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filling our home with {plant} life

We refinished our living room floors and it got me changing up stuff in the living room/kitchen again. I do likeRead More

DIY {painting an Ikea bunkbed}

Almost exactly 3 years ago we transitioned the girls to bunkbeds. The original plan was to paint the beds, then it wasRead More

our white stained wood floors

I was sitting in my living room with a friend talking about how our wood floors needed to be refinished. With 5 kidsRead More

DIY {fabric decoupage planter}

Part of refreshing things around here has been making updates on old posts and transferring DIY posts (and others) toRead More

working with my hands

Chris does a lot of stuff in the realm of helping people find their passions/strengths/weaknesses. He likes to talkRead More

my perfectly wonky chair

I could paint every day. Walls. Canvases. Fabric. Pots. Furniture. My kids. Every day, if given the chance I would beRead More

Paper Works {a simple gift idea}

I’m sharing another simple gift idea today. I’m thinking in late April I will do a round-up of all theseRead More

come & go, but bring cookies

We held a little get together at our house over the weekend…a simple ‘come and go’ where everyoneRead More

my new sink {an old cast iron}

I have received a few questions about my ‘new’ sink. First, I am crazy happy with it. It is more perfectRead More