I know how hard it is to find time for online courses that require logging in at a certain time or with limited access. In January, I combined my SnapShop: DSLR and SnapShop:Phone courses into one online photography website with new lessons added monthly. Instead of logging in at a certain time or only having couple weeks to access content, the new site is subscription based. As a subscriber you have access to all the content for as long as you keep your membership. The monthly membership costs less than a fancy latte.

I’m holding a flash sale! This will be the biggest discount for the remainder of the year. The initial registration fee will be 50% off for TODAY only! The registration fee will be discounted to $25 (normally $50).

We are also offering annual memberships designed to be given as gifts available for purchase through the end of the year. Annual memberships will be $100 and only available until Dec. 31st. Today only we are offering $25 off the annual membership.


$25.00 off the $50 registration fee


$25.00 off a $100 annual membership fee

Offers are good today only.

This flash sale will end at 11:59pm CST on November 28, 2016.

Registration includes access to all SnapShop content (used by over 3000 students since 2009), including: 

  • SnapShop DSLR Course (a $200 value)
  • SnapShop Phone Course (a $50 value)
  • Interviews & tips with leading photographers & bloggers
  • Course discussions
  • Additional lessons posted monthly by Ashley Ann and guests!

To register click here and use the code: CYBERMONDAY

Discount code is case sensitive and can be entered at checkout.  Subscriptions will renew for $5.00 monthly to maintain access to existing content and new lessons!  

To see a listing of all the lessons and courses included and a FAQ page answering common questions visit the SnapShop website.

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  • Bree - Thaaaaanks for the great deal – can’t wait to learn from a pro!!! I saw that Elsie from a Beautiful Mess is adopting and that she followed your blog during your adoption process. You and your family are so inspiring!!!

Each year I get a late start on Advent calendars. Last year we started around Dec. 4th, which was early for us. This year I am determined to start on Dec. 1st. My kids love the surprise of a daily countdown. We usually fill the calendar with activities instead of trinkets. I pick the activities based on our schedule – simple things for busy days, bigger things for when we have the extra margin. I keep a master list hidden, just in case I need to sneak and change one.

This weekend I’ll be making our Advent calendar. I thought I would share a few of my favorites I’ve found online in case some of you are looking for ideas to get started too!

advent1Oh Happy Day | Ella Claire | Between You and Me

advent2Mokkasin | Brigitte | AMM Blog

advent3House of Jade | LapinBlu | Morning Creativity

 I have a Christmas Pinterest board with other Christmas related crafts, recipes and activities. There are a couple of lists of Advent activities there too. If you have a favorite activity or random act of kindness you do in December, please share your ideas with us.


This weekend I’ll be attending the Indie Emporium in Tulsa. 50+ Makers and Instagram artists – an event center overflowing with creativity! If you are near the Tulsa area, it would be worth your time to stop by, especially if you are looking for unique gifts. It is also a wonderful chance to support small businesses and local makers.

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  • Ashlee Baker - I would love these tickets!!

  • AshleyAnn - Ashlee – they are yours! I will email you 🙂

  • sarah morgan - I too, don’t like doing the trinket advent calendar. this year, I found an advent calendar in the dollar section of target. Every day, it’s a different activity sheet for your child to do. Coloring pages, mazes, etc. I’ll throw in a few activities along the way for us to do too. I snatched it up quick b/c I didn’t have time to make an advent calendar this year.

