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This kid is funny. He has a gift for making people laugh with clean humor (as opposed to potty humor like his brothers!). He can share humor in a way that doesn’t make fun of others or cause others pain. It is an ability that is unique to him in our family. Three years ago we were struggling to help him see his humor as a gift. Back then he was crushed when people laughed at him.

Three years ago we began talking about how humor is such a needed part of our world. I shared with him great comedians and stories of how laughter brings healing to the hurting. We talked about how God shaped him in such a unique way to bring joy to others through his humor. Being able to bring laughter to others in a pure form that is not at the expense of others is so rare. Slowly, he began seeing the difference in being laughed at out of meanness and being laughed at because has a gift of humor.

Slowly, he began gaining confidence and allowing himself to share his humor while welcoming the laughter. Fast forward three years and he has fully embraced the gift of bringing laughter.
While most of the kids at New Day are younger and live on-site, there are a few older kids that live in Chinese foster families in the community. Each day these kids come to school at New Day and then get extra time on the playground. Hudson knows when the older kids will be headed to the playground and he is quick to find me to take him there too.

Like most moms when they go to the playground and their kids find a fun older kid to play with – the nannies and foster moms sit back, chat and laugh at the antics of my boys and the kids. There is a different level of fun when kids get to play with kids. There is a different level of fun with Hudson too.
The favorite playground activity is the ‘Pretend like you kicked Hudson’ game on the swings….they play it over and over again.Their time together is short, much like a normal trip to the playground when you meet up with a friend. Too soon the boys head home and my boys chase them to the gate and wave goodbye.There was a time I wasn’t sure if Hudson would ever appreciate his gift of humor and wit. I worried he would hide it instead of embrace it. We had so many conversations, so much gentle pushing, so much encouraging. Back then I wondered if any of what I said was getting through. I’m so thankful kids get older. I’m grateful life doesn’t get stuck in one season – good or difficult.

You know when moms say, “Oh, I wish he would never grow up, but stay a snuggly baby forever,” ? If I wished that for Hudson, that would mean I’d never get to see him grow up. Just the thought of that makes me so sad. Watching kids grow up just might be my favorite adventure of them all.



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