skating and a space heater

If the temperature is above 65 (preferably above 70, but 65 is acceptable), you will find me outside. If it is below 65, especially if it is below freezing, you have to drag me outside. Since they saw the ice skating rink go up in December, my girls have been begging to go. I kept putting it off in hopes of a unseasonably warm day.

Well, despite a few warm days, I missed my opportunity and we had to make our skating trip on the last day of the skating season.

It was so cold.

And it was raining.

The girls giggled with friends and cousins. I tried to keep smiling behind my camera. My oldest daughter wore her great grandpa’s beanie 🙂

It was bitterly cold. I lost feeling in my toes. My plan was to only stay a couple minutes to watch the kids skate and then go home and wait for them by my space heater. Hence, I did not bring gloves (hard to take pictures with them) and I wore the coldest shoes on the face of the planet. I’m such a wimp. Everyone that lives in cold weather I am fully aware of how pathetic I am and how hard-core you are…

I ended up sticking around because my mom, sister, and friend were there. And then there was my nephew – I’m a puddle of mush with him.

He reminds me so much of all my boys when they were teeny like him. I stuck it out with him until we both couldn’t take it any longer and we booked it back to my house. We parked it in front of MY space heater until the rest of the crew came home to join us.

P.S. After enduring the rink on a cold, rainy day, the rink announced the next day that they were extending the season. I think I’ll just own my wimpy-ness and wear my walking sleeping bag next time. Or I could bring my space heater…there are outlets nearby!


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