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Motherhood Session {13 year old}

I’m only one year in to this parenting a teenager stuff, but it has been a pretty great year. Are there struggles? – You bet! Just like there are struggles and challenges with a toddler or a 4 year old or an 8 year old there are challenges with a 13 year old boy. However, it is also so much fun! I’m truly soaking up this time with him and grateful he still likes hanging out with me.

Like most parents (probably all parents), I connect with each of my kids in different ways and over different things. With Corbett – we bond over physical challenges, current events, and a love for researching things. A year ago he started joining me at Crossfit in the mornings. At first I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to share my ‘me time’. Well, it turns out it was probably one of the very best things for our relationship. Each day we have something we do together. We bond over sore muscles, who lifted more weight and who can do the most handstand push-ups, among countless other things.

By the way – I’m totally still beating him. I need that documented because my days of winning are very, very limited – I remind him of that each time I boast in a victory! He just smiles…he knows he is only getting stronger and I am only getting older!

When Jessie shot my motherhood session, she asked what things I do with each kid…well, these are a pretty accurate picture of me and Corbett.
This is one of my favorite pictures of him. This is the face I see everyday, but pretty much can never capture. This is the face he makes at me when he says something he knows will make me laugh, sigh, or smirk at him. I’m so thankful Jessie captured it.

The last one is his “Okay mom, you can stop squeezing me” face. Sorry son, you’ll never be too big for me to wrap my arms around..well, you might be, but I will still try.

He is currently working on a science fair project related to blood sugar and what you eat prior to a workout and randomly speaks to me in Latin, Mandarin, Spanish or just words he makes up. In addition, he is constantly asking my thoughts on the repercussions of brain transplants…like if you transplant a 70 year old’s brain into the body of a 14 year old could that 14 year old drive legally? Huh? What? I’m just trying to figure out what to fix for dinner! 

I love this age. It is so much stinkin’ fun!



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