Red Apple Reading {a follow-up}

A few years ago a homeschool mom that was many years ahead of me on the homeschooling road gave me a bit of advice. She encouraged me not to approach every subject like I had to be THE teacher. She reminded me that I have strengths, but “doing it all” with 5 students wasn’t one of them. She wisely counseled me to incorporate other teaching tools into our schooling day. Bouncing between 5 students in 5 different grades would not happen if I tried to teach every subject to every kid. Where I can get help – I take it!


Last year I shared that I was trying the online Red Apple Reading program with my girls. It has been a year since we started the program, so it is a pretty good time to give an update. I initially started because I felt like my elder daughter had some ‘holes’ when it came to reading. She was getting some sounds and concepts, but missing others. I am not a reading specialist – I would rather teach algebra! Within months of starting the program, she was reading fluidly and all those holes I couldn’t pinpoint earlier were filled. Her confidence grew quickly and so did the length of the books she was reading. I was sold.

I thought I would go ahead and let my younger daughter start the program too. She is in kindergarten this year and wanted to be able to do something on the computer like her siblings. My initial plan was for the program to introduce concepts and sounds to her, but it was quickly obvious that she was getting so much more. Instead of doing any teaching, I have been able to just sit with her and let her read books to me (and I read them to her). She is reading beyond her grade level and shocking me in the process. Earlier this week she started reading one of her brother’s cards about Otto Von Bismark. I don’t know how many times I hear her from across the room and ask, “Did you just read that?!”


There are parents that ADORE teaching kids to read – YOU ARE AMAZING. I’m not one of them. I feel completely inadequate. I relish hearing my kids read. I treasure reading to them. Teaching them to read – I wish I had found this program when my oldest was in preschool!

There is my update. Seriously, if you need help with a young reader – check it out!

Once those first big steps in reading are tackled, it seems like all the rest comes so quickly and easily. Reading opens up an entire world beyond reading books…recipes, games, signs, instructions, mom’s texts when she doesn’t have her phone and you do 😉


You can read more details about the program on my previous blog post.

If you are interested in trying it, your first month is free and there is a money back guarantee. You can also get 30% off your registration now through May using the code SPRING2017. My youngest has used the program almost every school day for the last year. I seriously have no idea where her reading skills would be without it.

For more on Read Apple Reading:

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  • Emily - What is the name of the board game your kids are pictured playing?

  • Kimberly Locke - Thanks for the update! I’m going to start using this right away.
    I’m homeschooling my five in Michigan. I’m okay with teaching reading, but I am sooooooo thankful for Khan Academy for math! And:
    Sequential Spelling interactive dvds
    Susan Jeffers art videos
    your sister’s videos…
    the list goes on and on and on
    Wood Carving at the local retirement home..

  • Kirstin - I would also love to know the name of the board game pictured!

  • AshleyAnn - Kirstin – it is scrabble junior!

  • AshleyAnn - Emily – it is Scrabble Junior

  • Michelle - My oldest daughter is 17 and my youngest just turned 13. I have loved every stage of their lives and the teenage years definitely has it’s own magic. You will love it!!

  • Lacey - Thank you for this, Ashley! For the suggestion AND discount code! I just signed my youngest up. 🙂

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