I’ve wanted a hammock inside our home for years. Years. I could never figure out where to hang one, but it was always in my mind every time I moved around furniture. When Corbett and I were in Ecuador we stopped by a market for about 20 minutes. There were hammocks – beautiful, colorful hammocks – everywhere. Corbett really wanted to go shop for gifts for his siblings. I wanted to skip the gifts in buy myself a hammock. Just being honest! Well…we left Ecuador with a bunch of gifts and no hammock.

Once I home I decided I’d just keep my eye for the perfect hammock. I moved out a big round chair from our living room, so I thought I could try to fit a hammock in the corner. One night I spotted a green one on Pinterest, traced it back to Anthro and now there is a hammock in my living room.

Once the hammock arrived, I snapped a few photos to text my dad with the message, “Want to come help me figure out how to hang this?” The next day the hammock was hanging and it hasn’t been empty since. It is by far the most fought over popular place in the living room.

hammock-01hammock-05hammock-03My friend told Corbett that he needed a bigger cereal bowl….and bought him this one.hammock-06For those wondering about how we hung it…just a couple hook screws attached to the wall studs.

hammock-11I didn’t think any rules were going to be needed, but…boys. No flipping in it. No twisting someone up so tight they can’t get out. No using your feet to push against the window to get the biggest swing. Please, for the love of your mother, just use it for chillin’ out, maxin’ and relaxin’.





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  • Kate - Oh my gosh!!! That last picture is HYSTERICAL!!!
    It’s great your whole family is enjoying your home’s new addition so much!

  • Ann - I think your idea of a hammock in the living room is brilliant. The second I saw the picture of it on your Instagram, I knew that we needed to figure where we could put one in our house. I love it!!!

  • Cindy - Love this!! I would love to have one in my house but can’t think of any space big enough to hang one. I love the picture on your wall in the last photo….where did you get it?

  • Jodi - Love the hammock in the house idea…jealous, enjoy!

  • Diane - Yes, yes, yes! I want a hammock in my house too! We just finished up traveling out west and anytime we could hang the hammock, it instantly became my favorite place to be. Of course I had to fight my kids for it. Your hammock is fancy and oh so pretty! Love it!

  • Jenn - when i saw you hammock in the living area it made me want one. i so love this

  • Danielle Kennedy - I’m just wondering where you got your rug? Every time I catch a glimpse of it, I’m reminded how much I love it!

  • AshleyAnn - Danielle – it is from World Market. They have big rug sales frequently…so keep an eye out for a sale!!

  • Amy D - Love that you went all creative and unconventional! Is this good for kiddos with sensory input needs? Not asking about kids with SPD.

  • Jennifer Haynes - I never knew I needed an indoor hammock until this second….now I MUST HAVE one! Its so cute!

  • Southern Gal - I love your hammocks. My son-in-law installed one in their home. He can take it down and it hangs behind the curtain. My grandkids love it and like to take naps in it!

  • Anne Marie - I love this idea! My sis-in-law bought me a hammock in Mexico and it’s been on the shelf in my closet for several years because I couldn’t figure out where to put it on the porch and besides I didn’t want it out in the weather. I think we might have the perfect spot for it in the playroom upstairs!

  • Jessie - I never thought of hammock envy, sure I’ve had floor envy and wall envy after one of your delicious blog posts, but not hammock envy. Ill admit I have even had puppy envy. Now I have hammock envy. :) But now Im laughing at the thought of pregnant me getting out of that thing…

  • Emily - We have a hammock on our deck and I have said many time it’s just for chillin’ out, maxin’, and relaxin’ and my 6yr old boy always responds with “maximum swings!” And then we start all over…At least it’s not neglected! Enjoy your hammock!

  • Krystal Wight Armstrong - …all cool, and shootin’ some b-ball outside of school!” Wait, no…

  • Em - I’ve got hammock envy right now! Love the indoor hammock idea <3

  • Lisa M. - I love this idea! And it is a beautiful hammock. Probably not, but can I ask…is it possible to get a pulled out shot of it? I would love to see what this looks like in its surroundings!

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Over the weekend I was given the opportunity to guest post on No Hands But Ours. If you are unfamiliar with NHBO, it is an incredible resource for adoptive families (really any family). There are specific posts for those considering adoption, those already home and those researching special needs.

In July, the website featured craniofacial needs. I shared a post about my daughter’s first smile. It has been quite a while since I thought back to the first few months she was home. She and I sat next to each other and looked at her baby pictures. I’m so grateful for the time we were given together before her surgery. So very grateful.

You can read my post Her First Smile by visiting No Hands But Ours.



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  • Stefanie - Awe, this is awesome. And your girl, that smile… so beautiful. So grateful to you for sharing about her over at NHBO – what a blessing and encouragement your words are and will continue to be to those of us parenting (or considering parenting) a child with special needs.

  • Kate - Hi Ashley,
    I read NHBO on a semi-regular basis and saw this post over the weekend. I was delighted to see you contribute again! Thank you for sharing your darling little girl’s progress and for inspiring me with your insight and love. You are a sweetie! :)

  • Kelly Raudenbush - I was so excited to see you sharing at NHBO. Thanks for your willingness to be vulnerable and encourage other families!

