a lesson on perspective

This guy…the camera comes out and he has to make sure to get in at least one goofy face. He likes to make us laugh. I love that about him.

3.16perspective-013.16perspective-023.16perspective-04I found an old art project at my parents’ house – a perspective drawing I did of a soda fountain on our Main Street. So random to find, but I brought it home knowing I had a 9 year old boy who would be all about it.3.16perspective-05We had a little perspective drawing lesson…3.16perspective-063.16perspective-073.16perspective-08While one was doing a perspective drawing, another was making a flag, another making a checkerboard and another organizing the pencils in rainbow order.3.16perspective-093.16perspective-10I’ve taken a hundred versions of this photo. It is a lesson on perspective for me. I know all too soon those little feet will be touching the ground.3.16perspective-11Those feet will be touching the ground and those hands will be typing papers on subjects like Archimedes and Roman gods instead of making rainbows. Well, maybe they’ll still be making rainbows, but it will all look a little different. My oldest is constantly giving me a lesson on perspective.3.16perspective-12He is going to be 12 in a few days. He likes to remind me of how many years I have left before he plans on moving out and experiencing life on his own. I am pretty sure I liked to do the same to my parents when I was growing up. 6 – 7 years. That is what he tells me I have left with him. 7 only because we have a few big family dreams that he wants to stick around for! The phases of life are so strange. It seems like one moment I am looking forward to something and all the sudden that phase has come and gone. I’m looking forward to the teenage years, but I know in an instant they’ll be gone.

Perspective. Little feet not able to reach the ground. Hands bigger than mine typing research papers. Seeing both helps me appreciate the beauty they each hold.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

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  • Cheryl - Love the quote…think I’ll put it on a post-it-note and stick it on my forehead!

  • Sarah - I LOVE this so much!

  • Jenn - What a great post! And I especially love the quote at the end!!

  • Kate - So beautiful. This post really pulls at my heartstrings. I adore your perspective on life!

  • Southern Gal - As one with grandchildren (5, 3, and 1) and a just turned 14yo son, I know the importance of perspective. I love that yours reminds me once again that it is all so fleeting.

    And can I just say that I big puffy heart that messy bun!

  • Rae - Wow. Just wow. This was beautiful.

  • Sandie - Beautiful post. I have a 12 year old son too. He is taller than me and has much bigger hands and feet. My little ones are 9 already. It is really going so fast. I will have to try for an under table photo – it is a beautiful perspective.

  • angie lockhart - i love that. perspective. it is so true and so great a reminder. thank you for that.

  • angie lockhart - I read this at the perfect moment. I had just told my youngest, 5, to go get dressed for the day. She came in wearing a shimmery blue gown from the dress up box. Had i not just read your page I would have told her to REALLY go get dressed. Instead, I saw a little girl who loves to wear princess gowns and who will all too soon move on. I grabbed my camera and took some shots, complete with uncombed hair and chippy nail polish. It is my new favorite photo as a see the reminder of perspective behind the image.

  • Alice H - I miss Petrick’s (sp?)!! We used to walk there from Central or North. They were so good. And now my friends own that building and have turned it into Toast and Franklin’s. But man, I could totally go back for a milkshake!!!

  • Jenny B. - I love it all. My oldest turned 11 in November, and I just can’t believe how big he’s getting. It’s exciting and fun, but also bittersweet. My middle son just turned 7, and I am already feeling sad about how he’s going to be a big kid really soon. Sigh… I remember when your oldest turned 8. You said you had been kind-of freaked out about having an 8-year-old because you used to not like 8-year-olds (or were afraid of them, maybe?). Ha! I have loved going through your photography classes because I get to see all those old photos and remember the stories you shared when they were taken. <3 Also, (sorry for such a long comment!) I'm wondering if you have ever considered creating a photography class geared toward kids. My oldest took one a few summers ago that was online with video lessons, and it was a lot of fun for us to do together. My middle son is interested in doing that this summer, but the same class is no longer available. Anyway, just a thought! I'm sure you would rock it. 🙂

  • Tiffany C. - Amen and amen. ~ Same going on over here…. <3

  • Brittany - We are going to start our homeschool journey in the fall 🙂 I found your blog because I ordered the IKEA trestle legs to make a school table and I love all the light in your home ? I see that you seem to have kind of an industrial feel to it with exposed ductwork and concrete floors; is that an addition? Your home and your family are beautiful!

  • melanie - What? The older brothers are 12 and 9 already? How did that happen?
    I follow you since firecracker was born and in the last couple of months I noticed very often how all of your kids have changed, esp. big brother and biggest brother. They already look so …ahem… mature. Again, how did that happen?

    Greetings from Germany!

  • Kelly - My son recently made a similar flag – for playing Roxaboxen in the backyard. 🙂 If you and your family haven’t read that picture book, I think your crew would like it. We got it from the library. Blessings! Kelly

  • jules - So very true. I’m wishing every other day that the teenage years would slow down… no, speed up… wait, just a bit longer to enjoy concerts, cheering on the sidelines… sigh. The best part is that YOU are living the perspective and recognize it for what it is!

  • kimberly oyler - it seems like #2 has gotten so much older too! i had to look at all the boys just to make sure it was really him. can’t believe you almost have teenagers!