her birdhouse

A week or so I shared about how my grandpa surprised my daughter with her own red hammer. She had been asking for one to build a house. Red is her favorite color, so her great grandpa painted one of his just for her.

2.16donuts-11A few days later, he came over with a pieces cut out to make a birdhouse. These two are just a bit smitten with each other. Just a bit.

3.12birdhouse-013.12birdhouse-023.12birdhouse-033.12birdhouse-04She decided she wanted her birdhouse to be different shades of pink.3.12birdhouse-05I was pretty excited about her color choices….3.12birdhouse-06…until she changed her mind and wanted to add red and green. There was a small part of me that wanted to tell her we only had pink paint. However, I knew I couldn’t do that. My parents never limited creativity…no matter how odd or ugly they might have thought what Lesley and I chose was. They just let us create. So – thanks mom and dad – her ombre pink birdhouse is not so ombre pink. Just the way she likes it.


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