JDCThe latest SnapShop lesson is an interview with Emily of Jones Design Company. Emily shares her tips and tricks for capturing indoor spaces and printed products. The lesson is live, so current students make sure you go check it out.

If you are interested in registering for SnapShop, Emily is sharing a discount code on her blog today!

Emily has a knack for capturing interiors and I am so honored she agreed to a SnapShop interview…her home is stunning.


flourishYou can find a SnapShop discount and Emily’s perspective of my courses on her blog.


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  • Heather - I am having a hard time making the discount code work. It says it could not be found.

  • AshleyAnn - Heather, I am not sure what was happening with it. Try it again and it should be working fine!

  • Susan - Hoping your family has had no damage from the storms that rolled through OK.

  • AshleyAnn - Susan – thank you for checking on us. We are fine and had no damage. There were some really huge tornadoes pretty close by this time!

  • Nicole - I love the Jones Design Company blog and follow it regularly! Reading her posts has now introduced me to you :) Just one question for Emily – do you really eat off of your dining table like that? No table pads??? I have a similar table from Pottery Barn, but don’t let my kids near it w/out table pads and a table cloth because it scratches so easily. I’d love to start using it daily, but I’m afraid I’ll ruin it.

Today I am excited to introduce to you Margaret of Rainy Day Colors. I ‘met’ Margaret several years ago when she first purchased an ad spot on the sidebar of my blog. Every now and then shops sponsor for several months and even years. As a blogger it is fun for me to watch long time sponsors change and grow their businesses. This is very true of Margaret and her shop.

When I asked her to guest post, I left the door open for whatever she felt like sharing. I was so encouraged by her words regarding the realities of juggling motherhood and running a business. It is refreshing to hear someone else I admire affirm the same struggles I have. When she says, “Both (motherhood & businesses) are ran primarily on grace and good coffee,” I smiled a knowing grin. So true. Grace. Coffee. Repeat.

Welcome to Under the Sycamore Margaret. Thank you for sharing here today!

3.16RDC-10Hi y’all! I feel so honored to be sharing in Ashley’s corner of the Internet today. She is such an inspiring mother and maker.

I’m Margaret. I’m a wife and mama of three really cool kids. I spend my days cutting paper for my shop Rainy Day Colors and laughing at my really hilarious kids.

Motherhood isn’t always easy. Running a small business isn’t always easy. Both are ran primarily on grace and good coffee. Some days, when I put away my work and take lunch to the park, this life I get to live feels like a dream. But on other days, the two crash together and it feels nearly impossible.

About a month ago, we were hit with a snow storm that gave us three snow days in a row. The first day was spent sledding and eating pizza. It was one of those magical childhood days that I hope my kids remember for the rest of their lives. I’m sure there were arguments and spills, but it was filled with so much fun and laughter that I can only recollect the joy of that day.

But by snow day three, all of the snow had melted into cold slush, all of the movies had been watched and all of the crafts had been made. Emails and orders were drowning in a sea of pancakes and Legos. I found myself drifting between filling orders and breaking up fights. Finally, I had had enough. I put everyone in their room for some much needed rest time. I got out the water colors and decided to start working on some new designs for the shop. I sat at my kitchen table thinking about the orders that hadn’t been packaged and the kids that had been yelled at.

It was one of those days when running a business while caring for my children felt impossible. As I dipped my paintbrush in the water colors, the words “be kind” rolled off my paintbrush. I painted them over and over, realizing how many times I had growled these words at my kids over the past few days. I needed a reminder, not for my kids, but for myself. Kids don’t always listen when you give them reminders (I know this because no matter how many times I say it, I will have to utter the words “flush the toilet” at least twice a day).

But kids do see your actions. They see me bark at them to be kind when it’s the farthest thing I’ve been to them all day. They hear the frustration in my voice as I’m breaking up another fight. My kids don’t need to hear another reminder from their mom to be kind, they need to see a reminder to be kind in the actions of their mom. They need to see me practice kindness when all I want to do is clank their sweet little heads together.


3.16RDC-13.16RDC-23.16RDC-33.16RDC-43.16RDC-53.16RDC-63.16RDC-73.16RDC-8(Ashley here: I love that Margaret included the following picture when she sent me several to use for this post. Real life. Posing with a Be Kind print and kids being kids in the background. I had to include it.)

3.16RDC-11Sometimes, the things we are juggling fall out of the air. Motherhood, business, work, health, family life. We all need little reminders when all these things begin to crash into each other. Be kind. Rest. Slow down. Hustle. Work Hard. What reminders do you need as you juggle all the things that make up a life?

You can find Margaret on: Instagram | Facebook | Blog | Shop

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  • Rae - Wow. Just wow.

  • Amy Baik Lee - “Be kind” is certainly one. :) For me, “take time to notice” is another: the gifts, the grace, the beauty. This entire post is a lovely reminder to slow and take joy, Margaret!

  • Lori - Such lovely thoughts, thank you for sharing them!

  • Sophia - I’m glad my kids’ adorable, chubby, soft, dimpled little hands aren’t the only ones that are sometimes transformed into fists of fury.

  • Amy - Love this message! My father recently passed away and so many people spoke about his kindness. My brothers recallled publicly how dad never lost his temper-even raising five active kids- and modeled kindness through his actions. This brought such peace at his funeral. He wasn’t a rich or famous man, but the church was overflowing with people at his funeral. His kindness was the reason.

  • Rikki - Such a great reminder that we aren’t alone in business and motherhood + needing reminders ourselves, of what we’re teaching our children. Probably the best thing I’ve read all week – be kind – “they need to see a reminder to be kind in the actions of their mom.”

For decades it was my sister and I gathered at Grandma’s table making the rolls for holiday meals. Now it is me and my kids. I wasn’t paying attention when Chris grabbed my camera and began capturing us working to fill the pans. I am so thankful he took these.3.16easter-013.16easter-053.16easter-06You know those people that can hide what they are thinking? I am not one of them. 3.16easter-083.16easter-07The tables got a fresh coat of white paint. The apple trees were trimmed (not at the correct time, but I’m good with that). 3.16easter-02My mom. My nephew. My grandpa (my mom’s dad). My nephew’s first Easter.3.16easter-04Family and friends gathered around our tables. There was more food than we could eat. More people than tables. More kids than adults. Of all the holidays I could host a big meal – Easter is my favorite. The sun is usually shining. Outside all things are blooming. Everything feels lovely, fresh, vibrant and sweet. Easter to me feels like a taking a deep breath in and slowly exhaling…a beautiful pause savoring the sweetness of the moment and overwhelming hope of a risen Savior.

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  • Jenny - Beautiful pictures! I love that you guys already have blossoms on your trees. I’m hoping we will soon!

  • Ramona - Your mom and grandpa look amazing! You are so lucky. Or better say, blessed. You are very blessed. :)

  • Mary - I love this post!! Lovely words, lovely photos, lovely family!! I agree … Easter is a time of hope, new beginnings, and thankful hearts for our risen Saviour!!!

  • Byron - Well done, Chris! Great pictures!

    ***You know those people that can hide what they are thinking? I am not one of them.***

    LOL! No, you certainly aren’t in that picture….

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Love this. We hosted an impromptu Easter lunch of grilled cheese and chips with friends from church. I think we will make it a new tradition- it was perfect. ps: i’m one of those people that can’t hide what I’m thinking either. You should see the pictures from my sister’s wedding (insert money hiding his face emoji).

  • Kimberly Oyler - i have no idea why, but those pictures of you made me miss you SO MUCH. i need to come get my sock asap.

  • Lisa - What precious memories! Also I love the table and green dresser. ?