Update: sorry for the delay in getting this post live! I was stuck on a 14 hour flight and couldn’t fix the publishing issue!!


It is day 2 of giveaways in honor of Mother’s Day! Be sure to enter the Mpix giveaway from yesterday. Today I am partnering with the cutest shop for little ones – My Fair Ellie. It makes me wish my girls would still wear cute clips and headbands…I mean that donut one! Are you kidding me?!


My Fair Ellie is a shop full of adorable little accessories for all the girls in your life. Each bow is handmade by a midwest mom hustlin’ during those moments of peace and quiet!

Find My Fair Ellie here: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


The SnapShop subscription site includes two core course: SnapShop DSLR and SnapShop Phone and new lessons added monthly. As a subscriber you have access to all the content any time you want for as long as you keep your membership. Registration includes access to all SnapShop content (used by over 3000 students since 2009), including: 

  • SnapShop DSLR Course (a $200 value)
  • SnapShop Phone Course (a $50 value)
  • Interviews & tips with leading photographers & bloggers
  • Course discussions
  • Additional lessons posted monthly by Ashley Ann and guests!

To see a listing of all the lessons and courses included and a FAQ page answering common questions visit the SnapShop website.

For more on SnapShops: Website | Instagram, use the code UTS for $10 off your registration.


The Details:

Prize: 1 year SnapShop membership +  $25 My Fair Ellie credit

1 winner, chosen at random


To enter: leave a comment here telling me your favorite My Fair Ellie product

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  • Jessica S. - I love the sweet and simple bow-shaped bows. 🙂

  • Callie - Oh my goodness! These are adorable! I have three boys but book marking this for all future purchases for all the little girls I get to celebrate and love on.

  • Kaydee - Oh my goodness! All of her hair bows and clips are adorable! I can’t even choose a favorite. I think the worry doll bows are my favorite though.

  • Leighanna - Love all of the felt flowers!!

  • Melissa - Yep – that donut one is super cute!

  • Emma - I love all the sweet little flowers!

  • Amber willis - So many cute things. Love the pineapple top knot and the flamingo set. ?

  • elissa - Oh my gosh! The felt deer ears Woodland Felt Headband is adorable!! So cute!

  • Denise - Star Wars, for sure.

  • Leah Newman - I love them all but the Princess Leia bow set and Wonder Woman are pretty amazing.

  • Lauren - The Star Wars ones! How cute!

  • Michelle Donker - I’ve never used their products but they are all cute!

  • Kati R - All of the flowers, so sweet

  • Susan R. - Felt flower nylon headband. So cute! Hope you had a great start to your trip!

  • Kasey White - If I had a girl, I would love all of the cute bows! But, I think the donut one is so adorable! If I won, I would give some sweet girlfriends’ daughters some precious bows!

  • Jessica - my daughter would LOVE the disney princess hair bows! so cute!

  • Mandy Youngbloood - I love this shop! I am constantly buying bows from My Fair Ellie! My favorite bows are the Taco and Avocado Bows Set! My daughter wears them on Tuesdays in honor of Taco Tuesdays! ?

  • Britty - So far my favorite My Fair Ellie product is the flower headbands but I am currently placing a custom order that I’m totally freaking out over!!!!!

  • Emilee - How cute is the Chloe bow? I have an 11 month old who would rock it!

  • Ingrid S - That taco bow has to win hands down! So adorable and hilarious at the same time 🙂 How creative!!

  • Jessica - Oh, I love all of the pretty flowers.

  • Kelly - Haha – definitely the donut!

  • HIlary Martin - The Princess Leia clip has my whole heart!

  • Anna Marie - My goodness…cookies and milk!

  • Michelle Lafayette - The taco headband is too cute!

  • Lisa K - The Jellyfish are adorable!!!!!

  • Cara Jones - My favorites are my custom mermaid/felt flower bow and scale faux leather bow. Can’t wait for my little to wear it for her second birthday!

  • Emily Adams - Oh my word!!! Just “favorited” this shop! What sweet bows! My favorite is the rifle paper company fabric bows! ?

  • patty - The Princess Leia/Star Wars set is EVERYTHING!

  • Nichole - Love the Star Wars clip!

  • Rachel - The thin headbands with little flowers!

  • Nikki M - There are so many cute bows! I especially love the flower headbands!

  • Debra Caine - Love the adorable clips!

  • Michelle - That donut headband! I die!

  • Mrs. T - The FroYo bows are adorable. And the cookies and milk ones are so cute. Lots of imaginative ideas here!

  • Rebeccag - I love the felt flower headband! And the cute flamingo ones!!

  • Stephanie clements - So many cute items but my favorite are the super hero hair bows!

  • Jennie Whitaker - The taco and avocado clips!! Two of my favorite things!

  • Tera - Hmmmm the tiny bows and the mermaid one tie in my book!

  • Ashley H. - Those donut bows are awesome!!

  • Sara Torbett - Thanks for another fun giveaway! 🙂 These bows are simply adorable but I must say my favorite are the princess ones. I have two princesses of my own at home that would squeal in delight over these!

  • Alayna - I love the simple bow tied ones! So cute everything!

  • Kathy Wilson - The fruit hair clips are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  • Kelsee - I can’t decide what our favorite is! We LOVE our donuts but I ca hardly wait for our Bomb pop piggies to come! I’m sure they will be our favorite!

  • Kelly - I LOVE the felt flower headbands!

  • Rosie - Omg, is that an avocado bow?? Too cute. But I really love the flower headbands.

  • Cara Porter - I love the big flower headbands! My niece would look amazing rocking one of those.

  • Laura - That donut clip for my donut loving little gal is awesome

  • Angela S - Such cuteness! It’s a toss up between the dear ears and the Wonder Woman bow! 🙂

  • Sue - The woodland felt headband! Deer ears!!!

  • sam - The Star Wars ones are so adorable!

  • Natalie - I think my daughter would love the donut headband!

  • Susie - Very cute! I like the flower ones! It feels funny to be commenting on give aways, I should comment on your every day posts so blogging doesn’t feel so onesided!

  • Maria - The minions keychain – I can foresee several other people in this family trying to put their dibs on that 😉

  • Alicia K Johnson - I love the simple, classy bows. Not too big. Subtle and sweet. 🙂

  • Marcia - I love the flat felt bows. I’m a sucker for felt hair accessories!

  • Allison - Oh my goodness all of their stuff is so cute! I think I’d have to choose the donut headband for my 18mo sweet tooth!

  • Amy - The felt flowers are adorable!

  • Amy - The felt flower headbands are adorable!

  • Sarah Barnett - We have so many My Fair Ellie bows between my two girls but I think we love the Gracie the best!

  • Kristina Dockendorf - Gotta go with the donut trio! Adorable.

  • Bre - Star Wars headbands!

  • Shelby Stanton - I love her hair bows!!

  • Kelley Sawyer - First of all- that is one talented mama! My favorites… the donut, the watermelon, the pink gingham, And the Chloe.

  • Tina M - Those Star Wars ones are SO cute…as well as the cute flowers!!!

  • bethanyblntn - I don’t have any girls (that we know of… I’m 20 weeks expecting, no ultrasound) but am a children’s photographer so… i could go for ANY of them lol. but my favorite is the felt flowers by far. I have made some felt flower headbands and they take some real time and skills! these are top notch.

  • Melissa - I think the donut is my favorite but would love it as a clip! Such cute stuff!

  • Rhonda M. - Haven’t tried them, but they are adorable!

  • Rhonda - Haven’t tried them, but they are just adorable!

  • Stephanie - How could one ever choose? They are all so darling!!!! If pressed, that milk and cookies duo is adorable!

  • Carrie Vaughn - Those Star Wars hair clips are so cute!! I also love the fruit 🙂

  • Sarah S - How can you just pick one? Love anything Disney or Star Wars. Leather bows are adorable! And I love the respiratory therapy badge reel since my husband is an RT!

  • Aubrey - My girls would love the princess ones!

  • Sharla - I love the sparkly red/white/blue bows for July 4th!

  • ellie - so many cute hair clips & headbands! the superhero headbands are my fave!

  • Lindsey B. - Gah, I love them all!!! but a fave would definitely be the taco headband!!! ?????

  • Rita L. - I’m just finishing up nursing school so that scrub top badge holder is speaking to me. But then they’re those tacos and avocados….. thanks for the giveaway! Have a wonderful time in China!

  • Karla - Choosing one is impossible. They are so cute. I love the organic birch fabric one, batman one, the black and white, and the plaid one. That’s just off the first page. If I had need for a badge clip, the Mario and Lugi one would definitely be on ,your list too. Super cute!

  • Alyssa Nelson - I love the sets of three headbands one flower, one bow and one top knot.

  • Page Russell - I love the adorable bow headbands! I’m having a baby in August and those would be so cute?

  • Page Russell - I love the prints turned into wall art!?

  • Charline - Oh, I didn’t know MyFairEllie shop, it’s so cute !
    I love the avocado bow 😉

    Thanks for this giveaway ^^


  • TENN - Dr. Seuss bows

  • Claire - I cannot decide between the Star Wars and the taco headband. Too cute! I would love to learn from you on how to take such gorgeous photos that capture my kids’ personalities! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • Angela Muyres - They are all so cute, but especially Princess Leia!

  • Tegan - The little avocado is the sweetest!

  • Heather - Umm, I could just eat that little donut right up! Hope the flight went well.

  • Emily - They are all sooooo cute! My daughter would love the Star Wars clips!!

  • Felicia - Those hair clips are adorable. I’m purchasing hoping my girl will wear them (fingers crossed). I love cookies and milk and the taco.

  • veronica hoenecke - All the fabric bows are adorable!!!!

  • Judy Kay Kyker - I have a new little niece who would be even more irresistible in one of those sweet hair bows!

  • Jessica - I love the milk and cookies bows.

  • Marisa Maloney - I love all the cute headbands. We have a little one due in June that it would be perfect for!

  • Katie Terpstra - The fabric bows…in lumberjack plaid.

  • CHRIS - Love to see my sweet grand baby girls with these cute headbands!

  • Crystal Moser - I love the headbands, but since my daughter rips them out, I’d choose a close second in the felt bow clips!

  • Catherine Bartlett - I absolutely loved the Star Wars head bands! Perfect for my girls!

  • Christin - The watermelon top knot is just too cute!

  • Tamara Todhunter - The Penny dainty box hair clips are adorable! Even at 7 my daughters hair is so wispy it always needs little clips in front to keep it out of her face!

  • Lauryn - The headbands and badge reels…love them!

  • Jenny - My 6 year old LOVES accessories AND donuts. She would flip 🙂

  • Jenn - I love the atlas necklace and the leela bracelet

  • Jenn - Oops wrong post
    The donut headband is AWESOME

  • Cami - How cute! I like the one with 3 flowers or the Disney princess one. That could be cute to wear on her first Disney world trip!

  • jen - I have to say the Star Wars head bands are my favorite!!

  • Haley - LOOOOOVE the donut bow… my girls would be obsessed. Also, loving the worry doll bows

  • Justine - LOVE the sweet and simple leather knot headbands. So adorable!

  • Sonja - Really, a favorite? Impossible. Disney Princess Badges/Clips or Donut Set, Super Hero Set……

  • Sheryl - Love the felt flower headbands! So precious!

  • Elaine - The donut one is pretty awesome!

  • Sara Renick - Those sweet flower headbands!

  • Molly - I am in love with the princess headbands. Not too flashy like store bought Disney products, but my daughter would recognize them and love them, and maybe leave them in her hair for once.