  • Kelley - Your blogs was one of the very first blogs I ran across when we were researching China adoption and what types of special needs we may be dealing with. Now 3 adoptions later your blog is still one of my all time favorites! Thank u for your honesty and for spreading the word about China adoption.

    Loved your post on NHBO. (

  • Cynthia - BEAUTIFUL story…well shared! I wish I could write so poignantly! :)

  • Diana - Ashley, her now photo is gorgeous!! It literally stopped me in my tracks. Hoping to keep seeing your sweet family grow up in the coming years. I’m grateful for the positive little corner on the internet that you’ve carved out and then shared with us.

We refinished our living room floors and it got me changing up stuff in the living room/kitchen again. I do like change, but I also have a bunch of kids that are hard of things so change is inevitable anyway. I am terrible at gardening, but I do okay with indoor plants. It is probably related to the fact that I see them more. The garden is not ever in my mind. I have been slowly adding more indoor plants by keeping an eye out when I see them on sale. I don’t need to spend a bunch of money on a plant that quite possibly won’t survive my house long.

A few weeks ago Aldi had tropical plants on sale and I picked up a couple. Sidenote: Raise your hand if you love Aldi. I do almost all my grocery shopping there. Now my plant shopping too. Aldi for the win.


Anyway, I snagged two plants and then picked up a couple of pots for 50% off from Hobby Lobby. I used glossy white spray paint and then black Chalky Finish paint on top.




The textile hanging on the chalkboard is from Kazakhstan. Chris and I spent a summer there back in college. I picked it up at the local market. It once hung in a yurt. I’ve had it for over 15 years and could never figure out where to hang it. It only a half piece. The side you don’t see is a rough edge where it was cut from the wall of the yurt. I hung it over the chalkboard to see if I wanted to take down the chalkboard and hang the textile there. I kind of like it over the chalkboard now. It is all hand stitched – I need to post a close up later!

I’ve been pinning different planter ideas and plants that do well indoors. You can see more of those on my Indoor Plants pinterest board. So far everything is staying alive – dusty, but alive! Any tips on the best way to dust the leaves of plants?!


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  • Diana - Totally agree on the Aldi love! I do most of our grocery shopping there but haven’t had much luck with the plants I’ve bought from them…maybe I need to try their house plants!

  • Maureen - In my Montessori classroom leaf polishing is a work on the shelf. You need a tray with a small pitcher for water, a bowl to pour the water in and cotton balls. The child dips the cotton ball in the water and wipes each leaf. It sounds tedious but it is calming and builds concentration, sense of order and independence. Also the two fingers they hold the cotton ball with are the same two they use to hold a pencil so refinement of fine motor skills. Using a sppritzer on each leaf is fun too, then wipe with the cotton ball. That being said, at home I take them outside and house them down. ?

  • Michele - Something about indoor plants makes a home feel cozier, right?! My mother-in-law told me once that she waters down mayonnaise and rubs it on her plant leaves with a paper towel to keep them shiny and healthy looking. It’s a tedious process, but it works!

  • sarah morgan - YES! Aldi is amazing! we recently got one in my town and I love it! I do most of my shopping there and have picked up several plants over the last few weeks. so far so good…

  • Megan - put the plants in the shower. they will thrive on the humidity – they take in moisture through the leaves as well as the roots – and it will wash the dust off at the same time.

  • Kimberly Oyler - i totally forgot you went to kazhakstan! my YWAM outreach was in kyrgyzstan and we saw many, many, many yurts. such interesting countries!

  • Mandi@herbanhomestead - I typically use one of those Swiffer dusters on the plants. Or take them out back and hose them down. One of my favorite things to keep them healthy is any time it is raining I try to run as many outside as I can to get a good soaking of rain. I let them sit out to dry out a bit, and they love it!

  • Jo - For dusting indoor plants, I simply use a damp cloth. Also, if you can be bothered putting them all outside when it’s raining, they get a good wash while they are being watered. Alternatively, put them in the shower?

  • Shannan Martin - Aldi FOREVER!!!!!

    And I’m basically the same about house plants. Only worse. But I keep trying!

  • Laura Piersall - You’re officially my way cooler twin. Aldi is the best!! For groceries and plants!

  • Rose - Love the Corbett box, i bet that was a happy find

  • beth p - Yes, love Aldi! And everytime I see a picture of your mug holder, I wish I could find one just like it. Is that something you made? Found at an antique store? Ordered somewhere? Would love to know. Thanks!

  • sue - Oh how I wish my small town had an Aldi! The closest one is 50 minutes away. :-(
    I’d buy a can of leaf shine (comes in a big aerosol can)! It’s not super cheap, but will shine up your leaves and keep dust from settling on them.

  • Seamingly Sarah - (raises hand) I love Aldi!

  • Byron - You have an incredible knack for decorating! I stand in awe….

  • Haley - I need to check out Aldi! I have a tapestry from a trip to Africa and plan to mount it between two acrylic pieces like a floating frame. I’ve seen some tutorials around the web and it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to framing, but still protects the piece.