Instagram hubby for the win

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to partner with Athleta on an Instagram campaign. The campaign featured my oldest daughter and I. Chris was forced into being my Instagram husband and take photos for me. I am THE WORST  when it comes to having someone else take my photo, especially if I have in my head exactly how I want the photo to look. Chris is such a trooper. The other four kids tagged along and we headed to my old intermediate high school to get the photos.

Chris was not only a trooper dealing with me trying to tell him how to take a photo like what was in my head – he captured images of my daughter and me that I will treasure. I only shared a couple on Instagram and since there are so many I love I wanted to share some here…more for me to look back on one day than anything.

Here is what I shared about these photos on Instagram:

“She borrows my shoes. She loads the dishwasher in an organized way like me. She’s makes the most appearances on this feed because she is by my side 99% of the day and wants to be in every detail of my life. She picks up on all my habits, mannerisms, and priorities. She is ALWAYS watching and listening. When I was her age gymnastics taught me the importance of failure – of going for it, failing, learning, and trying again. There are a million things I hope she and her siblings learn from me – one is that it is not just okay to fail, but sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is what comes after failing.”

When we wrapped up the pictures, Chris snapped these of me surprise hugging him. He is not a hugger…as you can tell!

And before we left the kids all decided to ride IN the tractor tire…goofballs.

He did such a great job! I’m thankful for his patience and willingness to work with me. He had the best attitude about it and it shows by the photos he captured. I’m pretty grateful!


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