  • AmandaK - I have a 3 year old, and the event that I usually buy hairbows didnt’ occur this year! Those are So Cute, the Taco and Avacado? The cupcakes! The princesses? Love all. Shopping now, hoping for a credit also!

  • katherine - love the flamingo bow and headband 🙂

  • Amanda - Everything is so cute! I know my daughter would love the princess bow headbands

  • Heidi - What an adorable shop! I love everything, especially the big black & white bow headband. Cu-ute!

  • Diane H - I like the flowers and bow headbands. I must be a traditional person. The little animals are cute too!

  • Sarah C - I adore the petite leather bow headbands

  • Shana - The Chloe bows had me oohing and ahhing.??

  • Sarah M - Oh my goodness, the little donut headband! 🙂

  • Peg Powell - I think my comment disappeared before I sent it.

    Some people are so creative.

  • TLL - Disney princesses!

  • Heather - So much cuteness!! The Star Wars bows are so amazing (especially for May 4th), but I know my daughter would choose the TMNT hair clips. Haha!

  • Laura - My girl would probably love wearing the Star Wars clips because her brothers are soooo into it right now and she likes what they like.

  • Jenny - Those headbands with the flowers are adorable!

  • Mia White - Nerd alert: I’m covering those darling Star Wars, Mario & Luigi, superhero, or Harry Potter clips! Soooo darling! (Or the Starbucks…)

  • Nicole S - Loving the poppy headband! Poppies signify my little ones birthday.

  • Kayleen - The Gracie bows! So adorable!!

  • Molly Goforth - The tacos! Hands down! The best! Avocado would be next in line!!

  • Bonnie - I like the black and white fabric bows, so cute! We’re past the headband phase but I love cute clips! The badge reels are a fun idea.

  • Lise - Love the big pink flower on the tiny baby! My babies never let me do that but oh so sweet….

  • Carrie - Love the Fourth of July goodies! So cute and festive! Thanks for another great giveaway

  • windie d - OMGOSH!!! Everything is so cute! The Woodland Felt Headband with the little deer ears really makes me hope I am having a girl! (I will find out next month) Especially because the bedding I am considering has deer on it as well. Perfect for a newborn photoshoot!

  • Jill Stansell - The super hero bows are just too cute!

  • Jennifer - My niece would go bonkers over all the princess hair accessories! 🙂

  • Karyn - If you had owl clips, my daughter would go crazy over them!!! I love the clips, as they aren’t big and overpowering. Love the bright colors too.

  • Amy T-Y - The princess headbands would be PERFECT for our fall Disney World trip! My girls would love them!

  • Courtney Kelley - I can’t get over that cute little avocado! And the taco.

  • Meryl Carver-Allmond - I love that top knot bow, but something tells me my daughter would prefer the Disney princesses.

  • ellen patton - I love those headbands with the thin bows. They’re so cute!!

  • Angela Swenson - My poor baby girl needs some new bows. She is the 4th girl and boy oh boy do we need a refresh. Those taco ones are too cute but I think the simple bows are my favorite.

  • April R - I love the donut and avocado headband!!! Soooo cute!

  • Dani M. - Those cookies and milk bows: too cute!

  • Ashley S - I love the floral headbands!

  • Karen Mathewson - I love the floral headbands. Would look so sweet on my own little Ashley.

  • Mollie McGuire - Definitely the donut! So cute 🙂

  • Emily - The hair products are so cool! My girls would love the simple bows in ALLTHECOLORS 🙂

  • Elizabeth Kelly - I LOVE the stained glass, feather suncatchers- so pretty!

  • Sarah Williams - I have 1 girl whose life would be complete with that ADORABLE Wonder Woman bow!!

  • Rachel - Headbands with the felt flowers… so cute!

  • Kayla Fik - Love the Aldi quarter keychain! I’m always losing mine or hubby takes it out of the car….

  • Laura S - I just love all the felted bows! Adorable!

  • Kaitlyn E - STAR WARS!!!

  • Krista Erçin-Maurer - I love those simple Gracie bows.

  • Elizabeth H - I love the gold & silver bows but my FAVORITE would be the green felt clip w/ pom! it’s BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Juice - I’m a sucker for a bow on a little girl – any of them!!!

  • Elizabeth H - I love the gold & silver glitter bows but my favorite would have to be the green felt w/ pom! LOVE IT!

  • Sarah Marie Gibbs - Love the Penny. Especially for all of my newborn clients!

  • Heather Lilyquist - Adorable! The donut barrettes are too much …can hardly stand the cuteness!

  • alice h - Love that pink and gold headwrap/bow set with the ballerina!

  • Sarah - The Captain America headband is awesome!

  • Cherie K - Love the Dr. Suess bows. So cute!

  • Kerri E - Love all the little flowers!

  • Jess - I’ve never ordered from My Fair Ellie, but the headbands look adorable!

  • Sarah Dyess - The felt bow hair clips! And any of the hair clips, really!

  • Hannah - The penny bow! I wish my girl would still wear headbands.

  • Rhiannon - The dainty suede bow headbands!

  • Tiffany - I love that orange flower (with the deer and camo print on the same card) and the “classic” bows in various colors. I also love your SnapShop courses!

  • Haley Warden - Just LOVE the milk & cookie headbands!

  • Erin - Peas in a pod! So cute.

  • miryam - those rainbow bows are just perfect! thanks for the wonderful giveaway! hope you got to china safely.

  • Danyelle Hutton - The star wars badges are super cute!

  • Alissa - Princess Bows

  • Candy - I have a niece that needs some felt flowers!

  • Annemieke Hytinen - The felt clippies are TDF!!

  • Tamara K Henderson - So, I went to My Fair Ellie’s Etsy shop and there are SO many cute things!! I think my favorite is the pink rose headband with the gold sparkly leaves. I love sparkles!!

  • Cynthia - These are adorable! The Superhero bows are my faves! 🙂


  • Natalie A. - These are so cute! The bowtie headbands in all those colors are slaying me!

  • Donzel - My favorite? Well, it might be the Taco Tuesday set or perhaps little bows…those are just perfect.

  • Melissa S. - The patriotic headband for sure!

  • Arlene - Praying for you and the fam in China! And my fave My Fair Ellie products are the bows in a rainbow of colors.

  • Amanda - Ooh! I love the simple little leather bows!

  • Jenny H - I love the little flowers!

  • Michele R - I love those little leather bows!

  • Elizabeth R. - The red poppy headband is definitely my favorite!

  • Challin Cox - Those jellyfish badges are so flippin’ cute! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Tina - I love the star wars hairclips! I have a niece who needs them 😉

  • Hanna - I love the red poppy headband! So cute!

  • Katherine Carnahan - So many cute items! I love the deep blue felt flower clips and head bands.

  • Dawn Ritchie - Those clips and headbands are so cute! I have two girls who would love the bows or Star Wars or the donuts! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Elise Gilmore - I love the taco and avacado!

  • Cindy B - The flower headbands are adorable -babies in my family tend to be bald, so a perfect way to avoid those awkward conversations!

  • Mandy Jones - How can I possibly choose a favorite!?!?!?! I want them all for the littles in my life and for myself. 🙂

  • Lisa - The milk and cookies – adorable!

  • kate - Love the felt bows!

  • Erin J. - The little fruit pins/hair clips. So fun.

  • Dana Foster - Oh, that donut…and those princesses… the the Star Wars! Too hard to pick a favorite. Too cute!

  • Kerith H. - Those badge reels are fantastic! I love the starbucks ones!

  • Carly - I love the plain felt baby bows!

  • Ranee - The Gracie Bow/Headband is just too cute…I am having a girl in September and think I just may need to order a few! 🙂

  • Jane Bills - I love the felt flower headbands…so cute.

  • Kara Rogers - I love all of the patriotic headbands! They will be perfect for this summer and any US games.

  • Katie - I love the felt flower headbands and so would my daughter!

  • Kerri - Love the pineapple top knot!!

  • Madison Curley - that donut headband, so cute!

  • Karla H - Anything and Everything!

  • Lauren - Love the Star Wars as well as the superhero clips/bands! Never enough superhero accessories for girls!

  • Shelby P - These bows are too stinking cute! But then I saw the Aldi’s quarter holder.. that is brilliant.

  • Kristi Rediske - I love the hairbands with the characters on them.

  • Deanna Martin - Love the little bows!

  • Beth Ann - My kiddos are too old for these sweet hair bows, but my cousin is expecting a girl in August and I would use the credit to purchase some headbands and bows for her.

    Thank you!

  • Jill - I love the star wars hair accessories!

  • lynne RILEY - i love the taco set so much

  • Caitlin E - Star Wars! All the way!

  • Meghan - The donut headband is everything. So cute!

  • sarah - The aldis quarter key chain!! Soo need one less thing to carry when grocery shopping with the kids!

  • Kaitlyn - LOVE the Star Wars headbands!

  • Diana - I LOVE those Star Wars bows (so appropriate today!). Wish I had a girl!

  • Nicole - I like the Gracie bow best – simple, and so pretty!

    (Thank you for hosting these giveaways – so generous! I hope your family’s transition to China is going so smoothly. Can’t wait to read what amazing things God does while you’re there!)

  • Beth - I love all the felt flowers…so hard to choose!

  • Amelia wright - The Faux Leather baby bows are super cute!

  • Kelli o - My baby girl has outgrown all her bows! I love the felt flowers and leather bows. Thanks for the chance!

  • Romina MacGibbon - The Paw Patrol hair pins! My daughter would love those!

  • Hilary M - Those StarWars clips would be well loved and worn on the daily by my girl!

  • Paige - Soooo many gorgeous products! Thanks for sharing! I love the organic baby bow.

  • Kelsey - I love the simple suede bow headbands!

  • Gina - I love the taco headband!

  • Kelly M - Oh, I just love those hair bows!!!

  • Colleen - Seriously, the star wars clips are too perfect!

  • Kristen Martin - My daughter is not a girly-girl, but she would DIE over that doughnut one! Adorable!

  • Susan Ritter - Adorable head bands!

  • lucy - I love those milk and cookies hair clips!

  • Michelle - The Aldi key ring – genius! 🙂

  • Southern Gal - The felt flower nylon headband is my favorite. I can see my granddaughters wearing them.

  • Elizabeth C - The cute little taco!

  • alissa - My favorite is the ‘chloe’ bow. 🙂 Precious!

  • Suzanne M - I like the St. Patrick’s Day clover designs – so cute!

  • Vickie - I love the headbands with the little felt flower clusters!! They are all adorable though and I would love any of them. I would so love to win the snapshot classes! Have a great trip!

  • Sarah - My little girl would flip over those Star Wars bow’s! Adorable!!!!

  • Bethany - Um, my girls NEED an avocado headband;) Everything is so darling!

  • Suz12 - There are so many to choose from. Love the food ones – especially the smore’s one!

  • Kathy E. - Felt Flower Nylon Headband – Pink Roses Flower Headband – Dainty FlowerHeadband – Pink Flower Headband is a favorite from this shop! duchick at gmail dot com

  • Kim L. - The princess headbands

  • Ruth W - We’re expecting a daughter, so I’m excited for cute hair accessories! I also have a thing for rabbits, so my favorite bows are the Easter Bunny Felt Bow with Pom Pom (https://www.etsy.com/listing/499636748/easter-bunny-bow-felt-bow-with-pom-pom?ref=shop_home_active_50)

  • Mary - I have three incredibly awesome daughters who would enjoy all of these accessories!

