can never have enough it

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ (source is complicated)

In most things, I am always looking to simplify, purge and reduce. I tend to lean towards the idea that less is more. Of course, there are always exceptions. Laughter is one thing I am constantly looking to increase.  Some days laughter comes easy. Kids are getting along, funny things happen, laughter is the music in our home. Other days are hard. Fighting. Arguing. Selfishness.

I want laughter…more and more and more of it. Fill my home to the brim. Let it overflow and spill out.

While I am proactive about simplifying most things in our home, I am proactive about searching for ways to bring in more laughter. I look for funny videos, jokes my kids will be tickled by, and just trying to loosen up and be goofy alongside them. Last week I introduced them to a face swapping app. We spent a ridiculous amount of time swapping faces. We took up way too much memory on my phone. We laughed. Loud. Hard. Together.  And it was so good.


One kiddo was gone during our face swapping and live filter antics. I’ll be sure to introduce her to its disturbing wonderfulness. I bet you can’t guess which boy was most excited about the app…faceswap

I mean, how can you not laugh at this goodness? My face. My son’s head. Laughter is the best. I think Ellen would agree.EllensTwin

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