Looking back at the last couple weeks of posts, I’ve had a pretty serious theme going. That isn’t a bad thing, but laughter is a pretty good thing too. I shared last year that I added a letter board to our kitchen. Maybe one day I’ll fill it with inspirational quotes, but for now I’m using for laughter.

These were the December and January (resolutions) puns…

On Valentine’s, I told the boys I put up a sign for their dad. My oldest is like a walking Abraham Lincoln textbook. He was not impressed with my board…I got a big, “Really, mom?” Mission accomplished.

letterboard-2Last spring I saw this saying on the sign of a little country church. It stuck with me. When I got my letter board last fall, I could not wait for spring to almost arrive. It is by far my favorite pun…it will be staying up for a while!

I am trying to post on Instagram a picture of each saying I put on our letter board. My plan is to make a Chatbook once I have enough. To access them all easily for my own reference and for the Chatbook later, I’ve been adding the hashtag #Campbell7PunnyBoard

Hashtags are my favorite way to organize my instagram pictures.




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