  • Heike Wilson - I love the taco and avocado hair clips!

  • Angie lockhart - Donut headband!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie E - It is all adorable! Love the floral headband.

  • Alison R. - The ballerina bow set…so cute!

  • liz rose - love them all! I have triplet girls so the possibilities are endless!

  • Lisa - The dark green bow headband!

  • Jodi L - The Dainty felt flower bow is the sweetest thing ever!

  • Tricia Smith - I have 3 girls, so I love ALL the girly things!!

  • Jennifer - I love the penny bow clip. It is so sweet and simple. I’m expecting my first baby girl in September- can’t wait!

  • Marina - Ice cream badge reel!

  • Kaylan McCord - Felt flower barrett set and the bows. So cute!

  • Michelle Sherrod - My gosh, that shop is so cute! I don’t think I can pick a favorite, but I love so many of the felt flower combos and the patriotic bow makes me giddy for the 4th of July. Thanks for the giveaway Ashley!

  • Carola - I love the felt flower in mustard. So cute!

  • Emily - Love the flower headbands! Love how a simple accessorize makes those sweet girls outfits come together 🙂

  • Laura C - The watermelon bow is too cute!

In honor of Mother’s Day – I’m kicking off a week of giveaways. Each day you can enter to win a 1 year SnapShop membership and an incredible prize from a partnering company.

I’m excited to begin this week partnering with one of my very favorite companies – Mpix.com!

I’ve ordered all my prints and photo products from Mpix for nearly 10 years – basically since I started my photography business. Here is a little flashback for you…that time I was featured in an Mpix ad!

7. MpixRocks

Goodness that image makes me laugh. It seems so long ago that I had a kitchen full of little ones climbing all over things. Now they overhead squat my chairs instead of standing on them.

Here are a few of the Mpix products in my home:




I do all my standard printing (prints, canvases, cards, gifts, etc) from Mpix.com. I’ve used Mpix and recomended Mpix for years. They remain my favorite lab – stellar products, fast turn around time, top notch customer service. You place your order online and it is delivered to your house in just a couple days. They also have a Tap to Print phone app that makes printing from my phone super easy.


The SnapShop subscription site includes two core course: SnapShop DSLR and SnapShop Phone and new lessons added monthly. As a subscriber you have access to all the content any time you want for as long as you keep your membership. Registration includes access to all SnapShop content (used by over 3000 students since 2009), including: 

  • SnapShop DSLR Course (a $200 value)
  • SnapShop Phone Course (a $50 value)
  • Interviews & tips with leading photographers & bloggers
  • Course discussions
  • Additional lessons posted monthly by Ashley Ann and guests!

To see a listing of all the lessons and courses included and a FAQ page answering common questions visit the SnapShop website.

For more on SnapShops: Website | Instagram use the code UTS for $10 off your registration (or check back on 5/8/17 for the biggest discount of the year!)


The Details:

Prize: 1 year SnapShop membership + $100 Mpix credit

1 winner, chosen at random


To enter: leave a comment here telling me your favorite Mpix product

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  • Meryl Carver-Allmond - The standouts! They’re so easy to hang on the wall and they look so great.

  • Lauren - Prints! They make it easy to print from your phone/social media and that in itself makes it more likely that the pics will get off my camera and onto the fridge/photo album…

  • Emily Adams - Oh Ashley! What a lovely giveaway! I think nothing beats the classic prints! Use them in creative projects, frame them, gift them, endless possibilities! Hope you have a fabulous trip!

  • Laura Wilder - Bon Voyage Campbell Family!

    Mpix Christmas Cards are a favorite!

  • Emily Adams - I tried posting a comment, and don’t see any comments… so hopefully I am not accidentally entering twice! Please delete this if my other comment shows up. 🙂

    I love this giveaway! What an excellent idea! I love the classic prints… use them in a creative project, frame them, give them away, so many options!

  • windie d - I haven’t tried Mpix yet – but I look forward to trying out their photobooks.

  • Lisa Stevens - I have not been able to try any Mpix products…YET, but look forward to in the future!
    Have a great trip to China ??

  • Jessica - I like the photobooks!

  • Lauren - The classic prints are my favorite – perfect way to get the kids pictures to relatives!

  • Shannon - The photobooks! So great to be able to pull out a photo book and look back on some great memories together!

  • Lynsee - I love the modern metal stand outs!

  • Heather - What a great giveaway! I LOVE their photo books-so classy and beautiful. Praying for your time in China and can’t wait to read all about your adventures.

  • Daenel T. - What a great giveaway. The Hubs and I recently bought a camper and we’d love to get some of my photos from our trips printed so we can put together a memory book.

  • Rebekah - I love mpix’s canvas prints!

  • monica - I love the thumbprint photo boxes! So sweet!

  • Jennifer A W - I’m going to go the boring route and say my favorite MPIX product is their prints.

  • Kelley Sawyer - So far I’ve only done prints at Mpix. And I love them!!

  • meg - I love the square prints… we give them to the grandparents as gifts for all occasions!

  • Crystal Brewer - Hi! I love Mpix! I love having prints made on their metallic paper. It really makes the colors pop.

  • Nicole Rocklin - I love the standouts – so much better than canvases! They are lightweight and I love the colored borders and how clean they look. We have many and give them as presents often. We also have a few of the metal pictures and those are great too!

  • Caoimhe - Huge fan of their photobooks, great giveaway, thanks!

  • Sandy Jacobs - I tried the wall clings and I LOVE them! Enjoy your adventure!

  • CassM - Ashley, I always love your photo-centered giveaways!! And I’ve heard of Mpix so often (mainly from you, let’s be honest) that’s I’ve been so keen to try them, but financially haven’t been able to as yet. I would love to be able to choose from a canvas or standout … displaying photos is a must and I love the look of those.
    Excited about your upcoming trip and eager to read your updates. God bless!

  • LEIGHANNA - I have never used Mpix before, but would love to get a few canvases.

  • Hallie - Metal prints. Thank you.

  • Sarah S - I’ve never used Mpix before, but I’ve been wanting to get a canvas print of my kiddos for the living room! Happy travels!

  • Sarah - I would love to try a metal print.

  • Heather Lilyquist - Their canvases are my fave!!!! Started ysing MPIX for family prints after discovering on your blog!

  • ellen patton - I love reprints! I have them framed and unframed around my apartment and I make cards with my photos. I’m going to check out mpix!

  • Kelly - I would say the photobooks – but they have so many great things. Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  • jen - Standard prints I would have to say.

  • Jenn - i have only used mpix a few times but have always loved it. i’ve just had some 5x7s or 8x10s printed. have a blast on your trip. thank you for offering this giveaway. prayers for safety.

  • Melissa S. - I am going to have to get that Tap to Print phone app! But I’m also going to have to say the photobooks! I need to start working on these on more of a regular basis! Thanks for the giveaway and cannot wait to hear about your China adventures!

  • Meg - I love mood! They’re print quality is excellent for the price, and I agree that their phone app wins for convenience.

    Have a great trip!

  • katy - I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a physical photo – maybe from our wedding 10 years ago? I was trying to find some old digital pictures on our cranky old computer recently and realized that I don’t have any physical photos from any of the time we’ve been married, or lived in our house, or any events large or small from the past 10+ years. I’m excited to try the Mpix printing app – just downloaded it! having an easy way to print photos is step #1 towards having real pictures around again.

  • Mel - The classic prints, its the only place where I get my photos developed, I found out about it a few years ago from your blog!!

  • Ashley S - I love the canvas prints. I would get prints from our wedding and each of our kids throughout the years done on canvas to hang in a hallway gallery.

  • Amy Huff - My favorite are the prints, I love everything, but my most ordered products are prints with metallic lustre finish. I love the deeply saturated color and metallic feel.

  • Jessica S. - Canvases!

  • Joan J - I really like MPix prints. I use them for my kids yearly head shots. I also like their fast shipping. Thanks, Ashley!

  • Alicia K Johnson - The photobooks are so beautiful! I love all your work. Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

  • Jamie Lewis - I have only ordered prints from Mpix, but I would love to try their metal prints or accordion minis for gifts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle - I get all my prints from mpix….have for years and I’m pretty sure I first heard about them from you 🙂 I’d love to win!

  • Courtney S - I love the Instagram prints from mpix! The app is super handy and easy to use. 🙂

  • Lisa - Happy Mother’s Day Ashley! Enjoy China!!! I love the Mpix photobooks.

  • Karina Jay - I always order my large prints from Mpix. Currently, I have a few mini accordion books planned. Need to get them ordered!

  • Suzan - Canvas Prints!

  • Kassondra - I love the idea of the thumbprint photo box! to be able to switch out prints but also a safe place to store them.

  • Donzel - What’s my favorite Mpix product? Well, I imagine that the photo books would be a huge hit…but it’s all theoretical, since I’ve never actually purchased anything from them! My in-laws live far away, and would really treasure something like that – the calendar I made last year for them was a real delight.

  • Sara Thoele - I use Mpix for christmas cards and photo calendars for gifts, always great products.

  • Mary - I love the little square photos, but the canvases are lovely too!

  • Lauren Wood - I ordered my daughter’s senior pictures from Mpix and loved them!!

  • Kristen - I haven’t tried out Mpix yet, but I have an eye on their gallery wraps!

  • Lacey Meyers - My favorite product would be the wall prints since this is how I keep up on displaying my images. Thanks for this giveaway, Ashley, and I hope your first day of travels is a great one!

  • Rebecca g - I have gotten a canvas from mpix and loved it

  • Alicia - I have not previously used MPIX though am looking into the phone app now…one of the hardest thing for me to do is actually PRINT the photos I have taken! Thank you and travel safely!

  • Alayna - I love the photo books! So excited for this giveaway as well. Thank you ?

  • Brooke - I have mpix 8×12 prints (in standard photographic finish) of my favorite travel and camping photos, framed and covering one wall of my bedroom. The quality is excellent!

  • Kathleen - We had fun making photo magnets from mpix to send to my brother in Atlanta of his nieces as a lsimple surprise

  • Katie - I use Mpix for all my print needs also. They are the best quality photo lab around! I haven’t bought their canvases yet. I’ll have to try them.

  • Sarah Marie Gibbs - I really enjoy the great variety in card designs. The options are designed well and are modern.

    Have fun in China! I can’t wait to follow you in your journey.

  • Melissa - I love their prints, but their photo cards are awesome!

  • Sara M. - The photobook with the dustjacket!

  • Leslie N - I order all my prints and canvases there – those are my favorite products!

  • Karla H. - The Tap to Print phone app. 🙂

  • Jessica Z. - I haven’t tried Mpix yet, but I want to!

  • Kelly J. R. - I would love to order a gallery wrapped photo from Mpix.

  • Kaki Koch - Love love love the accordion minis!

  • Rachel P - I’ve used mpix for a few years now, thanks to your recommendation! I love the quality of their large prints … there are endless creative possibilities!!

  • Meredith Locker - I just love my prints from there…you can never go wrong. A great printing company. I need to try a photobook!

  • Lynne Ellis - Oh definitely the photo book.

  • Meg - I love Mpix! I just got a bunch of large scale prints a few weeks ago and they are beautiful!

  • Jen Gibson - I love the heart shaped – Dearest Heart collage!

  • Kelly - I’ve never used them before, but the canvas prints look great!

  • Emily - I love their prints–great quality!

  • Sara Torbett - I adore the gallery-wrapped canvases! I would really like to win a subscription to your workshop! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  • Sennu - Their foam core wall art is gorgeous!

