite scrumptious, btw. 😉

Like a rushing wind a new favorite thing entered my life this year…composting. Talk about the ultimate trash to treasure. “Black gold” so it is called…the stuff that is a result of composting. I try to compost every thing that I can. There are tons of great websites for composting tips. I have a recipe card in my kitchen listing all the random things that can be composted. Biggest Brother shares my composting addiction. There is an odd amount of joy I find in turning my trash into power food for my garden and flower beds. I’m still learning. We started small with a plastic bin, next year I am going BIG.

I rarely buy chips but this bag was screaming at me…“I am 100% compostable. You need to buy me and watch me disappear. We’ll have a great time together!”

I couldn’t say ‘no’.

I was totally intrigued by the idea that this LOUD regular looking bag would decompose in my compost bin.

He didn’t understand why I was taking pictures of a bag.

His big brother on the other hand was as baffled as I was when he started reading the bag. He is my composting companion.

So we are only on week one. Maybe I’ll give you pictorial updates on my composting Sun Chips bag…I’ll probably forget. My grandpa, the ultimate gardener, swears by composting. If you are a gardener and haven’t started composting you should. If you are an avid composter I would love any pointers!

If you want some gardening inspiration you should check out what is going on at the Inadvertent Farmer’s Kinder Gardens…look at the blogroll on the right column of this link. Crazy creative kid garden stuff!

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  • Tammy Kay - is that laundry lent or mold? TJ Maxx sometimes has cute little white jars to sit on your kitchen counter. That has almost made me want to start composting. almost. I think its great how your little dude is helping out with it.

  • christina larsen - I definitely want to start composting. I just need to have a garden to use it in. :) Someday, I will.

  • Tam - I started composting Kitchen scraps in May. I’m still addicted! I have two “compost boys” who help carry the kitchen compost bucket out back to the big compost bin. The one thing I’ve noticed is I need to keep the brown/green ratio good so the pile continues to “cook”. Weekly, or whenever we empty the kitchen compost bucket, I stir my big pile, so for no major odor. I can’t wait to shovel that black gold on my gardens next year!

  • chantelle - lee valley has great composter, some that roll(big)so you don’t have to turn and others that have charcoal filters so they can sit quietly on your kitchen counter. I can’t stand the fruit flies that come with composting-I have a huge fruit fly phobia (I just really don’t ever want them in my house!)You’ve got to try a bean tipi in your garden next year-we are doing one right now-it is the BEST! I’ll put up a new pic of the tipi in a few days, the beans are to to the top and I have a 2 year old who eats his weight in fresh organic beans every day!!!

  • Ravyn - That sun chips bag is awesome … but did you notice how much it crinkles when you move it? Loudest chip bag ever! :o)

  • mandi - My best friend in jr. high had a couple of hippies for parents. They had the hugest compost pile I had ever seen. What am I saying? It was the only the compost pile I’d ever seen- this was 1989. So I’ve roughly been composting since 1989. My best tip would be to add as much ‘brown’ as ‘green’. ‘Green’ would be considered all of your scraps, the ‘brown’ would be hay or leaves or grass. And keep it aerated. You want to stir that bad boy up as often as you think on it.
    Since we bought chickens, we no longer have a compost pile. They eat it. All of it. But, they are happy to ‘produce’ the real gold for the flower beds, so I can’t really complain.
    : )

  • Sarah - I started composting late in the season last year. I wasn’t able to use anything in the garden yet~ it just wasn’t quite ready this past spring. But it will be this fall and I plan on using my ‘black gold’ to boost the soil for my fall garden and help add nutrients back for next year. I keep one of those plastic coffee cans in my fridge for my scraps. Once the can is full, we dump it in the rubbermaid bins. Lowe’s had a nice compost bin on sale for $49 I’m thinking about getting. You don’t have to hand turn the compost in that bin like i have to now.

  • Jamie - Fun! We don’t have garden, but I think composting is fascinating. I met an expert at the Tulsa Garden Center who just digs a huge hole at the end of her flowerbed to compost in. She covers it with dirt after new “additions” and then scoops out what she wants whenever she needs it. She said you don’t even have to have a container! Someday…

  • Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy - Good for you!

    And, by the way, I love that little man holding the clementine!

  • Devin - It’s funny that you wrote this post today. I just received 1,000 red wiggler worms Wednesday and I’m starting my own worm composting adventure. I have some watermelon rinds in there now which apparently they are supposed to love.

    Best of luck with your composting!

  • Seamingly Sarah - Yes, you can compost lint! And if your compost isn’t decomposing, try adding grass clippings.

