a bit terrifying…a lot awesome

A bit terrifying right?! I walked out of my room to find Hudson standing like this. Dude – don’t do that! For a week I’ve watched him rummaging through the recycling bins and garage piles pulling out random stuff. There was a lot of painting, hot gluing, sewing, and cardboard cutting going on around our house. I didn’t pay too much attention to what he was doing – he is always making something cool. He told me he was working on a Lord Of The Rings character costume for a class project – this is not what I was expecting.?
After my initial shock, I looked closely at what he created. Old soccer shin guards became shoulder protectors, mismatched gloves were painted and foam attached to look like spiked hands, a metal trash can lid was beat to form whatever that is hanging off the chain.? I later learned it was called a mace (I think) and his first version was not up to his expectations, so he made a new one…out of cardboard, hot glue, and a dowel rod.?Part of me feels like YIKES when I see this (I kinda miss Superhero costume days!), but the bigger part is so blown away by his creativity and determination to use his skills to make something with what was on hand. I did tell him to stop randomly showing up in unexpected places trying to scare me and no wearing the mask around younger kids.?

Google “Lord of the Rings Witch King” – I’d say he nailed it.


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