my perfectly wonky chair

I could paint every day.

Walls. Canvases. Fabric. Pots. Furniture. My kids.

Every day, if given the chance I would be quite happy with paint on my fingers and a brush in my hands. Several years ago I bought a little wooden chair. The seat looks like it was hand carved, as do the legs and spindles. It is wonky and imperfect – just perfect for me. Unfortunately, I did not seal the wood and let it sit on our front porch where the weather began to take its toll. Or…I could say fortunately I left it outside and as a result it needed to be painted – a sunny yellow for a happy addition to our summer porch.


  • Brush
  • American Decor Chalky Finish Paint – I used the color “Rejuvenate”. You can get it at Micheals, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and JoAnn. “Rejuvenate” is a new color available online soon and eventually in the stores.
  • Finish – I like the waxes if it is for an indoor project and the varnishes for outside projects

4.16chair-01See that wonky seat and imperfect spindles? Perfect.4.16chair-054.16chair-06I also used the DecoArt Chalky Finish paint on our green guest bed (color is “Fortune”).4.16chair-08Now I need to just start collecting more chairs to give myself a reason to paint more…I’m not so sure Chris would agree with that though!

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  • Byron - As usual, character and love in everything you do! Love the chair and bed frame!

  • Rikki - I just love the texture of the weathered wood on the chair, and the yellow really looks great! I adore little props like this to use around the house – flower stand, foot stool, you name it, it works with all that character!

  • tammy - My favorite color! I love your chair, the flowers, and your beautiful girls!

  • amanda - LOVE !!! It’s perfect !!

  • Marie - Yellow! I adore your blog. There is so much substance to your posts, it makes this a happy place on the internet. Thank you also for sharing your daughter’s story in the post below. She is beautiful and has so much character (Iron Man shirt!).

  • Shayna - all the heart eyes! L O V E all the colors you pick.

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