Beihai Park, Beijing

Their smiles….

5.17ChinaDancing-015.17ChinaDancing-03We stopped by BeiHai Park in Beijing while out exploring. The boys and I were walking around and came upon this group of dancers. There was a crowd made up of every generation gathered. The women dancing were mesmerizing – not because of the way their bodies moved, but the expressions that covered their faces.

Their smiles.

They were beaming. Watching their joy, it was impossible not to smile yourself.5.17ChinaDancing-05The boys immediately were adamant that we had to go find their sisters. They knew the girls would relish watching the dancing…and the chance to join in too.5.17ChinaDancing-075.17ChinaDancing-09Nothing quite magnifies the differences between Chris and I than when we are in a crowd, especially when the crowd has public dancing. You’ll find me hiding behind my camera – behind a tree or anything else. If someone tries to convince me to join, I have no problem sprinting the opposite direction.

Chris sprints to the crowd. He sprints to the dancing. I’m so thankful the girls have him and he has the girls!


5.17ChinaDancing-13When my oldest daughter stepped away from the dancing, she was asked to pose for a selfie. She threw up the peace sign and smiled so big. This girl cracks me up.5.17ChinaDancing-14It is hard to believe we have already been here almost 2 weeks. The time is flying by for us. Over the weekend, we visited the Great Wall of China – that post will be coming soon. We are staying busy volunteering and exploring….and eating! The time change has me all messed up regarding blogging. I meant to post more last week and lost track of days and time zones. When my mom and father-in-law check in because there aren’t blog posts, I know I better get back on track! This week will be better Mom!

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