The Campbells on set

Before we left Oklahoma Chris scanned Google maps around the area we would be living in China. He randomly found a HUGE movie set that you can visit and it has been in his head ever since. For Mother’s Day, I wanted to get out of our village to take pictures of some open markets and the bustling streets of our area. Chris wanted to visit the movie set and according to the map, there was a community near by – perfect.

Well, the bus stopped and there was no community…just the movie set. I will admit to pouting about it. I wanted REAL China, not fake movie set China. However, everyone else in my crew had such a great time and sometimes moms need an attitude adjustment too!

I did pull out my phone to capture a couple of photos. In my poutiness I wasn’t going to take a bunch of photos because everything was fake. Beautiful, but fake. Wah Wah was Ashley – don’t worry, I got over it.

Being Mother’s Day and all, I did make sure to get a very Campbell photo while on set.

The kids have been creating iMovie movie trailers for a few months now. It was pretty cool to have so much open area with different ‘sets’ for them to create a new one. Hopefully, I’ve embedded the trailer right and you can see it below!

Sidenote: I had nothing to do with the spelling in this trailer 😉

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  • ratna - You are complaining that you got the whole china movie set without ALL the crowd? ;P 😛

    I just come back from China. Trust me, enjoy China when you can get China all by yourself. 😀 😀 😀

  • Diana - i love the movie. Definitely an oscar contender

  • AshleyAnn - Yep I was a grump…I wanted bustling China while I can get it!

  • Constanze - Oh gosh, that little movie is hilarious – I love it! Wishing you lots of fun to come during your time in China! Constanze

  • Dawn Gross - What a great movie trailer! ? So glad you’re sharing your adventures in China!

  • Kristin - Love the trailer! Great creativity and editing!!

  • Charisse Nurnberg - That. Was. Great! Thanks for sharing. Following along on your trip is a great companion to the book I’m currently reading – At Home in the World.

  • Jennifer - Fantastic! I love their imagination!!! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tiffany N - Oh my that trailer, Look out Denzel!

  • Jessica - Oh my goodness your kids are SO talented. Really, truly impressive. They are an amazing bunch with an amazing mama! (We have have off days sometimes! 🙂 )

  • Jessica - Ahh I meant we ALL have off days sometimes!

  • Laura J - Wow! I am so impressed with the trailer, it is awesome! More videos please Cambell crew! I would love to hear some of their thoughts/suggestions about the film making process.
    It’s ok for moms to be grumpy sometimes. That’s how life is but I like the life lesson showing that you are working to get over it. Sometimes it takes me longer than other times and that can be a valuable lesson too.

  • Miss chris - This. Is. Hysterical. Thanks for sharing!

  • Debbie C - Loved the trailer! Such a talented bunch you have!

  • Maureen - Amazing!!!!!
    So glad you got over it. From such ‘plot twists’, history is made!<=

  • MC - That is the best movie trailer I’ve seen in my life!

  • Susie - Tell them great job!

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  • Judy - Love all of this – the kiddos you keep sharing are just too precious! What a gift they are! Prayers for continued adventures and blessings for all!

  • Melanie - THAT MOVIE IS SO GREAT!!!!!

  • Heather - Love the movie trailer!! And always love hearing about your human traits lol… everything always seems so perfect in picture form ?. I will likely never visit China so it’s very exciting to see it on your blog. Do you and the kids know the language? Or do you use translating apps?

  • Rae - OMG loveeee the movie trailer!! Tell your kids they’re so talented!!! They prbly already know that tho lol 🙂

  • Jenn - oh my goodness this is so great. i love the trailer

  • Rachel - That trailer was amazing! You have some budding filmmakers on your hands!