Giveaway {SnapShop + Binxy Baby}

Today I’m wrapping up Giveaway week with a prize from Binxy Baby (don’t forget to enter the Mpix, My Fair Ellie, Bought Beautifully, and Pink Lemonade giveaways). I wish these were around when I had babies. The days of wrangling babies and toddlers at the store would have been quite a bit easier with a Binxy hammock. If you know an expectant mom – this is an amazing gift!



The original shopping cart hammock by Lisa Pinnell provides a safe, comfy place for your infant while you shop.

Binxy Baby®’s patented design quickly and easily clips onto most carts, the seat hangs elevated so you have plenty of room underneath for groceries, then it rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag when finished. You can even put two right next to each other for multiples! It also has a strap to secure infant car seats. Perfect for those cold winter days when you want to keep your baby all bundled up and just strap the whole car seat directly into the shopping cart hammock™. Binxy Baby® provides your little one with the most convenient, safe and comfortable seat in the store.

And, of course, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards.

Find Binxy Baby here: Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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The Details:

Prize: 1 year SnapShop membership + 1 Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock ($50 value)

1 winner, chosen at random


To enter: leave a comment here telling me your favorite Binxy print or share with us a funny story of shopping with kids!

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  • Heather - My days of wrangling babies and toddlers are over too, but I would love to give this as a gift to my sister in law who just had twins!

  • Lexie Cook - We just had our second and would love this! I love the indigo blue for our baby boy. I like that they used Target carts for an example too because their carts are so different and you know we all love us some Target!

  • Katie Terpstra - The triangles!

  • Kerri E - Love this! All the prints are amazing but I love the full bloom print. I definitely need this for my 2 month old.

  • Sara Renick - The triangle print!

  • Jessica Rodrigues - I LOVE the Full Bloom pattern! So sweet for a little girl!

  • Sara Renick - The triangles!!

  • Crystal Moser - I love the Full Bloom print. I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked the worst shopping memories I have of shopping with my 2 kids!

  • Janelle - I’m currently pregnant with my fourth boy and this looks genius! I’ve always struggled with not wanting to put the car seat on top of the cart, but IN the cart takes away all the room for groceries- and let’s be honest, I have to get a lot of groceries these days. 🙂 The triangle print is very cute!

  • Susan R. - The triangle print. Such a great product!

  • Kristina Dockendorf - Triangles!

  • Dani M. - I found out just a couple weeks ago that I’m expecting #5! If this little babe is a girl, I’d love to try the Full Bloom print. It’s beautiful!

  • Judy Kay Kyker - I have a new little niece who would love to shop with her mommy in a Binxy Baby. 🙂

  • Teresa Hodges - My favorite print is Raindrops Blue

  • Jessica - I like the triangles!

  • Cindy B - The “Triangles” print would be perfect for my new grandson!

  • Kelley - My favorite is the indigo! Love it and just in time for baby #2!

  • Jill Stansell - I love the triangle pattern because it can be used for all my Grands!

  • Christin - The Triangles!

  • Sarah M - I had 2 kids in close succession and when they were roughly 2 (my son) and around 6ish months (my daughter), they would sit in the little cart area that has just enough room for two kids. After about an hour of being strapped in, my busy boy would start to revolt right as we’d be checking out. He LOVED helping bag the groceries, but this time he was half-way through and just becoming over the top silly and wild, so I strapped him in. He had grabbed a small bag of flour that was near him in the cart and put it on his head to be funny. It EXPLODED all over him, his head, face, and body was all white and chalky, and the rest was on the ground. He was astounded that would happen (!) and the cashiers and I just burst out laughing. Sigh. Thank goodness for those lovely cashiers who helped me clean him adn the floor up, instead of getting huffy (I was already stressed out enough!). It’s one of my favorite memories.

  • Jill Stansell - I can’t see my comment, so I’m posting once more just in case. I love the triangles!