  • Jessica - I love the photo canvases. So easy to decorate with!

  • Kate - The canvas prints!

  • Liz - Large prints

  • Christy Pair - My husband loves the quality of their canvas products.

  • Michelle - I love the standouts! They look so great hanging on a wall! Thanks for the generous giveaway Ashley!

  • Jennifer - I simply enjoy the Mpix prints I order and then proceed to give away to family. They make me happy and I hope they make the recipient happy, too.

  • Carol - I love the thumbprint photo box. Something so special about a little wooden box full of photos. What an amazing giveaway!

  • Sarah R - I have never printed anything with MPIX before but I love the look of your mounted prints on your shelf display, love how clean they look with out the frame around them… Have a great trip in China!

  • Kasey White - I love printed photos, especially large prints! And I love the shelves of photos and old cameras. I may have to “borrow” this idea when we move to a new house! If I won, I would buy some canvas prints probably from Mpix!

  • Angela Skelton - My favorite Mpix product is 4×6 prints because I love saving as many memories as possible and love holding the memories in my hands. 🙂 Hope you have a great trip!

  • Sarah - Prints and canvases are my favorite to order from Mpix!

  • Kasey - My favorite product are the photo books! I’m someone who loves to have her photos printed for people to look at, instead of just hanging out on my phone! I love making photo books for all occasions!

  • Karen Willis - I’ve never used Mpix so I don’t have a favorite product, but I would love to figure that out.

  • Kelly Prang - I love the metal prints– such an awesome and unique look to add our family’s personality to our home!

  • Beej - I loooove Mpix too! I hope I win! <3

  • katherine - Love their prints and canvases!

  • Anna Marie - I like the accordion mini’s!

  • Jenny - I LOVE the statuettes!!

  • Kris Shock - I havent used Mpix products before but think i would love the photo books and classic prints!

  • Judy Kay Kyker - I love Mpix! I use them for all of my printing. I’ve never been disappointed! Right now my favorite product of theirs is the simple 4×6 print. Last summer I started a huge photo organizing, printing, framing, album project in an effort to get every image I love off of my computer and into our hands. Mpix and I are good friends! 🙂

  • Melissa - I have purchased a couple of canvas prints and plenty of prints through Mpix. Your posts on some of the other Mpix options make me want to branch out and try something new!

  • Jenna Kaye Favors - Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve used mpix before based on your recommendation and I was thrilled with the product!

  • Laura - I love mpix! I have some photos of my boys printed on metal from them and they look very crisp and sharp. They are fun!

  • Dani M. - I love buying my big prints (16×20 and bigger!) through Mpix.

  • Brooke - I love their classic prints and custom cards – so many options and they look professional! Great giveaway – thank you! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  • Heather - Hi Ashley! I learned about Mpix from you! I used them for the first time about seven years ago and have been using them ever since. My favorite product is their cards. I’ve done Christmases and two graduations. I love the quality of their signature paper and the printing. Super great company! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Lyndsay - I love Mpix canvases!!!

  • Diana - Their prints are the best quality! Never been disappointed with them!

  • Lindsay Ernst - I love and have been a loyal mpix costumer for 7 years! They are the best! Although all their products are top notch, I especially love their cards ?? Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Arina - I’m not in the states so haven’t tried mpix, but i remember your post on the photobooks you printed especially for Little One and I loved the look of them!

  • Tricia Smith - I love there regular prints in the metallic finish. I also like to do the mounted prints so I can sit them in random places without a frame.

  • SuzH - Would love to try the canvas prints!

  • Mandy jones - I love their canvas prints and their photo books!

  • Jill - I like their gallery wraps.

  • Barbara C - I have never used Mpic but I love the look of the square picture prints. There is just something about them.

  • Kara Moseby - Custom Cards!

    Have a blast on your journey!!

  • Candy - I love our prints that we got.

  • Liz McDermott - I ordered the Accordion Mini book a few years back for gifts and everyone LOVED them! Such great quality and a great concept!

  • Kelsey Gilliam - The modern metal prints are my fave!

  • Bonnie - I’ve heard they have great prints!

  • Tracy - Love the pics from mix. ALL my photos are printed there now, because of you, and I
    LOVE them!

  • Susan R. - I love the prints, both large and small. Great quality!

  • Rachel Janckila - I always order my kids wallet size and 8×10 yearly pics from there! I haven’t tried them for other stuff but would love to!

  • Dana Burke - What a lovely giveaway! I haven’t had a chance to try mpix but a few of my friends have prints and photo books. Their quality is amazing! Would love to win 🙂

  • Becky McArthur - I love their wrapped canvases!

  • Kristina M - I love their photo books! And cards too.

  • Jennie Whitaker - I love the gallery wrap canvases. And after years of reading your blog and dreaming about it, I finally bought a dslr – so now I’d love to get a snapshop membership!

  • Hannah Alderson - I love their accordion books for family gifts! Have fun in China!

  • Elizabeth Hutchison - The photobooks for sure, hardbacks for myself and the smaller ones for my kiddos! Oh and the standouts are on my wish list

  • Brittany H - My absolute favorite mpix products are the metallic prints. They always turn out amazing! Such fun and vivid colors.

  • Amy M - I love their prints. Such great quality!

  • Amy - I love mpix’s large prints and standouts. 🙂 Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Stephanie Taylor - I’ve only ordered prints from mpix, but I love them! I would love to have the time to put together a photo book someday…

  • Lonna - What a great giveaway! Thank you! I love their photo books!

  • Shia - Awesome Giveaway! I love the canvases ?

  • Becky - The square prints!

  • Alissa W - Love their Christmas Cards!!

  • Kathy Sproles - I’ve only used MPIX for photo prints, but was very pleased!

  • Cassie Zonnefeld - I love the photo books!

  • Nikki M - I love the photobooks! I made one for my wedding and it turned out just lovely!

  • Heidi Travers - My favorite product has been their enlargements. Great quality photo.

  • Sharla - After seeing it on your blog, I ordered 60 of my Instagram pics that come in the wooden box. It came with two holders to prop up my faves and absolutely love having prints of those pics I rarely print off and love that they are all from the same year so I can label each box accordingly. Thanks for sharing this company!!

  • Bonnie - I love the accordion minis! They’re such a cute, compact way to remember a vacation, visit with family, birthday party, whatever!

  • Steffany - I’ll be honest, I have never used Mpix. But I would use it for standard prints, Christmas cards, and canvas prints. I’ve been wanting to make some canvas prints for a few years; yours are just great! Safe travels today and tomorrow!

  • Laura Zuniga - I absolutely love their prints!

  • Aubrey - Photo books!

  • Michelle - I love the mpix standouts!

  • Morgan W - Square photos!

  • Sara Manring - I love the thumbprint photo box for instagram photos.

  • Jess - I love the large sized prints from Mpix! I actually love everything from Mpix! Best place to print your photos for sure!!

  • Ruth - Thanks for this wonderful give away to you and mix. I love classic prints.

  • Bekah W. - Can’t go wrong with classic prints! Last night I actually stayed up too late choosing photos to print for Mother’s Day gifts!

  • Caitlin E - I love their med-big sized prints! we have 8x10s all over the house!

  • Juice - Love this giveaway! I need help with my phone pics. 🙂

  • Danyelle - I love mpix’s prints and recommend them to everyone when they ask where to print their pictures.

  • Brook Stewart - Mpix has the best prints, hands down!!!

  • Lindsay Soetaert - I love their prints and sometimes print their collages. I am very happy with the quality of their prints, thanks for sharing!

  • Ingrid S - The standouts are awesome!

  • Jess - I order all my prints from Mpix! I just love the amazing quality and affordable prices.

  • Jess - I order all my prints from Mpix! They’re the best!!

  • Jayme Mitchell - Their prints!

  • Maria - Love the statuettes! Something unique and totally fun, especially as a gift! 🙂

  • Martha B - Love their photobooks!

  • Christin Schultz - Their 10×10 albums 🙂

  • Brenda - So excited. A friend just told me about your blog because we have such similar interests. I haven’t tried to Mpix YET.

  • Wendy W - Their regular prints with the metallic finish are amazing. They look expensive but they’re not. Plus really fast turn around times.

  • Erin Virtue-Lawson - Photo books always! I am so crazy behind on our family albums

  • Shelby P - I love their photo books!!

  • Jill - Love their cards! I can order a card with images on both sides without having the print company logo on it. Love that!

  • Kirsten - we’ve only gotten prints from mpix – large and small – but they are always high quality. love mpix! thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  • Angela - I have to go with the prints! I love to have photos to look at–off of my phone! Have a great trip!

  • Kaitlyn McBride - My favorite mpix product is any of the canvases! I love them and they are great quality!

  • Sarah Williams - I’ve never used mpix before! So if I win it would be cool to see everything they offer.

  • dana - I try to print pictures as often as possible…i just love everything they do! Always A+ quality!

  • Michelle Donker - Prints

  • Denise - Canvas wrapped gallery art

  • Emilee - I love photo cards and they sure have some sweet ones.

  • SherryR - I love, love, love the standouts! Would be so excited to win this prize!

  • Lindsey Probst - I got my nephew an accordion fold cardstock book full of pictures of himself and family members. It was a big hit and a great gift for the kid crowd. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Safe travels.

  • Keely Steger - The photo books, so my kids can look at themselves and laugh whenever they wish!

  • Alisa - My favorites are the canvases and just plain ol’ prints. Hope the trip to China is going well!

  • Hilary Taylor - While I’ve never shopped there, the photobooks look great

  • sam - We jogs family photos done the day after Christmas; thelast ones were about 18 years outdated. I plan on ordering a standout print very soon.

  • bethanyblntn - This would be amazing to win!
    my favorite Mpix product is simply their prints. I use them for clients and myself and love the quality.

  • Jacqueline morant - My favorite are their large prints! It feels a little like Christmas when my order comes to the house ??

  • Molly - I haven’t used mix before, but I need to get some pictures on the walls of my new house. I’m loving your picture shelves with canvases, etc.

  • Jessica - What a lovely giveaway! I love their standouts. So beautiful.

  • Deborah - I have never used MPix, but I would love to have some prints for our house of the kids, so I’d probably go for canvases or prints 🙂

  • Sarah G - I love their box of prints. My kids love looking through photos from trips and I think that would be a really fun way to do it!

  • Jennie - I’d love to try printing a canvas or photo book!

  • Natalie E. - I love the quality prints I get from mpix!!

  • Heidi Hicks - I’ve only ever ordered prints from mpix but would love to try out their metal prints! Also, I’ve been following your blog so long I remember those pictures! Crazy!

  • emily n. - i love the square picture prints! we have a wall in our house of all the iPhone pics we love and want to display and print them all from Mpix!

  • Cara - I haven’t had the opportunity to try any mpix products yet, but I’d love to get my hands on some of these large canvas/stand up prints you gave on your shelves. They look amazing!

  • patty - I love the prints! There’s nothing I love more than having actual pictures to fiddle with!

  • Gina - Classic prints!

  • Courtney - I really like mpix size options for prints.

  • Paula Koziol - I love the IG prints you order in that cute little box!

  • Theresa - I love their wrapped canvas prints!

  • Rebekah Moser - I have not tried mpix but have had them recommended to me a lot. Would love to have a chance to take your courses!

  • Rebekah Moser - I can’t tell if my comment posted so trying again. Want to try any of their products.

  • Karla - I love Mpix’s Christmas Cards. They look so wonderful and feel so great when I get to send pictures to our family and friends all over. I’ve yet to use other of their products but I can’t wait.

