we’re home.

We’re back and have been in full ‘cousin time’ mode since we stepped off the plane. We were so sleep deprived upon arrival that adjusting to the 12 hour time difference wasn’t too much of an issue. The emotional and mental adjustment to being back has been far more difficult than the physical – which was to be expected. We’re talking lots as a family and helping the kids work through adjusting back to life here after living so differently in China.

I still have a few more posts related to our trip I want to write in the coming week(s). I also have lots of little ‘bugs’ to fix on the new blog design. I would love your input on the things you notice that are missing, hard to navigate, bothersome or just anything you notice. I tend to spend most of my time in the Admin area, so you are probably catching things I am missing. I’d love your suggestions on things to fix/improve – just leave them in the comment section. Thank you!

So in the comments today, I’d love to hear your input on…
Any questions you have related to a Travel Tips post
Any feedback/fixes needed on the new blog design

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