kids are so rad

I took the girls to a birthday party over the weekend. One is a fashionista. One lives in athletic wear. They celebrate and laugh at their differences. They don’t compare or try to be like each other – they simply embrace their uniqueness and see those differences as strengths. I love that. One also dabs for every picture now. I guess her ‘throwing the deuces phase’ is over.Processed with VSCO with a6 presetPrior to having my own kids I assumed kids from the same family would be fairly similar. There would be the introverted ones and the extroverted ones and basically everyone would fit into some version of those two categories. It is funny to think back on my assumptions. I could not have been more wrong.

One of my favorite aspects of parenting is watching the unique personalities and interests of my kids develop. It is still incredibly fascinating to me how 5 kids raised in the same house, by the same parents, under very similar circumstances can be vastly different.Β Sure, there are the things that make them very ‘Campbell’, but goodness are they different.

Recently, my oldest daughter came downstairs for breakfast and looked over at me. “Mom, if you ever want me to help you pick out outfits…and accessorize you, I am happy to help you.” Standing in my running shorts and t-shirt, all I could do was laugh and look over at my youngest daughter, who was dressed just like me. Kids are so rad.

Being a mom is my favorite.


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  • Kelly - I love this post AND those last two photos!! Fantastic! We are in a bit of a tough season here (kids AND parents) and I want to enjoy my kids even in the midst of unpleasantness and sin rearing it’s ugly head! Trusting God to see us through these phases and stages of growing up and that they will all end up faithful to Him in the end still learning and growing and rooting sin and selfishness out of their lives just as I am having to do at 40! Thank you as always for your perspective and encouragement and for not keeping your words and thoughts to yourself but for sharing them with us! There is power in community! This is also a good reminder to me as I try to let my small kids be their own people and to celebrate the ways they are different from me! Kelly

  • Byron - You should go on a shopping spree with her and see what she picks out for you!

  • Maureen - My favorite, too. Loved this post. I grew up one of four so I was pretty sure there would be lots of differences, but am still amazed. How different, how alike. How much they love each other, and us and us them.
    Being a mom, just my favorite thing.

  • Nicolet - Great isn’t it. I have only one child. But I really like it to see the things he’s like his father, things that are like and the unique things he has. I love him now(8jears), but also just can’t wait to see him get older and see what will develop more in him

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Goodness – I’m sitting here at a doctors appointment catching up on your blog and I’m so glad. You remind me of the good things… the really, really good things!

  • Haley - LOVE this! I have a 4 year old and a 7 month old and I’m quickly learning how different they can be. I love seeing their differences and similarities. I also love seeing what ways their like me and what ways they’re completely opposite (who taught my daughter to love dresses and pink?!) Kids are pretty rad!

  • Arifa Ashraf - You just wait, Ashley, your youngest will turn into such an Audrey Hepburn in her teens- trust me, I was such a total Tomboy myself- I NEVER ONCE played with a doll or dressed up princess, but now, as an adult, I couldn’t be more feminine. I have seen time and again tomboys turning into girly girls- and we have the additional benefit of understanding men so well- we relate to them so well somehow- it must have something to do with sort of being boys ourselves as children. My friends always came to me for help with me and were amazed at how I could just explain and then predict their boyfriend’s/husband’s behaviour. Watching your youngest evolve and grow will be something beautiful, you mark my words! And she may even turn out to be be naturally talented at things deemed typically ‘male’ like physics, mathematics and other abstract sciences.

  • Arifa Ashraf - with their boyfriend’s/husband’s*