zipping up their beds {Beddy’s}

It is blurry, but still a keeper to me. My girls…and their dirty feet.

BeddysBed-01I took a similar picture almost 3 years ago to the day. Sweet babies.6.24.13-16

Friday I posed the painting portion of the girls’ bunkbeds. They’ve been asking for blue bunkbeds and wanting bedding like their brothers. I think they’ve been jealous of how easy it is for the boys to make their beds compared to all the steps the girls have to do. The boys got Beddy’s bedding when we built their sleeping loft last year. Since last year, I’ve been asked several times if we still like the bedding. The answer is “yes.” The girls and I were all excited to work with Beddy’s again on their room.BeddysBed-02If you are unfamiliar with Beddy’s, they are a bit like a sleeping bag for a mattress…or maybe like a fitted sheet with a top. It fits on the bed like a fitted sheet, but has zippers on both sides that attach a cover with a minky interior. To ‘make’ their beds, the girls just have to zip up the sides! Keeping bunkbeds neat, tidy and pretty is so much easier!BeddysBed-03BeddysBed-05BeddysBed-06BeddysBed-07BeddysBed-09BeddysBed-10We’ve had Beddy’s for a year now in the boys’ room and I am thrilled to have them for the girls. I am sure many of you have some logistical questions, so here some details:

  • How do I wash them? To wash them, I unzip them and wash them one at a time. One fits in my washer and dryer no problem. I do have to go through two dry cycles because it can roll up in a ball in the dryer.
  • How have they held up? They have held up terrifically and still look great. I chose solid colors (gray for the boys, white for the girls), so if they did fade any it wouldn’t be noticeable. I also chose solid, so I could change up their rooms if I wanted to in the future without changing the bedding.
  • Are they truly easy to make? Yep.
  • How hard is it to get on the mattresses? Basically the same as a fitted sheet.
  • Do your kids have special blankets they still want to use? One does. She just tucks it in her bed before she zips it up. Special stuffed animals sit on top. All of my kids really like the soft minky inside cover.
  • Do the kids make their beds now? All but one of my kids. There is a certain boy that has to be reminded…reminded to pull two zippers. Oy.

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