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We said goodbye.

I had great intentions of having a few posts written for this week while we travel home, but I chose to do other things on our last few days. We each leave changed by the friends we made, the kids we met and the love we witnessed.

Currently, we are headed home. Our original travel plans included 36 hours of planes and airports. Well, plans change. Dust storms hit and planes get cancelled. Unfortunately, it was our very first plane that was cancelled, so we missed all other flights home and are a bit stranded. Our 36 hours of travel has turned into 60 hours (we are hoping it is just 60!).

My friend Haverlee shared this quote a while back, we are living by it right now.

What is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal?

Your attitude.

We are working on embracing this new 60 hour travel adventure. Soon our wifi access will end again, otherwise, I’d work on all those half-written posts I have saved…maybe once we finally get to US soil I will!

Lastly, thank you for all the feedback on the new blog design. Once I am back home, settled and have consistent internet I’ll fix the little glitches and will respond to your comments and questions!

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