  • Courtney Kelley - The full bloom print is my favorite. It’d be a great gift for my sister in law- my baby shopping days are over!

  • Beth - Full Bloom is my favorite! What a great idea this is.

  • Bethany - Too hard to choose…I love the Full Bloom, Triangles and Gray/Aqua ones! Such a cool idea!

  • Emma - I love the triagle print! I’m pregnant with my first baby now, so I don’t have any funny stories yet, but I’d love to get this hammock for my little one that’s coming! 🙂

  • Bethany - This is such a great idea! I like a few of the patterns…Full Bloom, Triangles and Gray/Aqua.

  • Susan Ritter - Not my story, but my good friend spent 10 minutes searching and panicking looking for her son…who she was carrying on her hip! 🙂 #TIREDMOM

  • Carrie - I like the aquafoil. Who designs shopping carts so that only one kid can sit in them and if you have two kids, you have to drive the bus that cannot turn corners down narrow aisles just trying to avoid other shoppers, not to mention dealing with multiple kids who can get out of the darn things. Stressful! Love this idea!
    Oh….and the story Sarah shared about the flour….hilarious! Thanks for making my morning!

  • Southern Gal - Raindrops in Blue! I remember the first time I went to the grocery store with my 2 1/2 year old daughter and my newborn son. I put her in the cart and used a front carrier for him. My back was killing me before I had shopped two aisles! I love this product! So wish they had these when I was shopping with babies. My daughter and daughter-in-law may be getting this when the next baby arrives. 😉

  • windie d - I like the grey/aqua! This is my first pregnancy (due in October) so I don’t have any little kid shopping stories, but this looks to be so handy and I would love to have one!

  • Michelle - Love that raindrops print!

  • Kim B - Why is it when we go to the grocery store and there are large carts my kids want to walk but we go to Michael’s or Joanns and suddenly they can’t walk and must ride in the tiny cart??? Is it just my kids?

  • Melissa - These are so cool! Full bloom is my favorite.

  • Jana R. - I love the indigo in blue.

  • Lauren - I’m currently pregnant with my third, so this would be amazing! I love the floral one, but we aren’t finding out gender this time (so hard!) so maybe the indigo dream one would be better…

  • Rhiannon - The gray triangle print is precious.

  • Kayleen - My story isn’t so much funny, but a reality of how much I could have used the cart hammocks! When my twins were infants I used to break the rule of not putting an infant carseat in the top seat area, then put the other carseat perpendicular in the cart. My not yet 2 year old would stand on the end, or walk alongside. I had to bring carabiner hooks to attach my cloth shopping bags to the handle, and then place full ones on the bottom “shelf”. I was quite the sight to see!

  • Diana - I love the blue raindrops! That looks so much easier for shopping than putting the carrier seat in the cart, it takes up all the space!

  • bethanyblntn - Oh my goodness! I’m expecting and have a 10 month old too (right now) so this would be AMAZING! I love the triangle print (since we don’t know the gender yet :P).

  • Melissa - When my oldest, very engaging daughter was just 3 we had a “safety talk” about strangers, who to ask for help if she were lost, etc. On a subsequent shopping trip, an elderly man with a very elaborate comb-over tried to start a conversation with her in the checkout line. My daughter responded to his kindness with, “I’m sorry. I don’t talk to strangers.” And then whispered, “But your hair sure is fancy!” (The hammock would be a gift – what amazing products for sweet babies these days!!)

  • sam - Gray and aqua always wins in my book!

  • Sarah C - I love the Triangle pattern!

  • Candy - Indigo

  • Annemieke Hytinen - Triangles, adorable and kind of uni-sex!

  • Heidi - The triangle one is definitely my favorite!

  • Alissa - I’m past the point of needing the shopping cart hammock (Oh, how I would have LOVED this – no more trying to figure out how to strategically pack the cart around the giant infant seat!), but I know exactly who I will give this to I win. Love the full bloom & indigo dreams prints!!