  • Ellen - My worm composting experience has always included finding unwanted critters (mice, snakes, etc.) near the worm bin. Any advice from anyone on critter free composting?

  • anne c - I have one of those bags in my pantry right now lol! You can’t open it up if anyone in the house is sleeping…it is soooo LOUD! haha I will have to compost it though! how cool…we recycle just about EVERYTHING in our house, but I have never even thought about composting! have a good weekend!

  • anne c - p.s. is that dryer lint? :)

  • Kelly - We’ve been composting for several years. My husband made a barrel composter that turns. You can buy ones like that but it was much cheaper to make one of course. I have a white ceramic bowl with a lid that sits on the counter and the boys love getting to run out and dump it into the composter and give it a few turns. I love having all the rich good stuff to spread on my garden!

  • maria - Wow, never even thought about this, but now I am-thanks!!

  • mindy t - Hey there, totally unrelated how do you like your white wood floors. I am trying to convince my hubby that i need them in my sewing/craft room and just want to know what you think after having them for a while now.

  • elisa - We started composting this summer too, it’s addictive!

    I just had to post because I am sitting here eating sun chips with my almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich. I was just reading the bag that it can go straight into the compost bin. Amazing!

  • Martina - We compost too although I can’t say I’m really enjoying it as much as you guys are! I’m curious about that Sun Chips bag. I can testify that they sure are LOUD! That bag was crackling so loud we thought we were going to wake the neighbors while we were camping one time.

  • Casey - ooh, please don’t forget the chip bag! I’ve been wanting to see if it really does disappear!

  • tasha roe - i have a big barrel composter that the hubby gave me for christmas a few years ago. yes, i asked for it. 😀 We toss all of our veggie & fruit scraps along with saw dust, shredded brown paper, leaves, straw, tea bags, coffee grounds, etc into it.
    seeing the sun chips bag in there makes me want to go out and buy a bag for that very reason. hum…….. a run to wal-mart might be in order after nap time. 😉

    My sister lives in Canada and they have “green bins” that collects EVERYTHING; diapers, used tissues, dirty paper towels, ALL food scraps, baby wipes, etc It is city mandated but the city also picks it all up and takes it to compost. its crazy how it works. She said that the only thing that earthworms don’t like are citrus peels so I dont put them in my composter. thought i’d pass that along. may just be those ‘canadian’ worms though. lol

  • Valerie - We have been composting for a couple years, but we don’t do a good job of keeping it turned, so the compost isn’t ready as often as it should be.

    At first, I just kept a big bowl on the counter, but that is nasty and the little flies are gross. Now we keep it under the sink in a bucket we bought at Lowes for a couple bucks. Much better! Its amazing how much junk you can keep out of the trash. Wonder what the Sun Chips bag is made of that it composts? Weird.

  • annie - love, love, love composting. I bought a compost container from whole foods when it was on sale earlier this spring and I am borderline obsessed with filling it up. I love when I toss it around and then at the bottom I see what all that decomposing is for! my garden is going to LOVE it next year. Between recycling and composting – our garbage is nearly nil. Enjoy – I think it’s super easy and a great way to fertilize your garden next go round!

  • Jodi - Yay for composting! We love it!

    My best tip…turn, turn, turn!

    Good luck!

  • ashley gee - loudest bag ever!

  • Jane - I don’t have a big garden to use the compost for, but I’m a huge composting fan. I’m one of those Canadian’s with a composting program through our town. It’s great. The town gives access to free compost for residents who would like some as a reward for composting regularly. I keep a bin in the kitchen and then have a larger “green” bin to put out every week for collection. The city of Toronto does collect disposable diapers which, quite frankly, I don’t understand. Supposedly they get separated into various components, but I’m not sure how that actually happens. Disposable diapers aren’t allowed in my area (we’re in a suburb of Toronto), which isn’t a big deal for us since we use cloth diapers anyway. Lots of things are compostable – all food types including meats, paper containers, toilet paper rolls, dryer liint etc. Even non-waxed coffee cups! We have very little actual garbage and it’s only collected every other week in order to encourage people to recycle and compost. I have to admit that I’m always struck by the lack of recycling and composting programs whenever I visit the U.S. compared to what I’m used to here in Canada. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

  • peta - my almost 7 year old has already asked for a compost bin for christmas!

  • Desiree - That’s a great action shot of your son dumping the bucket contents!

  • emmylou - I had no idea you can use a big tupperware bin for composting. I have been wanting to compost for ages. Digging a big hole sounds interesting too. I wanted to let you know that I linked to your bleached shirts post here:
    Thanks for the idea, my boys had a lot of fun with it!

