Things you never expect to see…your name on an Anthropologie event flyer. At least that is true for me. I mean the last time I visited the Anthropologie in my town, I’m pretty sure I had a baseball hat on and no one was there to mingle with me.

I just returned from The Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane. I was helping my friend Amanda with her BeCrafty Workshop (more on that later). The show started on Saturday, but Friday night Jenny Keller (of Jenny Cookies) hosted a kickoff party at the Spokane Anthropologie….

anthroI arrived with Amanda, Sara, and Lesley. Serena, the founder of The Farm Chicks, was already inside. There were two sweet ladies checking guests’ names off a list before you could enter the event. We gave them our names, but we weren’t on the list. Part of me thought, “Well, of course, we aren’t on the list. Let’s head back to the hotel and put on our pjs!” We all felt so awkward trying to figure out how to tell her who we were and why we were there. Eventually, Amanda broke down and quietly said, “Our names are on the graphic you sent out.” I was trying not to laugh at our group awkwardness.

We stepped inside to be greeted by Jenny, who outdid herself with the entire event. It was beautiful in every way. Women creating floral crowns, totes and body scrubs. There were tables of the cutest desserts and drinks. Again…enter our group awkwardness. The four of us had no idea what to do at a “meet and mingle”. Do we stand in one place? Do we walk around? Can I hide in a clothes rack? Please someone come talk to me because I don’t know what to do!

THANKFULLY a few sweet women came up to me and broke the ice. It turned into a beautiful evening of chatting face to face with a handful of women that read this random blog of mine. It felt like meeting old friends…only I was wearing a dress and heels with flowers on my head, which is SO FAR from normal for me.


I came home and returned to my normal routine. Lots of sweeping floors, washing dishes and hearing, “MOM!…..” all day long. I thought back to the night in Spokane and an invitation with my name under “Meet and Mingle With” and it all makes me laugh a little. Heels and flowers and a necklace at an Anthro event with my name highlighted – so far from what life is really like.

It was fun to get dressed up and I wish I could wear a floral crown every day, however, standing at my kitchen sink in my tennis shoes, hair in a bun and gym shorts is real life. As much fun as the night was (and gorgeously planned) – given the chance I would have relished meeting those women at my kitchen table. I would have poured them a cup of coffee in an Anthro mug and the cookies would not have been near as cute, but it would have felt like they were meeting a fuller picture of me. A less glamorous, but also a little less awkward! IMG_8501Special events and nights away are so, so good, but real day-to-day life in all its mess and lack of glamour will always remain my favorite. I just wish there was less sweeping involved!





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  • Jenn - looks like I fun night. I would have been uncomfortable too. glad you were in a group even though you all may have felt awkward. real day life is great. glad you are back home in your comfortable. sweeping……..just this morning I crawled under the table with my hand held vacuum to pick up all the crumbs under there. it was a crazy amount.
    have a great day. hopefully with not too much sweeping.

  • Becky - I just love you! I have so enjoyed your blog for years. And to be perfectly honest, I’m glad you’re getting recognition on an Anthropologie invite! The world needs more “Ashley”! I know that’ll make you blush but you’re honesty, walk with the Lord, family values and that cute smile should be shared with this broken world.

  • Byron - So did you show them the proper form for front squats? 😀

    Glad you had fun! I need to get that photo signed so I can say, “I knew her when…”. LoL!

    Good to have you back!

  • Krystle Detwiler - So you’ve been to WA twice now that I’ve seen, and I’ve missed both! Urgh! Come back one day and I swear I’ll attend!! :) Dang Spokane being 6 hours away by car or costing a plane ticket. :( Hope you enjoyed the side of the state that has 4 seasons! :)

  • Sara - Our names are on the graphic ???? still laughing about that hahahaha miss you.?

  • Sara - And the ???? Are supposed to be emojis. Oy I’ll just use the old school wink 😉

  • amanda - goodness, that was a fun night. I will never stop laughing about trying to get in. xo

  • AshleyAnn - Good times. Good times!

  • AshleyAnn - I miss you too!