  • Alayna - I had a guy come to my rescue because my 2 year old was trying to climb out of the cart when I was loading groceries and she was tipping the cart over! Not funny but nice. This would be an awesome product for my 2 month old!!!

  • Jessica - Could’ve really used one of those when my twins were babies! With two babies in a cart there’s no room for groceries!

  • Nicole - I really like the Indigo Dream print. Also, what a smart idea! My littlest (of six) is a bit big for this at 15 months, but I would love to give this as a gift! This would making shopping with many littles much easier!

  • Tiffany - I’m expecting a baby girl (due next Saturday!) and would love the Binxy in Full Bloom. I’m pretty nervous about leaving the house – let alone shopping – when it’s not just me anymore! I also love being a SnapShop subscriber and have loved seeing your partnerships all week. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Suzanne M. - Grey/Aqua – love hammocks!!

  • Nichole - Aqua/gray

  • Laurel Libby - I was shopping with my sister (18 years younger) and two of my kids, and had the infant car seat in the back of the cart. I paid for our groceries and headed to the car, got the big kids all loaded in, and put the groceries in the car, saving the car seat for last. I finally loaded the car seat, and realized… there was a block of cheese hiding under the car seat. Which I clearly hadn’t paid for. My sister saw it at the same time, and was horrified that I had “stolen” cheese. I assured her it had not been intentional, and then tried to figure out what to do. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was NOT about to unload the kids again. I finally decided we could do without the cheese, locked the kids in the car, and sprinted into the store. I practically threw the cheese at the greeter with a vague explanation about a car seat, and ran back to the car. My sister was relieved that the police weren’t going to come arrest me, and we did just fine without the cheese that week. Just think, a hammock would have avoided the whole situation!

  • Ashlea Culotta - Triangles or indigo blue

  • Kaitlyn - These are so cool! I have 2 nieces and one on the way so that would be perfect for them (the older girls share the legholes in the seat part of the cart).

  • Hilary Taylor - My biggest frustration when my daughter was an infant was that we picked a more unusual car seat (britax) and it didn’t fit into the car seat holders that some of the grocery carts in our store had. And when I did get it precariously balanced in the cart, I couldn’t see in front of the carts and was steering blind or baby took up the whole interior of the cart and I’d be stuck with a really small volume to fill with food! Glad that we’ve graduated in toddlerhood although that’s a whole other challenge.

  • Kara Rogers - I love Full Bloom for my little gal! That would have been perfect when she was a nugget!

  • Ashley S - We have 2, soon to be 3 kids. My funniest shopping with kids stories always involve frantically running to the restroom 🙂

  • Haley - ooh, love the indigo dream.

  • Vickie - Love the full bloom print and the design of the hammock is genius! I would really love to win the SnapShot class!! Have so much fun in China. Vickie

  • Karla H - Indigo Dream is dreamy!

  • Bekah Decker - Great giveaway! I love the full bloom print!

  • Laura S - This is ingenious, love it, it is such a hassel with a car seat and shopping, it just doesn’t work well, the car seat kinda just takes up the whole cart, or you can’t see anything where you are going depending on the set up.

  • Andrea - First time shopping with my newborn and 2 year old… the baby was in the car seat in the front of the cart. Two year old was sitting in the basket part so I couldn’t see him super well but discovered when we got to the checkout he had entertained himself tearing ALL the labels off the cans and eating a tomato like an apple!! I know the cashier thought I was a hot mess when I just gave them all these labels. And I had an interesting time using those cans later!

  • Jenny - I think the triangles are so cute!

  • Jamie Lewis - I love the grey prints!

  • Maria - Funny story: my daughter is a very, uhm… determined little lady :). I found it exceptionally difficult to keep her in the shopping trolley, so I started:
    1) rather than strapping my DAUGHTER with the trolley seat belt, I started using the trolley seat belt to tie her PANTS into the trolley (because the flimsy velcros on the belts themselves didn’t keep around my daughter), and
    2) tying her tights together.
    Sorry, difficult to explain, but here:

  • Natalie - I like the gray triangle one!

