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Very rarely – okay maybe 3 times in 10 years of blogging – have I gone to a “blogger” event. Two of those three times were at Retro Den, so I guess I am partial to where I go. Actually, it is probably more about me being partial to when my sister invites me to things. 🙂 If Lesley asks me to go, I’ll go.

I do always have a such a fun time and get to meet local ladies that I can relate to and understand – blogging is a funny thing. I need to start going to “blogger” events more often. I’m thankful for sister that pulls me out of my hermit ways.

Over the weekend Lesley and I attended an event at Retro Den hosted by House Sparrow Fine Nesting – we learned to macrame! Retro Den is a Tulsa treasure. I wonder if they would let me come sit on a couch with my laptop and work there for a few hours?
House Sparrow Fine Nesting has pieces for sale at Retro Den – stunning!
I was pretty happy with my work…and then I put these pictures on this post and looking closely I see some mistakes I made. Bummer. Guess I will have to do it again – not bummed about that. (And I am pretty sure no one will notice my mistakes anyway – perfectly imperfect)Retro Den and The Makerage provided succulents and planters. Sidenote: if you are in Tulsa and need succulents (or help with succulents), Retro Den is your place.
Look at those cute planters Lesley and I made! Natasha of House Sparrow Fine Nesting is an incredible teacher. Later in the post is a link to her shop, where you also find dates for her workshops. I highly recommend them!Several Tulsa companies provided goodies for those in attendance, I’ve included links at the end of the post.

TULSA FRIENDS –  House Sparrow Fine Nesting is hosting another workshop at Retro Den tomorrow night. Click Here to find all the details for tomorrow and future workshops.


House Sparrow Fine Nesting

Retro Den – check out the succulent tips on their blog!

Polished Habitat – helped host the event, check out her organization tips!

The Makerage – concrete planters (their Lazy Susan is on my wish list!)

Laurel & Marie – Stationery & Calligraphy (and the bag pictured above)

Owl & Drum – modern fabric (like Rifle Paper fabric!!) – modern craft education for Tulsa’s diverse community

Abbey Wells Photography – (50% off regular sessions booked by Dec. 31)

Foolish Things Coffee – (Pie Night is on Nov. 9th!)

Eversomething – (check out their classes!)



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