  • meg duerksen - someday….i think i will get to have a vegetable garden and all that….with compost and wear overalls and hats. :) growing giant sunflowers too.


    and those chips are SO LOUD. much more annoying than other chips. but they taste goooood.

  • Rena Frey - I’m so excited to start composting! When I bought a bag of Sun Chips at the store, the checker said, “Well, that’s one bag of chips you can’t sneak into bed!” Ha!

  • Lydia - I love composting! I’m not sure what kind of diapers you are using, but you should check out gDiapers ( if you haven’t already. They have a system where you can use a cloth insert or, get this, an insert that you can compost (if it’s only wet, not poopy). The same insert can also be flushed or just thrown away. I just thought you would like to know. Happy composting!

  • Faith - We started a small compost pile this summer too. Just kitchen scraps and such. It’s fun! And what is the story behind that little man holding the clementine? Hilarious.

    PS – I told my mom about the blended squash bugs and she said she had just heard that on a radio talk show the morning before. I have a baby pumpkin. My protective mother instincts may very well lead to a squash bug guts sprinkling party. Think ohdeedoh or someone would pick that up if I made it look cute? Banners and such? 😉

  • Tammy B- - I think baby niece favors biggest brother, especially in the “Mommy, she is so funny” picture.

  • Julie Jones - Now that I’m at home again I need to compost again. When we lived in Edmond I composted and was an avid recycler. Edmond has curbside recycling and you don’t have to sort it! Now that I’m back in Broken Arrow it has been hard to get into the recycling cycle.

  • lifeologia - The sun chips are awesome – I remember seeing a commercial for that somewhere – hopefully many will follow…

    I also just started composting this spring – the way I do it however is very different.
    I found a vacant piece of soil in the back of my garden and I bury my compost material there – I give it a stir once a while and it’s great – and INVISIBLE 😉

  • alamama - Question for you composters…doesn’t the glue from the toilet paper rolls, chemiclas from the lent and various items that were mentioned get into the compost? I would think it’s not good for your food.

  • amanda - I have always wanted to start composting and this post has helped my desire to do so! Now I just need to do it and stop thinking about it!

  • Sarah - Here is a link that might be helpful:

    there is a lot of info, some is just TMI but you’d be surprised at what all you can compost!

  • alamama - A question for you Ashley, what are you guys using for a composting bin? If I can make it easy and cheap, maybe my hubby will let us to one.

  • Angela - I gotta know what the fuzzy stuff is too!
    We started composting about two years ago. We have an outdoor composting bin that we bought at SAMS, and we also have a tub with red worms in the laundry room. My son LOVES feeding them. It might be something your kids would be into as well. What boy doesn’t love dirt and bugs?

  • Jolie - Yay for composting – I miss it!!! (but not for much longer…new vegie patches being built and compost bin within the month! hooray!!!) Have you tried worms – I’m planning on adding them to my compost this year, have heard great things about how they speed up the whole composting process, plus there’s that slimy worm factor which the kids and I enjoy…have a feeling you and yours would too!

  • Darcie - We have a large coffee can in the freezer that we put our compost in for the time-being, until it gets full and we can take it out to the big pile outside. That way, we don’t have to go outside every 2 hours, it doesn’t sit in a bucket on the counter or in the cabinet and stink up the kitchen, and it stays in a manageable size. You just have to let it sit out to thaw for a little bit so it will melt enough to slip out of the can onto your pile.

    Only thing is, I haven’t ever used my compost for anything… yet! It’s great cause I’m saving stuff from being thrown away in the regular trash, but I need to start using it in my garden!

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my niece. It has been 4 days since I last saw her (granted I have been out of town for 3 days). I miss her. I have some pictures of her and her daddy that are a little different than what I normally do. I am working on a post for them next week, maybe Monday….

I’m still working on details in the playroom. One thing I wanted to include was a spot to display pictures and artwork by the kids. Several years ago I bought a gold mirror from Garden Ridge and painted it black for our living room. It hasn’t been used in a long time so I decided to take the mirror out and give the frame a new life.

After removing the mirror, I painted the frame a bright yellow. Then I stapled chicken wire to the back side of the frame. When I bought the chicken wire from Atwoods the man working that department asked if I needed any pointers for my chicken coop. I told him I was making a frame for artwork. He shook his head and walked away.

To hold pictures to the chicken wire I hot glued small clothes pins to the back of some of my Charlie Harper memory cards. I let the boys pick out their favorite cards to use.