  • Jenn - Of those green jars
    I haven’t started one yet this year
    I think we are just going to do the Ann voskamp family advent book this year
    I’m excited about it
    Hope to get to see how your advent calander turns out

  • Gabrielle - Hi Ashley,
    I am a New Zealand Christain mum who follows a few US blogs ( and has never ever made a comment before!) and found your gorgeous site after Elsie Larson made her adoption announcement. After reading your story I felt moved to comment, I just loved your story so much and it touched a cord in me, I have a friend, I don’t know too well, but whose baby boy had a cleft lip and palate, he had the biggest smile in the world and was the most beautiful gorgeous boy, and his mum ( and I and everyone he came in touch with) just adored his smile the way he was, which I totally understood. He recently had it repaired, I wasn’t even his mum, but I felt quite sad at him losing his ” biggest smile in the world” . Now a month later he is just as gorgeous, just different, but it was so sad seeing him sad and tearful and trying to figure out his new face, as a baby, he really could not figure out what was going on! I am so sorry you and your family had to go through all those stares- but thank you for sharing how you felt – may it be a lesson to all of us to be open and loving to everyone around us and accepting of all and open to all possibilities, especially to that of beauty In something different than conventional outward perfection. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing.

  • Erica - We used to do advent calendars with trinkets as well, then moved onto activities – and then last year we decided that we have SO MUCH, and I was feeling exhausted trying to come up with activities each day. I also realized that I REALLY wanted them to associate the holiday season so much more about GIVING than getting. So we came up with an advent calendar of random acts of kindness – and we all had so much fun dreaming up things we could do! From simple things like opening doors with a smile for others, to putting quarters in gumball machines for kids to discover, collecting supplies for wildlife rescue centres, bringing magazines and colouring books to hospital waiting rooms, fresh baking to our beloved librarians, collecting warm clothing for the women’s shelter, etc etc etc. Leaving ideas for books to read within beloved books at the library, posting notes around with compliments, hanging bird feeders outside windows of a seniors centre – so many fun things to do that brings a smile to people:-)

Okay…this is going to be a long post with a lot of information!

This week many people will be scouring ads for the best deals on photography gear. I can’t tell you where all the deals will be, but I can offer a few recommendations. Hopefully this guide will help you as you search for the perfect combination for your needs.

Now here is my disclaimer…you must know I have always used Canon. There are many other great brands out there, so don’t discount them simply because I use Canon. However, for this post I am going to stick with mainly Canon and Nikon. This post is intended for those starting out in photography – not professional photographers. I do not keep up with all the latest technology and newest camera models. I keep up with kids. I’m an the least technical person…so you will not find any technical reviews of the products in this post. Just a listing to help you find a jumping off point.

Amazon is a terrific place to look at the reviews of most of the items I will share here.

These are just my recommendations…the kind I would email a friend’s husband when he asks, “My wife wants a dslr camera, what should I get.”  Take it for that.


In my experience, you never know where photography will lead…so you want to get a camera you can grow with a bit. At the same time, a dslr is an investment. If you are used to using your phone or a point-and-shoot for your photography needs, a dslr will seem big and bulky…and maybe even cumbersome. It will also blow your mind at the quality of images you can capture. A day does not go by that I don’t pick up my dslr. I’d be lost without it.

So, as you begin the process to invest in a dslr, these are the steps I would recommend:

1. Set your budget

When looking at investing in a dslr, I would first set your budget. Once your budget is set, stick to it. There are lots of options and having a budget is smart financially, but it will also give you some boundaries among all the choices. If you are new to photography, I would not buy a lot of equipment early on.

  • Get your camera.
  • Learn to use your camera.

Once you know more about photography it will help you decide exactly what you want to add to your camera bag. Don’t invest a lot of money into equipment until you understand what that equipment does.

2. Pick your camera & lens(es)

As you look at the camera options, keep in mind other things you want to purchase like lenses. If this is your first dslr camera, I recommend getting the standard kit zoom lens that is often included. Typically it is an 18-135mm lens. I do not recommend purchasing a camera and several kit lenses, just the one. However, I do recommend that in addition to your kit lens, you purchase the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. This is called a prime lens, meaning you cannot ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’, you have to physically move your body. The benefit of this lens comes in the aperture setting/speed. In a very basic sense, if you like really blurry backgrounds – this lens will allow you to achieve that. It will also allow you to take pictures in lower light settings without your flash. Most kit lenses do not get near the amount of blur (aka “bokeh”) or let as much light in your camera as this lens. It is about $125.00 and worth every penny.