  • Jenn Dynys - Hope you enjoy your time in China! My favorite product is the square prints in a box, I can’t remember the catchy name. Thank you!

  • Kayla Fik - I’ve ordered prints before & the quality is amazing! I’d love to try a canvas!

  • Ruthie - Framed photos- instant wall art!

  • Melissa - Their Metallic prints are awesome!

  • Kacy - I love their square prints.

  • Danielle - I love the photo books!

  • Amber willis - I’ve only ordered prints from them but have always been really happy! I need to order a canvas and see how I like it!!!!

  • Tina M - I’ve not used their products yet, but I need to check out the photo books and get caught up on printing those out!

  • Vickie - I love MPIX prints and I have ordered the metal prints a few times and they are wonderful. I love their large prints and the 4×6 size. I would really love to win the class and them mpix credit. Have so much fun on your trip.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Vickie

  • Tonpia - I have only ordered prints from mpix. But it’s their customer service that keeps me coming back–it is absolutely incredible. Their color correcting and attention to detail is stunning and admirable.

  • Vickie - I love the metal prints as well as the regular prints. Have a great trip. I would love to win! Thanks! Vickie

  • Emma - I would LOVE to get some photo books done! And I would LOVE a membership to your snapshop site!

  • Kelsey - I’ve never tried Mpix, but I’d love to get a big print of my girls to hang in their room.

  • Tera - I love the MPix photo books! And I’m pretty sure I could use one as my oldest turned 3 last week and she still doesn’t have a baby book ? #badmom

  • Aja - I think the prints look like my favorite thing glancing at the website! I’ve been trying to print more of my photos, and am looking for better quality options!

  • Amy - Their photo books! Loving this giveaway – and safe travels!!

  • Denon - I like be the prints. I used Mpix to print my wedding and engagement pictures. So great!

  • Carrie M - I’d love to get grandparents a deck of playing cards with their grandkids pictures on them. Thank you!

  • Maggie - I have I only ordered from MPix once, about a month ago. I did a gallery wall. I loved every print I received, but the large square ones were probably my favorite.

  • Karen - I love their prints and Christmas cards!

  • Christy Beasley - I love the photo books and collages 🙂

  • Rachel - My favorite Mpix product is the lay-flat photo book. I created a beautiful book for grandmother that told the story of my amazing wedding. I plan on ordering another one for an anniversary gift one of these years.

  • Susan edwards - I like their canvases!

  • Anna Ostrander - I love their metal prints…or the magnets.

  • Samone - love the mini metallic photo prints. safe travels x.

  • Marilina - Well, those canvas do look good! But I like the photo books best. What a great combo here: learn how to take pictures and print them!

  • Christy Peeples DuBois - I love photo products from prints to photo books and everything in between. I don’t know if I could ever pick one favorite. But I have a photo book and absolutely love it therefore I will say the photo book is my favorite.

  • Erin P - Love a good old gallery wrapped canvas picture of the kiddos! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Tammy - I have to say all the different ways you have used mpix is inspiring in itself…in particular the square print collages…I love the way all of the seemingly random photos create a story of family and the beauty in the everyday! I’m only disapointed that those of us down under don’t have access to mpix! :-(… a SnapShop subscription has been at the top of my wishlist for over a year now…who knows…perhaps this mother’s day I might get my wish fulfilled.

  • Tammy - I have to say all the different ways you have used mpix is inspiring in itself…in particular the square print collages…I love the way all of the seemingly random photos create a story of family and the beauty in the everyday! I’m only disapointed that those of us down under don’t have access to mpix! :-(… a SnapShop subscription has been at the top of my wishlist for over a year now…who knows…perhaps this mother’s day I might get my wish fulfilled.

  • Katie Terpstra - Love their Christmas ornaments — I order one of my kids each year and they make great Nana gifts too!


  • Amanda - I love their prints–especially the large prints. Can’t beat the colors and quality! And the little accordion books are fun.

  • Emily - I love photo books! My girls love to look back through pictures from past years.

  • Kathy Wilson - Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I so enjoy seeing the wrap around canvas prints.

  • Christine W - I love the canvases!!! Those seem to be my favorite choice in adding images into our home!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway, Ashley!?

  • Sari - metal prints!

  • Dawn Ritchie - Man, I’m a sucker for all photo products. Regular prints or fancy metals or photobooks! We just got back from vacation and that credit would be fantastic. Thank you!

  • Ruth W - I hope everyone loves their time in China!

    While I haven’t tried MPix out yet, I would likely order photo books first. I’m a minimalist when it comes to my walls, but I love having an easy way to look through physical pictures.

  • Ali B - I love their prints! I enjoy doing it all online and a few days later they show up at my door.

  • Ashley - I really love the prints! I love having photos of my three girls around my home!

  • Linda Cochran - I don’t know of Mpix! I have a lot to learn!

  • Jill Stansell - I LOVE mpix! Their photo books are my favorite.

  • Calie - I love having prints of different sizes around. I tend to just put some double-sided tape and stick them where I want in my place.

  • Christy - I love canvases. I have a giant one in my stairway of an iceberg in Newfoundland.

  • Katie M. - I love MPix! I like to give their accordion minus as gifts!

  • Jeni Willoughby - I love those classic prints, use them in so many ways!

  • Cami - I have a giant gallery wall in the entry of my house. It’s 9 black and white pictures of my family. I use mpix to print them in a 12×12 size.

  • Kimberly - Canvas Gallery Wraps 🙂

  • Sarahann Cagle - YAY!!

  • Beccy - I like prints and wall art. I don’t get photos off my phone like I should.

  • Roxanne Blunier - What a great giveaway!! I love their prints on Metallic paper!

  • AmandaK - I’ve ordered the foam boards for years, I like them to stand around on easels or just on a shelf. MPIX is wonderful!

  • Charline - Thanks for this awesome giveaway ! ^^
    I really love canvas, i think it gives photography a great finish.

    (and good travel to China 🙂 )


  • Stephanie - The cards are my fave. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tammy S. - I’ve never tried Mpix, but would love to check out their photo books!

  • Kristie Klaassen - I’ve only printed the 4×6 prints, but I’ve loved them! Such great quality!

  • Sharla - We love the memory books!

  • Jenni Carlisle - I love all the canvases by Mpix & would love to purchase some for my home.

  • Allison - I use Mpix for all my prints! I have 3 kids and with sports, etc, buying all studio prints was fortune! I now take my own yearly picture of the kids and one for each of their sports. I use Mpix to print them out and the quality is MUCH better and I save a ton of money each year. I would love to try a metal print.

  • Allyson Rafanello - I just made my first mpix purchase and dove straight into a metal print! I love it and will be headed back.

  • Kendra - I love their prints! I recommend Mpix to everyone!

  • Sara Renick - The canvases!

  • Becky - Since I read your recommendation years ago, I too have printed my all my items through MPix. My favorite product would have to be the design your own graduation cards. I just received my second daughters cards back and they are perfect! And, easy to upload and order…

  • Krista W. - I think the stand outs are a great Mpix product!! 🙂

  • Kerri - I have never tried Mpix. I will definitely give them a try. I need to order prints of my little girl born in March.

  • Amanda - I love the heavier weight large prints that can stand on their own.

  • Vickie - I’ve never used them but have heard great things from so many people!!

  • Veronica - Love love mpix! Hard to say a favorite ( because I love it all) but definitely books, and metal art are at the top of the list!

  • Sarah - I haven’t tried mpix before, but their products look great!

  • Erin J. - I enjoy getting my basic prints from mpix. They make it super easy!

  • Kim - I haven’t used Mpix for a while. My photos are just sitting out in the nether world. I need to get them printed. Maybe this will get me motivated.

  • Megan - I love the premium photo books!

  • Linda - I love the Thumbprint Photo box–such a great gift!!

  • Ashley L - My favorite is the gallery wrapped canvas! Want to do my whole house in gallery wrapped canvas. I absolutely love the pic of your daughter with her open cleft! I think it is awesome that you are displaying that picture as a part of her life story. As a speech pathologist, I think that is so important!! Love it.

  • Shannon D - I love the canvas prints! I’ve never tried mpix but I’m going to need to now!

  • Jana Brown - I love their 8×10 prints for my girls’ annual pics.

  • Carrie - Prints! My kids love seeing themselves in print. Have a great trip! So adventurous!

  • Paige - I love, love the square photos you’ve put on the wall as wallpaper!

  • Jill Hershman - I love the standouts!

  • Teresa Hodges - I love the classic prints!!

  • Anastasia Curtin - I would love to win a SnapShop membership, years ago i took Snapshop class for DSLR and absolutely loved it. Had some pc issues and all my notes from the class got wiped out, so it would be fantastic to refresh my memory and have fun learning again :)) And a Gift card for Mpix – is a sweet addition. I like most of their products but Accordion minis are my favorites! They are such a cute Xmas gift! I love to give them to my family members with a best shots from that year 🙂

  • Andrea Johnson - Their canvases are awesome!! Love mpix!

  • Nicole - I have loved the quality of prints, big and small, that we’ve ordered from Mpix (on your recommendation – thank you!). I’m most looking forward to ordering some Standouts, if I can manage to decide which photographs I want to use. I love the way they add a really special, thoughtful feel to your shelves in the second picture.

  • Alice H - I love MPIX! I have been ordering from them ever since the first time you mentioned them. I would say that to date my favorite thing I have ordered from them is my baby girls wallet sized pics to go in her graduation announcements. They were so beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Jenny - Prints – so easy and fast to order and recieve! Love them, thanks for the recommendation long ago!

  • Elizabeth - I love the little book I ordered from them that lays flat 🙂

  • Caroll - Layflat photo books!!!

  • LindaLoo - I have been using Mpix exclusively for the past few years. Have nothing but good experiences with them. My favorite product, besides the beautiful and reasonably priced large canvas prints, is a tip I took from your blog. Regular print, matte backing, add a little cardboard wedge and display frameless on the mantle (or at work on my tiny desk which has zero room for frames). My two most favorite photos of my infant girls are displayed in this way.

  • Becky Z - I looove all their stuff- but the wrapped canvases are dreamy.

  • Lori - I love Mpix! I just received a large order of family photos from there. The 11×14’s were especially great and the shipping was so fast. Awesome Midwest company!

  • Csilla - Definitely the cards! I would make postcards and greeting cards with my family pictures to send to all our loved ones far away 🙂

  • Lisa K - I need to try the Tap to Print!!!! So far I have just ordered prints but they were outstanding! Have a safe trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Cristy Mullin - I LOVE their oversized prints; I have them all over my house! The quality is so much better than other labs. MPIX is my favorite!

  • Mary - I have yet to try Mpix but am so excited for this opportunity thank you!

  • Melissa M - I love the classic prints. Always such great quality from mpix

  • Sarah - Enjoy your adventure!
    I’m intrigued by the thumbprint photo box — it looks like a small, fun way to print and display all those photos trapped on my devices.

  • Melissa whiteley - Tap to print phone app is my favorite!!

  • L.Watson - I *LOVE* the tiny little pictures – perfect for Instagram. This company makes really lovely things, and the print quality is great.

  • Angela Muyres - I love their prints. Always top quality.

  • Jodi L - I love the classic prints! They are awesome. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Happy travels!

  • Peg Powell - It would probably be prints or cards.

  • Lynsey - I love their classic print! Perfect for actually getting pictures printed and out to display.

