Spidergirl out my kitchen window

One of my first tips in the SnapShop DSLR course is to keep your camera readily accessible. For me, that means keeping my camera in my kitchen because 90% of our home life happens in the general area of the kitchen. I keep my camera on a side counter, but if you don’t have a safe counter space, I would recommend clearing a little spot inside a cabinet.

If your camera is charged and ready, the chances of you opting for it instead of your phone are greater. Though camera phones have improved greatly, I still prefer my DSLR.

All that to say…the other day I was cooking in the kitchen and glanced out the window to see Spiderman stole my boxing gloves and was waiting to pounce on a sibling.

I grabbed my camera and ran out the door….

After the first snap, I asked her if I could take a few more. She was happy to pose…

The muscle kissing – definitely learned that from her big brothers!






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