  • Michelle Lafayette - I love the grey/aqua print!

  • Sarah - I have a new nephew who’s mama would love this! The triangles pattern is super cute!

  • JoLynn - What an amazing idea with the cart hammock! Since I don’t currently have a baby right now (my youngest is almost 3 🙁 !) I would give this to my sister for her little boy. She’d love it! I would love the SnapShop membership…your photography is amazing! Thanks for the fun giveaway and I hope that you have an awesome time in China!! 🙂

  • Lisa K - The Grey/Aqua is super cute. There is a great floral one on Instagram too.

  • ellen patton - I like all the prints. And I don’t have kids but would certainly gift this to one of my million friends that have kids.

  • ANGELA - Our baby is almost 7, but our first grandchild is due this fall. My daughter would love the gray and aqua Binxy Baby hammock. So adorable!

  • Suz12 - I like the triangle print!

  • Amber willis - The blue raindrops is fun but would probably go neutral with black.

  • Kathy E. - When my son was just a few months past 2 years old, he fell on ice and broke his leg. He had a full leg cast right up to his hip. As if that wasn’t bad enough in the middle of the winter, I was 8 months pregnant! He managed to learn to walk really well with that cast, but once I delivered his little sister, it was quite difficult to go shopping with them both. Groceries had to be bought, so I’d put him in the large part of the cart and the baby seat up front. Not much room for groceries! Oh, we got lots of looks and sympathy!

  • Kathy E. - forgot to leave my email: duchick at gmail dot com

  • Lauren O - I like the triangle print!

  • Jess - The indigo is beautiful!

  • Nikki M - I love the indigo blue print! But the floral one is adorable too!

  • Elizabeth - Full bloom!

  • Lynn Osborne - I think they are all so pretty. My favorite is the grey and aqua quatrefoil. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ruth W - My favorite thing about shopping with my toddler is how he knows that we have to pay the cashier for things we take home with us. It means that he will run to the register with his treasure when we say he can have something, place his item, and then hold out his little pudgy hand for some money to pay.

  • Donzel - Funny story of shopping with children? when my 2 year old son reached into a child-proof doughnut case and stole a doughnut. And because I was wrangling my tiny 3 week old daughter I didn’t even see it happen…until I was frantically scanning the room, looking for him and noticed a middle aged man pointing (and laughing) at a booth, and there, covered in chocolate was my firstborn. After confessing and offering to pay for the doughnut, we finally sat down and I thought, “Life with 2 tinys is going to be a wild ride.” And so far, it’s been pretty crazy awesome.

  • Kelli o - Would love to give this to a new mom!

  • Jessica - The grey/aqua is my favorite. So sweet!

  • Karla - I really like the black version. I wish I had a funny story shopping with my kids but nothing is coming to mind.

  • Mary - I’m torn! The aqua/gray and triangles are so cute! Thanks

  • Angela S - The time my daughter found a straw on the floor and put it in her mouth and I used baby wipes to clean her mouth out. But – it sure wasn’t funny then. Even now it’s not a fun kind of funny. 😉

  • Becky - Love the idea of this product! My funny shopping trip happened recently with my nephew, when I realized what it means to have a kid who is finally big enough to reach the basket of the cart…when I was checking out I kept thinking “who put all this stuff in the cart?”. Haha!

  • Amy - The indigo dream hammock is so pretty!

  • Heike Wilson - I love the raindrops print!

  • Angie lockhart - The triangle print all the way!

  • manda - I like the triangle.

  • Elke - How fabulous is the Grey/Aqua one!? Added bonus: it’s gender neutral 🙂

  • Leighanna - Black

  • Nicci - I don’t have kids of my own but once I was at Costco with my friend and my sister in law who both have kids. They loaded up all four little ones they had with them that day into my cart so I could babysit and entertain them while the moms could do their shopping. I got quite a few looks and funny questions as I meandered the isles with nothing in my cart but four little kiddos!