  • Alissa - Mpix prints are my favorite. Best Quality

  • Karen - My favorite product is the standard prints. They are such high quality and come packaged so nicely. I would love to try many of the other products they offer.

  • Emily Spare - I love the prints from Mpix! Just ordered my first collage and I’m excited to see how it turns out!

  • Sarah - I love their calendars!

  • Ruthanne McRae - I love the square instagram style prints

  • Shannon Wheeler - I love their square prints as well as their photobooks!!! Awesome giveaway!!!

  • Mindy - i love their prints & i have printed my christmas cards through them as well!

  • Molly Goforth - The photobooks look like an amazing product! I’m just starting my journey of photography so can’t wait to check out MPix!

  • Elke - I love the square prints! 🙂

  • Rebecca Wall - Their prints, always the prints!

  • Rachel - Prints! I ordered tons of prints of my wedding photos from mpix for my family, friends, and myself.

  • Callie - I haven’t ordered from mpix yet but I’d love to try the poster prints.

  • Debbie C - Posters and large prints would make a nice statement! Thanks!

  • Jenny - I love the quality of the prints!

  • Cassi Kennard - I love the 4 x 4 prints! Can’t go wrong!

  • Sarah - Right now I really like the photo magnets!

  • Annemieke Hytinen - Their canvases are amazing, just gorgeous quality!

  • Heather - I have never tried Mpix products before, but I would love to order some canvas gallery wraps to decorate our home!

  • Ann Marie - Their prints, especially the larger sizes. I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. The way the prints were wrapped and protected in transit. I recommend them to everyone and will only order from them!!! I’d love to try their photo books.

  • Caroline Rayman - Not sure I can pick just one fav… I love the album, standout, and prints I’ve ordered in the past! I would probably finally do our wedding album though if I was lucky enough to be chosen!

  • Avenlea Bixby - I have never tried Mpix, but I think I would like the prints.

  • Hannah S. - I love Mpix!! I always use them for prints, calendars, Christmas cards. My favorite thing to order are enlargements. Cannot beat their quality!

  • Heather b. - Prints! Always a classic.

  • Marie - Awhile back we ordered the accordion books for our families! We gave them each a book with pictures of our wedding. They loved them & were a great size to carry in your purse to show friends & family!

  • Melissa - Probably just the prints. I’d love to get some photos printed of my daughter’s first few years and make her a memory book!

  • Jennie B - I love Mpix prints!! In a day and age of digital we all to often leave our pictures on the computer. Mix makes it easy to print my photo’s and they have a wonderful consistent product. Its who we have used the most over the years!! I love their customer service and I look forward to trying our some of their other products in the future.

  • Lisa - I just LOVE the Gallery Wrap Collages!!! Such unique choices! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Callaghan - The different size prints are great!

  • April Russell - I love the calendars!!!

  • Niki Dick - I’ve started an album but have yet to finish it! I need to get moving on it!

  • Krista Erçin-Maurer - I just love their prints! I use the app and it’s so easy to get my photos off my phone and on my wall. Seriously the best.

  • Deanna Martin - I love mpix! I print from there for all my prints except something I need the next day.

  • miryam - thanks for the great giveaway. thanks to you and your inspiration I’ve put together some picture books from mpix and loved how they came out!

  • Deanna Martin - Love mpix prints!

  • Brenda - My favorite mpix service right now is their film processing. ?

  • Veronica Adrover - I think the MPix books look just great! But their print from phone ap sounds very handy, also.

  • Cherie K - The photobooks!

  • Kristin Pierce - The pictures with the thick backing. So nice to have my pictures out and not curling up and falling over!

  • Jessica - The prints – I definitely need to order more prints.

  • Paige - I would absolutely love to win this prize! I have been waiting until I could afford a new lens to sign up to the SnapShop course. I haven’t also been looking for recommendations for places to get my photos printed. Unfortunately though Mpix doesn’t seem to ship to Australia

  • Jill Maynard - What a generous giveaway and what a lovely blog you have.

  • Arlene - Our whole family loves photo books!

  • Michelle Johnson - I’m a fan of their cards.

  • Janelle - Easy. Prints. Love them. Need more of them.

  • Heike Wilson - I love all the products but I especially love the wooden boxes with the small photos -so cute and convenient!

  • Celina Kirchner - I love Mpix photobooks!!

  • Jamie Z. - Hard to decide, but I love their basics – prints for my walls, cards for Christmas. Hope you and your family are off to a great start on your trip!

  • Tracey O - Love large prints on foam core with a lustre coasting!

  • Beth - Love the look of their hardcover photo books!

  • Jessica - I would love some prints from Mpix!

  • Natalie Ryan - Those accordion minis are just so cute and make the perfect gift! Thanks for the chance 🙂 Have a great trip!

  • Rachel Newswanger - I love the canvas art! Especially your shelf display….#goals

  • Cynthia - Love the poster prints and canvas wraps!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Safe travels!

  • Lauren - Hope you guys have an amazing time adventuring in China! I love the prints, my youngest son who is just one is always grabbing prints from the basket and naming folks in the picture.

  • Linnea - I’ve only ordered prints from Mpix, I would love to try some of their other products 🙂

  • Michelle Lafayette - I love that little box with the square Instagram prints.

  • April - I love printing 2 of their photo books and sending one to Ethiopia and my kids’ biological family.

  • Lori - Fun!!! I’ve never used mpix, but I’d love to try them out! ?

  • Nichole - Prints! I tried duplicating your photo wall

  • Lauryn - I love the prints and photo books! I have been ordering from this sites for several years and love their products.

  • Debbie - Looking at an accordion book for grandma for Mothers Day!

  • Laura - Quality prints!

  • Rosie - I love mpix prints, but have been wanting to try making a photo book from them!

  • Natalie - I love the quality of their prints and want to try their mini accordions and photo books!

  • Maria - A wall calendar with our family’s photos – print out a bunch and give to family. That’s what my brother does, so each of us has a family calendar that has photos of him and his boys and wife. If I do that back to him, he can have ours 🙂

  • Allison - I love the big square prints from Mpix. I feel like they make such a fun statement!

  • angela ellsworth - I would love to win both. Gosh i sure think youre the best. And i love mpix.

  • Sarah Barnett - I just started using mpix for all my prints and am so in love with quality, the creamy matte finish and their black and white is spot on!

  • Kristina Dockendorf - Love the square prints!

  • Megan - We gifted some relatives the Mpix playing cards a few years ago since we are big gamesters . . . so that would be our fave!

  • Rhonda - I haven’t tried them yet, but I’d love to try the books!

  • Carrie Vaughn - I haven’t used mpix before, but I would love to try the photo books! And I’ve been wanting to sign up for Snap Shop for such a long time. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • E - I love canvas!

  • Sarah D - I love the canvases and prints – I don’t think I can ever have enough pictures of my babies around. ?

  • Alyssa Nelson - Their design your own cards are great and love the prints.

  • Claire - The square prints are my favorite, but the poster size sounds intriguing. What a fun way to include a travel pic or decorate my kids’ room with a favorite print! Thanks for sharing this giveaway. Safe travels! I cannot wait to see/read all about it.

  • Tegan - I love the personalised cards! super cute!

  • veronica hoenecke - I love Mix prints!!! their quality is great!

  • CHRIS - Love the prints on metal. Such a fun way to display photos!

  • Elaine - I have my eye on their photo books! Been meaning to get a few years worth of family photos printed!!

  • Crystal Moser - I like the dependable quality of MPix too! I like their prints.

  • Crystal Moser - I love the dependable quality of Mpix too! I like their prints.

  • Candace - The canvas’s. I love having prints like that.

  • Tamara Todhunter - I love the square prints!

  • Jessica Anderson - I have used mpix ever since I read your recommendation quite a few years ago on your blog. I scrapbook, and have tried so many printers. Mpix is the best by far. I have never been disappointed by anything that I have ordered from them. Photo books, canvas, framed prints, accodian minis, and prints have all been awesome. Thanks for the chance. Have wanted to try your snapshop for a while now!

  • Justine - Looking forward to trying the canvas prints!

  • Haley - That picture of your sweet babies looking so tiny. <3 Love the accordian minis and the dry erase calendars

  • erin - I love the mpix collage prints!

  • Sheryl - Love their photobooks!

  • Elaine - I LOvE pictures and also love the clarity and quality of Mpix prints!

  • Courtney Kelley - It’s a toss up between the metal prints and the stand alone canvas prints!

  • Leah - I love the prints and the custom cards. I’ve been using Mpix to print my Christmas cards (some of which were designed by your super talented sister!) ever since I’ve started following your blog.

  • Sarah M - I love that box of square prints!

  • Diane H - We get all our enlargements and wallet size photos done by mpix. there are several of our daughters that do portraits for others (family, senior) and they ALWAYS tell their clients about mpix. We love the quality.

  • Mary - I love MPIX! They are the only printing company I use anymore. $100 credit would go a long way with me…I seriously need to print out some pictures. They have the best products!

  • Laura - I’ve been getting my prints there for the last 3 years and am drooling over lots of other products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Krystal Wight Armstrong - My favorite MPix product would be the simple, beautiful photo prints that come to your door; because we just really need some family photos actually printed to put up in our home! They’re all sadly waiting on hard drives and phones right now.

    This giveaway would be THE best one I can think of winning (like ever), no joke. What a lovely thing you’re doing this Mother’s Day week!

  • TLL - The canvas and photobooks!

  • Maria - I don’t think I qualify not being a states dweller but I do love sending cards so that would be a favourite. Snapshot membership for 1 year would be a dream come true!!

  • Kayleen - I love all of the Wall Art! And, my boys would love the Small Wall Clings!

  • Karyn - MPix prints rock!!! The standouts are awesome too as it is something different than a canvas, and looks beautiful on the wall.

  • Amy T-Ya - I have two of the large canvases and they are great! Such high quality!

  • Gale - Love their canvases.

  • Angela Swenson - I love their prints. I really want to try their photobooks. You know because I am only 11 years! behind.

  • Heidi - The photo books are definitely my favorite!

  • jenny - i have always toyed with the idea of taking your snap shops course. i have never used mpix… so i don’t know (yet) what my favorite product would be 🙂

  • Julianne - I love everything from MPIX!!

  • Elizabeth Kelly - I have only ever printed from mpix, but would love to order a photo book!

  • Miriam - I haven’t used Mpix yet (nor your SnapShot courses) but would love to win both. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Sarah Williams - Prints are a gamechanger for me!

  • Amy Smith - I would love to try their canvases. They look very nice.

  • Libby - What an awesome giveaway!

    I’ve been fascinated with the little square prints ever since you first showed off your photo wall. 🙂

  • Kaitlyn E - I really love the mpix photo books!

  • Riann - I love the Mpix 4×4 prints and have always been delighted with their color processing. I am thrilled for the opportunity to win a gift certificate!

  • Rhiannon - The Accordian minis!

  • Tiffany - This might be boring, but I love standard prints by Mpix. The color quality is amazing, and it makes me so happy to be surrounded by photos that aren’t disorganized in my phone!

  • Miranda - Oh man! What don’t I love! Prints for sure. I sometimes will just go online and order some just to get a package from Mpix. Just bit obsessed here with them!

  • Erin - Love the photo canvases!

  • janelle shultz - Prints…they are supreme & true to color!

  • Maggi - I love MPix for printing out square photos! Great quality!

  • Tamara K Henderson - I just became a Grammy and I think I took 2,000 photos in his first month. I definitely think a photo book would be great. I haven’t tried their products yet, but I trust you!

