Checking in…

Well, I’ve been a bit MIA here. I thought I’d check in to say “hi” and I’ll be back soon. We took a little trip over the weekend and it didn’t end as planned. I’ve mentioned it a bit on Instagram (link on my sidebar), but in short our car (full of stuff you take as a family of 7 on the road) was broke into and a substantial amount of things were taken – things of monetary value and sentimental value. We are working through all the aftermath and, unfortunately, some of the things taken affect my ability to blog. I’m taking a break this week, processing things with my family, and counting the goodness of God in my life. Hopefully, I’ll be back in this space next week.


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  • Jo Moseley - I am sorry that your family was violated in this way. It’s sad and scary. I’m praying that all that was taken will be restored, perhaps not in the same physical manner, but that this can be a time of teaching and guiding into what might make someone do this. I pray for all of your hearts to find Peace. And, more importantly, that all will find forgiveness, even though it feels hard to do. I love you, C Family. – Jo

  • Kim B. - Hang in there Ashley. I’m so sorry about this, and especially about your precious Bible.

  • Kim - Years ago we traveled with 4 kids in a suburban packed to the gills with everything a family would need for a week away, including precious possessions the kids could not leave home. The whole car was stolen as we slept in the hotel room. It’s a creepy, unsettling experience, for sure. In the months after, the kindness we were shown completely overshadowed the bad feeling we got from that random crime. I’m sure your outcome will be very similar, and soon we’ll be reading the inspiration you take away!

  • Addie - hugs, dear one!

  • Carrie Campbell - I’m so sorry that happened to you. 🙁

  • Phoebe K - Oh, I’m so sorry this happened to you. A few years ago, my car was stolen and returned overnight. I never knew it was missing while it was gone, but they parked it several houses away, turned the opposite direction that I had left it in. They took everything that was in the car, except my daughter’s carseat. That was moved to a different seat, though, and I never felt comfortable in that car again. I sold it a couple of months later. I still think about the notebook they took. It cost 79 cents but it was two years of my thoughts and ideas. The whole ordeal was very unsettling.

    Good luck as you have to go through the hassle of the aftermath, both logistically and emotionally.

  • Shira - Oh no!!!! I’m *so* sorry. 🙁 I’m not an instagram person, so I didn’t know, and I’d been wondering how you were and missing your posts. (Really just wondering how you were – isn’t it strange how we feel like we know you, and you might be creeped out by that? 🙂 really just testimony to your wonderful writing and insights.) That must be SO upsetting. I am really sorry.

    Wondering, and I realize that this can’t even remotely replace the sentimental items (your Bible?!?? That’s just terrible 🙁 ), but would you be ok with us starting a gofundme account for you and your family to replace some of the items? I can’t say that I am in a place to contribute much, but our collective efforts might help a little – a small balm. I’ve never created one before, so don’t know if I need any specific info (how would the money get to you?) but I’m happy to do it. Just wanted your permission first. I’ll bet many would love to help your family!

    Really sorry. Really glad that you and your family are safe.

    Warm regards

  • JuliAnne Berry - This really breaks my heart for you guys. I am so sorry! My family and I will keep you guys in our prayers as you all work through this scary and painful time.

  • alice h - in the midst of all of this, I just can’t believe how much grace you still have. you are quite amazing and I am so sorry that this happened to your wonderful family. I hope the criminals that stole your items get caught and have a coming to Jesus meeting.

  • Carrie - I have missed the usual blog posts this past week. How shocking to read it was due to your car being broken into! I am so very sorry for your loss.

  • ellen patton - That stinks. I’m so sorry.

  • Steffany - I am so sorry this happened to you and yours, Ashley. Frightening to say the least…also sad and disappointing. You know you have a whole tribe of folks out here who follow and listen and love and pray so just reminding you, we’re here with you and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. Sending y’all love….Steffany

  • Maureen - With a family so open, trusting, giving and generous, this is a whole new ground to cover.
    I’m sure you and your husband will be able to help your children grow from this, in the end, but it is trumatic. Prayers for you all as you work through natural grief, fear and anger that you receive Phil 4:7’s, Peace of God that guards hearts and mental powers.

  • AshleyAnn - Shira – that is so very sweet of you. We have insurance and are in the process of working through that. We also try to live far under our means, so we’ll be okay. Thank you so much for your kind offer and generous heart!

  • Cynthia - So sorry to hear!!! That’s most unfortunate and such a violation! You and the family are in my prayers!

  • Anne Eicher - Oh dear… I’m so sorry! I’ve been missing you and was hoping nothing bad had happened! Kinda crazy, but I almost feel like I know you from reading your blog for years. So glad you and your family are okay!

  • Avenlea Bixby - I am so sorry, Ashley! God will get you through. Praying for you and your family.

  • Mary Osborne - Dear one, I have been enjoying your blog and photos for several years. You put your heart and soul into everything you do and it’s abundantly clear where your heart is – your faith, your family and your friends. An evil act was directed at your family. I cannot imagine how you begin to process that!! I do know, however, that God was not surprised by this robbery! Just as God uses you and your words to bring beauty and encouragement to your readers, your treasured Bible may bring light to someone’s darkness!!! They may have intended it for evil, but God meant it unto good…..

  • Stephanie George - Hi Ashley,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. When I was a child we went on a road trip vacation and along the way we stopped at Carlsbad caverns. While we were on the tour, our car was stolen with all of our luggage, mine and my brother’s favorite stuffed animals, and all the jewelry my mom owned (including family jewelry). Before leaving on vacation, my mom had heard about a few neighborhood break ins, so she decided to take all her jewelry on our trip with us to “keep it safe”. Huge bummer. A loss that we never got back. It’s no fun dealing with something like this, especially while on vacation. But as you know, it could be worse. Thankfully it wasn’t your home. Big hugs. Take a week off and decompress.

  • Ramona - Who would do that?!!!! I just can’t get people. So sad. So scary and it makes you feel insulted and hurt. I totally understand how hard it is to lose important things… I am so sorry this happened to you. 🙁 I hope you never stop blogging though. You are an inspiration for me and my girls.

  • SAB - Sending prayers for your family! I was in Hawaii in September of 2016 and was visiting family that met us there (we currently live in Japan) and while we were touristing around Pearl Harbor our rental car was broken into and a few items of mine: cell phone, camera bag, nothing to crazy, was taken. My mother had her purse in the car and it basically had her life in it, money, insurance cards, checks, etc. I had to replace the cell phone and then found out my auto insurance would not cover the rental car, but I looked into the policy on the credit card I used to book the rental and, after a bit of paperwork, found out they decided to cover the damage! I also found out that your CC may replace certain items if it was used to purchase them and you have proof via statements and police reports. Anywho, thought I would send out a related message….it hurts, but we buck-up, learn, and move on! Through God we will be stronger!


  • Emily Bartnikowski - I am so sorry to hear about this. I am happy to help you recover from your loss in any way. You have given so much over the past several years and it feels right to give back in whatever way would help. (My first instinct is always to feed people, but I do recognize that I am a stranger on the internet. 🙂 ) I’m keeping your family in my hear this weekend. <3

  • Alamama - I am so sorry to hear the bad news. I sure hope your valuables get returned and this all gets sorted out. Much happier that you all are safe. You are in my prayers.