deep breath in and slow exhale

For decades it was my sister and I gathered at Grandma’s table making the rolls for holiday meals. Now it is me and my kids. I wasn’t paying attention when Chris grabbed my camera and began capturing us working to fill the pans. I am so thankful he took these.3.16easter-013.16easter-053.16easter-06You know those people that can hide what they are thinking? I am not one of them. 3.16easter-083.16easter-07The tables got a fresh coat of white paint. The apple trees were trimmed (not at the correct time, but I’m good with that). 3.16easter-02My mom. My nephew. My grandpa (my mom’s dad). My nephew’s first Easter.3.16easter-04Family and friends gathered around our tables. There was more food than we could eat. More people than tables. More kids than adults. Of all the holidays I could host a big meal – Easter is my favorite. The sun is usually shining. Outside all things are blooming. Everything feels lovely, fresh, vibrant and sweet. Easter to me feels like a taking a deep breath in and slowly exhaling…a beautiful pause savoring the sweetness of the moment and overwhelming hope of a risen Savior.

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  • Jenny - Beautiful pictures! I love that you guys already have blossoms on your trees. I’m hoping we will soon!

  • Ramona - Your mom and grandpa look amazing! You are so lucky. Or better say, blessed. You are very blessed. 🙂

  • Mary - I love this post!! Lovely words, lovely photos, lovely family!! I agree … Easter is a time of hope, new beginnings, and thankful hearts for our risen Saviour!!!

  • Byron - Well done, Chris! Great pictures!

    ***You know those people that can hide what they are thinking? I am not one of them.***

    LOL! No, you certainly aren’t in that picture….

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Love this. We hosted an impromptu Easter lunch of grilled cheese and chips with friends from church. I think we will make it a new tradition- it was perfect. ps: i’m one of those people that can’t hide what I’m thinking either. You should see the pictures from my sister’s wedding (insert money hiding his face emoji).

  • Kimberly Oyler - i have no idea why, but those pictures of you made me miss you SO MUCH. i need to come get my sock asap.

  • Lisa - What precious memories! Also I love the table and green dresser. ?