Super easy, super affordable and I think it is pretty practical and cute!

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  • Tammy Kay - this is such a neat idea. I love the yellow!

  • Tammy Kay - p.s. I made the cateye glasses onesie last night. Super cute. I might post it to my blog today. :) Thanks for the idea!

  • colleen - I have several of those heart people, all made with love by my kiddos… So precious. Great idea, i have a frame sitting with in my vision that needs a make-over! Thank Ashley Ann for regularly getting my creative juices going!

  • Jodi - that creative brain of yours is ridiculous! I LOVE this. You never cease to amaze! Can’t wait to see the playroom!

  • Kristin - I Love, Love, Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • MGF - How do you ever sleep? All these ideas rollin around up there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Rebecca - I was trying to think of ways to have my kids artwork displayed. (The fridge is getting a little too crowded). This idea is much better and much larger than what I was dreaming up. Thank you for sharing. Love this creation.

  • summer - so cute! and I love that bright pop of yellow…why is it that men at hardware stores don’t understand our creative insanity like the men in our lives? 😉

  • Sarah - ok~ have you been reading my mind??? I’m doing this EXACT same thing in my soon to be play room! so, does this mean i’m as talented as you? :) i could only wish…

  • christina larsen - Very Cute!

  • Kirsten - Love it! Very cute, and so easy.

    And P.S. I love, love, LOVE the pic of Firecracker (at least, I think it’s her) at the ping pong table!!

  • jenny - I love it! Ok, it is official, your blog is my favorite ever! I have loved every project that you have posted. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • The Lady of the House - Wowza! Super fun memory frame! Lovin’ it deary!

  • tasha roe - you are a genius!
    everything you do is so super-fantastic!!
    gah!! i need to go find a frame or two now at my local thrifting faves.

  • Sophie - I need to do this now! I have an empty wall space just crying out for it! I may have to even make it yellow; my favorite color (:

  • maria - Ashley, you are the queen of thinking outside the box!!Love how it came out and so unexpected!!! Quick question, I was wondering if you could include tips in a post on how to capture interior room images with a dslr camera. I get the wide angle lens thing, but also wondering about settings. The ones you’ve done of your home are spectacular!! thanks

  • Lisa Johnson - I love this!!

  • shelly@familyblt - SUCH a cah-ute idea! Great yellow–and the pics you put on it are so fun :)

  • Kara P - Looks fabulous!!!!!!

  • Dana F - Fantastic Idea! I was thinking of something similar for my jewelery but as I like chunky necklaces, the screen normally used wouldn’t bear their weight. The Chicken Wire is GENIUS! (they yellow rocks too – thank you for the idea!

  • Moriah - I can’t tell you how much I am inspired by your DIY projects and blog in general. I love love love them! I work full time with two small children, but on the weekends I love to try out some of your ideas. Thank you for the morning inspirations (which area always accompanied by a cup of coffee). :-)

  • patti - what a great idea and so beautifully executed!

  • arlene - I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago and have been reading everyday including skimming through the archives. I LOVE your blog! I know you’ve got four kids, but, I think you need a book deal filled with DIYs and photography tips. On the upcoming arrival of my first baby, I’ve invested in a dslr and if I can manage it, I can’t wait to attend the online snap shop you have planned next year.

  • Gevay - I love Charlie Harper. We have some alphabet cards of his given to my boys by my cousin. I am looking forward to getting a calender with his artwork for next year! I can’t wait to see your kid’s playroom!

  • Lori Danelle - Funny. I have one of these planned! Just haven’t had time. (oh, time. . .how I miss thee.)

  • the inadvertent farmer - I did this to the front of a cabinet once and love it…thanks for the reminder we have long since moved from that house and I need to do another!

    LOVE that yellow color it is soooo happy! Kim

  • Ranee - Love this! What a great way to re-purpose an old frame!

  • Janica - MMmmm….I’m LOVING that yellow!

  • Shannon - LOVE this! Much better than the clothespin and ribbon set up I have going. Adding a huge pretty frame to my list of things to find!

  • Lori - Oh i love this and the yellow paint – so fun!

  • Anna Joy - How doyou think of these things, genius woman?! I can’t wait to see this play room!!!

  • meg duerksen - LOVE it. :)

    i have so many things to paint and make! i feel like a crazy lady.

  • Heather - holy cow! that is so cute! what a great use of those amazing cards. we have the game too and have only seen half the cards because it came with so many and you really just play with so few.

    love it. definitely going to do!