3. Flash

There are times you just can’t capture what you want without using a flash, but the flash often leaves a less than appealing ‘flashed out’ look. I recommend using an external flash or a diffuser to diffuse the light from your pop-up flash. Personally, I would only buy a Canon or Nikon flash if you are considering really getting into flash photography. If you aren’t big on flash, I would purchase a less expensive off-brand flash. Several SnapShop students have recommended a flash by Neewer – it runs around $35 and has good reviews.

4. Photo editing software 

It is not necessary to buy additional software, but it is something you want to consider. Most computers have basic software to organize and edit photos. However, there might come a time you want something more advanced. Most people then look into Photoshop or Lightroom. Adobe now offers software as part of a monthly subscription called Creative Cloud. I use the basic Creative Cloud Photography Plan ($100 for a year).

5. Learn how to use your camera beyond Auto

Take the time to learn your camera, don’t just use it like a point & shoot or your phone. It will capture great images on Auto, but only by really understanding the basics of photography will you be able to get your full investment out of your camera.

6. Protect your gear, print your photos and enjoy extras


My camera gear recommendations

There are other GREAT camera bodies out there. If you are interested in a camera that is not listed, read the reviews on Amazon!

{Great starter camera bodies (under $1,000)}


Canon Rebel T6i

Nikon D3300

Nikon D7200


{A good middle of the line camera body ($1,000-$2,000)}

Canon 6D – this is the camera I use

Canon 7D Mark II

Canon 80D

Nikon D500

Nikon D750

Pentax K-1


{A high end camera body ($2,000 and up)}


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Nikon D810 – full frame


{My basic lens recommendations}


A kit lens – most Canons come with the 18-55mm or the 18-135mm

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 USM – this is the lens I recommend getting in addition to the one kit lens that comes with your camera

Nikon 50mm AF-S f/1.8

There are SO MANY more lens options, but I really recommend learning to use your camera before you invest in more lenses. Each lens will allow you to do different things, but you need to know what you are looking for in a lens before you make that purchase. You can buy a bunch of lenses, but not understand their benefits and you really lose out. Someone that takes landscape photos will need different lenses than a mom who takes mainly indoor kid shots. Different lenses for different folks. I cover several lenses and uses on the SnapShop site.

A less expensive multi-purpose lens I’ve heard great things about:

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 – I don’t use this lens, but it is a good alternative to the Canon 28-70mm for a less expensive price


{Additional lenses that I use}


Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM– my favorite portrait lens (I only recommend this for full frame cameras 5D, 6D)

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM– This is a terrific zoom lens that gives you aperture flexibility. It gives me great aperture settings, but also works for wide angle and portraits. It is expensive.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II IS USM – great for low light when you need to zoom. Also great for making use of a f/2.8 setting and a zoom…that is why it is so pricey. It is a favorite among wedding photographers and portrait photographers.




Deluxe Pop Up Flash Bounce

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite (a very affordable option for an off-brand external flash)

Canon Speedlite 430EX

Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight


{Photo Editing}

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop through Adobe Creative Cloud

VSCO Presets for Lightroom

Replichrome for Lightroom

RadLab for Photoshop – 50% off this week only, site wide

So that is a lot of information and a lot of links. There are so many online shops that offer bundles and all kinds of promotions this time of year. Let this post just be a resource as you look through all the offers available. I do want to note there are some affiliate links in this post.

**For those completely new to owning a dslr, if you were to pin me down and make me suggest a bundle….it would be the Canon 60D with a kit lens, the 50mm f/1.8, and the Neweer flash. If the 60D was too expensive, I’d trade it out for the Rebel that fits your budget.**


{Learning your camera}

If you are interested in learning more about your camera, how to use the Manual settings, tips for phone photography or general photography lessons, check out my SnapShop website. It is a subscription based photography website with anchor courses and new lessons added each month. SnapShop is for the person looking to capture the beauty of their days through photography. I’ll give you a heads up that registration will be 50% off on Cyber Monday! You won’t see that discount again this year.