  • Natalie E - Triangles

  • Kate D - Never seen these before, what a great idea. And always been dreaming of getting better at photography, especially with my special moments quota about to increase with the birth of my first. Triangle design is my favourite. Good luck to all 🙂

  • Kathy - Indigo dreams….so pretty. Thank again

  • Angela M - I taught my kids’ Sunday School class when they were both 2. At the end of every class my friend and I would tell the kids individually, “Jesus loves _____, and Jesus loves ______, etc.” until we named each child. After 6 months or so of this habit in Sunday School, I was wheeling my so. Through Target one day, and he started pointing at the other shoppers as we passed, in that loud toddler voice he started saying, “Jesus loves her, and Jesus loves her. Jesus love that lady too, Mommy!” He put a smile on a lot of faces that day!!!

  • Kristie K - They’re all beautiful, but I’d have to pick the gray triangles!

  • Jenn - I love the full bloom one and also the triangle one

  • Alison R. - Oh, shopping with kids…the bane of my existence! I have a funny story from a few years back. I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter when my eldest girl was just getting into the terrible two stage. We were in the grocery store and she was having a particularly dramatic meltdown. An older lady looked me up and down and said, “And you’re having another one”! Funny now, but pretty sure I cried in my car that day!

  • Hanna - The triangle print for sure!!

  • Elaine - 30 years ago, we had to put the car seat (which were big and bulky) in the shopping cart! With little room for food, shopping became a jigsaw puzzle to see how much of your list you could fit in the cart! Or, you toted a second empty cart behind you, but then, coordination skills came into play!!! I was better at puzzles?

  • Lisa - I like the gray and aqua quatrefoil….and these are so clever!

  • Jodi L - The Full Bloom is so pretty! I would love to give it to a dear neighbor who is expecting her first baby!

  • Charline - Oh such a great idea !
    I love the triangle hammock ^^

  • Tricia Smith - My favorite print is full bloom

  • Cami - Triangle print!

  • Alyssa Nelson - The Indigo Dream and Full Bloom are the prints that caught my attention.

  • Deanna Martin - So cute.

  • Lisa - That is so cute! I would love to win one for my friend who just had a baby.

  • Jennifer - I like the Raindrops in Blue one- no baby shopping stories yet, as I am expecting my first in September 🙂

  • Marina - Indigo dream!!!

  • Elizabeth Russell - Indigo Dream is my favorite print, it’s beautiful!

  • Kaylan McCord - My favorite print is full bloom!

  • Marcia S. - I absolutely love the triangle hammock! And we are a hammock loving family, so hammock in a shopping cart? Double win!!!

  • Rebecca g - Such a cool product! I had never seen this before! I love the raindrops in blue !

  • Michelle Sherrod - I like the Indigo dream pattern! Such a neat idea! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Carola - The triangle print is so nice! Would be perfect for my little boy. Thank you for doing this giveaway, I have been thinking about getting a Binxy for a while!

  • Tina - I love the raindrops in blue pattern, what a cool idea!

  • Emily - How gorgeous is that full bloom print? Love it!

  • Vero M - Triangle is my fave!

  • Ashley - I would LOVE the indigo blue print for our baby boy coming in September! So darling and a genius idea 🙂

  • Becky Gitau - I’ve never seen this before. This would be perfect for my 4month old. Love the Indigo Dream pattern.

  • Letha Carlton - Morning, I’m turning my computer on , yep its been several weeks. Nice surprise I made the deadline!!!! It would be sweet to get tips & improve my skills. Wish me luck!!

  • Michelle Catallo - Love the Indigo Dream print ~ these look wonderful!

  • Carrie Vaughn - I love the triangles – so cute!

  • Alicia K Johnson - triangles is adorable! Love all these giveaways 😉

  • Laura C - I think my favourite print is the raindrops in blue. This would be a lovely gift indeed.

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