  • Bron @ Baby Space - You are craftily amazing! Loving your blog.

  • Brooke - Great idea! It’s so cute! I just spied a family picture that you put up, and sweet little Firecracker looks so little!! When I See the picture on your header pop up with baby sister with the cat eye glasses, I can’t help but think that she looks so different! She is so grown up, it’s borderline sad! Wow, sort of pathetic that an unknown friend can feel sad that your child is growing so fast :) Love this idea though.

  • Stephanie - Love this idea!

  • robyn - love it! my next stop after checking out your blog was etsy and PB to find some sort of “thing” to put in my son’s room for him to hang up stuff. art work, pictures, and the post cards daddy sends from work in NYC that he adores to look at daily.
    this is PERFECT!
    im going to do it… i think!

  • Desiree - I REALLY like it!!! I’ll have steal the idea some day. Looking forward to the pictures of you niece and bro-in-law!

  • Faith - I already have a chicken wire frame, but I’m TOTALLY stealing the clothespins idea. CUTE!

  • Jane - What a great idea! Looks fabulous!

  • Kelly - Greatness! I once went to ace hardware to buy lumber. The gentleman working asked me what I was building. I explained that I was not building anything and long story short, after he didn’t “get” that he refused do sell me the wood because he said that I couldn’t transport it in my small car! Little did he know that I have carted an antique iron double bed in my little sedan so I just went to Home Depot. :) Kelly

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  • Kristen - Love how you revamped this frame into something completely different! Great idea! And that glossy yellow color is so fun.

  • lifeologia - This project is SO ASHLEY 😉
    Great idea as usual.

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  • emily anderson - this (of course) turned out super cute.


  • jaimelee - oh thank you so much for posting this. I have this akward spot in my kitchen that needs this so bad. I hang a calendar there but it is so just not right,I need a beter way to display it this will go perfectly especially since i have a rooster here and there in it!

  • Shannon - Well now I know what I’m doing with that old frame I have laying around! SO cute!

  • project — We Met in a Bar - […] am totally doing this for the nursery. I already have the frame, […]

  • Rachel - I love that yellow. Wow! Thanks so much for the project Ashley! I’ll be linking.

  • Jamie - very pretty :) come on over and link up to MMM so I can feature you next week !!!

  • Melinda - Oh my goodness! I just found your blog today and your work made me so happy my heart was fluttery! I might even cry! What a wonderful WONDERFUL place and so many creative and inspiring ideas! I can’t wait to get some chicken wire!! (Among other things!)

  • Kristen - I copied this idea, but instead of using it for snapshots, etc. I hung it in my little girls room as a place to store her ever growing collection of hair clips! LOVE IT!

  • 5 on friday. - […] eventually one for the each of the kids would be fun to put up their own treasures. Here’s the link to do it […]

  • karen - cute…i did this same thing about 10yrs ago with a barn wood frame and chicken wire to display some black and white rustic cowboy pics of my sweet little boys (6yrs and 4yrs old at the time.) now my little sweeties are 16 and 14!!!

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  • Kirstie - I love this! I have some old windows that I bought at a thrift store because they were so cool and had yet to do anything with them until I saw this post! I took out all the glass, repainted the frame and added coil wire strands along the backside to hang up photographs and random things; they look so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration, your site is amazing! It’s a new favorite of mine!

  • carla - I made this with a large old window frame and it came out awesome, super easy. Every January I take everything down and go through it, saving those special mementos and gleefully throwing away the rest, knowing that I gave it its due and enjoyed it while I had it!

  • Melody - That’s too fun! I love it.

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  • Laura - Wow, I really love it! I’ll try to build one by myself, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to do so… I found another inspiration for the clips on a website called “Just little things”. I’ll post some photos on my blog if I’ll ever finish that project…
    Greetings from Germany

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  • Katie - Do you have any ideas for the extra picture frame glass? I just made three of these and hate to just throw the glass away! Thank you!!

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  • Alysa - Love your blog. I sort of stumble upon you and fell in love. God bless your big beautiful family. Thanks for blessing me with some good ideas too. Alysa

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  • Art Framer NYC - Wow it’s insanely beautiful framing idea .. <3 it

  • sarahbarah1 - this was helpful. I made one myself, however I really love the detailed frame and bold yellow used here! Im on a mission to collect more frames for a variety of outcomes
    Thanks for sharing

    Here is mine I made as decoration / gift for a bridal shower

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  • Renee - Working on a similar project right now- were there any issues with the chicken wire scratching up the wall? Was there enough clearance to use the clothespins without scuffing the wall?