As a subscriber you have access to all the content for as long as you keep your membership. The monthly membership costs less than a fancy latte.

Registration includes access to all SnapShop content (used by over 3000 students since 2009), including:

  • SnapShop DSLR Course (a $200 value)
  • SnapShop Phone Course (a $50 value)
  • Interviews & tips with leading photographers & bloggers
  • Course discussions
  • Additional lessons posted monthly by Ashley Ann and guests!



Protect Your Gear, Print Your Photos and Fun Extras


I do all my standard printing (prints, canvases, cards, gifts, etc) from I’ve used Mpix and recomended Mpix for years. They remain my favorite lab – stellar products, fast turn around time, top notch customer service. You place your order online and it is delivered to your house in just a couple days. They also have a Tap to Print phone app that makes printing from my phone super easy.

Now how about some fun options for your DSLR, camera phone and photography fun?!



Wow…that was a long post! I hope it helps some with your holiday shopping. I’d like to end this post with a SnapShop giveaway!

Prize: 2 – 1 year SnapShop memberships (one for the winner and one for the winner to share)


The winner is Oceana – congratulations!

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  • Erin - Thanks for the gift guide and the chance to win the year of Snapshots!

  • Ines - Wowww!!! Thanks a lot for the info!!! And great giveaway! :o)

  • Tamara M. - I’m not planning on buying a (new) camera anytime soon, but thanks anyway for this guide. I know this is a lot of work!

    And what a nice Giveaway :);)

  • Oceana | Maps + Mandalas - Wow, what a great gift guide. I actually just switched from Nikon to Canon and invested in a Canon 6D. I really like it so far, but there’s an adjustment period for sure!
    I ended up with the 50mm only, as I wasn’t really interested in a kit lens. I’m looking to get something wide angle, and am trying to decide between the 20mm and the 24mm canon.
    Have you used either?

    Interested to have a look behind the curtain at SnapShop!

  • Amy Coose - Thanks for all the great info, Ashley! And thanks for the chance to win!

  • Beth - I just purchased a bridge camera. I would love to own a DSLR someday, but they’re a bit out of my price range for now (I’m currently in the Peace Corps which means no income coming in, so I had to dip into minimal savings). I’m curious if you have any experience with bridge cameras?

  • Southern Gal - Thanks for the list!
    (The Deluxe Pop Up Flash Bounce link says it’s not available anymore. It’s one of the next items on my to buy list.)

  • Kristin - I just started learning photography so this is perfect that I stumbled upon your blog! I’m definitely going to come back here often to learn and practice! Having a subscription to SnapShot sounds like a good next step! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.


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  • Jennifer - Great post! I really think I want to upgrade my 5D to one with bluetooth capabilities.

  • Jessica Roberts - Thank you for all your recommendations! One of these posts from years past is what helped me figure out what gear to buy!

  • Chelsea Pershall - I’d love to win!!

  • Sara Renick - How fun! Thank you for offering this!

  • Allyson - Thank you for writing this! My sister literally asked me this question over the past weekend and I told her I had no clue. This post answers everything. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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  • Heather - I look forward to your photography recommendation post every year! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders - There is so much great info in this post! My husband and I both have DSLRs and we really want to learn how to utilize them better, so your SnapShop would be a great Christmas present!

  • Siew - I’m guilty of hanging out in auto with my camera and know I need to branch out a bit!

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  • Pat - I hope you and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving. Holidays are always bittersweet after the loss of a beloved family member.

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    I’ve been interested in photography for a long time but I’m afraid to take the leap! Maybe winning one of these prizes would help 🙂 lol

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