  • kim b - I have always loved the prints I get from Mpix!

  • Alice - I love the canvas gallery wraps!

  • Elizabeth Nelson - I love their prints and photobooks. I have so many of my most favorite memories living in my computer and trapped in the digital world. This giveaway would not only help me learn how to better capture memories via photos going forward, but give me the opportunity to print so many of my favorites too! Here’s to hoping I get selected!!!

  • Natalie A - I love Mpix! Their canvases are the best quality! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Danielle Smith - I love getting prints there – never go anywhere else now! My daughter recently ordered a metal print for a school project, and we love it! Now I want to order more! 🙂

  • Amanda - I love the standouts! They would be so fun on the wall! 🙂

  • Jenny H - I need a new source for photo books, so I’d love the try Mpix!

  • Elizabeth R. - My favorite is the Accordion Minis! I may have to get some.

  • Challin Cox - The Instagram-type square prints are really fun! You could use them to make so many neat things. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Sharron - I would love to make some photo books!

  • Tina - I love prints! Sweet and simple

  • Hanna - So great! Such an amazing give away! I would order classic prints. Love them!

  • Elise Gilmore - Prints

  • Cindy B - The photo box was the perfect anniversary gift for my husband – he can keep on his desk at work and swap out his favorite memory from our 10 years together!

  • Angie H - I love their mounted prints. They are affordable and have lasted all the years I’ve had them. Easy to mount to wall with double sided mounting tape. But, I would love to try the gallery wraps if they were ever in my budget!

  • kate b - Love the canvas prints.

  • Emily Bartnikowski - Oh this is a great giveaway! So far my favorite product has been an according photos book that I made my mother after we had portraits done a few years ago. But now that I know about this snap to print app, that may be it! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Kerith H. - Any of their photo books are great. We have several of their photo books that we just love! Our boys have a ton of fun looking through them.

  • Carly - I think the playing cards are really cool!

  • Jane - I NEED to catch up on my prints, but I would love to add some canvases to our walls!

  • Stephanie jones - Classic canvases!

  • Kara Rogers - I like the accordion minis! They’re awesome.

  • Beth - I like the photo books.

  • Ranee - Prints, Cardd (I usually order my Christmas cards there!) and the accordion minis are so cute! Love Mpix!!

  • TiffanyM - I’ve never used Mpix…..but would love to try. I have some pictures that I would love to turn into canvas prints!

  • Michelle H. - The photobooks!

  • Madison Curley - I have adored the pictures in your house for so long, so all of their products!

  • Kristi Rediske - I don’t know if i can narrow down to one favorite product, I love their photo books and also the square large prints with the mat boards.

  • Beth Ann Boyd - I am horrible at ordering prints – I was just talking to a co-worker about how I have frames set on the floor, laid against the wall for almost 4 years that I need to order prints for…. I have ordered many smaller prints from mpix and this year at Christmas time I ordered 4×5 magnets of my kiddos to give to grandparents and aunts & uncles that were well received.

  • lynne RILEY - first grandbaby on the way, books will be in my future

  • sarah - I love mpix for prints, they have the best quality for printing from my canon!

  • Kaylee Coles - I’d love any of the framed prints! We’re having family pictures taken for the first time this summer (we had a baby last year) and I really want to have some of them printed so I can hang them up on the wall! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Michelle deBaroncelli - My favorite is the tap to print. That I can just order pics so easily from my phone! SWOON.

  • Hannah - I love their wrapped canvases!

  • Amelia wright - I definitely love their photo books. I’ve been looking at them for when I start my family photo albums.

  • Amy - I LOVE their prints!!!!!!

  • Romina MacGibbon - I love the photobooks!

  • Ruth C - While all the products look lovely, those square prints are the most lovely. I use instagram a lot and enjoy the modern square crop for photographs.

  • Whitney - I haven’t used Mpix before, but I love the metal prints. Thank you!

  • Kelly M - I’m a novice photographer that would love to learn more through your workshops. I’ve used Mpix for a few years now for pretty much all of my prints. I love their quality of printing and am always recommending them to people.

  • Colleen - I am all about some cute prints, and photo books!

  • Kristen Martin - Because of your recommendations, I’ve just recently begun ordering from mpix. All of the prints and even the large ones look amazing! The packaging, the coloring on the photos and the quality are outstanding!

  • anne bodilsen - Wonderful give away. I love the photobooks and make one every year

  • karen - Really like the thumbprint photo box

  • karen - Like the photobooks

  • Susan Ritter - Prints, prints, and more prints!

  • Heather Toller - I love the gallery wraps.

  • Rebecca - I love Mpix classic prints! I ordered several large prints for a gallery wall and was extremely impressed by the quality. Far superior (and surprisingly less expensive!) to that of the drugstore/superstore prints. I plan to order all our wedding photos soon and am excited to try some of the other Mpix products.

  • lucy - i love prints!! and the app makes it so easy to just tap and print 🙂 my fave!

  • Michelle - I’d love to make a photo book of a recent family vacation!

  • Southern Gal - I’ve used Mpix and love the quality of their prints. I haven’t tried the photo books. Next on my list!

  • Rebecca - I love their prints! I ordered several large prints for a gallery wall and found the quality to be far superior to other places. I was pleasantly surprised that they were also less expensive than our local drugstore/superstore. I will be ordering from Mpix again! I’m planning to order all our wedding photos from them soon and look forward to trying some of the other products as well.

  • Stephanie - My kids are teenagers and still pull out photo books to reminisce. Photo books!

  • Suzanne M - I like their keepsake boxes!

  • alissa - My favorite is their photo book after seeing your over the years!

  • TiffanyM - I’ve never used Mpix before, but have some pictures that I would love to print to canvas!

  • Cathy S. - Cards I did a Christmas card with Mpix this past Christmas and even though my pics where awful the card was beautiful. Great turn around time,even though it was close to the holiday.

  • Vicki S - The prints are wonderful. The quality is great and they are so good about offering “specials” from time to time. Looking forward to your posts while you’re in China!

  • Sarah - I love their standouts! And their classic prints! I can’t pick just 1!

  • Kathy E. - Dare To Dream Collage would make an awesome grad gift! duchick at gmail dot com

  • Kim L. - classic prints

  • Elizabeth - Cards!

  • Toni - I love the mini-accordian photo albums. IT is a great gift idea!

  • Christina - I love having canvases in my house. What a great mpix product!

  • Angie lockhart - Prints, always love prints

  • Heather - I’ve never used them, but I think that I would get the prints since you speak so highly of them :).

  • Nancy - I love MPIX!

  • Alison R. - Of course the prints, but such cute wall art too!

  • Lisa - Would love to try the canvases….

  • Jennifer - I love the idea of printing out Instagram square prints through Mpix and creating a wall collage with them. I am decorating my kitchen and think that would be a great accent wall/ conversation starter!

  • Marina - Canvas prints!

  • Kaylan McCord - The metal prints!

  • Kelly M. - I love the square prints!

  • Marcia - Mpix is a wonderful place to develop photos that I take of my kiddos. I think the square photos or their photo books are my favorite.

  • Emily - I love picture canvases! It is such a simple yet pretty way to display memories in your home!

  • Lacey Benigas - I love their canvas gallery wraps!! I would really like to do a gallery wall in my home. Praying for your family! I think it’s simply incredible that your willingness has met with Gods provision in opening up opportunities to change both the world and the world views of your kids. I want my hearts answer to be a simple YES as well!

  • Laura C - The Premium Panoramic Photo Book looks really good. Thank you for the giveaway, Ashley!

In late December, Chris turned to me in the kitchen one afternoon and asked, “Do you want to move to China with the kids for a few months?”



My response was one word spoken without hesitation, thought, or any questions. “Yes.” Ask me to travel WITH my crew and the answer is pretty much always going to be “Yes.”

He began sharing with me an opportunity he had that could potentially involve all of us moving to China and a couple months later here we are – boarding a plane on Monday!

Why are you going to China?

This is the biggest question we are asked, for obvious reasons! Chris currently works in the foster care/adoption realm, as well as, in business consulting. He has an opportunity to do what he does here alongside associates living in China. Basically, he will be doing much of the same things he does here, but in China. Thankfully technology allows him to also work remotely, so he can continue his work here. SnapShops is online, so I can work from anywhere.


What do you plan on doing? Where are you staying?

We will spend most of our time in Beijing. However, we do have some bucket list locations we want to visit. We will be doing as much exploring as possible!

What will we be doing daily? – this is pretty unknown, at least for me and the kids. Once we arrive, we will begin figuring out schedules and plans. There are a lot of work-related opportunities for Chris and a few for me. As far as day to day life – we really have no idea. We know a couple things about the friend’s apartment we will be living in, but we really don’t need details, so we haven’t asked for them. We have done so much traveling (including a couple trips to China before), we feel comfortable just figuring it out once we get there.

How will you travel around? Planes. Trains. Buses. Taxis. Vans. Lots and lots of walking!


How are you preparing the kids?

We are talking a lot about cultural differences and working to prepare them for those. They are used to living on 2 acres in a small town. We are moving them to Beijing! Thankfully, we know enough about the culture we feel like we can help them prepare and we have tools to help them handle culture shock if they face it.


What about kids and eating?

One of the most common questions we have been asked has been related to feeding our kids while in China. Honestly, this is not a big concern for us. Our kids are very willing to try new foods and we know they will like a lot of the food available. We do also want to stretch them and encourage them to try things they would not have the chance to eat at home – eating local food is part of the adventure of travel!

That being said, we are packing a few things for those times they need a taste of home and something familiar.  Over the course of this year I am partnering with CLIF Kid to promote their Come Out to Play initiative. I am thrilled that we will be able to take CLIF Kid Zbar Protein and CLIF Kid bars with us on our trip. We anticipate doing lots of hiking and day adventures, which having quick snacks with nutritious and organic ingredients on hand will be so helpful. I might hide all the chocolate chip ones for myself.


We are also packing a few spices. We know over the course of 11 weeks, we all might want something a little familiar for our main meal. My sister introduced us to these Trader Joe spices – they are awesome on rice, noodles, eggs, avocado…basically everything.Packing-02


Other things you are packing?

My goal is to take 2 medium sized duffle bags and then each person get 1 backpack. In short – we are packing light. Chris and I have been to China a couple times and I do not want to manage a bunch of bags and 5 kids in the airport and train stations. No thank you! We are pretty much just taking summer clothes and a few other items.

Each of us are taking a journal. I’m also tucking in some watercolors and brushes to use in our journals.

Some of our good friends created a “Campbell’s China Challenge” list for us. It is so amazingly thoughtful. On the list is a bunch of random things for us to try to accomplish while on our trip. The kids are supposed to take pictures/videos as they check things off list and text them back to their friends. Such a great idea. Our youngest has already claimed “Teach a Chinese friend to dab with you.”


I’m packing my jump rope and yoga cards. Aside from missing friends and family, I’m not looking forward to getting out of my morning workout routine. I have a plan for working out there, but it won’t be the same as seeing my early morning class friends.

I’m also taking a Norwex cloth to help us fight germs and bacteria. My friend Mandy sent me one – she is an avid traveler and has lived overseas many times, I’m so grateful for her thoughtfulness!


Answers to questions followers on IG asked:

What about your house and pets?

Some of our dearest friends close on their house the day we leave for China. They will be in transition as they build a new house. Thankfully, they agreed to stay in our house and keep watch over things (including the cat and chickens). Our dog will be staying at my in-laws on their farm. It is her favorite place, so we aren’t worried about her.

