Explore AZ {Petrified Forest NP}


I’ve experienced strong wind. I live in Oklahoma.

Strong wind coming across the Painted Desert – that is something totally different! We planned a day to spend a few hours in Petrified Forest National Park. We were all pretty excited about seeing fossils and petrified trees. We were not prepared for the wind. The park rangers told us the wind was especially strong that day. Unfortunately, it was too strong for my youngest kids – it actually knocked them over and all the sand blowing in the air was not well received by little eyes.

We tried to explore some and made the most of our day.

4.16petrifiedforest-01 4.16petrifiedforest-02Do you see the petroglyphs on the rock? If you look at the photo above you can see a plaque describing the petroglyph and then look at the photo below to see it. These were all over the park – so fascinating. 4.16petrifiedforest-03 4.16petrifiedforest-04 And the wind took one girl down…4.16petrifiedforest-05 4.16petrifiedforest-06 The boys wanted a photo of them jumping in the wind. I am not a very cautious mom, but I was a bit concerned they would not be able to land on their feet. They did.4.16petrifiedforest-07 Running against the wind…basically we tried playing with the wind instead of being overcome by it.4.16petrifiedforest-08 A petrified tree…4.16petrifiedforest-10 4.16petrifiedforest-12 After leaving the park, we headed to Holbrook, AZ. I could have spent a few hours just exploring this quaint town. We decided to hit up Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Co. It had high rating on Trip Advisor, which is our go-to travel source. It was a huge hit with the kids.4.16petrifiedforest-13 4.16petrifiedforest-14 4.16petrifiedforest-15 4.16petrifiedforest-16 4.16petrifiedforest-17 This is right after I told her what “dung” means…4.16petrifiedforest-18If we could go back to the park on a day with less wind I would really like to do the Blue Mesa hike. It isn’t very long, but looked like such a fun hike. I would also like more time to explore Holbrook. So many places to go and so little time. I guess we’ll just come again!

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  • ashley jensen - My dad is from Pampa, TX (1 hour northeast of Amarillo) and man is it windy there on the open plains! We also have a travel trailer too and I can imagine how it was pulling yours with those winds. Granted yours is WAY heavier than ours so it was probably a little better to pull than ours would be!

  • Robin - It’s so fun to see you visit my home state! I haven’t been to the petrified forest since I was your boys’ ages but I still have my one piece of ‘wood’.

    Arizona’s desert landscape can look desolate and beautiful at the same time. The photo with your daughter running into the wind is awesome. It looks like she’s running on the moon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen - Lived in flagstaff, az dor 20 yrs. always so excited for spring and then the winds start….this wind u described until June….every year. But I ? northern az. U must become one with the wind. ???

  • Karen - I love northern az.

  • Emily - What a great trip! I have an east-coast genealogy trip in our future (I’m thinking middle school-ages for a variety of reasons) — your road trips are inspiring me to do something sooner! Thank you for sharing!

  • Sarah - What a fun trip! I can’t imagine how strong that wind must’ve been – a memory created that won’t soon be forgotten I’m sure!

    I’m wondering if you would considering sharing how you go about planning your family trips. We’ve always done the one destination (explore while there), but I’m loving how you road trip! Any tips or suggestions on trip planning?

  • Diana - We went to the Petrified Forest on the way to the Grand Canyon (which from IG appears to have been your trip too) many years ago (19!). My family all took a picture of the very first piece of petrified wood we saw on our walk…which meant we had about 10 pictures of the same thing. By the time we finished the walk we were done taking pictures. Not a big park by any means but still interesting!

  • Jenny - You always have the best pictures! Always! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen B - What a sweet daddy!