Explore IL {Casey: small town, big things}

A couple of weeks ago, we drove to Illinois to watch one my nieces in a track meet and another niece in her high school musical. In between events, we made a quick decision to stop by Casey, Illinois – a small town full of big things. It was a little out of our way to stop, but how often do you get the chance to see several of the World’s Largest items on one town street?


Approximately 4 minutes after arriving in town, we ran into a camera crew. I immediately turned right back around and out the door. Chris smiled and was interviewed for a German tv show. This is such a reflection of our personalities!
The World’s Largest mailbox. You can actually mail something from inside and the flag will go up. We should have done bought a postcard in the candy shop and mailed a postcard. Those are my kids & Chris in the mailbox.
Hey teenager, take a picture with your mom.

World’s Largest rocking chair and wind chime.

A big birdcage – perfect for blocking the door and enjoying my coffee.
Chris and I have a goal to make sure our kids have lots of “remember that road trip when mom and dad made us stop for ________?” stories. A town full of big stuff…definitely a stop the Campbells needed to make.

You can find more about Casey, IL in the following places:

Casey WebsiteTripAdvisor


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  • Sara T - This cracks me up!!! I love just 35 minutes from Casey. I was very surprised to see your post title in my feedly and find out you really were talking about Casey. How Cool! (I have to go into Casey for work on occasion and so I drive by some of the bigger things, but have yet to see the golf tee)
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Tiffany - That really looks like a fun place to stop and visit.

  • Cynthia - Always a great share! Your goal is on point! Our roads trips when I was a child are the MOST memorable!!! 🙂

  • Sharron - Are all the features free? That would be an great day trip!

  • susan - I so love that you drove out of your way for something like that. We have two kids, 5 and 11 and they both love road trips and always have. people wonder how or why we can have them in the car for hours on end. Because we don’t. We pick weird and random things to visit and make wonderful memories and sometimes we make them up ourselves. When our oldest was younger we told him rest stops were wrestle stops and we had to get out and wrestle! He loved it and would ask with great excitement when the next wrestle stop was. Road trips really are what you make them! i always appreciate reading your blog.

  • Mindy - And that’s not the biggest pencil?

  • Laura - You made me laugh about the comment regarding the camera crew. My husband and I are exactly the same. He loves the limelight and I actively avoid it