What kind of camera bag will I take?

I have a backpack that will hold my laptop and camera. I actually use a small insulated lunch bag for my camera. My camera fits snuggly in it and then I put it in the backpack. I will probably take my 50mm lens and 85mm lens.

What do you teach the kids regarding if they get lost in a foreign country?

Each of the kids will wear an ID band (see the picture above between the journals and paint). Inside the ID band is a spot to slide in a paper with all our contact info and the contact info of our local friends). We will go over standard safety procedures, how to recognize ‘safe’ people and at each location we visit we will have a specific plan.

Touristy & non-touristy goals? Experience as much of China, the people and the culture as we can!


Will you be meeting your youngest’s birth family?

We will not – at least as far as I know! I will not share much about this part of her life online, but I will say it is extremely difficult for Chinese adoptees to reconnect with their birth family. Honestly, it feels impossible. We do hope to visit the town she is from and the orphanage she was in – she is looking forward to that happening. If I could sit down for a meal with any person – past or present – it would be her birth mom. I do not dream of meeting celebrities. I do dream of meeting the mom that heard our daughter’s first cries. However, that is not currently an option. We are doing a few proactive things regarding finding as many answers as possible for our daughter. (If you are an adoptive parent whose child is from China and would like more information on that topic, feel free to email me.)


Do you need a visa? Yep…ours arrived this week. Nothing like cutting it close!

Will we be able to explore on our own (without the kids)?

I’m not sure, but I won’t want to. My kids are at such fun ages and it experiences are so much sweeter when they are with us. We will miss our date nights though!

What about the blog?

I do plan on blogging, but it might take a week or so to get things going. SO….next week I have a whole week of giveaways planned gearing up for Mother’s Day. Each day I’ll be giving away a 1 year SnapShop membership along with a fun prize from another company. Monday will be $100 gift card from Mpix…so, you’ll want to check in all next week.

I will be posting to Instagram as we travel. You can follow me on Instagram or see the pictures on the left sidebar.

Okay…I think that about covers it. Now I better start packing those duffle bags!

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  • Christi {Jealous Hands} - What an amazing opportunity for your family! Can’t wait to follow along. Safe travels! xo

  • Constanze - So exciting! Wishing you all the best and a wonderful time in China!

  • Steffany - Ashley – I am super excited for your family. What an AMAZING opportunity and I cannot wait to see your posts. I know you will find some incredible things to see/do! My husband is currently working overseas and I am flying with my 2 kids (5 and 8) in a week to meet him in Scotland for two weeks. Flying is NOT my most favorite thing to do but facing our fears is something I want to teach our kids. We can ALL do hard things, right?!? Even those of us that are 43!!!!!!! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful, safe, and amazing trip!

  • Laura - How exciting! I just finished reading Tsh Oxenreider’s new book, “At Home in the World”, which tells the story of how her family travels around the world for a year. I’m convinced traveling with kids early and often equips them to be good travelers and makes them more empathetic to others. Your kids all seem like they’re at great ages to get a lot out of the experience!

  • Molly - My family has lived in China for many years – currently in Xi’an, but moving west in 2 days. I look forward to reading your impressions of living in China! We also have an adopted child from here – our journey was a little different because we live on this side of the ocean so I enjoyed reading about yours. Many blessings as you explore the place we call home. I’m sure you will be well cared for, but please feel free to email me (a perfect stranger!) if you have China questions. May your family experience the richness of following Him over the next weeks and months.

  • Nicolet - so exited for your bunch! Enjoy and can’t wait for your blogs and IG posts

  • amanda - So incredibly awesome–have an amazing time!

  • Beth Ann - Sounds like a wonderful adventure that you are approaching with an open mind and open heart! Enjoy!

  • Jenn - I am so excited for you guys
    What an awesome experience
    I can’t wait to read more about it
    Adventuring is the best

  • Tammy - Oh, how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the beautiful ladies at the orphanage will be filled with joy when they see your beautiful daughter again. And I know you will all make amazing memories together in China!


  • Chevon - My wee family and i moved from Chaoyang Park, Beijing to Florida last year! I miss Beijing and all my friends dearly 🙂

    My husband also consults in China doing computer graphics for movies so we love going back and forth. It sounds like you already know your way around but if you have any questions please feel free to ask – btw i LOVE your blog 🙂

    Our favorite things to do,

    Din Thai Fung
    Mr Shi’s dumplings
    Patbingsu (the best Korean shaved ice)
    Hutong food is always good
    Sanlitun Mall has a lot of expat food and also the Wangfujing mall

    Movies (in English)
    Sanlitun (i think its called Megabox)

    Jenny lou (expat food)
    carre four

    Fun *Cheap* shopping
    Honqiao Market a.k.a Pearl Market

    Honglingjin park was fun to walk around with the kiddos and they have little boat rides (most big parks do) and a play area one you have to pay to get in which was worth it (25 yuan per kid) it had a fun obstacle course and a small playground and trampoline.

    But seriously if you need any help feel free to reach out if your VPN allows 😉

  • Tiffany - So glad you have the opportunity to do this! God be with you! I can’t wait to “experience” China through your eyes! 🙂

  • Shira - Wonderful!!!! We hope to do something similar someday. I’m sure you’ll be soaking up every minute with your family, but please do post when you can – we are waiting to hear all about it.
    Safe and great travels. Bravo for going.

  • Ethel White - What a great adventure! Will be praying for your little family and look forward to your blogs

  • Emily Betzler - ASHLEY!!!

    This is sooooo exciting! I am so thrilled for you and your family, can’t wait for all the updates! Sending prayers and hugs.

  • Carrie - I’m SO excited for you and your family. What an amazing experience for all of you together! Also, crying about what you said about if you could meet anyone it would be her birth mom. Thank you for loving her and honoring her even from a distance.

  • Kelli Bryan - Eek! We’ll be in Beijing at the beginning of June to meet our youngest! Have a great trip!

  • Kathie - Can’t wait to see all that you guys get to do!! This would be a trip of a lifetime! Where did you get your journals? They look amazing! I hope you all have a fun and safe journey and look forward to seeing all your photos!

  • Abby - So excited to see China through you and your family! What memories you will make!

  • Carrie - I am so excited for your family. I have a friend moving with her family to China (2 year stay) for her husband will be teaching over there. I was so grateful to spend almost 3 weeks in China when traveled to bring our daughter home (she is 5 now). Guizhou was breath talking. I still have dream so f China and hope to go back many times. Looking forward to hearing of your youngest’ thoughts going back to her birth country. Well wishes and God Bless! Carrie
    P.S. I too would not want dinner with a celebrity but Myla’s birth mom. 🙂

  • Libby - What an amazing time for your family!!

    It’s useful to note that the Norwex cloth will *not* kill germs or disinfect, although it’s AMAZING for avoiding bringing along the germs that might want to hitchhike in things like a damp towel! https://www.facebook.com/thefriendlybiologist/posts/1941090806177296

    I hope you all have an incredible time — can’t wait to live vicariously through you!

  • Avenlea Bixby - Have so much fun!! I am happy you all get to go. Trips are the most fun when the whole family is together! 🙂

  • Patti - How super exciting! We are in Singapore for 3 weeks, while not the same we are loving the adventure of the city, the food, the subway and just proud of ourselves that we are getting around. Funny, we bought 4 of the beginners chop sticks yesterday to take home for friends. Enjoy your trip and looking forward to hearing your adventures.

  • Michelle - Enjoy your adventure! I’m excited to follow along on any parts you feel inclined to share. I would chose my daughters’ birthparents too … so much to thank them for.

  • Jen - What an amazing adventure for your family! It’s wonderful that you’re able to take advantage of such a great opportunity. Wishing you lots of fun times and new experiences ahead!

  • Marleen - My daughter came back from CHina this week, she had the opportunity to be an exchange-student with her middle school. It was 30 degrees Celsius in Beijing, light packing recommended indeed!
    After travelling around the hot-spots like the Great Wall and Forbidden City she stayed for a week with a Chinese student.
    The most difficult part was the time claimed by CHinese people, who wanted their picture taken with the Dutch students, around the hotspots. Some people were even very physical about it. The tall boys, and blond girls were the most in demand. Feeling like a celebrity!
    What an opportunity you provide for your kids, good parenting indeed! Have fun and please share regularly !

  • Donzel - Ugh! Reading this puts such an ache in my heart to travel! We’ll have to wait a bit until our kids are older before venturing out on such a trip. However, I’m SO excited that you & your family are able to do this. Remember, it’s not actually possible to overgram. 😉 Enjoy the prep time and the last days in Oklahoma!

  • Bobbi Jo - Hi Ashley! Enjoy the trip! We have lived two summers in Beijing, so I wanted to share that one of my favorite things was to sign the kids up for swimming lessons at the YMCA. I think there is only one location, so hopefully you can find it. We were the only Americans in the place so it was a unique experience for sure. Plus, the journey to get there was always an adventure. I marveled at the population density in the neighborhood around the Y.

    And lastly, you have to hit the flea market. So much fun. Have an AMAZING trip!!

  • Gisele - Hi Ashley,
    My name is Gisele, I follow your blog and do the snapshop! Originaly I am from Brazil, then move to Finland and for the last 3 years I am living in China. I live in a city Called Hangzhou, very close to Shanghai! My husband works at Nokia, I have 2 boys, 7 and 5 years old! Hangzhou is a very nice city, if you want come to Hangzhou or need Any help in China, Let me know!
    My cell phone is: 185 06575685


    Gisele Palu

  • Gisele Palu - Hi Ashley,
    My name is Gisele, I follow your blog and do the snapshop! Originaly I am from Brazil, then move to Finland and for the last 3 years I am living in China. I live in a city Called Hangzhou, very close to Shanghai! My husband works at Nokia, I have 2 boys, 7 and 5 years old! Hangzhou is a very nice city, if you want come to Hangzhou or need Any help in China, Let me know!
    My cell phone is: 185 06575685


    Gisele Palu

  • Anne Eicher - Praying for safe travels for your family! Y’all are sooo lucky! Our nephew and niece (and their 2 little children) are “studying in China” for 3 years… They’ve been there for a little over a year and are LOVING it! They are living in Lanzhou so it’s quite a bit different than Beijing. I’m looking forward to your reports… Wish you the best!

  • jenny - so excited to witness some of your travels! how fun! excited about the giveaways next week too!

  • Christina Standifer - So incredibly exciting!! Looking forward to reading about your journey and living it out through your photography!! Safe travels and blessings!!

  • Kara M - You will have a blast! A heart for travel is one thing I want to pass on to my kids. If you have the opportunity, GO! 😀

  • Amy cornwell - What an amazing adventure! I love that you said yes without hesitation. I’m excited to read of your adventures!

  • Ailie - That’s awesome! My husband, 2 boys (ages 4 and 8) and I are living in Indonesia for 7 months and it has been such a great experience! Challenging and rewarding.

  • Kristina Locker - I love Mpix prints!

  • Abbi Hearne - I am so excited for you guys! This is going to be an amazing trip, I can’t wait to follow along!

  • Elizabeth Smillie - Quite honestly, I don’t know what my favorite product would be! I’ve been wanting to try them for quite a while, but between either shortages of money or time (or sometimes both), haven’t been able to. I’d love to try their prints and some of the things you’ve talked about in the past (the standing photos you had on your family room shelf for a while, I think?)
    And I’d be over the moon to participate in a Snapshop!!!!

  • Renato - Congrats! Nice Job! You pics are incredible