  • AshleyAnn - Krystle – Well, I hope to bring back my family one day! It is a beautiful state!

  • AshleyAnn - Nope – no squat form lessons…and it is good to be back at Crossfit :)

  • AshleyAnn - Thank you Becky :)

  • AshleyAnn - How do all the crumbs get under the table? I ask myself a version of that question way too many times a day!

  • Analne Love - Ashley~ I so wanted to come and to meet you in person! I realized the dates were upon me at the last minute and my husband graciously offered to send me off for the day – a 2-3 hour drive from where I live in North Idaho.
    Through a few silly tears I have to tell you, I decided to stay home and enjoy the weekend with he and the rest of my favorite people (all 10). This blogging, it is a push/pull of emotion when reckoning with what one sees through the screen and esteems as valuable, and what one experiences on this side of it which is also valuable though maybe not as edited or noticed. When weighing the decision to stay or go, the importance seemed heavier in favor of stay. It was a lovely weekend, AND I missed you. Too bad there’s no way to do all the favorite things at once! :-)

    Since taking your DSLR class a year ago January, I have considered you a friend :-) I often think of you when I pick up my camera, and take so much pleasure in having this fun toy/creative outlet that I can enjoy in the midst of busy life! Thanks again, for sharing your skill and eye for beauty on your blog. I love to visit just to be heart-edified and for my eyes to find a resting place.

    I love what you guys are doing there across the states. I love what you are sharing with others! And I do love T-shirts and hair tossed into a bun myself.
    You are very precious Ashley. Keep glorifying Jesus with your own unique sparkle!

    Maybe I’ll pop in to see you next time you’re in the Pacific Northwest :-)

    All my heart,
    Your sister


  • Serena - Hee hee hee hee Oh my goodness this is just the sweetest and cutest. I’m so thankful to have you ladies in my life. Looking forward to more to come. Lots of love.

  • Katie Thomassen - So incredibly bummed. Made it to the show (5 hours of driving including a stop for “a weird noise under the hood) but I didn’t have the chance to see you and say hi! I DID see your sister, Leslie, out and about and peaked into the crafting room, aka Fort Knox (just kidding, but there was no sneaking in, that’s for sure! :-) Maybe next time. The show itself was amazing and the time spent with friends was priceless. And I will be following your search for a Roomba….

  • Tasha B. - Amen! All the formal hooplah does make it awkward. But beautiful! And I thought not to bombard you / worked up my courage to come say hi and by then you gals were gone. Next time I’ll be brave! :)

  • AshleyAnn - Tasha – I wish you had come to say HI!!!!

  • Farm Chicks PRE-PARTY at Anthropologie » Be Crafty - […] After spending that entire day at the show setting up for Saturday’s workshop , time quickly flew by and the girls and I ran back to our hotel to get ready for the pre-party event. We were all a little frazeled trying to get ready so fast.  We meet  up with Jessie and Stevie in the hotel lobby and walked over to Anthropologie. The girls are I were quite nervous walking over. Ashley says it best on her blog post. […]

  • candice - I love your kitchen! What is that hanging in the window?

Today I am guest posting over on the Mpix blog. I told Chris he better not click over. Chris…don’t click over! I’m sharing a simple Father’s Day gift that combines photos and personal notes. Go check it out!

FathersDay-04FathersDay-08Chris’ birthday is a few days after Father’s Day. It is HARD to shop for him. I asked him what gifts he has liked in the past and what are a few things he would like now…here is a little compilation in case some of you are looking for gifts this June!


Teton Hydration Backpack

Camping Cast Iron Pie Maker (we make pizza pockets when camping with these)

Drone with a HD camera

Breville Espresso Machine


Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager (we have this and Chris uses it daily)

Magnetic Universal Car Mount for phones (Chris uses this in his car)

Detachable phone case and wallet (Chris uses this with the car mount)

Gym Climbing Rope


XFP Speed Jump Rope

FitBit (so Chris doesn’t use one, but I do and am a is great for goal oriented people)

Char-Broil Grill (or a Hasty Bake if you are my dad!)

Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement (Chris suggested this one)



farmchicksWell, I am off to the Farm Chicks Craft Show in Spokane, WA! If you are there, be sure to say ‘hi’. I’ll also be at a Meet & Mingle at the Spokane Anthropologie on Thursday night!





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  • JoMarie - Thank you SO much for posting these items, my husband is SO hard to buy for. I purchased the neck/back massager, never seen one like this. Thanks again!!

  • Jill - Oh my goodness, we leave today for Spokane! Will you have a booth at The Farm Chicks? It’s our first visit and I can’t wait! Hope to see you.

  • Katie Thomassen - Leaving bright and early (well, dark and early…4am) on Saturday morning in hopes of getting to meet you and find some fabulous things that I don’t need! I’ve been wanting to attend for a few years but when I heard that the one blogger I have followed for going on 5 years now was going to be there…well, I’ll know me for the dark rings around my eyes and coffee breath!

  • Kathie McAuliffe - I will be at the Farm Chicks Show and I even signed up for the Craft Session! I can’t wait!!

  • AshleyAnn - Katie – make sure you find me!!

  • charlse brown - “Drone with a hd camera”

    I think it will better suitable for my dad , my father is farmer and he is the owner of the farm house so they will like to use drone camera to show their whole farm.

    Thank you.

  • Katie Thomassen - Ashley, you know I will! And with any luck I will have a chance to chew some gum first! As we are coming from the other side of the state, we are looking forward to the drive in the early hours, but 4:30….man, I’m sure it will TOTALLY be worth it!

Summer is here!!! I’m a summer girl. Spring comes in second place. Fall in third. Winter I could do without entirely. Our weekend was full to the brim with friends and family. My kids were totally spoiled when Emily (of Jones Design Company) and her crew stayed with us for a few days. Her boys and daughter are the exact ages of my boys and eldest daughter. It was perfect. A couple hours after we waved goodbye to their family, the Proutys and Teagues pulled in our driveway. It was a family get together 5 years in the making.

We woke up yesterday exhausted and hearts overflowing. So grateful for family and friends.

The kids and I pretty much did nothing all day, which is very unusual. After a long day of laziness, we ended with basketball, sweat and laughing.

I usually only snap a couple pictures each day. As I watched the kids play with Chris, I went inside to grab my 70-200mm lens. It is the one I purchased and used for weddings back in the day. Now it stays pretty much neglected in my closet.

They played with the ball. I played with my camera. And then I joined in the game.

Most of these were shot at ISO 500, 1/500, f/2.8 with my 70-200mm lens.

6.1basketball-016.1basketball-026.1basketball-046.1basketball-066.1basketball-076.1basketball-086.1basketball-096.1basketball-106.1basketball-11“Me? Foul?”6.1basketball-126.1basketball-136.1basketball-14

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  • Tiffany A. Nelson - “Me? Foul?” – Holding Dads arm. Tired Tot. Good times.

  • Carrie - There is something precious and eternal about kids playing with their dad. :) Love this!

  • Melissa Carr - I totally agree with you on the priority of seasons! I’m a summer girl too… give me the beach, pool, camping, cookouts, picnics, and fireworks any day! We’ve been living in Houston the past few years where it is SO disgusting in the summer that it’s hard to go outside. I’m ready to move somewhere that we can fully appreciate summer again!

  • Shannon Phillips - I love these Ash! As I was looking at the images before I read the post, I thought that they looked like you used your 70-200mm. Proud of you for pulling out that big daddy around the house. ??

  • andy - I love these pictures
    they are all so great
    looks like a great night
    I had a question though about your shelves in your living area
    the ones that are mounted on a bracket (that is the best way for me to describe it)
    I lady I know has some of the brackets and I was going to get them from her but I don’t think she has the things that hold the wooden shelf (braces I guess) or the wood shelves.
    are your shelves just sitting on the brackets/braces
    thank you. hopeing to put some in my sons room and then some four our living room

  • Carol Van Boening - Great times….great pictures!! LOVE little one. SO precious!